Man Buys Every Pie At Burger King To Spite A Bratty Kid


(PCM) Sometimes I absolutely adore reddit for the hilarious stories that users choose to share. In a thread that was labeled “offmychest” a man claims that he purchased 23 pies from his local Burger King restaurant, causing them to sell-out, all to spite a bratty screaming child in line behind him.

The man claims that the child and his mother were in line behind him and several other customers at a Montreal, Canada Burger King and was screaming his head off about wanting pie. The man claims it was a huge annoyance to both him and the other customers.

Reaching …

The #IceBucketChallenge Takes Over On Social Media


(PCM) If you were curious as to why there have been a ton of photos and videos popping of people dumping buckets of ice water over their heads on various social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, we have your answer.

In order to raise awareness for ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, a former Boston College baseball player by the name of Peter Frates came up with the idea for the #icebucketchallenge. Twenty-nine year old Frates was diagnosed with ALS two years ago and he and his family have made it their goal to spread the … read more...

Screen Shot Sells For $90,900 On eBay


(PCM) This just proves the point that some people will buy into just about anything! Recently, a screen shot from a computer fetched the amount of $90,900 dollars on eBay. The computer screen shot was sold by anonymous person and in the item’s description it was described as a “one of a kind work of art”.

The screen shot contained the words “Art used to be something to cherish. Now literally anything could be art. This post is art”. It was accompanied by the vague signature of “Anonymous”. 

The bidding for the screen shot began at around $500 and … read more...

Steven Spielberg “Hunted” Triceratops Pic Goes Viral


(PCM) It truly pains me to say it, but there are definitely quite a few..shall we say…intellectually challenged individuals roaming around the internet these days.

Recently, a Facebook user uploaded an image of director Steven Spielberg posing next to a “poached triceratops”, which is actually just a robotic prop from the hit film “Jurassic Park”.

It seems that a lot of people did not realize that the Facebook user who posted the image labeling it “disgusting” and calling him a “despicable man” was joking around sarcastically poking fun at the hunting pics that were recently posted by a Texas cheerleader


Story About 3-year Old Kicked Out Of KFC Could Be A Hoax?


(PCM) We recently brought you the absolutely heartbreaking story about 3-year old Victoria Welcher who was allegedly kicked out of a Jackson, MS KFC restaurant by an employee who said the young girls scars were scaring the other customers.

Victoria was attacked by three pit bulls at her grandfather’s home back in April and was left with extreme facial scarring and the loss of one of her eyes.

Since this story has been circulating the net, KFC has pledged to investigate the incident and promised to donate $30,000 towards Victoria’s medical bills as a way to apologize. KFC is not … read more...

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