Seriously! Guy Rompers Are Now A Thing!

(PCM) It is summer music festival season and of course one festival season fashion staple is the romper, which, for the most part, has been a garment specifically geared towards women … that is until now!

Our worst fashion nightmare has come true and a company called Aced Design has launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch the “RompHim“, which is essentially a romper for men. It is pretty freaking ridiculous!

But, of course, bro-culture has latched on and the “RompHim” has already surpassed their initial start-up goal of $10,000 and the company has already raised over $65,000 and we are still over here asking ourselves why on earth???

This is a true hipster nightmare! One major difference between a women’s romper and the new RompHim comes with a zip down fly for easier access when needing to use the bathroom. We females call this unfair, as we need to completely come out of these silly garment when needing to use the restroom! Such a bummer!

Although we have to admit we can’t wait to see some guys actually try and pull off this look! Laughs for days!

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Macy’s Is Changing The Department Store Shopping Model As We Know It

(PCM) It is apparent the people definitely do not shop the same way that they did in the past. For the past several years, brick and mortar retailers have had to battle the upsurge in online shopping on their own websites, as well as, other online retailers who are offering the same or similar products at deep discount prices.

Many department stores, as in the particular case Macy’s, are being forced to come up with new and creative ways to adapt to changing shopping trends. Macy’s, who were always number one in customer service, claims that research has shown them that people do not want to be bothered by a salesperson any more and would much rather do their shopping at their own pace, which is usually must faster nowadays.

The current trend is that people seem to want to be in and out of stores as quickly as possible. They grab what they are looking for and then they are on their way. In an attempt to keep up with the current trend Macy’s will now be changing the department store shopping model as we know it by installing new self-service systems in both their shoe and cosmetics departments.

What this means for customers is that they would no longer have to find a salesperson to go grab them the shoes they need in a certain size and at the cosmetics counters they can grab whatever make-up or perfume they came for without a salesperson making recommendations.

We can see how this would work out better for the shoe department because sometimes it can be a very long wait to get help if it is a busy time, however we will definitely miss the salespeople at the cosmetics counter because often times they provided very useful information about how certain products worked and what was new and exciting for each cosmetics line.

Another way that Macy’s along with other department store retailers such as Nordstrom and Saks 5th Ave are battling declining brick and mortar sales is to open deep discount retail locations. Macy’s launched “Backstage” which offers Macy’s brands marked 20 to 75% off their regular retail prices, while Nordstorm has “Nordstorm Rack” and Saks 5th Ave has “Saks Off 5th”.

These discount stores appear to be doing much better than their parent stores, so if any brick and mortar stores want to be saved this appears to be the way to go! What do you think? Do you prefer the old-fashioned department store shopping where a salesperson was available at all times to help with shopping or do you prefer to grab and go without any interference?

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Nordstrom Is Selling ‘Dirty’ Jeans For A Hefty Price

(PCM) Most of us could probably head outside to the backyard, especially after a rainstorm and create our very own version of these muddied-up so-called “dirty” jeans that Nordstrom is selling for the heft price tag of $425!

It seems the jeans have been for sale on Nordstrom’s website for quite some time, but only now has the internet gotten a look at them and the snarkiness has taken over! Many even thought the jeans had to be some type of joke. But these jeans are no joke. In fact, they are also sold at both Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Ave as well!

According to the Nordstrom website, the jeans “embody rugged, Americana workwear that’s seen some hard-working action with a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you’re not afraid to get down and dirty.” Seriously! That is the description!

According to CNN Money, the jeans are made by the fashion company PRPS, which also offers a “mud denim jacket” for deep-pocketed fashionistas who want to rock the all-denim, all-dirt look. The company also makes paint-splattered, pre-ripped dungarees, including one pair it calls simply, “Destroyed.”

The care instructions claim that the jeans can be washed and rest assured they will not lose their caked-on dirt appeal, why because it is fake mud!  Once again, fake mud on jeans on purpose! What is the world is wrong with people these days! Just bring some jeans over to our place and we can have a big ol’ mud fight and heck, we might even cut you a deal and sell you some muddy jeans for only $100!

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Not Everyone Is ‘Loving’ McDonald’s New Dystopian-Looking Uniforms

(PCM) We are not “loving it” and neither is anyone else when it comes to the new uniform choice for McDonald’s employees. In fact, they truly resemble something straight out of science fiction movie and paint the picture of quite the dystopian future. Something tells us that is definitely not what the company was going for, but they certainly succeeded tenfold!

Many are comparing the new uniforms to the commander uniforms in the “Star Wars” film franchise and while it is understandable that after so many years McDonald’s would want to change up their dress code, couldn’t they have chosen something a little less … can we say … drab!

According to a press release from the McDonald’s corporation the new uniforms were designed as a collaboration between Bindu Rivas and Waraire Boswell, who actually worked at a McDonald’s in California before he started designing for celebrities like Will Smith and Ellen DeGeneres. The new look debuted in April 2017 at all 14,000 restaurants.

“Our new collections focus on comfort, fit, functionality and contemporary professionalism, delivering a uniform that crew and managers will feel comfortable to work in and proud to wear,” Jez Langhorn, McDonald’s Senior Director of HR, said in the release. “Beyond that, it’s another step in the company’s continuous effort to raise the bar by investing in people and improving the restaurant experience with a focus on hospitality.”

We are certain that the company never expected the internet backlash they have began receiving once the images of the new uniform design was released.

We are curious to see just how long this new uniform design will last! The power of the internet can speak volumes sometimes and the last thing McDonald’s would want is for everyone to not be “loving it”!

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$2,145 Balenciaga Tote Bag Looks Strikingly Similar To $0.99 IKEA Shopping Tote! The Internet Notices!

(PCM) If high-end fashion designer Balenciaga thinks that people didn’t take notice of just how strikingly similar their $2,145 Balenciaga Arena Extra-Large Shopping Tote looks to everyone’s favorite $0.99 blue IKEA shopping tote then they are wrong. In fact, the Swedish furniture retailer even claims to be “flattered” by the uncanny resemblance.

People began noting the similarities when the Balenciaga bag was recently posted on luxury retail store Barney’s website. People began sharing posts commenting on the similar designs via social media and IKEA says in a statement to NBC’s The Today Show, “We are deeply flattered that the Balenciaga tote bag resembles the Ikea iconic sustainable blue bag for 99 cents. Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag!”

Everyone knows that the wonderful Frakta IKEA tote bags can carry just about anything and everything you would ever need to transport. We must have like five of them laying around the house and have used them for everything from everyday laundry tasks to full on house moves. Something tells us that the high-end $2,145 dollar Balenciaga bag would never hold up to all that and for that price we would probably be too scared to even use it.

According to Barney’s website, the description for the bag read, “Balenciaga’s Arena extra-large shopper tote bag is constructed of blue wrinkled, glazed leather.” Wrinkled blue leather? Is that supposed to be equal to the sustainable material used in creating the IKEA bags, we think not! Paying even more homage to the IKEA bag, the Balenciaga bag featured a gold stamp at the top for the “ultimate luxury” feel, so yet again copying the idea from IKEA’s gold colored lettering.

$2,145 is way too much money to spend on any type of bag, especially when we can have the same one for only $0.99, so we will totally be sticking with our love IKEA Frakta bags for the foreseeable future. Good luck Balenciaga, hope IKEA doesn’t sue!

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North Carolina Jeweler Stirs Up Controversy With Billboard Slogan

(PCM) A North Carolina jeweler has come under fire because the slogan used on their roadside billboard is considered offensive. The billboard in question is advertising for Spicer Greene Jewelers in Asheville and features the words “Sometimes it’s OK to throw rocks at girls”. The words are surrounded by images of precious stones.

The billboard has struck a nerve with locals who claim that the words further promote a culture of violence against women. They feel that children who see the billboard will not see the humor and/or play on words in the sign and only think that it means it’s okay to throw rocks at girls.

The jeweler has since issued an apology for the billboard and claim that it was never their intention to offend anyone with the message. They posted the following note on their Facebook page regarding the situation:

“To whom we have offended with our recent billboard, please accept our apologies. We do not condone violence of any kind toward any being. We are humble enough to realize when we make a mistake and humble enough to realize the context in which we are speaking. We did not intend to cause controversy and our billboard communicated something we did not intend. We intended the billboard as a play on words to encourage the loving act of gift giving and are deeply saddened that it offended anyone.”

While we do see how some people could read into another more sinister message on the sign, however these days everyone is so hyper sensitive to absolutely anything and everything. We certainly don’t believe the jewelers had any intention offend and most likely felt they were just being cute and clever with the billboard in question.

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