North Carolina Restaurant Bans Children Under 5 From Dining In Their Establishment!

(PCM) The managers and wait staff at upscale Italian eatery Caruso’s in Mooresville, North Carolina have gotten completely fed up with the behavior of young children in their restaurant and after receiving numerous customer complaints reached the decision to ban any children under the age of 5 from dining in their establishment.

The managers of the restaurant agree that their decision for the ban was a bit controversial and they were certainly prepared for any amount of backlash they might receive as a result of the decision, but surprisingly business is booming. Patrons of the restaurant are praising the managers for their decision and many actually support the restaurants decision. Caruso’s owner, Pasquale Caruso said that he had several customers get up and leave claiming that the behavior from several young children was bothering them and ruined their dining experience and unfortunately the parents of the children were doing nothing to correct the behavior or rectify the situation.

We are sure most of you have had this type of experience at a restaurant before? You can admit it? The owner went on to say that instead of feeling like a fine dining establishment, Caruso’s began to feel more like a local pizza shop instead. Speaking with the Mooresville Tribune, he added “I try to please everyone, and create a nice atmosphere, keeping the restaurant elegant. I want it to be a place where couples and friends can have a nice evening out. I was starting to lose money and customers, because I had very young children coming in, throwing food, running around and screaming.”

The managers claim that the final incident that made them completely go through with the decision to ban children under 5 occurred when a child was playing with an iPad full volume. It was distracting to the other diners and despite many attempts to ask the parents to turn it down they refused. The manager commented “Finally, we had to ask them to leave. They were upset, but they didn’t seem to care about what the other guests thought. We tried to be nice about the situation, but we’re here to take care of customers and we can’t tell a parent how to control their kids.”

It definitely has to be a tough decision because certainly not all children under the age of 5 are that unruly. Heck, some kids over the age of 5 are that unruly. It just depends on the parenting and structure at home. Since the ban has been put in place, Caruso’s has seen a rise in dinner reservations from 50 to about 80, as people truly seem to be enjoying the new relaxed (and quiet dining) experience!

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Baby Spas Are All The Rage! At Least In Australia

(PCM) We are curious to see whether or not the latest Australian spa trend will pick up over here in the U.S., as it is definitely a bit unique. The life of a newborn baby can be a fairly relaxing one already, but the new Baby Spa Perth wants to make it even more relaxing for newborns.

They are offering a variety of spa service for newborn babies ages six days to six months old. The services include infant massages and various hydrotherapy treatments. The hydrotherapy consists of placing the baby in a warm bath for up to 30 minutes using a neck flotation device adorably referred to as a “Bubby”.

We are sure that the spa has met all the safety protocols to stay operational, however something about the “Bubby” attached to the baby’s necks doesn’t appear all that safe to us! However, new parents are loving the spa idea and the babies themselves for the most part appear to be having a great time.

According to the Baby Spa Perth website, “One of the initial benefits you will observe is that your baby will be able to move around freely in warm water, which is impossible to do on land at a very young age due to gravity and constant constraints from bassinets, swaddles, clothing and pushchairs. Secondly, as your baby moves against the resistance of the water, their musculature and skeletal strengthens as the spine unfolds. Hydrostatic pressure of water on your baby’s body will result in the deepening of his/her breathing. This pressure also stimulates their circulatory system.”

Well, if they say so! A spa package at Baby Spa Perth will set you back about $85 and lasts for about 45 minutes.

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Adult Swaddling Is A New Trend

(PCM) Much the same as newborn baby swaddling, adult swaddling is quickly becoming a growing trend among new mothers in Tokyo, Japan. Somehow we think it is only a matter of time before this trend hits the U.S. and it definitely borders on the bizarre.

New Japanese mothers are wrapping themselves from head to toe in a large white bag and allowing themselves to be rocked from side to side as a way to combat many of their post-pregnancy aches and pains. Swaddle therapists claim that adult swaddling has many health and wellness benefits including both emotional and physical healing. The swaddling is said to help with both shoulder and hip pain associated with giving birth.

The adult swaddling or “adult wrapping” was an idea birthed by a Kyoto mid-wife who assumed that new mothers who were swaddled in the same fashion as their newborn babies could be relieved of their aches and pains. Several mothers who recently participated in an adult swaddling session were seen lying on their backs with their knees held tightly to their chest while wrapped up tightly in white cloths with therapist rocking them back and forth over large pillows set up on the floor.

Many of the women were pleased with the way their bodies felt after the session, as they said it felt very warm and comforting. Many also claimed it was hard to describe the sensation with a particular word. Advocates of the practice claim it can also help people suffering from asthma to breath easier and can be looked at as a form of reflexology and exercise. Other disagree with the practice and say that new mothers experiencing any type of back pain should go see a physician to be sure that there is not a larger issue at hand.

Either way, seeing a bunch of women swaddled up rocking back and forth on the floor is definitely a bit odd, however isn’t cuddle therapy a thing? We can’t really see how this is very different than any other type of alternative health therapy.

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New App Let’s Males Check Their Sperm Count Proving There Truly Is An App For Everything!

(PCM) It has been said many times that there truly is an app for everything and we can certainly agree, especially now that it has been revealed that there is a new app that allows males to check their sperm count. We suppose there is not very much difference between this and the ovulation predictor apps geared towards women.

The app comes from the folks over at Medical Electronic System and is called Yo Home Sperm Test. The company is labeling the app as the world’s first sperm tester to be powered via a smartphone app. Men now have the ability to test their sperm counts from the comfort of home and the company has even created several hilarious how-to-videos to teach men just the way the app and device operate.

Analyzing how fast sperm is moving can be vital to determining fertility, so it is definitely something that men should want to keep an eye on especially if they are in the process of trying to start a family. The company claims that their app also allows men to avoid the awkwardness of going to the clinic to have their sperm count tested several times a month.

The testing process involves the app taking a video of the sperm under the microscope, and then completing a series of simple analyses from the clip. The test takes just two minutes to provide results. The app provides users with in-depth information about their result, which the company claims to be 97 per cent accurate.

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Can Playing Techno Beats For Test Tube Babies Really Make Them Bigger? Science Says Yes!

(PCM) Researchers at the Altra-vita IVF clinic in Moscow were stunned to learn that playing a loud and pulsating techno beat for test tube babies appears to have a significant effect on making them grow larger and turn into embryos.

An experiment was conducted by the researchers where a 24-hour loop of techno music was played for eggs in test tubes and the results were astonishing. The eggs became more fertilized and the number of embryos that were usable increased by about a fifth.

The results of the experiment were revealed at the Fertility Conference that was held in Edinburgh where it was explained in layman’s terms that the so-called “techno eggs” were slightly more likely to grow into embryos and a lot more likely to develop to the point that they could be placed into the womb.

Techo music appeared to have a different effect on the test tube eggs than other musical styles that were played. Researchers tried everything from pop and classical to metal, however it was techno tracks that featured a steady pulsating beat that showed the most positive results.

It is thought that the reason behind the results is an effect of the pulsating rhythm mimicking the swirling movements that occur within the womb after a natural conception. It is almost like tricking the egg into thinking it is actually inside the womb therefore increasing the overall effectiveness of the IVF procedure.

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26 Women May Have A Major Baby Daddy Mix-Up Thanks To An IVF Mistake

(PCM) What a Dutch IVF treatment facility is calling a “procedural error” may have led to 26 women becoming impregnated with the wrong sperm. Sadly, the clinic reveals that half of these women have either already given birth or are currently pregnant. The major issue is that these women may have given birth to a child who shares a completely different gene pool than their partners.

You may be wondering just how such a major blunder could occur and the answer is even more shocking. It seems that the lab technicians were using a contaminated pipette to inject sperm between April 2015 and and November 2016. The way that Utrech University Medical Centre conducts their IVF treatments is a bit different, as they use a process called Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) where a single sperm is injected directly into a woman’s egg. According to the medical center the lab technicians were using different pipettes, but the same rubber top.

When tested the rubber top revealed traces of sperm meaning that this may have happened 26 times. Another technician reported the incident and the medical center now claims to have the situation under control. While it may be under control for them, what about the 26 women who now have to deal with finding out whether or not their baby daddy is actually their baby daddy. Sounds like a bad episode of “Jerry Springer”!

The medical center is meeting with all the couples who have been affected and are offering up free DNA testing for those that would like to know the truth. Definitely scary stuff, as IVF treatments are a very serious thing for couples looking to have a child and have been unable to conceive the natural way. To think this type of thing could happen is certainly quite unsettling.


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