Batman V Superman Movie Rumors: Robin Will Be A Girl?

Jena Malone May Play the Carrie Kelley Robin from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns(PCM) Will Batman’s Robin be a girl? Director Zach Snyder is on the record that he’s modeling a good bit of the Batman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice after the fan favorite 1986 Frank Miller Batman story The Dark Knight Returns, in which Batman begrudgingly takes on another Robin. It just so happens Robin is a girl.

Some would argue it’s a bad idea to go with a girl Robin. However if you’ve read the 1986 masterpiece by Frank Miller, you’d know it was an excellent decision.

Frank Miller's Classic is Actually an Animated Feature.

Frank Miller’s Classic is Actually an Animated Feature.

If you …

Neil Patrick Harris Set To Host The 2015 Academy Awards

20141015(PCM) It was just revealed that Award-winning star of stage and screen Neil Patrick Harris will host the 87th Oscars. The occasion will mark Harris’ first time hosting the awards ceremony.

The 87th Oscars is set to air on February 22nd, 2015 on ABC.

“We are thrilled to have Neil host the Oscars,” said Zadan and Meron. “We have known him his entire adult life, and we have watched him explode as a great performer in feature films, television and stage. To work with him on the Oscars is the perfect storm, all of his resources and talent coming together … read more...

Robert Downey Jr. Will Be Iron Man in Captain America 3: Prelude to Civil War

PRELUDE-TO-CIVIL-WAR(PCM) Marvel is on a roll with Civil War. As the print universe rolls out graphic innuendo that the 2006 Civil War storyline will return to the forefront in 2015, Robert Downey Jr. drops a bomb of his own in regards to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Downey confirms he will reprise his role as Iron Man, but not in Iron Man 4. He will appear in Captain America 3. He’s been vocal in recent months about his willingness to done the Iron Man suit once again but under the right circumstances. It seems he has found those … read more...

George Clooney Made A Surprise Appearance To Promote Tomorrowland At NYCC


(PCM) Things took an exciting turn during the first day of New York Comic Con 2014 when actor George Clooney made a surprise appearance to promote the upcoming Disney film “Tomorrowland”.

The joint “Tomorrowland”/ “Big Hero 6″ panel was the very first panel of the weekend and definitely drew in quite a large crowd and they went absolutely wild when Clooney took to the dais.  The “Tomorrowland” panel also featured director/producer Brad Bird and screenwriter/producer Damon Lindelof and cast members Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson and Shiloh Nelson.

The producers and cast revealed a first look at the upcoming film which … read more...

Ben Affleck Gets Highly Dramatic for His Role in Gone Girl

Gone-Girl-Poster(PCM) Playing the role of a husband is not too much of a stretch for Ben Affleck, who has been happily married for nine years to actress Jennifer Garner and raising three young children.

Although in his latest film, a thriller called “Gone Girl”, he is a beleaguered crime suspect in connection with his missing wife’s murder.

During a recent chat for Gone Girl, which opens Friday, October 3, he looked a bit tired and as if he was fighting a cold. But he still had an easy banter with his film co-stars, Rosamund Pike and Neil Patrick Harris.

The …

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