New Spotify Billboards Are Hilariously Invasive (But We Love Them!)


(PCM) Spotify’s new marketing campaign is absolutely hilarious. They are using billboards to call out some of their subscribers more “questionable” listening habits, but of course they are not naming names. They are posing quite a few questions and adding some delightful commentary about just why certain users would listen in such a way. 

A few examples read, “Dear person who played ‘Sorry’ 42 times on Valentine’s Day, What did you do?”, another says “To the 1,235 guys who loved the “Girls Night” playlist this year, We love you.” Our personal favorite reads “Dear person in the Theater District who listened to the Hamilton soundtrack 5,375 times this year, can you get us tickets?” Too funny! 

spotify-ad2 spotify-ad3

Spotify CMO Seth Farban recently told Creativity, “There has been some debate about whether big data is muting creativity in marketing, but we have turned that on its head. For us, data inspires and gives an insight into the emotion that people are expressing.” The article went on to explain that the ad campaign was originated with 2015’s end-of-year “Year in Music” campaign, as it transpired that data from listeners in different geographical areas provided some interesting insights. “That led to the idea of reflecting culture via listener behavior.”

The new ad campaign marks Spotify’s largest to date and it is definitely bringing them some attention. The billboards are a brilliant idea and incredibly funny, but definitely makes you think twice about just who is watching and collecting data in regards to our listening habits online. 

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Arthur’s Angry Fist Meme! The Reaction Meme You Should Definitely Know!


(PCM) Unless you are hiding under a rock on the internet you have most likely come across the hilarious Arthur’s Angry Fist meme popping up somewhere along your various social media feeds. It is often used by people as a visual accompaniment to situations in life that have made them angry or frustrated.

The image shows cartoon character Arthur with a clenched fist and is taken from an episode of the cartoon series titled “Arthur’s Big Hit” during the scene where Arthur punches his younger sister D.W. for breaking his Bell X-1 model airplane. It was definitely a rather dark episode of the cartoon series and even the show’s creators, while appreciative of all the online buzz, are disappointed that some of the meme’s are made in poor taste. Definitely not what they were going for with the Arthur cartoon series. 

The screen capture image of Arthur’s fist in that scene was first posted on Twitter back in July of 2016 when user @AlmostJT joking said “This is just a pic of Arthur’s fist but idk [I don’t know]  how I feel that’s it’s just so relatable. So many emotions in one fist.” The original tweet has since been deleted,however the meme has been shared countless times. 

Of course the meme began being shared on Reddit as a visual was for people to describe their frustrations with various social and world situations. One of the first mentions of the Arthur’s Angry Fist meme on Reddit occurred when someone used the image to describe their anger at someone saying Harambe was “just a gorilla”.  The meme has proven to have both staying power and longevity, as it is still be consistently shared  across the net at any given time. The Arthur’s Angry Fist meme touches on both our obsession with all things nostalgic and the ability to visually express our emotions in a cyber world. 

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Did The Cast Of Broadway’s ‘Hamilton’ Go Too Far In Calling Out Vice President Elect Mike Pence?


(PCM) The cast of Broadway’s “Hamilton” recently stirred up quite a bit of controversy when they made the decision to call out Vice President elect Mike Pence, who was attending a performance, on some issues they had regarding his election platforms. When Pence first entered the theater there was a mixture of both cheers and jeers, but that is not that surprising, however many feel that Pence should not have been put on the spot in such a way.

During curtain call perform Brandon Victor Dixon (who plays Aaron Burr in the show) noticed that Pence was about to make his exit from the theater and stopped him with a message from the cast. Dixon explained to Pence that the cast of “Hamilton” represents a very diverse group of individuals that tell this particular American story. He reiterated that they were alarmed by the income administration, people of all colors, creeds, and orientations—and urged him to uphold their “inalienable rights.”

Many felt that this was neither the time nor the place for Pence to be called-out, so to say, on these types of issues, while others feel that the “Hamilton” cast took a brave step exercising their right to free speech. Dixon told,”It was a message from the producers the creative and the cast. If you have differences, say something! What better place than on this stage telling this story with these people? I hope he thinks of us every time he has to deal with an issue or talk about a bill or present anything.” On the other hand, it is hard to even begin to imagine what Pence much have felt like in that moment, as it could be viewed as a form of public harassment. 

President-Elect Trump was not pleased by the entire ordeal and took to his Twitter account to urge the “Hamilton” cast to issue an apology to Mike Pence. Some Trump supporters were even calling for a boycott of the “Hamilton” show.  Pence himself released a statement saying “I know this is a very disappointing time for people that did not see their candidate win in this national election. I know that this is a very anxious time for some people. My daughter and I and her cousins really enjoyed the show. Hamilton is just an incredible production and incredibly talented people. It was a real joy to be there.” He also went on to say that he “wasn’t offended” by the cast’s statement at the curtain call, or the audience’s booing as he entered the theater: “I nudged my kids and reminded them, that’s what freedom sounds like”. 

“Hamilton” actor Dixon appeared on CBS This Morning to further address some of the controversy saying there was nothing to apologize for and the statement was important to them and they wanted it. He further commented “Art is meant to bring people together, it’s meant to raise consciousness. And when you have a platform…I told [Hamilton producer] Jeffrey Seller after the show, I said, ‘I applaud you all for not throwing away your shot, for taking a moment to spread your message of love and unity.” They have also invited President-Elect Trump out to see a show, as they feel it is truly important for everyone to see a show like theirs, as it’s power in truly undeniable. Sounds great, if we could ever find tickets!!  

Do you think that the cast and crew of “Hamilton” went too far by putting Vice President-Elect Mike Pence on the spot, especially in front of his children and loved ones?  Or do you feel that the cast of “Hamilton” used their platform wisely to get a point across?  


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First It Was ‘The Dress’, Now The Internet Is Losing It’s Mind Over ‘The Flip-Flops’

(PCM) Just in time for some good old fashioned Thanksgiving family fighting, the internet is once again divided over the color of a pair of flip-flops. Remember “The Dress” debacle? You know, is it black and blue or white and gold? This time everyone is going crazy over whether or not these flip-flops are actually black and blue or gold and white. Notice a trend here?

There appears to be some sort of issue with being able differentiate between these four colors in the spectrum depending on the angle of the photo, where it was taken and the amount of time you spend concentrating on the image. The Huffington Post discovered the origin of the flip-flops debate down to a single tweet from a Twitter user named “arthur.” The rest is viral internet history!

The flip-flops are from footwear brand Havaianas and the company appears to be having fun with the debate by posting an image of the flip-flops on their website, but refusing to directly answer the question in regards to what color the actually are!

So, what do you think? Black/Blue or White/Gold?


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City Of Denver Has No Clue Who Is Expertly Running Their Instagram Account


(PCM) Denver, Colorado city officials are scratching their heads trying to determine who has been expertly running the “City Of Denver” Instagram account. The account is gorgeously curated with various images that showcase Denver’s picturesque skylines, local events and more, but surprisingly the city itself is not behind running the account.

They have no idea who has been updating it, but they certainly feel whoever it may be, they are doing a fantastic job. The account has over 150 thousand followers and links to a website which features the city of Denver’s official logo and lists prices for advertising.

It seems the account name has been held for several years now, but city officials have had absolutely no luck in unraveling the mystery of who exactly is behind the account. It was originally thought that the account was created as a prank, however the images chosen and their accompanying captions are spectacular, so it is really an huge boost for tourism in the region. 

The city has not yet requested that the user give up the Instagram handle, but they do request that the account holder refrain from any further use of the city’s logo and website information. 

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Father And Daughter Delightfully Recreate The Evolution Of Dance During Wedding Reception


(PCM) Everyone knows that one of the most memorable moments of any wedding is the father and daughter dance, however what can make it even more memorable is if you recreate your own version of the “Evolution of Dance” while out on the dance floor together. 

Mikayla Ellison Phillips and her dad Nathan Ellison put together a hilarious mash-up dance routine that began normally enough with “Butterfly Kisses” and ended up with some “Bye, Bye, Bye” moves from NSYNC with additional moves from MC Hammer and The Carlton throw in-between. The video is viral gold, so much so, that even the DJ can be heard saying “Somebody please put this on YouTube. It needs to go viral.”

And it has! The video has been viewed over 200,000 times and continues to rack up the hits. When speaking with news outlets about the video’s success Mikayla says that she and her father had talked for years about doing something like and they only practiced it a few times before the wedding. She went on to say that seeing how happy her father was during their performance was truly a dream come true. 

Check out their amazing video below:

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