Move Over Grumpy Cat! Grumpy Earl The Puggle Is On The Scene!


(PCM) It was truly amazing to watch the evolution of Grumpy Cat explode onto the internet and flood social media after a single meme was created using her adorable frowning face. Ever since her first appearance Grumpy Cat has held her reign as a viral sensation, but there is a new animal in town that is already conquering our news feeds with his adorably sour face.  Meet Grumpy Earl, the puggle with the face of a grumpy-looking 80 year old man!

Grumpy Earl is only five months old, but has already become quite the internet sensation, as there are already hundreds of memes featuring his gloomy little face being posted all over the place. Grumpy Earl’s owners are amazed by how quickly he has become a viral hit after only posting a single photo of him on Reddit. Despite Grumpy Earl’s sour expression, his owners say he is just as energetic and lovable as any normal puppy. He loves his snacks and enjoys chasing a ball around the house.

The vet claims that Grumpy Earl’s expression is due to his underbite, wrinkles and dark complexion and he is just as healthy as any normal puppy calling him both relaxed and actually content!


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Adult Affairs Site Ashley Madison Has Been Hacked!


(PCM) A big ‘uh-oh’ goes out to all the cheaters of the world who make up the nearly 37 million members of adult extra-marital/committed relationship affair website It was revealed that the website has been hacked and those behind the cyber attack are threatening to release the private information of users if the site is not completely shut down.

Ashley Madison is well known for their company slogan which is “Life is short. Have an affair”, however it appears that the hackers are certainly looking to shorten the lifespan of the popular website. Ashley Madison is owned by a Canadian company called Avid Life Media, who claim they were made aware of an attempt by an unauthorized party to gain access to their systems. They go on to say that they have been able to secure all of their sites and close the unauthorized access points and are now working with local authorities in an attempt to discover the group behind the hack.

This is not the first time an adults only website has been compromised. Earlier this year, Adult Friend Finder was hacked and the information for more than 3.5 million users was left exposed. The group behind the Ashley Madison hack claim that they are unhappy with the company’s “full delete” service which promises to fully delete a users entire profile and all associated information for a fee of $19.  The hackers claim that even after users pay the deletion fee their information, including real names and credit information still remain on the website and that the full delete service is a scam.

According to CNN, “If Ashley Madison is not taken offline, they have threatened to ‘release customer records, including profiles with all the customers’ secret sexual fantasies and matching credit card transactions, real names and addresses and employee documents and emails” leaving anyone who has ever used the site at rise of exposure.

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Fluffy Bunny Japanese Sea Slugs Are Just Begging To Be Cuddled


(PCM) People all over the world are going bonkers over the adorable fluffy-looking Japanese sea slugs appropriately named Jorunna parva, or fluffy bunny of the sea. After looking at these cute little guys you can’t help but want to just scoop them up and give them some cuddles. 

The Jorunna parva are part of the nudibranch group and can be found in areas of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Their tiny “bunny” ears are actually taste and scent receptors that help the sea slug determine if chemicals are present in the water in their surrounding area. 

Seriously, these little creatures are cuteness overload!  They have recently taken the internet by storm with people sharing images of the “sea bunnies” all over social media. Whoever thought a slug could be considered adorable?  

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#BeatlesRecipes Is Trending On Twitter! Lettuce Look At Some Of The Best Ones


(PCM) The hilarious writers of @Midnight hosted by Chris Hardwick over at Comedy Central have created yet another brilliant trending topic on Twitter. This time it is #BeatlesRecipes!

Beginning with @Midnight tweeting out the hilarious “Lettuce Be”, users for all around the world began submitting some absolutely outrageous puns that Beatles fans everywhere would be dying to eat up. People have certainly come up with quite clever ways to turn the band’s song lyrics into some delectable dishes.

Some of the ones we found the most clever can be found below:

There are way too many to count, but definitely worth checking out for a few good laughs. We wonder if anyone is actually going to try any of these recipes out for real?  Let’s make a cookbook!

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Caitlyn Jenner Surpasses President Obama’s Twitter Record


(PCM) President Barack Obama was given his very own Twitter account back on May 18th and in a mere five hours was able to garner over one million followers. The President’s Twitter account held the record for the fastest follower grossing account in the social networks history.

However, now after the first images of Caitlyn Jenner have hit the internet, her Twitter account has actually surpassed President Obama’s, as she gained over one million followers in only a four hour time frame. Her number of followers now currently stands at 2.09 million

Clearly humbled by the amount of support and the number of followers, Caitlyn Jenner posted the following message:

Even, President Barack Obama, himself, has shown support for Caitlyn Jenner tweeting out the following message:

There have been over 1.5 million tweets about Caitlyn Jenner once the photos from her upcoming Vanity Fair photo shoot with famed photographer Annie Leibovitz hit the net. The full feature can be found in the July issue of Vanity Fair magazine which will hit newstands on June 9th.

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Twitter and Snapchat Can Transmit The iPhone Text Crash Bug


(PCM) It now seems that even popular social media platforms such as Snapchat and Twitter are not immune for catch the iPhone text crash bug that has been circulating and infecting the iPhone messenger app for the last week or so.

A string of characters that were written in Chinese, Marathi and Arabic were sent to iPhone via text message and began crashing the messenger app on phones all across the globe. Apple released a temporary fix that would allow users to get their messenger app back up and running, as well as, remove the infected message, however there has been no software update released to keep the phone from crashing if a user were to receive the text message once again.

Now, according to several sources, the text crash message is equally as damaging when sent to the iPhone via social media platforms such as Twitter or Snapchat. If the iPhone user disables notifications from these apps than the phone will be protected from crashing, however both the Twitter and Snapchat apps will both crash if the user receives the malicious text message.

Apple says that they are hard at work on an update to protect their devices, but for the meantime users should be aware of any suspicious messages and activity on their phones.

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