Do Babies Fake Cry For Attention?

Baby1(PCM) Babies cry to alert their parents when they are uncomfortable, hungry, or in distress, however it has often been speculated that babies will sometimes actually fake cry to get attention.

Researchers in Japan have put that theory to the test and studied two babies crying over a six month time period and have discovered that often times the babies are capable of turning on the water-works just to get their parents attention.

The researchers paid specific attention to the presence of emotion in the babies facial features to see if they revealed that the baby was actually upset. Those features could have been a grimace, looking sad, or making uncomfortable noises. While the babies would indeed cry during instances of distressed the researchers also took note that the babies would also cry only moments after laughing and playing with no instance of distress at all. This led them to the theory that the babies will indeed cry to get the attention of their caregivers. The research even went on to show that the baby would continue to cry until the mother got closer and then would just as quickly laugh and smile.

One of the researchers claims “fake crying successfully attracts the attention of a parent and contributes ‘greatly’ to an infant’s social development as well as their emotional development. Infants who are capable of fake crying might communicate successfully with their caregivers in this way on a daily basis. Fake crying could add much to their relationships”

It is interesting to note during the study that of the two babies, one was an only child and the other had siblings. The only child, most of the time only cried during times of distress but the baby with other siblings often cried to get attention from parents. This is most likely due to feeling the need to compete with the other siblings for the parents undivided attention, which an only child would have no issue.

The study definitely sheds some new insight into a baby’s behavior pattern and most likely does have some kind of effect on their communication skills later in life.



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Alabama Couple Receive A Ton Of Backlash Over The Name Of Their New Baby

Krimson-Tyde1(PCM) An Alabama couple are receiving some serious backlash after they revealed the name of their newborn daughter to be Krimson Tyde.

The newborn’s parents Summer and Steven Steele are shocked by the amount of criticism they are dealing with and feel that they are doing no harm or disrespect in choosing the name.

The couple are from the small town of Andalusia, AL and chose the name after the University of Alabama’s football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Both Summer and Steven are big fans of the team and only see the name as a fitting tribute.

After the news of the baby’s name was revealed, it caused a viral uproar on the internet with many expressing their displeasure at the name choice especially via Twitter.

The couple are shocked that people would make such a huge deal out of the situation and at this time have no plans to change the baby’s name.

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JWoww Announces A Very Special Christmas Surprise

jwoww1(PCM) Reality TV star from MTV’s “The Jersey Shore” JWoww made the announcement via Christmas card that her and fiance Roger Matthews will be expecting their first child in 2014.

JWoww, whose real name is Jennifer Farley, posted a holiday image on her official website that featured a holiday greeting and a picture of her sonagram. The card read as follows:

“We couldn’t have wished for a better gift this Christmas! Happy Holidays from our growing family to yours! Love, Jenni, Roger and arriving July, 2014 Baby Mathews.”

JWoww then immediately turned to her BFF and recent mom Snooki for some parental advice, with Snooki posting the following tweet:

IM SO EXCITED MY BEST FRIEND @JENNIWOWW IS PREGNANT! Finally we can be MOMS together!  love you boo! I got you!


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