Florida Man Charged For Consuming Pancakes At Busy Intersection

(PCM) Why does it seem that all of the weirdest stories somehow come out of Florida? It must be something in the water down there! A 21-year man named Kiaron Thomas has been charged with posting an obstruction in a roadway and disrupting the free flow of traffic after he was caught consuming a full pancake breakfast in the middle of a busy intersection.

Police received multiple complaints from drivers on the road about Thomas’s breakfast adventure, however by the time they arrived on the scene he had finished his meal and was long gone. Thomas is a known prankster, so police were able to easily find footage of the traffic breakfast prank posted on his social media channels.

Thomas will be due in court to face his charges in April of 2017. Remember, nothing comes between a man and his pancake breakfast! Not even cops and angry motorists!

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Woman Holds Up The Taco Bell Drive-Thru Lane For The Most Ridiculous Reason

(PCM) An Ohio woman caused quite a ruckus at the Taco Bell location in Euclid, Ohio for the most utterly ridiculous reason. The woman refused to move her vehicle out of the restaurants drive-thru lane and it got so intense that store employees had to contact the authorities to take over the situation.

So, if you’re wondering just why this woman was so darn “saucy” get ready for this!  The Taco Bell location just so happened to be out of “Mild” taco sauce! That’s it! No other reason. She was also irritated that they would not discount her food order by 50% off due to the inconvenience of not having the “Mild” sauce as they only had “Fire” sauce.

Since “Mild” sauce was the woman’s only condiment of choice she decided to make a big stink about the situation and refused to leave the drive-thru lane. Eventually, the authorities were able to get the woman to leave the Taco Bell location, but not before she created a major headache for both store employees and other restaurant patrons.

We are guess that she is probably banned from that particular Taco Bell for life! Thanks for ruining taco-time for everyone lady and making everyone else pretty “saucy” in the process!



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China Park Uses Facial Recognition To Prevent Toilet Paper Theft

(PCM) Geez! We never knew that park toilet paper theft in China was such a big problem. It must be a big issue because the Temple of Heaven park in Beijing has installed new machines that use facial recognition software to only allot so much toilet paper per user.

There has got to be some kind of privacy violations in place here, as we certainly wouldn’t want our faces scanned each time that we enter a bathroom. In fact, there is something about the idea of cameras in bathrooms that doesn’t make us feel comfortable in general. Definitely not a good idea.

The machines work by scanning visitors’ faces for three seconds before rationing 24 to 27.5 inches of toilet paper, which the park upgraded from one-ply to two-ply. Wow, how very generous of them! The machines are placed at the height of an average man or woman and only dispense toilet paper every nine minutes.

Users have already begun complaining saying that the process for using the bathroom at the park is taking twice as long now and when the machine malfunctions it can take extra time to get the required amount of toilet paper.

There was also some concern over certain bathroom situations that could require additional toilet paper to which a park spokesperson responded, “If we encounter guests who have diarrhea or any other situation in which they urgently require toilet paper, then our staff on the ground will directly provide the toilet paper.”

The park felt the need to install the facial recognition machines because too many park guests were using too much toilet paper and stealing some extra on the side to take home. Definitely seems like a bit of a drastic measure to us and something tells us that these machines will be making an exit sometime in the near future. Bathroom + cameras = Not Cool!

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Moscow Zoo Sues Ad Agency Over “Erotic” Raccoon Photo Shoot

(PCM) A petting zoo in Moscow has filed a lawsuit against the ad agency Art-Msk claiming that the agency used on of their raccoons in what could be described as an erotic photo shoot. The zoo claims that the raccoon was used in an inappropriate way involving a nude model and the animal has now become obsessed with women’s breasts. We have no idea just how they figured out that the raccoon was no obsessed with women’s breasts, nor do we really want to know either!

The lawsuit states that the zoo rented the raccoon to the ad agency for the afternoon for what they assumed was going to be a “normal” photo session. The zoo owners claim that when the raccoon was returned to them, he was traumatized and infatuated with a certain part of the female anatomy. When the zoo owners were able to view the video from the ad they saw that the raccoon was used in the ad as a prop to cover up the models naked breasts.

The zoo claims that the raccoon was given treats to lure him closer to the model’s breasts and he now associates women’s breasts with food and it has become a serious issue for female zoo employees. The lawsuit demands that the images and video from the ad featuring the raccoon be removed from the internet.

The ad agency has responded and feel that the zoo’s lawsuit is absurd. They claim that they were supposed to have rented a well-trained raccoon for the video shoot, however they were given a young and untrained raccoon instead. They say he kept running off the set, hence why they were offering him treats. The ad agency goes on to say that the curious young raccoon actually stole the bra off the model and they only filmed the situation for the sake of humor.

There is some buzz circulating that the entire ordeal may a bit of a farce considering the ad agency had an ad posted several months ago that read, “Do you have a raccoon? Do you want the media to write about your zoo? Do you love a good scandal? We’re here to help!”

Sounds fishy to us! But who doesn’t love a good erotic raccoon scandal these days? People are so strange sometimes!

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Could Your Amazon Echo Be Linked To The CIA? Alexa’s Answer Was A Bit Puzzling!

(PCM) Ever since the introduction of the Amazon Echo device conspiracy theories have surfaced claiming that the various government agencies, including the CIA are using it as a tool to spy on individuals from the privacy of their own homes. We know that the Amazon Echo, which is a smart speaker that utilizes voice recognition, can do anything from play your favorite tunes to order your favorite dinner items, but could the device have a more sinister purpose.

One Reddit user by the name of DominarRygelThe16th decided to put the conspiracy theory to the test and outright asked Alexa if she was working for the CIA. Well, first she warmed things up a bit by asking if Alexa would ever lie to her to which the device replied ,”I always try to tell the truth. I’m not always right, but I would never intentionally lie to you or anyone else.” Here’s where things get a little weird. When the woman asked Alexa if she knew what the CIA was, to which Alexa replied, “The United States Central Intelligence Agency—CIA.” However when the woman asked whether or not Alexa worked for the CIA there was suddenly no answer at all. Seriously … dead silence.

Makes you think that there could be a reason behind Alexa’s silence and it certainly leads to a few questions. Another Reddit user posted another video showing that the Amazon Echo has been updated to answer this particular question, however the answer is just as vague. When asked “Alexa are you connected to the CIA?” the device responds “No, I work for Amazon”! Hmmm … definitely some food for thought.

It is very unsettling to think that someone could be using a device such as the Amazon Echo and other similar products to listen in on the private conversations that occur in our homes. Technology has brought us to a place now where we have to be paranoid of just about everything and everybody. What do you think? Could the Amazon Echo be connected to the CIA  or other government spy agencies?

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Teen Accused Of Decapitating Mother And Walking Outside With Her Head

(PCM) Talk about a scene right out of a gruesome and disturbing horror film! Police in North Carolina are reporting that 18-year old Funes Machada has allegedly decapitated his own mother and then walked out of their family home holding both a knife and his mothers severed head.

We can’t even imagine what a horrifying sight this must have been for the police to encounter.  The police say that Machada called 911 to report the crime and then remained on the line with the 911 dispatcher until the police arrived on the scene. Sheriff Kent Winstead of the Franklin Country Sheriff’s office said that when the police arrived, Machada calmly walked out of the home holding a large butcher knife in one hand and his mothers’ head in the other hand.

Winstead went on to explain that it was a very, very gruesome scene! Machada placed the decapitated head on the ground and was then taken into police custody without incident. He is being charged with first-degree murder and being held without bail.

Once inside the home the authorities located the body of Machada’s mother, 35-year old Yesenia Funez Beatriz Machada. There were also two of Machada’s younger sibilings in the house as well who were unharmed during the incident. His father and another teen brother were not at home at the time of the incident.

Audio of Machada’s call to 911 has been released and he apparently told the dispatcher that he stabbed and decapitated his mother because “he felt like it”. According to the New York Daily News, “The teen’s public defender C. Boyd Sturges III described him as “a pretty profoundly disturbed young man.”

Thus far there has been no additional commentary on the case and police continue to investigate the incident.

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