Michael Des Barres Shares “The Key To The Universe” (Hint: It Might Be A Toga)

MDB9802(PCM) Michael Des Barres has always been a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. A true Renaissance man,  Des Barres has done it all from acting alongside actors such as Sidney Poitier and Clint Eastwood, starring on the hit TV series “MacGyver” to fronting the rock bands Detective and Power Station throughout his illustrious career.

Currently, De Barres’s focus has been on creating music and he has unleashed an absolutely amazing new album “The Key To The Universe”. In 2015, Des Barres is showing no signs of slowing down. While many in his position could sit back and rest on their laurels, Des Barres is kicking things into high gear behind the new album release and subsequent touring around the world.

I recently had a chance to catch up with Des Barres to chat about the creative process behind “The Key To The Universe”, touring plans, his fan base, the music industry and more!

On the early praise of “The Key To The Universe” and many calling it his best album yet

Michael Des Barres: I’m so emotional about it all. It is hard for me to put it into words, but there was something going on when we were putting it together. I was so excited to be playing with those guys and Bob Rose as the producer as well was overly spectacular. If you don’t think about something than you are present for it and I think that I think that the reason the record has so much pop and it is addictive, and I know about addiction as you probably know, so I’m just very happy.

On why listeners are hungry for an album that speaks to them and makes people think

Michael Des Barres: I think people are sometimes doubting the authenticity of rock n’ roll, but I’m not here to discourage anyone. As far as I’m concerned I’m telling the truth and somebody once said three quarters of the truth is rock and roll, and I guess I’m on that side of things. And the thing is it’s been amazing because I’ve been reinvigorated really by the traditional music of the past and also wonderful new bands. It’s not lost, it’s just ignored by corporate America, that is they don’t the opportunity that I got with this to get it across.

On the recording process for “The Key To The Universe” 

Michael Des Barres: Well, it was almost like being in a trance. Every song was the same because it was so fast but the thing is I think that all of us, the musicians Nigel Harrison on bass, Clive Deamer on drums and Dani Robinson on guitar,  and the producer, having all these wonderful musicians and doing this in analog. One song doesn’t stand out as much as all of them stand out, it’s like your favorite child.  We had a roomful of people in the control room and it was just a really exciting and electric moment when everything came together. Even though we had heard that music before, it sounded new!

On recording in Rome and how much the place where you record an album becomes a character or key influence on the sound

Michael Des Barres: That’s a great question, brilliant question. I’m so glad you asked it because it is absolutely spot-on.  I run a lot, so I would run from the hotel to the studio everyday and the studio we were in was massive and it had that sort of elegance that I love. I love sophistication and I love elegance and leather clothing (laughs), so running through the streets of Rome while statues turn around and sneered at me in an aristocratic way and waved their swords at me, I thought man I’m going to f**king kick ass, otherwise I will be attacked by Athena. (laughs)

So, I had a great sense of history. I don’t call it “Nevermind the Bullocks” I called it “Nevermind Castor and Pollocks” (laughs).  It just felt very timeless and heightened in such an amazing city, so running into the control room and up to the mic I got to take all that imagery with me. I felt like Electra in high heel boots.  But it would be hard to sing in a toga!

On whether he has ever tried to sing in a toga

Michael Des Barres: Darling, you know in the 70’s I wore just about anything. Maybe I should buy a toga to wear for the tour. A leather toga … that will damn well be good, so we can rock out.

We like this idea!

Michael Des Barres: Of course you do!  You’re a woman! (laughs)

MDB9914On the various musical styles found on the new album

Michael Des Barres: There was an amazing group of people present, with a lot of wonderful ideas, that we could have made five albums. I arrived here with 36 lyrics and I had 30 more in my cache. There was so much talent there that we wanted to lay down a real obsessive and aggressive feel, but lay on top stuff that was maybe all colors of the palette of rock n’ roll and not keep ourselves to that 4:4 condition.

On changes in the music industry and their effect

Michael Des Barres: I don’t believe in the music business. I like the blues, I like rock, I like dancing, I like making rock and the rest I don’t really think about too much. I’ve gone through changes with old bands and new bands and I am pretty true to the music that I was influence by when I was fourteen and it really hasn’t changed that much. People have had a great effect in my life. Pamela had a great effect on my life. Jimmy Page had a great effect on my life. Sidney Poitier had a great effect on my life. But as far as global change, I live at a very eccentric level and I’m quite happy bouncing around whether it’s killing people on television or making music at shows.

On the ridiculous way that artist’s are boxed into one particular genre

Michael Des Barres: I’m going to form an acoustic band with Bruce Jenner! (laughs) I don’t really think about genres. I just do what I do, and you know, and I surprise myself that way because boxes have never been my thing, I don’t even think I’ve wrapped a gift in a box. I’ll just get the paper, get the gift, put in the paper and tie a ribbon around it. That pretty much sums up my musical adventures.

On what is the most misunderstood thing about him

Michael Des Barres: I would rather answer the question ‘What do they get right’, is that okay. They get right that I’m a thoughtful man, that I’m a vulnerable man, I’m a passionate man and that I love them.

On love being a key theme through “The Key To The Universe”

Michael Des Barres: It is the question that in a haiku world, love is the key to the universe. There are many others, one of which is, the biggest lie you ever tell is the lie you tell yourself, and by that I mean we’ve got to know who the self is that’s doing the expressing. When they say, you are going to express yourself, who is that? Therefore, it becomes that identity doesn’t it? I’m talking about identity in that album it’s finding out who you are and getting rid of the artiface and sticking with the art. It is staying authentic.

I think the most commercial thing in the world is the truth, the truth. The key to the universe is it’s a question. I’m not making any statements. I’m not serving anything or preaching anything. I’m just trying to open up a conversation about what do you feel is the key universe. What does it mean? I’ve noticed that a lot of artists us sort of obscure or sentimental titles like “Meadow Creek” or “Summer Leaves” or “Home” (laughs) They are kind of like Hallmark greeting cards.  The hip-hop community is so brash and so arrogant and I like that! The music I don’t really get into, unless at a party or something, but it’s the idea of big, big characters that’s what I like. We all want the answer to the universe, but I just want to pose the question one more time.

On why truth is the hardest thing for people to face

Michael Des Barres: You know it’s a bit too much. It’s the same with making music, even you as a writer if you over-think something it doesn’t sound as real. My favorite writers are all very adjective-free. It’s pretty much precise. I like discipline in literature. The new book on Napoleon was one of the one’s I was reading over there.  It’s incredible story that a man who’s been … he’s legacy is that he was this arrogant, egoist and yeah he was, but he also had a huge compassion for the world, and of course he was sideways.

I think the difference is, I’m not going to end up on an island with a teenage girl. Much to my regret! (laughs)

On a musician’s ability to weave intricate stories and any artist’s whose stories spoke to him

MDB-SVZ-2Michael Des Barres: I am more effected by emotionality, revenge, lust, love, romance and all of those things that most men and women were involved in. Speaking of music, Mozart is as important to me as Keith Richards, because I feel without Mozart you wouldn’t have Keith Richards. I often feel that I’m about intellect. Bob Dylan tells stories they are so rooted in obscurity that it’s interpreted. When I look at the Mona Lisa when I was 14, that’s one thing, but when I look at the Mona Lisa today and I’m 67, it’s completely different. The story changes. We reinterpret all these stories as we get older.

I love storytelling, the big narrative but rock and roll music … Chuck Berry was the true Charles Dickens of rock n’ roll. Because writing about what was happening was what Dickens did and that is what Berry did with America at the time, you know, under the safety belt and up the skirt and the likes. That is why “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” is so interesting to me, but times have changed and people are glued to their screens and looking at pictures of women with photoshopped asses. It is a different world and there are different stories being told. I tried to keep my album more of a feeling rather than description.

On music being the universal language and having the ability to invoke emotion in the listener

Michael Des Barres: You have answered the question. Music is the key to the universe because it is the universal principle … that and tight black clothing! (laughs)

On upcoming touring plans

Michael Des Barres: Big plans! We are going to have seventy male and female dancers naked, three of them will be dressed like Lady Gaga and two of them will be dressed like John Mayer and one of them will be dressed like Ryan Seacrest and then I will burn them all at the stake at the end.

I fully intend on touring and getting some dates set up. One of our rehearsals was like the greatest hour I’ve ever spent, it was so powerful. We absolutely can’t wait to get out on the road. We are off to Germany and the U.K. first and then we hope to be in the States. I took off a year to plan for touring behind this album. There are still offers for TV and film, but I don’t want to do that, I want to do this right now. I want to go out on the road with it, it’s my favorite thing.

On his cult icon status from various film and TV roles and his interaction with fans

Michael Des Barres: It varies. Yeah, the writings, the reasons why people like me, and I fully understand the cult status. I think that this album is going to change that to a degree because I think it is a very accessible album “The Key To The Universe”.  The listeners have songs like “Burning In Water” is on rock stations and “It’s Just A Dream” is more geared toward classic rock n’ roll stations and of course mainstream rock could take a variety of songs on the album. There is something for everybody.

On working with Linda Perry on “Can’t Get You Off My Mind”

Michael Des Barres: She is an incredible woman. I just love her. I’ve known about her for awhile and I had this song and it was just the ideal connection. It was a wonderful thing.

“The Key To The Universe” is available now via FOD Records at iTunes and Amazon.

Watch video for “Can’t Get You Off My Mind,” which premiered on YAHOO!, here:


From Michael Des Barres Shares “The Key To The Universe” (Hint: It Might Be A Toga)

Filter’s Richard Patrick Reveals That New Album Is Incredibly Exciting


(PCM) Attending a Filter show is always a memorable experience and the band delivers, putting their heart and soul into each and every performance.  Kristyn Clarke of PCM and The Rock Revival’s Matt Bishop caught Filter’s recent performance at The Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA, as well as, caught up with front man Richard Patrick and drummer Chris Reeve for a lengthy chat prior to the show.

Richard tells us that during the process for recording the band’s seventh album he went back with producer Ben Gross he says “I spent a lot of time re-visiting the world of “Short Bus” and at the same time I started working on a sound that I would be like the person that I am now, so it’s extremely exciting.”  He reveals that he is calling the sound “new industrial” and we certainly find that incredibly fitting as Filter was never a band that could be placed in one particular genre box and we love them for that!

Richard also reveals his thoughts on the current state of the music industry. His opinions and raw honesty is always refreshing and we absolutely commend him for being fearless when it comes to going against the grain. Filter creates music that actually makes people think and that has a message to convey. One of the major problems that exists with current Top 40 radio, in the world of both rock and pop is that everything is completely safe and we couldn’t agree more with Richard that it is time to make a change.

You can watch the full interview below:

The band’s performance in Philly was top-notch!  Filter absolutely oozes charisma once they take the stage and they command the audiences attention from the beginning of their set to the very end. Our only complaint was wishing that their set could have been a bit longer!

The band plowed through their hits such as “Can’t You Trip Like I Do”, “Jurassitol’ and “Hey Man, Nice Shot”, as well as, the not often played “You Walk Away” closing out with “Welcome To The Fold”. Overall a fantastic performance from an equally fantastic band!


From Filter’s Richard Patrick Reveals That New Album Is Incredibly Exciting

Coal Chamber’s Nadja Peulen Talks About How Great It Feels To Have Band Back Out On The Road


(PCM) We were recently able to catch Coal Chambers electrifying show at The Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA, as well as, catch up with Coal Chamber bassist Nadja Peulen prior to the band’s performance.

In the interview Peulen revealed to us that she was a bit nervous before heading back out with the band, however she says that “after the first show it was like we never skipped a beat.” Peulen also spoke in depth to us about the band’s upcoming new album “Rivals” which will be released in North America on May 19 via Napalm Records. “Rivals” marks the band’s first new album release in thirteen years.

Peulen says “We just started jamming old school and recorded our demoing stuff and we did that for a few months. Then we went into the studio for pre-production for about ten days and then right away went to Florida to start tracking the album.”  She goes on to say “It was flowing for us and it was easy. The new record is heavy and it’s good!  I’m really proud of this record.”  It also happens to be the first that she is actually playing on, as Peulen has supported the band’s earlier albums live.

In our interview Peulen mentioned the band coming together and not really skipping a beat with both performing live and recording the new album and we honestly could not agree more!  The band’s chemistry on stage was amazing and they sounded incredibly refreshed and tight.

We were jumping for pure and utter joy when the band opened up with “Loco” and kept the momentum going with “Big Truck” and their brand-new single “I.O.U. Nothing”.  Watching the mosh pit open up in the center of the crowd took us back to the early days of attending true rock shows and the energy from the stage radiated throughout the entire venue.


Despite the fact that Coal Chamber has not been on the road for quite some time, watching their performance was as if no time had passed at all. Songs such as “Rowboat”, “Dark Days” and of course “Sway” sounded as fresh as the day they were first recorded and provides a true statement to the musicianship and longevity of this band.

We are on the edge of our seats in anticipation for the upcoming new album and if the show is any indication Coal Chamber will without a doubt be generating a ton of buzz throughout 2015.

Photography credit: Megan C Brooks Photography

From Coal Chamber’s Nadja Peulen Talks About How Great It Feels To Have Band Back Out On The Road

Alice Braga and Luke Hemsworth Talk ‘Kill Me Three Times’

During the press day for Kill Me Three Times, our awesome friends at were given the opportunity to chat with actors Alice Braga and Luke Hemsworth. The dark comedy stars Pegg as a hitman who comes to take out a target only to discover three tales of “mayhem, murder, blackmail and revenge” in the small town. And of course madness ensues.

During our interview, the duo talked about the appeal of the script, the challenges of shooting the film, the chemistry between their characters, and much, more. you can see


Did you see this project as a vacation?

HEMSWORTH: [Laughs] Fuck Yeah.

BRAGA: [Laughs] For someone else, not for me. It was more of a torture. [Laughs] No, I’m kidding. It was beautiful. I’ve been to Australia only in 2000 to visit my sister. But no it wasn’t a vacation—It was a lot of work.

HEMSWORTH: It was a vacation for me. [Laughs]

BRAGA: He was surfing.

HEMSWORTH: Nah, I would look at my schedule and be like yes—I’m not working for 4 days and there is a huge swell. And I’m in Western Australia, where there are great waves, and big sharks. And I would go surfing. I took my own surfboard—and originally we surfed in the film, but it didn’t make it—I spent a lot of my time off in the water. Just surfing.

You said “big sharks”, is that part of the appeal?

HEMSWORTH: It’s not. It’s part of the reality. Yeah, sharks are a weird part of a surfer, especially in WA. WA tends to be notorious for having huge sharks and a lot of sharks. Um, Yeah… I haven’t seen any yet or touch one [laughs].

So what was the appeal for you? What intrigued you? Did you know you were going to get banged around and bashed up?

BRAGA: When I read the script, I was like ok, this is going to be interesting. I think it’s going to be a lot of work. [giggles] Its funny because I got connected to the project way before everybody because I knew the producer, Laurence Malkin, for a long time because he is my agent’s brother. So, they knew each other, they knew about me, and we talked about the script. And they sent it to me and I liked it, but it was something way, way in the beginning. And then they hired one director that ended up not doing the film, and then they hired Kriv. So when the thing started getting together, I got very curious about it. One, because I never worked in Australia. I never worked with an Australian director, and that’s something that always appeals to me when I‘m going get a job or something. Like who is the director, what kind of connection could I have, what can I learn from him. And I saw his work, “Boxing Day”, which is a beautiful film that he directed. I really enjoyed the work with actors, and the story was very interesting. I was curious to know who was going to be the cast, especially because it is such a film that is a balance of being comedy, action, and greed, and dark, and violent, and you know, having a little bit of everything to put that together. I was very curious how it would be made. And for me specifically, I thought it would be a lot of fun to play a character like that. Even though, it’s more of the emotional part of the film. I thought it would be a nice challenge. Being Brazilian—if you get a chance—I feel very lucky that I got a chance to work abroad. In every part of the world that I work, I meet different people, different crews, and different actors that inspire me so much. The idea to go to Australia and work with an Australian director, Australian crew, in a really different film with a phenomenal actor like Simon Pegg, which is someone who is always been on my list of people that I wanted to work with. And I always admire his work so much. It was just perfect. And I answered all the questions. [Laughs] Sorry guys, you asked a question and I was like dada…dada…da [laughs].

Luke, is it far to refer to this as your first U.S. release?

HEMSWORTH: It is, definitely. Yeah. I’ve done two films before this that never got U.S. released or distribution. But this is sort of—popping my cherry.

What does it ultimately mean to you? You’ve seen what its done for your brothers’ careers. You know, what it feels like to be breaking through. Like was City of God the one for you in the U.S.

BRAGA: For the U.S., yeah definitely.

HEMSWORTH: Um, I never really look at it from that point of view. It’s a bonus if it works. I always see it from the point of view of enjoying that moment and hoping that it works. And hoping that if it doesn’t, it will be whatever. Hopefully I’m growing as a person, as an actor, and in terms of doing those things with wonderful people. You want your baby to be successful. Sometimes they are just not up to it. [Laughs] Hopefully this is. [Laughs] I think it is.

What has been sort of the interesting part of having family members paving a way for your acting dynasty. For you, seeing that happen first, and has there been any downside to having them come before you?

HEMSWORTH: Um, look, yes and no. I don’t think, I never think about it as a huge part of our lives. It creeps in, in terms of when we’re together there is the definite negative part is the exposure in terms of paparazzi. You know, it’s a huge part of this world that I never thought I would hate so much. But I can’t stand it, and none of us can. They deal with it a lot better than I do, but for some reason I cannot get into my head why these people are allowed to stalk you. And it’s basically stalking when you boil it down. So that’s a huge negative. Um… Whether I’m allowed to have that view is always another question.

Is it different in Australia with paparazzi?

HEMSWORTH: It’s a little different. In some areas, I think the access here is a lot easier. You know, Australia is a huge country with not many people at all. It is very easy to get lost and get away from things. Where as here, you get areas that are very, very concentrated. There is Malibu Point, West Hollywood, hot spots that you kind of stay away from. Chris and Liam both live there, but that’s what they do. Yeah, It’s something I never get used to. Never get use to someone popping out and take your photo. I literally had that the other day and I said “why, why?” And he said, “we weren’t even waiting for you.” And I said, “why are you taking photos?”

On the plus side, do you think you came to Hollywood a little more prepared for the different kinds of career experiences?

HEMSWORTH: Yes and no. Those doors are open because of Chris and Liam, and there are also things that are a lot more difficult, I think. There is a preconception; people have an expectation of you that sometimes you can’t meet. It kind of forces you to be on top of your game I think. It kind of maybe made me a better performer. At least I hope so. Ultimately, it’s great. Usually, its positive and warm regards.

Did you have fun on SNL with your brothers?

HEMSWORTH: It was great. [Laughs] It was a wonderful day. It was really kind of surreal. We got flown in a chopper from our airport. It was like Air Force One. [Laughs] I thought, “Why, why are we doing this?” And then we got to where ever we were. I have no idea, because my directions are all scrambled. We got in our car, and there was a police escort in front of us. We took off, and we were stopped in the traffic. And the police escort has their lights on. And I’m like, “no one is moving.” And the driver says, “yeah, welcome to New York.” [Laughs]

Alice, what was the part of the movie that you didn’t realize was going to be so challenging when you said yes?

BRAGA: Oh, this is going to be interesting. Um, I don’t know what part because it’s funny…

HEMSWORTH: Kissing me [laughs]. It was really difficult, right?

BRAGA: It was very hard. Very hard. [Laughs] It was hard, because he became a brother, and you want to punch him all the time.

HEMSWORTH: Yeah, it’s a bit weird. [Laughs]

BRAGA: Um, no, it was very physical. So by the end—when you’re like barefoot and covered with sticky blood—People would touch me, and I’m like, “ok, can you not touch me because I got the blood all over my face.” I remember sending a picture to my mom, and she asked, “when are you doing the romantic comedy you promised me again, because you keep doing zombie, action, kind of crazy, insane, dramatic films.” So, no, it’s a joke. But I thought, I knew it was going to be a hard one. But definitely being barefoot on set everyday, and being thrown into a trunk by someone who isn’t a very gentle person. [Laughs] No, I’m kidding. But it was very physical, but I loved it. I love films like this.

What did you do to come up with the right chemistry for your relationship?

BRAGA: The good thing is that we became friends right away.

HEMSWORTH: Straight away, yeah.

BRAGA: It’s funny; we met at the screen test together. We did the reading sitting on the floor and talking. It was great—and I knew Chris before because we share the same manager—so I knew Chris before. As I said about the Australians, it’s funny; it’s a lot like Brazilians. So there isn’t this boundary of that cultural thing. He’s like making jokes all the time. I’m making jokes. So we kind of became friends right away.

HEMSWORTH: Yeah, it was really easy. Yeah, we started punching each other straight away.

BRAGA: And I punch him all the time. [Laughs] He would always say, “Stop making fun”. And I think that definitely helped. So we felt comfortable with each other. So apart from trying to create something, I think with just the friendship and hanging together with everybody.

HEMSWORTH: That’s right, it’s there, and you never let it go. You don’t have to create anything. You know, it’s inherently an easy part of the relationship. There is an ease that comes with it because you have spent time with each other and it feels right to be in this weird caravan in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing fabricated.

BRAGA: I’m glad people are thinking that it worked, because sometimes when it doesn’t, it’s hard because it’s not believable.

So when are you going to do your romantic comedy? Your mom wanted me to ask you.

BRAGA: I’m reading a bunch of stuff, and trying to do auditions. I don’t know, it’s a happy coincidence that I started doing action films and all of that. And I love doing drama, so even the projects that I get, I end up going for the drama part. And it’s definitely something that I want to start to do because of the challenge of being something so different that I have done before. And I’m looking for it still because I did a pilot for a TV series for USA Network called “Queen of the South”. We still don’t know if it’s going to be picked up or not. We are finishing the post production, but I’ve read the book and its amazing. The story is about a girl who starts dating this drug dealer that gets killed, and people try to kill her. My mom was like, “Thank you. Awesome.Now you are going to spend five years of your life being the girl trying to be killed.” [Laughs] It’s based in Mexico, and then she comes to the United States. But it’s a joke. I really like in film, especially, I want to do many different things. I wanted to do it, because I wanted to do many different things, like dramatic comedy in Brazil with a director that I love there. It’s a very independent project. Some little stuff. I did a film with Liam as well, but its a drama. So it kind of—

HEMSWORTH: [laughs] I’m not Liam.

BRAGA: But you’re a Hemsworth.

HEMSWORTH: Oh yeah. [laughs]

BRAGA: You know—it’s your family. It’s funny. But it is a period piece, so its not action.

Can you share one important thing that you’ve learned working on this film with Kriv?

HEMSWORTH: To love the blood. [Laughs]

BRAGA: To love the blood. For me it would be, Kriv is such a positive director. I feel that definitely being so positive and so passionate and knowing exactly what he wanted. That brings so much. He always made me feel confident more than anything, and listened a lot to what I was saying. And I would listen a lot to what he was saying. So I learned a lot about the exchange between an actor and the director. I love directors, and it’s great when you find someone that is generous and kind, but at the same time knows what he wants, and is firm with the decision that he wants. “This is great, but lets try this. We should try something else.” And that exchange—once you get it—it’s magical, because it’s painless. It’s like you just go together. It’s kind of like a dance.

HEMSWORTH: Definitely, there is a dialogue that comes with trusting your director. A lot of time it doesn’t have to be spoken. There are things that he will do and say, and you instantly understand what he’s saying without any kind of hyperbole or him having to explain, you know, “blah, blah, blah, blah. It just needs to be more like this.” Ok, cool. Bang. Off you go in another direction. There is shorthand that you learn with certain directors that allow you to access things very easily.

Have you staked a claim on any Marvel characters, since your brother is Thor?

HEMSWORTH: I want Batman. F*ck Marvel. [Laughs] I’m a DC guy.

Kill Me Three Times is currently available on VOD and will arrive in theaters on April 10, 2015.


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Amanda Seyfried Is Perfectly Charming In The Film While We’re Young


(PCM) Amanda Seyfried portrays a free-spirited young woman who learns some vital life lessons in her new indie film, “While We’re Young” about the generation gap.

The film centers around a New York-based documentary filmmaker and his wife (Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts), who begin hanging out with a couple in their 20’s, played by Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried.

The 29-year-old small-town Pennsylvania girl, plays Darby, the girlfriend of an aspiring documentary filmmaker, Jamie, who shakes things up when they encounter a middle-aged couple (Josh and Cornelia) and everyone questions their ethics, dreams and future.

The older couple’s career and marriage are overturned when the disarming younger couple enter their lives. The film is well-written, expertly acted and has many comic and poignant moments. There are also some brutally honest lines about the realities of new parenthood.

The movie from A24 Films had its debut at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and is now playing. It was written and directed by Noah Baumbach.

During a chilly and breezy day as winter-turned-to-spring, Amanda looked lovely in a long- sleeved white cotton blouse and black slacks. She was soft spoken, had a gentle smile, and a great rapport with her co-stars and the film’s director.

Seyfried is known for a wide variety of challenging roles from starring as porn star Linda Lovelace in the movie Lovelace, as well as the award-winning musical Les Miserables with Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, Big Wedding with Robert DeNiro and Diane Keaton, and the animated story Epic, with Colin Farrell.

Seyfried continues to make a big splash in films – both big blockbusters and small indies and we are all eager for the next time she lights up the silver screen.

Q: How did acting become your life passion?

AMANDA SEYFRIED: I wanted to be an artist. Somehow I wanted to express myself. And that’s part of me. It definitely got me to where I am.

Q: This movie is also about how gadgets have taken over the younger generations. What are your thoughts about that?

AS: Besides negatively? Ha! Yeah, sometimes. I think there’s good and bad. But it’s much easier to hide behind it, and not have actual human interaction.


Q: What was it like filming on busy crowded city streets, and everybody gawking at you?

AS: They’re just trying to make their mark! Everything is going on, and delivery men. But you know, I like that feeling in movies, where you can feel real life around you.

Q: What did you like most about your character, Darby in this movie?

AS: I really liked that she doesn’t seem to worry about much.

Q: Do you ever feel anything like Darby?

AS: I mean; there’s this burden that I carry on my shoulders constantly. And I’m really, actively working on loosening up.

Q: How so?

AS: You know, being more mindful. And she’s got that. I think that she was born with it, you know? There’s a lot going on. So yeah, I’m learning that. Surely. One of the many things! But that’s one of the many wonderful things about Darby. And that made it easy.

Q: Please tell me more.

AS: You know; I could connect so well with how my character is feeling. But this movie was pretty easy, because we had this rapport. And that’s what you look for. You know; you just want that connection.

Q: Do you feel that your character has any lessons about life that you picked up?

AS: I didn’t learn any lessons like that! And you know; people are going to take away what they’re going to take away.

Q: This is a generation gap movie. So was there ever a time in your life when you felt that disconnect but then realized yeah, ‘I think I’m a grownup now’?

AS: That’s a good one. It’s true. But it’s really just presenting that culture back to people, in a new form. It’s not like the young people are crazy. I don’t know.

Q: What did you like about doing this movie?

AS: It’s been a while. But I’m so excited about the movie; we had a really good time.

Q: Tell me about this incredible cast?

AS: I know! It’s really, it was a different kind of challenge for me. But working with Noah, you know he’s going to make something insanely thought provoking. And awesome.

Q: How did you react to this script about aging?

AS: I just thought it was hilarious. I thought that this is, I get it. Unfortunately! It felt very…familiar! And you know, these two couples being at such different stages in their lives, and the dynamics between them. Also, how they sort of become symbiotic, in some ways. But then obviously, it’s not going to last. You know, it’s a fascination for the wrong reasons.

Q: Please tell me more.

AS: But luckily, our couple comes out at the other end. And is able to sort of move forward with that bump in the road. And I think my character is a step ahead of Josh. But he’s, yeah. There’s more ego involved here, you know? And he needs that endorsement, he’s feeling that.

Q: What else is involved?

AS: Well, I think Cornelia does smell a rat, so to speak. As we say! But at the same time, she just gets a little caught up herself. You know, these things they like to do. Like making out in front of everyone. You know, public displays of affection. And walking the tracks in a train tunnel. Like it sounds and feels exciting. So yeah, it’s possibly true that life does slow down and get a little bit boring. At some point, And so um, she likes that. You know, they wake the child up in them.

Q: How do you feel about relationships?

AS: You have to re-evaluate sometimes, reevaluate yourself and where you are. And I think people don’t stop enough because they get so used to these people. It’s almost like they’re, everything becomes furniture. You’re just used to it being there.

Q: You said you enjoy going home to Allentown; do you hang out with long-time girlfriends when you go home?

AS: My three girlfriends from high school Liz, Anne and Maureen and I are all really close.

Q: What is it like to be able to share all of this with dear friends?

AS: It’s great, we each have separate lives and we all come together, and sometimes they come to premiers and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, they get to come with me when I’m on location, sometimes they don’t and I of course go visit them, so we all take each other everywhere. But it is nice to have them part of this world, too.

Q: You career exploded after Mamma Mia, how tricky has it been to navigate your life since then?

AS: I’ve just been really lucky with the movies that are coming up. Scheduling is always really hard especially if you have three really great offers on a movie, on three movies, and they’re all going at the same time, you have to pick and choose and it’s really difficult to do that. I just take what’s best at the time and usually the good ones are always pretty unique.

Q: Talk about not losing your head in the process after initial fame and then when it continues to build as it has for several years?

AS: I think I’m past the age of getting lost. It didn’t happen too early. It’s happened steadily, slowly but steadily and people say, oh well. You’re an overnight sensation. But actually that’s not true at all because I got into playing a supporting member in Mean Girls and then I went to Big Love and then I did small movies and then I did bigger movies, then I did Mamma Mia. It’s been so many years and I feel like it’s not happened too fast. I think that’s another secret, keeping my head on and obviously I have really good parents.

Q: When you are not working do you go hiking or do other outdoors activities?

AS: I live near Runyon Canyon in L.A. I hike every day when I am there. And in New York, when I live here six months out of the year, I have to leave the city to get out, but my parents are in Allentown [Pennsylvania] so I go upstate a lot. I mean I’m obsessed with the mountains; I’m obsessed with the East Coast and the four seasons kind of deal, since I grew up here.

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Simon Pegg Reveals Details About Writing Star Trek 3


(PCM) Our colleague Taylor Salan of recently attended the press day for the upcoming film “Kill Me Three Times” and had some time to chat with actor Simon Pegg about the writing process for the upcoming “Star Trek 3″,as well as, exclusive details about “Kill Me Three Times”.

At the press day for Kill Me Three Times we had the pleasure of speaking to Simon Pegg about the film. While we will run the full interview closer to the film’s release date of April 10th, Pegg did offer some insight into the process of writing “Star Trek 3″ (As well as shooting “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”). During our chat, Pegg spoke briefly about how he ended up joining the project as writer, the intense pressure that he feels to make Star Trek fans happy with the newest installment, as well as what direction the new film will head.

Here’s how he joined “Star Trek 3″ creative team to begin with:

Well, I don’t want to talk about it too much because we are here for this one [Kill Me Three Times] obviously, but I yeah. It was just kind of conversations I was having between J.J. and Bryan Burke and they decided to kind of restart the process. And because I had been on set with Burke [For MI5], he said “maybe you should come on and write it with Doug [Jung], and Justin [Lin], and him, and Lindsey Webber”.

When talking about the pressure that he felt to say yes to writing “Star Trek 3″, Pegg commented:

I kind of, I felt like—no, I don’t want to, it’s too much pressure—but we just want to take it forward with the spirit of the T.V. show.

Finally, Pegg commented on the direction that the story of “Star Trek 3″ might take:

You know, it’s a story about frontiersm, and adventure, and optimism, and fun. That’s where we want to take it. You know where no man has gone before—where no one has gone before—ostensibly corrected, for a slightly more enlightened generation. But yeah, that’s the mood at the moment.

It has already been announced that “Star Trek 3″ will hit theaters a few months before the property’s 50th anniversary, and all signs seem to lead the third entry back towards creator Gene Roddenberry’s original vision even more than ever. While Pegg obviously can’t give plot specifics this early on, it did seem evident that Pegg was very excited about the challenge of making a movie that truly represents what the franchise is about. I honestly think that Simon Pegg is a great screenwriter, and that his increased creative presence in the franchise can never be a bad thing. ‘Star Trek 3″ hits theaters on July 8, 2016.

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