Internet Is Freaking Out Over Video Of A Woman Giving Mouth To Mouth To A Pigeon

(PCM) During a recent visit to Glasgow, Scotland a 19-year old student named Charlotte was able to capture quite the bizarre occurrence. She filmed a woman literally giving a mouth to mouth resuscitation attempt and CPR to a dead pigeon. She labeled hilariously labeled the video, “Meanwhile in Glasgow”! Just when we thought we had seen it all, leave it to the internet to prove us wrong yet again!

The video has been shared thousands of times and unfortunately, as you can see in the video the woman’s attempt to resuscitate the poor pigeon was unsuccessful. Also, according to Charlotte, she posted that things got even worse for the bird after the failed CPR as the poor thing eventually got eaten by a seagull. What a horrible way to go!


The internet has been having some interesting reactions to the pigeons plight with some being greatly disturbed by the footage and others finding the entire situation to be both odd and hilarious. What no one can seem to figure out is just why the woman decided to give mouth to mouth to the pigeon in the first place, she obviously didn’t seem too concerned about any type of germs or diseases. Maybe she just has a strong affinity for pigeons, either way, it is definitely a bit on the weird side.


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Viral Cat Trick Is Mesmerizing The Internet

(PCM) The internet is going wild over a Tweet posted by Danielle Matheson that features a cat getting into a box-shape that is taped to the floor. The theory, which was originally discovered on Pinterest, says that if you put any type of square shape on the floor your cat will want to sit inside of it. It’s kind of like a cat magic trick and the hilarious part is that it actually appears to be working.

There have been several theories posted online that try to explain this whole “cat/box” phenomenon, which initially gained steam back in 2014, however in that particular case the people were using circles rather than taped squares on the floor. Some people felt that the tape on the floor must have some sort of scent that the cats found to be irresistible and they just had to explore. Other felt that cats are just curious creatures and they truly enjoy exploring anything new. Lastly and the most reasonable explanation is that cats just love safe and enclosed spaces. This should be obvious because anyone that has ever owned a cat can tell you that they have definitely found their feline friend stuffed into some very interesting places such as shoe boxes, glass vases, bowls and more.

Go ahead and give it a try! For once your cat will actually appear to pay attention to you and follow a command! It’s pretty fascinating!

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Mom Brings Her Therapy Dog To ‘Furry Convention’ Thinking It Was For Actual Animals

(PCM) Hilariously the mother of New York Media producer Kenny Wassus, Cheryl Wassus accidentally brought her therapy dog name Link to a “furry convention” in the city thinking it was an event for actual dogs and cats, not just people dressed up like them!

When Cheryl heard that the Motor City Furry Convention was headed to New York and the proceeds from the event ticket sales were going to Pets For Vets (a charity that pairs dogs with veterans) she jumped to the conclusion (a little too soon) that the event would be one that was for animals. They are furry … right?

Cheryl immediately signed up to volunteer at the convention, as she works for Pets For Vets and brought her dog Link along as well! Well, the two of them were a big hit, just not quite in the way that Cheryl was expecting.She absolutely no idea! Kenny thought his mother’s experience was hilarious and shared several photos of her experience.

Cheryl claims she ended up learning quickly what the event was all about, however she ended up being completed fascinated by the convention overall and took time to educate herself about the “furry” culture. She told NY Mag, “I had no idea I was walking into Furry Con. It was a little embarrassing at first because Link was just a little curious why people were wearing tails, so he was doing some serious tail-sniffing and checking out people. They weren’t offended, though, they just embraced him. It was all good. Just a real interested community.”

The convention ended up raising about $10,000 for Pets For Vets which is amazing and Cheryl even participated in a panel or two during her visit to the con. Definitely a funny misunderstanding. We are so glad to hear it worked out in the end!


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Chinese Zoo Lets Guest Pay To Clean Up Polar Bear Poop

(PCM) Haven’t you always dreamed about having the privilege to clean up polar bear poop? Well, for only $145 that dream can become a reality, as that is what a Chinese zoo is charging guest for cleaning up a pen of polar bear poo!

The Wuhan Haichang Ocean Park in Hubei province decided to come up with a way to make some extra dough and claim to be promoting education by incorporating a once per week experience that allows adult guests to pay to clean up the polar bear poop. The zoo says the three-hour experience shows guests what it is like to be a polar bear keeper.

We don’t really see how cleaning up polar bear poop teaches us anything about caring for these animals, as we think somebody just didn’t feel like shoveling poo anymore!

The zoo says that the guests partaking in the experience must go through a series of health checks and some minimal training. While part the experience does allow the guest to help prepare the food and feed the polar bears the main part of their experience involves cleaning up the poop.

It is hard to believe that anyone is actually paying money to clean up poop, but the zoo claims that so far the experience has been a success. Many just feel the situation is funny and others just want the opportunity to be in close contact with these majestic animals, even it is only their excrement!

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Eight-Year Old Girl Discovered Living With Tribe Of Monkey’s In India

(PCM) Talk about living out a real life “Jungle Book” story, as it has been revealed that an eight-year old girl was discovered living with a tribe of monkey’s in a wildlife sanctuary in India. Everyone is already beginning to refer to the child as the “Mowgli Girl” and Indian authorities claim that when the child was discovered she was actually living quite “comfortably” among the tribe of monkeys and appeared to be mostly unharmed save for a few wounds on her elbow and leg.

The “Mowgli Girl” was spotted by a park ranger in the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh. The girl was found wearing clothing, but the clothing did not appear to be too terribly dirty leading authorities to questions just how long she had been living in the sanctuary. They feel that she may have been abandoned there by her family. She was terrified of the park rangers and could not speak or hear properly according to the authorities reports.

The Times Of India reports that the “Mowgli Girl” cannot speak or understand any human language, but did appear to be somehow communicating with the three monkeys that were surrounding her when she was found. She is lashing out with violent behavior at the doctors who are trying to treat her and when she was first found she was swinging her arms and walking/crawling on all fours, almost as if the monkeys were responsible for raising her in some way.

The child is being held in a local area hospital where doctors continue to treat her each day. She is learning to better communicate and is now walking on two legs. They doctors claim they still have a long road ahead of them, as she is still trying to make an escape from the hospital. We are definitely curious to see how this child will continue to adjust as we can’t even begin to imagine the ordeal she must have live through and is continuing to survive. Let’s hope that one day she will learn to effectively communicate her story, as it is sure to be a fascinating one, and probably quite a bit different than a Disney film.

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Video Of A Gigantic Chicken Goes Viral! Experts Claim It’s The Real Deal

(PCM) The video posted of a European man’s massive chicken has gone viral after being shared on social networking site Reddit where many were debating whether or not the footage was indeed authentic.

Fitim Sejfijaj posted a video of the massive chicken on the Kosovo-based “Decorative Poultry” group on Facebook and it is definitely quite a sight to see! Many felt that the “chicken” may have been a different animal dressed up to appear like a chicken or that Sejfijaj used some sort of camera trick to make the bird appear larger.

Experts have now weighed in on the video and explained that the chicken is in fact the real deal and it is known as a Brahma chicken. This particular breed of chicken is dubbed the “King of all poultry” and can grow up to 18.25 pounds.

The Brahma chickens are bred in the United States from a breed of massive chickens imported in from China. No idea just how the European man managed to get his hand on one, but the video in question does appear to be authentic.

You be the judge! Have you ever seen such a massive chicken? We sure haven’t and we certainly wouldn’t want this one chasing us down anytime soon!

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