Odd New Challenge To Mimic Kylie Jenner’s Lips Goes Viral


(PCM) Teenagers online have created a new challenge that has now gone viral in an attempt to recreate Kylie Jenner’s pillow lip pout.  The teens are placing glasses or plastic bottles over their mouths and lips for an extended period of time. The glass or bottle creates an airlock effect, which in turn increases the blood flow and causes the lips to swell.

After removing the glass or bottles the teens are then snapping a photo of the result and posting it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #kyliejennerchallenge. Most of the photos are pretty funny and it does not appear that any of the teens suffered any serious harm taking part in the challenge, however there were a few that looked pretty painful with some bruising around the lips.

Kylie Jenner has been pretty quiet about the challenge, but when asked in several interviews if she had any plastic surgery, she denies having any procedures done. She only wishes that people would stop talking about and focusing on her lips.

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Could This Be The “Best” Worst Tattoo Ever?


(PCM) Here’s a lesson everyone … if you are going to be drinking and taking drugs, then it is probably not the best idea to pick up the tattoo needle and sketch some permanent artwork on yourself.

Such a situation happened to one 27-year old who was under the influence of both alcohol and the prescription drug Xanax when he decided to tattoo an all black Charmander from Pokemon on his stomach. Keep in mind the man has zero tattooing nor artistic experience. The little flame on the tail is truly the best part!

Of course, his friends, being the good friends that they are decided to take a picture of the horrific tattoo and post on the internet’s self-proclaimed front page Reddit. The image almost immediately went viral because it truly is such a horrifically bad tattoo, it might actually be good.

Reddit users immediately began photoshopping and taking the blackened Charmander tattoo image and putting on everything from water bottles to t-shirts. Listen up, fashionistas blackened Charmander might just be the hot fashion item to own for your spring collection.

Several sources are saying that the bad tattoo may actually be based off of Tim Burton’s Pokemon version of Charmander, seen here, but either way it is still a pretty good “bad” tattoo!

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Russia Outlaws Memes Depicting Public Figures And Celebrities


(PCM) While many of us get a good laugh out of the various internet memes that depict both celebrities and public figures in ridiculous situations, the Russian government doesn’t appear to share the same sense of humor.

Roskomnadzor, the Russian government’s media bureau, is now enforcing a new law that makes it illegal to create and post internet memes that depict public figures in a way that is irrelevant to that particular individual’s “personality”.  So much for freedom of expression!

The new law states, “These ways of using (celebrities’ images) violate the laws governing personal data and harm the honor, dignity and business of public figures”. The new law also makes it illegal to create fake online accounts and websites for these individuals as well.

Of course, the internet did what it does best and there has been an explosion of hilarious Russian/Putin themed memes … probably more than before! Guess that new law kind of backfired!

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Is The Cat Going Up The Stairs Or Down The Stairs? Let The Debate Commence!


(PCM) You may remember the case of the infamous “blue dress” image that sent the internet into a tizzy of debate as to what was the actual color of the garment. Was it blue/black or white/gold?  The optical illusion certainly had people split 50/50 on both sides of the argument.

A new image of a cat that was posted on 9gig.com has stirred up a similar debate across the internet, as many people are confused as to whether or not the cat is going up or down the set of stairs.

We discovered one possible theory surrounding the cat photo courtesy of Nick Carter, a Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School.

Professor Chater said: “We see in 3-D, even though our eyes only receive 2-D images. This seems puzzling, because, it can be shown mathematically that there is an implied number of 3-D scenes that will create the same 2-D images.

“Most of the time, our brain is spectacularly good at solving this problem – it usually turns out that, precisely one 3-D interpretation is ‘sensible’ and all the others are bizarre, in one way or another.

“A classic visual illusion, the Ames rooms (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ames_room​) shows this very neatly. We look through a peephole on one side of what appears to be a perfectly normal rectangular room, but it is in fact a bizarre stretched-out shape, carefully designed to project just the same 2-D image as a normal rectangular room would (And, in fact, there is an infinite number of weird shaped Ames rooms that would fool us just as well).

“So our brain uses the most ‘sensible’ 3-D interpretation; and mostly (except when we are being subjected to cunning visual illusions) this works just fine. But sometimes there are two equally plausible 3-D interpretations of the same 2-D image. Famous examples include the Necker cube (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necker_cube) and Rubin’s face-vase illusion (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubin_vase). ​Then, the brain flips between one interpretation and the other.

“So why does the ‘cat on the stairs’ picture have two interpretations? The key is the amorphous grey square at the top of the picture. Consider the angle between the plane of the staircase and the surface represented by this grey patch.

“When we see the cat as coming downstairs, the grey square is interpreted as ceiling – and this makes an acute, roughly 45 degree, angle with the staircase.

“But when we see the cat as going upstairs, the grey square is now interpreted as floor – and this makes an obtuse, roughly 135 degree angle with the staircase.

“If we could only tell the ‘slant’ of the mysterious square patch in relation to the staircase we would know if it was floor or ceiling, and so there would be no ambiguity. But the image cleverly leaves the grey square bereft of any clues. So we flip from one interpretation to the other.”

There you have it ladies and gentlemen!  Happy debate!

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Stop Everything And See A Bobcat Snatch Up A Shark


(PCM) We are going to chalk this one up to things you don’t see everyday! Photographer John Bailey was strolling along the beach in Vero Beach, Florida when he noticed a bobcat staring off into the vast Atlantic Ocean.

It seems that the bobcat was staring down it’s prey, which so happened to be a shark that was in the shallows feeding on smaller fish. It is certainly a rare sight to see a bobcat out in the open on the beach, as they are usually very elusive creatures and to see it pluck a shark out of the water is even more rare.

Because of the rarity of such a situation, you can imagine that social media was on fire after Bailey posted the image he was able to snap of the scene. Many people believed that the photo was fake and manipulated in photoshop, however the Florida Wildlife Commission has weighed in and say that they believe the photo to be valid.

Bailey revealed to the agency that he feels that he may have gotten to close when he snapped the photo because the bobcat, sensing his presence, abruptly dropped its’ snack and bolted for the forest nearby.

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Husband Posts Series Of “Miserable” Vacation Photos After Wife Can’t Join Him On Trip


(PCM) Someone vote this guy husband of the year!  Kevin Blanford of Louisville, KY won the trip of a lifetime from his job at a telecommunications company. The trip was an all-expenses paid vacation to Puerto Rico for himself and his wife Bonnie. Sounds like the perfect romantic getaway, except there was just one problem .. Kevin’s wife Bonnie was unable to make the journey.

Kevin, being the wonderful husband that he is, posted an online photo gallery of his solo vacation that shows him looking absolutely miserable without his better half. The photo gallery has now gone viral and has been viewed by millions of people. The photo gallery was originally posted on IMGUR with the title “Not a single second of fun in Puerto Rico”.

The reason that Bonnie could not go along on the trip is because the couple has a 7 month old baby at home.  When asked who snapped all the hilarious photos, Kevin just said “a dedicated friend”.



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