Calvin Klein Under Fire For Provocative New Ad Campaign


(PCM) Clothing designer Calvin Klein has never been one to shy away from controversy when putting together advertising campaigns for the brand, however many feel that their newest campaign has taken things a step too far and are almost pornographic in nature.

We have to admit that the ad does give off a creepy vibe, as it features 23-year old model Kiara Kristin providing the camera with a full up-skirt shot with the caption “I flash my #calvins”. Almost instantaneous the ad began receiving a ton of backlash via social media with some even accusing the brand of promoting pedophilia.

Many just found the ad to be gross and in poor taste as they feel it shows that this kind of behavior is acceptable for young women. Kylie Jenner is another model who has recently been featured in Calvin Klein ads of a provocative nature as she is seen with her fists shoved down the front of a pair of Calvin Klein underwear and another features her in an undershirt gripping a blood orange that looks creepily similar to a woman’s vagina.

Calvin-Klein2 Calvin-Klein3

There are those that are defending the ad campaign claiming that women are often the victims of up-skirt shots without their knowledge or permission and that Kristin knowing posed for the image and was paid for the campaign. Either way it is has sparked up a huge debate online with people weighing with their opinions on both sides.

What do you think of Calvin Klein’s ad campaign?  Creepy or creative?

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JCPenney Offers A Witty Response To The Period Skirt Drama


(PCM) Retailer JCPenney recently found themselves making headlines due to the image of a skirt that was featured in their advertising flyer that very closely resembles an accident that could  occur when a woman is on her period. The white skirt featuring an ill-placed floral design is now being referred to as the “period skirt”.

If you look at an image of the skirt on the JCPenney website, it looks like nothing more than an ordinary white skirt with a floral design, however it appears to look like something totally different when featured in the advertising flyer. The flyer shows the skirt on a different model and in motion which in turn causes the floral design to appear like a bloody period accident.

The image has since gone viral and of course many are heckling JCPenney via social media for the skirts ridiculous design. It took awhile, however JCPenney has now issued a response in regards to the skirt saying “We think it’s a fab skirt for any time of the month. Period.”!  Score for JCPenney, as we seriously couldn’t have  come up with a better response.

What do you think? Does the skirt design look like a “period” or just a regular flower design?

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The 125 Collection Customized Quote Candles Are Our New Favorite Thing!

quote-candle(PCM) After learning that The 125 Collection was a part of Jenni “JWOWW” Farley’s recent baby shower with their fun and quirky all-natural Quote Candles we just had to do some further research into these fantastic new products.

The 125 Collection was created by two incredible business-savvy women in the bustling city of Harlem and named after the legendary 125th street.  It is a growing lifestyle brand created in NYC that fuses fun, style, and individuality into everyday life with their inspiring and witty quote candles.  Constantly inspired by the city that they love, The 125 Collection is a destination for fashion forward individuals who celebrate self expression in style. Each 100% natural soy candle can be customized with any quote that inspires, motivates, and makes you laugh.

Made from the highest quality materials, their 100% natural soy candles are non toxic and made without any synthetics or fillers and made with a lead free wick. Quote Candles by The 125 Collection are individually hand poured and assembled in New York City.

We absolutely can’t wait to get our hands on one and while the quotes available for purchase on the website are fantastic in their own right, the fact that you can customize the candles with your own quotes or messages that have special or personal meaning to you seals the deal. These would be absolutely perfect for baby showers, as in the case of “JWOWW” where they were a huge hit with her guests, as well as, weddings, graduations, anniversaries and more!

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Hazmat Team Evacuates Seattle Church Over AXE Body Spray Stench


(PCM) Men often think that dousing themselves in an overwhelming amount of AXE body spray is a good thing. We are here to tell you, it’s not! Seriously! In fact, a church/daycare center in Seattle, Washington was recently evacuated due to what was described as “cough inducing fumes” in the building, caused by … you guessed it, a can of AXE body spray!

Firefighters who showed up to the scene were unaware that the AXE body spray was the cause for the obnoxious fumes and they quickly evacuated the building and called in the hazmat team. When finally reaching the source of the stench the firefighters discovered a backpack that had been left in the church’s bathroom that contained a can of AXE. It is not clear whether or not the can had been leaking or someone had just decided to spray way, way too much on their way out.

Either way, the firefighters and hazmat team declared the situation non-hazardous and everyone was allowed to re-enter building. Let’s hope they opened a ton of windows, and we are not sure we completely agree with that whole non-hazardous part! Have you ever smelled AXE, if so, you will completely understand!


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Forever 21 Criticized Over Offensive T-Shirt


(PCM) Juniors clothing retailer Forever 21 is receiving quite a bit of backlash after customers complained about a t-shirt they discovered to be on-sale in the company’s brick and mortar stores, as well as, online that seemingly promotes rape culture.

Forever 21 is a company that is always forced to quickly pick up on the latest trends and while they may have been trying to be tongue-in-cheek with the humor on this particular t-shirt, many find that joking about serious issues such as rape is no laughing matter. The shirt is actually downright creepy!

The shirt in question reads “Don’t Say Maybe If You Want To Say No” and it is an ill-fated attempt to poke fun at anti-consent. Customers immediately began to express their displeasure on the Forever 21 social media accounts and a representative from the company commented on the incident saying “Forever 21 strives to exemplify the highest ethical standards and takes feedback and product concerns very seriously. With regards to the t-shirt in question, upon receiving feedback from our customers, we took immediate action to have it removed from our website. We sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by the product.”

Let’s hope they learned their lesson on this one and will stick with less offensive designs such as florals, maxi dresses and jumpsuits. No clue how this even got approved as a design in the first place!

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Denim Hair Is The Latest Viral Beauty Trend


(PCM) Recently, we have seen a ton of new trends in hair color take the internet by storm with the latest craze being denim hair. The process for creating the denim hair look is very subtle and blends together only a few colors to create the appearance of your favorite faded pair of blue jeans.

For those that feel other trends such as galaxy hair, watercolor hair, unicorn hair or glow-in-the-dark hair are a bit too much, denim hair provides a much more subdued color palette using shades of blue, green and grey. The results are absolutely gorgeous.

This is one hair color trend that we hope sticks around for a bit longer, but the beauty and fashion industry can be finicky and everyone is ready to immediately move right on to the next big thing!

How do you feel about denim hair? Would you be willing to give it a try?

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