Coca Cola Has Finally Brought Back Surge!


(PCM) Finally succumbing to internet demand, Coca-Cola has finally brought back the caffeine-fueled citrus soda of the 90’s “Surge”! If you grew up as part of that generation than most surely know what “Surge” is all about and just way consumers would be begging for its’ re”surge”nce!

The soda is now brought back into production and being sold exclusively through Orders came flying in almost immediately and the first batch of “Surge” on Amazon is already completely sold-out.

“Surge” was originally created as Norwegian competitor for Mountain Dew and simply called “Urge”. It was also playfully referred to … read more...

Urban Outfitters Apologizes For Selling Bloody Looking Vintage Kent University Sweatshirt


(PCM) Once again clothing retailer Urban Outfitters has found themselves in a bit of hot water when people discovered that they were selling what appeared to be a bloody “vintage” Kent University sweatshirt on their website.

After an outpouring of backlash the company has now taken down the product and apologize to anyone it may have offended. They are claiming that it was a simple misunderstanding and it was never their intention to allude to the tragic events that occurred at Kent State University in 1970.

Urban Outfitters went on to say that they are saddened that the item was … read more...

Burger King Unleashes The Most Metal Burger In The World!


(PCM) At least that is first thing that comes to mind when hearing about the news that Burger King is releasing an all black burger. It features a black bun, black pepper meat patty and black cheese, however it will only be available in Japan.

The burger is named the Kuro Burger and if you are curious about just how they managed to make the all black burger edible, we learned that both the bun and the cheese are made with bamboo charcoal, a staple in Japanese cuisine and the meat itself is darkened using an onion and garlic sauce … read more...

Punkin Chunkin Announces A Two-Year Deal!


(PCM) It has just been announced by the Dover International Speedway that a two-year agreement has been reached for them to become the new host site for the World Championship Punkin Chunkin event, an annual contest that will be held Oct. 24‐26, 2014 on the Speedway grounds.

This year will mark the 28th year for the event! Punkin Chunkin has been held each year in Delaware since 1986, and sees teams from around the world compete in the sport of hurling a pumpkin solely by mechanical means for distance. Some devices used include slingshots, catapults, air cannons and more. The … read more...

Ever Wonder Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong?


(PCM) We have all been through it before. You order up your favorite tasty beverage at Starbucks and give them your name for pick-up only to find out the spelling has been been completely butchered. Sometimes it is even the simplest of names such as Mike or Mary for example.

Well, guess what? The Starbucks baristas are messing with you, at least according to comedian Paul Gale who has created a hilarious parody video explaining all of the reasons why Starbucks enjoys getting your name wrong.

In the video Gale takes on the role of a Starbucks barista and lists … read more...

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