How Morley Cigarettes Connect The Film And TV Universe

(PCM) Morley, Hollywood’s favorite brand of fake cigarettes has quite the fascinating history. The brand made it’s first appearance on the big screen in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho and ever since Hollywood has been pay homage to the brand with countless references throughout the history of TV and film.

Morley’s have appeared in various TV shows, films, and video games that are completely unconnected to one another except for their use of the brand. Morley’s modeled to be packaged similar to that of Marlboro cigarettes and even take their name from the Marlboro cigarette nickname “Marley’s”.

The infamous brand is referenced early in episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Twilight Zone and in more recent series such as Friends, The X-Files and The Walking Dead.

In the X-Files, Morley’s are the brand of choice for the shows villain The Cigarette Smoking Man and in The Walking Dead they are referenced several times being Dale’s (RIP) cigarette of choice, Carol discovers a pack of Morley’s on a dead walker in Alexandria and a carton of Morley Lights are found by Daryl in the abandoned office building.

Morley’s can also been seen in Buffy The Vampire Slayer as the cigarette brand chosen by chain-smoking vampire Spike. In addition to many of the horror-themed series, Morley’s have also been spotted in episodes of the USA hit series Burn Notice, as protagonist Michael Weston and his mother both smoke Morley’s. They are used by George Costanza in an episode of Seinfeld and even show up in one episode of Friends where it is revealed that Rachel had a smoking habit.  There is also a tie with both Malcolm In The Middle and Breaking Bad.

Other series that featured Morley’s at one time or another include ER, Prison Break, Beverly Hills 90210, Heroes, That 70’s Show, Weeds, and American Horror Story to name only a few. They are also prominently featured in the films Mission Impossible, Platoon, Prozac Nation and Heist.

Over the year’s Hollywood has used a ton of fake brands and companies, but we have found none that even come close to the amount of references to Morley cigarettes found throughout pop culture.

The folks over at have put together an amazing list of the many, many appearances of Morley cigarettes throughout the history of TV and film, see below:

  • 200 Cigarettes: Lucy (Courtney Love) presents a block of Morley cigarettes to Kevin (Paul Rudd).
  • 24: episode 8×06, Jack Bauer is posing as a German buyer and smokes a Light Morley Cigarette.
  • Afroman: (Because I Got High Positive Remix) Sitting on a motorized couch, a man is seen smoking and holding a pack of Morley’s before he smokes a joint, throws the cigarette behind him and drops the pack because he got high.
  • American Horror Story: “Birth” Violet (Taissa Farmiga) is seen with a pack of Morley Lights at the kitchen table.
  • Becker: episode 2×12 “Santa On Ice” Becker smokes a Light Morley Cigarette.
  • Breaking Bad: Morleys were smoked in the final season by several characters.
  • Beverly Hills, 90210: Brenda Walsh returned from Paris with a smoking habit. Her parents found this out when a pack of Morleys fell out of her purse.
  • Broken Saints: The character Raimi buys a packet of Morley cigarettes in this online cartoon. William B. Davis of The X-Files is a member of the voice cast, but Brooke Burgess, creator of Broken Saints, confirmed that the Morley cigarettes were in the original series “WELL before Bill signed on — but he liked the nod, none-the-less.”
  • Brooklyn Rules: The three boys find a dead body in a convertible around the 5-minute mark of the movie; one of the boys steals a pack of “Morley” off the dash of the vehicle.”
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike (James Marsters) smokes Morley cigarettes.
  • Burn Notice: In season 2 episode 5 “Scatter Point” the main character Michael is seen scattering cigarette butts outside a rooftop door and putting an empty pack of Morleys in the rooftop doorjamb. Also, in season 3 episode 4 “Fearless Leader”, he bugs a pack of Morleys. In season 4 episode 11, Maddie is seen throwing a carton of Morleys into a suitcase as she packs for a trip. In episode BN505, “Square One”, posing as crooked cops Jesse and Fiona extort, along with the security tapes, a carton of Morleys from a bodega.
  • Californication: Hank (David Duchovny) often smokes Morley cigarettes and can be plainly seen in many episodes including episode four of season two (“The Raw & the Cooked”) where they are on a patio table near the end of the episode. They can also be seen in Season 5, Episode 4 at the beginning near his smartphone. This is an inside joke referencing back to Duchovny’s days on The X-Files in which the Cigarette Smoking Man usually smoked this brand.
  • Cold Case: In the episode “The Plan” on this CBS show, Jerry smokes Morleys, and a pack is seen during an interrogation scene when Detective Nick Vera removes a cigarette from Jerry’s hand that has burned down to his fingers. Also, in the episode “The Sleepover”, Tiffany smokes Morleys (light brown pack instead of the traditional red) when questioned by Detective Valens.
  • Criminal Minds: In the episode “North Mammon”, a pile of Morley cigarette butts led the FBI team to suspect a soccer coach, who smoked Morleys, of stalking one of his star female players because his DNA was on the butts. Upon analysis of the footage in the episode, the packet of cigarettes the coach holds is actually a Marlboro packet and not a fictional Morley packet.
  • CSI: NY: In the episode “Boo” (Season 4, Episode 6), a smoked Morley cigarette is found in a voodoo doll at a crime scene.
  • Definitely, Maybe: In 1992, Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) buys Morleys when he arrives in New York City for $3.20, and he complains that in Wisconsin they cost $2.60.
  • Epicenter (2000): At the beginning of the movie, the character Nick Constantine has a pack of Morleys in his briefcase.ER: In the episode “Beyond Repair”, while searching his daughter Rachel’s room, Dr. Mark Green (Anthony Edwards) discovers a pack of Morleys with a condom inside.
  • Everybody Hates Chris: Episode 1×20 A carton of Morleys is sold out of the back of a car.
  • Freddy Got Fingered: Gord (Tom Green) can be seen smoking a pack of Morleys in one scene.
  • Frasier: Episode 7×19 “Morning Becomes Entertainment” Bebe pulls a pack of Morleys out of her purse and asks Frasier if he minds.
  • Friends: Chandler can be seen holding a pack of these in the episode “The One Where Rachel Smokes”
  • Gone Home: A packet can be found on the top shelf of Sam’s locker.
  • Gun Shy: In a meeting between the police, the character Charley has a box of Morley cigarettes in front of him on the conference table.
  • Heroes: In episode 3×03, “One of Us, One of Them,” Claire Bennet’s biological mother, Meredith, tries to light a Morley in the Bennet home before Sandra Bennet asks her not to smoke in the house.
  • The House on Greenapple Road (1970): A character steals a pack of Morley cigarettes from a desk at the police station.
  • Jake 2.0: A terrorist disguises powerful explosives as a pack of Morley cigarettes and demonstrates its incredible power by exploding a piece of swamp in the Philippines.
  • Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead: Rusty Nail (Mark Gibbon) is smoking Morley cigarettes as he purchases them in the opening scene in the shop.
  • Judging Amy: In season 3 episode 15 teen is suing Morley company for causing his emphysema.
  • Justified: In the season one episode “Riverbrook”, a group of prison escapees rob a convenience store. One discharges a shotgun in the store, blasting a rack of cartons of Morley cigarettes.
  • Killer Instinct: In the episode “Game Over,” Morley cigarettes appear in the desk of Lt. Matt Cavanaugh, played by Chi McBride.
  • Lost: In the Flash Sideways of the episode “LA X” (6×01), Rose Nadler is seen on the plane clutching a magazine with an ad for Morley cigarettes.
  • The L Word: In the season five episode “Lunar Cycle”, a pack of Morley cigarettes is visible on the coffee table when Shane and Jenny are lying on the sofa together.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: A packet of Morley cigarettes is one of the things found hidden by Malcolm’s mother in season 1 episode 10. And in the season 4 episode 19 Malcolm plays chess with Leonard (Jason Alexander). Leonard tries to pay off his debts with a pack of Morleys.
  • Mannix: In the episode “All Around the Money Tree,” Joe Mannix opens a suitcase to discover a couple packs of Morleys—in white packs.
  • Medium: In the episode “To Have and to Hold” (season 4, episode 3) a character smokes a Morley cigarette. In the episode “The First Bite is the Deepest” (season 5, episode 17), Allison DuBois brings Cynthia Keener a bag filled with snack foods, candy, and Morley cigarettes when visiting her in prison.
  • The Middle: In the episode “The Map” (season 3, episode 13) Frances brings Aunt Edie a carton of Morley cigarettes.
  • Millennium: In “The Time Is Now”, Peter Watts discovers a Morley stub in the mysterious Millennium Group’s basement as a nod to the Cigarette Smoking Man from The X-Files. Chris Carter created both series.
  • Mission: Impossible: Morleys appear in the original television series, and several characters can be seen with them. In one specific episode, 2×07 “Operation ‘Heart,” Barbara Bain’s character can be seen removing a pack from a table along with a handkerchief (ca 20 mins in).
  • Murders’ Row: Matt helm uses a dart in a cigarette to take down a guard. He leaves the now empty pack of Morley cigarettes on the guard, showing the warning about smoking possibly being dangerous to your health…
  • Murder in the First: Defense Attorney James Stamphill appears smoking Morleys while laying down and speaking into a primitive tape recorder, dictating notes about the case. The pack of Morleys shown is an old-fashioned design (based on the 1930s setting of the movie), unlike the modern-looking packs of Morleys more frequently seen.
  • The Naked City: Season 2, Episode 21 “Tombstone for a Derelict,” (5 April 1961) opens as four young men led by Baldwin Larne (Robert Redford) surround a derelict on a lonely street. Larne offers him a cigarette, and, as the derelict turns to get a light from one of Larne’s companions, Larne stabs the derelict in the back, dead, and tosses the cigarette pack on the body. Detective Flint (Paul Burke) and company arrive on the scene of the crime to investigate, and the pack of cigarettes is shown close up to be the Morley brand, a clue. This early Morley cigarettes b&w appearances shows a cigarette pack with an Etruscan horse image as the brand icon, and the first anf last letters of “Morley” in lower case, and the letters in between in upper case.
  • Nash Bridges: In episode 420 “Power Play”, Morleys appear on a desk in a criminal’s house.
  • New Amsterdam: In the episode “Love Hurts” (season 1, episode 8), a suspect in an interrogation room is about to light a Morley. John Amsterdam takes it from him and says, “No smoking.”
  • Orange Is the New Black – season one episode eleven “tall men with feelings” *”Pornstache” pulls morleys from his pocket and tries to light the butt.”
  • The Outer Limits: In “A New Life” (season 7, episode 3), Jacob tries to smuggle two cartons of Morleys onto the bus. In the episode “Falling Star” (season 2, episode 19), Terry McCammon (while possessed by a time traveler) tosses a pack of Morleys onto a bedstand.
  • Prison Break: In “Bolshoi Booze” (season 2, episode 11), T-Bag picks up a pack of Morleys from a bag in Geary’s apartment.
  • Prozac Nation: The character played by Christina Ricci smokes Morley cigarettes in the film version of Elizabeth Wurtzel’s autobiographical Prozac Nation. Ricci plays a young writer who occasionally uses the empty cigarette packs as scrap paper.
  • Psycho: At the end of the film, psychiatrist Dr. Fred Richman portrayed by Simon Oakland tells the story of what really happened and shakes a cigarette out of a pack of Morleys. This film was released June 16, 1960 and is currently the earliest known sighting of the Morley brand.
  • Pushing Daisies: In the Season 2 episode “Bad Habits,” a carton of Morleys can be seen in the cabinet full of contraband in Sister Maria Christina’s room.
  • Reaper: In the second season finale “The Devil and Sam Oliver,” Mary Pat, the greeter at the Work Bench holds up a pack of Morleys before she steps outside to have a smoke next to the LP gas tanks.
  • S. Darko: The boy carries a Morley pack in his left sleeve.
  • Saving Grace: In the second season episode “It’s a Fierce, White-Hot, Mighty Love,” the main character Grace is given a Morley by a suspect as she’s investigating him.
  • Shameless: Fiona throws Lip a carton of Morleys in Season 2, Episode 3.
  • Sherbet: The eponymous detective Sherbet Lock in the American comic book Sherbet reveals that both she and the missing child Belinda Darwin favor Morley brand cigarettes in the short story “Milk”.
  • Seinfeld: In the seventh season finale “The Invitations,” George Costanza smokes a Morley in an attempt to appear off-putting to his fiancee Susan Ross, in hopes that she will call off their upcoming wedding.
  • Sordid Lives: The Series: In the first season episode “Pills, Poison and Penises,” Morley brand cigarettes are advertised on a sign at the convenience store where Vera works.
  • Space: Above and Beyond: In the episode “Ray Butts” the main character, Ray Butts, has a pack at the beginning of the episode.
  • Special Unit 2: In the episode “The Grain,” a housewife, under the influence of the Sandman, robs a convenience store, demanding all the cash, and a pack of Morleys.
  • Spy Game
  • The Strain: In Episode 11, Season 1, Zach Goodweather finds Morley cigarettes on the floor of a looted grocery store while looking for cigarettes for Mariela Martinez.
  • System Shock 2: Packets of Morley cigarettes are an item within the game. Essentially useless, when smoked they cause the player character to lose health.
  • That ’70s Show: In the episode “Eric Gets Suspended”, Red Forman tells Eric Forman to smoke an entire pack of Morleys after he gets caught with a cigarette at school.
  • The Tenants
  • Thirteen
  • The Traveler
  • The World’s End: Gary smokes Morleys throughout the film, best seen after the fight scene against the twins.
  • Up All Night: In “I Can’t Quit You” (Season 2, Episode 9), Chris struggles to resist buying a pack of cigarettes at a convenience store, where Morleys are visible behind the counter.
  • The Walking Dead: In “Save The Last One” (Season 2, Episode 3), Dale contemplates smoking a cigarette while standing on the roof of his RV. In “Consumed” (Season 5, Episode 6) Daryl finds a carton of Morley lights soft packs on the floor next to Noah who is trapped under a bookshelf.
  • Warehouse 13: In the fourth season episode “The Ones you Love”, Mrs. Frederic and Steve Jinks enter “The Library” (a secret room in the Vatican). There is a pack of Morley cigarettes on the table that was left abandoned 4 months prior.
  • Weeds: In the third season episode, “The Brick Dance”, Conrad asks Heylia about the Morleys that she is smoking, that she had not smoked for years.
  • The X-Files: The Cigarette Smoking Man, played by William B. Davis, smokes this fictional brand, as does Agent Monica Reyes. The X-Files is probably the most well known use of Morley cigarettes. In “Brand X,” Mulder and Scully visit Morley Tobacco’s headquarters after one of the employees is murdered.


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The Best And Worst Shark Movies To Have Hit Theaters

The long awaited prehistoric shark movie, Meg will be hitting theaters on 2nd March in 2018. Action star Jason Statham is heading a cast of relatively unknown actors, leading to the belief that perhaps this film will be more action oriented than originally thought. Steve Alten’s original shark novel led to a series of successful follow ups, while the production of the live action version was first confirmed to be produced by Disney until problems arose two decades ago.

Meg’s budget is reportedly $150,000,000 but there is little to report in terms of the intricacies of the making of the flick.

Theatrically, shark movies have been a bit of a mixed bag. Some, like the Jaws series, have been successful while others have tried to be just as good, or even better but proved otherwise.

Today, this feature is going to take a look at some of the best and worst shark movies to have graced the big screen since the original classic that started it all, Jaws.

Jaws (1975)

Jaws really needs little introduction. Let’s be honest here. It is THE shark film that is to be looked upon as a reference guide in how to get it right. It’s troubled production process means that it is amazing that this movie ever saw the light of day!

It is a known fact that the mechanical shark, named Bruce after Steven Spielberg’s lawyer, kept breaking down while filming so the legendary director had to change tactics and show less of the shark but still maintain tension. Well, that worked but it begs to wonder how things would have turned out if Jaws became more of a “classic monster movie” that Spielberg originally had formulated.

The central villain isn’t the movie’s only focal point, however. Spielberg proved that he has the talent to create genuine chemistry between the characters he creates on screen, and half of the fun in the film’s final act is how the three hunters desperate to bring the shark to an end all interact. That fraction is a joy to watch unfold. There are no one dimensional fictional identities in Jaws!

Before 1978’s Halloween did it, Jaws contained an entity that was described as otherworldly and something that hardly anybody (in their right mind) can relate to. The robotic movements of the rubber fabricated shark may be evident during certain moments, but the near perfect musical score, camera techniques and skillful crafting of the script all outweigh the technical limits of the era.

Jaws is one of the main definitions of revolutionary filmmaking!

Jaws 2 (1978)

Actor Roy Scheider was contractually obliged to return to battle his onscreen beastly nemesis. The result is a lot more victims being chewed up while Chief Brody tries to convince the mayor (again) that they have another shark problem.

The film does contain a few moments of well crafted terror, and while pacing is also more slicker it lacks any interesting characters that come across as nothing more than human material for the shark to do it’s thing. Most detrimental was the choice to show the shark early and more generously, the complete opposite of what Steven Spielberg implemented in his original masterpiece.

Jaws 2 is still a worthy sequel overall, but it is clearly evident that it lacked a masterful touch!

Jaws 3D (1983)

James Cameron’s Avatar wasn’t the only movie that initiated a craze for 3D movies! There was also a little buzz about it during the early 1980’s. The Amityville and Friday 13th series all had a 3D entry developed. Jaws 3D and Friday 13th 3D are the most discussed although the famous effect disguised the inadequacy of things that really are all about the art of filmmaking including narrative and character development.

Jaws 3D departed from the setting of Amity island and actually came up with a good idea. Unfortunately, the execution of it became a tragedy! Furthermore, the standard 2D version of the film was plagued with an extremely bad picture quality that included ghosting and a general amount of inaccurate focus.
Jaws 3D is a slog to get through, no matter how many times one gives it a try!

Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

Jaws 3D may have been mediocre but that didn’t stop Universal from letting Bruce off the leash one more time. It was British actor Michael Caine’s turn to battle the shark that, this time, travels to the Caribbean in order to hunt the remainder of the Brody family for the death of it’s own.

The ending had to be reshot due to test audiences not thinking the original conclusion was “explosive” enough. But the whole movie is one laughable romp. Whether it is more watchable than Jaws 3D is found to be highly subjective. But most would do well to just be done with the franchise after the second film, even if it was Friday 13th with a shark!

Deep Blue Sea (1999)

1999 saw a minor resurgence in aquatic critter movies, one of them being this particular shark oriented film. Samuel L. Jackson and rapper LL Cool J made up a relatively competently cast in this horror flick about genetically modified Mako sharks on the prowl in a flooded animal research facility.

The tone was set so Deep Blue Sea felt more like a popcorn thriller movie rather than a production planned to instill genuine moments of discomposure. It kills nearly two hours but viewers wanting something more consequential should look no further than Spielberg’s original classic.

Shark Night 3D (2011)

Without sugar coating it, Shark Night 3D is the type of film that you would catch on the Sy Fy channel. You know, the type of movie that is so inferior that you may even have trouble sitting through it unless the right situation presents itself ie getting heavily intoxicated with your friends and wanting to finish the night laughing at how bad the film is.

The usual story of 7 college friends finding themselves in peril that takes a predictable turn is the best this turd unloads. The special effects are ludicrous, but that is okay seeing as everything else about it is. Gore fans do not even get to have a good time either, seeing as there is a lack of it in order to obtain a PG-13 rating.

If there was a Razzy award category for Worst Shark Movie To Have Hit The Big Screen then this would no doubt be the winner. It cannot even be said that it is good in a bad way. It is just bad.

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Godsmack Begin Writing The New Studia Album For 2018 Release

Sully Erna of Godsmack [© Matt Bishop Photo]

by Matt Bishop | January 21, 2017 [TRR]

Godsmack have officially begun work on their upcoming seventh studio LP. Frontman Sully Erna posted a photo of a flametop Gibson Les Paul on his official Instagram account with the caption “Let the writing begin…” The picture and post can be seen below. The album is apparently set for a 2018 release.

The untitled new album will be the follow-up to 2014’s 1000HP. The disc peaked at #3 on the Billboard Top 200, #2 on Billboard Rock Albums, and #1 on Billboard Hard Rock Albums. Erna also noted in his social media post that Godsmack will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band’s seminal self-titled debut album. This year, Godsmack will hit the U.S. festival circuit with performances at Chicago Open Air, 93.3 WMMR’s MMR*B*Q, Northern Invasion, and River City Rockfest.

Shannon Larkin of Godsmack [© Matt Bishop Photo]


PCM Agency – Music
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The Most Expensive Home In The United States Could Be Yours

(PCM) The most expensive home in the United States is now on the market and the asking price is only a measly little $250 million. No problem, right?  We don’t know which hurt us worse, the asking price on this home or the fact that we can not get back the seven minutes or so we spent watching the insanely detailed real estate video showcasing the extravagant property.

Seriously, it was somewhat impossible to look away!

The home was built and designed by QVC handbag tycoon Bruce Makowsky, which he claims he drew his inspiration for his own very lavish and glamours lifestyle. The home is 38,000 square feet and features 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, 130 works of art, and a 30 million dollar car collection. That’s not all!  There is also a bowling alley, infinity pool with a swim-up bar, and a full size movie theater. You would never need to leave the house again.

Makowsky was also generous enough to factor in the cost of seven full-time live in employees whose job it would be to take care of the property.  Unreal! The house has now bypassed the previous most expensive home in the country, a property located in Manalapan, Florida which was worth a cool $195 million.

The luxurious Bel Air, California house was not built for any particular buyer, however Makowsky said some people have already expressed interest. He plans to only show the home to a select group of potential buyers. Our guess is that they are most likely member of the billionaire club, perhaps one of the 540 billionaires that happen to live in the U.S.

Wow, is all we can say!

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California Man Has Not One, But Two Vehicles Crushed By Trees In Different Cities On The Same Day!

(PCM) Talk about irony! Having one car crushed by a tree is bad enough, but let alone two in the same day!  That is exactly what happened to one California man, when two of his vehicles were crushed by fallen trees in different cities on the very same day.

Georgiy Karpekin says that he considers himself to be lucky that he was not inside either of the vehicles when the trees, which were knocked down due to strong winds in the region, came crashing down completely totally both vehicles.  Karpekin was visiting Sacramento City College when he returned to the parking lot to find that a tree had come down and in his words “taco’d” his truck. The tree left a large taco-shaped indentation across the entire truck body.

Karpekin figured out a ride back to his home in West Sacramento only to shockingly discover that yet another tree had fallen crushing two cars that were parked in front of his home, one of which happened to be his own. Seriously, what are the chances. Karpekin posted on Facebook that the damage to his vehicle at home was not as severe as the damage done to the truck and the vehicle that was located at his home will be completely repaired.

Karpekin was definitely having some bad luck!  Let’s hope he is able to break that cycle very soon!

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Power Rangers Full-Length Trailer Breakdown

Lionsgate finally released a full-length trailer for the upcoming Saban’s Power Rangers film and it reveals quite a bit about the story and what we will see in the film. In this article we will breakdown the trailer but first, check out the trailer below!

Now he comes the breakdown…

The Heroes are Strangers and “Screw ups”

At the beginning of the trailer, we find out that our heroes of the film are strangers. Jason (I think that’s who is talking) says “none of us really know each other”. And that is followed by Kimberly (Naomi Scott) stating that they are all screw ups. So these kids are possibly troublemakers from the same school that formed in some type of Breakfast Club like way before Billy discovered the power coins.


The Power Coins Are Found Rather Than Given

In the original 90’s series, five teenagers from Angel Grove are chosen to become Power Rangers by Zordon. In this new version of the Power Rangers it is mentioned in the trailer that Billy discovered the power coins in a spaceship that was buried underground. It is still possible that Zordon somehow leads this team of teenagers to find the coins and they can say that he chose them in that sense.


The Film May Be Comedy Heavy

About thirty seconds into the trailer Zack is talking about what color he is glowing, which is black and Billy replies back with a “no you’re not”. This is a clever poke at the elephant in the room that the new Power Rangers are not stereotypically tied to certain colors based on their race like the rangers in the original 90’s series. More comedy is sprinkled throughout the trailer and most if it seems to be coming from Billy (RJ Cyler), so he could very well be the comedy relief of the group.


The Time Warp is No Longer a Tube

In this version of Power Rangers, Zordon has gotten quite the facelift. The mentor of the rangers is no longer stuck in a tube like time warp but rather a pin art looking wall. The writers also point out Zordon’s obvious new look when one of the members of the Power Rangers questions why they are talking to a wall.


Goldar’s Name is Taken Quite Literal

Goldar who is known as Rita Repulsa’s enforcer is now dripping in gold. When Goldar gets his closeup in the trailer you can see the gold dripping as if he was dipped in gold and it’s now melting off of his body. What is not known is if this is his one and only form or if this is just his battle ready form against the Megazord.


Our First Look at the Zords on Screen

After all the teaser posters of the zords, they are finally revealed in the trailer. Some get more screen time than others like the Pterodactyl and T-rex. From what we do get to see they zords look like colorful dinobots from transformers. Based off of what little we see, I have to say that they visually look better than the transformers did on screen. We also get a peek at the Megazord, which looks like very different interpretation of what the 90’s Megazord looked like.

Saban’s Power Rangers hits theaters March 24.


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