Ohio Divorcee Holds An Ex-Husband Sale


(PCM) After the end of a 33-year old marriage, Linda Taylor of Loveland, OH was awarded her home and all of it’s contents in quite a bitter divorce battle with her ex-husband. She now plans to move to North Carolina and needed to find away to get rid of all her ex’s left over belongings. So, Taylor brilliantly decided to have an “Ex-Husband Sale”. She and her son placed signs advertising the sale along the local area highway, as well as, on Craigslist.

Accompanying her sign Taylor wrote “he lied he cheated, what a fool. Now I’m selling his power tools.” You tell em’ honey! Taylor claims that she also wants to get rid of all the furniture in the home as well, as she wants zero reminder of the relationship she and her ex-husband once shared.

Taylor says that having the sale which also included items such a golf clubs, pool table and shop vac was incredibly therapeutic and she now feels that she can successfully move on with her life and have a fresh start!

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Hobby Lobby Did Not Fire An Employee For Getting A Divorce


(PCM) Despite whatever rumors you may have seen circulating, it turns out the Hobby Lobby did not fire an employee for obtaining a divorce without company approval.

The story which was posted on The Daily Currant claimed that 33-year old Hobby Lobby employee Jennifer Silverton was terminated after she filed for divorce from her abusive husband of six years. The story claims that Silverton was terminated for reasons of “moral laxity” after upper management learned about the divorce proceedings.

The story goes on to say that Silverton never expected that filing for divorce would affect her job and was told it was for religious reasons.

While Hobby Lobby is certainly no stranger to controversy when it comes to some of their business practices and Christian values, they previously sued the Obama administration to avoid being forced to provide health care that provided contraception coverage for its’ female employees. That move caused Hobby Lobby to recieve a ton of negative backlash.

However, it appears that this story regarding Silverton being fired for getting a divorce is completely fabricated. The Daily Currant is a satirical news publication and majority of their stories are completely made-up and posted to create a buzz or make a joke.

People need to pay a bit more attention to the source of their information before jumping to conclusions.


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