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Rex Brown Talks New Book, Pantera, Dimebag, Vinnie Paul and More In Recent Interview!

(PCM) Our friend Keith Lovett of caught up with former Pantera bassist and current Kill Devil Hill bassist Rex Brown to chat about his new book “Official Truth: 101 Proof”. PCM’s Kristyn Clarke was on-hand for the interview as well and without a doubt it was certainly one of the most memorable of her career. Memories can be both full of joy and full of pain and witnessing Rex Brown relive a lot of the extremely emotional memories that surround with the death of his former bandmate Dimebag Darrell was a truly touching experience.

Check out the full interview below:

“Official Truth: 101 Proof” is available now and is a must read!  Rex’s does a fantastic job of telling his story and sharing some amazing insights into what was going on under the surface of Pantera, who are perhaps one of the most influential rock/metal bands of our generation. Rex provides a no holds barred account of the many demons faced by the band and himself along the crazy ride of the rock n’ roll experience and he definitely sheds some light into the areas where fans still had many unanswered questions about the band. “Official Truth: 101 Proof” is one of those books that was impossible to put down and certainly will keep you turning the pages well into the night.

You can purchase “Official Truth: 101 Proof” here and at book retailers everywhere!




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