Happy Birthday Sherlock!

Sherlock Holmes Cap famous as Deerstalker, Old Key and Magnifier
(PCM) Happy Birthday Sherlock! Beloved super sleuth Sherlock Holmes was created by Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. He is one of (if not the) most adapted fictional characters in literature, appearing in upwards of sixty stories written by Doyle himself …

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Dick Van Dyke Turns 90 December 13, 2015. A Tribute

Dick-90Dick Van Dyke is probably one of Hollywood’s most illustrious personalities.  I won’t use the word famous.  He is not sought out for interviews and neither do you see his name in the rag sheets that you see at the supermarket while in line.  Dick Van Dyke is illustrious for exactly the opposite.  He has led a good quality life while giving us good quality entertainment.

Van Dyke was born December 13, 1925.  It was a Sunday, which is interesting in the fact that he would eventually teach Sunday school and write a book about the experience.  But I think it means more than that.  Dick Van Dyke opted to make movies he could bring his family to see.  So Sunday values were part of his career.

This article is not a short biography.  If you want that you can easily look that up on Wikipedia.  This is meant more as tribute to a man who has affected my life in a very positive way and I believe he still affects me and others to this day.

My first recollection of Dick Van Dyke would have been the film version of Bye Bye Birdie.  Bye Bye Birdie was a musical farce that was based on the real story of Elvis Presley being drafted into the army. Van Dyke had the lead role, which was the song writer for Birdie, he also played the role in the Broadway production.  What I remember most was his singing of a song that has become a standard called “Put On A Happy Face”.  It was duet he sang with Janet Leigh of Psycho fame.  The song had some great special effects in the film, but also was upbeat and yes happy.  It is a song I can still turn to when I feel sad or depressed.

My next recollection only comes in pieces.  Van Dyke played Rob Petrie in a sit com called The Dick Van Dyke Show.  The ongoing story was a comedy about a man who had to balance both work and home.  Van Dyke loved to do physical comedy and was a big fan of Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame.  You can see much of Laurel in the physical comedy that Van Dyke did in his show.  I was pre-school when this show was on so I did not see much of it then.  But in re-runs I’ve probably seen each episode about 50 times.  The show is timeless and so the comedy holds up today as well as it did when it was first aired in the early 1960s.

Drum roll please!  My biggest early recollection of Dick Van Dyke is probably the same of almost everyone that is reading this story.  Dick Van Dyke left his mark on all of us when he played Burt, the chimney sweep, in Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins.  I would not call many movies perfect.  Mary Poppins is one of the perfect films.  It had it all, music, comedy, drama, and a story with a moral that both adults and children can relate too.  In that film Dick Van Dyke made an impression that is still being felt by both young and old alike.  In fact he also has the lines at the end that makes the point of the entire film.

Next comes Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the story of the magic flying car that every kid loved to see.  Van Dyke played Characticus Potts a poor inventor who buys a beat up old car and turns it into a magnificent machine that can float fly and guide itself to its destination.  The film had some great songs and was fun to watch.  The story line had the same main emphasis though, the idea of how large a the role of the father plays in the growth of children.

Van Dyke went on to do more comedies for Disney as well as other studios.  I remember them vaguely but not with as much gratitude and joy that I feel as I have with the work mentioned above.

Dick Van Dyke today is still an inspiration to me.  When he was younger he overcame an issue with alcohol which in itself is amazing.  In the last few years he has been in all three of The Night At The Museum movie series with Adam Sandler.

When Mary Poppins, the Broadway stage show made it to Los Angelas he took a small part in the show.  Recently he has worked with some young men who call themselves Dick Van Dyke and the Vantastix.  They record as well as do live performances.  This group also performed live at the San Diego Comic Con this year.  They were on the floor of the convention center, not on a pay to see stage venue.  This year he danced in a music video by Dustbowl Revival in a song called Never Had To Go.  You can catch the video on YouTube.

Dick Van Dyke will have spent his Birthday Party at Disneyland.  At 12:45 his singing group performs.  At around two o’clock a birthday parade, at 4:45 a Let’s Go Fly A Kite sing along, at 8:45 he is honored in the Paint the Night Parade as well as the fireworks display at 9:30.  Mr Van Dyke is not relaxing on his Birthday.

I feel a debt of gratitude and honor toward Mr. Dick Van Dyke.  He makes me happy.  He has put family values first.  He has shown us that old age can be a magnificent time of life, and he has given me and many others a life time of memories.  Happy Birthday Dick May God Bless You.

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Queen Elizabeth Has Epic Plans For Her 90th Birthday Celebration!


(PCM) Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating her 90th birthday on April 21st of next year and she plans to celebrate in epic fashion!

Proving that she is very much still young at heart the Queen says “Everything we do, we do for the young”. She plans to include over 1,500 performers and 900 horses for her birthday celebration event which will take place for 90 minutes each day from May 12 thru May 15.

The 25,000 tickets to the Queens birthday event next year sold out in minutes and it is being touted as of course a “once in a lifetime event”.  A member of the royal family will be present for each night’s festivities and the Queen herself will be making in appearance only on the final evening of May 15.

Queen Elizabeth II took hold of the throne when she was just 25 years old and has held the position for over 60 years. Long live the Queen … yes, indeed!

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Birthday Wishes For Artist Georgia O’Keeffe


(PCM) Famous modern artist Georgia O’Keeffe was born on November 15, 1887 and passed away on March 6, 1986. O’Keeffe is listed among some of the most famous artist in the world and is often referred to as the “Mother of American modernism” in the art realm.

She is best-known for her paintings of enlarged flowers, but she also painted several abstract city scene during her time living in New York and various desert landscapes during the later years in her life when she resided in New Mexico. In fact, so many of O’Keeffe’s most famous paintings feature scenes from the New Mexican desert that many people believed that she was actually a native to that area of the country. Surprisingly, O’Keeffe grew up on a very prominent dairy farm in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

O’Keeffe studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1905 to 1906. In 1907, she attended the Art Students League in New York City, where she studied under William Merritt Chase. In 1908, she won the League’s William Merritt Chase still-life prize for her oil painting Dead Rabbit with Copper Pot. Her prize was a scholarship to attend the League’s outdoor summer school in Lake George, New York. While in the city in 1908, O’Keeffe attended an exhibition of Rodin’s watercolors at the gallery 291, owned by her future husband, photographer Alfred Stieglitz.

Stieglitz started photographing O’Keeffe when she visited him in New York to see her 1917 exhibition. By 1937, when he retired from photography, he had made more than 350 portraits of her. Most of the more erotic photographs were made in the 1910s and early 1920s. In February 1921, forty-five of Stieglitz’s photographs, including many of O’Keeffe, some of which depicted her in the nude, were exhibited in a retrospective exhibition at the Anderson Galleries that created a public sensation.

By the mid-1920s, O’Keeffe began making large-scale paintings of natural forms at close range, as if seen through a magnifying lens. In 1924 she painted her first large-scale flower painting Petunia, No. 2, which was first exhibited in 1925. She was also married to Stieglitz in 1924. After her husbands death O’Keeffe moved to New Mexico and was inspired by the landscape to create numerous well-known paintings up until the time of her passing.

In 1972, O’Keeffe’s eyesight was compromised by macular degeneration, leading to the loss of central vision and leaving her with only peripheral vision. She stopped oil painting without assistance in 1972, but continued working in pencil and charcoal until 1984. In 1976, she wrote a book about her art and allowed a film to be made about her in 1977.After her death in 1986,  in accordance with her wishes, her body was cremated and her ashes were scattered to the wind at the top of Pedernal Mountain, over her beloved “faraway”.

In celebration of what would have been O’Keeffe’s 128th birthday here are five facts that you may not know about her life

  1. She often painted from the backseat of her beloved Model-A Ford. She would remove the driver’s seat. Then she would unbolt the passenger car, turn it around to face the back seat. Then she would lay the canvas on the back seat as an easel and paint.
  2. She would completely immerse herself in nature to become one with her subject, no matter the weather or environmental hazards. While in New Mexico O’Keeffe spent summers and falls at her Ghost Ranch, putting up with the region’s hottest, most stifling days in order to capture its most vivid colors. She would rig up tents from tarps, contend with unrelenting downpours, and paint with gloves on when it got too cold. She went camping well into her 70s.
  3. Talk about a lengthy love story! O’Keeffe and her husband Alfred Stiegliz are said to have written 25,000 pages of love letter to one another.  The pair began writing to each other in 1916, often (sometimes two or three times a day) and at length (as many as 40 pages at a time). These preserved writings chart the progression of their romance—from flirtation to affair to their marriage in 1924—and even document their marital struggles.
  4. O’Keeffe actually quit painting on three different occasions. The first time was to help her family with the struggle of financial burdens, the second time was due to a nervous breakdown and the third was later in life when her eyesight was failing leaving her unable to paint.
  5. After she was unable to paint, O’Keeffe still kept her artistic spirit alive and well and turned to sculpting.

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Happy Birthday To Artist Claude Monet


(PCM) French impressionist painter Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840 and would be celebrating his 175th birthday if he were alive today. It is based upon Monet’s painting “Impression, Sunrise” that the term impressionism was coined as a way to describe his particular style of art.

Monet shunned the ways of the old art masters and developed a style that was based heavily upon nature and expressing one’s perceptions before nature. His most famous works consist of disjointed, rapid brushstrokes pieced together to create dreamy landscape images. Monet would often times paint the same nature or landscape scene over and over again capturing the changing of light patterns at various times throughout the day and also the passing of the seasons.


From the year 1883 until his death in 1926, Monet lived in Giverny. He obtained a home and large property on which he landscaped an awe-inspiring garden that later became the subject of many of his most well-know pieces of art, especially the water lilies.

To honor and celebrate Claude Monet’s birthday we have gathered together five facts about his life that you may not know!

1.  His name was really not Claude!  Monet was baptized and given the official name of Oscar-Claude. His parents always called him Oscar.

2. Monet actually despised modern art. He and a group of artists would meet regularly to discuss what changes could impact the art world and those discussions eventually went on to become the foundation of Impressionism.

3. Monet’s wife was the subject of many of his most famous painting, but perhaps not for the reason you think. While Monet did love his wife and enjoy painting his family, along with his landscapes, he also did not have a whole lot of money early on his career.  He may have used his wife in paintings such as “Women In The Garden” and “Back on the Seine” because he could not afford to pay models to pose.

4. Monet was fascinated with the concept of death. Many of the core themes in his works pertain to exploring death, particularly his own. He also painted an intensely dark portrait of his wife on her deathbed which to this day is quite chilling to behold.


5. He is responsible for personally designing all of the gardens at Giverny. His famous water lilies are looked at as his lifetime masterpiece and he actually painted 250 works in the series.

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Happy Birthday To KFC Founder Colonel Sanders!


(PCM) As we know the month of September is National Eat Chicken Month and in addition to famed road-side attraction Chicken Boy’s birthday being this month, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) founder Colonel Harland Sanders’ was also born in the month of September, on the 9th to be exact and he would have been 125 years old this year! Colonel Sanders started out selling fried chicken from a roadside restaurant in 1930 during the Great Depression.  As his chicken continued to grow in popularity he saw the potential in the restaurant franchising business and the very first KFC franchise location opened in Utah in 1952.

The KFC franchise began to grow at a rapid pace and Colonel Sanders made the decision to sell the company to John Y Brown and Jack C Massey in 1964 for the amount of $2 million, however his name and image continue to be world-recognized symbols of the company to this day. Up until his death on December 16, 1980 Colonel Sanders continued to travel the world as the company’s goodwill ambassador, filmed countless TV commercials, and made massive amounts of public appearances.

As late as 1979 Sanders still made surprise visits to KFC restaurants, and if the food disappointed him denounced it to the franchisee as “God-damned slop” or pushed it onto the floor. Always recognized for his appearance, Colonel Sanders always wore a white suit with a black string tie and for the last 20 years of his life he never wore anything else in public. He even went as far as to bleach his goatee and mustache to match his white hair.

According to Wikipedia, Sanders was diagnosed with acute leukemia in June 1980. He died at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky of pneumonia at the age of 90. Sanders had remained active until the month before his death, appearing in his white suit to crowds. His body lay in state in the rotunda of the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort after a funeral service at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Chapel, which was attended by more than 1,000 people. Sanders was buried in his characteristic white suit and black western string tie in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville.

By the time of his death, there were an estimated 6,000 KFC outlets in 48 countries worldwide, with $2 billion of sales annually.

In honor of their legendary founder’s 125th birthday, KFC wanted to share “10 Things You May Not Have Known About Colonel Sanders:”

10 Things You May Not Have Known About Colonel Sanders

  1. The Colonel was so impressed by a local children’s mandolin band that he purchased mandolins and matching uniforms for everyone and dubbed them the “Colonel’s Mandolin Band;” he even helped them produce a record. You may remember seeing a re-creation of this band in the recent Kentucky Fried Chicken ads.
  2. The Colonel traveled an average of 250,000 miles each year visiting KFC locations worldwide to sell his fried chicken.  During the 70’s the 2 most recognizable men in the world were both from Louisville, Muhammad Ali and Colonel Sanders.
  3. There are 4,000 statues of the Colonel at KFC stores in Japan, which are dressed up in seasonal and cultural costumes throughout the year. Urban legend has it that the Japanese baseball team the Hanshin Tigers suffered an 18-year losing streak after fans ceremoniously threw a Colonel Sanders statue in the Dotonbori River in 1985. It is known among locals as the “Curse of the Colonel.”
  4. Although the Colonel was the most famous chicken salesman in the world, he was not responsible for creating the name Kentucky Fried Chicken, the bucket, or the iconic Finger Lickin’ Good ® tagline.  All were created with the help of the first franchisee, Pete Harman.
  5. The comic book KFC recently published for the 2015 San Diego Comic Con was not the first comic produced featuring Colonel Sanders. A 1960s comic featured the story of an imposter trying to impersonate the real Colonel. Over the decades, many actors (some famous and some not so famous) have played the iconic Colonel.
  6. A fried chicken visionary in his own right, the Colonel’s Original Recipe® chicken is fried in a pressure cooker to retain its distinct flavor and juiciness. The pressure-cooking process for frying chicken was invented and patented by the Colonel more than 75 years ago and is still used today at KFCs worldwide.
  7. Colonel Sanders has his very own Norman Rockwell portrait, however it almost didn’t happen. Rockwell stipulated that he would only paint the Colonel if he didn’t wear his glasses. After a colorful exchange, the Colonel relented and agreed to pose without his trademark spectacles and Rockwell began work on the portrait in the summer of 1973. This painting is one of the only known pictures to feature the Colonel without his glasses.
  8. The Colonel held an eclectic range of professions throughout his life before cashing in his social security check at age 65 to become the world’s greatest fried chicken entrepreneur. Prior to his fried chicken fame, the Colonel spent time as a locomotive fireman, a lighting salesman, an amateur obstetrician, and a ferry boat operator, among many other things.
  9. Not someone to turn his back on a friend, the Colonel once shot a man while protecting his employee at Sanders Superior Gas Station, which he owned and operated. He was never charged with a crime though, as it was done out of self-defense. The gunfight dramatization can be seen at colonelsanders.com.
  10. When the Colonel built the KFC headquarters in Louisville, KY, he made sure it boasted a replica facade of the White House in Washington, DC. His office, which was re-created and featured in the May 2015 campaign ads, was equipped with a big sturdy safe to house his top-secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. The Colonel’s White House is still home to both the KFC US Headquarters and the secret recipe, with his office having been converted into a free museum chronicling his life.


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