Go Daddy Pulls Controversial Puppy Ad Prior To The Super Bowl


(PCM) Amid a ton of critical backlash on social media Go Daddy has announced their decision to pull their controversial puppy commercial from airing during the Super Bowl.

The ad, which was titled “Journey Home” featured an adorable puppy that get lost after falling out of the back of a pick-up truck. “Buddy” (the puppy) eventually manages to find his way home and his owners are overjoyed to see him … why? Because they have just sold him online using a website they created from Go Daddy.

Immediately everyone was up in arms about the commercial, as it was seen … read more...

Twitter Adds Video To Its’ Mobile App!


(PCM) There is some incredibly big news for Twitter fans as the company announced several new features including video. According to Tubefilter.com, the new video service allows users to access their phones camera with a single touch of the button.

Users can also snap photos and edit those photos and video clips without having to leave the app. Twitter, enlisted actor Neil Patrick Harris to announce the new services and he uploaded a quick video of himself and an Oscar night sneak peek. As many know, NPH will be hosting the upcoming Academy Awards broadcast.


Popular Candy Pulled From Shelves Over Racist Concerns


(PCM) Swedish candy company, Haribo recently made the decision to pull a popular brand of their gummies after receiving quite a bit of social media backlash.

Many consumers claimed that the gummies were racist in nature as those included in the black licorice “Skipper Mix” were shaped to look like primitive African, Asian and Native American art.

Haribo released a statement which defended the black licorice faces and denied that there was any negative purpose behind them. The company ultimately made the decision to still keep the product, but remove the parts that customers may have found offensive.

The picture …

Exploding Kittens Card Game Raises 2 million on Kickstarter


(PCM) You want to know the best part? Not only did the Exploding Kittens card game raise 2 million dollars via Kickstarter, but they did it in only one day!  It is unbelievable and the donations are still continuing.

The idea for the Exploding Kittens game comes from Michael Inman, who also happens to be the creator of the popular comic site, The Oatmeal. When Inman launched the Kickstarter campaign for Exploding Kittens, he never dreamed it would catch on in such as way. The campaign reached it’s initial goal for $10,000 in just a few minutes of being live.… read more...

Annual List Of The ‘Worst Passwords’ Has Been Revealed


(PCM) Let’s hope you don’t see one of yours on the list!  The threat of password stealing and cyber hacking is a huge threat and a major fear now that majority of our lives take place in a digital universe. SplashData has released their annual list of the ‘worst passwords’ that people still continue to use and are incredibly easy to hack/steal.

Still coming in at number one and number two respectively are “1234” and “password” and many people still continue to use the names of pets, children, birthdays, etc to protect their valuable online assets. SplashData urges people to … read more...

“Ship Your Enemies Glitter” Site Overwhelms Its’ Own Founder


(PCM) Who would have thought that a simple, yet heinously brilliant idea to ship your enemies an envelope stuffed full of glitter would soar in popularity in such a way that it has completely overwhelmed its’ creator.

Never underestimate the populations need to be vindictive!  ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com founder Matthew Carpenter never imagined that his crazy service idea would blow up the way that it has, but it has now become so popular that he has been forced to suspend service and is begging customers to “chill out” with the ordering.

The website basically states “Send Glitter To The People You Hate” … read more...

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