‘Mermaid Thighs’ Are All The Rage! Take That ‘Thigh Gap’!


(PCM) If you have been paying attention to one of the latest social media trends then surely have taken notice that the dreaded #thighgap is quickly being replaced by the much more body positive and frankly, more fun, #mermaidthighs!

The hashtag is picking up steam all over Instagram and Twitter and women are sharing all of their lovely mermaid-inspired images. The idea behind the #memaidthighs hashtag is that if your thighs touch one another than you are ever closer to appearing like you are sealed together at the bottom, so all you would necessarily be missing is a mermaid tale to complete your sexy aquatic dream look.

The hashtag truly inspires women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their bodies and their beauty, as there is so much negativity and pressure on individuals, especially women, to adhere to society’s unrealistic norms for what defines ideal beauty. The #mermaidthighs trend even has their very own catchphrase which states “If your thighs touch, you’re one step closer to being a mermaid, so who’s the real winner.”

Seriously, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? While some women naturally have a thigh gap and there is nothing wrong with that, this body positive social media craze is aimed more at making women feel better about themselves regardless of their shape and size.  The initial #thighgap social media trend promoted unrealistic body image and body shamed women who could not attain the “gap”.

Let’s all embrace our inner mermaid! #mermaidthighs rock!

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Forget Netflix And Chill! In North Korea You Can Now Manbang And Chill


(PCM) The incredibly isolated country of North Korea has finally launched their own streaming service, kind of like Netflix, but with much more propaganda and incredibly limited programming called Manbang. Yes, it is really called Manbang!  The new streaming service will work through a set-top box and feature extremely limited distribution. We seriously can’t get over the name!

While Netflix users are offered a wide variety of Hollywood’s finest films and television series, as well as, some stellar original content, Manbang users will be limited to only being able to watch several documentary films about Kim Jong Un’s leadership and have the ability to view lessons in learning to speak both Russian and English. Doesn’t really seem all that entertaining, but hey, some say it is a step in the right direction for the country.

In addition to watching very limited television, users will be able to read articles on the state’s newspaper Rodong Sinmun and keep abreast of the Korean Central News Agency.

The translation of “Manbang” mean “everywhere or every direction” in Korean, but considering that almost no one in the country has access to internet and that is what is needed to stream content, we can’t really see this service taking off.  Let the Manbang and Chill jokes begin!

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Not Making This Up! Sex Pigs Halt Traffic And Laser Attack Pokemon Go Playing Teens


(PCM) This is probably one of the best headlines we will read all year! An article published by the Swedish news website The Local is titled “Sex pigs halt traffic after laser attack on Pokemon teens”. That pretty much write’s itself, now doesn’t it? So, naturally we had to know more!

It seems that teens in the tiny Swedish town of Insjön were out playing Pokemon Go! when their were viciously attacked with a green laser beam by a couple who were wearing latex pig masks while fornicating next to a waterwheel. You know, just a typical Saturday night!

The first paragraph of the article reads “Tiny Insjön in central Sweden isn’t known for pig mask-wearing couples shooting lasers at Pokémon hunters before having sex by a waterwheel. But that could be about to change.” The article goes on to detail the rest of the bizarre situation saying that one of the Pokemon playing teens was hit in the face with a green laser beam that pig-mask wearing, fornicating couple was waving around while screaming.

The teens became afraid for their safety and ran back home. They escaped unharmed. In addition to shaking up the Pokemon teens, the couple also created a bit of a road distraction as they began to publicly fornicate. The article describes the scene by saying “The masked shooters, who also wore T-shirts labeled ‘King’ and ‘Queen’, were next spotted by incredulous motorists as they had sex beside the hamlet’s waterwheel.”

This created quite a traffic jam as motorists pulled off to the side of the road to watch the spectacle. The police were eventually called to the scene however they were far more concerned about the Pokemon laser attack than the public fornication, as such a thing is not technically a crime in some areas of Europe. The police felt the laser could have caused a serious injury if it were pointed directly into someone’s eye.

Thus far the sex pig couple has not yet been identified and do not appear to be facing any serious charges, other than perhaps public humiliation via the internet, however given the circumstances  we somehow doubt they actually care!

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New Teeth-Whitening Trend Looks Like A Horror Movie In Your Mouth


(PCM) There are plenty of tutorials circulating the internet with various beauty tips and trends, however some are definitely a bit more odd than others. One of the latest trends in teeth-whitening involves using activated charcoal and makes your mouth resemble something straight out of a horror flick.

People all over the internet are posting images and video of themselves trying out this rather disgusting looking beauty trend and the results are a bit disturbing. Who would have ever thought that coating your teeth in charcoal would have whitening properties, especially considering the fact it turns them a lovely shade of black during the application process. Yuck! Keep in mind that these individuals are using activated charcoal, not the same stuff that you would throw on your backyard grill.

Those who have tried this trend claim that it will make your teeth shades whiter in just a few brushings, however this method has not yet been endorsed by the American Dental Association and they warn those willing to experiment to proceed with caution. Would you be willing to give this one a try?

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Fitness Center Is Stirring Up Controversy By Telling Women On Their Period They Can Not Use The Pool


(PCM) An upscale fitness center in the country of Georgia (not the U.S. State) is stirring up quite a bit of controversy after posting signs around their center informing women that if they are on their period they are not allowed to swim in the facilities pool. Members of the fitness center are outraged and the center has been receiving quite a bit of backlash from social media users after one guest posted a image of one of the signs online.

The Vake Swimming Pool and Fitness Club has several notices posted up around the building that read “Dear ladies! Do not go in the pool during periods.”  No further explanation was provided on the notices. We are guessing that this club has never heard of a tampon, seriously, how would they even be able to tell if a female guest was menstruating or not?

Female guests of the center are deeply offended by the notices and some are even demanding that they should receive a discount since they will be unable to make use of the facility for five to six days per month. Why should they pay the same price as men, who apparently, are free to use the facility each and every day of the month.

When commenting on the issue, the Vake Swimming Pool and Fitness Center stands by their decision to post the notices as they claim they only added the new rule as a “preventative measure” after their pool was “contaminated” with menstrual blood. This has led to quite a large debate online with some people taking the side of the fitness center and others standing behind the women.

What do you think? Did the fitness center go to far with the notices?


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One Of The Greatest Mash-Up Videos We Have Seen Yet!


(PCM) Genius and creative Youtube user The Usual Suspect has created probably one of the greatest and most epic mash-up videos we have seen yet!  He has taken a whopping 230 clips from various films and created the perfect mash-up with the 1998 hit song “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” by The Offspring.

Just thinking about all the time it must have taken this guy go hunt for all of those clips and to make it fit so perfectly is just mind-blowing! Check it out below:

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