Adult Swim And Offer Up Too Many Cooks T-Shirts!

Too-Many-Cooks1(PCM) Just in time for the tail end of your holiday shopping, Adult Swim has announced that they have paired up with to launch t-shirts based on the viral video sensation “Too Many Cooks”.

Apparently we have been living under a rock for the past six weeks because this was the first time that we had heard about this 11-minute viral video which starts as parody of television sitcom opening credits before gradually morphing into a narrative driven by a machete-wielding killer. Seriously, where has this been all our lives!!

The video originally debuted on Adult Swim on October … read more...

Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries Retires


(PCM) Is it wrong that I am a little bit happy to learn that Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries has announced his retirement from the company effective immediately.

The news of Jeffries retirement comes after it was revealed that the company’s third quarter earnings were about 60 million under expectation.

Also due to all the controversy surrounding Jeffries comments about the brand’s target market and demographic the company began declining in popularity at a rapid pace.

Jeffries came under fire for his remarks that the clothing retailer was only concerned about their clothing being worn by thin and attractive … read more...

Barbie Has Some Realistic Competition With The Lammily Doll This Holiday Season


(PCM) Finally, there is a doll are the market that is sure to give Barbie a run for her money, with her realistic proportions and average size measurements called Lammily.

The doll was created by 26-year old  Nickolay Lamm who launched a crowd-funding campaign last March to bring his vision of the “anti-Barbie” into production. The Lammily doll has hips, thighs, and a backside that are proportioned to appear like an average 19-year old woman.

Lamm came up for the idea for the doll in hopes that it would urge people to forget about their bodies in general and focus … read more...

Victoria’s Secret Makes A Change To Their “Perfect Body” Ad Campaign


(PCM) The power of the internet has spoken yet again and lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret has now changed their current “Perfect Body” ad campaign after being hit with a petition and outrage from body image advocates online.

The ad’s for the company’s new bra collection “Body By Victoria” featured the retailers notoriously thin models sporting bras and panties with the text “Perfect Body” splayed across their bare torsos.

The ad sparked up a huge debate online with many people claiming that the ad created negative body image stereotypes and advocated low self-esteem. There was even a petition created that … read more...

Victoria’s Secret Stirs Up Controversy With New Ad Campaign


(PCM) Women’s lingerie company Victoria’s Secret has created quite a bit of controversy with their new ad campaign which many are saying forces negative body image standards on women.

The ad campaign is for Victoria’s Secrets new bra collection which is called “Body”.and features the company’s incredibly thin models in bras and panties with the words “Perfect Body” splayed out across their bare midriffs.

Many individuals became outraged over the ads and what society feels is the standard for the “perfect body”. They feel that the ad showcases an incredibly damaging message to young women. The controversy even found the … read more...

New Uniforms For The Colombian Women’s Cycling Team Are Creating A Stir


(PCM) The Colombian women’s cycling team has certainly created a ton of buzz on line with their new uniform choice. From the chest up the uniforms resemble your normal run of the mill cycling outfit, however it is the bottom portion of the kit that has created a bit of controversy.

The top portion of the uniform fades down to a beige colored fabric that is more than just a little revealing. While no skin, or lady parts, are actually shown, the illusion has been deemed too much for some cycling enthusiasts.

Social media exploded with comments from people who … read more...

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