Our Inside Scoop Of The Film News Revealed At Comic Con 2014!

(PCM)Yesteday was a huge day for film annoucements at San Diego Comic Con 2014, with WB, Legendary, and Marvel all revealing big news to the thousands of fans in attendance.

We not only got to see the first footage of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but as a surprise the cast of the highly anticipated film made a brief appearance which caused the massive Hall H crowd to go wild as Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Gal Gadot graced the stage.

I also have to note that it was was truly amazing to see the newly expanded Hall H screens which assisted in making the film clips and footage shown even more impressive than ever…it’s all about the ambience right?

We also caught some amazing footage from Mad Max: Fury Road, which I have to say looks epic, gritty and intense, as well as an in-depth look at The Hobbit : Battle of Five Armies. The Hobbit panel was moderated by none other than Stephen Colbert, who was an extra surprise to an already exciting panel. Director Peter Jackson also revealed that this film is definitely his favorite of the three Hobbit films.

Mad Max director George Miller was incredibly excited for his first Comic Con appearance. He even had moderator Chris Hardwick snap a cell phone shot of him with the enormous crowd behind him…it was adorable.

In other film news, Godzilla 2 was announced as well as new monsters including Mothra were said to be included. We were also incredibly excited for the news about the possibility for Fight Club 2 from David Fincher and Chuck Palahniuk, who also revealed a new ten part book series is coming out this April.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For also had their time in the Hall H spotlight revealing new footage and the strong possibility of a third film. It was interesting to note that director Robert Rodriguez revealed that he composed eighty percent of the films score on his smart phone before putting the soundtrack together.

Marvel’s panel later in the evening was less than epic with none of their phase three line up being revealed. Also no confirmations for Doctor Strange as predicted and only a snippet of Antman which appears to be falling apart considering two more actors dropped out of the project. The footage from Avengers 2: Age of Ultron was amazing and news about Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was also met with great excitement from the crowd.

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Interview with Fifth Beatle author Vivek Tiwary

(PCM) While you may not know his face, you are certainly aware of his work! Vivek Tiwary is the author of the NY Times best-selling graphic novel “The Fifth Beatle”and also was the producer of the hit Broadway musical Green Day’s “American Idiot”.

Tiwary chatted with us about the upcoming film adaptation of “The Fifth Beatle” which is currently in pre-production. He revealed “we are still currently working on casting, but should have some announcements soon. We are talking to someone for the lead role of Brian Epstein”.

Tiwary told us that he has been a fan of The Beatles for as long as he can remember and credits his mother for introducing him to their music. He also said that Sir Paul McCartney sent him a note saying that he enjoyed the book and had his seal of approval. Tiwary says”It was surreal!”

Tiwary is also currently working on a Broadway adaptation for the hit Alanis Morrisette album “Jagged Little Pill”.

Stay tuned for our full interview coming soon!

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The Gospel According to Josh By Josh Rivedal, A Review

Gospel Josh(PCM) The Gospel According To Josh is a memoir of a young man who had to deal with his father’s suicide as well as his desire to end his own life. It is a book that never lets the reader down as he or she Journey’s with Josh down a hard a tear stained highway.

Josh Rivedal’s book begins with a synopsis of his childhood and his strained relationship with his dad. It moves forward quickly to the divorce of his parents and then comes even more quickly to his dad’s suicide. Josh handles this part of the book with a sense of dark humor. The humor is never disrespectful; it is honest in its telling. In fact Josh’s style of writing of really bad situations in a way allows the impact to come full force but without hurting the reader is a wonder all by itself, how he eventually puts this power to use is a marvelous gift to all of us.

The author then tells of the issues and the court hearing regarding his father’s estate. He tells us of his relationship with his girlfriend which feels the strain of his family issues and eventually comes to an end. Josh then opens his heart completely about his depression, his confusion on what to do with his life and his own desire to bring his life to an end.

The story doesn’t end there, the miracles start to happen. Josh opts to reach out for help instead. He finds joy in life where he can, and because he does not wish for anyone else to go through what he has gone through, he turns his father’s story and his own into a one man play and begins to find ways to add a suicide prevention message to the story as well as to have a panel of experts to help field questions after the show.

This book has many other layers that I have not even begun to explore here. It should be required high school reading and it should be read by every parent in America. It should be read by the broken hearted as well because with in these pages lies hope.

The word Gospel has a simple meaning; it means “Good News.” So the Gospel according to Josh is truly the good news according to Josh. The good news is simple, Josh proves that with work and a plan life can get better. He proves through his writing that suicide is not really an answer, and most importantly he points the way for others to find the answers they need.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who has contemplated suicide and for anyone who has a friend or a family member that has attempted suicide or has actually completed the act. There is hope and healing in The Gospel According To Josh.

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