Seven High School Girls End Up Pregnant After A School Trip


(PCM) The parents of seven Bosnian high school girls are furious after their daughters returned home from a school trip to the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo and it was discovered that they are all pregnant at the same time.

The girls range in age from 13 to 15 years old and it was determined that they all conceived at some point during the five day school trip.  It appears that these students were definitely exploring more than just museums during the trip that was supposed to be for education purposes so that they could visit some of the various historical … read more...

Two Babies Born At Exactly 10:11 On 12/13/14


(PCM) Baby girl Hazel Grace, who parents are Leisha Campbell and Shawn Zimmerman, was amazingly born at exactly 10:11 am on Saturday, 12/13/14 in Cleveland, Ohio. Nearly two thousand miles away in Tuscon, Arizona baby girl Victoria Marie Jones was also welcomed to the world at exactly the same time!

The birth dates for both babies just so happens to be the very last sequential date that will occur this century. The very special set of numbers has been officially printed on both girls birth certificates and many are saying that perhaps this makes them the very luckiest babies in … read more...

Sam’s Club Pulls Potentially Contaminated Baby Wipes From Stores


(PCM) Sam’s Club stores have announced a voluntary recall of its’ Simply Right baby wipes saying that there is a potential possibility that they could be contaminated. Please note that it is not a full on FDA recall on the product.

The company sent out an email to its’ customers that may have purchased the baby wipes which read:

“You are receiving this message because Sam’s Club’s records indicate that you recently purchased Simply Right baby wipes.

The safety of our members and their families is a top priority at Sam’s Club. Our supplier, Nutek Disposables, Inc., has advised us … read more...

Apple And Facebook Will Now Assist Employees With Payments To Freeze Eggs


(PCM) It has recently been revealed that major technology companies, Apple and Facebook, have added a new benefit to their female employee’s medical coverage which will now assist them with paying to freeze their eggs.

Because of the high cost that is normally associated with the freezing of a woman’s eggs, many women did not consider it to be an option if they wanted to wait to have children until later in life. With both Facebook and now Apple agreeing to assist their female employees in paying for this option it opens up new choices for women that were not … read more...

Woman Sues Sperm Bank For Having A Mixed-Race Child


(PCM) An Ohio woman named Jennifer Cramblett is suing a sperm-bank in the Chicago area for $50,000 claiming that she received the wrong sperm donation and became pregnant with a child who was a different race.

We would like to think that these types of situations were behind us, however Cramblett, who expressed unconditional love for her daughter, is wrestling with the decision to move out of her predominantly white Ohio neighborhood for the psychological well-being of her child.

Cramblett, who is a lesbian, says the she and her partner found out that she was given the wrong sperm donation … read more...

Texas Mother Kicked Out Of A Restaurant For Changing Baby’s Diaper


(PCM) A Texas woman has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau after she was recently kicked out a Texas restaurant for changing her baby’s diaper at the table.

In fairness to the woman, she did make an attempt to change the baby in the restaurants bathroom, however found that they had no changing table. She claims this gave her no private place to change the baby forcing her to just quickly do it at the table.

The woman goes on to claim that she was dining alone with her baby and her other two daughters who are 4 … read more...

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