Kanye Closes Out Made In America Festival Day One + Attends A Delaware Wedding!

(PCM) Artist Kanye West closed out day one of the 2014 Made In America Festival Philadelphia and the man is without a doubt an artist in every sense of the word. Every part of his performance was mesmerizing and he definitely holds the audience in the palm of his hand.

Opening with “Black Skinhead”, West plowed through his hits in succession moving into “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and “New Slaves” to get things off to a fantastic start.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Kanye West performance without some kind of diatribe, however this time his criticisms mentioned actually made … read more...

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Have Officially Tied The Knot


(PCM) A spokesperson for celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has just revealed that the pair got married last Saturday in a small private ceremony in the French hamlet of Correns.

The wedding was held in a small private chapel and was only attended by the couples family and very close friends. It was a nondenominational civil ceremony and the pair obtained a marriage license from a judge in California, who also traveled to France to perform the wedding ceremony.

The couple’s children also took part in the ceremony, as Jolie was walked down the aisle with her oldest … read more...

Joan Rivers In Critical Condition After Throat Procedure


(PCM) Comedian and TV personality Joan Rivers was rushed to a New York area hospital after she stopped breathing during a outpatient throat procedure at another New York facility.

It is reported that 81 year old Rivers was in critical condition when she arrived at the hospital and her daughter Melissa is currently en route to New York.

Rivers was undergoing an operation on her vocal chords when something went very wrong. The call made from the outpatient facility to 911 this morning said that they had a patient that was either in cardiac or respiratory arrest.

Our thoughts and …

Could A Full House Reunion Possibly Be On The Way?


(PCM) There is a strong possibility that a reboot of the hit family sitcom “Full House” is currently in the works and most of the original cast has expressed interest in participating.

Actor John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse, producer Bob Boyett and original series creator Jeff Franklin are all said to be working with Warner Bros. Television to bring the new version of “Full House” to fruition.

Cast members Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber, as well as, Dave Coulier and Bob Saget have all also expressed interest in returning to the series. There has been no word … read more...

Champagne Glass Modeled After Kate Moss’s Left Breast?!?


(PCM) There is a long-standing myth that the very first champagne glass was modeled after the left breast of Marie Antoinette, however historically this has been proven false and the actual first champagne glass was created in England for sparkling wine in 1663. That would be nearly a century before Marie Antoinette was born in 1755!

It seems now that hot spot London restaurant “34″ has commissioned champagne glasses designed by British artist Jane McAdam Freund that are molded on model Kate Moss’s left breast. Moss recently celebrated her 40th birthday at the famed London eatery.

The 34 Kate Moss …

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