Domino’s Pizza Is Training Reindeer To Deliver Pizza In Japan


(PCM) We can think of about a million and one reasons why this is not such a good idea, however Domino’s Pizza still plans to move forward with their “brilliant” idea to train reindeer to deliver pizza’s this holiday season in Japan. The franchise branch that came up with the idea is even figuring on a way incorporate GPS technology to equip the reindeer and the pizza will be delivered via sleigh. Tis’ the season of ridiculousness! 

The fine folks at the Domino’s franchise in Japan that hatched this plan have released a video showcasing their effort in training the pizza delivering reindeer. Let’s just say, it doesn’t go exactly according to plan (gee..didn’t see that one coming!).

Domino’s plan was to equip the reindeer with GPS trackers so that the customer who ordered the pizza would be able to track their whereabouts and delivery time. They unfortunately did not plan for such instances as the pizza falling off the back of the reindeer or the reindeer veering the sleigh off course. Not sure what they were really expecting with an untrained wild animal, but hey, we give them points for the attempt and creativity. 

A press release for the company states that it is “too difficult to control the reindeer” but they are still trying to work out the situation and urge their customers to stay tuned for additional information. 

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Large Shark Discovered Alive In A Roadside Puddle


(PCM) Authorities in Australia are investigating the discovery of a large shark found alive in a roadside puddle in the town of One Tree Hill. Could it have been a real live “Sharknado” or some elaborate prank, but whatever the case it has left the authorities baffled.

Sadly, despite their best efforts to move the shark to a water tank, it later died as a result of the incident. It is still unclear how the shark managed to find it’s way to the puddle, but authorities are leaning towards the theory that it may have been someones pet that outgrew it’s home aquarium tank. Also, someone may have caught the shark while fishing and then later decided to dump the catch on the side of the road.

Authorities are asking for anyone with any information to please come forward.

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Parakeet Is Stolen From A Canadian Zoo For The Second Time In Five Years


(PCM) Someone must really want their hands on this particular parakeet, as the poor little guy has been stolen, not once, but twice from the Canadian zoo Perroquets en folie in Montreal. The parakeet named Paco, is an  Alexandrine parakeet, which when bred can sell for upwards of $800 to $1200 dollars.

The zoo has placed a message on Facebook urging anyone with information about Paco’s whereabouts to please step forward, as they would like to see him safely returned. The zoo also released surveillance footage of the man who allegedly bird-napped Paco the parakeet. The zoo stated that the suspect had 24 hours to return the bird before they would be contacting the authorities as they have clear images of his face.

When reviewing the surveillance footage, a family can be seen asking questions about Paco, while at the same time the man can be seen sneaking into his cage and taking him out. The zoo owner feels that the family may have been in on the plan and created a distraction so the man could get in and steal Paco. The zoo feels they probably stole him for breeding purposes.

The zoo owner goes on to say that Paco has a very sociable personality and that is what made him a target for theft five years earlier. The suspect did not get away with the bird that time, as a passerby heard him squeak and contacted the authorities. Parakeets are very sensitive creatures and can become distraught by a sudden change in environment.

We certainly hope that Paco the parakeet will be returned to his home very soon!

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Love Lorn Peacock Falls Hard For A Ceramic Swan


(PCM) Talk about stone cold, Mr. P, a love lorn peacock who resides in New Orleans, LA, was recently captured on camera attempting to hilariously woo a ceramic swan lawn ornament.

The video of Mr. P’s failed love attempt has since gone viral, as the video show’s Mr. P prancing around his intended mate with his gorgeous plumage held high. Ceramic swan was having none of his advances, because you know she, is well … that whole ceramic thing!  Either way Mr. P, the peacock’s attempt is quite adorable and perhaps we can work on finding him another lover, one that will perhaps be a bit more open to his advances!

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World Wildlife Day, March Third

wwd_sm05_elephant_enWorld Wild Life Day is a day that both wild plants and animals are celebrated and also a day to be aware of what human beings are doing to endanger the delicate balance of the world eco-system.  The United Nations proclaimed March 3 as World Wildlife Day on December 20, 2013.

Animals and plants are both being hunted and harvested at such a rate that even the tiger is at near extinction record with only a little over 3000 remaining on the planet.  Wildlife which includes aquatic life is being threatened by human being’s disregarding the need to take care of the world around them.

We are not really owners of this planet we live on. We are at best renters and as such we leave behind a trail of destruction in which whole species get wiped out.  We need to be stewards.  Being a steward means taking care of what we have until it is no longer in our charge.  A steward knows not to slaughter all of his boss’s cattle because if some weren’t left over there would be no way for there to be more.

We need to treat all of wildlife in this way, always ready to take care of a species that is thinning out. The sea lion, the caribou, some species of sheep, the grizzly bear, the Florida panther, 3 species of sea turtles, 2 species of crocodile and many others are just some of the animals at risk in the United States alone.

Wildlife crime is also a focus on this day.  Wildlife is threatened both by those who kill the animals for sport and by those who kill the animals for profit.  The elephants in Africa are diminishing quickly due to wildlife crime, as are many other species.  Deforestatation is affecting trees along the Appalachian Trail some of which we will never see again.

This is day of awareness.  This is a day that Google can be used to its best advantage.  Find out what animals are disappearing or what types of plant life.  Be aware of the  endangered animals that reside around where you live and then write your congressman and representatives that you want to see these animals protected.

There are also organizations that need volunteers to rescue wild animals that have been hurt and then nurse them back to health so that they can be set free again. We are not above nature, we are part of it and we need to learn to do our best to take care of it.

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The Internet Is Losing It’s Mind Trying To Locate A Hidden Animal On This Picture Of A Bed!

(PCM) We always love a good puzzle, so we were more than happy to jump on the latest internet bandwagon and attempt to locate an hidden animal in this seemingly innocent picture of a bed. Folks on the interwebs have been racking their brains trying to find the hidden animal in the image that was uploaded to photo sharing site IMGUR by user I4got2ptinthecrystals.


It is a total “ah-ha!” moment when you finally do see it, but it definitely took us a few minutes! The image was captioned with the title “She thinks that if she sits really still, I won’t see her” and many people have been having a hard time. How about you? Can you find the hidden animal in the image above?

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