It’s Tan Mom – Her NSFW NSFL Rap Music Video

(PCM) Its Not Safe For Lunch. Its Not Safe For Work. It’s Tan Mom’s music video “It’s Tan Mom”.

For some reason, Tan Mam Patricia Krentcil decided to record an electropop rap song entitled “It’s Tan Mom.” It’s bad on mutiple levels, music, performance singing/rap(?)

“I’m sexier than the Teen Mom – I am cool, I’m the cool one – I’m hotter than the Octomom.” are just a sample of the lyrics from the 45-year-old (and looking like a 70) Nutley, New Jersey mom’s song.

The New Jersey mother began her publicity-whoring in 2012, after she faced child endangerment charges … read more...

World Wide GMO Protest May 25, 2013

(PCM) This May 25th, 2013, there will be Marches Against Monsanto held all over world, inspired by marches already held in Europe, protesting Monsanto, the primary source of genetically modified foods.

Why Are We/They Protesting This Time?

It is all about GMOs – Genetically Modified Organisims, basically foods with modified genes for human and animal consumption.

In plants, it means that they are modified to be more tolerant to hebidides and insecticides.

in animals, research in using genetically modified animal cells are creating possible cures for diseases, or even grow faster in the food chain.

Given that these new genes …

Chinks Steaks Changes Name To Joe’s steaks

(PCM) The owner of a Philadelphia restaurant known as Chink’s Steaks since 1949 has officially changed the name to Joe’s Steaks. The eatery had been named for its founder, Samuel “Chink” Sherman, who was given the nickname in grade school, which seemed almost reasonable with early 20th century sensibilities, because of his almond shaped eyes

Joe Groh, 50, who went to work at Chink’s at age 16 and bought the business from Samuel’s widow in 1999, got a complaint from an Asian-American student about the name in 2004.

“It was a tough decision,” Groh told MSN in an interview. “I … read more...

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