What McDonald’s French Fries Are Really Made Of


(PCM) There has been much speculation over the years at to exactly what McDonald’s french fries actually consist of, many were even curious if they were even made with potatoes at all.

Now McDonald’s has finally revealed just what goes into their french fry creation process and just how they come to get that lovely, yet unnatural golden color.

The list of ingredients that is featured in the video is definitely a little unnerving, however McDonald’s stands by their claim that everything is perfectly safe for consumption.  I am not too sure what Dimethylpolysiloxane or TBHQ actually is, but apparently … read more...

Oreo Set To Release The Red Velvet Oreo Cookie


(PCM) I think my Valentine’s Day gift got here a bit early with the news that Oreo will be introducing their new limited edition Red Velvet Oreo Cookie this February.

The release of the Red Velvet Oreo cookie will mark the first time that a completely new cookie flavor and color has been introduced since the Golden Oreo back in 2004.  Oreo claims that the new cookie will still have the classic Oreo chocolate cookie taste, but feature a cream cheese flavored filling.

Red Velvet is a flavor that only continues to grow in popularity as the years go by … read more...

January 20 Is National Cheese Lovers Day!


(PCM) Just thinking about today being National Cheese Lovers Day is already making me hungry!  It is about time there is a national holiday observation to give our beloved cheese the respect it finally deserves. Cheese is one of the most highly consumed and loved foods all over the world.

There have been many rumors about the origins of cheese, however the one that appears to have the most credibility is that an Arabian merchant first discovered cheese by accident when he put milk into his pouch made of sheep stomach and took a journey across the desert in 8000 … read more...

Kim Jong-Un Will Not Be Opening A Restaurant In Scotland That Serves Dog Meat


(PCM) Several media sources were reporting that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was set to open up a restaurant in Scotland where one of the primary dishes would be dog meat soup.

An official representative for Jong-Un set the record straight and claimed that there are currently no plans to open up a restaurant in Scotland at this time. Jong-Un does run a several restaurants named Pyongyang, after the capital of North Korea, in areas such as China, Indonesia, Russia, Myanmar, Thailand and Nepal, so the idea of him possibly opening up another franchise in Scotland, perhaps were not too … read more...

New York Woman Gets Drunk On Vanilla Extract


(PCM) Anyone who thought that it was not possible to get drunk or buzzed off of popular baking ingredient vanilla extract are completely wrong.

Recently, a New York woman by the name of Carolyn Kesel was reported to the police for driving erratically around a Walmart parking lot. When the police arrived they questioned Kesel who told them that she was lost trying to find her way back to her home in Lyons from Seneca Falls. The Walmart parking lot she was found in is 20 miles from Lyons in the opposite direction.

Authorities claim that Kesel appeared to be …

Cadbury Secretly Changes Creme Egg Recipe


(PCM) We were seriously hoping that this is not true, however it seems that the owners of Cadbury, makers of the delicious Easter candy treat Cadbury Creme Eggs, have secretly changed the recipe and consumers are furious.

According to sources at Kraft Foods, the Cadbury Creme Egg’s Dairy Milk Shell has now been replaced by one made from a standard cocoa mix chocolate.  A spokesperson for the company went on to say “It is no longer Dairy Milk. It is similar, but not exactly Dairy Milk. ”

The spokesperson went on to say that the new recipe was tested on … read more...

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