The Jackrabbit Invasion Of North Dakota


(PCM) Many people hear about the city of Fargo, North Dakota and immediately think about the Coen Brothers film or the hit FX television series, however residents in real life Fargo, ND are dealing with an almost cinematic type of issue … they are being invaded by jackrabbits!

Yes, you read that correctly! The city of Fargo is being invaded by jackrabbits, the size of small dogs, who are eating up all of the cities shrubs and trees, as well as, leaving their droppings all over residential grounds.

Residents in the area are claiming that they are forced to chase … read more...

Zombie Cat Comes Back From The Dead


(PCM) The nickname Zombie Cat has been playfully given to the cat who was presumed dead and buried by his heartbroken owners after being struck by a car in Tampa, Florida, only to return from the dead nearly five days later.

Zombie Cat’s real name is Bart and his owner claims that after he was struck by the car, the cat was showing absolutely no signs of life and he suffered wounds to his face, a broken jaw, and a damaged eye.

Five days after the burial, Bart’s owners were shocked to see the cat alive again in their neighbors … read more...

Discarded Christmas Trees Can Be A Treat For Goats


(PCM) Many people are still in the process of taking down their holiday decorations and of course discarding their live Christmas trees, and now a farm in Maine had claimed that there is a way to still put your discarded Christmas trees to good use instead of putting them out to the trash.

According to Hillary Knight, the barnyard manager at Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook, Maine, those discarded Christmas trees contain an excellent source of Vitamin C for none other than goats!

The farm has offered to take anyone’s discarded Christmas trees, as their goats will be more than … read more...

Companion Pig Booted Off A U.S. Airways Flight


(PCM) When most people think of companion animals they think about dogs or cats and sometimes even rabbits, however now companion animals can be almost any type of animal including monkeys, miniature horses, goats and even pigs.

Recently, a woman and her emotional support pig were kicked off a U.S. Airways flight when the pig began to cause a ruckus on-board the aircraft. The flight was getting ready to leave Connecticut, when the woman boarded the plane carrying a very large pig that she called an emotional support animal.

Many passengers could not believe their eyes when they saw the … read more...

Lost Kitten Mysteriously Travels From New Mexico To Maine


(PCM) A six month old kitten from Albuquerque, New Mexico named Spice was reported missing on October 31st only to turn up miraculously being found in Portland, Maine five days later. How the kitten managed to travel some 2,300 miles away from her home remains a mystery.

Spice was turned into the a local animal shelter in Portland, Maine in a duffle bag with cat food and cat litter, but no tags. The shelter learned that Spice was microchipped and were then able to contact the kittens, very surprised and grateful owners in Albuquerque.

Despite being thrilled that Spice had …

Owl Terrorizes A Quiet Florida Neighborhood


(PCM) Under normal circumstances, an owl is a fairly calm animal and they are certainly not known for their random attacks on humans. Well, it appears that one particular owl who resides in Jacksonville Beach, Florida has taken it upon itself to go a little reign of terror and has been attacking residents in the neighborhood for the past two weeks.

The owl has been on the attack and causing some injuries to residents that even required several trips to the emergency room. One resident claims that, unprovoked, the owl came swooping down and its’ talons were felt grabbing the back … read more...

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