Video Of A Gigantic Chicken Goes Viral! Experts Claim It’s The Real Deal

(PCM) The video posted of a European man’s massive chicken has gone viral after being shared on social networking site Reddit where many were debating whether or not the footage was indeed authentic.

Fitim Sejfijaj posted a video of the massive chicken on the Kosovo-based “Decorative Poultry” group on Facebook and it is definitely quite a sight to see! Many felt that the “chicken” may have been a different animal dressed up to appear like a chicken or that Sejfijaj used some sort of camera trick to make the bird appear larger.

Experts have now weighed in on the video and explained that the chicken is in fact the real deal and it is known as a Brahma chicken. This particular breed of chicken is dubbed the “King of all poultry” and can grow up to 18.25 pounds.

The Brahma chickens are bred in the United States from a breed of massive chickens imported in from China. No idea just how the European man managed to get his hand on one, but the video in question does appear to be authentic.

You be the judge! Have you ever seen such a massive chicken? We sure haven’t and we certainly wouldn’t want this one chasing us down anytime soon!

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Moscow Zoo Sues Ad Agency Over “Erotic” Raccoon Photo Shoot

(PCM) A petting zoo in Moscow has filed a lawsuit against the ad agency Art-Msk claiming that the agency used on of their raccoons in what could be described as an erotic photo shoot. The zoo claims that the raccoon was used in an inappropriate way involving a nude model and the animal has now become obsessed with women’s breasts. We have no idea just how they figured out that the raccoon was no obsessed with women’s breasts, nor do we really want to know either!

The lawsuit states that the zoo rented the raccoon to the ad agency for the afternoon for what they assumed was going to be a “normal” photo session. The zoo owners claim that when the raccoon was returned to them, he was traumatized and infatuated with a certain part of the female anatomy. When the zoo owners were able to view the video from the ad they saw that the raccoon was used in the ad as a prop to cover up the models naked breasts.

The zoo claims that the raccoon was given treats to lure him closer to the model’s breasts and he now associates women’s breasts with food and it has become a serious issue for female zoo employees. The lawsuit demands that the images and video from the ad featuring the raccoon be removed from the internet.

The ad agency has responded and feel that the zoo’s lawsuit is absurd. They claim that they were supposed to have rented a well-trained raccoon for the video shoot, however they were given a young and untrained raccoon instead. They say he kept running off the set, hence why they were offering him treats. The ad agency goes on to say that the curious young raccoon actually stole the bra off the model and they only filmed the situation for the sake of humor.

There is some buzz circulating that the entire ordeal may a bit of a farce considering the ad agency had an ad posted several months ago that read, “Do you have a raccoon? Do you want the media to write about your zoo? Do you love a good scandal? We’re here to help!”

Sounds fishy to us! But who doesn’t love a good erotic raccoon scandal these days? People are so strange sometimes!

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Internet Falls In Love With Olly The Jack Russell Terrier And His Special Skills

(PCM) At the recent Crufts dog show in Birmingham, England an adorable little Jack Russell Terrier named Olly completely stole the show and won of the hearts of people all over the world. Thanks to the power of the internet the video of little Olly’s adorably terrible obstacle course performance has been shared hundreds of times and you just can’t help but giggle while watching Olly attempt to take on the course.

Even the video’s commentator was having a difficult time keeping it together, as the competition was a rescue dog’s agility event. Olly was having the best time ever doing exactly as he pleased on the course. He spent his entire time in the spotlight running in the wrong direction, avoiding his handler/trainer and completely missing several important jumps.

We love a feel good story every now and then so thank you Olly for brightening up ours (and everyone else’s) day! Somebody get this dog a participation trophy or at least a celebratory biscuit. You can see Olly in his full glory below:

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Internet Freaking Out Over Crazy Turkey Death Ritual

(PCM) Have you ever seen a strange turkey death ritual? We hadn’t either, but thanks to the internet of course one would eventually get posted! People on the net are freaking out of a strange video that was posted to Twitter that shows a group of turkeys creepily circling around and around a dead cat.

The video which was shot near Boston, MA by Twitter user @TheReal_JDavis appears to show the turkeys engaging in some sort of ritual and has already been viewed over 10 million times. We must admit it is strangely hypnotic to watch, but probably one of the most bizarre thing we’ve seen!

For those in search of some sort of explanation for the turkeys odd behavior, the folks over a National Geographic have weighed in saying that the turkeys behavior is due to both curiousity and fear in regards to a predator. The turkeys may not realize that the cat is actually dead and they are circling to ensure that as possibly prey to the cat, it would be aware of their presence.

The “ritual” is actually more of an “inspection” of the predator to ensure safety. Because the cat a.k.a. predator is actually dead the turkey may be stuck in a game of follow the leader as they continuously circle the cat waiting for it to possibly attack.

Still a little weird and we would probably freak out a bit if we saw it too!

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Why Are We Obsessed With Watching A Pregnant Giraffe?

(PCM) April the giraffe, who resides at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY, is due to give birth at any moment and the internet is obsessed! The zoo is live streaming the birthing event and of course folks are already growing impatient, as they anxiously await the arrival of the newborn calf.

Some have been literally glued to the live stream day and night, because seriously, what else do we really have to do? Bah! Who cares about work? A baby giraffe is on the way!

April the giraffe is 15 years old and this will be the fourth calf that she has given birth to, which is a lot considering giraffes are pregnant for a period of 15 months. When the calf is born it will be approximate 6 feet tall and weigh about 150 pounds.

Given that everything else newsworthy these days seems to surround politics and controversy, it is nice to be able to veg out and watch something completely mindless sometimes! But, seriously, April, the internet wants you to get a move on with this birth already! At the time we are viewing the video there is well over 100,000 people tuned into the livestream which is just amazing! Says something for the beauty of life! It is definitely mesmerizing!

Check out the live stream below:

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Mystery Orange Alligator Appears In South Carolina

(PCM) No one can seem to explain the appearance of a mysterious orange colored alligator that has surfaced in a pond near Charleston, South Carolina. Residents that live near the retention pond claim that they have seen the oddly colored alligator numerous times, but there appears to be no solid reasoning behind it’s bright orange color.

The gator is 4 to 5 ft long and the most logical explanation for the alligators orange color comes from Jay Butfiloski with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, who says that the alligator may have turned orange in color due to spending the winter in a rusty steel culvert pipe. What is odd is that some of the rust did not wash off the alligator after it’s time spent in the fresh water.

Experts claim that the alligator is due to shed it’s skin soon, so perhaps then it will return to its’ normal coloring, but until then it is definitely a bright sight to see!  Many residents joke that the alligator used too much tanning oil over the summer!

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