Devoted Uncle Dresses As A Princess To Take His Niece To See “Cinderella”


(PCM) Showing some serious devotion as an uncle 26-year old Jesse Nagy donned a princess costume to take his 4-year old niece Isabella to see the movie “Cinderella”.

Nagy truly made it an incredible night out for his young niece. He says that the reason he wore the princess costume was due to the fact that his niece, who normally runs all around the house wearing various princess costumes was suddenly embarrassed to wear a princess costume to the movie theater when he made the suggestion.

In order to make her feel better about wearing the costume, Nagy decided that he would wear one as well, that way they could both be princesses. Nagy borrowed an old prom dress from a family friend and the two “princesses” made their way to the theater to enjoy “Cinderella”.

A ticket taker at the theater who was quite taken with Nagy and Isabella’s costumes snapped a photo of the pair and posted it online. Nagy claims that halfway through the film his phone began to go off like crazy as his family and friends began alerting him that the image had gone viral on both Reddit and Facebook.

It has received well over 4,000 upvotes and over 1,000 comments as well!

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Taylor Swift Makes A Savvy Business Move And Purchases Porn Domains


(PCM) In an incredibly smart business move to help protect her brand, pop superstar Taylor Swift has purchased two porn domain names: and It is the hope that by her owning those domains it would put a stop to any internet trolls who would make an attempt to dirty up the singer’s image online.

Over the past few years the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers have significantly expanded the amount of generic top-level domains that one can purchase. In early days you could purchase the normal .com, .net,, but now there are some more interesting choices available such as .adult, .porn, .xxx, and .sucks.

We are actually kind of surprised that Swift and her team did not purchase .sucks as well! While not open to the general buying public yet, certain individuals were given an opportunity to register these new generic top-level domains before everyone else. They will be open for public consumption on June 1, 2015.


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Starbucks Urges Employees To Talk About Race Relations With Customers


(PCM) Retail coffee giant Starbucks is now asking customers to #RaceTogether and urges  their employees to begin talking about race relations in our country with their customers. The baristas have begun writing “race together” on beverage cups in hopes of sparking some of these conversations that many people are afraid to have with one another.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz claims that “We as Starbucks should be willing to talk about this issues in America”. After incidents that occurred in Ferguson, MO, New York City, and Oakland, CA, there is a lot of deep emotional and racial unrest throughout the country and these are issues that we should not be afraid to address.  Schultz goes on to say “Not to point fingers or to place blame, and not because we have the answers, but because staying silent is not who we are,”

It is the hope that this new movement will be the catalyst to help people gain a greater empathy, understanding and compassion towards one another.  Stores in New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Oakland and Los Angeles have already begin writing “Race Together” on cups, but the rest of the company’s some 12,000 stores are expected to join in with them today.

Schultz feels it begins with “one conversation at a time” to create a more emphatic and inclusive society overall.  While it appears that Starbucks may have had good intentions with the #RaceTogether campaign, it is causing the company to receive quite a bit of ridicule online and on social media, as many feel that it potentially puts customers in an awkward position and could lead to racial stereotyping, just the opposite of what it was initially proposed to do.

Check out Twitter and the #RaceTogether for some pretty hilarious quips aimed at the company. Starbucks still continues to stand by the movement and feels that it is truly worth a little bit of discomfort for the great good.

What do you think?

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Restaurant Missed Connection Posting Goes Viral


(PCM) A waiter from Missouri posted a hilarious Missed Connection ad on the Kansas City Craigslist page. The posting was titled “ISO 2 SWF Who Walked Out On Tab After Class On Thursday – m4ww”. The man decided to make the hilarious post after two women left the restaurant where he worked without paying for their drinks.

The post also included a physical description of both the women and the two male companions that they were with, as well as, what type of drinks they ordered. The waiter, Stephen O’Laughlin also made sure to note that the women may have been drinking prior to entering restaurant and perhaps they mistakenly thought that their male companions were going to be paying.

O’Laughlin also went on to hilarious describe the way that the women made use of the lemons in their drinks, where as one apparently squeezed it very hard and the other one just plopped it right into the drink, he felt this subconsciously revealed that the three of them might have quite a bit in common.

He then requested that the women contact him with the name of the next bar they are planning to go out to if they felt a connection or just want to pay for their outstanding tab. He did not reveal the name of the bar/restaurant in which he works and is surprised by all the attention the post is receiving. He has yet to actually hear back from the women involved.

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Facebook Stirs Up Controversy With The ‘Feeling Fat’ Emoticon


(PCM) We are not really sure when “fat” became a feeling, but according to Facebook it is and there is even an emoticon to prove it. However, many people are not pleased with Facebook using “fat” as an option to describe how one may be feeling and are asking that the company remove the controversial emoticon from the list.

There are over 100 emoticons on the list that Facebook users can choose to describe the way they are feeling when posting a status update to friends and followers. These include “happy”, “sad”, “angry” and “sarcastic” to name a few, but many feel that including “fat” on this list is nothing more than body-shaming. They feel that “fat” definitely describes someones body image rather than a feeling.

A group called Endangered Bodies has even gone as far as to create a petition urging Facebook to remove the “fat” emoticon and thus far the petition has received the support of over 15,000 people.

The petition states, “Fat is not a feeling. Fat is a natural part of our bodies, no matter their weight. And all bodies deserve to be respected and cared for.”

Endangered Bodies fears that hearing the words “I feel fat” can be very damaging to someone who is suffering from an eating disorder, while to others it may seem harmless or funny.

Sources say that Facebook is currently in talks with Endangered Bodies and is aware of the petition, however they have revealed no plans to remove the “fat” emoticon. The company is currently working with the National Eating Disorders Association to provide assistance to individuals who are suffering with an eating disorder of any kind.


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Young People Very Likely To Try New Products Endorsed By YouTube Stars

(PCM) Recently, a study was conducted by Defy Media, who run a multi-channel network on YouTube, that surveyed consumers aged 13 to 24 to find out just how much influence their viewing habits on YouTube have on their everyday lives and how they relate to YouTube stars.


The company chose the 13 to 24 year old age range because they are the demographic that view approximately 11.3 hours of free online video per week compared to just a measly 8.3 hours of traditional broadcast television.  According to, the survey panelists said that they viewed online video because it catered more directly to their interests.  A whopping 69% of those surveyed claimed that digital creators provided them with the content they want and 67% said that they were easily able to find content that they could relate to online. These numbers were much higher than that of traditional broadcast television.

It truly appears that this particular age demographic is much more highly influenced by new media stars online rather than traditional media, as they find these individuals to be easier to relate to and much more authentic. According to Defy Media’s survey the participants even felt like there was more of a chance that they could actually have the opportunity to be a YouTube celebrity if given the opportunity.

The study went on to show that 63% of the survey participants said that they would be willing to purchase a product that was endorsed by a YouTube celebrity, while on 48% said they would do the same for a traditional media personality.

The numbers certainly don’t lie!  You can see more of Defy Media’s fascinating study by visiting them online.

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