Internationally-Acclaimed Thriller ‘Apparition’ Highlights New Hope Film Festival


(PCM) When Jody Quigley signed on to play the leading man in “Apparition,” a supernatural thriller set in rural Pennsylvania, he knew he would enjoy the acting challenge, but he honestly had no idea how far the film’s reach would extend.

Now, the movie produced by his father’s company, Thundersmoke Media, and starring an impressive cast and director, has garnered nine awards at festivals around the world, is headed to the acclaimed Toronto International Film Festival this fall, and will help open the 7th Annual New Hope Film Festival.

Highlighting the New Hope Film Festival, as one of 89 films from 11 countries, “Apparition,” a riveting movie, is showing at the New Hope Arts Center, 2 Stockton Avenue, New Hope,PA., on Saturday, July 23, at 5:30 p.m.

Picturesque New Hope has attracted, and been home to many talented producers, screenwriters, actors, playwrights, and performance art enthusiasts. The village is centrally located less than an hour from Philadelphia and 90 minutes from New York.

Many of the films are U.S. and world premieres. Countries represented include the USA, Italy, Canada, Turkey, India, Australia, Switzerland, Ukraine, UK, Kuwait and Brazil. Filmmakers from around the country and abroad will attend the screenings. There will be opportunities to meet filmmakers at the question and answer sessions following the films.

“People should come out because we have one of the best independent film lineups in the world, and that’s not only my opinion” explained Doug Whipple, the director of NHFF. “We hear it all the time from filmmakers who have traveled the festival circuit.”

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Watch the “Apparition” trailer here:

The movie focuses on Doug, (Jody Quigley), and Lori, (Katrina Law), his beautiful fiancée, who buy an isolated and dilapidated farmhouse to renovate with visions of a happy fairytale life together. But something goes terribly wrong after Lori is killed in a car accident. Doug has no inkling that his fixer upper is filled with a cadre of haunted secrets.

This nightmarish premise of “Apparition” and the unusual love triangle involved, expertly explores the difficult themes of love, death, and the fragility of the mind.

“I am thrilled with the attention “Apparition” has received,” said Jody Quigley, 36, of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. “It’s sort of like a love story in a weird way. It is intriguing and a little more off the beaten path. Instead of the characters getting slashed to death, this is a mind thriller. This movie is definitely messing with your head, and in some scenes, what I would call uber-creepy.”

Quigley, who has won four acting awards for the film, has also starred in the movies, “Wicked Blood,” “Hijacked,” “In the Bag,” and “Breaking Wind.”

He fondly remembers making the movie several years ago and bonding with his co-stars: Katrina Law “Spartacus” and “Arrow,” Lily Bordan (“The Martian” and “Cherry,” and Tom Roy (“12 Monkeys”), and his director, Quinn Saunders, best known for his work on TV’s “Big Brother,” and the film, “Cherry.”

“Apparition” is the end result of hard work done by the cast and crew on a tight budget and a grueling 18-day film schedule in May 2013. Combining this with accomplished local talent, and extensive local resources, the movie is riveting.

The film offers many recognizable locations: Scenes were shot in Hatboro at the Village Hardware store, the Stroker Roadhouse, a Hatboro watering hole, and, of course, the historic Penrose Strawbridge House in Horsham’s Graeme Park, which sits in the middle of 357 acres and is part of a national Historic Land Trust, located in Montgomery County.

Peter Choate, executive director of the Horsham Preservation and Historical Association, lives in the house with his wife, Margaret, and the couple agreed to move out for six weeks during the filming to stay with a local friend.

So is the house haunted. Or not? “Some say it is, and some say it isn’t,” replied Choate. “We’ve had three groups of paranormal investigators come through. My wife and I have lived here for 10 years and we have never seen any incident of a ghost except one unusual occurrence.”

It is well-documented that the owner of the home, Margaret Strawbridge, abhorred smoking and forbade anyone from lighting tobacco in the home. Choate recalled in great detail the day he felt like having a cigar and lit up. “I was sitting at my computer upstairs smoking that cigar and I felt a double tap on my shoulder,” he said. “I turned around and no one was there. I put it out and never smoked in the house again”

Producer and entrepreneur Guy Quigley, who is also Jody’s proud father, said that the film had an arduous 18-day shooting schedule in several Bucks and Montgomery County locations. He is pleased that the movie has garnered nine recent film awards around the globe and is clearly an audience favorite.

“People are finding this to be a highly intriguing movie. It is a thriller with an extremely interesting psychological element,” Guy explained. “Some people like the more Hitchcock feel as opposed to the blood and gore.”

During a recent chat with Quinn Saunders, 40, of Lumberton, N.J. the award-winning director of “Apparition,” expressed the importance of the house to the film. “Once we located it, we re-wrote the script for this house,” Saunders explained. “This house is another leading character in the script – it was crucial for this film.”

Q: Quinn, please talk about Apparition’s journey from Bucks and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania, to film festival around the globe.

Quinn Saunders: It’s incredibly gratifying to know that Apparition has been embraced and enjoyed by so many people across the world.

Q: Why do you think the movie has captured the imagination of its audiences far and wide?

QS: I think at its core, Apparition is incredibly relatable to anyone who has experienced substantial loss in their life; and it doesn’t hurt that it has some good scares in it as well.

Q: What are your fondest memories of making the movie?

QS: It was wonderful getting to make a movie so close to where I grew up, but my favorite part was working with all of the talented actors and a great crew of creative people.

Q: Have you kept in touch with Jody and Guy Quigley?

QS: Of course, we shared a great experience making the movie and we are partners in bringing it to the world.

Q: Have you worked with any of the cast members since Apparition?

QS: No, but I would love to work with all of them again.

Q: What project are you currently involved in?

QS: My partner and I are currently putting together a project called Hitman that has Adam Beach (“Suicide Squad” and “Flags of Our Fathers”) attached as the star. It’s an amazing action film with Adam as a U.S. Special Forces veteran who winds up as a hit-man for Mexican drug gangs down on the border. He has a change of heart after he is wounded in a gunfight and recovers on a Native American reservation. While there, he falls in love and decides to defend the Reservation against the Mexican drug gangs that are trying to use it as their base of operations.

Guy Quigley, the film’s producer, also recently talked about the film’s global reach and being proud that “Apparition” has circled back to his home-town roots.

Q: What is your reaction to all of the awards that your son, Jody, and the film have received?

Guy Quigley: The first award was from the Indie Film Festival 2015, Switzerland, where Jody Quigley was awarded “Best actor in a leading role.” This was somewhat inspiring, which led me to enter several other Festivals. Since then we have won a total of nine winning awards, four of which were awards Jody received. We have a further four nominations, results yet to be known and screenings to come at the New Hope Film Festival and the Peachtree Village International Film Festival.

Q: Why do you feel audiences continue to respond so well to Apparition?

GQ: I believe it may have to do with the fact that “Apparition” is more of a psychological thriller as opposed to horror. Some people like the more Hitchcock feel than blood and gore.

Q: What are your thoughts about the film being at the New Hope Film Festival?

GQ: We were really delighted to hear that we were an official selection in the NHFF. The fact is that the entire movie was shot in Bucks County is good for all movie makers trying to complete films locally and a golden opportunity to expose the finished work.

Q: Why do you encourage movie buffs to come to the festival?

GQ: It is really simple these days to stream a movie from various websites, however, to really appreciate any movie, the best place to see is on a big screen with 5.1 Dolby stereo. So I encourage everyone to please come out.

“Apparition” is available for streaming and on DVD at

Check out “Apparition” on Facebook.

For further information about the New Hope Film Festival, call: 1-800-838-3006 or go to:

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Dirty Heads Gear Up For New Album Release! Exclusive Interview With Drummer Jon Olazabal And Live Review!


Photography credit: Tom Newforge

(PCM) Dirty Heads is a name that is popping up everywhere on the music scene these days and they are busy gearing up for the release of their fifth self-titled album which will drop on July 15. We were absolutely thrilled to nab an early listen to the upcoming album and we can say with certainly that fans are sure to be in for a treat.

Dirty Heads are a band that has the uncanny ability to flawlessly blend together a multitude of both musical style and genre to create a unique sound that is very much their own. In our humble opinion we feel that the new self-titled album showcases some of Dirty Head’s best work to date and is sure to appeal to both longtime fans and quite a few new ones as well!

We had a chance to catch up with Dirty Heads drummer Jon Olazabel to of course discuss the new album, but also share some details about upcoming touring plans and more. When asked what fans should be expecting for the new album Jon told us “You should be expecting some of our greatest work ever done”.  We couldn’t agree more.


Digging a little deeper we asked Jon to chat with us about what the mindset was like in the recording studio when the band was putting together the album. He replied ” For this album, as far as the studio goes, we decided that instead of going out of town or isolating ourselves from everything as we have done in the past,  for this one we decided to stay close to home, here in a studio in L.A..  It was awesome to be able to record for a few days and then if you weren’t needed you could actually go home and spend some time with the family. We worked with a few different producers and feel that we really came out with some good stuff that we are stoked on.”

Sometimes the area which a band records can have an influence on the overall sound or theme of a record. Jon commented “I don’t feel that area really influences our sound too much, as all of influence mostly comes from experiences and such that occurred before we get into the studio. This time around the recording process was definitely a very easy, light-hearted and fun studio experience for us and I’m sure that somehow translated into the music.”

When speaking about the band’s evolution to this point in the career, Jon tells us “We have definitely learned a lot over the years with all the different albums we’ve done and with the last one we kind of experimented with a new sound. It was a bit more alternative and we had some different ideas that we wanted to try and kind of get out of our system. We thought it came out great and now with this record we are going back a little bit more towards our original sound and older styles we did in the beginning. It’s awesome.”


We feel that it is wonderful that Dirty Heads can not be boxed into any particular genre and that they very much have the ability to do their own thing. Jon says “It’s funny because we never really made a conscious effort to do that, but I guess that’s just the music that we’ve always been influenced by and it came out that way. Somehow we have managed to blend different styles and genres and we are able to pull it off”.

We were recently able to catch Dirty Head’s out on the road with both Bleeker and Sublime w/ Rome and there is such an amazing generational appeal to their music. You see fans of every age group and demographic imaginable all rocking out and having the time of their lives. Jon comments “That is one of our favorite things. It is one of the things that we are most proud of and it’s crazy to see. We do a lot of meet and greets before our shows and we’ll have everyone from little kids all the way up to grandparents coming through that love the music and somehow find a similar connection through it.  It’s great for us.”


When speaking about the changes in the music industry and the fact that the band’s music actually says something to listeners, we asked Jon if there was anything he would change. He replied “We just try to stick to our guns and do what we do because we know that we believe in our music and have faith in what we do. Things are always going to change around us, but if we just keep our head down and keep working and stick to our original plan, it’s all gonna work. It’s also super hard to keep up with everything that’s going on out there.”

It can be hard for artist’s to earn a solid stream of revenue these days especially when it comes to streaming and illegal downloading. Jon adds “It is definitely a little frustrating, but I guess that is just the way that things go now. ”

Jon reveals that music first began speaking to him when he was a very young child. He says “In probably the fifth or sixth grade I started messing around with drums and I had an older sister that was big into music and she kind of dragged me along for the ride.  She exposed me to a lot of cool stuff early on and it stuck with me and somehow I link up with these guys in the band and it worked out. ”


Dirty Heads are certainly true road warriors, playing a ton of live dates each year. Speaking about upcoming touring plans, Jon reveals, “We are going to be doing a lot of touring this year. We start in a few days in Florida out with Sublime w/ Rome and that tour runs through August and we are pretty much just going to be going constantly till the end of the year.  We are trying to support this record and get in as many shows as possible.”

Every fan is going to have a different favorite song, so we were curious if Jon was ever surprised by which ones fans tend to gravitate towards. He says “It’s so funny because we think we know what we’re talking about thinking this particular song will be the best single and we’re always surprised by what people gravitate towards. It’s impossible for us to know.”

In the day and age of the internet there is often times a bunch of misinformation floating around out there about certain bands. Jon comments ” I feel like the guys are pretty clear with their lyrics and they kind of wear everything on their sleeve. They are upfront about who they are and who we are and we try to be pretty honest about that. We don’t really hide anything so hopefully people get it.”


Jon reveals that the Dirty Head’s creative process is a collaborative one saying ” Duddy and Jared, usually have all the starts to the songs and then we work together holed up in a room and start beating on the stuff to try to figure out how to put the song together.  We definitely work together in that way.”

For more information about Dirty Heads, please visit:


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Caring Author Changes The World One Child At A Time

MoreHeavenbookcover(PCM) When a young, determined special education teacher takes on the impossible task of teaching six so-called “unteachable” children, she not only transforms their lives; she also opens the doors for all future exceptional students who followed.

This is the premise of “More Heaven: Because Every Child Is Special,” the riveting new book, by International Bestselling Author, Dr. Jo Anne White, a noted motivational speaker, TV & radio executive producer and host of “Power Your Life.”

The book, published by Outskirts Press, has won numerous honors, including the Mom’s Choice Award Honoring Excellence and the Best Ever You Books Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence. It’s also an Amazon top 10 International Bestseller in three categories.

In 1975, the federal government mandated that all children, regardless of disability, be given the right to a public education.As a result of this historic mandate, this young pioneering teacher – with heaping doses of pluck and perseverance – stepped into a Philadelphia classroom of exceptional learners and transformed their world.

This “true life” experiment took place when Dr. White was hired by the Philadelphia Board of Education as the first teacher and program coordinator for children who were either expelled or had never entered the hallways or classrooms of a public school.

The cutting-edge program, which initially was not embraced by the typical education teachers, parents or by the administrators,began slowly. Its success paved the way for more special education classes to open in the public arena. “Not only did we persevere,” Dr. White explained, “we conquered skepticism and won victories for these children to live and thrive in society.”

Dr. White says that she fought hard, alongside the children and their tireless parents, “to restore dignity in their lives. This dignity, the birthright of every human being, had been denied them. The time had come to make things right.”

This pioneer has crucial lessons for all of us today: to learn that despite tremendous obstacles, each of us can use our compassion to bring out the best in our children. By using her common sense, imagination,sheer will, and a caring heart, she truly changed the lives of these formerly“unteachable” students in her class.

Dr. White still vividly recalls the first day of school when a little girl named Eva, who had autism, arrived for the new program.“There was great skepticism on the part of the faculty and the administration,of the notion of educating Eva. The girl’s driver echoed those sentiments to the young teacher, ‘Believe me,’ he confides, ‘I wouldn’t want your job for nothin’ in the world.’”

Q: How will your book, “More Heaven: Because Every Child is Special,” positively impact parents, teachers and the greater community?

DR. JO ANNE WHITE: I’d like people to understand how wonderful these children are, instead of seeing them as strange or approaching them with great apprehension. We need to be able to co-exist and embrace our differences when it comes to everything: ethnicity, culture, learning,and neurological differences. So, it has always been very important for me that everyone understand the richness and beauty of each child. That is the way to truly embrace humanity.

Q: Please tell me a little bit about your history as a teacher.

JW: I was planning to go to school for English literature and writing, until I became involved in an inclusive camp program. When this visionary director of the program created a division for children with special needs, it opened my eyes and I changed my plan to study education and special education.

Q: That sounds like a life-changing moment.

JW: Yes. When I walked into that camp program I completely fell in love with the children there.

Q: What do you recall from that experience?

JW: I remember working with one little girl who would bite her arms and bite the insides of her cheeks with sores that wouldn’t heal. She hummed and had ritualistic behavior. I immediately took her under wing, and sang to her, and massaged her cheeks, when no one else wanted to go near her. She blossomed under my care. This was such a beautiful life-altering experience and it shaped my future. I thought to myself ‘this is important.’

Q: Did the text books prepare you for that first special education classroom?

JW: No, not with these children. What I learned in school was important and served me; but I also had to bring something else to these kids. I had to reach them with unconventional methods, by getting into each of their worlds and being extremely resourceful, imaginative and creative.

Q: Please talk about being a young special education teacher, what was that like?

JW: I didn’t know what to expect. There were so many unknowns; and the truth be told, not everybody, including the faculty and many parents, wanted this to happen. It was new territory; people were afraid and misinformed. This was a case of sink or swim; I didn’t know what to expect.These children were labeled as more disabled than some of the previous groups of children I had taught. The first girl, who had autism, came to school in a taxi because it was thought ‘how could she function on a bus or relate to other kids.’

Q: But you say you never considered giving up even on the toughest days. So what about you personally made you stick with it, no matter how overwhelming this was?

JW: Something that has served me well over the course of my life is perseverance. I have patience, perseverance and an understanding that the time has to be right for everything. I also know that in life you need to take chances.

Dr.JoAnneWhiteQ: What is the most important life lesson for each of us who work with and care for children?

JW: My book gives you a front row seat where you get to know these six children up close and personal. It’s important to understand that despite the many challenges and mannerisms each child faces and family,each child has special gifts we need to nurture and celebrate every single day.

Q: How is all of this relevant today – some 40 years later?

JW: There are many reasons. One major reason is about bullying, and the way children with special needs are still judged, as opposed to being accepted by their communities. My book, “Bully Free,” which also won awards, ties into “More Heaven.” It focuses on my interviews with parents about their children with autism and special needs who were victims of bullying at school and in the community, and the deep emotional scars left on these families.

Q: How did you know how to teach these so-called“unteachable” children?

JW: I knew that I had to reach these kids, so I did whatever I could do, as long as it was ethical. With the first child, I used play, movement and dance since she was never still for long. Much of this was not a part of typical classroom lessons. I was literally utilizing whatever I could to make that connection, and for each child it was different. I knew I had to reach them and had to figure out how to enter their different worlds so they would eventually embrace and accept the world of learning and socialization.

Q: What was the result?

JW: Each of my students slowly started to accept their surroundings and felt ‘wow, this is okay. My teacher is not telling me I am crazy or ridiculous.’ I was able to get them to trust me, open up to their individual worlds and join our world.

Q: Why are you so proud of this book?

JW: I am repeatedly told that “More Heaven,” captures people’s hearts. It allows the reader to see what went on back then, and to understand that despite the strides we have made we are not there yet. Many parents at that time were told that their children could never learn or would best be served by an institution.

Q: What are the vital life lessons for all of us?

JW: People need to recognize the struggles, the passion and determination from families who have done so much to create change. We need to say to the world ‘stop putting blinders on and let’s teach these kids and not hide from it or ignore it.’ All these years’ parents have fought and pushed for change, and there are parents today who are continuing to fight for acceptance, inclusion and dignity for their children.

Q: What makes you believe we need to keep pushing for acceptance?

JW: As an example, in 2014 there was a lawsuit in California involving an autistic boy who was considered to be a trouble maker. Neighbors sued and were also worried about their reduced property values. This action eventually drove the family from their home of seven years.

Q: So is your message that history will keep repeating itself if people don’t step up and make the change?

JW: Absolutely. It’s happening on the playgrounds, in the schools and the communities. There was bullying, judgment and disapproval at the time I taught these children. Unfortunately, it still happens a great deal to children who act or appear different in social or educational settings today.

Q: Ultimately, what do you want your book to accomplish?

JW: I’d like professionals to be open to work with these children even if at times the techniques seem unconventional. I wish for all families and parents to learn to accept their children and guide them to express their talents. And I’d like families, neighbors and the general public to see these children in a warmer light after reading my book and interface with the special needs community. I frequently say that ‘this book reaches in from the heart outward to all children – they will be heard!’

For further information, please go to:

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Actor Ian Ziering Opens Up About A Childhood Secret And How He Copes With Stressful Summers As A Parent


(PCM) We recently had a chance to catch up with actor Ian Ziering where he opened up to us about his own childhood secret and how he copes with stressful summers as a parent. Ziering revealed to us that he suffered from the issue of bedwetting as a child and currently his own daughter is suffering from the same ordeal. However, thanks to GoodNites and some clever parenting techniques the issue of bedwetting has truly become a non-issue at all! For more information, please visit

Ziering also spoke to us about how he balances both his acting career and life as a parent with two young daughters as well as his upcoming role in Sharknado: The 4th Awakens and looking back on the days of 90210 after all these years.

One of the challenges that Ian and thousands of other parents deal with is bedwetting. Ian is a former bed wetter, so he knows how embarrassing or shameful it can feel, and now his children are experiencing nighttime wetting as well. Bedwetting can be hereditary, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Experts say bedwetting is not your child’s fault, and there are ways you can help your child through the problem. Ian is working to break the stigma associated with nighttime wetting, and to help parents and their children rest easy tonight.

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Seven Minute Takes: The ‘Carnage Park’ Interview

Carnage ParkIt’s time to bring a little carnage into your life, SMT lovers… Namely by watching and listening to our interview with CARNAGE PARK’s Ashley Bell (THE LAST EXORCISM) and Writer/Director Mickey Keating!

The IFC Midnight Release is going to hit it hard on July 1st… But you get the inside scoop on this 70’s grindhouse homage, here and now!


Check out the SMT Interview:



This pure-pulp thrill ride jumps between past and present as it pieces together the puzzle of a shocking crime. It’s 1978 and a bank robbery gone wrong leaves Vivian (The Last Exorcism’s Ashley Bell) the hostage of two criminals on the run. But things go from bad to off-the-rails berserk when she and her captors wind up on the sun-baked desert outpost of a deranged ex-military sniper (Pat Healy), who ensnares them in his deadly game of cat and mouse. Rising horror auteur Mickey Keating (Pod, Darling) directs this gritty, grisly homage to the glory days of grindhouse cinema.
Director/Writer: Mickey Keating

Producers: Eric B. Fleischman and Sean Tibibian

Cast: Ashley Bell, Pat Healy, James Landry Hebert, Darby Stanchfield, and Alan Ruck

Release Date:  July 1 in New York/VOD

Distributor: IFC Midnight

TRT: 86 minutes

Rating: The film is not rated.







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Kid Receives A Better Interview With Kanye West Than Most Professional Journalists!


(PCM) Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were recently spotted celebrating their daughter North West’s third birthday at Disneyland, however despite the day being all about North, another child has stolen some of the spotlight with his glorious nine second interview with Kanye West, which turned out better than what most professional journalists can get out of Yeezy.

The interview is pure gold, as believe it or not, the young reporter-to-be, even got Kanye to smile. Give this kid a gold star!  The interview was posted to Snapchat and has since been shared dozens of times. Kanye gives this kid the most Kanye answer possible when asked “How did you write “I Love Kanye”?” by saying “I just thought about what I loved”.

So poetic! Somebody get this kid a full-time job now! You can see the full nine second interview below:

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