Rob Zombie Launches Crowd-Funding Campaign For New Film “31″

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(PCM) After months of teasing fans with video clips and mysterious messages, Rob Zombie unveils via Rolling Stone a ground-breaking crowdfunding campaign for his new film “31” at

Rolling Stone notes that “the director is offering up a variety of high-quality rewards to people who want to support the movie, including autographed posters, a chance for Zombie to follow a winner on Twitter, a winner’s name in the credits, a lifetime laminate to see Zombie on tour at any show and a gig as an extra in 31. Zombie will also offer selected props from his movies, including Halloween masks and giant crosses from House of 1000 Corpses.”

“I’m crowd funding because I realize that it’s an incredible opportunity to engage the fans. They’ve always been the most important thing for me because, with metal and horror, the fans aren’t just fans – it’s their life, their lifestyle. They live and breathe it, as I do, and any way that you can bring the people that are as passionate about it as you are into the process is a win-win for everybody,” says Zombie.

Offering up an incredible array of exclusive merchandise, one of a kind collectibles from past movies, original artwork and unprecedented access to both the “31” movie set and his concerts.

As a rock icon and filmmaker with a unique vision, Zombie has continuously challenged audiences as he stretches the boundaries of both music and film. Zombie has sold more than fifteen million albums worldwide, and is the only artist to experience unprecedented success in both music and film as the writer/director of six feature films with a worldwide gross totaling more than $150 million.

“Get on board! Get involved! Be part of this horrifying business! The world of horror needs you! “
Rob Zombie

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Mysterious Woman In Black Spotted Walking The U.S. Highways


(PCM) For the past few days the internet and social media has been buzzing with people posting about sightings and run-in with the mysterious woman in black, who has been been walking along the highways in several different states.

She has been mostly spotted in the South and Midwest regions of the country and is wearing what appears to be a type of burka style outfit and is pulling behind her a wheeled-cart. She is leaving people very curious about why she is walking and just what her mission happens to be. What is also very odd is that she is seemingly able to travel long distances quite quickly, as she was spotted in two different states about 60 miles apart all in the same day.

People on the internet have started a Facebook page titled ‘Where Is The Mysterious Woman In Black’ and even a Twitter hashtag #womaninblack as a way to share their theories and sightings with one another.

While she seemingly will not speak to anyone, authorities have revealed some details about the woman in black identity, claiming she is a 56-year old Army veteran named Elizabeth Pott from Mott, Alabama. She also told authorities that she is on a Bible mission.

A man by the name of Raymond Poles has come forward claiming to be her bother and says that she is a mother of two and had in the past been receiving medical treatment at Veterans Affairs hospitals. She is said to be dealing with the deaths of her husband in 2008 and her father in 2009.

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Trailer For BatKid Documentary Has Been Released


(PCM) Award-winning film director, Dana Nachman, launched an Indiegogo campaign to finish the official Batkid documentary, “Batkid Begins”, a documentary about 5-year-old Miles Scott, a leukemia survivor who asked the Make-A-Wish Foundation to be transformed into Batkid for a day. The campaign was launched one week ago, and is now at 40% of its $100K goal. “Batkid Begins” goes behind the scenes chronicling the story of Miles Scott, a 5-year old in remission after spending half of his years fighting leukemia. Last November, with the support of family, strangers, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Miles was transformed into Batkid and called upon to save Gotham City (aka San Francisco) from impending doom. What was anticipated to be an event with 200-300 in attendance quickly grew into a city-wide phenomenon that captured the spirits and imaginations of 25,000 people who lined the streets to cheer Batkid on. This magical event not only swept the nation, but resonated so widely that Batkid’s heroics were seen by nearly 2 billion people across 117 countries. There was even a recent panel for the film at San Diego Comic Con, where the brand-new trailer for the film was revealed, which you can watch below:

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