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Album Review: Alterbridge “Fortress”

Alterbridge1(PCM) As the band themselves have stated I think intensity it the perfect way to sum up the overall feel for “Fortress” this upcoming new album from rockers Alterbridge set for release on 10/8/13. Without a doubt Alterbridge have proven with “Fortress” that they are fearless when it comes to both experimenting with and evolving their sound and these tracks open us up as listeners to new and much darker side to the band.

From the gorgeous opening guitar melody of “Cry of Achilles” the pace for the album is set and it moves forward with incredible vigor. It is no surprise that the band chose “Addicted to Pain” as the albums first single because it does a fantastic job of both showcasing vocalist Myles Kennedy’s superb prowess and guitarist Mark Tremonti’s ability to shred like a beast.

“Fortress” is also not without it’s emotional moments as can be found on tracks such as “Lover” and “All Ends Well” which take the listener on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and are both executed with perfection. We also see drummer Scott Philips and bassist Brian Marshall thinking outside of the box a bit more musically and attempting different styles and arrangements that make this album a total evolution in the band’s catalog overall.

It is refreshing to see that Alterbridge are continuing to move progressively further with their music and I, for one, can only anticipate more great music from this band well into the future.


Album Review: Alterbridge “Fortress” also appeard on Unskinny Pop.

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