Oregon High School Cancels Dance Over Questionable Student Behavior


(PCM) A high school in Portland, Oregon is making waves after they announced that their upcoming winter formal dance has been cancelled because of concerns about dirty dancing occurring between students at the event. A spokesperson for the Portland Public Schools claims that the dancing at Cleveland High School has been “over the top and sexual in nature” leading to their decision to cancel the upcoming event.

The school board is now receiving criticism from both parents and students who don’t feel that the dance should have been cancelled and that all students should not be punished because of the actions of a few classmates. The school board has not yet released another statement addressing these concerns from both the parents and students, but currently the dance still remains cancelled.

It is unknown if the students will be allowed to have any other dances throughout the rest of the school year. Do you agree with the school boards decision or do you think that only those students directly involved should be punished?


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Man Refuses To Leave Burning Building Until Finished Watching His Porn


(PCM) When a fire broke out a sex shop in Germany called SexyAngel one customer was going to be absolutely sure he got the most out of his “investment” by refusing to leaving a viewing booth until he was finished watching his pornography film. The man was watching the porn parody title “Throbbin’ Hood” in one of the stores private viewing booths when the store began to fill with smoke.

It was initially thought that perhaps the man was so “into” the film that he did not realize that the building was actually on fire, however when firefighters arrived on the scene he could be heard coughing from inside the viewing booth as it, and the shop, continued to fill with smoke. The firefighters eventually had to bang on the door to get the mans attention and urge him to come outside to safety, however he fought with them and demanded to finish watching the film.

The firefighters had to literally drag the man out from the booth to safety and he was heard complaining that he spent $7.50 Euros (about $8) and hadn’t “finished” the film. He was later taken to a local area hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. He is very lucky to be alive!  Two workers from the shop suffered minor injuries from the blaze, but refused any type of medical treatment.

The SexyAngel shop is located in an area of Hamburg, Germany known as the “square mile of sin” and there are a slew of adult retail shops in the area. While we are sure the man was left a bit “frustrated” it is never a good idea to put yourself at risk, especially when he could have completed his “task” at any one of the other establishments in the area.

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Queen Elizabeth Has Epic Plans For Her 90th Birthday Celebration!


(PCM) Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating her 90th birthday on April 21st of next year and she plans to celebrate in epic fashion!

Proving that she is very much still young at heart the Queen says “Everything we do, we do for the young”. She plans to include over 1,500 performers and 900 horses for her birthday celebration event which will take place for 90 minutes each day from May 12 thru May 15.

The 25,000 tickets to the Queens birthday event next year sold out in minutes and it is being touted as of course a “once in a lifetime event”.  A member of the royal family will be present for each night’s festivities and the Queen herself will be making in appearance only on the final evening of May 15.

Queen Elizabeth II took hold of the throne when she was just 25 years old and has held the position for over 60 years. Long live the Queen … yes, indeed!

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Moonstone Music Festival Will Make Its’ Debut April 30 And May 1 In Orlando, FL


(PCM) We are super excited about the news that the Moonstone Music Festival will be making its’ debut on April 30 and May 1, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. The festival will be produced by international event specialists Incognitus,  and the multi-stage, live music celebration will feature six unique performance areas with more than 100 acts.

“Expect a collision of great music, comedy, art and great food, with just the right amount of wrong,” says co-producer, Paul Lovett.

The outdoor weekend-long event is timed to take advantage of the perfect weather that Florida offers at the beginning of the U.S. festival season. From the minute attendees enter the colorful, atmospheric festival site, they will be engaged in a stimulating layout offering a variety of entertainment options featuring rock music of all genres, comedy, side show attractions and live art, along with an astounding variety of food offerings and an eclectic market place.

The name Moonstone projects that you can expect that this festival will stimulate the soul, while delivering positive emotions, passion, party and celebration for festival goers all while paying homage to the Rock Gods.

Additional details including a line up featuring world-class headliners, location and on sale details will be revealed in the coming weeks. For the most up-to-date information, please click here.

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The Captain America: Civil War Trailer Has Arrived!


(PCM) Disney has released the first trailer for the highly anticipated upcoming film “Captain America: Civil War” which will serve as the kick-off to Marvel’s Phase 3 slate. The film will be directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and from the looks of things will pick up right after the event of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

We find Steve Rogers leading a new team of Avengers in a continued effort to safeguard humanity. According to the film’s official synopsis: “After another international incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability and a governing body to determine when to enlist the services of the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers while they try to protect the world from a new and nefarious villain.”

In the trailer we see the riff continue to deepen between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) as Captain America is coming to the defense of his friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) when the government is coming after him. Along with the other Avengers we also catch our first glimpse of Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther.

Captain America: Civil War will open in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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Actor David Larsen Talks The Book Of Mormon Tour

david-larsen(PCM) The Book of Mormon continues to break records as one of the top-grossing Broadway shows of all time. It has won nine Tony Awards including “Best Musical” since its’ debut on Broadway in 2001. Written by “South Park” creators Trey Parker/Matt Stone with Robert Lopez, the show is rip-roaringly hilarious and completely tongue-in-cheek, definitely not one for the easily offended!

The show will be coming to the Forrest Theater in Philadelphia, PA this week and we couldn’t be more excited to check out the performance. We caught up with actor David Larsen who plays the role of Elder Price in the show to talk about his character, life on the road, and more!

On what he is still learning after being with the show while touring the country David said “I would say every performance is different, so you are always learning something each time that you go up on stage. I would think that the details are a bit more minute than they had been a year and a half ago, but we just had the whole creative team out this past week and got a bunch of notes. We changed some things and the way things are being played so that’s a lot of fun and it continues to be new and fresh.”

He views his time on the road as valuable experience, for both his acting and singing. “This show, especially this role, is very tough vocally. It has been a challenge to not only do it one time, but to do it eight times a week. I feel I have become a much better singer because of this show.”

I asked David how important singing was in his life, let alone his career. “I went to college for it. I went to Carnegie Mellon University and I think the practical work experience of doing shows, particularly this role, when I first started learning it, I would go for runs and try to sing while I was running because I knew I was going to need the stamina, as well as, being able to sing long phrases without any breath.”

On the longevity and on-going success of Book Of Mormon, David summed it up very quickly. “I just think the show is so incredibly well-written! It is set up like a very traditional musical, but along with that, it has very contemporary dialogue and the way that the scenes are laid out.”

I agreed, and asked how he viewed the very relatable commentary on social issues such as religion, miscommunication, and commercialism and why it strikes a chord with the audience.

“It is definitely what strikes a chord and within the play there is a lot of crazy stuff being said on-stage and I feel like with such fun music, you don’t realize what they’re singing about because you’re just humming along to these great tunes. I think it’s just everything and the show is so incredibly well-constructed that you can get lost in the music and get lost in the dialogue or get lost in the humor or dance numbers.”

In our PC world, with so many individuals being offended by seemingly everything nowadays and The Book Of Mormon having nothing off limits, he again credited the writers, Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone. (laughing) “Nobody is safe with them! Misery loves company I suppose. I’m sure people still get offended but in the context of the show you can kind of let it go!”

Interviewing so many performers ‘on the road’, I asked about being in a new town every few weeks, for months on end. David made it clear on the pros and cons of life on a bus. “You are living out of a suitcase, so that can be tough. You don’t have any place to put some roots in the ground, so I think that’s the biggest challenge. That being said, it’s also a great joy because you get to see cities and parts of the country that you would never really spend time in. Appleton, Wisconsin, is not really a tourist destination, I would think, but I was really happy that I went there, as it was a great visit and a great city.”

With so much controversy the show was getting  from Conservatives like Glenn Beck (a Mormon) and other Traditional Americans, I asked if there was a noticeable difference in reaction to the show in some regions of the country. Larsen revealed,  “It was interesting to be in the more conservative markets to see how they would react, but people seem to love this show everywhere we go.”

His super-positive character of Elder Price, being the eternal optimist, may have had something to do with that. How much of his character came from himself?

“I think there is a lot of me that is Elder Price. I have always been a go-getter and a good kid, but I’m not quite as anal as Elder Price (laughs)! In my real life, I’m much more go with the flow but maybe in my younger years I was a little bit more so.”

When he’s not rehearsing, on stage, or on the road, he keeps himself busy. “I love being able to walk the streets in whatever town I’m in and just taking in the day to day life of the people who are living there. I love going to cool bars and restaurants.” I asked if he had any favorites. “Two of my favorite bars that I’ve been to is one in Washington, D.C. called Ivy and Coney, which is just this little dive Chicago/Detroit bar, so they had two different kinds of hot dogs and it was just a great atmosphere and I became friends with all the owners and the staff there. The other is a place I just visited last night in Boston called The Sevens in Beacon Hill, so anytime I can find a local bar or restaurant and get a feel for the people that are there and live like a local for a little bit is wonderful.”

His next stop in Philadelphia, just a few miles from the PCM headquarters. “I’ve never spent any time in Philly, so I’m honestly looking forward to exploring the entire city. I’ve rented an apartment in Olde City area by Independence Hall and I’m really looking forward to exploring the city. I have to cross-check the schedule, but if I can get to a Flyers game, that will be great as well!”

His plans for 2016 and any upcoming projects? “Cody Jamison Strand, who plays Elder Cunningham with me in the show and our former music director Sue Draus, we’ve written a musical review that’s going to be produced in Denver this January. I’m going to go out and direct that, so that’s kind of the next big thing other than Book Of Mormon that I’m working on right now. We’re very excited about creating new pieces of theater and putting them out there.” Would he like to direct? “Yes, I mean obviously I love performing, but to be on the other side of the table I think can only help your acting as well!”

The Book Of Mormon will be at the Forrest Theatre in Philadelphia, PA from November 24-December 27. For more information please visit: http://www.forrest-theatre.com/the-book-of-mormon.html

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