Police Shut Down Jerry Seinfeld’s Lemonade Stand!


(PCM) We can already see the array of joke material that will be coming from this incident. Police in East Hampton New York swept in an shut down a lemonade stand that comedian Jerry Seinfeld was running with this children after they claimed to have received numerous complaints from neighbors in the area.

It seems that Jerry and his children happened to set up their lemonade stand in an area of their neighborhood that does not allow any type of solicitation or sales to take place. The neighbors became unhappy with the amount of traffic that the lemonade stand was bringing to the area and contacted the local area police to have them shut-down.

Despite being shut down by police the lemonade stand did manage to bring in some money which will be donated to a charity run by Jerry’s wife Jessica call Baby Buggy, which donates clothing to families in need.

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Yes, There Is Actually A Cecil the Lion Halloween Costume Available!


(PCM) If you were offended by the idea of a Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume then you are really going to love the fact that someone has actually created a Cecil the Lion costume and it’s as crude as you would imagine.

The costume is being sold as the “Lion Killer Dentist” which pokes fun at William Palmer, the dentist from Minnesota who was accused of claiming Cecil the Lion’s life at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park back in July. Palmer allegedly paid a park guide the sum of $50,000 to hunt and kill Cecil, who was protected as part of an Oxford University research project, and then skin and take the lions head.

The “Lion Killer Dentist” costume is currently available on Costumeish.com and features a severed lion’s head mask, bloody gloves and a bloody dentist smock to complete the entire outfit. It’s description reads “All Doctor Palmer wanted was to hang dead animals in his house, but what started as an obscure (if legally-dubious) hunting trip has since erupted into a brouhaha of trans-Atlantic proportions. 2015’s most controversial killing has laid bare the rift in American and Zimbabwean attitudes toward exotic game hunting and animal conservation, pitting an outraged mob against a Minnesotan dentist in a scandal sure to be remembered for a generation.”

So far, the costume has been met with disgust and outrage online, however Costumeish claims that 15% off all proceeds made off the “Lion Killer Dentist” costume will go to a “Wildlife Foundation”, although they do not reveal which foundation in particular.

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McDonald’s Harshly Rejects Burger King’s Offer To Create The McWhopper


(PCM) In an effort to join forces and celebrate International Peace Day coming up on September 21, Burger King made the decision to reach out to McDonald’s by taking out two full page ads in both the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune to propose that the two companies bring a cease fire to the “burger wars” and combine their two most famous sandwiches, The Whopper and The Big Mac, to create The McWhopper to celebrate Peace Day.

The ad says “Good morning McDonald’s. We come in peace. In fact, we come in honor of peace. We know we’ve had our petty differences, but how about we call a ceasefire on these so-called ‘burger wars’?”. The ad goes on to explain why Burger King decided to extend the olive branch as they feel the creation of something as spectacular as The McWhopper would be an excellent way to get the world talking about subjects such as peace, harmony and non-violence.

Burger King ends the letter by saying “All of the tastiest bits of your Big Mac and our Whopper united in one delicious, peace-loving burger, developed together, cooked together, and available in one location for one day only. Let’s end the beef with beef. Talk soon”.

The company even went as far as to create a YouTube video and website to go along with their outreach to create The McWhopper, however the amazing idea was quickly squashed by McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook, who posted a somewhat snarky response on the companies Facebook page which read:

Dear Burger King,

Inspiration for a good cause… great idea.

We love the intention but think our two brands could do something bigger to make a difference.

We commit to raise awareness worldwide, perhaps you’ll join us in a meaningful global effort?

And every day, let’s acknowledge that between us there is simply a friendly business competition and certainly not the unequaled circumstances of the real pain and suffering of war.

We’ll be in touch. – Steve, McDonald’s CEO P.S. A simple phone call will do next time.

Many are already calling the response from McDonald’s a bad business move, as it has been no secret that the fast-food chain has been on a downward slope for the last several years. This move could have done wonders to boot their business and reputation. So sad the two companies could not come together as it would have been awesome.  Many are still holding out to hope that McDonald’s will eventually see the err of their ways and come together with Burger King on the epic project to celebrate a great cause.

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KFC Replaces Darrell Hammond With Norm McDonald To Play The Role Of Colonel Sanders


(PCM) KFC has announced that they have replaced Saturday Night Live actor Darrell Hammond with yet another SNL alum Norm McDonald to take on the role of their iconic mascot/founder Colonel Sanders. McDonald will not star in any new ad campaigns going forward. Was it just us or did you find Hammond’s version of the Colonel to be uber creepy?

We are not entirely sure that McDonald is the perfect fit to portray Colonel Sanders either, but we are sure he will make it work somehow. KFC’s new ad featuring Norm McDonald as Colonel Sanders can be seen below, in fact, he even pokes a little fun at Darrell Hammond in the brief new clip.

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Robot Lawnmower On The Way From iRobot, The Company Behind The Roomba


(PCM) iRobot, the company that created and introduced the world (and all of its’ cats) to the Roomba, a hands-free robotic vacuum cleaner shaped like a small disc that whisks around the floors of your home cleaning whatever is in its’ path, have now received clearance from the FCC to design and market a robotic lawnmower. The lawnmower would work much the same as the Roomba and will truly be a lazy person’s dream come true.

The reason for the FCC’s involvement is due to the fact that iRobot plans to have the lawnmowers operate via radio frequency which have the potential to interfere with other wireless technology. It is said that generally the FCC will not grant license to unlicensed fixed outdoor infrastructures that operate on radio frequencies, but for iRobot and the robot lawnmower they have made an exception.

Sounds great to us, right?  Well, one group of people are not very pleased with the FCC’s leniency. The staff at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory are complaining because they feel that the new device and its’ radio frequency signals could possibly disrupt the use of radio-based telescopes. The FCC has ultimately dismissed the astronomers concerns and given the go ahead to iRobot to proceed with the project.



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We Can’t Wait To Get A Taste Of Unique New Candy Fla-ver!


(PCM) We are always in search of something new and unique when it comes to candy and sweets, so we are thrilled to reveal that there is a new candy called Fla-ver that has been concocted and sure to set your taste buds wild.

The company behind this innovative new candy, Creative Concepts Inc, have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund bringing Fla-ver to the masses. They are now over half way to to their $10,000 goal, click here to check it out and donate!

Fla-Ver Candies are a delicious new twist in the candy arena, and are launching a uniquely artistic Fla-Ver Candies Dispenser that will spice up any space! Just what are Fla-Ver Dispensers and Fla-Ver Candies? They are artisan-designed candy dispensers filled with mouth-watering Fla-Ver candies and are like nothing else out there! Each Fla-Ver candy is a treat for your senses with a satisfying texture that is just the right amount of crunch, and delicious natural flavors that are sure to give your mouth a burst with only a few calories! Foodies rejoice—these are the candies your palette has been craving! The natural flavors paired with fun colors make Fla-Ver Candies the grownup’s choice for a flavorful treat. Choose from yummy options like Mint, Lime Chipotle, or Cherry just to name a few!

Our mouth is already watering!  I can already see a dispenser of these living on my desk in the near future…how about you?

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