Taking On The “Liberating Side Of Being Together” Challenge From Durex!

I have decided to take on the Durex “Liberating Side Of Being Together” challenge with my partner Mike and together we are very much looking forward to gaining some new insight into the ways that we will be able to incorporate the  “Get Closer, Go Further” philosophy into our relationship.

We have recently received our absolutely fabulous “Play Together, Stay Together” Toolkit from Durex, filled with all kinds of fun items to help us in our journey of relationship growth and exploration both mentally and of course physically as well (wink, wink).

I will be posting updates every few days to keep you posted on our journey and stay tuned for some tips and notes about what we are learning about ourselves and each other, what we are enjoying the most, and of course the ways in which the “Liberating Side Of Being Together” challenge is helping us to grow even stronger as a couple.

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Join in the conversation and let us know some of the ways in which you and your partner incorporate the “Get Closer, Go Further” philosophy into  your relationships. Use hashtag: #GetCloserGoFurther and please visit: http://durexusa.com/


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