Is It A Wall Or A River? Internet Debates Another Optical Illusion

(PCM) Everyone is wrapped up in yet another internet photo debate over whether or not this image of a picnic in Germany shows a wall or a river in the background. It was posted in a German Facebook group and the debate has commenced.

The internet folks love a good optical illusion, as you can recall both The Dress, The Underwater Or Jumping In and the Girl with the Missing Leg photos left us pretty baffled! Usually they end up being fairly easy to figure out, but this one is really getting to us!

We are kind of leaning towards a river because the wooden planks look like they could be part of a dock of some sort on the left hand side of the image, however the rest of the background really does resemble a wall.

What do you think? Let’s hope some super internet sleuths hop on this case quickly and let us know once and for all just what in the world we are looking at and in the meantime, can we hop on in there and join the party!


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Bar Somehow Thought It Was A Good Idea To Create A Drink Called The “Pill Cosby”

(PCM) A Washington, D.C. bar called Diet Starts Monday is facing a lot of internet backlash after someone came up with the brilliant idea to create an alcoholic drink called the “Pill Cosby” and it pretty much managed to offend just about everyone!

The “Pill Cosby” was a tequila-based drink that was … get this … actually garnished with fake floating pill capsules! Seriously! We have no clue who thought this was a good idea. Did they not recall that actor Bill Cosby faced accusations of sexually assaulting and drugging at least sixty women?  That is definitely not a situation to make light of, even if they were just trying to be tongue-in-cheek.

One of the bar’s co-founders attempted to diffuse the situation by saying that the drink was meant to be a statement on rape culture and told the Washingtonian that “it lets people be a little more aware”, but no one is buying that and folks on both social media and Yelp continue to be outraged.

The offending “Pill Cosby” drink has since been pulled from the bar’s menu and they have issued an apology to any patrons who may have been offended posting the following tweet:

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Someone Dug Up Actor Jason Alexander’s Cheesy 1980’s McDonald’s Commercial And It’s Comedy Gold

(PCM) Bless the people of the internet for being able to dig up relics from years past, although we are sure there are somethings, such as this cheesy commercial that some people may prefer to stay buried, especially if you are actor Jason Alexander!

For our hilarious viewing pleasure someone managed to dig up a McDonald’s commercial from the 1980’s featuring a singing, dancing Jason Alexander spotlighting the short-lived McDonald’s sandwich the McDLT.

Most of us recognize Jason Alexander from his role as the snarky George Costanza on the long running sitcom “Seinfeld”, so watching him prance around singing about some McDonald’s food is even more hilarious and such a non-George Costanza thing to do!

Someone also took the time to transcribe this crazy commercial in all of it’s glory, so you can read and follow along below:

Hey! You say you’re getting tired of lettuce and tomato hamburgers in this town that don’t quite make it? You say that just once you’d like a hamburger hot and your lettuce and tomato cool and crisp… *double finger guns* … all at the same time?

Well I say… you got it! I’m talking McDonald’s new lettuce and tomato hamburger! The McDLT!


I’m talking quarter pounder beef on the hot hot side/ The new McDLT/ Crisp lettuce and tomato on the cool cool side/ The new McDLT!/ The beef stays hot!/ The cool stays crisp!/ Put it together, you can’t resist!/ The hottest taste! The coolest (???)/ It’s a cool time! For the great taste!/ Of McDonald’s! Could be the best tasting lettuce and tomato hamburger… ever!

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Artist Creates A Dress Out Of 10,000 Starburst Wrappers

Photo credit: Emily Sielhamer/Facebook

(PCM) An artist by the name of Emily Seilhamer has created one heck of a sweet dress using only Starburst candy wrappers. She and her family collected the wrappers used to make the dress for a period of four years and her end creation is absolutely stunning.

Talk about dedication and a unique way to recycle trash! Seilhamer and her family must be really big Starburst fans, because that is definitely a lot of wrappers. It seems they are big fans, as Seilhamer even admitted that she met and bonded with her husband over a pack of Starbursts, which also happens to be his favorite type of candy as well.

Also, be sure to check out Seilhamer’s other unique designs on her Facebook page as well.  She used elastic thread to create the special Starburst dress and then sewed the links together to create the dresses fabric like texture.

Good stuff! We love it!

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Lattes Are Now Being Served In An Avocado, Because Why Not?

(PCM) We all know that avocado’s are the “it” thing these days and they are slowly becoming harder and harder to come by as they are growing more expensive, but people will still find new and creative ways to consume avocado’s, but we think perhaps an latte being served in an avocado really takes the cake.

Melbourne, Australia’s Truman Café is doing just that with their creation called the “avolatte” and it is basically just your typical latte order made to order in a hollowed out avocado. We can’t really see how this would enhance the taste of a latte, in fact, mixing avocado and coffee just doesn’t seem like a good pairing, but hey, to each their own!

Some claim that the bitterness of the avocado and the sweetness of the latte balance each other out, but others are still on the fence about whether or not this is actually a good idea! Just when we thought we had seen it all the “avolatte” arrives and it seems to be around to stay (or at least until the hipsters become fixated on something else).

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Seriously! Guy Rompers Are Now A Thing!

(PCM) It is summer music festival season and of course one festival season fashion staple is the romper, which, for the most part, has been a garment specifically geared towards women … that is until now!

Our worst fashion nightmare has come true and a company called Aced Design has launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch the “RompHim“, which is essentially a romper for men. It is pretty freaking ridiculous!

But, of course, bro-culture has latched on and the “RompHim” has already surpassed their initial start-up goal of $10,000 and the company has already raised over $65,000 and we are still over here asking ourselves why on earth???

This is a true hipster nightmare! One major difference between a women’s romper and the new RompHim comes with a zip down fly for easier access when needing to use the bathroom. We females call this unfair, as we need to completely come out of these silly garment when needing to use the restroom! Such a bummer!

Although we have to admit we can’t wait to see some guys actually try and pull off this look! Laughs for days!

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