Mall Of America Hires First Black Santa Claus


(PCM) America’s largest mall, the Mall Of America near Minneapolis, Minnesota is making history by hiring their first black Santa Claus as part of their Santa Experience. The mall announced the news that they have hired Larry Jefferson to take on the role of Santa Claus for select appearances this month. Co-owner of the malls Santa Experience, Landon Luther, says, “This is a long time coming. We want Santa to be for everyone, period.”

The mall feels that having a black Santa gives children who aren’t white to see a Santa Claus character that looks like them. The Santa Experience launched a nationwide search for a diverse Santa Claus. They discovered Jefferson at a Santa convention in Branson, Missouri, over the summer. He was the only black Santa among the 1,000 impersonators in attendance. Jefferson is originally from Irving, Texas and is a veteran Santa impersonator in his home state. 

He was more than happy to sign on for a four-day stint at the Mall Of America’s Santa Experience. He will be taking pictures and handing out candy canes to the children. Jefferson had some absolutely heartwarming sentiments to share about acting as the mall’s first black Santa. He said “I’m just a messenger to bring hope, love and peace to girls and boys. Anybody can be Santa; it’s what’s in your heart.” Awww … so many feels this holiday season!  This may not seem like such a huge ordeal, but it is definitely a long overdue step in the right direction in the midst of our current political climate.  

In case you happen to wonder what Santa’s wish would be this holiday season according to the Star Tribune, he said he would love to be invited to the White House by President Obama and would also like to visit President-elect Donald Trump, too! 

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New Spotify Billboards Are Hilariously Invasive (But We Love Them!)


(PCM) Spotify’s new marketing campaign is absolutely hilarious. They are using billboards to call out some of their subscribers more “questionable” listening habits, but of course they are not naming names. They are posing quite a few questions and adding some delightful commentary about just why certain users would listen in such a way. 

A few examples read, “Dear person who played ‘Sorry’ 42 times on Valentine’s Day, What did you do?”, another says “To the 1,235 guys who loved the “Girls Night” playlist this year, We love you.” Our personal favorite reads “Dear person in the Theater District who listened to the Hamilton soundtrack 5,375 times this year, can you get us tickets?” Too funny! 

spotify-ad2 spotify-ad3

Spotify CMO Seth Farban recently told Creativity, “There has been some debate about whether big data is muting creativity in marketing, but we have turned that on its head. For us, data inspires and gives an insight into the emotion that people are expressing.” The article went on to explain that the ad campaign was originated with 2015’s end-of-year “Year in Music” campaign, as it transpired that data from listeners in different geographical areas provided some interesting insights. “That led to the idea of reflecting culture via listener behavior.”

The new ad campaign marks Spotify’s largest to date and it is definitely bringing them some attention. The billboards are a brilliant idea and incredibly funny, but definitely makes you think twice about just who is watching and collecting data in regards to our listening habits online. 

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Donut Lover Sues Krispy Kreme Over False Advertising


(PCM) Things are not going sweet for donut chain Krispy Kreme, as they are currently engaged in a class-action lawsuit put forth by a customer who is accusing the company of false advertising and misleading business practices. The lawsuit focuses specifically on Krispy Kreme’s “glazed raspberry filled”, “glazed blueberry cake” and “maple iced glazed” donuts.

The former customer complains that Krispy Kreme does not actually use real raspberries, blueberries or maple syrup when creating these donut treats. We can’t say that we’ve ever really thought that much about it when taking a nibble of a delicious Krispy Kreme donut, but hey, to each their own! Should we feel scammed?

The lawsuit states Krispy Kreme is using sugar, syrups, food coloring, and “blueberry gumbits” to “mimic the texture, shape and color” of the advertised flavors. The lawsuit seeks $5 million dollars in damages for customers who were duped into believing they were consuming quality ingredients. We would probably just be happy with a free dozen donuts, but $5 million doesn’t seem so bad either. Will the Hot Light be on?


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What In The World Are Hatchimals And Why Are They Selling Out Everywhere This Holiday Season?


(PCM) If you are the parent of a young child this holiday season then you have most likely seen Hatchimals pop up on your child’s holiday gift list, however many children are going to be left disappointed as these toys are sold-out everywhere and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! It’s like reliving the Tickle Me Elmo and Furby crazes all over again. In fact, Hatchimals are eerily kind of similar to Furbys. 

They are small brightly colored bird-like creatures that you must wait patiently to hatch out of a plastic egg. Once the Hatchimal breaks free of the egg they can be taught to speak and play games. There are five “species” of Hatchimals: Pengualas, Draggles, Owlicorns, Burtles and Bearakeets. The shopping panic has already begun, as it is not even Black Friday yet and these toys are literally flying off the shelves. Stores are completely sold-out of any inventory and unclear the manufacturing company is unclear as to whether or not any more will be in stock before the start of the holiday shopping season. 

There are already rumors circulating online that Hatchimals purposefully distributed low stock numbers to drum up more publicity and demand, however the company, Spin Master, claims it is no way a PR stunt and the demand for Hatchimals has surprisingly exceeded their expectations. They claim that more products will be available in November, however after that shipment sells out there will not be any more Hatchimals available until early 2017.  The retail value for a Hatchimal is $60, but people are now selling them for hundreds (even thousands!) of dollars on eBay, Amazon and other online retailers.

Looks like there might be a lot of rain checks/ IOU’s under the Christmas Tree this year! Either that or just stick a Furby in a box and call it a day! 

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City Of Denver Has No Clue Who Is Expertly Running Their Instagram Account


(PCM) Denver, Colorado city officials are scratching their heads trying to determine who has been expertly running the “City Of Denver” Instagram account. The account is gorgeously curated with various images that showcase Denver’s picturesque skylines, local events and more, but surprisingly the city itself is not behind running the account.

They have no idea who has been updating it, but they certainly feel whoever it may be, they are doing a fantastic job. The account has over 150 thousand followers and links to a website which features the city of Denver’s official logo and lists prices for advertising.

It seems the account name has been held for several years now, but city officials have had absolutely no luck in unraveling the mystery of who exactly is behind the account. It was originally thought that the account was created as a prank, however the images chosen and their accompanying captions are spectacular, so it is really an huge boost for tourism in the region. 

The city has not yet requested that the user give up the Instagram handle, but they do request that the account holder refrain from any further use of the city’s logo and website information. 

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Someone Leaked Starbucks New Holiday Cup Design


(PCM) We are sure that everyone can recall the great Starbucks holiday red cup controversy and all the subsequent memes that followed, so we are hoping that this year’s design which was leaked by a brave barista who hides under the Reddit user name DasUberSquid, will not cause such a huge stir-up. 

Starbucks all over the country began receiving shipment boxed that were stamped with a sticker that read “No Peeking until after November 10”, however you know that people (and the internet) cannot help themselves, so of course someone just had to have their peek (and then post it online for us all to see). 

The boxes held the new Starbucks holiday cups which always debut in early November. While DasUberSquid revealed that he “peeked”, it is rumored that this design is only one of a few which will make their debut in Starbucks franchises on November 10th! 

What do you think? 

I peeked.

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