Passenger Hilariously Live Tweets A Couples Break-up (And Make-up) During Delayed Flight


(PCM) It is amazing just how quickly someone’s personal business can turn into a viral trend via social media in seconds. Such is the case that happened recently, when another passenger on a delayed North Carolina flight hilariously began live tweeting a couples incredibly awkward break-up that was occurring on the plane.

A passenger by the name of Kelly Keegs was seated across the aisle from the couple and tweeted a play-by-play of the couples break-up to her several thousand Twitter followers. Her live-tweets were so funny that soon enough #PlaneBreakup began trending!

You can see a few of Keegs tweets below and read the entire ordeal here!

The entire ordeal ended with the couple making out with each other between drinks and awkward silence, so are they together or broken-up?  Either way, we can imagine it was certainly one way to get some in-flight entertainment for free.

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Hatfield And McCoy Descendants Unearth The Site Of Their Families 1888 Ambush


(PCM) Nearly everyone knows the story of the infamous Hatfield And McCoy family feud that claimed at least a dozen lives leading up to an ambush that took place in 1888 and did not officially come to an end until the descendants of both families signed a truce in 2003. Many believe that the actual feud began during the Civil War, but there were many dispute that popped up between the two families over timber rights and even a pig. 

It was truly a sight to behold as descendants of both the Hatfield and McCoy families stood side-by side armed with digging tools rather than weapons in an attempt to assist archaeologists unearth artifacts at the site of of the families bloodiest battles during the on-going feud. The archaeologists were able to pinpoint the location of Randolph McCoy’s home that was infamously burned down by members of the Hatfield family. Another two McCoy family members were also gunned down during the attack, which served as a major turning point in the families on-going feud.

The archaeologist and members of both families were able to uncover charred timber, shell casings, nails, a pulley, as well as, various glass and ceramic fragments. It was an amazing and therapeutic experience for many of the Hatfield and McCoy descendants as they found themselves literally digging through their family’s past and historic history.  The property where the excavation took place is currently owned by Hatfield descendant Bob Scott, who would like to build a replica cabin on the same spot to honor his family’s legacy. 

As news of the excavation breaks visitors from all over the country are coming by to take a tour of the site and gain some further insight it to this epic historical feud. The families now share a very special kinship among on another and many have since even apologized for the actions of their ancestors.  


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JCPenney Employee Sent Home For Wearing Shorts She Purchased From That Very Store’s Career Section!


(PCM) Talk about irony! Sylva Stoel, a 17-year old JCPenney employee was reprimanded and sent home for wearing a pair of shorts that her manager deemed to be too revealing. Here’s the kicker!  The shorts were actually purchased at JCPenney’s, in the career style section nonetheless!

After the incident Stoel took to her Twitter account to express her outrage over the incident and it has since sparked up a huge debate over the presence of sexist behavior against women in various professional environments. Stoel claims she had only arrived at work for about 10 minutes before she was approached by her manager and asked if anyone has spoken with her about the store’s dress code policy during her orientation.

Stoel says that she was never informed that the store’s dress code policy included a no-shorts rule and revealed that she was never given a handbook as well! When asked for details about the dress code, the manager said there were to be no t-shirts, tank tops, spaghetti straps or anything that you were “falling out of” … Stoel claims that she was not “falling out of” her shorts and still says that no shorts was never listed as one of the dress code rules.

The manager asked Stoel how long it was take her to go home and change and Stoel snarkily replied that she would probably take the whole day because she did not plan on returning to the store anymore at all. In a statement, JCPenney stands behind their dress code and says that it in no way targets women. They say that the no-shorts rule applies to all associates, both male and female.

Guess they might want to rethink that career style section, huh?

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Brooke Hogan Pens A Poem Defending Dad Amidst Racism Controversy


(PCM) Brooke Hogan, the 27-year old daughter of legendary WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan, has stepped up to defend her father who was recently accused of using several racial slurs in an interview that occurred several years ago while he was discussing her boyfriend at the time.

All references to Hulk Hogan have been removed from the WWE website amid the controversy, almost as if they have begun to erase his entire existence within the organization. All ties between him and the company have been severed. Brooke took to Facebook and posted a poem she had written under her real name Brooke Bollea titled “If You Knew My Father”.

You can read the full poem below:

~If You Knew My Father~
By Brooke Bollea
If you knew the dad I knew,
you’d know his tender heart.
He’d never want to hurt his fans,
or family from the start.
If you knew my father,
you would know how hard he fought…
and the way it brought a smile to people light, medium and dark.
We always fight a battle
that people never see,
and sometimes when you’re hurting, you don’t think logically.
Human isn’t perfect,
and perfect is not he,
but I can tell you one thing, it’s just not what it seems.
Cause If you knew the dad I knew,
you’d know he raised me well.
He taught me folks are so much more
than shades could ever tell.
And If you knew my father,
you would know he’s down to earth.
He may have slammed the giant,
but remembers life’s true worth.
If you knew my father,
if you just walked in his shoes…
then you would know that microscope that comes with yellow boots.
If you knew my father,
you would see your own in mine.
And if he was your father, you could never find divide.
Cause me- I bet your father
or someone that you love
Maybe regrets something
they wish they’d never done.
So if you know my father,
remember he’s a man,
and you would crave relief if people judged everything you did.
The lord says to forgive them,
don’t be the one to stone…
so please remember his strong arms when you were all alone.
The lives he’s changed, the friends he’s made,
the people he’s inspired…
It makes me sad to see my dad
defeated and so tired.
If you knew my father,
you would know just how he’s hurting…
For he loves every one of you, regardless of your story.
And if you met my father,
I know he’d give you love!
He’d lift you up, apologize and give you all a hug.
For those who think you know my father,
remember who you are.
We all can make mistakes and carry ugly scars.
Because I know my father,
I can promise this-
Just like you and I, things we don’t mean can sometimes slip.
We all continue learning.
This life can be so rough…
So if you know my father, please try not to be tough.
My father has a daughter,
and I have feelings too.
And if I knew your father, I would do the same for you.

The audio of Hulk Hogan’s alleged racist rant was part of an ongoing lawsuit between the wrestler and Gawker that was part of a leaked out sex tape. Hulk Hogan did issue a brief statement of his own in regards to the allegations saying “This is not who I am. I believe very strongly that every person in the world is important and should not be treated differently based on race, gender, orientation, religious beliefs or otherwise. I am disappointed with myself that I used language that is offensive and inconsistent with my own beliefs.”




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Minnie Mouse And Hello Kitty Throw Down In Times Square


(PCM) It is not everyday that you witness two beloved children’s characters, Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty, involved in a knock down brawl in the middle of Times Square in NYC.  That is just what happened recently, when two women who were portraying these lovable characters got into a violent altercation over tips that ended with them both under arrest.

The women who play the characters were identified as 34-year-old Sandra Mocha and 40-year-old Giovanna Melendez. Both women were broken apart, handcuffed and charged at the scene with assault.

Many children and tourists love posing with these cartoon characters while visiting Times Square, although there has been some recent controversy over the practice as many of these “characters” demand payment after the photo has already been snapped.

Despite the controversy they are still a major attraction to young children, however many children were left traumatized seeing Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty duke it out and even more horrified when both characters ripped their fake heads off further escalating the altercation.

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Baltimore Orioles Play The First Major League Baseball Game Without Any Fans


(PCM) The Baltimore Orioles made history yesterday with their 8-2 win over the White Sox with the game being what is believed to be the first Major League Baseball game played in an empty stadium without fans in attendance.

The public was not allowed to attend the game out of caution due to the civil unrest that has taken place in the city of Baltimore over the last few days. It was a truly surreal experience for those that viewed the game on TV, but even more surreal for the players themselves out on the field.

Many of the players were having fun with by pretending to sign autographs and throw foul balls up to the imaginary fans in the seats. Small groups of fans did gather outside the stadium near the left field gate to catch a glimpse of the game, while others crowded on to hotel balconies across the streets to see some of the action. Their hoots and hollers could be heard over the walls and through the locked gates of the stadium.

The only individuals who were allowed in Camden Yards for the game were the players themselves and some select members of the media. That did not stop many of the usual baseball traditions from taking place however! The National Anthem was still played at the beginning of the game and the individual players walk-up to bat music was still blasted over the speakers. However, the quietness surrounding the game itself was definitely quite creepy and without a doubt surreal.


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