Forget Netflix And Chill! In North Korea You Can Now Manbang And Chill


(PCM) The incredibly isolated country of North Korea has finally launched their own streaming service, kind of like Netflix, but with much more propaganda and incredibly limited programming called Manbang. Yes, it is really called Manbang!  The new streaming service will work through a set-top box and feature extremely limited distribution. We seriously can’t get over the name!

While Netflix users are offered a wide variety of Hollywood’s finest films and television series, as well as, some stellar original content, Manbang users will be limited to only being able to watch several documentary films about Kim Jong Un’s leadership and have the ability to view lessons in learning to speak both Russian and English. Doesn’t really seem all that entertaining, but hey, some say it is a step in the right direction for the country.

In addition to watching very limited television, users will be able to read articles on the state’s newspaper Rodong Sinmun and keep abreast of the Korean Central News Agency.

The translation of “Manbang” mean “everywhere or every direction” in Korean, but considering that almost no one in the country has access to internet and that is what is needed to stream content, we can’t really see this service taking off.  Let the Manbang and Chill jokes begin!

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Welcome To The Super Mario Bros Corn Maze In New York!


(PCM) A large farm in upstate New York has created quite an elaborate new corn maze and while corn mazes themselves are pretty awesome, the fact that this one depicts characters from the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise, makes it even better.

We seriously have to check this one out!

The farm located in Newark Valley shared an impressive aerial shot of the maze where you can clearly see the faces of beloved characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and of course Yoshi. We can’t even imagine the amount of hours it must have taken them to craft something so detailed.

Elaborate corn mazes are nothing new for the Stoughton Farm, as they have been putting together theme mazes since 2005.  Owner Tim Stoughton claims that his wife Deb decides on each year’s theme and picked Super Mario Bros because it is a staple of pop culture and has characters that nearly everyone will immediately recognize.

The farm uses grid patterns to lay out the images and place them down early in the season before the corn is too tall to see over, once the corn grows up around the grid the amazing images/maze paths are created.


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Witchcraft Shop Refuses To Sell Wands To Harry Potter Fans


(PCM) Not sure exactly how one witchcraft shop in Great Britain is able to accurately spot a Harry Potter fan, however they claim they can sense one just by the aura and wants no part of them shopping in their store.

Mystical Moments crafts gorgeous handmade wooden wands for witches, warlocks and wizards, however if you are a Harry Potter fan you can forget about it!  The store refuses to sell any wands to fans of the hit book/film franchise written by author J.K. Rowling.

The store owner claims that while Rowling did, indeed, do her research, Harry Potter is for children and has done nothing for his business overall. The store owner told the Telegraph, “I don’t have customers who have been Harry Potterfied. If I had someone come in wanting a wand just because they liked Harry Potter I wouldn’t sell them one, no matter how much money they were offering.”

When used correctly wands can be used as a tool to draw a protective circle around witches to assist with curing various ills and of course make wishes come true. All you truly need is faith in whichever product you choose to have it work wonders for you, except if you are a fan of Harry Potter. In that case, you are totally on your own!

This definitely shows quite a bit of discrimination against Harry Potter fans by Mystical Moments and many fans feel that it is not even legal for a shop to refuse to sell an item to a specific group of people. Do we smell a lawsuit brewing?

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Fan Threatens To Sue Studio Over Lack Of Jared Leto In ‘Suicide Squad’


(PCM) One fan is taking their love for Jared Leto and The Joker to a whole new level by threatening to sue Warner Bros. for a lack of Jared Leto screen time in the film “Suicide Squad”. The fan, whose goes by the Reddit screen name BlackPanther2016 claims that the trailers for the film showcased a lot more scenes featuring Leto’s character in the film and that it is “unjust false advertising” that the majority of those scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.

It is no secret that “Suicide Squad” has certainly been stirring up quite a bit of debate among both critics and fans as majority of critics have been slamming the film claiming it is sub-par at best with no plot line, choppy editing and a severe lack of character development. On the other hand many fans have been pleased with the film calling it entertaining and a perfect homage to the way a comic book film should be made.

We certainly feel that suing the studio may be taking things a bit too far, but after seeing the film we can certainly agree that having a bit more of our beloved Joker (and Leto) in the film would certainly have not been a bad thing. We just kept wanting more of that particular plot line. We would get a tease of the character and then it would fail to develop any further causing quite a bit of frustration, at least for us, as viewers.

It is no secret that a darker and more gritty version of “Suicide Squad” exists, as director David Ayer’s original version of the film featured both of those elements, however Warner Bros. stepped in and decided they needed to play up the comedy and light-hearted tones in the film, hence the version of the film that ultimately was released.

There is much debate about why the studio felt the need to step in and adjust the director’s original vision for the film. It is almost as if Warner Bros. learned nothing from the fiasco that occurred with the release of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice”. That film was deemed to dark and edgy, so perhaps now they felt that they had to lighten things up to an extreme level.

There is no way you are going to please everyone, so it is probably just best to leave the director’s vision alone. Here’s hoping we see a rated R director’s cut of “Suicide Squad” to gain a better understanding of Ayer’s original ideas.

Speaking of original ideas, Ayer can not seem to catch a break when it comes to “Suicide Squad” as now music duo Die Antwoord are going on the attack claiming that Ayer stole/mimicked their style when it came to both The Joker and Harley Quinn in the film.

They have posted plenty of evidence online to support their claim and wrote a scathing post on Facebook saying “U never asked our permission to rip us off”.  Ouch! Can somebody please cut this poor guy and this film some slack!

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Did You Know That You Can Actually Hire A Bridesmaid?


(PCM) Just in case you feel that you can’t rely on your friends in your time of need as a bride, Jen Glantz has your solution with her company “Bridesmaid For Hire“. After many years of being a bridesmaid in all of her friend’s weddings, Glantz decided to use her knowledge and experience to create a company that allows you to hire a bridesmaid to take on all the responsibilities that your friends may not be able to handle.

Talk about a great idea! When checking out Glantz’s website, we see that she offers multiple packages and various levels of consultation to assist with making a brides big day run as smooth as humanly possible. Glantz says that she can be a “personal assistant-on-call therapist- social director-the ultimate peacekeeper”, as well as offering assistance to the Maid Of Honor as well.

Glantz claims that she has no issues with handling some of the less glamorous aspects of being a bridesmaid such as holding your dress up while you pee and dancing with your drunk uncle during the reception, you know, those things your girlfriends most likely wouldn’t want to do!

Check out the video below to learn more:

Glantz certainly has quite an impressive resume, in fact, she has even written a book about her life as a bridesmaid. It is literally like the plot of the film “27 Dresses” come to life!

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Poop Cafe Dessert Bar Set To Open In Canada!


(PCM) Toronto, Canada has been well known for it’s fine dining establishments and world-renowned culinary experiences and they are now gearing up to add yet another unique dining experience to their ever expanding collection. The Poop Cafe Dessert Bar is set to open in mid-August in the city’s Koreatown area that will feature a wide variety of dessert items that all resemble some form of feces.

Owner, Lien Nguyen, when speaking with the Toronto Star, claims that she is trying to “make poop cute” and goes on to say that she garnered the inspiration for the Poop Cafe while visiting her mother in Taiwan, where they visited a toilet-themed restaurant.  Nguyen finds it hilarious to pair poop and food items together and after visiting the establishment in Taiwan could not get the idea out of her head, so she then made the decision that after finishing school she would bring the idea to her home in Toronto.

The Poop Cafe menu will feature traditional Thai, Japanese and Korean desserts like patbingsoo (red beans with ice), as well as chocolate ice cream.  The names for the various desserts are still being decided upon. Much like the toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan, customers will sit on fake toilet seats and consume their treats out of urinal or toilet bowl shaped dishes.

Other toilet-themed restaurants have already opened in Russia, South Korea, the Philippines, China, Japan and Indonesia, but the Poop Cafe Dessert bar will be the first of it’s kind in North America.

Would you visit or does the idea of poop-themed desserts gross you out?

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