Justin Bieber Publicly Apologizes For Japan War Shrine Photo

Bieber-war-shrine1(PCM) As much as stirring up controversy and trouble seem to go hand in hand for pop superstar  Justin Bieber these days, we have to think that his latest move was truly just an honest mistake, at least we hope.

Recently, Bieber made a visit to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo which enshrines 2.5 million war dead, including Japan’s 14 convicted war criminals and also happens to be a war museum that defends Japan’s wartime aggression’s. Bieber posted an image of the shrine online with the following caption “Thank you for your blessing” and immediately Twitter and Facebook erupted with a ton of outrage.

China and South Korea in particular view Yasukuni as a symbol of Japan’s past militarism and consider visits there as a lack of understanding or remorse over wartime history. Chinese officials and others commented on Bieber’s images claiming he should remember China’s position on Yasukuni. Bieber claims that he only thought it was a beautiful site and only a place of prayer.

In his public apology to anyone he may have offended, Bieber posted “I was mislead (sic) to think the Shrines were only a place of prayer. To anyone I have offended I am extremely sorry.”

The images has since been removed from Biebers’ Instagram account.

Justin Bieber Publicly Apologizes For Japan War Shrine Photo also appeard on Celebrity Magnet.

Avril Lavigne’s New Music Video For “Hello Kitty” Is Stirring Up Controversy


(PCM) While I had previously listed the horrific “Chinese Food” video from Alison Gold and creepy viral video producer Patrice Wilson as one of the worst (and most racist) music videos of all time; it now seems that Avril Lavigne has secured her spot on that list with the release of the “Hello Kitty” music video.

The video features Lavigne prancing about, spewing out Japanese phrases and outright mocking Japanese culture, at least that is how many people are taking it. Lavigne defended the video on Twitter, claiming that she adores Japanese culture, spends half of her time in Tokyo and even specifically flew into Japan to shoot the video for her Japanese fan base.

It is not just the video. The song itself is just really bad…and to think Lavigne and husband Chad Kroger of Nickelback penned this gem together…wow!

Lavigne claims the video is meant to be “flirtatious and a little bit sexual” but is really all about her love of “Hello Kitty”.  What I find a bit odd is that “Hello Kitty” is no where to be found at all in the video. I’m guessing Sanrio wouldn’t allow her to secure the rights to use “Hello Kitty’s” iconic image and I certainly can’t say I blame them!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

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Kristen Bell, Jenna Dewan And Other Celebs Pose Nude For Allure Magazine

(PCM) Some preview images that feature Kristen Bell and Jenna Dewan-Tatum posing nude for Allure magazine’s highly-anticipated “Nudes” issue have surfaced and the two actresses are looking as gorgeous as ever.

In addition to both Bell and Dewan-Tatum, actresses Nia Long and Minnie Driver have stripped down and will also be featured in the upcoming issue. Both Bell and Dewan-Tatum are new mom’s and gave birth to their daughters last year.

Dewan-Tatum claims that her husband Channing Tatum was a huge supporter of her agreeing to bare it all for the magazine and knows how comfortable she is in her own skin. As for Bell, she claims that she has always talked a big game about being comfortable in her own skin, but it was now time to put her money where her mouth is and bare it all.

Last year, the Allure “Nudes” issue featured Jennifer Morrison, Naya Rivera, Clare Bowen and Christa Miller and it was a huge success.

You can view the images of Bell and Dewan-Tatum below:


Kristen Bell, Jenna Dewan And Other Celebs Pose Nude For Allure Magazine also appeard on Celebrity Magnet.

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