Celebrities Liam Neeson, Rebel Wilson And More Audition To Become The New Voice For Stephen Hawking!

(PCM) For the past 30 years renowned astro-physicist Stephen Hawking has used the same robotic voice to communicate, it is so recognizable that it has almost become a staple of pop culture. Hawking has had many opportunities over the years to change the tone, inflection and accent of the robotic voice but has always declined. He has been using the same American-accented robotic voice since 1986, which was the year he created his “Equalizer” computer program that was able to allow him to communicate.

In a hilarious new short-film from Comic Relief various celebrities such as Liam Neeson, Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick, and Lin-Manuel Miranda audition for a chance to become the new speaking voice for Hawking, who may be finally ready to update his computer system after so many years. The celebrities compete hard for such an honor and we think you are really going to love the choice that Hawking makes in the end!  Check it out below:

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United Airlines Bans Two Young Women From Flight For Wearing Leggings!

(PCM) Everyone is in an uproar over the news that United Airlines recently banned two young women from their flight from Denver to Minneapolis for wearing leggings. According to the airline the women were not wearing “proper” attire and that unless they agreed to change their pants they would not be allowed on the flight.

The Washington Post also reports that a third young woman, who only happens to be 10-years old, was also found to be wearing leggings and was asked to change her pants as well before being allowed to board the flight. This is just preposterous! She is literally a 10-year old little girl! Leggings are standard attire for someone her age, in fact, leggings are now considered pretty standard attire for any and all women these days regardless of age.

While we agree that there are certainly times when leggings are not always the classiest way to dress depending on how they are worn, however paired with the correct top and either boots or sneakers they can look absolutely adorable. Without seeing the way in which these young ladies, minus the 10-year old, were wearing the leggings it can be a bit hard to judge why United Airlines would have come down on them so harshly.

The 10-year old little girl ended up putting a dress over her leggings, however the other two young ladies pressed the issue and were not going to be allowed to board their flight. They did eventually board the plane after changing their clothing. Many feel that it is not up to United Airlines to police the way in which women and girls dress, however on the other side of that there is the issue of dress code appropriateness which is left up to the discretion of the airline gate agents.

Political activist and founder of the gun safety campaign “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America” Shannon Watts just so happened to be at the gate when all the drama was going down and tweeted out the incident to her over 32,000 Twitter followers.

The above tweet is what opened up #leggingsgate and even celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Sarah Silverman and Patrica Arquette joined in to voice their frustrations with United Airlines policies. The airline responded to Watts with the following tweet:

However the story does get a bit more involved as it seem that the young women were traveling via passes as part of the United Airlines employee benefit travel. The women’s attire did not meet the protocol and adhere to the policy for employee benefit travel. We have dealt with this a lot in the past ourselves and while many of the airlines policies for company dress code attire is a bit dated that is a small price to pay for being able to fly for a significantly discounted rate or perhaps even for free.

Perhaps United Airlines should get on board with some of the other airlines such as American or Delta who have updated their dress code policies for employee and companion travel, however before #leggingsgate gets too far out of control, people should know the whole story.

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Florida Man Charged For Consuming Pancakes At Busy Intersection

(PCM) Why does it seem that all of the weirdest stories somehow come out of Florida? It must be something in the water down there! A 21-year man named Kiaron Thomas has been charged with posting an obstruction in a roadway and disrupting the free flow of traffic after he was caught consuming a full pancake breakfast in the middle of a busy intersection.

Police received multiple complaints from drivers on the road about Thomas’s breakfast adventure, however by the time they arrived on the scene he had finished his meal and was long gone. Thomas is a known prankster, so police were able to easily find footage of the traffic breakfast prank posted on his social media channels.

Thomas will be due in court to face his charges in April of 2017. Remember, nothing comes between a man and his pancake breakfast! Not even cops and angry motorists!

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Internet Trolls Cracker Barrel After A Man’s Wife Was Fired On His Birthday!

(PCM) What began as an innocent tweet by a man named Bradley Reid Byrd asking why a Cracker Barrel restaurant fired his wife after 11 dedicated years of service has now morphed into a hilarious internet trolling war with tons of internet users showing their support and demanding #justiceforbradswife!

Poor Brad was simply looking for answers as to why his wife was let go from her position and it just so happened that she was fired on his birthday of all days. Cracker Barrel did not respond to Brad’s tweet, but the internet sure did and now they are posting hundreds of reasons why Brad’s wife should have never been fired in the first place. Digging underneath all the sarcastic commentary and quips a Cracker Barrel manager did respond to the situation making a statement proclaiming that Brad’s wife was just not a good fit for the company any longer. According to Facebook user, Michelle Bowman Neuhauser, “Bradley Reid Byrd’s wife, Nanette, worked at the Corydon, Indiana Cracker Barrel for 11 years, was fired by a district manager named Gwen Alexander. Reason given was, “She wasn’t working out.” She’s an older woman whom coworkers/customers say was hardworking, averaged 50-60 hrs a week. Since CB wouldn’t give Brad and Nanette an answer, he posted his question on their FB page”

You know the folks on the internet can solve just about every mystery, so they are speculating that it was very young manager that fired Brad’s wife and that it may be a case of age discrimination, as Brad’s wife is assumed to be much older. Each and every time that Cracker Barrel’s social media team posts something new, their comments section is flooded with clever responses that urge them to pursue some kind of #justiceforbradwife!  She certainly deserves it at this point and we are sure the Cracker Barrel REALLY, REALLY regrets firing her at this point.

Some of the best social media responses can be found below:

Someone even started a Change.org petition urging Cracker Barrel to explain the termination of #BradsWife! The petition has already reached over 20,000 signatures and continues to grow. It has been delivered to Cracker Barrels corporate office! Don’t worry Brad’s wife … Brad and the internet love you even if Cracker Barrel doesn’t!

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Someone Attempted To Sell A Bag Of Air That Contained Adele’s Breath On Ebay!

(PCM) No, we are not kidding! Someone on Ebay was attempting to sell a bag of air that was allegedly breathed by Adele during her recent “25” concert tour for the amount of $2,000! Let alone wanting to meet the person who was trying to pull this off, we would love to feast our eyes on the person who would be willing to drop that much money on a bag of literal air.

We suppose the seller,@shaun_mcdonough, gets some kind of points for creativity as the Ebay listing, which has since been removed claimed that the air was “legit” and was captured by McDonough at Adele’s recent concert. The auction began at $14.95 and skyrocketed up to $2,000 before Ebay caught on, however we can’t help but wonder just how high the price would have gone had Ebay kept the listing live.

The Ebay posting also included a photo snapped by McDonough of a Adele at the show to prove that they were really in attendance and within the proper distance to capture the air in a bag. After the first listing was removed McDonough tried once again to list the bag of Adele air, but not surprisingly the second auction was also removed. When posting the second listing, McDonough included a note he received from Ebay in regards to the first posting which read, “We’ve determined that some of your listings haven’t followed our No Item policy… To protect both buyers and sellers, buyers should be able to verify an item after receiving it. Listings that don’t offer an item for sale, or where the existence of the item for sale can’t be verified, aren’t allowed.”

It would be pretty hard to verify a bag of air and what about shipping! How would you be sure that the air would not leak out of the bag should it become ripped or damaged. Looks like no one will be owning any Adele air anytime soon!

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Video Of A Gigantic Chicken Goes Viral! Experts Claim It’s The Real Deal

(PCM) The video posted of a European man’s massive chicken has gone viral after being shared on social networking site Reddit where many were debating whether or not the footage was indeed authentic.

Fitim Sejfijaj posted a video of the massive chicken on the Kosovo-based “Decorative Poultry” group on Facebook and it is definitely quite a sight to see! Many felt that the “chicken” may have been a different animal dressed up to appear like a chicken or that Sejfijaj used some sort of camera trick to make the bird appear larger.

Experts have now weighed in on the video and explained that the chicken is in fact the real deal and it is known as a Brahma chicken. This particular breed of chicken is dubbed the “King of all poultry” and can grow up to 18.25 pounds.

The Brahma chickens are bred in the United States from a breed of massive chickens imported in from China. No idea just how the European man managed to get his hand on one, but the video in question does appear to be authentic.

You be the judge! Have you ever seen such a massive chicken? We sure haven’t and we certainly wouldn’t want this one chasing us down anytime soon!

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