‘Stranger Things’ Tops The List Of Most Sought After Halloween Costumes


(PCM) Fans are clamoring to get their hands on anything that would resemble a costume from the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” for the Halloween season. The series tops the list of the most sought after character costumes with many fans searching the internet high and low for retro clothing items that will allow them to dress up as “Eleven” or “Barb”.

It is actually fairly easy to piece meal an “Eleven” costume together from various items on the internet, and of course don’t forget to include a box of delicious Eggo Waffles!  Top picks for a great “Eleven” costume include a pink Peter Pan collared dress paired up with a dark blue denim bomber jacket. The only other items needed would be a old blonde wig and a dirty pair of tennis shoes and voila! You have your perfect “Eleven” costume.

Many fans are also attempting to dress up as fan favorite “Barb” by purchasing a good pair of high-waisted mom jeans and an adorable pussy bow blouse in a color of your choosing. Add a pair of large thick framed glasses and you are all set!

Other popular costume choices for Halloween are of course Suicide Squad’s “Harley Quinn” and “The Joker” and political figures such as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. There has definitely been a rise of more super-hero based costume choices and less on the typical costumes such as princesses, witches, vampires and animals.

Do you have any unique costume ideas? What do you plan to wear this year?

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You Know The Pumpkin Spice Craze Has Gone Too Far When There Is Now A Pumpkin Spice Pizza!


(PCM) Can we say, yuck! Without a doubt the pumpkin spice trend has gone way to far when there is now a pumpkin spice flavored pizza. Seriously, who would even think of such as thing? The creator of The Pizza Shelf, Anthony Rotio, that’s who!

Rotio decided to jump on the pumpkin spice bandwagon and created what we believe to be the first pumpkin spice flavored pizza. It contains pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, honey, fior di latte, ricotta, and sage. If you are a fan of pumpkin spice than this will be your dream come true, but those of us pumpkin spice haters out there, this is just one more reason to further despise the season.

It also appears that Rotio, himself, is not a huge pumpkins spice fan, however he recently revealed to Cosmopolitan Magazine that he actually created the Pumpkin Spice pizza for this wife who is pumpkin spice flavor obsessed. Now there’s a loving husband right there! Props, to you Rotio!

Would you try Pumpkin Spice flavored pizza?  Are you a fan of Pumpkin Spice in general?  Let us know the oddest Pumpkin Spice related item you’ve discovered this season!


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Did You Ever Wonder Just Want An Auctioneer Is Saying During His Chant? It Actually Isn’t Gibberish!


(PCM) We have always gotten a case of the giggles when listing the incredibly fast-paced chant of an auctioneer. Upon first listen it can truly sound like nothing more than a bunch of gibberish, however, the mystery has now been solved and someone has finally broken down just what the auctioneer is actually saying. Surprisingly they are normal words, just said a ridiculous speed.

Barry Baker of Ohio Real Estate took a few minutes to create a rather informative video breaking down (in normal speed) just what is flowing from the mouths of most auctioneers.

It’s hilarious because after watching the video we can actually begin to pick out a few of the words a bit more clearly even when the auctioneer is spitting them out at rapid pace. Baker says that the auctioneers use a lot of filler words such as “bid”, “dollar”, and “now” which can sound a bit jumbled when spoken at fast paces.

You can read Baker’s auctioneer speech below to get an even better understanding:

“The auction’s on. What are you going to give for it? Would you give 200 dollars? Well, then, give a hundred. I’ve got a hundred, now a hundred-and-a-quarter. Would you give a hundred-and-a-quarter? Now a hundred-and-a-half. A hundred-and-a-half, would you give one-seventy-five? One-seventy-five, now two hundred. Two hundred, now two-and-a-quarter. Anyone else, give two-and-a-quarter? Sold, two hundred dollars.”

Well, thanks for clearing that up!

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Star Trek Celebrates 50th Anniversary! Did You Know Lucille Ball Saved The Series?


(PCM) The iconic and cult-favorite series Star Trek is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary, but did you know that the series almost didn’t make it on the air? It was actually saved by actress and producer Lucille Ball!

Lucy was the head of Desilu Productions and when it was revealed how much the pilot episode of the Star Trek series was going to be to complete it was initially rejected by the production company. Lucy overruled her entire board of directors and made sure that the pilot was produced.  It was later rejected by NBC back in 1964, however the network did ask for another pilot to be filmed with actor William Shatner taking on the role of Captain Kirk.

Lucy financed the project once again going against the judgement of her board of directors. Just another reason why we certainly love Lucy even more!

Actor William Shatner spoke with AARP magazine last month in regards to looking back on 50th anniversary celebration. On the subject of Star Trek being a hit show he said “I mean, Star Trek teetered on the brink for three years. Even while we were on the air, I was probably keeping my eyes open for other jobs.”

When speaking about the power of “Enterprise” Shatner commented “I was making a documentary, and I needed an airplane. So I cold-called an executive at the Canadian airplane manufacturer Bombardier and asked to borrow one. He said, ‘Sure! I became an aeronautical engineer because of you. This is my payback.’”

He went on to jokingly speak out his Starfleet rivals saying “I’m jealous of all the captains who followed me. Some are even young and good looking. I was young and good looking; the important word is ‘was.’”

When asked about being at peace with Captain Kirk, Shatner reveals “Whatever success I’ve had is because of him. I was a leading man, kissing the girls and fighting the villains. That’s not a bad bag to be in.”

A little more Star Trek history: 

Star Trek: The Original Series made its broadcast debut 50 years ago on September 8, 1966, premiering with “The Man Trap.” With this premiere, Star Trek promised to take viewers on a five-year mission where no one had gone before. However, that mission almost ended before it began, as the network rejected the original pilot episode, believing it was “too slow” with “not enough action.” Titled “The Cage,” that first pilot episode would be locked away and not broadcast in its completed form until 22 years later.

The early story of the Star Trek debut is fascinating to fans of classic television and Sci Fi. Beginning in 1966, the Trek journey began with a pilot episode titled “The Cage.” While this episode featured familiar elements, it was otherwise quite different from the Star Trek series audiences would soon discover. This first pilot-to-series version takes place 13 years prior to James T. Kirk taking command of the U.S.S. Enterprise. It had a different Captain, Christopher Pike (Jeffrey Hunter), and with the exception of R. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) it had an entirely different crew and a very different feel. The network rejected this original version, and the episode did not air on television in its completed form until 1988. But the Star Trek concept and universe lived on. A second pilot was ordered and from there the studio went on to produce new episodes, including what would be the premiere episode “The Man Trap” (1966), starring the beloved Star Trek crew led by Capt. James T. Kirk (William Shatner).

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It Will Be A True Miracle If ‘Miracle Mattress’ Can Stay In Business After Controversial 9/11 Ad


(PCM) There are literally no words to fully describe the idiocy of the folks over at Miracle Mattress store in San Antonio, Texas. The store manger a two colleagues decided to create a video showcasing their sale in honor of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks calling it the Twin Towers sale.

Never ever should a national tragedy such as this one be used to boost sales, however these morons thought that it was fantastic idea, that is until the negative feedback began rolling in! You have to see this crazy video. We can’t believe anyone would think this was a good idea, as it is in complete poor taste.

The video has since gone viral and it was initially posted to the Miracle Mattress Facebook page. The offensive video was quickly removed and the store manager Cherise Bonnano who is seen in the video, has issued an emotional apology to the San Antonio news. She had the audacity to say “We are not hate, we are love. We are somebody that stands out. We’re Miracle Mattress, we make miracles happen. For our lives to be in danger, that’s not what we ever wanted,

Store owner Mike Bonnano also issued a statement saying “Effective immediately, Miracle Mattress will review our entire marketing strategy to ensure a stringent approval process will be in place to stop this from ever happening again. We will also engage a personnel review to hold these employees accountable for their actions.”

The store has also said that 30% of all sales made this weekend will be donated to the 9/11 foundation, however something tells us that is not going to be very much money as many people are already threatening to boycott the store. The store is currently closed indefinitely after they received several threats. No word on if they plan on reopening anytime soon.

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Disney Begins Fingerprinting Children Three Years And Older At Theme Parks


(PCM) Raising quite a few security and privacy concerns, Disney has revealed that they will now be require fingerprint scanning of all guests including children ages 3 years and older. Adults visiting the Disney Theme parks have had to deal with finger print scanning for the past several years, but what raises concern is that now their children will be required to do the same, as prior, children ages 3-9 were exempt from having their finger scanned.

Disney says that the new policy has been put in effect as a way to battle fraud, as people had been trying to cheat the system and sneak more people into the park. The finger print scanners have been put in place at all Disney theme parks and water parks and uses biometric technology which Disney is calling their Ticket Tag Service.

For those that are concerned, Disney claims that they do not store any of the finger print information and that once the image of the finger print is scanned it is converted to a number system and the original image is deleted.  Disney is allowing parents who are not comfortable with their young children’s fingers being scanned to use their own finger instead, however doesn’t that seem to defeat the purpose of battle the fraud.

Either way, it is definitely stirring up some buzz and many are not happy with Disney’s newly implemented policy.

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