Donovan McNabb Arrested In Arizona For Possible DUI Case


(PCM) Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was arrested in Arizona from what sources are claiming relates to a criminal traffic situation that occurred back in January. McNabb was arrested for a DUI at that time and served one day in jail.

There have been no official details in regards to what McNabb has been currently arrested for in Arizona and his trial is set to take place on May 16, 2014. There is word on if today’s arrest is in any way related to the incident that took place back in January.

This story is currently developing and all that has been released thus far is McNabb’s mugshot photo.

McNabb, played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins during his NFL career and now works as an analyst for “Fox Sports Live”.



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X-Men: Days of Future Past Director Bryan Singer Accused of Sex Abuse

Did Bryan Singer sexually abuse a teen in 1998?

X-Men Director Bryan Singer accused of teen sex abuse.

(PCM) X-Men Days of Future Past is just around the corner. Is the film’s openly gay director Bryan Singer about to face his past in similar turmoil? A lawsuit was filed today by plaintiff Michael Egan’s attorney Jeff Herman. He plans to file many other teen sex abuse complaints.

Allegedly back in 1998 Bryan Singer flew a 17 year old boy to party with him in Hawaii on numerous occasions where Singer promised him a future in Hollywood if he participated in homosexual acts after being warned to keep Singer and other adult’s “happy”. According to the suit, “the adults who resided in or frequented the M & C Estate controlled Hollywood and could decide whether Plaintiff’s career aspirations and hopes would be realized”.

The theme of the suit is that the teen, who was not gay was sodomized and threatened that his career in film would be destroyed if he didn’t cooperate.

Singer’s own attorney has responded inside the day stating the allegations are “absurd and defamatory.” Representatives are in damage control stating they are “completely without merit.”

If true, what does this mean for the future of Singer’s legacy in film? Would he be expected to disappear as many other stars and celebrities have after being caught in criminal sex acts?

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Wu-Tang Clan Family Rapper Cuts Off His Penis and Leaps From A Balcony


(PCM) Authorities in Hollywood are still trying to piece together what exactly caused Wu-Tang Clan affiliated rapper Andre Johnson to cut off his own penis and then leap from the balcony of the second story apartment in North Hollywood.

Johnson, who survived the balcony fall, was rushed to Cedars Sinai Medical Center, however doctors at the hospital were not able to reattach Johnson’s penis.

Johnson, who goes by the rap name Christ Bearer is a member of the group Northstar which was founded by Wu-Tang Clan member RZA. Sources claim that despite being a founding member RZA hasn’t collaborated with the group in quite a few years.

Sources close to the scene claim that several rappers were present in the apartment when the incident occurred and claim that they were not doing any drugs that would lead to that type of erratic behavior. Some are saying that Johnson may be suffering from some kind of mental issues which led to his shocking behavior.


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