Sons Of Anarchy Creator Kurt Sutter Discusses The Final Season


photo:Prashant Gupta/ FX Network

**Spoiler Alert: Article contains details about the premiere episode, in case you are not caught up**

(PCM) The premiere episode for the final season of the hit FX drama Sons Of Anarchy aired last night and certainly got off to quite the brutal start, but is that any surprise for this series.

We opened up with a jailed Jax Teller, obviously still reeling from the death of his wife Tara, brutally beating another inmate in prison. The beating sequence was spliced with cuts to his other club members and his mother, Gemma, caring for his two … read more...

The Strain’s Sean Astin Talks About Saying Goodbye And What’s Coming Up Next


**Spoiler Alert for those that are not caught up on the latest episodes of The Strain**

(PCM) Many of us are still left devastated after the events that unfolded during the heartbreaking episode of the hit FX series “The Strain” appropriately titled “Creatures Of The Night”.

It was probably not until that episode that we came to the realization about just how much we enjoyed the character of Jim Kent and his presence on the show will surely be missed.

Recently, we had a chance to catch up with actor Sean Astin, who played Kent, to discuss his characters untimely … read more...

Taylor Swift Talks Her Role In “The Giver” And More!

Taylor Swift Is Truly Giving

taylor-Swift3Taylor Swift is stretching herself in all of her creative endeavors.

The award-winning country singer currently plays the role of Rosemary in The Giver, which is based on a best-selling young adult novel of the same name.

The Giver is the haunting story of Jonas, (Brenton Thwaites), a young man who lives in a seemingly ideal, but colorless world, of conformity and contentment. It is a world without love, pain, or emotion, and it is portrayed in black and white.

As Jonas begins to spend time with The Giver, played by Jeff Bridges, who is … read more...

An Interview With Actor Jonathan Sadowski Of ABC Family’s Young & Hungry


(PCM) Young & Hungry stars Emily Osment as food blogger named Gabi. When Gabi inadvertently gets selected to prepare a meal for a tech guru named Josh, played by Jonathan Sadowski, she finds herself with an opportunity for a new job and possible a new love.

Gabi gets some much needed advice and help from Josh’s personal assistant played by Rex Lee and his housekeeper played by Kym Whitley.

Sadowski plays Josh who is a dot com whiz and a self-made millionaire. He’s cute and charming but his smarts and sweetness have often gotten in his way when it comes … read more...

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Talks About Daryl’s Bond With Beth And More!


(PCM) Recently, we were able to catch up with The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus during San Diego Comic Con 2014 to shed some insight into where his character Daryl’s head space is going into the new season, as well as his relationship with Beth.

Reedus tells us “There has been so much gradual change with Daryl from season one up until now. He is so different so he’s on that same trajectory. The thing with this show is that they will always be like ‘Here..Here…this is delicious….sike!!’ All of those characters get more hardened as it goes along.They are fighting … read more...

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