Haven’t You Always Wanted Your Very Own Grazing Goat?


(PCM) For those of you that hate yard work, especially lawn mowing, online retailer Amazon.com has just the product for you!  You can now hire a herd of goats to take care of all that pesky tall grass that is climbing up in your yard. 

The new ‘rent-a-goat’ service is still currently in beta and is only available in certain regions, but Amazon promises the plan to expand the service to additional areas soon. If you are in the market for a goat lawn keeper that you must answer several questions including the amount of acreage to be grazed, the amount and type of vegetation in the area, and of course when and where you would like your goats delivered. 

Once the information has been gathered, Amazon will send out some price estimates and then customers can choose which goats they want to rent and schedule a time for deliver through Amazon. Amazon also promises consumers that the goats will also leave behind an extra special treat, as they also come complete with fertilization if you know what we mean! 

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Adorable And Very Rare ‘Pocket Shark’ Discovered In Gulf Of Mexico


(PCM) It is not very often that sharks are referred to as “cute”, however the newly discovered species of of ‘pocket shark’ is adorably small and shows many similarities in appearance to a baby sperm whale. 

The tiny-size shark was actually discovered off the coast of the Gulf Of Mexico a few years ago in a batch of fish that were collected as part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study that was conducted back in 2010. The 5.5 inch shark specimen was placed in a freezer for over three years waiting to finally be identified.

In fact, it is a miracle that the adorable little guy wasn’t tossed away as the freezer it was being stored in lost power several times over the years. It appears that the shark was only a few weeks old when it died and it is only the second of it’s species to ever be seen. Another ‘pocket shark’ is currently in a Russian museum. It has been named the ‘pocket shark’ due to the discovery of two pockets located next to its’ front fins, but researchers are still unsure of their purpose.

The specimen was shipped off to New York and than France for further testing before it will be returned to Louisana for dissection and additional studies.  

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Remember To Never Give A Monkey The Finger!


(PCM) Those of us who are old enough, and perhaps some who shouldn’t be old enough, are aware of just what giving someone the finger actually means. While it is certainly not polite to give a person the finger apparently monkeys are just as offended by the gesture. 

For unknown reasons, a man in Shimla, India approached a monkey and proceeded to flip it off. Well, it seems the monkey was having none of that foolishness and fought back, taking the man down with a double drop kick! 

Go monkey!

The man was not seriously injured, but we certainly hope he learned his lesson about flipping off monkeys anytime in the future! 


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Distressed Parrot Calls For Help During House Fire


(PCM) Firefighters in Middleton, Idaho got quite the surprise when responding to a house fire and discovering a parrot call for help from inside the home.  The firefighters approached the blaze like any other by rolling out the hoses and beginning to douse the home in water to battle the blaze. When they shouted in the door “Firefighters, anyone home?”, they were quite startled to receive a reply from inside screeching “Help, fire! Help, fire”. 

The firefighters entered the home to search for anyone who maybe trapped, but saw no one. They then decided to bring out the thermal imaging gear that detects warm bodies. When passing by a table, the firefighter noticed a change in color on the screen and upon second look noticed it was the silhouette of a parrot. 

The firefighters were able to determine that the cries for help were indeed coming from the parrot. They were able to rescue the distressed parrot and another, less vocal parrot as well. The birds were given oxygen and once their lungs were clear the incredibly vocal parrot began squawking again. Hopefully saying a ‘thank you!”. 

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Adorable Cat Acts As A Nurse At Polish Animal Shelter


(PCM) This story is almost too adorable for words!  A cat by the name of Rademenes, who was brought to an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland when he was two months old suffering from an inflamed respiratory tract, now has quite the unusual job. Rademenes acts as a kitty caretaker at the animal shelter nursing other sick animals back to health.

When Rademenes was first brought to the shelter, his owners believed that he would have to be put down. A vet at the shelter was able to nurse Rademenes back to health and how he has a permanent home and job at the animal shelter.

Rademenes is known to hug, spoon, nuzzle and clean many of the other sick animals at the shelter in an attempt to comfort them and make them feel better during their stay.  He not only performs these duties with other cats, but has been known to snuggle up next to the shelter dogs as well.




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Over $70,000 Worth Of Bull Semen Stolen In Minnesota


(PCM) We are not real sure why anyone would want to steal frozen canisters of bull semen, but apparently there is a market for it somewhere. Police in Minnesota are currently investigating the recent theft of over $70,000 worth of bull semen from a rural dairy farm. Police say the farm owner told them that the semen was frozen in a canister, almost like a milk jug and inside that canister were vials of bull semen worth anywhere from $300 to $1,500 each. In fact the canister itself was worth about $500. Unfortunately the famer’s barn was accidentally left unlocked at the time of the crime. If you were wondering just why someone would want to steal all of that bull semen, it seems that there is a pretty big market for it in the dairy farm industry. People can bid on or purchase the bull semen and use to to inseminate their cows artificially. It cuts down on animal transport costs for mating. It is worth pretty good money, however this may just be the first case we have come across where this much at a time has been stolen. Over $70,000 Worth Of Bull Semen Stolen In Minnesota was contributed by a Myth
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