Microsoft Designed AI To Auto-Caption Photos And The Results Were Disastrous!

(PCM) It appears that Microsoft has not been having much luck in the AI department these days, as their teenage AI Twitterbot “Tay” was turned into a sex-crazed Nazi supporter and now after unveiling their new AI based auto-caption program for photos, the results were hilariously disastrous!

The plan for “Captionbot” was that it is supposed to be able to accurately describe any photo you show it by providing a detailed caption explaining what is happening in the photo. Let’s just say that obviously many of the kinks have not yet been worked out of the program as it has been captioning majority of photos with nothing even remotely close to what is being pictured and the results are downright ridiculous.

Here are a few gems below:

Captionbot5 Captionbot2

Captionbot4 Captionbot3 Captionbot1


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AMC Theater Chain Considers To Allow Texting During A Movie


(PCM) We are already chained to our electronic handcuffs a.k.a. cellphones enough throughout the day, so one would think that being able to enjoy heading out to catch a flick and disengaging from technology for a little bit would not be such a bad thing, well, think again!

AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron recently told Variety magazine that the company was seriously considering to allow texting in their theaters during a movie. They feel that the amount of millennials shelling out cash and attending a movie showing has been on a steady decline over the past few years and hope that by allowing this generation, as well as, others keep their phones on during the film would somehow make the overall experience more appealing.

Forget the fact that the light and buzz from cellphones constantly going off is a distraction to those of us who would actually like to enjoy a movie and unplug for a bit! Needless to say, the suggestion is getting quite a lot of backlash from movie goers, many who share in our opinion and would rather attend the movies distraction-free!

Aron told Variety, “When you tell a 22-year-old to turn off the phone, don’t ruin the movie, they hear please cut off your left arm above the elbow. You can’t tell a 22-year-old to turn off their cellphone. That’s not how they live their life. At the same time, though, we’re going to have to figure out a way to do it that doesn’t disturb today’s audiences. There’s a reason there are ads up there saying turn off your phone, because today’s moviegoer doesn’t want somebody sitting next to them texting or having their phone on.”

What’s next? Special text-friendly theaters?  Perhaps, as the idea was for AMC theaters to have special auditoriums set aside for those that would like to keep texting! Unreal! Aron later took to Twitter to clarify some of his comments saying that it was only a consideration on very few screens as the company realizes that majority of their customers would rather not text during a movie and would only pursue the option if all of their guests were fully supportive.

Yeah, that will never happen … back to the drawing board guys!

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Looking For Something Unique To Do This Weekend? Try A Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt!


(PCM) We recently had the opportunity to participate in the Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt at the Philadelphia Art Museum and can honestly say we had an absolute blast. It was a great way to work together as a team gathering clues and analyzing evidence to reach a conclusion about who committed the murder of an art curator at the museum.

Watson Adventures was not lying when they said this was one of their more challenging hunts, as the clues we had to solve led us to just about every area of the art museum and many required serious study of various pieces of art to determine just how they fit in the overall puzzle. We were given a two hour time frame to complete the hunt, however we definitely could have benefited from about another hour, as it was very challenging to quickly make your way around the entire Philadelphia Art Museum without being distracted by many of the other phenomenal pieces of art that surround you during your quest.

Also, be prepared to do a lot of walking, as throughout our hunt we had to explore multiple art galleries on various floors of the museum. The stairs at the Philadelphia Art Museum are no joke (right, “Rocky” fans?) and we somehow never did find the elevators. Overall, the hunt was great exercise both physically and mentally and at no point in time did we find ourselves bored or disinterested. There is definitely a reason why this particular scavenger hunt is limited to adults only, as it does require quite a bit of critical thinking and analyzation, as well as, themes such as greed, lust, pride, revenge and treachery while trying to solve the mystery of the curators untimely passing.

The scavenger hunt was both engaging and entertaining and is the perfect afternoon activity if you are on the search for something a little bit different and unique to try out. It was a true learning experience in a very fun way and definitely a neat way to explore the museum. We absolutely can’t wait to take off on another Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt in the very near future!

The great news is that Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts take place in various major metropolitan cities in addition to Philadelphia such as Boston, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco to name a few! For more information or to book an adventure please visit:

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Try To Get Through This Farm Equipment Video Without Having “Dirty” Thoughts!


(PCM) Sexual innuendo and farm equipment are generally two topics that do not go hand in hand, however when watching the strangely erotic video for the Man Saver Pneumatic Post Driver, one can not help but take their mind straight to the gutter.

The Man Saver Post Driver is a device that assists farm workers with building and posting fences hands-free, and who doesn’t love hands-free? The video is strangely hypnotic and in some way sensual. What do you think? Either way, we think that manufacturer Rohrer will be surprised by the sudden interest in their post driver product line!

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Microsoft Unveils A Teenage Girl Twitterbot; It Immediately Turns Into A Sex-Crazed Nazi


(PCM) You can only imagine what happened once Microsoft decided to unveil their new “teenage girl” Twitterbot and have it learn from the wonderful folks on the internet! The Twitterbot named Tay is an artificial intelligence chat robot designed by Microsoft whose AI was modeled after teen girl speak with the ability to learn from other Twitter users. Not surprisingly, the internet decided to have a bit of fun with Tay and overnight she was quickly turned into a sex-crazed Nazi!

Here is Microsoft’s official description of Tay: “The official account of Tay, Microsoft’s A.I. fam from the internet that’s got zero chill! The more you talk the smarter Tay gets”

The technology works by having Tay begin to mimic and learn from the people who interact with her on Twitter. This obviously led to quite a few questionable interactions from Twitter users who immediately began to question Tay about everything from 9/11 conspiracy theories, support for Hilter and of course sexual innuendo.

This experiment certainly left many people incredibly concerned for the overall future of AI and many could not understand why Microsoft would not have had someone monitoring Tay’s account to be sure that it did not get out of hand in this way. Eventually, Tay tweeted that she was going to sleep after her long day of conversations and the account has been quiet ever since. Something tells us that we will not be hearing anymore for Tay and let’s hope her robot death is as quick and painless as possible at the hands of Microsoft!

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Instagram Plans To Experiment With New Algorithm And Users Are Not Pleased


(PCM) Instagram has revealed their plans to experiment with a new algorithm that will begin to customize a users feeds based upon the posts and friends that they typically “Like”, making it much the same as your daily Facebook feed. Let’s not forget that Facebook actually own Instagram, so many of these changes should not come as much of a surprise.

The current Instagram feed allows users to view recent posts in chronological order and whether or not they “Like” a post has no bearing on its’ placement within the feed.  With the new algorithm, if you hit “Like” on a users post, it will automatically nudge them higher in your feed in the future. Most users are not happy about the change as they feel they should be able to have control over what they do and don’t want to see on their social media feeds.

Despite the backlash, Instagram still plans to test the new algorithm and hopes that users will be happier in the long run.

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