World Wildlife Day, March Third

wwd_sm05_elephant_enWorld Wild Life Day is a day that both wild plants and animals are celebrated and also a day to be aware of what human beings are doing to endanger the delicate balance of the world eco-system.  The United Nations proclaimed March 3 as World Wildlife Day on December 20, 2013.

Animals and plants are both being hunted and harvested at such a rate that even the tiger is at near extinction record with only a little over 3000 remaining on the planet.  Wildlife which includes aquatic life is being threatened by human being’s disregarding the need to take care of the world around them.

We are not really owners of this planet we live on. We are at best renters and as such we leave behind a trail of destruction in which whole species get wiped out.  We need to be stewards.  Being a steward means taking care of what we have until it is no longer in our charge.  A steward knows not to slaughter all of his boss’s cattle because if some weren’t left over there would be no way for there to be more.

We need to treat all of wildlife in this way, always ready to take care of a species that is thinning out. The sea lion, the caribou, some species of sheep, the grizzly bear, the Florida panther, 3 species of sea turtles, 2 species of crocodile and many others are just some of the animals at risk in the United States alone.

Wildlife crime is also a focus on this day.  Wildlife is threatened both by those who kill the animals for sport and by those who kill the animals for profit.  The elephants in Africa are diminishing quickly due to wildlife crime, as are many other species.  Deforestatation is affecting trees along the Appalachian Trail some of which we will never see again.

This is day of awareness.  This is a day that Google can be used to its best advantage.  Find out what animals are disappearing or what types of plant life.  Be aware of the  endangered animals that reside around where you live and then write your congressman and representatives that you want to see these animals protected.

There are also organizations that need volunteers to rescue wild animals that have been hurt and then nurse them back to health so that they can be set free again. We are not above nature, we are part of it and we need to learn to do our best to take care of it.

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The Internet Is Losing It’s Mind Trying To Locate A Hidden Animal On This Picture Of A Bed!

(PCM) We always love a good puzzle, so we were more than happy to jump on the latest internet bandwagon and attempt to locate an hidden animal in this seemingly innocent picture of a bed. Folks on the interwebs have been racking their brains trying to find the hidden animal in the image that was uploaded to photo sharing site IMGUR by user I4got2ptinthecrystals.


It is a total “ah-ha!” moment when you finally do see it, but it definitely took us a few minutes! The image was captioned with the title “She thinks that if she sits really still, I won’t see her” and many people have been having a hard time. How about you? Can you find the hidden animal in the image above?

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Dog Pants Debate Takes The Internet By Storm


(PCM) In 2015, it was the huge internet debate over the color of #TheDress, well fast-forward to 2016 and currently, the internet is involved in a stiff debate about just which way a dog would wear their pants. The Facebook page Utopian-Raspberry Modern Oasis Machine (acronym for UR Mom) recently posted a rendered image of a dog wearing pants on four legs and on two legs and asked their fans to debate which would be the correct style.

Of course, as in the way of any silly meme, the debate quickly went viral and the results definitely appear to be pointing in the direction that dogs would ultimately wear their pants on two legs, of course. Many individuals who weighed in on the debate began using the hashtag #DogPants and also shared image of their real dogs adorably adorned in pants.

What do you think? Four legs or two?

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Siberian Town Wants To Elect A Cat For Mayor


(PCM) Being so overly dissatisfied with the human candidates for mayor in the town of Barnaul in Siberia the residents have decided they would rather elect a cat for the position and have nominated an 18-month old Scottish Fold feline named Barsik.

The cat is currently up against six additional human candidates for the mayor position and has already accumulated nearly 5,000 votes in an unofficial poll conducted in the area. Officials in the town claim that the reason that Barsik the cat is receiving so many votes is due to the fact that the town residents are very unfamiliar with the human candidates up for election.

The towns previous mayor resigned back in August and town residents also feel that they no longer know who to trust when it comes to what is best for their town.


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Scientists Have Discovered A Way To Teach Pigeons To Detect Cancer


(PCM) Scientists have now discovered a way to teach pigeons to detect certain types of cancer. According to,  the birds offer great potential as testers of cancer detection technology and as a help in doctor training. It turns out that they are fantastic detectives.

Research indicated that pigeons have much better eye sight than humans and are able to see more wavelengths of light than the human eye. They are able to use visual clues to place various objects in to categories, as well as, learn the letters of the alphabet and recognize individuals even if they are wearing different clothing.

Dr. Richard Levenson of the University of California-Davis medical center decided to further explore the pigeons abilities and see if the birds would be able to learn the art of pathology which consists of mostly visual recall. goes on to explain, for the experiment, eight birds were placed in a high-tech box in which they were shown an image a scientist would see under the microscope, along with two boxes. The slides showed relatively straightforward images of cancer cells, and cells that are not cancerous, from actual breast tissue samples. The scientists trained the birds to peck at one box if the sample was malignant, the other if it was benign. The birds trained with 144 images at different magnifications and each got a pellet when it pecked at the box with the right answer.

The birds were trained for a period of 15 days and they were able to tell the difference in tissues even with images they had never seen previously. Collectively the pigeons got the answer right about 85% of the time. The study is a huge innovation in the medical community, but don’t expect pigeons to be replacing doctors in radiology labs anytime soon. It is the hope that with this study that there might perhaps be a way to hone in on the pigeons skills and use them as a teaching tool to help students and doctors with areas that they may be struggling with in making a diagnosis.


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New Lawsuit Claims Louisiana Amusement Park Lets Chimpanzee Smoke Cigarettes


(PCM) Animal rights activists in Louisiana have filed a lawsuit to have a chimpanzee named Candy removed from a Baton Rouge amusement park. The suit claims that the amusement park staff and Candy’s caretakers allow the chimpanzee to smoke cigarettes and drink highly caffeinated soft drinks rather than water.

The lawsuit, which sums up a battle that has been going on for years, goes on to claim that Candy is kept in a cage that is both inadequate in size and isolated. The animal rights activists feel that Candy should be relocated to an animal sanctuary to live out the rest of her days.

The activists claim that by allowing amusement park visitors to throw items, including lit cigarettes into Candy’s cage, which she then smokes, is a direct violation of the Endangered Species Act.  This lawsuit is the first filed under a new federal rule that requires captive chimps get the same protection as wild chimps and they are all classified as an endangered species.

An attorney for the amusement park claims that the animal rights activists fail to understand that there has been an attempt to relocate Candy in the past and she did not take well to the new environment so she was returned.  The amusement park was cited back in 2012 for failure to provide water for Candy and their claim was that she didn’t like it and will only drink Coca-Cola.

When experts made a visit to check on Candy’s condition they, however offered her water and she drank it willingly. Water is essential to all life! The amusement park has not yet made a statement in regards to the newly filed lawsuit and currently Candy still resides in Baton Rouge Park.

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