Missing Parrot Returns Home Four Years Later Speaking Spanish!


(PCM) Nigel, the African grey parrot, had been missing from his home in Torrence, CA for nearly four years, but recently returned and appears to have had quite the adventure during his time away.

Nigel was owned by a British man by the name of Darren Chick and even adopted Chicks’ British accent over time. Parrots are well known to be mimics of human speech and will often begin to sound like their owners.

Nigel went missing about four years and was only discovered to belong to Chick after a veterinarian found him while searching for her own missing bird. … read more...

Street-Fighting Kangaroo’s Is Viral Gold


(PCM) It is not everyday that you are able to catch two kangaroo’s engaged in an all out brawl in the middle of a residential neighborhood … well, perhaps if you live in Australia you do!

An Australian man by the name of Rodney Langham, noticed two male kangaroos engaged in a little street-fight and did what I think any of us would do, film it of course!

Add in a little Tchaikovsky ballet music to dub over the fight and you have hit the viral video jackpot. The kangaroos brutally punched and kicked one another for a good five … read more...

Since When Do Hamsters And Pizza Go Hand In Hand?


(PCM) It seems that one Pizza Hut franchise in Australia felt that hamsters and pizza were a perfect pairing offering up a bizarre promotion that offered a “free small (live) animal with the purchase of any 10 large pizzas”.

The store’s promotion never got the okay from Pizza Hut headquarters in Australia and the company is now apologizing to its’ customers after the company began receiving a ton of backlash from customers as well as animal rights activists and protesters.

The promotion was part of a deal between the Pizza Hut franchise store and the local animal store, Pets Story … read more...

Man Threatens Cats With A Hand-Painted Yard Sign


(PCM) A Mississippi man may have taken things a bit too far after posting a crudely painted wooden sign in his front yard threatening death to any cats that should happen to enter.

The man, who has only been identified by his first name Kevin, was completely fed up with his neighbors cat entering his yard and exciting his dog, who would then begin destroying things such as the window blinds. It was out of sheer frustration that he posted the large yard sign that read “If you have a cat, keep it in your yard or I will kill … read more...

Vet Discovers A Great Dane Has Eaten Nearly 44 Socks!


(PCM) The owners of a 3 year old Great Dane in Oregon became increasingly concerned when back in February their beloved dog began behaving oddly. He was refusing to eat and began vomiting and retching, but the owners had no idea why he was sick.

The owners decided it was time for a visit to the vet and they took the Great Dane to the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland, where at vet discovered that the dog had eaten nearly 44 of his owners socks.

The Great Dane had to have surgery to remove the socks from his stomach … read more...

Venemous Cobra On The Loose In Southern California


(PCM) Southern California officials are on the hunt for dangerous venemous cobra that is currently on the loose in the area. The news of the cobra on the loose was brought to the attention of animal control officers after it bit a dog in the neighborhood of Thousand Oaks.

The dog that was bitten was initially in critical condition, but was able to be saved and it now recuperating at home. Residents in the area are urged to keep their pets inside, however the cobra’s diet generally consists of mostly rodents. It could attack other animals or people if it … read more...

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