Abercrombie & Fitch Says Goodbye To Abs


(PCM) Can we say it’s about time!  Clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch has announced that they are doing away with their old highly-sexualized marketing techniques and saying goodbye to using half-naked male models on everything from their shopping bags to billboards. The company says that these flashes of flesh and abs would no longer be welcome in their stories.

It is no doubt that the resignation of former controversial Abercrombie CEO Mike Jeffries has something to do with these much needed changes. Jeffries was well-known and highly criticized over the years for his overly sexual and racist business viewpoints and stirred up ton of controversy when he was quoted as saying that he did not want to see ugly or overweight people wearing the brand. Jeffries stepped down as CEO of the company back in December.

The company claims that they analyzed many sentiments and opinions that came directly from consumers and decided that it was time to make a change. In addition to the marketing and advertising changes the company also revealed that they are revamping the company’s hiring policy which was based on both body type and physical attractiveness. They are taking on a more open-minded approach and also revealed a new dress code which would allow employees when hired to be more individualistic.

These new company-wide changes will apply to both Abercrombie & Fitch stores and Hollister as well!

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Sarah Silverman Sorry For Fudging Wage Gap PSA


(PCM) A company by the name of Levo League released a video PSA that featured comedienne Sarah Silverman talking candidly about the wage gap issues between men and women. In the video she shared a story about a time that she was paid less than a man for the same job and went as far as to name drop the club that was allegedly involved.

The owner of the comedy club mentioned was infuriated by the PSA and is disputing the story that Silverman told in the video. Silverman has now issued a public apology claiming that she regrets her mischaracterization of the situation.

The story Silverman told was about showing up to perform at set at the New York Comedy Club along with fellow comedian Todd Barry. She claims that her and Barry performed for the same exact amount of time at the same show, however Barry was paid $60 for the night and she was only paid $10. She went on to reveal that when she went the office of club owner Al Martin to question the difference in pay and he responded with “Oh, did you want a $60 spot?” Silverman said it was not the point that she needed $60, but it was more symbolic than anything else.

After the video PSA aired, club owner Al Martin posted on his clubs Facebook page that Silverman had only shown up at the club that night as a guest spot and was unannounced, unlike Barry who was actually booked ahead of time to perform that evening. Martin says that a guest spot does not require the same payment as someone who is booked, and the fact that he even gave her money at all was more than most clubs would do for an unannounced guest. He claims that Silverman must have “forgot that little fact”.

In her statement, Silverman says, “All I can say is I remember that story exactly how I said it. I know that Todd called the club earlier in the day to let them know I was in town if they wanted me to do a set. They put me up for a 15 min spot just after Todd’s 15 min spot. I didn’t expect to get paid, that’s not why I was there, but when I got off stage Al, the sweet club owner, paid me 10 bucks and I signed the payment sheet. I was like, oh, nice. I inferred from that that this was a paid spot not a guest spot. Either way I would have been fine. Then when Todd pointed out that he received 60 dollars for the same spot I went back inside and asked Al why Todd got sixty dollars and I got ten. That’s when he certainly could have said “Because it was a guest spot, Sarah. I was just being super nice and gave you ten dollars for cab money.” But instead, (and I will always remember this exactly how he said it because it was unbelievably hilarious) he said, “Oh- did you want a $60 spot?”

She goes on to say that she should not have mentioned Martin or the New York Comedy Club by name in the PSA and should have just shared a “faceless nameless anecdote” and that her story hardly reflects any true indication of wage gap issues. She added, “To Al, I truly am sorry to bring you into this as you employ women and pay them the same as the men I’m sure. To the maniacs who want to use this as a chit against women’s issues, I ask that you please don’t. Because that would be super sh*tty. Feel free to aim your vitriol at me but leave this issue of working women out of it, K?”

Since Silverman’s apology Martin has posted on Facebook again commending her for taking the step to apologize and that he “fully accepts” her apology. He says that she is welcome perform anytime at his Broadway Comedy Club, booked in advance or not!

You can watch Silverman’s full PSA below, which still remains on the Levo League YouTube channel, despite the controversy.

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Snoop Dogg Invests In Pot Delivery Startup Company


(PCM) This news should not come as surprising, but word on the street is that Snoop Dogg has joined the growing list of investors who are backing the pot delivery company Eaze. The company promises to deliver medicinal marijuana to your doorstep in about a 10 minute time span.  That is quicker than most pizza delivery services!!

Eaze launched about nine months ago and in its’ short time of existence they have already made over 30,000 deliveries and hope to begin further expanding, as well as, hire additional employees.  The company has already earned about $10 million for various investors which in addition to Snoop Dogg include DCM Ventures and Fresh VC.

The investments come at a perfect time, as there is currently a huge business boom in the legal marijana industry. Medical marijuana is now legal in 20 states and recreational marijuana is legal in Alaska, Colorado, Washington and Washington, D.C.

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McDonald’s Finally Gives Taco Bell Some Payback


(PCM) When Taco Bell first unveiled their new breakfast menu, they put together some advertising that took a direct stab at fellow fast food chain McDonald’s. It was Taco Bell’s attempt to poke fun at good ol’ Ronald McDonald and attempt to lure consumers away from McDonald’s for breakfast treats.

McDonald’s is now finally giving Taco Bell some payback and offering up free food in exchange for a Taco Bell receipt. Basically, visit Taco Bell for breakfast and then proceed to McDonald’s to trade your Taco Bell receipt for a free Egg McMuffin. Please make note that Taco Bell is the only competitor whose receipt will be accepted.

For one week only McDonald’s restaurants in the northeast are trying out this rather spiteful promotion and are attempting to bring back any of the customers they may have lost to Taco Bell’s breakfast offerings.

It has not yet been determined if any additional McDonald’s restaurants throughout the country will pick up on this bizarre promotion.


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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Food Stamp Publicity Stunt Is A PR Nightmare

(PCM) While we definitely think that her intentions were in the right place,  actress and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow’s tweet showcasing her $29 worth of groceries purchased with food stamps has left many people with a bad taste in their mouths.

Paltrow is taking part in the New York City Food Bank Challenge that aims to raise awareness and money for the city’s food bank. The challenge is for Paltrow to live off the city’s weekly food stamp allowance which is only $29.

Paltrow’s photo showed that she purchased brown rice, black beans, eggs, an avocado, cilantro, some leafy small leafy greens and yes, count them, SEVEN limes! People were understandably outraged by Paltrow’s food stamp purchases, as majority feel it does not adequately show how the average person would shop if given the budget of only $29. Could she even survive for a week off of what she purchased? It looks more like she is trying to make some guacamole and seriously … what could she possibly be doing with seven limes???

With the image she tweeted the following text : “This is what $29 gets you at the grocery store – what families on SNAP (i.e. food stamps) have to live on for a week.”

While Paltrow did make healthy choices for her weekly food budget, many feel it was like an insult to those who are forced to use the benefits just for adequate sustenance. The tweet further proved the point about just how out of touch celebrities are with average everyday life.

While there were some people on Twitter that praised Paltrow for her choices, the majority of people were absolutely disgusted and insulted. A firestorm of criticism broke out against Paltrow and many were telling her just where to stick her Goop and asking ‘How about we try living on Paltrow’s weekly allowance for a week’?

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Utah Man’s Wrinkled Shirt Worn During Presidential Meeting Goes Viral


(PCM) Donning a suit and tie for men and a dress for ladies is generally considered the proper formal attire for a meeting with the President Of The United States. Grabbing a wrinkled polo shirt from the back of your closet to wear is probably not the best idea, however that is just what happened to poor Marvin Lance Futch of Salt Lake City, Utah.

To give Futch the benefit of the doubt, when he got dressed that day he had no idea that he would sitting at the same conference table as President Obama, however it happened and now the image of Futch and his wrinkly polo shirt has gone viral.

Futch was under the initial impression that he was going to hear a “federal official”talk about job creation for vets inside a large auditorium on a Utah Air Force Base. He then found himself seated at the head of the conference table with not only President Obama, but Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, Utah Representative Rob Bishop and the Mayor of Salt Lake City Ralph Becker as well!

Futch works for a solar company called Vivint and is also a member of the Air National Guard. The crinkled polo shirt he was wearing had his company logo on it and President Obama did ask him about the company, but did not mention anything about Futch’s not some formal attire. In fairness, we don’t think it looks as bad as people are making it out to be and surely it was an honest mistake of Futch’s and his company.

Sources claim that the company misunderstood the request to send a representative from their company and had they known it was going to be a sit-down with the President they would have surely sent their CEO.  It looks like Futch handled things pretty well and is keeping up his sense of humor about the wrinkled polo shirt and says that now he is even thinking of framing it for memories sake.

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