Pokemon Go: Why Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over A Game


(PCM) Just in case you have been living under a rock these past few days, Pokemon Go has been taking over our smartphones one adorable creature at a time. Seriously, everyone is talking about this highly addictive game. Even the developers, themselves, had no idea just how popular Pokemon Go would become causing several major server crashes within the first few days of it’s release.

The awesome part of the game is that it is sending players outside in droves, as they are all exploring areas of their cities and towns trying their best to catch elusive Pokemon that may be hiding in the wild. The game encourages players to be active and the more you travel about the higher the chance you have at Pokemon mastery.

It is a very simple game, even for those who have never heard of Pokemon before and that ease and incorporation of smartphone technology has cause it to become a viral sensation overnight for both fans and newcomers alike. To play the game you have to get up and out of the house and begin exploring the area around you. It uses your smartphones GPS signal to determine your location and then alerts you to the Pokemon that are located the closest to you.

In order to move around in the game, you must also move around in real life. Your character will travel on the map in same direction that you are moving and you can visit areas such as Training Gyms and Pokestops along your journey to collect additional items to assist with game play. As you can imagine the game is not without a few challenges, as some people are finding that Pokemon they are trying to catch are located in areas that can be rather difficult to get to or are secured facilities.

Remember, people, do not do anything illegal to catch a Pokemon!  There have already been quite a few fender benders from those who are attempting to hunt for Pokemon while operating their motor vehicles. There have also already been incidents where people are not playing attention to where they are walking because they are too busy looking at their smartphone screens and getting injured.

One player even discovered a dead body floating in a lake in Wyoming as she was attempting to capture Pokemon hiding in the location. Also, several churches and police stations in various areas are coming up as Pokestops (locations to collect game items) and officials are warning players to use caution when attempting to “catch em’ all” in these particular locations.

Pokemon Go has been a blessing for small business as many of these locations also double as Pokestops, drawing tons of customers out to the location. Business owners should embrace the influx of traffic and many are already playing off their new found popularity with Pokemon specials and tongue-in-cheek signs.


Pokemon Go is currently available for free download in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan from either the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.  It will be rolling out to additional regions in the coming months.

The trailer below is perfect visual description of how the game works:

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Melt Your Brain With This Insane Optical Illusion, Then Find Out How It Works!


(PCM) The optical illusion that is showcased below took second place in the Illusion Of The Year contest and it has since gone viral thanks to Reddit with individuals trying hard to wrap their minds around just how this trick was completed. The illusion was created by Kokichi Sugihara at Meiji University in Japan and is called “The Ambiguous Cylinder”.

The official description of the trick found on the Illusion Of The Year website reads, “The direct views of the objects and their mirror images generate quite different interpretations of the 3D shapes. They look like vertical cylinders, but their sections appear to be different; in one view they appear to be rectangles, while in the other view they appear to be circles. We cannot correct our interpretations although we logically know that they come from the same objects. Even if the object is rotated in front of a viewer, it is difficult to understand the true shape of the object, and thus the illusion does not disappear.”

Of course we live in the day and age of the internet and we are all self-made detectives, so someone has already posted another video explaining just how this illusion was created using only the magic of 3-D printing. It is definitely still pretty mind-blowing and crazy to get a glimpse of  how our brains can process certain information and visual imagery.

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Kid Stares At Camera So Intensely During Baseball Game You May Think He’s Stealing Your Soul


(PCM) During the recent College World Series game between the TCU Horned Frogs and the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers in Omaha, Nebraska, the all-star of the game has gone viral for his unwavering level of pure intensity and guess what … it wasn’t one of the players.

As the camera is panning around the ball park it comes to rest on one odd little boy, who then proceeds to stare at the camera so intensely that you will swear he is looking directly into your own. He then begins to ham it up, however his gaze never once departs from the lens. It’s pretty creepy!

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Viral Video: Man Takes A Bath In A Swimming Pool Filled With Coca-Cola


(PCM) Talk about dedication to a project! A young man and his group of friends decided to fill a 1,500 gallon swimming pool with nothing but Coca-Cola and then take a swim. We don’t really understand why, however they filmed their epic undertaking and the resulting video has gone viral racking up well over 12 million views and counting on Youtube.

The video description claims that they spent weeks purchasing literally thousands of bottles of Coke and even more time opening and pouring in each and every one. And, shhh!, they even snuck some Pepsi in there, roughly about 7% of the pool fill total.

We think that the Coca-Cola swimming pool experiment was created to show the indestructibility of a quite expensive drone, however it appears that more people were freaking out over just how much Coke these guys used and why they would do such a thing.

One YouTube commenter, Matt Paff, broke down the videos expenses saying “Let’s do the math, if it is a 1500 gallon pool, then there are about 5,678 liters of coke. If they spent about a dollar a bottle ( and that is sale price) they spent about $2,839 on coke. If they didn’t have the pool already that another $500. The phantom 4 is $1,319 ( on Amazon)So in all they spent (about) $4,658 dollars. YOUR WELCOME!!!”

Either way, they are making bank now with all the YouTube traffic and our question is first off, how did they keep bugs and other garden pests out of the pool and just how do they plan on cleaning all of this up afterwards!

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It’s National Selfie Day! A Look At The Top Five Most Famous Selfies

(PCM) Anymore it seems like we could be celebrating National Selfie Day everyday just judging by the sheer number of them that are posted on various social media platforms all day, every day. There is no doubt that the invention of the #selfie has forever changed the landscape of pop culture and photography.

Many feel that posting too many selfies has turned us into a much more narcissistic society, while others have the opinion that they all in good fun.  However, researchers who have studied the selfie phenomenon have some bad news for all the selfie lovers out there, as they claim studies show the popular pose actually makes people appear less attractive. When asked to compare a selfie photo and one taken by another individual, people who viewed the selfie image found the subjects to be less likeable and more narcissistic,in addition to being less attractive.  Try telling that to the Kardashian family, the reigning Queen’s of the selfie kingdom.

Either way, the selfie is certainly here to stay and to celebrate #NationalSelfieDay, we are including a look at the five most famous selfies of all time:

  1. The Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie

    This selfie, taken at the 2014 Academy Awards featuring various A-list celebrities, quickly became the most retweeted Tweet of all time!

  2. The Pope Francis Selfie

    This selfie proves that Pope Francis is one of the more progressive Pope’s, as you can see he was a willing participant in the selfie.

  3. The Naked Kim Kardashian Selfie

    There was no way the reigning queen of selfies would fail to make this list.

  4. The Beyonce Photobomb Selfie
    Beyonce masters the perfect photobomb on a fan who was snapping an image during her concert!  Winning, all the way around!
  5. The Kelly Nash baseball selfie

    Most dangerous selfie ever. That happened.

    A photo posted by live in love (@kellynash) on

    That moment when reporter Kelly Nash is about to get knocked out by a flying baseball.

And for good measure we have to throw a nod to the first recorded “selfie” in history taken by Robert Cornelius snapped in 1839:


How will you celebrate #NationalSelfieDay?

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Student Becomes A Viral Sensation After Walking Out Of High School Graduation Ceremony … For Good Reason!


(PCM) Allentown, Pennsylvania high school student Tayler Michelle Gray has gained internet fame after she hilariously walked straight out of her high school graduation ceremony after being handed her diploma. Gray posted a video of her walkout to her Twitter account where she can be seen walking up to the stage, taking the diploma and then walking straight out the doors of Allentown’s PPL Center where the graduation ceremony was taking place.

Gray was attending Parkland High School as a way to finish up her degree while she was also attending Lehigh Career and Technical Institute to train as a nursing assistant. She recently began working at a home for seniors, so her diploma was more of a formality.

Gray claims that she felt no real reason to stay for the rest of the ceremony, as she wanted to spend more time with her family. She says told Buzzfeed News that she “didn’t want to sit with all the people. That’s a lot of traffic to sit in after” as well.

You tell em’ girl! The internet has fallen in love with Gray’s rather ballsy move calling her a “Queen” and “GOAT” meaning “Greatest of All Time”! Some are criticizing Gray’s decision to leave claiming it is disrespectful to the other graduates. Either way, Gray has proved she has officially graduated to boss status!

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