Discovery Channel Dupes Viewers Again with Eaten Alive

Discovery Channel Dupes Viewers Again with Eaten Alive

Discovery Channel Dupes Viewers Again with Eaten Alive

(PCM) Remember when Discovery channel was credible? Then shows on Discovery Channel began to stretch the truth, shows such as their fake expose on the mega shark stand out. That show of a mega shark turned out to be a fraud.

Discovery channel dupes viewers again with Eaten Alive. If you missed the show, don’t worry. You didn’t miss anything. Here’s a spoiler you’ll be glad to know. Despite the show title, Eaten Alive and all the hype that promoted that the show host Paul Rosolie would in fact enter the … read more...

Is Marvel Making Ms. Marvel and Black Panther to be Politically Correct?

black-panther-marvel-movie(PCM)  It’s hard not to notice that two of Marvel’s next films are characters that fill in space that social media’s argued for the past few years – a woman and a minority.

While both characters Ms. Marvel and Black Panther are not being changed to suit any social needs on film, the are what they are. Ms. Marvel is female and Black Panther is black.

These characters have never been hot titles for Marvel, however one could argue that Punisher was never one either.

Yet Guardians of the Galaxy has proved any title by Marvel can be a huge … read more...

Marvel Breaks Avengers 3 into Two Parts: Infinity War

avengers-3-infinity-wars(PCM) How do you keep actors in on contract when it ends with their next film? Divide it into a two-part story. Smart Marvel.


Infinity War Part 1 will hit theaters May 2018.
Infinity War Part 2 will make us wait no more than one more year. It will close out the story May 2019.

Perhaps it’s a very good thing too. In keeping with bringing canon to the big screen, The Infinity War is a bold and epic story to take on. The backstory to Infinity War is centered around the cosmic villain, Thanos.

Thanos in Avengers

Thanos in Avengers

We first …

What Is Marvel’s Civil War Movie About?

civil-war-marvel(PCM) In a slew of announcements that effectively obliterate Warner Bros./DC recent movie release schedule announcement, Marvel has continued to do everything right in its cinematic universe.

In this article we’ll cover Civil War. What is Civil War?

Let’s get the news details behind us first. Civil War will be the next Captain America film which Robert Downey Jr. recently revealed ahead of the Marvel press release October 28th 2014. That film will hit theaters May 6, 2016.

Now for the back story of Civil War. And it is one that changed the Marvel Universe in a big way. For … read more...

Batman V Superman Movie Rumors: Robin Will Be A Girl?

Jena Malone May Play the Carrie Kelley Robin from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns(PCM) Will Batman’s Robin be a girl? Director Zach Snyder is on the record that he’s modeling a good bit of the Batman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice after the fan favorite 1986 Frank Miller Batman story The Dark Knight Returns, in which Batman begrudgingly takes on another Robin. It just so happens Robin is a girl.

Some would argue it’s a bad idea to go with a girl Robin. However if you’ve read the 1986 masterpiece by Frank Miller, you’d know it was an excellent decision.

Frank Miller's Classic is Actually an Animated Feature.

Frank Miller’s Classic is Actually an Animated Feature.

If you …

DC Suicide Squad Movie Details Emerge Quickly

NewSuicideSquad(PCM) Inside one day of Warner Bros. announcing the DC Superhero movie schedule details of one of the more obscure titles emerges. The gritty director David Ayer will take the helm. But what is and who are the Suicide Squad?

Suicide Squad in DC’s print or comic book universe is a group of notable and not so well known incarcerated villains, many from the Batman family. It’s not so much as a second chance program as a no other choice operation where super vvillainsare used to execute top secret operations. Top Secret? The not so secret team operates undercover in … read more...

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