Deadpool Movie News: Brianna Hildebrand as Ellie Phimister, AKA Negasonic Teenage Warhead

(PCM) Deadpool Movie News is fast flowing in recent days. From Ryan Reynolds tweeting the Deadpool suit and Fox dropping logos and synopsis, the latest Deadpool Movie News is Brianna Hildebrand as Ellie Phimister, AKA Negasonic Teenage Warhead.


Who is Brianna Hildebrand? She’s a relative unknown with two films under her belt.

What other characters do we get from the Marvel Mutant Universe?

  • TJ Miller as Weasel
  • Gina Carano as Angel Dust
  • Morena Baccarin as Copycat
  • Daniel Cudmore won’t be reprising Colossus but we’ll get Colossus!

We are still looking for Cable. He won’t appear in this origin story, but is a major player in Deadpool’s universe and he too is another HUGE Marvel character which may break-out and should break-out if he appears in any Deadpool movie.


For now, it looks like small disposable players are being used in this first Deadpool movie.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead  will most likely never be called this name in the Deadpool movie, if referenced at all she can’t be called Warhead as another Marvel character known as Warhead exists and Fox only has rights to mutants.

New_X-Men_Vol_1_115Negasonic’s abilties are extra sensory, both  telepathy and pre-cog. Created for use in the New X-Men (2001) by Grant Morrison during a Marvel writing stint, Negasonic Teenage Warhead was given her name by fellow telepath and mentor, Emma Frost in issue 116 of New X-Men. Frost apparently gave Ellie Phimister the name Negasonic Teenage Warhead as Ellie confided in Emma her recurring dreams of Genosha’s destruction. It’s reported Brianna Hildebrand is undergoing stunt training for the Deadpool film.

Negasonic has had no contact with Deadpool in the comic universe. She certainly did not die at the hands of Deadpool. In the comic universe Negasonic was a victim of Genoshan genocide and her death came at the hands of Cassandra Nova by way of her wild sentinels.


Creator’s Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly gave the character her name from a 1995 song by Monster Magnet. Negasonic has no known meaning.

The character first appeared and died in issue 115 of New X-Men in the E Is For Extinction story Arc where the mutant sanctuary Genosha is blown up. Ellie was later used in titles: X-Force, Nation X and Astonishing X-Men as a villain member of the Hellfire Club.

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Dark New Featurette For Ryan Gosling’s Lost River

Lost_River_Ryan_Gosling(PCM) Warner Bros. Pictures released a new featurette for Lost River, the directorial debut from writer-producer Ryan Gosling, opening on April 10 for a theatrical run in NY and LA and on national digital release.

The new featurette, clocking in at a solid three minutes and playing more like a trailer than a behind-the-scenes look, contains dark imagery, metallic booming bass, Christina Hendricks peeling off her face, and a hazy surreal atmosphere, mirroring the description of Lost River as a “dark fairy tale.”

Lost River stars Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Saoirse Ronan (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Iain De Caestecker (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Reda Kateb (Zero Dark Thirty), Barbara Steele (TV’s Dark Shadows), with Eva Mendes (The Place Beyond the Pines), and Ben Mendelsohn (The Dark Knight Rises).

Lost River is a dark fairy tale about love, family and the fight for survival in the face of danger. In the virtually abandoned city of Lost River, Billy (Christina Hendricks), a single mother of two, is led into a macabre underworld in her quest to save her childhood home and hold her family together. Her teenage son Bones (Iain De Caestecker) discovers a mystery about the origins of Lost River that triggers his curiosity and sets into motion an unexpected journey that will test his limits and the limits of those he loves.

In addition to making his directorial debut, Ryan Gosling also wrote and produced Lost River. Marc Platt (Into the Woods), Adam Siegel (Drive), Michael Litvak (Nightcrawler) and David Lancaster (Nightcrawler) also served as producers.

Lost River reunites the collaborative efforts of writer-director Ryan Gosling and critically acclaimed composer Johnny Jewel, who first worked together on the soundtrack success of Drive.

Visit and Facebook for more info on Ryan Gosling’s Lost River,  opening for a theatrical run starting April 10 in New York and Los Angeles and available same day via national digital release in the U.S.

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Deadpool Movie Synopsis Revealed

(PCM) Fox is riding the Deadpool news for all it can get. Fox has dropped the Deadpool logo, banner and synopsis.







Based upon Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, Deadpool tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

It is clear we are getting an origin story. Let’s hope it moves through the origin quickly and gives fans real action. As for hunting down his creator… read the synopsis carefully. It does not say Deadpool will hunt down his creator.  Of course if you are real heavy duty Deadpool fan you found the script online back in 2014.

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Is Deadpool Image Ryan Reynolds Real or CGI?

(PCM) Ryan Reynolds had great fun with tweeting his image as Deadpool on the bearskin rug which played up that Burt Reynolds Playgirl shot from the 1970’s.


What most people have begun to take away from the image is that it may be CGI and not actually Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool suit.

What are the clues? The front lighting is absent. Any photographer would use front lighting on a shot even this low to the ground. The back lighting of the fire comes over the front of the arms and the light of the fire should be bouncing off the side of Deadpools head too but does not. In addition the texture is exactly the same as the 2014 leaked Deadpool short but the most obvious two major giveaways are:

1. The opaque white eyes.
2. The facial expression with the mask on.

The eyes of the mask are not translucent white which makes it impossible for an actor to perform blindly. Sure a mask can be worn in filming that doesn’t have fully opaque eyes and they can be covered in post production, but this image has not been photoshopped for the eyes.

If the mask is true to spec, it would operate like the Spider-Man masks made for film. That is it would have a form that is worn beneath the fabric mask which is hard and rigid. In the image provided by Ryan Reynolds the mask clearly shows one eye with no expression and the other implying a wink through a squint.

Does it matter that this is a CGI photo? Not at all, but the truth is the image does not appear to be an actual photo of Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool suit.

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Amanda Seyfried Is Perfectly Charming In The Film While We’re Young


(PCM) Amanda Seyfried portrays a free-spirited young woman who learns some vital life lessons in her new indie film, “While We’re Young” about the generation gap.

The film centers around a New York-based documentary filmmaker and his wife (Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts), who begin hanging out with a couple in their 20’s, played by Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried.

The 29-year-old small-town Pennsylvania girl, plays Darby, the girlfriend of an aspiring documentary filmmaker, Jamie, who shakes things up when they encounter a middle-aged couple (Josh and Cornelia) and everyone questions their ethics, dreams and future.

The older couple’s career and marriage are overturned when the disarming younger couple enter their lives. The film is well-written, expertly acted and has many comic and poignant moments. There are also some brutally honest lines about the realities of new parenthood.

The movie from A24 Films had its debut at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and is now playing. It was written and directed by Noah Baumbach.

During a chilly and breezy day as winter-turned-to-spring, Amanda looked lovely in a long- sleeved white cotton blouse and black slacks. She was soft spoken, had a gentle smile, and a great rapport with her co-stars and the film’s director.

Seyfried is known for a wide variety of challenging roles from starring as porn star Linda Lovelace in the movie Lovelace, as well as the award-winning musical Les Miserables with Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, Big Wedding with Robert DeNiro and Diane Keaton, and the animated story Epic, with Colin Farrell.

Seyfried continues to make a big splash in films – both big blockbusters and small indies and we are all eager for the next time she lights up the silver screen.

Q: How did acting become your life passion?

AMANDA SEYFRIED: I wanted to be an artist. Somehow I wanted to express myself. And that’s part of me. It definitely got me to where I am.

Q: This movie is also about how gadgets have taken over the younger generations. What are your thoughts about that?

AS: Besides negatively? Ha! Yeah, sometimes. I think there’s good and bad. But it’s much easier to hide behind it, and not have actual human interaction.


Q: What was it like filming on busy crowded city streets, and everybody gawking at you?

AS: They’re just trying to make their mark! Everything is going on, and delivery men. But you know, I like that feeling in movies, where you can feel real life around you.

Q: What did you like most about your character, Darby in this movie?

AS: I really liked that she doesn’t seem to worry about much.

Q: Do you ever feel anything like Darby?

AS: I mean; there’s this burden that I carry on my shoulders constantly. And I’m really, actively working on loosening up.

Q: How so?

AS: You know, being more mindful. And she’s got that. I think that she was born with it, you know? There’s a lot going on. So yeah, I’m learning that. Surely. One of the many things! But that’s one of the many wonderful things about Darby. And that made it easy.

Q: Please tell me more.

AS: You know; I could connect so well with how my character is feeling. But this movie was pretty easy, because we had this rapport. And that’s what you look for. You know; you just want that connection.

Q: Do you feel that your character has any lessons about life that you picked up?

AS: I didn’t learn any lessons like that! And you know; people are going to take away what they’re going to take away.

Q: This is a generation gap movie. So was there ever a time in your life when you felt that disconnect but then realized yeah, ‘I think I’m a grownup now’?

AS: That’s a good one. It’s true. But it’s really just presenting that culture back to people, in a new form. It’s not like the young people are crazy. I don’t know.

Q: What did you like about doing this movie?

AS: It’s been a while. But I’m so excited about the movie; we had a really good time.

Q: Tell me about this incredible cast?

AS: I know! It’s really, it was a different kind of challenge for me. But working with Noah, you know he’s going to make something insanely thought provoking. And awesome.

Q: How did you react to this script about aging?

AS: I just thought it was hilarious. I thought that this is, I get it. Unfortunately! It felt very…familiar! And you know, these two couples being at such different stages in their lives, and the dynamics between them. Also, how they sort of become symbiotic, in some ways. But then obviously, it’s not going to last. You know, it’s a fascination for the wrong reasons.

Q: Please tell me more.

AS: But luckily, our couple comes out at the other end. And is able to sort of move forward with that bump in the road. And I think my character is a step ahead of Josh. But he’s, yeah. There’s more ego involved here, you know? And he needs that endorsement, he’s feeling that.

Q: What else is involved?

AS: Well, I think Cornelia does smell a rat, so to speak. As we say! But at the same time, she just gets a little caught up herself. You know, these things they like to do. Like making out in front of everyone. You know, public displays of affection. And walking the tracks in a train tunnel. Like it sounds and feels exciting. So yeah, it’s possibly true that life does slow down and get a little bit boring. At some point, And so um, she likes that. You know, they wake the child up in them.

Q: How do you feel about relationships?

AS: You have to re-evaluate sometimes, reevaluate yourself and where you are. And I think people don’t stop enough because they get so used to these people. It’s almost like they’re, everything becomes furniture. You’re just used to it being there.

Q: You said you enjoy going home to Allentown; do you hang out with long-time girlfriends when you go home?

AS: My three girlfriends from high school Liz, Anne and Maureen and I are all really close.

Q: What is it like to be able to share all of this with dear friends?

AS: It’s great, we each have separate lives and we all come together, and sometimes they come to premiers and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, they get to come with me when I’m on location, sometimes they don’t and I of course go visit them, so we all take each other everywhere. But it is nice to have them part of this world, too.

Q: You career exploded after Mamma Mia, how tricky has it been to navigate your life since then?

AS: I’ve just been really lucky with the movies that are coming up. Scheduling is always really hard especially if you have three really great offers on a movie, on three movies, and they’re all going at the same time, you have to pick and choose and it’s really difficult to do that. I just take what’s best at the time and usually the good ones are always pretty unique.

Q: Talk about not losing your head in the process after initial fame and then when it continues to build as it has for several years?

AS: I think I’m past the age of getting lost. It didn’t happen too early. It’s happened steadily, slowly but steadily and people say, oh well. You’re an overnight sensation. But actually that’s not true at all because I got into playing a supporting member in Mean Girls and then I went to Big Love and then I did small movies and then I did bigger movies, then I did Mamma Mia. It’s been so many years and I feel like it’s not happened too fast. I think that’s another secret, keeping my head on and obviously I have really good parents.

Q: When you are not working do you go hiking or do other outdoors activities?

AS: I live near Runyon Canyon in L.A. I hike every day when I am there. And in New York, when I live here six months out of the year, I have to leave the city to get out, but my parents are in Allentown [Pennsylvania] so I go upstate a lot. I mean I’m obsessed with the mountains; I’m obsessed with the East Coast and the four seasons kind of deal, since I grew up here.

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James Bond is Harboring a Dark Secret in the New Teaser Trailer for Spectre

Spectre(PCM) Production is still underway on the 24th film in the Bond series, but we now have our first intriguing look at Spectre thanks to a new teaser trailer from EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The teaser draws us in with hints and references to a dark secret Bond is harboring from his past, threatening to come to light after the destruction and subsequent excavation of Bond’s childhood home, Skyfall. After digging a little deeper, Bond uncovers that his secret is tied in with a much larger, darker organization after crashing an incredibly ominous and sinister looking meeting.

Watch the new trailer for Spectre below and stay tuned for a full trailer that can’t be too far off. Spectre opens in theaters and IMAX starting November 6, 2015!

The fourth James Bond film to star Craig since 2006’s Casino Royale, Spectre sees the return of MI6, including Rory Kinnear returning as Mr. Tanner, Ben Whishaw returning as Mr. Q, Naomie Harris as the new Mrs. Pennyworth, and Ralph Fiennes as the new M after the tragic demise of Judi Dench as M at the end of Skyfall.

Sherlock‘s Andrew Scott is introduced as a new member to the cast, also a member of MI6, playing Denbigh. Dave Bautista of Guardians of the Galaxy is also joining the cast as henchman Mr. Hinx.

Malèna‘s Monica Bellucci and Blue is the Warmest Color‘s Léa Seydoux also star as the new Bond women.

Christoph Waltz also joins the cast as Oberhauser, heavily rumored but not yet confirmed to be Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Bond’s longtime nemesis and leader of SPECTRE, the international crime syndicate: SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.

Spectre follows James Bond as he uncovers a cryptic message from his past, sending him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.

Spectre‘s screenplay comes from Gladiator and Hugo‘s John Logan along with veteran James Bond writing team Robert Wade and Neal Purvis (The World is Not Enough, Skyfall).

Stay tuned to PCMreviews and Spectre‘s official Facebook for more updates!

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