April 18 Celebrity Birthdays

Conan-OBrien1A list of celebrities who celebrate their birthday on April 18th:

Murderess, Lucretia Borgia (1480)
Actor, Henry Stephenson (1871)
Actress, Magdna Janssens (1884)
Actor, James Rennie (1890)
Actor, Pedro Regas (1897)
Actor, Pigmeat Markham (1904, d.1981)
Composer, Eric Spear (1908)
Actor, Al Hodge (1913)
Musician, Tony Mottola (1918)
Actress, Virginia O’Brien (1919, d.2001)
Actress, Barbara Hale (1921)
Actress, Avril Angers (1922)
Musician, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown (1924, d.2005)
Actor, Bob Hastings (1925, d.2014)
Musician, Lionel Edmund “Sonny” Taylor (1925)
Actor, Gunter Meisner (1926)
Actor, Peter Jeffery (1929)
Actor, Clive Revill (1930)
Actor, James Drury (1934)
Actor, Mark Kingston (1934)
Producer, Paul Rothchild (1934)
Actor, Robert Hooks (1937)
Musician, Glen Hardin (1939)
Comedian, Skip Stephenson (1940)
Musician, Mike Vickers (1941)
Musician, Harvey Kagan (1946)
Actress, Hayley Mills (1946)
Musician, Lenny Baker (1946)
Director, David Gee (1947)
Actress, Dorothy Lyman (1947)
Actor, James Woods (1947)
Actress, Lori Martin (1947)
Actress, Veronica Cartwright (1949)
Producer, Kenny Ortega (1950)
Musician, Jim Scholten (1952)
Actor, Rick Moranis (1953)
Musician, Kim Stone (1954)
Actor, Eric Roberts (1956)
Actor, John James (1956)
Actress, Melody Thomas Scott (1956)
Actress, Anna Kathryn Holbrook (1956)
Model, Bernadette Robi (1958)
Musician, Lee Pattinson (1958)
Actress, Jane Leeves (1961)
Musician, Kelly Hansen (1961)
Musician, Mick Sweda (1962)
Comedian, Jeff Dunham (1962)
Musician, Shirlie Hollman (1962)
TV host, Conan O’Brien (1963)
Actor, Eric McCormack (1963)
Musician, Jim Ellison (1964)
Dancer, Mark Berry (1964)
Musician, Diana Villegas (1965)
Musician, Sylvia Villegas (1965)
Musician, Vicky Villegas (1965)
Actress, Maria Bello (1967)
Actress, Mary Birdsong (1968)
Actor, David Hewlett (1968)
Musician, Greg Eklund (1970)
Actress, Tamara Braun (1971)
Actor, David Tennant (1971)
Director, Eli Roth (1972)
Musician, Mark Tremonti (1974)
Musician, Millie Corretjer (1974)
Director, Edgar Wright (1974)
Actress, Melissa Joan Hart (1976)
Actor, Adam Sinclair (1977)
Reality TV star, Kourtney Kardashian (1979)
Musician, Nuria Fergo (1979)
Musician, Marie Elaine Thibert (1982)
Actress, America Ferrera (1984)
Musician, Elena Temnikova (1985)
Model, Rosie Huntington Whiteley (1987)
Actress, Alia Shawcat (1989)
Musician, Nathan Sykes (1993)
Actor, Moises Arias (1994)
Musician, Carley Rose Soneclar (1999)

Dawn of Justice Trailer Drops! Batman v Superman

(PCM) April 17, 2015

It was meant to be shown on Monday April 20th at select IMAX theaters to those that wanted to see JUST the trailer but the leak on April 16th was too much for DC to cope with. It’s here early and for all to see.

Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson can be heard portraying a Superman skeptic in the audio along with Holly Hunter as another antagonist questioning Superman’s true intentions here on earth.


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Watch The New Tension-Filled Teaser Trailer For Horror Film The Gallows

The_Gallows(PCM) Warner Bros. Pictures debuted the first teaser for Blumhouse Productions’ upcoming horror movie, The Gallows, opening in theaters nationwide this summer on July 10.

Starring Cassidy Gifford (God’s Not Dead), Ryan Shoos (As Night Comes), Reese Mishler (TV’s Youthful Days), and Pfeifer Brown, The Gallows is the latest horror from the studio that has brought us the sleeper hits Insidious, Paranormal Activity, and Sinister.

The first teaser for the found footage horror packs as much tension as can fit in one minute and thirty seconds, opening in what looks like a red-lit stairwell with viewers facing a crying girl cowering up against a wall. Just beyond her is the ominous darkness of an open hallway/doorway, and it doesn’t take long for something sinister to appear. Check it out below!

The official synopsis for The Gallows, written and directed by relative unknowns Travis Cluff (Gold Fools) and Chris Lofing (Kid HULK), reads:

Twenty years after an accident caused the death of the lead actor during a high school play, students at the same small town school resurrect the failed stage production in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy – but ultimately find out that some things are better left alone.

Visit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ for more info!

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CBS Announces “I Love Lucy” One-Hour Colorized Special


(PCM) CBS has announced that they will be airing an “I Love Lucy” one-hour colorized special on May 17th.  “I Love Lucy” starred Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo and Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo in the hit prime time sitcom. The special colorized episodes will be: “L.A. at Last!” and “Lucy and Superman”.

In “L.A. at Last!,” Lucy and Ricky travel to Los Angeles, where Ricky is booked to appear in a motion picture. William Golden, the 1953 Academy Award winner -for Best Actor in “Stalag 17,” guest stars.

Actor George Reeves, “Superman” in the ’50s television show “Adventures of Superman,” guest stars in “Lucy and Superman,” which first aired in 1957. “Lucy and Superman” follows the trials of scheduling kids’ birthday parties.

The special is also said to include additional material and scenes that have not been broadcast since the episode first aired back in 1955.

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Spider-Gwen Movie Will Work For All The Wrong Reasons

spider-gwen-500(PCM) News of a Spider-Gwen Movie leak is about to make the rounds on the Internet. And like Deadpool’s greenlight after a leak, this too may be a movie that gets made under the same groundswell, but for all the wrong reasons.

Sure female super hero movies are due. Some are on the way such as DC’s Wonder Woman and Marvel’s Captain Marvel, but Spider-Gwen? Really? Let’s break down why it is bad.

Before we do, let’s get it out there why Spider-Gwen is popular right now. The costume. Period.

Marvel stumbled over a good costume, one that females love to cosplay. It’s one that doesn’t feature breasts or objectify women so that market segment is satisfied too.


Now let’s get to the bad. Everything else about Spider-Gwen is bad.

-She’s a flipped version of Peter Parker’s storyline. It’s unoriginal and maybe even an insult.
-The ongoing story is weak. She’s in a punk band? Does writer Dan Slot have any clue where music is at today?
-Dan Slot is writing the story. It’s only going to pander to a specific audience to blow with the social justice wind.
-Her existence can’t be retconned unless you erase Spider-Man because as mentioned above – Peter Parker can’t be both Spider-Man and not Spider-Man.


Meanwhile Sony reps are all over the idea of any female super hero in general using buzzwords repeatedly like ‘fresh’ which is code for ‘not a male’.like-you-500

So while that last point comes off sexist, the real question to be asked is just who is being sexist?  Sony execs? Fan girls that act just as bad as sexist fan boys that want to keep them out? Why must they demand a female character by minimizing male characters or appropriating an existing male character? If a female character is wanted, GREAT! Just don’t hide the agenda. Be straight up and say, “Females are are done watching male characters in the lead and we want a female super hero we can enjoy.”

It’s that simple. Because there is no reason NOT to have a female superhero on the big screen. Just make it one that is worth it. Spider-Gwen, and even Silk are unestablished characters that if fleshed out on screen will only end up being the embodiment of a women’s liberation agenda and not a character that was formed over time with a history that can hold women’s liberation characteristics – but at least they’ll be real and not contrived.

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Could This Be The “Best” Worst Tattoo Ever?


(PCM) Here’s a lesson everyone … if you are going to be drinking and taking drugs, then it is probably not the best idea to pick up the tattoo needle and sketch some permanent artwork on yourself.

Such a situation happened to one 27-year old who was under the influence of both alcohol and the prescription drug Xanax when he decided to tattoo an all black Charmander from Pokemon on his stomach. Keep in mind the man has zero tattooing nor artistic experience. The little flame on the tail is truly the best part!

Of course, his friends, being the good friends that they are decided to take a picture of the horrific tattoo and post on the internet’s self-proclaimed front page Reddit. The image almost immediately went viral because it truly is such a horrifically bad tattoo, it might actually be good.

Reddit users immediately began photoshopping and taking the blackened Charmander tattoo image and putting on everything from water bottles to t-shirts. Listen up, fashionistas blackened Charmander might just be the hot fashion item to own for your spring collection.

Several sources are saying that the bad tattoo may actually be based off of Tim Burton’s Pokemon version of Charmander, seen here, but either way it is still a pretty good “bad” tattoo!

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