It’s National Selfie Day! A Look At The Top Five Most Famous Selfies

(PCM) Anymore it seems like we could be celebrating National Selfie Day everyday just judging by the sheer number of them that are posted on various social media platforms all day, every day. There is no doubt that the invention of the #selfie has forever changed the landscape of pop culture and photography.

Many feel that posting too many selfies has turned us into a much more narcissistic society, while others have the opinion that they all in good fun.  However, researchers who have studied the selfie phenomenon have some bad news for all the selfie lovers out there, as they claim studies show the popular pose actually makes people appear less attractive. When asked to compare a selfie photo and one taken by another individual, people who viewed the selfie image found the subjects to be less likeable and more narcissistic,in addition to being less attractive.  Try telling that to the Kardashian family, the reigning Queen’s of the selfie kingdom.

Either way, the selfie is certainly here to stay and to celebrate #NationalSelfieDay, we are including a look at the five most famous selfies of all time:

  1. The Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie

    This selfie, taken at the 2014 Academy Awards featuring various A-list celebrities, quickly became the most retweeted Tweet of all time!

  2. The Pope Francis Selfie

    This selfie proves that Pope Francis is one of the more progressive Pope’s, as you can see he was a willing participant in the selfie.

  3. The Naked Kim Kardashian Selfie

    There was no way the reigning queen of selfies would fail to make this list.

  4. The Beyonce Photobomb Selfie
    Beyonce masters the perfect photobomb on a fan who was snapping an image during her concert!  Winning, all the way around!
  5. The Kelly Nash baseball selfie

    Most dangerous selfie ever. That happened.

    A photo posted by live in love (@kellynash) on

    That moment when reporter Kelly Nash is about to get knocked out by a flying baseball.

And for good measure we have to throw a nod to the first recorded “selfie” in history taken by Robert Cornelius snapped in 1839:


How will you celebrate #NationalSelfieDay?

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Student Becomes A Viral Sensation After Walking Out Of High School Graduation Ceremony … For Good Reason!


(PCM) Allentown, Pennsylvania high school student Tayler Michelle Gray has gained internet fame after she hilariously walked straight out of her high school graduation ceremony after being handed her diploma. Gray posted a video of her walkout to her Twitter account where she can be seen walking up to the stage, taking the diploma and then walking straight out the doors of Allentown’s PPL Center where the graduation ceremony was taking place.

Gray was attending Parkland High School as a way to finish up her degree while she was also attending Lehigh Career and Technical Institute to train as a nursing assistant. She recently began working at a home for seniors, so her diploma was more of a formality.

Gray claims that she felt no real reason to stay for the rest of the ceremony, as she wanted to spend more time with her family. She says told Buzzfeed News that she “didn’t want to sit with all the people. That’s a lot of traffic to sit in after” as well.

You tell em’ girl! The internet has fallen in love with Gray’s rather ballsy move calling her a “Queen” and “GOAT” meaning “Greatest of All Time”! Some are criticizing Gray’s decision to leave claiming it is disrespectful to the other graduates. Either way, Gray has proved she has officially graduated to boss status!

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Dad’s Across The Internet Created The Cheerio Challenge And It Rocks!


(PCM) The latest and arguably the most adorable internet challenge was created by a bunch of dad’s who have now won the internet just in time for Father’s Day.

The #cheeriochallenge was created by a blog called Life Of Dad and consists of asking fathers to stack Cheerio’s cereal on their sleeping babies faces. The challenge has caught on like wildfire and father’s all over are posting adorable images of their babies with stacks of Cheerio’s trying to outdo each other with who can get the highest stack without it falling.

The competition is fierce, as some dad’s have managed to stack as many as 17 cheerio’s on top of their baby’s sleeping heads. Some dad’s are accusing each other of using glue to hold together the stacks of Cheerio’s, but all in all the challenge has been in good fun and spirit. Many also claim that if you lick the Cheerio’s before stacking it helps them stick together or using flavored Apple Cinnamon Cheerio’s assist with making the challenge a bit easier.

Either way it is completely adorable and amazing to see dad’s bonding with their babies just in time for Father’s Day!

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Shia LaBeouf Is Hitchhiking Across The Country For The Sake Of Art


(PCM) Shia LaBeouf is making headlines once again for yet another bizarre project which he claims is for the sake of art. This time, LaBeouf and two of his friends, Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, are hitchhiking across the country on what they have deemed a “performance art road trip” called #takemeanywhere.

Thus far, LaBeouf and friends have traveled to New Orleans, Chicago, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and the Great Lakes region after beginning their journey in Colorado. They appear to currently be located somewhere in the Upper Midwest in transit.

The idea behind the project, which has been commissioned by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Arts, is about making friends and finding out the meaning of life, at least according to LaBeouf and his companions. The Boulder Museum says, “The American road trip has long been symbolic of a collective yearning to seek out beauty and truth within a corrupt nation.” The museum questions: “Can we find such truths within the corrupted networks of society, and preserve something of the utopian naivety of the Internet age?”

Definitely looking at things on a deeper scale. Each day, LaBeouf and friends post their GPS coordinates to Twitter. Whoever comes to find them first get to take the group anywhere they choose to take them. The beauty is that they never know exactly what type of adventure awaits them each day.

It is definitely quite an interesting way to showcase the power of social media and learn more about the way that we interact with one another. LaBeouf and his friends are documenting the project and we certainly look forward to checking out it out when their journey is complete.


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Man Tricks People On Facebook Into Believing He Can Predict The Future


(PCM) You may have noticed that a Facebook post from a man by the name of Pablo Reyes has been gaining a lot of traction and has now been shared over 200,000 times as it appears Reyes was able to predict the future by posting about certain events such as Harambe the gorrilla, the deaths of both Prince and Mohammad Ali, and the incredibly tragic Orlando nightclub shooting. The internet is losing its’ mind because the post by Reyes is dated “December 26, 2015”.

The sheer amount of comments on the post is insane, as people can not seem to wrap their heads around the fact that Reyes was able to have a vision of these world events prior to their occurrence. However, they are forgetting one very important thing about Facebook and that is the fact that you can use that adorable little clock icon located next to your status update to choose when you would like a post to go live. It’s all about scheduling, people! We could all be Facebook psychics if we choose!

Obviously, Reyes decided to pull quite the epic Facebook prank and post-date this particular status to make him appear to be clairvoyant. When speaking with Buzzfeed news about the hoax, Reyes says “”I feel like people—I don’t want to call people dumb—but I think it’s up to the people to kind of make the decisions about what they hear and what they’re being told. . . It’s hard for me to explain to you how I feel about the situation, but I think I blame people. I kind of feel like people are to blame.”

But, we read it on the internet, so it has to be true, right?  Please don’t fall for this crap!

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Reddit CEO Makes A Startling Claim About Internet Privacy


(PCM) Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has made a startling claim about internet privacy and those that frequent his site in particular claiming that Reddit knows everything about you and “your dark secrets”. Right, like that doesn’t sound at all ominous!

Sometimes looked at as the underbelly of the internet, Reddit boasts millions of page views per day, as individuals find ways to cure their afternoon boredom by diving deep into Reddit’s treasure trove of articles, opinions and unfiltered content. Huffman claims that Reddit knows all about your dark secrets and their ultimate plan is to use that knowledge to target specific ads in your direction.

Huffman says, “Our targeting will be different because, um, we know, we know all of your interests. You know? Not just your, you know, the interests you’re willing to declare publicly on Facebook, but you know, we know your dark secrets. we know everything.”

::Insert evil horror movie laughter here::

Almost immediately Reddit users chimed in joking that they do not feel the target advertising scheme is working considering one Reddit users claims they were shown an ad for quilting for nearly two months and another claims for knowing their “deep dark secrets”, why have they only been shown ads for Old Spice deodorant?

Obviously the privacy issue is not too big of a concern, however it is certainly a little creepy to know that a company does have the power to know just about everything we are doing online.


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