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Seth McFarlane Guest Starring On The Simpsons

(PCM) Expect a Very Special Simpsons Season Finale

simpsons-homer-and-benSeth MacFarlane is guest starring in the May 19th finale of FOX’s The Simpsons, along with Lisa Lampanelli.

McFarlane’s Family Guy, also on Fox, have had a friendly, competitive rivalry for years.

Seth plays Ben, a smooth operator that Marge accidentally met on a website for cheating spouses.

“We thought we had a great part that he’d be perfect for, and it would be great to have him on our show, so it worked out just right,” Simpsons executive producer Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly regarding the casting of MacFarlane, noting: “There’s been a little rivalry. We’re both humor shows and we make jokes, but it’s always been friendly.”

Lisa, who plays Ben’s wife in the episode, has also lost over 100 pounds in real life, and is proud of her new body: “I’ve lost a total of 106 pounds,” Lampanelli told In Touch magazine. “I feel like I’ve reached the weight I’m supposed to be. I’m officially a skinny b*tch!”

Meanwhile, the male characters embark on a quest to Iceland, Carl’s homeland.

The Simpsons finale airs on FOX, May 19th.



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