Who is Diane Stretton The Fired Nanny That Won’t Leave Family’s Home?

By now many have heard the case of Diane Stretton – the alleged squatter nanny that was fired from her live-in job, then refused to leave the home – even going as far as to eat the family’s food from their refrigerator. Reaction across the Internet is equally as bizarre with some going as far as to side with Stretton stating the family is served right for having used Craig’s List to locate the nanny and not having used a service to vet their nanny requirements.

Marcella Bracamonte has friends help fight the fired nanny that refuses to leave her home.

Marcella Bracamonte has friends help fight the fired nanny that refuses to leave her home.

The family has shared with various news outlets their story for good reason. They want to help others avoid their fate as Stretton (age 64), has a track record of disputes that wind up in court with judgments against her. In fact Stretton’s 36 case history has landed her on California’s Vexatious Litigant List. It’s a list with no legal ramifications other than to exist and serve as warning that the people on it bring legal action against others continuously, regardless of merit, with no other purpose but harassment.

Stretton was hired by Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte of Upland California as a live-in nanny via Craig’s List in March 2014. The couple live in a subdivision with their three children all under the age of 12. Stretton was ultimately fired. Upon termination she refused the leave the family’s home. The Bracomonte family did what any law abiding citizen would do and called the police only to learn that with Stretton taking up residence through a work agreement the family had entered into a landlord tenant dispute.

Without getting into the horror this involves for landlords, consider watching the film Pacific Heights with Michael Keaton as a primer.

With Stretton refusing to leave the home for any reason, creative thinkers have offered solutions like removing the family’s food from the home which could possibly force the squatter to leave. In a morning news segment on ABC’s Good Morning America, Marcella Bracamonte showed Internet trolls she was one step ahead of them, she has a lock on the refrigerator. “I’m not going to let her eat my food.”

Marcella Bracamonte has to lock her refrigerator to stop fired nanny from eating the families food.

Marcella Bracamonte has to lock her refrigerator to stop fired nanny from eating the family’s food.

Research into Stretton’s past with the courts has revealed she is not only comfortable with court procedures, but she also knows some legalese.

While Stretton appears to be gaming the legal system by refusing to leave a home she’s not even a part of, she has in fact attempted to game the court itself. In a case judgment decided against her, she represented herself facing a storage facility (foreclosure of lien D061822) which originated in 2009. Records show the court was peppered with time wasting requests and appeals and an undue burden on the storage facility by forcing their use of a law firm to cope with Stretton. That case began due to late storage facility payments totaling over $26,000.00.

In response, Stretton filed a cross complaint for:

  • Failure to perform
  • Breach of implied covenant of good fate and fair dealing
  • Promissory estoppel
  • Unjust enrichment
  • Emotional Distress

Stretton sought over $57,000 in damages against the storage facility.

Diane Stretton is on the California Vexatious Litigant List

Diane Stretton is on the California Vexatious Litigant List

Stretton lost the case but her involvement in the legal system ultimately emboldened her. She’s learned a lot over 36 cases throughout Southern California.

If Stretton planned to trick her employers into a ‘landlord-tenant’ agreement through employment remains to be seen, however in her previous case with the storage facility she was able to stretch the case out with over two years in delays with a litany of motions and requests for continuance.

The Bracamonte's are your average American family.

The Bracamontes are your average American family.

The Bracamonte family cannot force her out of their home due to the nature of the offense making this a civil case. She’s done nothing wrong criminally. If perhaps the children in the family were thought to be in any harm’s way, the family could file for a protection order which then would remove Stretton from the home.

Stretton’s pattern of frivolous motions indicate the Bracamontes are in for a long haul. Marcella Bracamonte appears to prepared for that fight. She requested on Facebook for friends to come over and stay the night and crowd out Stretton. Could this all be over so soon? Marcella has said Stretton, “hasn’t come back to the home since yesterday (Thursday June 26th 2014) morning around 5 a.m.”

If she does return the eviction process takes months, Marcella has indicated on her Facebook page she’s in search of an attorney – an indicator that Stretton has not yet played her last card. “Anyone who looks at her crooked, she sues, “ says Marcella Bracamonte.

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North Korea Threatens US over Hollywood Comedy – The Interview

(PCM) Is US media over-selling North Korean threats? It all started last week when Executive Director for the Center of North Korea-US Peace, Kim Myong-choi took offense to a Hollywood Comedy slated for fall release.

The Interview with Seth Rogen and James Franco

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

The Interview, starring buddy film stars, Seth Rogen and James Franco is about two low brow news reporters recruited by the CIA to kill Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. Despite the Center Director’s well placed misgivings, Kim Myong-choi conceded that Kim Jong-un would most likely watch the film anyway. Can the news reports be that accurate?

Kim Jong-un

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

And doesn’t North Korea have a somewhat legitimate gripe? After all, how would the US like a film depicting our president being assassinated?

For now the hype has begun. Remember “The Mother of all battles”? Few know the infamously dead Saddam Hussain said that. That battle was perhaps the most one sided in history.

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

Crazy leaders make huge mistakes when dealing with America. If you think the Iraq soldiers walking away from battle against ISIS is a short battle, that is nothing compared to them running towards the Americans in surrender during the Iraq War.

If trailers indicate quality, The Interview is a comedy that doesn’t even look very good. Yet representatives for crackpot Kim Jong-un have sworn Merciless Retaliation towards the US if The Interview is released in America in the fall of 2014.

James Franco offends North Korea in the Hollywood Comedy The Interview

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

It could be that the leaders’ minions are just towing the company line in slamming America. Considering Jong-un has control of nuclear warheads, this may not be as funny as it appears on the surface. There hasn’t been any statement on behalf of Jong-un made as of yet. To date it’s all through North Korean state agencies.

One case is the state run news KCNA releasing a statement by the North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesperson, “The act of making and screening such a movie that portrays an attack on our top leadership… is a most wanton act of terror and act of war, and is absolutely intolerable.”

If it’s true that Kim Jong-un is as highly upset as his terrified followers imply, then Kim Jong-un doesn’t have the sense of humor his father Kim Jong-il had when Trey Parker and Matt Stone (Creators of South Park) skewered the leader in 2004′s World Police. In World Police, Kim Jong-il was lampooned well beyond good taste and while never publically remarking on the film did request Czech Republic ban World Police.

According to rumor Jong-un loves cinema as much as his father. It appears impossible to merely ignore the film. No matter who specifically has made the threat it has all but made The Interview a success regardless of its quality.

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

Seriously, can you get better press than a foreign government statement such as this: “Failure to stop the release of the film on 14 October in the US would result in a resolute and merciless response.”

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The McDonald’s Versus Taco Bell Breakfast War


(PCM) It has now become an all out viral war on social media between both McDonald’s and Taco Bell, after Taco Bell launched their new breakfast menu last week.

McDonald’s attacked first, when starting on Monday morning, they will be offering customers a free small cup of McCafe coffee at all participating U.S. locations during breakfast hours. The attack was in response to a Taco Bell advertisement that featured twenty or so real men actually named Ronald McDonald giving their praises for the new Taco Bell breakfast items.

McDonald’s also tweeted out a picture of a man dressed as Ronald McDonald crouching down to pet a Chihuahua with the words “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”  And to the Ronald McDonald commercial McDonald’s scornfully replied “Breaking! Mayor McCheese confirms: Ronald, in fact, still prefers McDonald’s.” Burn!


It is not very often that McDonald’s offers up freebies, so that is why the free coffee event came as a bit of surprise. It seems they are getting pretty desperate to squash out any new breakfast food competitors. McDonald’s has long since ruled the fast-food breakfast industry, however sales were slipping a bit this year, most due to the unusually harsh winter conditions suffered by most of the country this year.

McDonald’s offers up consumers more traditional breakfast fare, while Taco Bells new breakfast menu features a Waffle Taco (warm waffle wrapped around sausage patty or bacon with eggs, cheese and syrup); A.M. Crunchwrap (scrambled eggs, hash browns, cheese and bacon or sausage in a flour tortilla);  and Cinnabon Delights (poppable Cinnabon treats).


All is not lost for McDonald’s, however!  They do still have one super fan. An 18-year old from Norway now has a McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his forearm. The young man claims that his friends wanted to punish him for being “too active with the ladies’…whatever that means. Now McDonald’s is a permanent part of his and he becomes the company’s newest walking advertisement. He had either the option of a Barbie tattoo on his rear end or the McDonald’s receipt on his arm…I think we would have chosen the receipt too!

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