People Magazine Names Soccer Star David Beckham The Sexiest Man Alive

(PCM) People Magazine is celebrating the 30 year anniversary of their ever-popular Sexiest Man Alive issue and this year they have chosen soccer star David Beckham for the honor. Do you agree?

Beckham claims he is completely flattered with the honor and says that he truly doesn’t think of himself as being that hot saying “I never feel that I’m an attractive, sexy person”. The father of four also goes on to reveal that his wife Victoria Beckham approves of the honor and jokingly says “I would hope that she feels this way about me all the time anyway! ”

The announcement that Beckham had been chosen was made Tuesday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” along with the unveiling of the magazine’s cover featuring the honor.


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The Perfect Way To Keep A Summer Glow With Winter On It’s Way!


(PCM) Now that the temperatures have begun to drop it is a sure sign that winter is well on it’s way to arriving and it can wreak havoc on our bodies, especially our skin. One of the very best parts of summer is the gorgeous glow of tanned skin, however much like the beautiful summer weather, a flawless tan will surely begin to fade right along with the seasons.

Many of us wish there was a way to keep that healthy glow of beautifully tanned skin even in the depths of winter, but the thought of using many of the self-tanning products that are currently available can seem to be a bit tedious and messy. Some leave our skin looking streaky, while others seem to turn the skin to a strange orange-type color, however we were amazed by the results we got when giving Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid a try!

The product is incredibly simple to use and even comes with a self-application mitt that assures a completely even distribution of color. No more looking like something that crawled out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!  The Fake Bake provides a completely natural looking color and fades naturally, just like that of a regular tan. It also smells fantastic!  Most self-tanners have that odd, sort of chemical-like, smell, but Fake Bake smells almost tropical with some slight hints of coconut. It was very pleasing!

We also adored the fact that Fake Bake did not leave us feeling sticky and it did not rub off on our clothing or sheets when we applied it just prior to bedtime. We were pleasantly surprised by the results of using Fake Bake and would certainly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to keep that gorgeous summer glow anytime of the year. It would be perfect additional to any beauty regime and the perfect holiday gift for that special someone in your life who loves trying out new beauty products and adores natural-looking tanned skin!

Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid gets an A+ from us!

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The Psychology Behind Halloween Costumes: What Our Choices Say About Us

Halloweenpsych(PCM) Halloween is here. That means all the super heroes and sexy nurses will abruptly show themselves for a single night. Suddenly it becomes permissible for you to scare your friends. Also, it is probably the only day when you would seek out strangers and ask them to give you candy.

But what about Halloween is so exciting? Is it the thought of candy? Couldn’t possibly, candy is available all year round for our consumption. Could it be the decorations? No, we decorate for nearly every holiday in America. What about the costumes? Ah, I think we are on to something here.

In 2009 Halloween costume sales surpassed six billion dollars and 62% of the sales were adult oriented costumes, showing the holiday is no child’s play. Some of us spend hours contemplating the perfect outfit, discussing it with our friends, purchasing makeup and creating realistic props. For many, Halloween becomes one of the largest productions of the year. The question is: Why do we bother ourselves with the daunting task of dressing up?

The most obvious and simple reason is fun. Dressing as an exaggerated version of your ninth grade math teacher can provide endless entertainment for your classmates. Covering yourself in synthetic blood will most likely cause your mother to squirm. The concept of being someone else to get a reaction from others is enjoyable.

Another motive for dressing up on Halloween is to step into one of your idol’s shoes, literally. According to a National Retail Federation report in 2010 the top two most popular child costumes were “the princess” and “Spider Man.” What young girl doesn’t want to wear an extravagant pink gown and rule the kingdom? What boy doesn’t want to sport a body suit with chiseled muscles and save the world? Stepping into the role of an idol, becoming them, we are able to act differently. This concept of performing a role other than the one you play everyday can be appealing.

This is the true motivation to buy/create Halloween costumes; but the question is why? Well, every human develops what is called an “ego” and a “shadow.” Our ego is built of every aspect of ourselves that we are aware of and are proud to share with others; things like being a good student or a caring person. Our shadow is comprised of parts of us that have been rejected as negative as we grow up. Qualities such as being violent or overtly sexual are in many of our shadows. The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a great example of this. By day Dr. Jekyll is a fine doctor; however, by night he unconsciously becomes Mr. Hyde and maliciously terrorizes London. Dr. Jekyll is indeed a respectable man, however, that is not all he is. He has a dark side, Mr. Hyde, who after being suppressed needs to escape.

With these concepts in mind, let’s examine the idea of Halloween costumes again. Imagine a boy named Jeremy. Jeremy has two sisters and often gets punished by his parents for being rough with them. The negative reaction he receives from his parents forces Jeremy to push his aggression into his shadow, to hide it from everyone. When Halloween rolls around Jeremy wishes to dress as a serial killer. He is able to scream, be rough and thus allow his aggression to come out. Jeremy is using his costume as a means of exercising his shadow, for it is permissible to act violent and aggressive while playing the role of the serial killer on Halloween. Wearing this costume is a healthy means for Jeremy to release some of the pressure his shadow has put on him.

I am not saying that Jeremy has a potential to become literal killer, however, playing the role for a few hours is beneficial for his psychological health. This same reason is why teenage girls dress as the scantily clad maid or sexy devil. They are playing the role of seductress and allowing sexuality they have been forced to repress to run free. We are unable to deny our shadow, for it is a part of us. If our shadow is ignored completely it will explode, like as Dr. Jekyll’s did. Halloween provides a context in which many of our shadow behaviors are acceptable.

So this Halloween allow yourself to have fun and step into a new role. If you need some help deciding, consider looking at your walls. Do you have a poster of someone you do not know but idolize? Consider the reasons why you like them. What qualities do they possess that you feel you lack? Take these questions into consideration when deciding what to be this season, for your costume choice may say more about you than you think.

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This Halloween Say No to Zombies, Yes to Zombie Killer!

Zombies. They’re soooo in right now. It’s a brave new corpsed-up world.  How zombified have things gotten, really? Google “zombie” paired with pretty much any other word, from A to, well, Zed, and you’ll get a legion of legitimate hits. “Zombie apple?” Ripe for the pickin’! “Zombie zeitgeist?” Well, duh! Just be prepared to unearth a little zombie kinkiness/nastiness as well. Because one Haitian voodoo daddy’s zombie cucumber is another person’s, um.

So what’s a thoughtful tricked-out treatster to do this Halloween to stand out from the inevitable ratty horde of would-be rotting meatbags? Simple: Go the opposite of zombie! Get your dress-up on as the world’s most kick-ass zombie killer instead.

Rule Halloween night like a redneck king! Strut the zombie-choked streets as Tallahassee, the Twinkie-obsessed undead-dispatcher from the 2009 Hollywood smash hit Zombieland. See RDB’s simple costuming tips below!


rule #1: badass hat. The essential bit. For true Tallahassee attitude, only the right hatitude will cut it: Duding up in country-singer cowboy headwear is gonna miss the mark, podnah. The real thing, in this case, is the Real Deal Brazil (, our genuine handmade-in-Brazil recycled-truck-tarp hat, chosen by Columbia Pictures’ costume department to give Tallahassee his crazy-ass sense of comic s***kicker cool. And once Halloween has melted back into the shadows, we’re confident your RDB hat will still be making mucho guest appearances atop your own crazy-ass cabeza.

rule #2: shades ’n’ scruff. Try the sunglasses-tree at just about any dollar store for suitable NASCAR-country-boy eyewear. And if you can’t muster up some fast whisker growth for a sloppy goatee, then dot your cheeks and chin with an eyeliner pencil for a quick patch of 5 o’clock hair-face.

rule #3: he-man neckwear. Wood beads, heavy chains, metal or fake-bone pendants. Kind of a Cracker Jacks-prize approach to men’s jewelry, really. Here again, any available dollar store should get you there.

rule #4: v-neck shirt. There’s something about a lowcut T-shirt that just says you’re badass. (Unless, of course, you’re a real lardass, and wearing sweatpants. Then it kinda says 3 a.m. Wal-Mart shopper instead.) Maroon is Tallahassee’s color, but any dark V-neck T should do the trick.

rule #5: leathers. You could probably pull off a jean jacket in a pinch, but Tallahassee is all about classic heavy leather, when he’s not seriously rednecking it up in snakeskin. Just not leather with too much sheen to it, and more motorcycle-style than bomber.

rule #6: the belt. Something with a big ol’ metal buckle.

rule #7: weapon holder, or (fake) weapon. The average leather gun holster is too small, but a leather sheaf for a long fish-filleting knife would do it, strapped to your belt, and then tied at the bottom around your left thigh with yet another belt. In the absence of that, just get yourself a toy rifle, or a toy AK-47, if such a thing is available at, y’know, Toy Guns ’R Us. The key word here is “toy.” Halloween surprise + packing real heat = bang, bang, someone’s bad-dead, not just funny-undead.

rule #8: classic denim. No designer “holes,” acid-washed streaks or black thread; the simple workin’ man’s denim-jeans standard, Levi’s, is best. To achieve that I’ve-just-endured-the-apocalypse feel, rub charcoal on your hands and then smear them on your thighs. You dirty little zombie-killer, you!

rule #9: boots. Cowboy, not biker. Suede or natural says serious boot-wearer, but snakeskin lends kick-ass redneck cred in a red-hot second.

other fun props. Jack Daniels bottle, Hostess Twinkies, banjo, long-handled pruning shears.*

* Note of caution: Hard liquor, mystery-cream-filled snack-cakes, poorly played bluegrass music and sharp garden implements can cause serious harm to the still-living.

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How To Break in Flats Without All The Blisters

(PCM) Fall is in full swing, and chances are, you’re feet are aching from trying to break in new flats – whether they’re ballerinas, loafers, or even “comfort” walking shoes. Is it possible to break in shoes without all the pain and suffering? Yes, yes it is!

Here are a few helpful tips for getting over that break in period without all the blisters and bandaids!

1. As soon as you get your new pair of flats home, put on a thick pair of socks and grab your blowdryer. Point the hot air directly where you feel the most tightness. This will help stretch out the material and speed up the break in process. Continue to wear them with thick socks around the house – the longer the better.

2. Apply antiperspirant to the areas prone to blisters. This will help reduce the formation of blisters caused by slippery sweaty feet, but believe it or not, antiperspirant helps block blisters from forming even if your feet aren’t sweating. If the back of your ankles are cut up or full of blisters, chances are your shoe is too big and the blisters are caused by the shoe slipping and rubbing in the back. A heel cushion can help with this.

3. If all else fails, buy some shoe inserts! Shoe pads work very well for easing discomfort, whether it’s in your heel, foot pad, or toes.

And no matter where you’re going, pack a pair of flip flops in your bag; at some point you’ll be able to take off your shoes, and you’ll be glad you did!

Fall Shoe Trend for Less: Smoking Slippers

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Tips to Stop Heavy Sweating

If you’re used to sweating heavily when the heat is on, you’re probably waiting with open arms for the fall season ahead. Instead of wishing summer away, take care of it with these tips:

Apply deodorants at night. For most deodorants, the active ingredient has to get down into the sweat duct to clog it. If you apply it in the morning, when people typically sweat more, it washes off. Try applying it at night before bed, and see if it makes a difference throughout the day.

Switch to higher-strength deodorants and antiperspirants. Try over the counter products first, and if that doesn’t work, talk to your doctor about getting a prescription.

Carry deodorant or antiperspirants with you, especially on days when you have a stressful meeting or interview. Reapply them in the middle of the day, or before the stressful event.

Choose the right clothes. Certain fabrics are better for combatting sweat. Clothes with looser weaves, such an cotton, are lightweight and breathable which can make you feel cooler. Silk, on the other hand, makes you feel hotter. Avoid light colors, like white and grey, which show more sweat than dark colors, prints, or patterns.

Dress in layers. An undershirt can help soak up sweat for men, and for women, a camisole top or dress shield can make a big difference.

Skip spicy lunches. If you know certain foods make you sweat, such as hot peppers, just don’t eat them – especially on hot, summer days!

Wen all else fails, keep an extra top in your bag, office, or car.

If you think you sweat more than normal, talk to your doctor to make sure you don’t have an underlying cause or issue. But remember: sweating is natural. Everyone sweats and no one cares if you do! It’s hot out there, and you’re body needs to cool itself somehow.

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