Bride Sells Her Wedding Dress On Ebay To Fund Divorce


(PCM) A U.K. bride is making headlines as she is selling her wedding dress on Ebay to assist with funding her pending divorce. In her hilarious, yet bitter, posting she claims that her ex-husband has left her to “foot the bill”.

It is the incredibly tongue-in-cheek posting by 28-year old Samantha Wagg that has caused her Ebay list for a size 6 Art Deco wedding gown to go viral. She goes into great detail about her pending divorce from her “cheating scumbag of a husband”.

Wagg is accepting emails from people who have questions about the dress and “the skank that my husband ran off with”, she also hilariously warns buyers that they should be sure to dry clean the dress before wearing to get rid of the “stench of betrayal”.

Wow! Definitely would make us rethink purchasing this one!

Wagg had made an initial posting in regards to the dress however it wasn’t getting any attention. Her brother suggested making it funny in hopes of going viral and the results have been astonishing.

Wagg says her parents paid around $2,600 for the dress back in 2014, however her incredibly comedic bid has raised the price upwards of over $86,000!  Wagg will not reveal any more details about her divorce and claims that she has been approached to appear on several U.K. reality television series, which she is seriously considering.

Wagg says she is humbled by outpouring of love and support from people all over the world and that she has managed to forgive her ex-husband for his mistake and wishes him nothing but the best (without her!) for the rest of his life. She goes on to say “I am very happy now, so I hope he is too.”

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Breast Milk Is The Latest Jewelry Trend


(PCM) New mothers who are in search of a way to keep the memory of breast feeding their newborn babies alive and well for years to come are in luck. Guess what? It is also a serious fashion statement as well! One of the latest jewelry trend is turning breast milk into some absolutely amazing looking accessories.

A New Jersey woman by the name of Ann Marie Sharoupium has started a company called “Mama’s Liquid Love” and it is really beginning to take off! Women can send Ann Marie some of their breast milk and she will then turn it into a piece of jewelry of their choice. There are tons of choices such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. Definitely an oddly unique take on personalized jewelry!


Breast-feeding can create some very intimate moments between a child and a mother, so this is definitely a way to assist with preserving those moments shared between mother and child that can last a lifetime. There are some that feel the idea is a little bit controversial, however just looking at the jewelry designs there’s really no way of knowing that they were created with breast milk without someone actually telling you.

The jewelry is actually created to look like a pearly white stone, which is actually crafted from breast milk preserved in resin. You can also have the resin dyed to a color of your choosing, just in case breast milk white doesn’t happen to be your thing!

Definitely a unique gift idea and a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry!


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Woman Kicked Out Of Six Flags For An ‘Inappropriate’ Shirt. Male Friend Puts On Same Shirt And Is Let In


(PCM) A young woman by the name of Bina Ramesh was recently denied entry to the Six Flags amusement park in Jackson, NJ because a male security guard deemed the shirt she was wearing to be “inappropriate”.

You may be think that Ramesh was wearing some sort of see-thru halter top or shirt with an offensive message, but think again! Ramesh was wearing a simple v-neck cut grey t-shirt, similar to the style you would find in any department store. Ramesh was told by the security guard she would have to change her shirt if she wanted to be allowed in the park.

Here’s where the story takes an interesting turn. Ramesh returned to the parking lot and switched shirts with her male friend to prove that there was nothing offensive about the shirt itself. Lo and behold, when the pair went to re-enter the park they were allowed admission without a single issue.

In a Facebook post regarding the incident, Ramesh says “Apparently, when a boy wears the same top, it’s fine, so thank you for swapping shirts with me in the parking lot because we still live in a world of ridiculous double standards and sexism”.

Based upon the pictures that Ramesh posted via social media, we can see nothing offensive about the shirt in question other than it being the tiniest bit see through. Thus far, Six Flagas has had no comment on the situation.

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Facebook Issues An Apology For Ban Of Body Positive Lingerie Ads


(PCM) We would all love to see more body positive content, especially on our Facebook news feeds, where we can get buried in so much day to day negativity. Recently, the British lingerie company Scantilly mistakenly had their advertising campaign, which featured a diverse array of models promoting body positive standards, removed from Facebook for violating the site advertising policy.

Facebook notified the company that their ad’s were being removed by saying that Facebook prohibits “ads that promote sexual acts, sexual videos and publications (ex: magazines, blogs, Pages), strip clubs or adult shows.” The company’s lingerie ad’s featured a transgender woman, an amputee, a woman with a skin condition, as well as, a wide range of women various ethnicity  and body types.

Scantilly argued that their ad’s do not in any way promote sexual acts, videos or any type of adult show. Instead they are an empowering message to women about embracing their beauty and an inspiration to showcase diversity.  The ad campaign was even rightfully titled #TheNewSexy. Once the ad’s were taken down, a Scantilly representative immediately took action via social media to have the ad’s reinstated.

Facebook listened and sent out the following apology to Scantilly for mistakenly having the ad’s removed:


The company is pleased that Facebook has rectified the situation and are still calling for a challenge to the social “norms”, as we still lack a lot of diversity throughout mainstream media. In a statement Scantilly says, “#TheNewSexy calls for women of all shapes, backgrounds, looks and sizes to be represented in the media and looks to redefine how society views the word ‘sexy’.”

Rock on ladies!  You all look absolutely gorgeous!

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Bargain Perfume: Do You Get What You Pay For?


(PCM) If you have ever been shopping either online or in your local drugstore, you have probably seen knock-off versions of various designer perfumes being sold at some outrageously low prices and thought about whether or not these fragrances could possibly be authentic.  Unfortunately, according to a new report and sting operation, these knock-off fragrances are not only fake, but can contain some possibly deadly substance, so buyer beware!

Five men have been arrested in New York by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for selling counterfeit designer perfumes made with ingredients such as, antifreeze and urine across at the minimum seven states in the U.S. and the list continues to grow. The arrests occurred as a part of a lengthy two-year investigation appropriately titled “Operation Bad Odor”, where authorities monitored counterfeit make-up and fragrances. The fragrances and their faux designer packaging were shipped in from overseas in China and then resold online and in several stores throughout the U.S.

Not only did the fragrances contain dangerous chemicals such as antifreeze many also contained additional flammable and unpleasant chemicals that often times burn when applied to the skin. If convicted the five men could be facing anywhere for 10 to 30 years in jail for their crimes. In order to keep yourself safe, please be aware of what you are buying and be sure to purchase all beauty and fragrance products from a reputable retailer. It is definitely worth spending a few extra bucks, especially where your health and safety is concerned. Steer clear of discount stores and shady online retailers.


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Demanding Bride Makes An Outrageous Request Of Her Bridesmaids


(PCM) We have all heard stories about women who quite literally turn into Bridezilla in the months leading up to their wedding day, however one particularly narcissistic Bridezilla is taking things too far and has requested that a member of her bridal party significantly alter their appearance, so as not to take any attention away from her on the big day.

The bridesmaid has shared her story via Reddit and explains how the bride, Ella, decided that all of her bridesmaids must adhere to a very strict dress code and that includes the color of their hair, as red hair is apparently a big no-no!

The bridesmaid wrote the following:

 So I’ve known my friend, who I’ll refer to as Ella, since I was a child as she’s the daughter of family friends but we’ve only become close in the past 2 or 3 years. She recently became engaged, and I readily accepted her offer to be part of her bridal party. Yesterday morning I received an email from Ella. It seemed pretty standard but then when she got into the look she wants for her bridesmaids she wrote “Bridehairthrowaway, you’ll need to dye your hair for the day, I’ll take you to my hairdresser and cover the cost :)”. This had never been mentioned to me. I’m a natural ginger, so it’s not like I have an outrageous hair colour, although Ella and her other bridesmaids are all brunettes. I texted Ella about it, she told me my hair would clash with the wedding colours and that brides get a veto over pretty much every aspect of her bridesmaids’ appearances. She also mentioned my hair is quite “attention-grabbing” and I’d take away from the cohesiveness of the group. I told her I wasn’t comfortable dying my hair. She said she’d get back to me but hoped I’d reconsider.

Am I being reasonable here? I’ve never been involved in a wedding before so I’m not quite sure what’s expected of me. I’ve gotten some messages from the other bridesmaids who are telling me I should just do it.

TL;DR; requested by bride to dye my natural hair to make the bridal party more cohesive. I don’t want.

Immediately people began to come to the defense of the bridesmaid telling her that there is no way she should give in to such a ridiculous demand and of course should not be forced into doing something that she doesn’t feel comfortable with, such as dying her hair.

We could see, perhaps if her hair were some outrageous color like a bright blue, green or orange, but a natural redhead?  Seriously, this bride needs to get over herself!  What do you think? Did Bridezilla go to far or should the bridesmaid dye her hair for the day?

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