Fantastic Four Trailer Proves Reboot Won’t Work

(PCM) The new Fantastic Four reboot trailer revealing the Fantastic Four in the Fox Cinematic Universe dropped recently. It underwhelms, but what is more important is that it demonstrates how it will fail.

In fact no trailer at all is necessary to prove the point. The problem lies in that the Fantastic Four are part of the Marvel Universe. This means they belong in a world that acknowledges other superheroes. In fact it should interact with them. The Fantastic Four are simply not fantastic. They need to be a part of the greater body of superheroes in order to go … read more...

Polar Bears and Penguins Paintball Scenario Review

polarbears2(PCM) TopGun Paintball in Jackson New Jersey held its 9th annual cold weather scenario paintball game. You would think only the bravest would test their outdoor muster for frigid weather paintball. That was not true, with over 250 players present many there were first time players, children as young as age ten and players that came from as far as Georgia.

Paintball is a grassroots sport; supported by players, paintball’s wide demographic includes all ages from 10 to 70, tall or short players, wide or slim, male, female with international appeal.

polarbears1People that try paintball once understand it as more … read more...

Spider-Man Will Be In Marvel Studios Infinity War

(PCM) This article has no spoilers.

Spider-Man will be in Marvel Studios Infinity War. Okay, it’s still a rumor supported by comic book insiders. One that is so rampant Sony has even come out January 15, 2015 to deny it. Yet the odds are high that the behind the scenes negotiating between Sony and Marvel may have resulted in what fans demand. We know this much due to the Sony hack in December 2014.

From the hack and leak we learned that if the e-mails are true, Spider-Man will be in Marvel Studios Infinity War. You won’t need to wait … read more...

Has Lena Dunham’s Hopeless Trashy Hipster Run Out of Steam in HBO Girls Season 4?

lena-dunham-adam-driver-set-girls-hbo(PCM) HBO is known for long running series that go out on top, think Sopranos and Sex And The City. The list can go on and on.

Then there is Girls. A show that insults many women’s issues by celebrating them falsely rather than treating them with honest respect. This wouldn’t be a problem if the show wasn’t attempting to pawn off the character portrayals as being honest representations. Among other concerns this may be the largest reason the show continues to lose viewers.

Over time viewers have figured the show out and have grown weary of Lena … read more...

Batman V Superman In Two Parts A Hoax

batman-v-superman-two-parts(PCM) Why would anyone believe a single graphic being circulated around the Internet which appears to be a camera shot of a video still in which only text shows the working titles and release dates of Batman V Superman?

The reason is clear. Everyone wants to believe it. The logical answer leaves Batman V Superman in two parts a hoax.

The source of the still photo is unknown. The film has a release date of March 2016. Principal shooting is well underway.The screenplay was developed long before the film release date, so how can Warner Bros. possibly backtrack now?

Again, …

XBox & PlayStation Networks DDOS’d Again After Christmas

xbox-live-psn-new-price-list(PMC) On Christmas Day a pre-announced DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack was set upon both Microsoft’s Xbox Live Network and Sony’s PSN. No one took it serious. Then it happened. Both gaming networks were down for over 5 hours. As gamers looked into the real reason why, Lizard Squad – a network of hackers from around the world became a better known name.

While other white hat hacker groups such as “Finest Squad” (see outed the names and addresses of the Lizard Squad, a well known name in tech community paid what amounts to a payoff to Lizard … read more...

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