Batman V Superman Movie Rumors: Robin Will Be A Girl?

Jena Malone May Play the Carrie Kelley Robin from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns(PCM) Will Batman’s Robin be a girl? Director Zach Snyder is on the record that he’s modeling a good bit of the Batman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice after the fan favorite 1986 Frank Miller Batman story The Dark Knight Returns, in which Batman begrudgingly takes on another Robin. It just so happens Robin is a girl.

Some would argue it’s a bad idea to go with a girl Robin. However if you’ve read the 1986 masterpiece by Frank Miller, you’d know it was an excellent decision.

Frank Miller's Classic is Actually an Animated Feature.

Frank Miller’s Classic is Actually an Animated Feature.

If you …

DC Suicide Squad Movie Details Emerge Quickly

NewSuicideSquad(PCM) Inside one day of Warner Bros. announcing the DC Superhero movie schedule details of one of the more obscure titles emerges. The gritty director David Ayer will take the helm. But what is and who are the Suicide Squad?

Suicide Squad in DC’s print or comic book universe is a group of notable and not so well known incarcerated villains, many from the Batman family. It’s not so much as a second chance program as a no other choice operation where super vvillainsare used to execute top secret operations. Top Secret? The not so secret team operates undercover in … read more...

DC Announces Superhero Movies: Flash, Wonderwoman, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Aquaman, Cyborg, Shazam, Green Lantern and Justice League

Batman v Superman prequel to Justice League Cuts Out Origin Stories

(PCM) With Marvel owning all the news at NY Comic-Con, you’d think DC would have released this news just a few days sooner.

But in DC fashion, better late than never.

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara pandered to major investors in a meeting today the full schedule of DC movies beginning with Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016.

“The demand for high quality video content is growing fast – in the United States and around the world – as new technologies have created new platforms and millions of new connected consumers,” said Tsujihara. “The opportunity is huge. And read more...

Spider-Man In a Marvel Movie? Civil War!

Marvel Civil War (PCM) The summer of 2014 had many rumors. Each rumor came to be true with the third appearing to be every bit as much true!
  1. Robert Downey wanted to be Iron Man again but not in an Iron Man solo film.
  2. Deadpool may get his own film. In September it was announced Deadpool will be in theaters February 2016.
  3. Marvel was in talks with Sony to allow Spider-Man to guest appear in a Marvel Studios film.
Two of those three are true. The third and last has all the earmarks of being true. Here is why you should hold out… read more...

Robert Downey Jr. Will Be Iron Man in Captain America 3: Prelude to Civil War

PRELUDE-TO-CIVIL-WAR(PCM) Marvel is on a roll with Civil War. As the print universe rolls out graphic innuendo that the 2006 Civil War storyline will return to the forefront in 2015, Robert Downey Jr. drops a bomb of his own in regards to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Downey confirms he will reprise his role as Iron Man, but not in Iron Man 4. He will appear in Captain America 3. He’s been vocal in recent months about his willingness to done the Iron Man suit once again but under the right circumstances. It seems he has found those … read more...

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