Steven Spielberg “Hunted” Triceratops Pic Goes Viral


(PCM) It truly pains me to say it, but there are definitely quite a few..shall we say…intellectually challenged individuals roaming around the internet these days.

Recently, a Facebook user uploaded an image of director Steven Spielberg posing next to a “poached triceratops”, which is actually just a robotic prop from the hit film “Jurassic Park”.

It seems that a lot of people did not realize that the Facebook user who posted the image labeling it “disgusting” and calling him a “despicable man” was joking around sarcastically poking fun at the hunting pics that were recently posted by a Texas cheerleader after a hunting trip in Africa.

Have these people never seen “Jurassic Park” ?!?!? And seriously….dinosaurs are extinct!

The post was shared over 30,000 times and users were posting comments such as “Disgusting” and “Bet he kept the horns”!


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Story About 3-year Old Kicked Out Of KFC Could Be A Hoax?


(PCM) We recently brought you the absolutely heartbreaking story about 3-year old Victoria Welcher who was allegedly kicked out of a Jackson, MS KFC restaurant by an employee who said the young girls scars were scaring the other customers.

Victoria was attacked by three pit bulls at her grandfather’s home back in April and was left with extreme facial scarring and the loss of one of her eyes.

Since this story has been circulating the net, KFC has pledged to investigate the incident and promised to donate $30,000 towards Victoria’s medical bills as a way to apologize. KFC is not the only one donating funds to little Victoria. People from all over the world have been donating money to the family and several plastic surgeons have stepped up to offer free services to assist Victoria in the future.

Now, several sources have come forward, who wish to remain anonymous due to the on-going investigation into the initial incident, claiming that the entire story about being kicked out of the KFC is an elaborate hoax and Victoria’s family is making out with a nice pay day to the tune of over $130,000, which is the amount of donations already received.

KFC needed to verify that the incident actually did take place, so they hired a private investigator. The investigator has since reported that there is absolutely no video surveillance footage that show’s Victoria and her grandmother inside the fast-food restaurant and there is no record of their food order.

Another part of the story that doesn’t add up is that Victoria’s grandmother claims they visited the KFC location after a doctor’s appointment to grab some food on the day the story was posted on Facebook, which was May 15th. However, records show that Victoria did not visit the doctor until May 16th which would have been one day after the alleged incident occurred.

Also, the location of the KFC restaurant that was initially reported by the family is a location that has been closed for several years. Victoria’s aunt later commented that due to the hoopla surrounding the incident she accidentally named the wrong location by mistake.

Suspicions began to arise when several sources began contacting the media and claiming that Victoria’s grandmother’s story didn’t really add up correctly. Since the story ran, employees at the two KFC locations closest to the hospital where Victoria is being treated are fearing for their safely as they have received death threats and been verbally harassed.

KFC claims that they will still donate the $30,000 to assist with Victoria’s medical bills even if the investigation turns out to prove the story false and Victoria’s family is still sticking by their story that the incident did indeed occur and made sure to note that the investigation is still being completed.


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What is an Online Cash or Direct Deposit ACH Loan?

Dollars(Sponsored) Cash loans online are a recent phenomenon that emerged with the prominence of e-commerce. An online cash loan is a payday loan, or cash advance, that is applied for, processed, and funded entirely electronically through an ACH. A consumer is able to conveniently apply for a loan with internet access and does not have to physically walk or drive to a local payday loan store to get the funds they need. This provides the consumer with more choices, as there are many online lenders to choose from, compared to the restrictions of local payday loan stores.

With an online cash loan, funding and payments are facilitated entirely electronically through ‘ACH’ or ‘Automated Clearing House’. This is a mechanism by which mass wire transfers are used by businesses to credit and debit customers directly through the customers bank account. The ACH process acts as a brokered wire service for which the business, or in this case the payday lender, pays a fee for the service.

Many consumers prefer an online loan, not only for the convenience, but also for the inherent anonymity it provides. Many consumers do not like to have to eschew their privacy by physically walking into a payday loan store to receive a cash advance. The majority of consumers prefer to keep their personal financial decisions private. An online cash loan provides this privacy element.

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