Patient Discovers That Doctors Accidentally Connected Her Colon To Her Vagina


(PCM) Yes, we can only imagine that this is just about as awful as it gets!  A Macedonian woman by the name of Jasminka Velkovska underwent surgery three years ago to remove cancer from her colon, however when reattaching her colon, they somehow attached it her vagina by mistake.

That is quite a mistake if you ask us!  We can’t even fathom how this type of thing could have possibly happened. Velkovska said she felt a bit uncomfortable after the procedure and slowly began to notice a problem when she began passing gas out of her vagina. She told the local news “While I was recovering, doctors came and asked me if I was passing gas, and I said yes, but it’s coming out of my vagina. They told me that it would soon pass and I would be ok, but stuff had started to come out of my vagina and I was feeling scared and it was all very unpleasant.”

The doctors at the hospital told her she would be fine and it would eventually pass, but boy were they ever wrong. After agreeing to perform an X-ray to get a better look at what was going on the hospital discovered their mistake. The woman’s colon was now connected to her vagina. This sounds like something straight out of a horror film!

To top it off they didn’t even manage to remove the cancer and only agreed to compensate Velkovska a measly $33,000 dollars, outright refusing to pay the entire total. Velkovska is currently filing a lawsuit against the hospital for the full amount, as she has every right to pursue.

She truly deserves millions for that kind of mess up!


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Woman Sues Her Parents For Posting Her Embarrassing Baby Photos Online


(PCM) Seriously, people these days will come up with a lawsuit for just about anything! An 18-year old Austrian woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, is suing her own parents for posting embarrassing baby photos of her on Facebook. She claims that over the last seven years her parents have continually posted more than 500 images of her as a baby and refused to take them down even though the woman has requested their removal several times.

It seems she reached her breaking point and made the decision to get the courts involved. Her parents feel that because they took the photos (and you know, she is their daughter and all) that he has the right to post the images. The woman obviously does not feel the same way and says “They knew no shame and no limit—and didn’t care whether it was a picture of me sitting on the toilet or lying naked in my cot—every stage was photographed and then made public.”

Despite how ridiculous this lawsuit seems the woman’s lawyer feels that she has a good chance of victory over her parents if she can show that the images violated her right to a personal life and her parents could be forced to not only pay for her legal fees, but also her “pain and suffering”. Good grief!  Aren’t parents allowed to be proud of their children. More than likely the photos were only posted in good fun.

Why do we get the feeling that if this case succeeds we are going to be seeing more and more of this type of lawsuit popping up all around the world, as we are sure there are more than a few people out there who have some embarrassing baby pictures taken by their parents that they would rather not share with the world a.k.a. Facebook.

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Murder Suspect Pulls An Epic Escape From Police Custody


(PCM) Las Vegas murder suspect Alonso Perez pulled an Houdini-like escape from police custody while he was being held in a police station interrogation room. Perez was being investigated for the murder of a man outside of a Las Vegas area McDonald’s restaurant.

Once the detective who was interrogating him left the room, Perez was able to somehow break free of his handcuffs and then after a few minutes make his escape through a ceiling tile in the room. Video surveillance captured the entire ordeal, including the leg chains that Perez can still be seen wearing as he hoists his way up into the ceiling.

It seem the no one was watching the surveillance cameras at the time of the incident. Great police work, guys! You can see the look of surprise on Perez’s face when he was able to break out of the handcuffs. He escape was successful, however that success was short-lived as he was later caught and arrested as second time after a four hour stand-off with police and FBI agents.

Seems this Houdini magically added quite a few more charges to his wrap sheet!

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Clown Allegedly Trying To Lure Children Into South Carolina Woods


(PCM) No, this is not some elaborate marketing ploy for the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s “IT”, but rather a real life horror story involving a clown (or group of clowns) who is allegedly attempting to lure young children into the woods in South Carolina. Authorities in the area are warning parents to stand guard and be extra mindful of their children.

There have been multiple reports from the residents of the Fleetwood Manor Apartments in Greenville, S.C. saying they received letters from apartment management urging them to follow the 10pm curfew and not allow their children to walk alone in the area, especially at night. The sheriff’s department in the area is aware of the situation and have been making more frequent patrols around the area.

One resident claims that her son noticed the clown near the apartment complex’s basketball court. She at first thought he was seeing things, but then about thirty other children she spoke with the next day all said “Did you see the clown in the woods?”.  At that point the resident knew there was some cause for concern, as other residents reported seeing the clown attempting to lure/take children into the woods.

This is truly the stuff of nightmares! Thus far the authorities in the area have no suspects or lead, but will continue to investigate the situation.

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Large Shark Discovered Alive In A Roadside Puddle


(PCM) Authorities in Australia are investigating the discovery of a large shark found alive in a roadside puddle in the town of One Tree Hill. Could it have been a real live “Sharknado” or some elaborate prank, but whatever the case it has left the authorities baffled.

Sadly, despite their best efforts to move the shark to a water tank, it later died as a result of the incident. It is still unclear how the shark managed to find it’s way to the puddle, but authorities are leaning towards the theory that it may have been someones pet that outgrew it’s home aquarium tank. Also, someone may have caught the shark while fishing and then later decided to dump the catch on the side of the road.

Authorities are asking for anyone with any information to please come forward.

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Teen Criminal Uses Facebook To Request Police Use A Better Photo


(PCM) Further proving just how narcissistic our society has become, an Australian teen who was on the run from authorities managed to take a few minutes to hop on Facebook to request that the authorities and media use a better photo of her, as she did not like the one that they had chosen to tell the story.

18-year old Amy Sharp made an escape from an Australian correctional facility and was on the run for three days evading local authorities. While authorities were on the hunt, the local news station reported on their Facebook page that there was still an active manhunt for Sharp and where she was last seen.

Sharp could not resist commenting on the 7 News Sydney Facebook page posting requesting that they use a prettier picture of her during their reporting on the story. Definitely takes some guts, however Sharp’s plan backfired when based upon the location services, authorities were able to pinpoint her location based on the Facebook comment. Opps!

Sharp was later arrested and brought back into police custody to be charged. Her initial offense was theft of some sort, however a prison escape makes things a bit more serious. Here’s hoping that she get’s a decent mug shot photo, because you know … priorities and all that good stuff!

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