Stephen Hawking And Elon Musk Fear “Killer Robots” Are Inevitable!


(PCM) There has been a new warning issued by a group of concerned scientists, researchers and academics that include Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Apple CEO Steve Wozniak claiming that “killer robots” that are part of a global military artificial intelligence arms race are inevitable unless some kind of preventative measures and mandates are put into place.

The letter states “The stakes are high.  Autonomous weapons have been described as the third revolution in warfare, after gunpowder and nuclear arms.” The letter goes on to state that these types of advanced weapons will be feasible “within years, not decades. The weapons require no costly or hard-to-obtain raw materials, so they will become ubiquitous and cheap for all significant military powers to mass-produce. Autonomous weapons are ideal for tasks such as assassinations, destabilizing nations, subduing populations and selectively killing a particular ethnic group.We therefore believe that a military AI arms race would not be beneficial for humanity.”

No more are “killer robots” something out of a science fiction film, they are a reality that could quite possible cause catastrophic events. Many military groups from all over the world are already beginning to experiment with AI and most modern warfare is already conducted using remote controlled machines. The letter calls for a ban on autonomous weaponry and encourages all concerned citizens from all over the globe to take a stand and sign their names to the open letter as well! 

What do you think? Will “killer robots” become the wave of future warfare?  


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JCPenney Employee Sent Home For Wearing Shorts She Purchased From That Very Store’s Career Section!


(PCM) Talk about irony! Sylva Stoel, a 17-year old JCPenney employee was reprimanded and sent home for wearing a pair of shorts that her manager deemed to be too revealing. Here’s the kicker!  The shorts were actually purchased at JCPenney’s, in the career style section nonetheless!

After the incident Stoel took to her Twitter account to express her outrage over the incident and it has since sparked up a huge debate over the presence of sexist behavior against women in various professional environments. Stoel claims she had only arrived at work for about 10 minutes before she was approached by her manager and asked if anyone has spoken with her about the store’s dress code policy during her orientation.

Stoel says that she was never informed that the store’s dress code policy included a no-shorts rule and revealed that she was never given a handbook as well! When asked for details about the dress code, the manager said there were to be no t-shirts, tank tops, spaghetti straps or anything that you were “falling out of” … Stoel claims that she was not “falling out of” her shorts and still says that no shorts was never listed as one of the dress code rules.

The manager asked Stoel how long it was take her to go home and change and Stoel snarkily replied that she would probably take the whole day because she did not plan on returning to the store anymore at all. In a statement, JCPenney stands behind their dress code and says that it in no way targets women. They say that the no-shorts rule applies to all associates, both male and female.

Guess they might want to rethink that career style section, huh?

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Move Over Grumpy Cat! Grumpy Earl The Puggle Is On The Scene!


(PCM) It was truly amazing to watch the evolution of Grumpy Cat explode onto the internet and flood social media after a single meme was created using her adorable frowning face. Ever since her first appearance Grumpy Cat has held her reign as a viral sensation, but there is a new animal in town that is already conquering our news feeds with his adorably sour face.  Meet Grumpy Earl, the puggle with the face of a grumpy-looking 80 year old man!

Grumpy Earl is only five months old, but has already become quite the internet sensation, as there are already hundreds of memes featuring his gloomy little face being posted all over the place. Grumpy Earl’s owners are amazed by how quickly he has become a viral hit after only posting a single photo of him on Reddit. Despite Grumpy Earl’s sour expression, his owners say he is just as energetic and lovable as any normal puppy. He loves his snacks and enjoys chasing a ball around the house.

The vet claims that Grumpy Earl’s expression is due to his underbite, wrinkles and dark complexion and he is just as healthy as any normal puppy calling him both relaxed and actually content!


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Sasha McVeigh Pens An Open Letter To Fans About Body Image


(PCM) Country singer Sasha McVeigh has penned an open letter to her fans discussing the hot button topic of body image.  The letter is incredibly open and honest and it truly something anyone who has ever dealt with body image standards can relate. Check out her full letter below:

I don’t usually do this type of thing because I like to keep aspects of my personal life “personal” but various things have happened recently that make me feel like sharing something, so here goes…

There are three things you won’t know about me. (1) I’m very cynical. (2) I’m a glass half empty. (3) I can be extremely negative. Since December my life has been a roller-coaster of very high-highs and very low-lows. A terrible combination for someone like me. But I’m not complaining, that’s life and that’s actually not the point of this post, I’m just setting the scene.

I receive a lot of messages daily from all of you wonderful people. Sometimes you talk about me, sometimes about my music and sometimes you tell me about you. I love hearing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you have to say. But sometimes I get messages from you telling me how perfect you think I am. How you wish your “skin looked as smooth as mine”, you wish you were as “pretty as I am” or you wished your “body looked like mine”. These kinds of messages always make me feel really sad because I can remember looking up to certain artists when I was younger, and even now, and comparing myself to them, and wishing I looked like them. I NEVER wanted that to be the case with me. I never want to make anyone feel inadequate with themselves. And I know it’s easier said than done because people, especially girls/women, always compare themselves to others. For some reason it’s how we’re wired. But the fact is, nobody is perfect, our imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful. Some of us have the same imperfections because heck we’re human and hormones do what hormones do, that’s part of life too. So, today, I’m going to address things about my appearance that have been mentioned in messages, tweets etc and I’m going to be completely honest with you. I’m a little nervous and a little scared but if I can help just one person by doing this, then it’s worth it! Here goes…

– I don’t have clear skin. I’ve had acne since I was 10 years-old and it got worse when I hit puberty. Look in my bathroom cabinet and you’ll see I’ve tried every anti-acne cream, medicine, remedy in the book. Over the years I’ve just gotten REALLY good with make-up and I often take pictures on the side where I have the least spots on that particular day.
– I don’t have smooth skin. In some areas my face looks like the surface of the moon – ha ha – but again, primer is a God-send and so is moisturiser.
– I don’t have rock-hard abs or a flat stomach. When I was 16 I envied all those Disney Channel starlets who were my age and somehow had these washboard stomachs. I must have done thousands of crunches and eaten some horrible shakes to get there but it never happened because the fact is my genetics aren’t on my side. Plus, I love junk food and loathe the gym soooo the shakes and the crunches didn’t last long with me!!
– I currently weigh 10st (140lbs) so I am most definitely not super skinny. This is however heavier than I usually am and I’ve been about 8lbs overweight for the last 6 months. I’m not really happy about it but I’m also not going to give up my nachos, lemon meringue pie and donuts.
– I’m 21 years-old and I have cellulite. Yes, you heard me…CELLULITE! It’s on my thighs and my butt and made itself known about 6 months ago. At first I thought the world was ending and the apocalypse was looming but the fact is, most women get cellulite. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Maybe mine will disappear if I can get myself to the gym enough times, but if not, I’m just learning to live with it.
– I have stretch marks on my butt and hips. They showed up when I hit puberty and I developed a “woman’s body”, as my Mum called it. Most people get them!
– I DO NOT HAVE A THIGH GAP!! I don’t really understand where this obsession came from but I most definitely do not have one, nor have I ever as far as I know.

Some of those things above are things that really bothered me when I was younger and honestly sometimes still do now. I’ll look in the mirror and see my cellulite and it’ll make me not want to put on a pair of shorts or I won’t want to go out without covering my acne. But a lot of the time I’ll think to myself…WHO THE HELL CARES!! Because like I said, I’ve learnt we all have imperfections. We all have things we’re not happy about. Most women have cellulite and stretch marks because we’re human and that’s how our skin and bodies work. Everybody’s different and nobody is perfect.

In school I got bullied. I was told a lot that I had a big nose and my butt stuck out. For the longest time I thought I should have a smaller nose and I should wear clothes to hide my butt. But, both of those things are part of what make me, me. I was born with this nose and it’s part of my face. I was born with this butt and as it turns out, nowadays women want them to be as big as they can get them – how ironic!!

People will often try to bring you down, usually to try to hide their own insecurities. Magazines will always print articles about diets or people who are too fat or too thin because they know us women will eat that stuff up and believe it. But why should we let them make us feel inadequate?

If you have cellulite on your legs and you want to wear shorts, wear shorts! If you don’t have washboard abs but you want to wear a crop top, wear a crop top. Boys, if you wanna go shirtless, go shirtless. If you feel insecure and want to cover up, cover up. Do what you want to do. Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you feel beautiful.

But never compare yourself to the person next to you because that person will have just a many worries as you do. Someone once told me to think of the person I most wanted to be like. So I did. Then they said, “Now tell me what you don’t like about them!”. And I said nothing. Then they said, “Well, can they sing?”. And I said, no they couldn’t. Therefore would I have wanted to trade my body for theirs but not been able to do one of the biggest things that makes me who I am. NO WAY NO HOW!!

We’re all unique. We’re all beautiful. I know it’s easy to forget that and sometimes it’s hard to see. The last thing I’d want is for anyone to get down on themselves because they wish they looked “as perfect as me” because there’s no such thing as perfection. It doesn’t exist. There is no ideal. You’re just you and I’m just me and I think we’re pretty awesome the way we are!

So…thanks for reading this. If you read it to the end you’re a Saint because, man, that was longer than I thought it would be. I just felt I needed to get it off my chest and I thank you for letting me share. Have a wonderful weekend folks and remember, never let anyone dull your sunshine. I love you!

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ANEW And Medavoy Pact For English Language Adaptation Of 6000

image002(PCM) Global entertainment studio All Nippon Entertainment Works (ANEW) is partnering with Mike Medavoy to develop and produce the feature film, 6000.

This English-language film will be based on the acclaimed Japanese horror/thriller Manga series, “6000: Rokusen,” from Gentosha Comics, which is partnering on the project.

This is the first collaboration between ANEW, the international producer with a mandate to build a cultural bridge between Japan’s leading creative companies and prominent Hollywood filmmakers, such as Mike Medavoy, who is behind such hits as Black Swan, Shutter Island and soon to be released The 33. The ambitious project continues ANEW’s efforts to bring fresh and crowd-pleasing IP to the global marketplace. ANEW’s Vice President of Development Tara Billik, is overseeing the project for the company. Edward McGurn and Ben Anderson are producing along with Medavoy.

6000 is set in a deep sea research facility 6,000 meters below the ocean’s surface. A mysterious disaster three years earlier killed the crew and shuttered the station. Now, when a new team is sent down to get the operation up and running again, tension builds as they must struggle against the claustrophobic environment, their own deteriorating minds, and an unleashed danger lurking in the depths.

“Gentosha Comics has, in 15 years that it’s been in business, established itself as the publisher of compelling manga entertainment, as evidenced by 6000, a project that really lends itself to being adapted for the international market,” ANEW’s Senior Vice President of Development, Annmarie Bailey said.

“The expertise and the breadth of knowledge of Mike Medavoy and his team make them a clear match for this intensely mind-bending material, and we look forward to an ongoing partnership with them,” ANEW’s Tara Billik added.

“We were immediately drawn to the tension of 6000, and are looking forward to bringing this psychological thriller to the international movie audience,” Mike Medavoy said. “We appreciate the efforts ANEW made in securing the rights to the original property and then working with us to develop it further.”

“I grew up watching Hollywood Films, which inspired me to become a comic author. So for me, 6000 is a homage to the American Movie culture, and also a horror story for anyone, like me, who struggles through hopeless situations,” the comic book’s author Nokuto Koike said. “I’m very excited to see how these top U.S. filmmakers take my original story and use it to create a film that appeals to an international audience.”

In addition to 6000, ANEW is actively developing a robust slate of feature projects based on original Japanese IP. The company is developing two titles with Chris and Paul Weitz’s Depth of Field: Ghost Train, and Birthright, as well as Soul Reviver, in association with Fields Corp. and filmmaker partners Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz of Bedford Falls Prods., and a live action remake of Toei Animation’s robot anime Gaiking, with producer Gale Ann Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment, Inc.

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Stinky Flower Draws Thousands To California Botanical Garden


(PCM) Referred to as the ‘corpse flower’ due to its’ putrid odor, the Sumatran titan arum nicknamed “Trudy” drew thousands to a California botanical garden when it went into full bloom. 

People stood in line for their chance to get a whiff of the ‘corpse flower’ before it lost its’ smell. The botanical garden posted on Twitter that “Trudy” would only be smelly for one day and then it would go limp. The plant also happens to be one of the world’s largest and rarest flowering structures. 

When asked to describe the smell the garden’s director of visitors services said “dirty socks wrapped around rotting steak”!  Ugh, we can’t see waiting in line for that stench, but to each their own! 

Titan Arums only bloom on average once every six to seven years, so despite the fact that the botanical garden has eight plants, it is unclear when the next Titan Arum will open and stink! 

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