Spider-Man Rumor Civil War’s Ethic Spider-Man Causes Outrage

parker-morales(PCM) Outrage is brewing among comic book fans over a rumor if Marvel’s Civil War Spider-Man will be Peter Parker or Miles Morales.

Fans are voicing opinions over the news Marvel Studios is auditioning actors of different race than white. Rumors are spreading that Miles Morales will be in Captain America: Civil War, not Peter Parker.

If you don’t know, Miles Morales is a black/hispanic Spider-Man in the recently launched title Ultimate Spider-Man. His first appearance was in 2011. He emerged after the death of Peter Parker where the Amazing Spider-Man series ended with issue 700 and the title changed to … read more...

Spider-Man Set to Appear in Captain America: Civil War

civil-war-marvel(PCM) In October 2014 we wrote an extensive piece predicting that Spider-Man would appear in Captain America: Civil War. PCM did not just predict Spider-Man would appear in a Marvel Movie. We even predicted the very film he’d appear in.

To many this was speculation. It was in fact news. See the original article here: http://pcmreviews.com/news/2014/10/spider-man-marvel-movie-civil-war/

Just one day after the Internet blew up (February 10, 2015) with the Marvel announcement that Spider-Man is crossing over from the Sony Spider-Man Cinematic Universe to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) publications around the world are fighting to be the first to announce that Spider-Man … read more...

Marvel and Sony Team Up – Spider-Man to Cross over into Marvel Cinematic Universe

Peter Parker Unmasks

Peter Parker Pro-Registration

(PCM) It has been considered impossible. The Marvel property Spider-Man was licensed to Sony on film and they would never give him back to Marvel. In February 2015 a bombshell dropped.

Marvel announced, Spider-Man will cross over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). But in the spirit of capitalism, Marvel characters will also cross over into the Sony Spider-Man Cinematic Universe (SSCM). Under the agreement Spider-Man will first appear in an MCU installment. It’s not confirmed but you can count on it being Marvel’s Civil War in 2016 (see below). Sony’s next Spider-Man film will hit theaters … read more...

NBC News Anchor Brian Williams Lies

brian-williams-chinook-story(PCM) It’s not often we catch mainstream media in lies, but it is becoming more evident the public is lied to in news.

On Wednesday February 4, 2015 NBC News Anchor Brian Williams admitted he was part of a false news story that took place in March 2003 Iraq. He was forced to finally recant his lie during his own NBC News Network broadcast.

His original story that Williams has retold as recently as January 2015 at a New York Rangers hockey game in a televised retired soldier tribute is told simply. Williams espouses his helicopter was hit by enemy fire and … read more...

Warren Sapp Fired From NFL Network After Arrest Altercation With Prostitutes

sapp-arrest-photo(PCM) It’s almost hard to imagine how quickly 42 year old Warren Sapp’s life has turned on him. On February 1st, Super Bowl Sunday his image was projected on the the stadium’s big screen. Less than 24 hours later he is without a job.

Warren Sapp is a retired defensive tackle who played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers almost ten years. Sapp has seven (7) pro bowl appearances, and won a Super Bowl. His affable nature made him great for TV after football retirement. He’s called the NFL Network home since  2008 as an on air analyst.

On February 2nd, the …

Super Bowl’s Worst Play Call? Not.

russle-wilson-telegraphed-pass(PCM) It was bound to happen. The Monday morning quarterbacks are in full swing after the sudden twist in fate of the Seattle Seahawks loss in the Super Bowl when it appeared they had it in the bag. It took NBC’s commentator Chris Collinsworth zero time to bloviate how bad the call was. Morning talk shows hailed it as the worst call ever. What?

If you missed it, the controversy surrounds an interception by Patriots defender Malcolm Butler at the zero (0) yard line on what would have been the go ahead score for the Seahawks with a few seconds left … read more...

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