The 125 Collection Customized Quote Candles Are Our New Favorite Thing!

quote-candle(PCM) After learning that The 125 Collection was a part of Jenni “JWOWW” Farley’s recent baby shower with their fun and quirky all-natural Quote Candles we just had to do some further research into these fantastic new products.

The 125 Collection was created by two incredible business-savvy women in the bustling city of Harlem and named after the legendary 125th street.  It is a growing lifestyle brand created in NYC that fuses fun, style, and individuality into everyday life with their inspiring and witty quote candles.  Constantly inspired by the city that they love, The 125 Collection is a destination for fashion forward individuals who celebrate self expression in style. Each 100% natural soy candle can be customized with any quote that inspires, motivates, and makes you laugh.

Made from the highest quality materials, their 100% natural soy candles are non toxic and made without any synthetics or fillers and made with a lead free wick. Quote Candles by The 125 Collection are individually hand poured and assembled in New York City.

We absolutely can’t wait to get our hands on one and while the quotes available for purchase on the website are fantastic in their own right, the fact that you can customize the candles with your own quotes or messages that have special or personal meaning to you seals the deal. These would be absolutely perfect for baby showers, as in the case of “JWOWW” where they were a huge hit with her guests, as well as, weddings, graduations, anniversaries and more!

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DNA Results Prove Woman Gave Birth To Twins With Different Fathers


(PCM) We had always wondered if something like this was truly possible and it now appears that it is indeed possible for a set of twin to be born with two different fathers. A set of newly born twins in Vietnam are being labeled as bi-fraternal, meaning they have two different fathers. A series of DNA tests conducted on the twins have solidified this result.

While the twins develop normally side-by-side in the mother’s womb, the DNA test revealed that they actually came from two separate eggs that were individually fertilized by the sperm from two different men. Such an occurrence is incredibly rare and here in the U.S. there have only been two reported cases of bi-fraternal twins.  It is not very often that eggs are fertilized during separate acts of sexual intercourse within the same ovulation period.

A woman’s egg has a life span of 12 to 48 hours, and a sperm for seven to 10 days, so there’s about a week’s time for potential overlap and a situation like this one to have the potential to occur. There are less than 10 cases in the world with twins that are known to have two different fathers, however there is the possibility that more exist where the parents and the twins either don’t know about it or do not want to reveal that information.

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Ultrasound Picture Appears To Show A ‘Demon’ Watching Over Unborn Child


(PCM) If this wouldn’t be enough to creep you out, we don’t know what will! An ultrasound photo of a unborn child is going viral after numerous people identified what appears to be a demon in the photo watching over the unborn fetus. If we were the parents, we might have to ask for another snapshot!

The image was posted to the popular photo sharing web site imgur with the caption “My friend ultrasound … when you see it … ” Immediately after the image was posted several users commented that they quickly noticed what appears to be the chilling apparition of a demon on the right side of the photo.

The photo has been viewed well over 1 million times on the site and while most of the comments lean towards the opinion that it is a demon watching over the baby in the image, others feel that it could be the image of either a Hindu goddess, a weeping angel or perhaps even a friendly mermaid.

Whatever it happens to be, it is definitely creepy as hell and certainly raises quite a few questions.

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Top Baby Names For 2015 Revealed


(PCM) BabyCenter has released their annual list of the top baby names of the year, while majority of the names topping this year’s list are fairly normal, there are few that have popped up this year that are bit on the questionable side.  Many parents made the decision to name their children based upon Instagram filter, as well as, character from the hit FOX TV series “Empire”.

Top Names For Girls


Top Names For Boys


While the names that are linked with Instagram filters did not make the top ten for boys or girls, names such as Lux, Ludwig, Amaro, Reyes, Hudson and Kelvin are on the up rise for boys. Valencia, Juno and Willow are steadily climbing for the girls.  BabyCenter also notes that names such as Dre, Lyon, Hakeem, and even Lucious are on the rise as these names represent starring characters in the FOX television series “Empire”.

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Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant?

nickim(PCM) Nicki Minaj thrilled the crowd at the Budweiser Made In America Festival in Philadelphia, PA when she made a surprise appearance during her boyfriend Meek Mills set.

He teased her introduction by sampling a few snippets of her songs before bringing her on to stage to perform the song “All Eyes On You” from his hit album “Dreams Worth More Than Money”.

It was not so much her performance, but rather what Minaj said as she was exiting the stage that is creating a bit of buzz and sparking the rumor that she could indeed be pregnant with Mills’ child.

She said that she gives a shout out to all the people that are still in school and pay their own bill and then followed with “Everybody got love for my baby daddy” before exiting the stage as quickly as she arrived!

Let the speculation commence!

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Should Parents Kiss Their Children On The Lips? Doctor’s Commentary Sparks A Debate!


(PCM) Back in 2010, Dr. Charlotte Resnick made some incredibly controversial commentary about parents who kiss their children on the lips claiming that it is “too sexual” and can be confusing for children, as they reach the point of their sexual awakening at around ages 4 thru 6. Dr. Resnick’s comments have now gone viral yet again causing a huge debate online with many parents feeling outraged over the doctor’s controversial comments.

Dr. Resnick defends her opinion by saying that kissing your child on the lips can be very confusing for them “because at what point do you stop”. She also goes on to say “the kiss on the lips can be stimulating for them. If mommy kisses daddy on the mouth and vice versa, what does that mean when I, a little girl or boy, kiss my parent on the mouth?”

She concludes by saying “If I had to answer when to stop kissing your kids on the lips, it would be now.”

Even many of Dr. Resnick’s colleagues do not agree with her opinion about parents kissing their children on the lips as they say, yes, there should be certain boundaries in place, but there is nothing wrong with a parent kissing a child on the mouth as it is a normal way to express affection. They feel it is in no way confusing to a child at all.

Truly, the way that affection is show can be different in every family and throughout various cultures. Kissing children or not kissing children on the lips should be a matter of family preference and/or tradition based upon what is comfortable to them. Many families even carry this type of behavior well into adult-hood as along as everyone is receptive to it, so there is truly not right or wrong answers. Once someone becomes non-receptive to it, that is the correct time to stop.

What do you think? Should parents stop this behavior or is it a normal way to show love and affection?

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