“Larry” Sues The Impractical Jokers!


(PCM) If you have ever watched an episode of the hit truTV series “Impractical Joker” than you are more than familiar with the running joke where cast member Joe Gatto randomly yells out “Larry!” in the middle of various pranks and challenges. It seems that “Larry!” originated as a behind-the-scenes inside joke with a season one crew member who is actually named Larry … Larry Crisci to be exact and he is now looking to cash in on the use of his name in the series.

As it turns out, Larry Crisci is no longer working with the show, however his first name continues to be used. According to TMZ.com, he is often referred to behind-the-scenes as “the man, the myth, the legend’. Real Larry is quite unhappy with the continued use of his name and he has now filed a lawsuit against truTV and the show’s producers claiming they failed to acquire proper permission to use his name and he would like compensation of at least $500,000.

truTV has not yet commented on the pending lawsuit. We just can’t imagine watching “Impractical Jokers” and not hearing Joe call out “Larry!”, so we are incredibly curious to see how this one plays out!

The Body Of “The Black Dahlia” a.k.a. Elizabeth Short Was Discovered On January 15, 1947


(PCM) It was on January 15, 1947 that one of the country’s most famous unsolved murder cases began with the discovery of the mutilated corpse of waitress Elizabeth Short  in Leimert Park, Los Angeles, California. The investigation into Short’s murder was very highly publicized and it earned the nickname “The Black Dahlia” which is said to be derived from a film noir murder mystery.

Over the years there has been countless suspects and theories about just who committed the grisly murder, as Short’s body was found cut in half from the torso and her face was craved with Glasgow smile cut from mouth to ears. The body was drained of all its’ blood and the body appeared to have been washed by the killer. The lower half of her body was positioned a foot away from the upper, and her intestines had been tucked neatly beneath her buttocks. The corpse had been “posed,” with her hands over her head, her elbows bent at right angles, and her legs spread apart. Detectives found a cement sack nearby containing watery blood. There was a heel print on the ground amid the tire tracks, but they were never able to tie anyone to the horrific crime.

There have been several books, TV and film adaptions of the story and it is the oldest unsolved crime in history of Los Angeles. According to several sources, following Short’s identification, reporters from the Los Angeles Examiner contacted her mother, Phoebe Short, and told her that her daughter had won a beauty contest. Only after prying as much personal information as they could from Mrs. Short, did the reporters tell her that her daughter had been murdered. The newspaper offered to pay her air fare and accommodations, if she would travel to Los Angeles to help with the police investigation. That was yet another ploy, since the newspaper kept her away from police and other reporters to protect its scoop.William Randolph Hearst’s papers, the Los Angeles Herald-Express and the Los Angeles Examiner, later sensationalized the case: the black tailored suit Short was last seen wearing became “a tight skirt and a sheer blouse,” and Elizabeth Short became the “Black Dahlia,” an “adventuress” who “prowled Hollywood Boulevard.”

On January 23, 1947, a person claiming to be the killer called the editor of the Los Angeles Examiner, expressing concern that news of the murder was tailing off and offering to mail items belonging to Short to the editor. The following day, a packet arrived at the Los Angeles newspaper containing Short’s birth certificate, business cards, photographs, names written on pieces of paper, and an address book with the name Mark Hansen embossed on the cover. Hansen, an acquaintance at whose home she had stayed with friends, immediately became a suspect. On January 25, Short’s handbag and one shoe were reported seen on top of a garbage can in an alley a short distance from Norton Avenue. They were finally located at the dump.

Due to the notoriety of the case, over the years more than 50 men and women have confessed to the murder, and police are swamped with tips every time a newspaper mentions the case or a book or movie is released about it. Each and every time police have been able to rule out the suspects for various reasons and have yet to convict anyone for the crime. It is most definitely the mystery and the intrigue of this case that has immortalized “The Black Dahlia” murder, as there continues to be a strong fascination with her life and the gruesome way in which she was killed. Many are still searching for answers, but sadly given the amount of time that has passed we may never learn the truth.

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Man Wasn’t Happy With His Mugshot So He Sent Police A Selfie To Replace!


(PCM) Can we say vain? An Ohio man by the name of Donald “Chip” Pugh was unhappy with the mugshot of himself that was being circulated by area police, so he sent them a selfie to use instead! Pugh texted the police with a new picture saying “Here is a better photo that one is terrible.”

The Lima Ohio police department responded by thanking Pugh for sending over the new pic and also requesting that he come in and chat with them about his charges. Turns out they really are happy that he sent over the new picture because they claim that by doing so, he is drawing more attention to himself and he will now be much easier for them to locate.

Pugh is wanted for failure to appear in court and for questioning about his involvement in a few other cases that include both vandalism and arson. Despite the fact that Pugh is technically on the run for law enforcement officers he still even took the time to do an interview with a local Ohio radio station to talk about sending the selfie.

Pugh told the station, “They put a picture out that made me look like I was a Thundercat … or James Brown on the run. I can’t do that”. There is now even a Facebook page called “Free Chip Pugh” that has been posting silly memes and updates on Pugh’s whereabouts.  Pugh comments that he is a bit surprised that everything has gone viral, but now he is starting to have fun with it and has become a hometown hero of sorts.

The police say that they are still actively searching for Pugh, so they urge anyone that has any information about his whereabouts to please come forward and contact the Lima Police Department.


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DUI Charge Dismissed For New York Woman Who Claims Her Body Brews Alcohol


(PCM) A New York woman was recently charged with a DUI when she blew over four times the legal alcohol limit when stopped by police, however the entire case was ultimately dismissed after it was revealed that the woman suffers from a condition known as “auto-brewery syndrome”. As it turns out, medically speaking, the woman’s body brews its’ own alcohol.

The disorder is sometimes also referred to as gut-fermentation syndrome and it is extremely rare. It occurs when abnormal amounts of gastrointestinal yeast convert common food carbohydrates into ethanol. The process is thought to take place in the small bowel, and is vastly different from the normal gut fermentation in the large bowel that gives our bodies energy.

When taken to the hospital by police the woman wasn’t showing any symptoms at all that matched her blood alcohol content, so immediately questions were raised and the doctor ordered further tests which confirmed that the woman did indeed suffer from the disorder. The woman’s lawyer was in touch with about 30 other people who suffer from the same condition. Those individuals  can function at alcohol levels such as 0.30 and 0.40 when the average person would be comatose or dying. Part of the mystery of this syndrome is how these people can have extremely high levels and still be walking around and talking and going about normal everyday life.

They do not even begin to exhibit any symptoms of being intoxicated until their bodies reach levels of about 0.30 or 0.40 and even then are only slightly wobbly on their feet. Their bodies appear to take on the abilities of a functioning alcoholic where the body is able to adapt itself to high levels of alcohol being present.

While this woman’s case was ultimately dismissed due to her medical condition, it looks like the D.A. does plan to appeal. Currently, the woman is working on treatment for her condition by using anti-fungal medications and consuming a yeast-free diet with no sugar, alcohol and extremely low carbs.



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German Man Dead After Blowing Up A Condom Machine


(PCM) A German man has died after he and two friends decided to blow up a condom vending machine in Germany. He was hit in the head by a flying piece of metal from the machine and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police in the area were alerted to the incident after residents in the area reported hearing an explosion. When they arrived they found a sum of cash and various condom packets scattered on the ground untouched. The victims two friends brought him to the hospital where he later died as a result of his injuries.

Initially, the two friends told hospital employees that the man had fallen down the stairs, however they later admitted that they had been involved with the condom machine explosion. The friends went on to say that they got into their vehicle after setting off the explosion, however the man that died failed to shut his car door in time and was struck by a flying piece of debris from the exploding machine.


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Over Zealous Fan Takes A Bite Out Of Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus


(PCM) During this year’s Walker Stalker Con held in Secaucus, New Jersey ‘Walking Dead’ star Norman Reedus may have thought the cameras on his hit AMC zombie drama were still rolling after he was involved in a quite scary fan interaction.

The series is known for having an incredibly rabid fan base, however one fan took things a bit too far when she decided to take a literal bite out of Reedus’s chest. During a meet and greet with Reedus during the convention the female fan took it upon herself to mimic one of the show’s famous “walkers” and make an attack on Reedus.

She was quickly apprehended by convention security and escorted from the premises. She will be banned from all future Walker Stalker events as well. Being the understanding soul that he is, Reedus made the decision to not press charges against the fan, however he did post quite the humorous response to the incident via Instagram.

Um please don’t 💃🏿

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