Actor David Larsen Talks The Book Of Mormon Tour

david-larsen(PCM) The Book of Mormon continues to break records as one of the top-grossing Broadway shows of all time. It has won nine Tony Awards including “Best Musical” since its’ debut on Broadway in 2001. Written by “South Park” creators Trey Parker/Matt Stone with Robert Lopez, the show is rip-roaringly hilarious and completely tongue-in-cheek, definitely not one for the easily offended!

The show will be coming to the Forrest Theater in Philadelphia, PA this week and we couldn’t be more excited to check out the performance. We caught up with actor David Larsen who plays the role of Elder Price in the show to talk about his character, life on the road, and more!

On what he is still learning after being with the show while touring the country David said “I would say every performance is different, so you are always learning something each time that you go up on stage. I would think that the details are a bit more minute than they had been a year and a half ago, but we just had the whole creative team out this past week and got a bunch of notes. We changed some things and the way things are being played so that’s a lot of fun and it continues to be new and fresh.”

He views his time on the road as valuable experience, for both his acting and singing. “This show, especially this role, is very tough vocally. It has been a challenge to not only do it one time, but to do it eight times a week. I feel I have become a much better singer because of this show.”

I asked David how important singing was in his life, let alone his career. “I went to college for it. I went to Carnegie Mellon University and I think the practical work experience of doing shows, particularly this role, when I first started learning it, I would go for runs and try to sing while I was running because I knew I was going to need the stamina, as well as, being able to sing long phrases without any breath.”

On the longevity and on-going success of Book Of Mormon, David summed it up very quickly. “I just think the show is so incredibly well-written! It is set up like a very traditional musical, but along with that, it has very contemporary dialogue and the way that the scenes are laid out.”

I agreed, and asked how he viewed the very relatable commentary on social issues such as religion, miscommunication, and commercialism and why it strikes a chord with the audience.

“It is definitely what strikes a chord and within the play there is a lot of crazy stuff being said on-stage and I feel like with such fun music, you don’t realize what they’re singing about because you’re just humming along to these great tunes. I think it’s just everything and the show is so incredibly well-constructed that you can get lost in the music and get lost in the dialogue or get lost in the humor or dance numbers.”

In our PC world, with so many individuals being offended by seemingly everything nowadays and The Book Of Mormon having nothing off limits, he again credited the writers, Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone. (laughing) “Nobody is safe with them! Misery loves company I suppose. I’m sure people still get offended but in the context of the show you can kind of let it go!”

Interviewing so many performers ‘on the road’, I asked about being in a new town every few weeks, for months on end. David made it clear on the pros and cons of life on a bus. “You are living out of a suitcase, so that can be tough. You don’t have any place to put some roots in the ground, so I think that’s the biggest challenge. That being said, it’s also a great joy because you get to see cities and parts of the country that you would never really spend time in. Appleton, Wisconsin, is not really a tourist destination, I would think, but I was really happy that I went there, as it was a great visit and a great city.”

With so much controversy the show was getting  from Conservatives like Glenn Beck (a Mormon) and other Traditional Americans, I asked if there was a noticeable difference in reaction to the show in some regions of the country. Larsen revealed,  “It was interesting to be in the more conservative markets to see how they would react, but people seem to love this show everywhere we go.”

His super-positive character of Elder Price, being the eternal optimist, may have had something to do with that. How much of his character came from himself?

“I think there is a lot of me that is Elder Price. I have always been a go-getter and a good kid, but I’m not quite as anal as Elder Price (laughs)! In my real life, I’m much more go with the flow but maybe in my younger years I was a little bit more so.”

When he’s not rehearsing, on stage, or on the road, he keeps himself busy. “I love being able to walk the streets in whatever town I’m in and just taking in the day to day life of the people who are living there. I love going to cool bars and restaurants.” I asked if he had any favorites. “Two of my favorite bars that I’ve been to is one in Washington, D.C. called Ivy and Coney, which is just this little dive Chicago/Detroit bar, so they had two different kinds of hot dogs and it was just a great atmosphere and I became friends with all the owners and the staff there. The other is a place I just visited last night in Boston called The Sevens in Beacon Hill, so anytime I can find a local bar or restaurant and get a feel for the people that are there and live like a local for a little bit is wonderful.”

His next stop in Philadelphia, just a few miles from the PCM headquarters. “I’ve never spent any time in Philly, so I’m honestly looking forward to exploring the entire city. I’ve rented an apartment in Olde City area by Independence Hall and I’m really looking forward to exploring the city. I have to cross-check the schedule, but if I can get to a Flyers game, that will be great as well!”

His plans for 2016 and any upcoming projects? “Cody Jamison Strand, who plays Elder Cunningham with me in the show and our former music director Sue Draus, we’ve written a musical review that’s going to be produced in Denver this January. I’m going to go out and direct that, so that’s kind of the next big thing other than Book Of Mormon that I’m working on right now. We’re very excited about creating new pieces of theater and putting them out there.” Would he like to direct? “Yes, I mean obviously I love performing, but to be on the other side of the table I think can only help your acting as well!”

The Book Of Mormon will be at the Forrest Theatre in Philadelphia, PA from November 24-December 27. For more information please visit:

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Big News For The Final Season Of FOX’s American Idol


(PCM) While we are still a few months away from the upcoming premiere for the farewell season of FOX’s American Idol, the news has been revealed by host Ryan Seacrest that all former judges will be making a return for the final season.

In exactly what capacity the judges will return has yet to determined, however Seacrest and the shows producers have spoken with everyone and they are willing to participate. We can definitely look forward to seeing Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler, Ellen DeGeneres, Nicki Minaj, and Kara DioGuardi during the season.

The shows farewell season will have a two night premiere beginning on January 6 at 8/7c on FOX! For fans that want to relive some of their favorite Idol moments from the last 14 seasons, FOX has partnered up with Ford to allow fans to personalize their very own #IDOLMOMENTS and choose from a variety of LOL, OMG, WTF and AWW moments featuring former judges, IDOLS and guest stars.

The video can then be shared via social media using the hashtag #IDOLMOMENTS!

DNCE Concert Review! Band Provides Us With An Absolutely Delicious Evening!


(PCM) I recently attended DNCE’s sold-out show at Coda in Philadelphia, PA and I could not help but have the thought that I was being let in on a secret that is just so juicy you feel the desire to share it with everyone that you know! However, there is the other side of that secret, the part that makes you want to hold it close and keep it in that intimate inner circle which is just as overpowering. This idea gives you an idea about my head space while watching DNCE perform!

They are so freaking good that I feel like everyone in the world needs to let loose and experience their music, however I truly enjoyed the intimate experience of jamming out with this band in the atmosphere of a small sweaty nightclub. Their energy was intoxicating! The band is frontman Joe Jonas, guitarist JinJoo Lee, bassist/keyboardist Cole Whittle, and drummer Jack Lawless and they are flawless!


Formed in the summer of 2015, DNCE was born from Jonas’s long-brewing plan to launch an offbeat pop project inspired by the melodic R&B of Earth, Wind & Fire and Hall & Oates. Almost as soon as they started playing together, DNCE had a palpable chemistry and easy camaraderie which is an asset that carries directly over to their audience! The band claims they want DNCE to feel like a party and from what I witnessed during their recent concert, they have certainly succeeded!

There were no rules, no judgement, just everyone out on a Sunday night to let loose, have a good time and get their DNCE on all night long! DNCE’s debut EP “SWAAY” dropped on October 23 and they are currently enjoying the growing success of their first single, the delightfully catchy “Cake By The Ocean”! Their set consisted of tracks from “SWAAY” mixed in with some amazing covers of 90’s hits such as “Waterfalls” by TLC and even a little Prince thrown in for good measure.

I am certainly expecting to hear a lot more from DNCE in the coming year and we absolutely can’t wait to see them live once again! The band has a few upcoming live appearances in 2015 which are:


12/1 – Dallas, TX – KHKS Jingle Ball

12/3 – San Francisco, CA – KYLD Jingle Ball

12/4 – Los Angeles, CA – KIIS Jingle Ball
12/7 – Minneapolis, MN – KDWB Jingle Ball
12/11 – New York – Z100 Jingle Ball
12/16 – Chicago – WKSC Jingle Ball
12/17 – Atlanta, GA – WWPW
12/18 – Miami, FL – WHYI Jingle Ball
12/19 – Tampa, FL – WFLZ Jingle Ball




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People Magazine Names Soccer Star David Beckham The Sexiest Man Alive

(PCM) People Magazine is celebrating the 30 year anniversary of their ever-popular Sexiest Man Alive issue and this year they have chosen soccer star David Beckham for the honor. Do you agree?

Beckham claims he is completely flattered with the honor and says that he truly doesn’t think of himself as being that hot saying “I never feel that I’m an attractive, sexy person”. The father of four also goes on to reveal that his wife Victoria Beckham approves of the honor and jokingly says “I would hope that she feels this way about me all the time anyway! ”

The announcement that Beckham had been chosen was made Tuesday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” along with the unveiling of the magazine’s cover featuring the honor.


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Actor and Songwriter Danny Tieger Loves Matilda The Musical


(PCM) Thousands of young girls have fallen in love with Matilda and with shows on tour and on Broadway they now can get personal with the treasured children’s story.

This is the story of an extraordinary girl who dreams of a better life. Armed with a vivid imagination and a sharp mind, Matilda dares to take a stand and change her destiny.

Winner of 50 international awards, including four Tony Awards, the musical is amusing, smart, sweet, charming, heart-warming – a delight for both children and adults.

The Broadway Philadelphia series is presenting “Matilda The Musical,” at the Kimmel Center’s Academy of Music from Wednesday, November 17 through Sunday, November 29, a perfect family holiday treat.

“Matilda The Musical,” is directed by Tony Award winner Matthew Warchus (God of Carnage), with a book by Tony Award-winning playwright Dennis Kelly and music and lyrics by Australian comedian, musician, and composer Tim Minchin.

This tour started on June 6 in Los Angeles and as it arrives in Philadelphia it is noteworthy that there have been more than 200 performances to date.

Actor, songwriter, author, and educator, Danny Tieger, portrays Matilda’s brother; the character of Michael Wormwood, in the current tour. The Connecticut native received early theater and creative arts training at the Watkinson School in Hartford, which gave him the confidence to perform in front of the entire school.

In addition to touring with Matilda, Tieger, 29, and his actress fiancée, Emily Spalding, have been promoting his first book for kids, “I Am Your Songwriting Journal,” an interactive way to bring out the love of music in children far and wide.

The two met the first day of college and have been soul mates and supportive partners every since, sharing many of the stops on the current Matilda tour.


Here is a recent excusive chat with Danny Tieger about touring with Matilda The Musical, his sharing his love for musical theater with friends and family members.

Q: What do you love about this show, Matilda The Musical?

Danny Tieger: The show started as a Christmas show before it made it to Broadway three years ago and is based on the beloved novel by Roald Dahl, who also wrote the children’s books, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and “ Fantastic Mr. Fox.”

Q: Please tell me more about your attraction to it?

DT: It is magical in the way it lives from Matilda’s vision of the world. I play her brother and the understudy for their father, who is an example of what not to do in parenting since my parents have set me in front of a TV set and I am a direct opposite of Matilda, who has this vivid imagination. This is my first national tour and it is such a quality production.

Q: Please tell me about the three young actresses who play Matilda.

DT: They are fantastic. They each do such a clean and beautiful job with the show. So much rests on each of their shoulders every night. I love the small idiosyncrasies that each one brings to the role that is so consistently powerful as well.

Q: Why do you enjoy sharing music with children via your book?

DT: Music is this incredible unifier. When it comes to music I find that 100 percent of the class is engaged in this moment. There is real creativity and real time things happening in front of the kids – which are also what theater is all about.

Q: When did you fall in love with the theater?

DT: Early in my life. I had the opportunity to do a few shows with the Children’s Theater in Hartford, Connecticut, where I am from. We were definitely a performing family. Any time anyone would come to the house we would head to the “stairway landing theater” to create these special events.

Q: Sounds like fun.

DT: I also went to the Watkinson School in Hartford, where I was involved in 28 productions over the course of seven years of middle school and high school.

Q: How is that even possible?

DT: Well, we did three shows a year at the school and on top of that they would also divide middle and high school, I’d end up working on another show. It was really an incredible incubator. I was definitely the big fish in a small pond, so by the time I was in 9th grade I could stand in front of the whole school and perform comfortably.

Q: Was this a performing arts school like in the movie or musical Fame?

DT: No. But there was a creative arts program, it includes field trips and extra-curricula study in your field of choice. It was an incredible vehicle to really support young artists and it was all about giving them the space to think outside box they were creating in.

Q: So what else were you doing?

DT: Anything and everything – building sets and designing the lights. I wanted to be involved in everything that I possibly could.

Q: How did that inform your current career?

DT: It affirmed that this was the life I wanted and I needed to find a way to live it.

Q: So tell me how about your career path.

DT: I lived for seven years away from the theater and became a professional song writer, and that’s most of what I do when I am not home.

Q: You have a new book – please talk about it.

DT: It came out this past summer. It is a book for children called “I am Your Songwriting Journal, and you can find out more about it at

Q: Where did you go to college?

DT: Skidmore College in Upstate, New York. I spent my time writing musicals and performing them as well as writing plays. When I graduated I was a little burnt out on the theater process and gravitated toward film and TV.


Q: How did you come back to the stage?

DT: Well, I moved back to New York last October [2014] with my finance, Emily, and it was time to live closer to family. I had enough happening with my book to feel that my life in L.A. had led to something and I had the opportunity to come in for Matilda, and it just really clicked.

Q: In what way?

DT: So much of the movement that we do in the show is martial; it’s intention-based as opposed to technique-based. You don’t need to be a ballerina to be in this show, instead you need to be someone willing to flail about and I’ve always been great at flailing — given the opportunity.

Q: Tell me about life on the road.

DT: I would say that it is as glamorous and difficult as you can imagine. Arriving at a new city, a new theater, and working with a new set of local crew members – there is tremendous energy of putting up the show on the first Tuesday night.

Q: That’s the good part – and the other side?

DT: Well, of course there is the distance you feel from home, where you are not sure where to go for that cup of coffee first thing in the morning or what’s open for dinner after 10 at night. One thing that is helpful is that I usually find that one of the cast members has a strong affinity for a particular city from their own background, or doing a regional show there, and they know where to find the hidden gems and suggest it to everybody in the company. You can go below the surface with Road Tripper and some other apps pretty easily.

Q: Your fiancée, Emily, seems very supportive of you.

DT: In every way. She bought me a book about road food from I got this gig, of places across the country in those less traveled cities where I can find those places to go, especially when Emily isn’t there.

Q: That is a priority for you – right?

DT: Oh, yes. For me the most important thing is to finding my home on the road, especially when Emily is not with me, is for me to find my every day coffee shop my first day in the new city. And there is nothing better than if that coffee shop has that card punch for the free 10th cup of coffee. I like the normalcy of having that local spot; that’s very important to me.

Q: Who has seen the show?

DT: My friends and family. Everybody I know has seen this show. It feels
wonderful and special to share something that you love, worked on, and care about with the people that you love.

Q: Tell me the life lesson of Matilda?

DT: The world won’t change itself – that is the message in Matilda, as well as the lives I am interested in emulating, and I am hoping to do that with music and theater.

Tickets may be purchased by calling (215) 893-1999, visiting, or at the Kimmel Center box office. For group sales of 10 or more call: (215) 790-5883.

For local information go to:
For tour information go to:

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New Images Featuring Actor Chris Pine Leak From The Upcoming Film “Wonder Woman”


(PCM) If several leaked photos are any indication, it appears that Warner Bros has begun filming the upcoming 2017 film “Wonder Woman”. The film is set to star Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and these new photos appear to show actor Chris Pine in the role of Steve Trevor.

Based upon the costuming in the photos we can certainly gather that at least part of the film will be taking place in another time period other than present day. French actor Saïd Taghmaoui, who you may recall played Caesar in season 4 of ABC’s “Lost,”  is the person responisble for sharing the photos via social media showcasing that he has joined Chris Pine in the supporting cast for the film.

The images were uploaded to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but have since been deleted, however not before eagle-eyed fans had a chance to get their hands on them. One image even shows three directors chairs in a row bearing the names of Taghmauoui (who had not previously been linked to the project until now), Chris Pine and Gal Gadot. It would be highly unlikely that these three happen to be working on another project together currently, so it is a safe bet that principle photography has begun on the upcoming “Wonder Woman” film.


Gal Gadot will be making her debut as Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” set for release on March 25. 2016 and “Wonder Woman” is set to premiere on June 26, 2017.

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