Ultrasound Picture Appears To Show A ‘Demon’ Watching Over Unborn Child


(PCM) If this wouldn’t be enough to creep you out, we don’t know what will! An ultrasound photo of a unborn child is going viral after numerous people identified what appears to be a demon in the photo watching over the unborn fetus. If we were the parents, we might have to ask for another snapshot!

The image was posted to the popular photo sharing web site imgur with the caption “My friend ultrasound … when you see it … ” Immediately after the image was posted several users commented that they quickly noticed what appears to be the chilling apparition of a demon on the right side of the photo.

The photo has been viewed well over 1 million times on the site and while most of the comments lean towards the opinion that it is a demon watching over the baby in the image, others feel that it could be the image of either a Hindu goddess, a weeping angel or perhaps even a friendly mermaid.

Whatever it happens to be, it is definitely creepy as hell and certainly raises quite a few questions.

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Top Baby Names For 2015 Revealed


(PCM) BabyCenter has released their annual list of the top baby names of the year, while majority of the names topping this year’s list are fairly normal, there are few that have popped up this year that are bit on the questionable side.  Many parents made the decision to name their children based upon Instagram filter, as well as, character from the hit FOX TV series “Empire”.

Top Names For Girls


Top Names For Boys


While the names that are linked with Instagram filters did not make the top ten for boys or girls, names such as Lux, Ludwig, Amaro, Reyes, Hudson and Kelvin are on the up rise for boys. Valencia, Juno and Willow are steadily climbing for the girls.  BabyCenter also notes that names such as Dre, Lyon, Hakeem, and even Lucious are on the rise as these names represent starring characters in the FOX television series “Empire”.

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Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant?

nickim(PCM) Nicki Minaj thrilled the crowd at the Budweiser Made In America Festival in Philadelphia, PA when she made a surprise appearance during her boyfriend Meek Mills set.

He teased her introduction by sampling a few snippets of her songs before bringing her on to stage to perform the song “All Eyes On You” from his hit album “Dreams Worth More Than Money”.

It was not so much her performance, but rather what Minaj said as she was exiting the stage that is creating a bit of buzz and sparking the rumor that she could indeed be pregnant with Mills’ child.

She said that she gives a shout out to all the people that are still in school and pay their own bill and then followed with “Everybody got love for my baby daddy” before exiting the stage as quickly as she arrived!

Let the speculation commence!

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Should Parents Kiss Their Children On The Lips? Doctor’s Commentary Sparks A Debate!


(PCM) Back in 2010, Dr. Charlotte Resnick made some incredibly controversial commentary about parents who kiss their children on the lips claiming that it is “too sexual” and can be confusing for children, as they reach the point of their sexual awakening at around ages 4 thru 6. Dr. Resnick’s comments have now gone viral yet again causing a huge debate online with many parents feeling outraged over the doctor’s controversial comments.

Dr. Resnick defends her opinion by saying that kissing your child on the lips can be very confusing for them “because at what point do you stop”. She also goes on to say “the kiss on the lips can be stimulating for them. If mommy kisses daddy on the mouth and vice versa, what does that mean when I, a little girl or boy, kiss my parent on the mouth?”

She concludes by saying “If I had to answer when to stop kissing your kids on the lips, it would be now.”

Even many of Dr. Resnick’s colleagues do not agree with her opinion about parents kissing their children on the lips as they say, yes, there should be certain boundaries in place, but there is nothing wrong with a parent kissing a child on the mouth as it is a normal way to express affection. They feel it is in no way confusing to a child at all.

Truly, the way that affection is show can be different in every family and throughout various cultures. Kissing children or not kissing children on the lips should be a matter of family preference and/or tradition based upon what is comfortable to them. Many families even carry this type of behavior well into adult-hood as along as everyone is receptive to it, so there is truly not right or wrong answers. Once someone becomes non-receptive to it, that is the correct time to stop.

What do you think? Should parents stop this behavior or is it a normal way to show love and affection?

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Being Overweight During Pregnancy Leads to Heavier Babies, Study Reports

If you’re trying to get pregnant and have a few pounds to lose, it may seem like a good idea to wait until after you have the baby to lose weight – you’re just going to gain weight during pregnancy anyway, right? Wrong. It might be easier on you, but not your baby. According to a new study, women who are overweight during pregnancy tend to have much heavier babies than normal-weight mothers.

The study published in the journal Diabetes Care examined health records for nearly 10,000 women who delivered babies at a Kaiser Permanente medical center in California between 2005 and 2010. About 60 percent were overweight or obese, and nearly 20 percent of those women developed gestational diabetes.

Overweight moms without gestational diabetes were 65 percent more likely to have babies with a birth weight in the 90th percentile or higher, compared to women of healthy weights.

But obese women without gestational diabetes were 163 percent more likely to have overly large babies.

The chances of having a heavy baby increased whether or not the mom had gestational diabetes, a known risk factor for larger birth weights. In other words: Maternal obesity alone is a risk factor in having heavy babies.

“This suggests that there may be other nutrients that are crossing the placenta in overabundance leading to some changes in the physiology and metabolism of the baby,” said study author Mary Helen Black, a biostatistician with Kaiser Permanente Southern California’s department of research and evaluation.

Heavy babies have a greater risk of being overweight as children and adults, increasing their chances of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other health problems. It also increases the risk for complications during delivery.

“If the baby is born too large it increases the risk for very serious consequences both during delivery, for the mother and the infant, as well as later in life — for the infant. There may be a general perception that, ‘Oh, the baby’s big, but so what?’ That’s a misperception.”

Talk to your health care provider to find out if you’re in a healthy body weight range before thinking about starting a family – both for you and your baby!

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Childproofing Your Home

Babies and young children seem to get into anything and everything – even when you think your home is baby proof! A recent article published in Men’s Health, ‘6 Things You Forgot to Childproof’, provides a pretty good check list for things parents might not always think about right off the bat. And with accidents in the home injuring 2.5 million children in America each year, there’s no harm in double checking(CPSC)!

Before you read the list, remember that accidents do happen. Of course, no parent wants to see their children get hurt, but don’t drive yourself crazy over every little cut, scrape and bruise. No matter how safe you make your home, there will be little bumps along the way.

Double check your home – often! Things get loose and move out of place, and children grow bigger and stronger! Make a routine of checking the home from the bird eye view of your child once or twice a month to see if anything new needs tending to.

Here is the list!

1. The floor.

“Taking a trip around your home on your hands and knees is the only way to see it like a child,” says Susan Baril, cofounder of Safe Beginnings, a child-safety company. Check for paper clips hiding along the baseboards, blind cords hanging at neck level, splinters in the hardwood, exposed electrical outlets, and tacks in carpet seams.

2. The baby gate.

Never use pressure gates at the top of stairs. They’ll hold back a crawling baby, but not a pushy toddler. Wall-mounted gates are a must.

3. The fireplace.

Don’t just block the fireplace; the hard, sharp hearthstone in front poses as much danger, especially as kids transition from crawling to walking to running, Baril says. A hearth gate can keep children away from the entire area.

4. The television.

More than 15,000 kids are injured each year by falling furniture, according to the Center for Injury Research and Policy. And most of those are caused by falling television sets. Secure yours—especially flat-panels, which tip easily—to the wall or the back of your entertainment center.

5. The cat.

Scampering felines can step on toddlers while they sleep, Baril says. If you own a cat, invest in a crib tent.

6. Yourself.

“Toddlers love to imitate,” Baril says. Don’t let a child see you operate the baby gate, or they’ll try it. Likewise, if they see you step over the gate, they’ll try to scale it, too. Above all, remember: “A well-childproofed house is not a baby-sitter. Constant adult supervision is the best way to prevent injury.”

For the full Men’s Health article, click here.

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