Just When You Thought Barbie Has Done It All She Is Now Breastfeeding


(PCM) An Australian doll artist by the name of Betty Strachan has decided to take matters into her own heads when dealing with the social stigma associated with breastfeeding and has created the “Mamas Worldwide Barbie”. The doll features realistic proportions and features and the idea came to her when she was spending time with a group of new mothers and drew a new face on a Barbie doll. It was agreed the the face represented a true embodiment of the group.

Strachan then added on the feature of a latched baby to the dolls breast and we now have the world’s first breastfeeding Barbie. The new doll was incredibly well-received by mothers worldwide and Strachan has completely sold out of the “Mama Worldwide Barbie” in her Etsy store. Her Etsy store also feature various more realistic Barbie doll characters such as the pregnant Barbie which also happens to be another popular item.

Strachan had the following to say about her art and doll collection, “Growing up, it always struck me as odd that there wasn’t as much diversity in the doll world as there could or should be. Not every child is born with blonde hair and blue eyes. Some have freckles, some have gaps in their teeth.”

You can see a few of her amazing designs below:

I’ve been working on a little something today 👶🏼❤️

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Men Attempt Birth Control Study And Fail Miserably


(PCM) You may have heard the news regarding research into a new form of birth control injections that are taken by males rather than females. The new male contraceptive showed a 96% success rate, however a recent study was stopped abruptly when 20 male participants dropped out. The best is the reason why they dropped out!

It seems that they could not handle the side effects of the injection which included acne, mood changes, weight gain and the pain of the injection, you know, all those things women have had to deal with for years!

Apparently, the men in the study could not tough it out and we are sure their wives and girlfriends were completely sympathetic when they came home and explained why! Let’s hope the researchers can find a new group of participates who can actually get through the study without wimping out next time, as a male contraceptive is definitely a breakthrough idea.

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Woman Sues Her Parents For Posting Her Embarrassing Baby Photos Online


(PCM) Seriously, people these days will come up with a lawsuit for just about anything! An 18-year old Austrian woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, is suing her own parents for posting embarrassing baby photos of her on Facebook. She claims that over the last seven years her parents have continually posted more than 500 images of her as a baby and refused to take them down even though the woman has requested their removal several times.

It seems she reached her breaking point and made the decision to get the courts involved. Her parents feel that because they took the photos (and you know, she is their daughter and all) that he has the right to post the images. The woman obviously does not feel the same way and says “They knew no shame and no limit—and didn’t care whether it was a picture of me sitting on the toilet or lying naked in my cot—every stage was photographed and then made public.”

Despite how ridiculous this lawsuit seems the woman’s lawyer feels that she has a good chance of victory over her parents if she can show that the images violated her right to a personal life and her parents could be forced to not only pay for her legal fees, but also her “pain and suffering”. Good grief!  Aren’t parents allowed to be proud of their children. More than likely the photos were only posted in good fun.

Why do we get the feeling that if this case succeeds we are going to be seeing more and more of this type of lawsuit popping up all around the world, as we are sure there are more than a few people out there who have some embarrassing baby pictures taken by their parents that they would rather not share with the world a.k.a. Facebook.

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Baby Halloween Costume Cover Story Stirs Up Controversy In Oklahoma


(PCM) The cover image on the fall edition of Southern Oklahoma Living magazine is stirring up a heated controversy. The image in question features a baby dressed up in what is supposed to be a tin man costume based upon “The Wizard Of Oz”, however what it looks like instead is where the debate is catching fire.

Magazine subscribers were shocked when they saw the image, as the hood the baby is wearing features a handle to indicate it is a tin man’s hat, however the handle is partially obscured by  the letter “I” in magazine’s title.  That being the case it actually appears that the baby is sporting a highly offensive baby Klansman outfit supporting the KKK, at least by the way the flap of the hood is hanging down behind the baby’s head.

Many had to do a double-take when they first glanced at the cover. Some felt that it does not completely look like a Klansman outfit, however it certainly does not look like a tin man either. Wouldn’t it have been easier if they just donned the baby in an adorable pumpkin costume and called it a day?

Many are asking that the magazine apologize for publishing the image, as because of the times we live in publishers have to be so careful in regards to what they are printing. These days everything is offensive to everyone, however we can certainly see a bit of the reasoning with this particular cover image.

The magazine’s publisher declined to comment on the issue, however she did publish an article in the Sunday paper which was titled “Friday Was A Sad Day In Ardmore”.  The article said “I don’t have a formal apology but here’s what I will say, if you were offended by the photo I’m sorry you didn’t see what I saw. Or what I’m sure many other people saw — a child dressed as an iconic character from one of the most beloved films of the Twentieth Century.”

She went on to say “Unfortunately, with the current climate in the country, even the most innocuous imagery can be misconstrued into something hateful and destructive.”

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Breast Milk Is The Latest Jewelry Trend


(PCM) New mothers who are in search of a way to keep the memory of breast feeding their newborn babies alive and well for years to come are in luck. Guess what? It is also a serious fashion statement as well! One of the latest jewelry trend is turning breast milk into some absolutely amazing looking accessories.

A New Jersey woman by the name of Ann Marie Sharoupium has started a company called “Mama’s Liquid Love” and it is really beginning to take off! Women can send Ann Marie some of their breast milk and she will then turn it into a piece of jewelry of their choice. There are tons of choices such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. Definitely an oddly unique take on personalized jewelry!


Breast-feeding can create some very intimate moments between a child and a mother, so this is definitely a way to assist with preserving those moments shared between mother and child that can last a lifetime. There are some that feel the idea is a little bit controversial, however just looking at the jewelry designs there’s really no way of knowing that they were created with breast milk without someone actually telling you.

The jewelry is actually created to look like a pearly white stone, which is actually crafted from breast milk preserved in resin. You can also have the resin dyed to a color of your choosing, just in case breast milk white doesn’t happen to be your thing!

Definitely a unique gift idea and a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry!


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Couple Wins Legal Battle To Name Their Child As They Wish


(PCM) A Spanish couple named Nako and Maria Javierre claimed victory over a legal battle to give their newborn son a unique name. You might think, given that a legal battle ensued, that the couple had chosen some incredibly odd or offensive name for their child, but in reality it was truly not very odd at all.

Nako and Maria wished to name their baby “Lobo” which is the Spanish word for “wolf”, however when they went to register the name with the Fuenlabrada registry office in Madrid they were informed that the name they had chosen was too offensive and they had to choose another. We think Lobo is kind of a cool name and certainly not very offensive, so it is a bit baffling to understand why the registry office would have found an issue with it.

There are plenty of men out there named Wolf and there are definitely odder names that the couple could have chosen. Take for example Apple or Blanket?  How about Moon Unit? The couple eventually took their fight with the registry office to social media and began an online petition which garnered over 26,000 signatures for those in support of the couple and their newborn son’s name.

The Spanish authorities looked over the petition and eventually backed down and allowed the Javierre family to give their child the chosen name of “Lobo”. At last, justice was served! What do you think of the name?

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