Catching Up With Mallory Knox Vocalist Mikey Chapman!

Credit: Andrew Wendowski Photography

Credit: Andrew Wendowski Photography

(PCM) Kristyn Clarke and Renee Winner of PopCultureMadness were recently able to catch up with Mallory Knox vocalist Mikey Chapman during their recent tour stop in Philadelphia, PA. The band were part of one of this winter’s biggest tours sharing a bill with both Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil and PRVIS.

Being out with bands such as Pierce The Veil and Sleeping with Sirens makes this a huge tour for the band. We are sure that they have seen their fan base continue to grow as a result. Mikey tells us “The great thing about read more...

Actor Harrison Ford Injured After California Plane Crash

Credit: Reuters

Credit: Reuters

(PCM) Actor Harrison Ford suffered multiple injuries after a vintage World War II training plane that he was piloted crashed onto a golf course in Mars Vista, California.

Sources at the scene of the plane crash say that Ford was both conscious and breathing when rescue crews arrived. He was stabilized and taken to a nearby hospital where he currently remains listed in fair to moderate condition.

Sources also went to say that it appeared that Ford was bleeding as a result of several gashes on his head that occurred as a result of the crash. There has … read more...

K-Cups Inventor Regrets His Invention


(PCM) K-Cups inventor John Sylvan has made a very interesting confession saying that there are times that he regrets his incredibly popular invention.

When Sylvan first envisioned the product, he thought about the invention of single-brew cup like pouches that would be most used in office type environments for people who were looking for different brews. He never dreamed that the K-Cups invention would take off like it did and now a Keurig brewer is pretty much a staple in residential homes all over the world.

The reason that Sylvan often times regrets his invention is the fact that the … read more...

Ringling Bros. Plans To Retire Elephants By 2018


(PCM) There are currently 13 Asian elephants that travel with the Ringling Bros. circus and the company has now announced plans to retire their elephant performers by the year 2018.

The company says that they plan to phase the elephants out of their performing units over the next few years and future performances will feature other animals such as lions, tigers and horses.

In a statement Ringling Bros. owner and CEO of Feld Entertainment, Kevin Feld claimed that the decision was not an easy one, but it was in the best interest of the company, the elephants and the customers … read more...

Grateful Dead Reunion Tickets Going For Over $100,000 Online


(PCM) I am not sure why, but something just feels wrong to me when I learned that 3-day tickets to “Fare Thee Well” the Grateful Dead reunion concert were selling for over $100,000 online.

The upcoming 3-day show will feature the four original members of The Grateful Dead to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary. “Fare Thee Well” will be held at Chicago’s Solider Field over 4th of July weekend.  The show will also feature Phish frontman Trey Anastasio who will be taking on vocal duties in place of the late Grateful Dead front man Jerry Garcia.

According to Grateful Dead …

The Great Mount Everest Poop Problem


(PCM) It is a fact of life and there has even been a creative children’s book that teaches us that yes, indeed, everybody poops, however never did we imagine that human excrement would be such a major problem facing something as great and majestic as Mount Everest.

Mount Everest has a peak climbing season of only two months and during that time over 700 explorers take their chances at scaling the world’s tallest mountain which soars over 29,035 feet in the air. While many of these explorers are highly praised for their efforts at taking on the incredible feat of … read more...

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