Dog Mauls Owners For Trying To Put Him In A Sweater

(PCM) It was not such a great start to the New Year for a family in Tampa, Florida after their pit bull mix named Scarface mauled a husband and wife who were attempting to dress him in a sweater.

We always thought dogs hated being put in those ridiculous things and it appears we are correct.

The dog not only attacked the husband and wife, but also attacked the couples 22-year old son who was attempting to break up the incident.

According to the Tampa police department, 52-year old Brenda Guerrero made an attempt to put a sweater on Scarface the dog when he suddenly began to attack. Her husband 46-year old Ismeal Guerrero tried to pull the dog off his wife, but then he too was attacked.

By this point the couple’s 22-year old son Antoine Harris grabbed a knife and stabbed the dog in the head and neck to stop the attack, but the dog then began attacking Harris as well. Eventually, the three family members were able to escape the home and leave the dog in the backyard.

The authorities say that the dog was still behaving incredibly aggressively when they arrived on the scene and in quite a “Cujo-esque” move even after being tazed by the authorities the dog was still able to escape and rip out the prongs of the tazer.

Scarface was eventually caught using a catch pole by animal control and his current condition is unknown.  The family was taken to a local area hospital to treat their injuries which were considered serious, but not life-threatening. The family had only recently adopted Scarface from a local area shelter and neighbors claim the dog had already escaped and was caught roaming around the neighborhood several times.

Dogs do not like sweaters …. we repeat … dogs do not like sweaters! Well, maybe adorable little purse dogs do, but on a pitbull, you might want to think again!

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Why Cat Poop Can Lead To A Wild Sex Life

(PCM) This is definitely one of the more bizarre reports that we have studied. Researchers for the Journal Of Evolutionary Psychology have released the findings of a new study revealing that a certain type of parasite found in cat’s brains that is then transferred to humans by way of feline feces has the ability to make people feel “aroused by their own fear, danger, and sexual submission.”

The parasite is known as toxoplasma gondii and is linked to the disease toxoplasmosis. Those that suffer from toxoplasmosis are said to be sexually aroused by fear, danger and submission. The researchers have found that certain individuals who have been diagnosed with toxoplasmosis have shown a high interest level in elements of both bondage and violence. The study conducted by the researchers for the Journal Of Evolutionary Psychology consisted of collecting data from over 36,000 people in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Over 700 of which were infected with the parasite. The results suggested that those who were infected with Toxoplasma gondii “expressed higher attraction to bondage, violence, zoophilia, fetishism, and, in men, also to masochism, and raping and being raped.” The disease can also cause extreme rage and a variety of other mental illnesses.

A terrifying statistic number shows that approximately 1/3 of the population is infected with the parasite, most likely transmitted through contact with feline feces. However, it should be noted that not all people infected with the parasite will come down with full blown toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis can be diagnosed with a simple blood test, however many people go untested for the disease because it shows no symptoms and it does not always lead to individuals expressing interest in extreme sexual fetishes.

Just something to keep in mind the next time you are cleaning out kitty’s pan!


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Domino’s Pizza Is Training Reindeer To Deliver Pizza In Japan


(PCM) We can think of about a million and one reasons why this is not such a good idea, however Domino’s Pizza still plans to move forward with their “brilliant” idea to train reindeer to deliver pizza’s this holiday season in Japan. The franchise branch that came up with the idea is even figuring on a way incorporate GPS technology to equip the reindeer and the pizza will be delivered via sleigh. Tis’ the season of ridiculousness! 

The fine folks at the Domino’s franchise in Japan that hatched this plan have released a video showcasing their effort in training the pizza delivering reindeer. Let’s just say, it doesn’t go exactly according to plan (gee..didn’t see that one coming!).

Domino’s plan was to equip the reindeer with GPS trackers so that the customer who ordered the pizza would be able to track their whereabouts and delivery time. They unfortunately did not plan for such instances as the pizza falling off the back of the reindeer or the reindeer veering the sleigh off course. Not sure what they were really expecting with an untrained wild animal, but hey, we give them points for the attempt and creativity. 

A press release for the company states that it is “too difficult to control the reindeer” but they are still trying to work out the situation and urge their customers to stay tuned for additional information. 

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Large Shark Discovered Alive In A Roadside Puddle


(PCM) Authorities in Australia are investigating the discovery of a large shark found alive in a roadside puddle in the town of One Tree Hill. Could it have been a real live “Sharknado” or some elaborate prank, but whatever the case it has left the authorities baffled.

Sadly, despite their best efforts to move the shark to a water tank, it later died as a result of the incident. It is still unclear how the shark managed to find it’s way to the puddle, but authorities are leaning towards the theory that it may have been someones pet that outgrew it’s home aquarium tank. Also, someone may have caught the shark while fishing and then later decided to dump the catch on the side of the road.

Authorities are asking for anyone with any information to please come forward.

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Parakeet Is Stolen From A Canadian Zoo For The Second Time In Five Years


(PCM) Someone must really want their hands on this particular parakeet, as the poor little guy has been stolen, not once, but twice from the Canadian zoo Perroquets en folie in Montreal. The parakeet named Paco, is an  Alexandrine parakeet, which when bred can sell for upwards of $800 to $1200 dollars.

The zoo has placed a message on Facebook urging anyone with information about Paco’s whereabouts to please step forward, as they would like to see him safely returned. The zoo also released surveillance footage of the man who allegedly bird-napped Paco the parakeet. The zoo stated that the suspect had 24 hours to return the bird before they would be contacting the authorities as they have clear images of his face.

When reviewing the surveillance footage, a family can be seen asking questions about Paco, while at the same time the man can be seen sneaking into his cage and taking him out. The zoo owner feels that the family may have been in on the plan and created a distraction so the man could get in and steal Paco. The zoo feels they probably stole him for breeding purposes.

The zoo owner goes on to say that Paco has a very sociable personality and that is what made him a target for theft five years earlier. The suspect did not get away with the bird that time, as a passerby heard him squeak and contacted the authorities. Parakeets are very sensitive creatures and can become distraught by a sudden change in environment.

We certainly hope that Paco the parakeet will be returned to his home very soon!

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Love Lorn Peacock Falls Hard For A Ceramic Swan


(PCM) Talk about stone cold, Mr. P, a love lorn peacock who resides in New Orleans, LA, was recently captured on camera attempting to hilariously woo a ceramic swan lawn ornament.

The video of Mr. P’s failed love attempt has since gone viral, as the video show’s Mr. P prancing around his intended mate with his gorgeous plumage held high. Ceramic swan was having none of his advances, because you know she, is well … that whole ceramic thing!  Either way Mr. P, the peacock’s attempt is quite adorable and perhaps we can work on finding him another lover, one that will perhaps be a bit more open to his advances!

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