Sharknado 2: The Second One Embraced By Comic Con


(PCM) As we bunker down for Sharknado 2: The Second One to roar into our homes with it’s premiere on Syfy tonight, we are pleased to share some fun tid-bits of information that we picked up for the cast and crew during their stop to promote the film during last weekend’s San Diego Comic Con panel and press room.

Comic Con attendees were gobbling up every moment of the panel and after seeing the film, we have to admit that is so ridiculously far-fetched it is actually pretty damn good!

We definitely learned quite a few facts about Sharknado’s, ways to survive them, and just how much fun the cast and crew had putting this film together.

During our interview with director Anthony Ferrante, he says “Because we have a Sharknado, we can do whatever we want! Yeah, they can be in the sky, yeah, they can tear through subway cars..that’s the fun part. That’s what people get hung up on. They are like ‘oh, they can’t do this or that’, but cars don’t turn into robots, right. But you accept that too, so as long as you can accept this stuff can happen than you can take it anywhere”.

Ferrante also revealed that Sharknado 2 actually has its’ very own theme song, aptly titled “The Ballad of Sharknado”. Ferrante claims it is his “ode to the Ramones” and was “created out of necessity” because the film did not have the budget to license any previously existing music.

Ferrante also told us that he would like to see Sharknado go international, but they will have to wait and see how this one does first, saying “We are not even thinking about number three yet”.

Ferrante also revealed that the film originally began filming under the title of “Dark Skies” because of concern that the cast would not want to be part of something called “Sharknado”. When the actual title was revealed there was some backlash, but Ferrante said “Trust me, you are really going to want this to be called Sharknado. It is why we are here and we wouldn’t be here if it were called ‘Dark Skies’. The film is not perfect, but it’s fun!”

Sharknado 2: The Second One boast a ton of guest stars and cameo appearances such as Matt Lauer, Andy Dick, Kelly Osbourne, Judd Hirsch, Perez Hilton and more. When asked who he would like to see in a future Sharknado, Ferrante replies ” I think who ever wants to be apart of it and come and take our craziness can be part of it. I mean this is the movie…’Sharks..argh! Sharks…run, run, run!..maybe Justin Bieber next time”.

When speaking about his role in the film actor Ian Ziering said “I pulled from my experience with Sharknado 1 and there is really no character prep you can do to prepare you for a Sharknado. It is all about the ability to act naturally in imaginary circumstances. That is pushed to the limit when you are dealing with visual effects, I definitely had more trust this time around and the editors did a fantastic job of making me not look foolish”.

Ziering also reveals that he hopes “this is going to be a seven course meal” and is definitely down for starring additional Sharknado films down the line. He too would also like to see the Sharknado taken to foreign shores and something tells me with majority of the cast and crew that we spoke with mentioning taking Sharknado overseas, I would be very likely to bet that is the next place we will see a Sharknado strike. Ziering says “It’s got global appeal.”

Zierings choices for guest stars in future films would be Matt Damon. He says “I dig his action sequences and he’s like an everyman and that is kind of what Finn is like in these films. He is the unwitting hero who is doing some he is very capable at, but really just wants to save his family.”

Ziering joking says Finn is “not a superhuman, but a “super human” and reveals that he absolutely fell in love with his 45lb timber saw used in the film calling it a “masterpiece of technology that can cut through sharks like a buzz saw on bosso wood”.

Sharkando 2 guest star Judah Friedlander claims that he enjoyed taking on the role because it was “something different” to the roles he had in the past. He says “30 Rock was great…but it has been 7 years”.

Friedlander’s weapon of choice for a Sharkando would be a baseball bat, being that he is a baseball fan in the film, as for in real life he says “Heroes don’t need weapons”. He tells me that his tips for surviving a Sharknado would include “studying sharks and studying tornadoes and put the two together. He says “I recommend living under water for a couple of years…learn to know the shark’s environment and how they work.  Then sleep next to a fan, because you need to be around wind 24/7. Get rid of your windshield when you drive. Get used to heavy wind. It’s all training”.

When asked why the sharks seems to angry, Friedlander responds “Well, I’m not a scientist, but my hunch is that it all has to do with global warming. Humans..we’ve been polluting these oceans for many years and I think the shark’s are angry. I think they are misunderstood. Yeah, they are the villain, but they have a right to be pissed off!”

He also reveals that he feels the next Sharknado attack will happen in London or Iceland because “that’s the direction that its’ going”.

Actress Vivica A Fox reveals that she is portraying Finn’s ex-girlfriend in the film and refers to her as his “chocolate blast from the past” and she helps him “kick butt and slice up some sharks”.  After watching Ian Ziering raise up the 45lb chainsaw and say ‘Let’s go get some sharks!!’ Fox says she thought “Sexy…let’s go kick some shark butt!”

Fox also made sure to emphasis just how cold it was during the filming, but having Ziering lead the way and not complain led the others to not “wimp-out”. When asked if she would prefer going up against sharks or aliens Fox reveals “Definitely aliens, because at least you can communicate with them maybe. With sharks it’s three rows of teeth and they are a natural predator”.

She feels that the sharks are so angry because “a lot of their people got sliced up the first time. Fox, who was promoting two films at Comic Con this year, spoke a bit about Mercenaries and her role opposite Zoe Bell. When asked if she will face off again against Uma Thurman, she says ” It is rumored to be my daughter in the next film, so I am not sure if Quentin will find a way to bring me back, maybe through flashback, but I am betting on black this time. I should have been motherf**king black mamba”.



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Catching Up With The Cast Of The Walking Dead At Comic Con 2014


(PCM) Fans of the hit AMC series “The Walking Dead” have been at the edge of their seats ever since last season’s high intensity finale wandering about the fate of our beloved survivors. This year at Comic Con 2014, AMC revealed a epic brand-new trailer for Season Five and it was literally mind-blowing!

In fact, I think that this trailer was the most revealing, as far as plot details are concerned, in the show’s history. If you haven’t see it can view it below:

I was able to catch up with the cast of “The Walking Dead” during a press roundtable session during Comic Con 2014 to get the important details about the upcoming season straight from the source.

There has been a lot of talk about the relationship between Rick and Carl throughout the first three seasons of the show with Carl’s rebellion and then ultimate respect for his father’s authority. However, with the death of Lori which cause Carl to lose his mother and Rick to lose his wife, Carl begins to question Rick’s ability as a leader.

Chandler Riggs tells us “In season four Carl sees that Rick has stepped down for the leadership role and taken on the role of being a father more and that is the idea of Rick that Carl likes and he really respects him for that”.

Andrew Lincoln adds “We’ve done a lot of healing in this relationship and now you find us in the worse position we’ve ever been, yet we are probably at the most unified. Rick is the most conflict free that he has ever been and that makes him incredibly dangerous and a great leader”.

Lincoln also says “We can’t say a lot about what’s coming up, but if you think about those character elements it starts from where we left it and where we go next”.

There was also a lot of talk about the family element of the show in particular the scene right after Rick bites the man to save Carl and then they reunite with Daryl. Lincoln comments “There is a thing that I am discovering this season, is that if you stand beside Rick, you are family. If you stand in front of us you are a problem and this season is about what side you are going to take”.

Riggs comments “When the group is split apart they are vulnerable to anything, but when they are together they are impenetrable. You can’t get rid of them as you find out with Terminus”.

In regards to where the new season is headed, Lincoln says “With the new season, we are going into the heart of darkness. This is a grown-up show and it should be seen as that, we are responsible with the ratings, but I think it needs to be talked about. This is a very brutal show, but there is a deep sense of heart”.

We spoke with actor Norman Reedus about Daryl’s head space going into the new episodes to which Reedus comments “There has been so much gradual change for Daryl from season one up until now and he is so different. That same trajectory will continue for him. All of these characters get more hardened as we move along, they have more experience with loss and grief, so everyone is kind of in fifth gear right now”.

Executive producer Greg Nicotero also commented that he is thankful that he has the ability to be protective over a lot of the show’s characters such as Daryl and Rick from the outline onward. He says ” I feel like I have a really good hand in being able to shape these characters. I know how these guys will play them so, we have a really unique shorthand”.

Nicotero also adds “I fight a lot to make sure these character’s instincts are preserved, because right now it’s really hard. Everything is criss-crossing leading to the mid-season finale”.

Fans of the series truly seemed to hook into Daryl’s sensitive side this season and the character has soared in popularity. Reedus comments “It has been part of the trajectory throughout part of last season as well and the search for Sophia. I got a lot of girl fans after the speech about the trail of tears and that was season two, it is crazy that it is still going like this. I love it. I’m just curious where we are all headed”.

From what we were hearing from all the cast and crew, the first six minutes of the upcoming premiere are going to incredibly intense. Showrunner Scott Gimple comments “I am always blown away by the amount of families that watch The Walking Dead together and then are able to have discussions about what happened during certain points in the show because there is something to talk about with this show. It really freaks me out, with the first six minutes of the premiere, that families are going to be watching it, because it is very, very intense. And since I’ve seen it three hundred times already, I’m wondering if I’m the same person”.

Gimple also adds ” The Walking Dead is one of the most humanistic shows on television. A show that is about people trying to stay together, trying to not just stay alive but keep their humanity alive. There’s a lot of nihilism on TV. Like ‘nihilism is super cool,’ the antihero and everything. I grew up at a time when Megadeth and Metallica was like the music. I dig the music, but I kind of had my fill of nihilism when I was a kid.”

Actor Steven Yeun says “Our show has a way of creating lasting legacies and every single death accounts for something or means something. Hershel’s death was especially meaningful for both Maggie and Glen, as it instilled something in them and why they persevered through everything and eventually found one another”.

Gimple comments ” Love definitely exists on The Walking Dead, it is the thing that keeps them going and it is also an incredibly dangerous thing. I am proud to do stories with these guys that are actually about human beings”.

Many fans were curious as to what was happening with the rumored spin-off for the series. Robert Kirkman reveals that he is doing something with it everyday and comments “It’s taking a while, but it’s not taking longer than anticipated.”

Stay tuned to PCM for more interviews and details about the upcoming season including Norman Reedus’ comments about Daryl’s possible romance with Beth, how soon Carol and Tyrese will find the group, and the cast and crew’s reaction to the intensity of the first six minutes of the premiere episode.

The new season of The Walking Dead will air on AMC on October 12, 2014.

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An Inside Look At History’s ‘Vikings’ At Comic Con 2014


(PCM) We were able to catch up with the cast of History’s “Vikings” while out at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend and after chatting with cast members Travis Fimmel, Clive Standen, Katheryn Winnick and Alexander Ludwig we can hardly contain our excitement for “Vikings” season three.

Currently, season three is still in production and it slated to premiere in 2015.

When discussing the fact that there is still unfinished business in England, Standen revealed that they will still be in England for the upcoming season, but rest assured that Paris is coming. He jokingly says “It’s in the history books…saying too much about it now would spoil it for you”. Fimmel adds that “Rollo and Ragnar still want to explore new places, which goes back to the original idea from back in season one where Ragnor comes to Rollo and says that he found a wanderer that showed him that England exists and it makes them wander what else is out there. It was a wanderer that told me about Paris”.

Standan says that we are going to see a little bit of conflict come into season three as they “explore the differences between Paganism and Christianity and they are finding out that people do things differently on the other side of the ocean”.

Both Fimmel and Standen feel that their characters need each other and the entire relationship between them is covered with scars. Standan says “Rollo is covered in scars that are never going to heal but it’s whether or not he learns from those mistakes. Rollo may have finally realized that he has lost everything, but that ambition is still there. He is definitely simmering”.  They feel like the trouble between the brothers is fixed now as we head into the third season, but there still has the “potential for some conflict”.

When asked about romance for Rollo in coming season, Standan says “Rollo is still a broken man and really incapable of truly loving anyone at the moment.” We all know about his feelings for Lagertha, but we will have to wait and see how it all plays out.

We were curious about Ragnor’s relationship with his son Bjorn going into the new season and Fimmel comments ” I am going to be trying to toughen him up, because I want him to take over.” And then jokes “I’m getting too old for the fight scenes”. In seriousness Ragnor is trying to teach him how serious power truly is and does he really want it. Fimmel says there is a scene in the new season where they are trying to harden him up and they ask him why he wants to fight and that Bjorn’s answer is really unique.

Actress Katheryn Winnick reveals that her character of Lagatha goes through a major change last season and even more so going into season three. Winnick reveals “she is now in a position of power and has come into her own in season two. We are half way through season three and I feel that her dynamic will change again and we will see her in a different light. She discovers her sexuality in a different way, so it is not just the power, but also the sexuality as a woman that she rediscovers in season three. A woman of power has a lot more to deal with and I feel so blessed to be able to represent that and explore what that means to her and what that means to the modern woman today.”

We also asked actor Alexander Ludwig about the uprise of his character going into season three. Ludwig said “In season three we really see Bjorn learning and taking after his father and we are letting nature take its’ course, so whatever happens happens, but he is also becoming very aware that he is growing up and taking after his father and certain elements of his mother as well.” Winnick adds that “Season three is really going to begin to be Bjorn’s test and time in the spotlight”. Ludwig adds that “Bjorn still respects his father enough to not completely challenge him at this time, but right now he is just sitting back and waiting until the time is right for him to shine”.

Winnick says “Michael Hirst (creator/writer) only gives us two episodes at a time, so we all truly have no idea where our characters are going. We trust him.  He has is all mapped out in his head and that is beauty of doing this show. We have one voice and that is Michael Hirst. He writes every single episode and he will do so until the end of the series…which I hope never ends. You trust that your character is going to be taken care of”.

The cast and crew also revealed the new trailer, which included never before seen footage from season three during their Comic Con panel.  You can watch the clip below:

 Also, while out at Comic Con History created a custom, limited edition “Vikings” comic book that was handed out to select fans during the convention. In this exclusive comic book for SDCC, the character Floki entertains the Vikings with a humorous tale of Thor, Loki and other gods. Check out the cover below:


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