McDonald’s Reveals Plans To Test An All-Day Breakfast Menu


(PCM) This is probably the best news we’ve heard out of the McDonald’s company in quite some time. It has been announced that the company plans to test an all-day breakfast service starting next month.

Currently, the new all-day breakfast menu will only be available in the San Diego test market area, but depending on how well it does, they will then make the decision to roll it out nationwide.

It is the company’s hope that they can use the test market research to work out any kinks, as the main issue they had with offering breakfast all day was limited grill space in the kitchens. The grills were not big enough to handle both the breakfast and lunch/dinner items at the same time. Breakfast unfortunately had to be cut off at 10:30am on weekdays and 11:00am on weekends.

There are some McDonald’s restaurants that currently offer limited breakfast items on their late night menus that become available at midnight. However, we have to note that nearly every time we have driven up to a McDonald’s drive-thru around midnight asking for the breakfast items that are supposed to be available, we are 99% of the time told it is not ready yet.

Here’s to hoping they can figure out an economical way to serve breakfast all-day, which would be a dream come true for us McMuffin lovin’ consumers!

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Driving School Pulls A Hilarious Prank On New Instructors


(PCM) Enlisting the help of professional stunt driver Leona Chin and Maxman TV, a driving school decided to prank their new instructors on the first day of the job with some extreme  “Fast & Furious” style driving skills.

When Chin first enters the car, she pretends to be a very timid and nervous new driver, but when they go to return to the driving school parking lot she turn on the skills and makes the instructors literally scream in terror.

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First Footage Premieres For “The Walking Dead” Spinoff


(PCM) During last night’s Season Five finale of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” was caught our first glimpse of footage from the new “The Walking Dead” spin-off series “Fear The Walking Dead”.

The spin-off series is set to debut sometime late this summer and will be set in Los Angeles. We learned from the incredibly brief promo for the series that the events in the “Fear The Walking Dead” will take place just prior to the undead apocalypse, as they mention an outbreak of flu-like symptoms. Eventually the new series will catch up with the original series, but it should be fairly interesting to learn a bit about how everything supposedly originated.

“Fear The Walking Dead” will star Cliff Curtis as school teacher Sean Cabrera who has a son with his ex-wife. Actress Kim Dickens will star as Nancy a guidance counselor who works at the school with Sean and is linked to him romantically. Frank Dillane stars as Nancy’s son Nick who is battling a drug problem and Alycia Debnam Carey will play Nancy’s daughter Ashley, who is the exact opposite of Nick, as she plans on leaving L.A. before the outbreak begins.

“Fear The Walking Dead” has already received a greenlight for Season Two which will air in 2016 and the first season will consist of six hour long episodes to give us a taste.

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Haven’t You Always Wanted To Wear A Big Mac?


(PCM) I think we have discovered the most bizarre fashion line ever created now that McDonald’s has revealed their line of wearable high fashion Big Macs.

At first we assumed this had to be some kind of joke, but trust us, it is absolutely legit. The new clothing and lifestyle line features everything from raincoats and thermals to bed sheets and wallpaper printed with a recurring image of a Big Mac sandwich on an all-white background. It is definitely a bit on the odd side.

The new line of products made their debut in Sweden last week and all profits with benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The items are currently not offered outside of Sweden at this time, but there are plans to open up the items to more countries soon. You can check out the clothing line here!

According to the NY Daily News, the new and somewhat strange items are part of McDonald’s new “imlovinit 24″ campaign.   The campaign features 24-McDonald’s themed stunts that take place in 24 different cities around the globe in a 24 hour time period.

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“The Walking Dead” Season Five Concludes With Survival


(PCM) Fans of the hit AMC series “The Walking Dead” were definitely duped by a lot of the rumors that were floating around claiming that we were going to lose a major character in the Season Five finale which aired last night. It appears as though several red herrings were thrown out by both the cast and producers alike, however they certainly did an absolutely amazing job keeping us on the edge of our seats throughout the entire 90 minute episode.

To echo the sentiments of “Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick, we too would like to petition that every episode of “The Walking Dead” be super-sized to 90 minutes long!

**Spoiler Alert: Key plot points from the Season Five finale are discussed below**

For once it was actually pretty awesome to watch the season finale for a series that didn’t leave us with some major life or death cliff-hanger that we have to wait several months to discover the outcome. Everyone on team Rick survived and there were only two casualties in the entire episode, one is most likely a blessing, but something tells us that they other could turn out to be a curse.

We were also thrilled with Morgans’ completely badass return!  Somewhere along the way (and I hope we learn more about his journey next season) he picked up some major ninja skills. He beat off hoards of Walkers using only a stick!  A freaking stick! While Morgan is so far only confirmed for one episode next season, we somehow think that we are going to be seeing a lot more of him throughout Season Six. By the way, what a way for Morgan and Rick to reunite, probably not in the way they both would have preferred.

The episode provided a lot of insight for the new big bad that we will be surely meeting next season, as now we have been properly introduced to The Wolves. Daryl and Aaron nearly fell victim to one of their horrific traps before being heroically saved by Morgan and judging by the last few moments of the episode, they are surely going to be on their way to greet the residents of Alexandria next season.

We also have to note that whoever is writing for Carol this season is doing an absolutely phenomenal job.  She has had some of the absolute best quips and one-liners this season, as she flawlessly plays the role of innocent homemaker, but we all know the truth, don’t we boys and girls. It was priceless when she told Pete after threatening him with a knife to the throat that she expected her casserole dish to be returned clean, and also the way actress Melissa McBride delivered the line calling Rick “sunshine” was hilarious whether it was meant to be that way or not.

Glenn ended up getting shot by crazy Nicholas, but he survived and despite have every opportunity in the world to shoot and kill Nicolas in retaliation, he makes the decision to drag him back to Alexandria to face the consequences. In another almost death sequence we see that Father Gabriel has continued to go off the deep end and he has a very harsh run-in the Sasha who went to him looking for some priestly advice. A fight ensues after he tells her that both Bob and Tyrese deserved to die, but just as she is about to shoot him in the head, Maggie comes in to intervene and the three can be seen praying together as the episode concludes after Father Gabriel admits to blaming himself for the deaths of his parishioners.

In the end of the episode, Rick does what Rick does best by making a speech to the residents of Alexandria explaining to them that they have to change. Drunk Pete comes stumbling in telling everyone not to trust Rick and then Dianna’s husband Reg gets in his way as he is about to go after Rick and Pete accidentally slices Reg’s throat open. Bye-bye Reg!  Dianna is understandably devastated and then gives Rick the go ahead to take out Pete, which was probably the killing that has ever taken place within Alexandria’s protective walls. It is at this point the Aaron and Daryl return with Morgan and we now have our set up for Season Six.

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Downton Abbey Is Coming To An End


(PCM) Producers of the hit television series “Downton Abbey” have revealed that the series will be coming to an end after next season. The sixth season, which is currently in production, has been confirmed to be the last.

The producers claim that the feel it is “the right time” to end the incredibly popular British series and also revealed that they knew that they wanted to end after six seasons for quite some time, but waited until after the fifth season to reveal the news to fans.

The announcement was made via Twitter by series creator Julian Fellowes, which also included a thank you to fans.

“Downton Abbey” premiered back in 2010 and follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants living on the Downton Abbey estate. The first season took place during the pre-World War I time period, while season five has stretched into the 1920’s.

The producers also went on to make a promise to fans to close up any dangling loose ends and storylines from the previous season. The final season will air in England this fall and be available in the States early next year. Thus far there are no plans for any type of spin-off series that many fans hold out hope for, however there very well could be a “Downton Abbey” film in the works sometime in the future.

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