ATM Workers Accidentally Abandon Over $140,000 Cash

ATM(PCM) Know that horrible feeling you get right when you shut your door and realize you’ve locked yourself out? That dawning realization that your own inattentiveness has landed you in a very unenviable position?

A couple of ATM workers came to know that feeling all too well when they unintentionally left a bag containing $141,000 in cash outside while making ATM runs on Monday in Mahwah, New Jersey.

The two workers were delivering cash to the ATMs on their route Monday morning when, while packing the car up for the next stop, one of the workers absentmindedly left the bag with the $141,000 on the lawn.

Security footage of the incident released by the Mahwah PD shows the bag of cash sitting on the ground beside the car while one of the workers packs the trunk before hopping in the backseat, leaving the valuable bag behind.

After a time cut and around 11:15 am, the footage shows a white van pull up alongside the bag while a man in a white t-shirt jumps out, casually grabs the bag, and hops back into the van as it pulls away. The moment when local authorities arrived and began investigating the theft was also caught on the security footage.

According to ABC News, it only took 15 minutes for the workers to realize their mistake and turn around, at which point the bag was already gone. The white van supposedly visited an auto repair shop next, where the thieves were allegedly attempting to either sell or pilfer used tires. 

Police say that the ATM workers are cooperating with the investigation and the theft is not considered an inside job as this time. The suspect has been described as a “dark skinned male wearing a tee-shirt and long white athletic shorts with some type of dark stripe down the thigh area.”

Anyone with any possible leads of information on this crime are asked to contact Mahwah Detective Michael Grassi or Eric Larsen at 201-529-1000 extension 216 or 217.

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San Francisco Unveils Urine Resistant Walls That Shoot Urine Back At The Culprit


(PCM) The walls are fighting back in San Francisco, at least when it comes to public urination! The city has now installed new urine resistant walls that will actually repel urine back at the person that chose to urinate in public. 

There are now nine public walls in the city that have been painted with urine resistant paint that causes the urine to spray back splashing all over the culprits pants and shoes leading to quite an embarrassing scenario. Currently, the city of San Francisco spends about $14 million per year steam cleaning the waste off of the public walls and streets. They feel the new urine resistant walls are a perfect way to fight back and cut spending.

The walls are adorned with signs that read “Hold it! This wall is not a public restroom. Please respect San Francisco and relive yourself in an appropriate place.”  The sign does not mention anything about the walls being coated in urine resistant paint, so anyone that chooses to violate the sign will be in for quite a surprise.

It seems that pubic urination is quite a problem in the city of San Francisco as it has actually left some of the cities streets completely soaked in pee. Public urination was completely banned in the city back in 2002, but still continues to be an issues despite fines in upwards of $500 for violations.

Nothing like a surprise golden shower to make the public urinators in San Francisco clean up their act for good.  

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Adult Affairs Site Ashley Madison Has Been Hacked!


(PCM) A big ‘uh-oh’ goes out to all the cheaters of the world who make up the nearly 37 million members of adult extra-marital/committed relationship affair website It was revealed that the website has been hacked and those behind the cyber attack are threatening to release the private information of users if the site is not completely shut down.

Ashley Madison is well known for their company slogan which is “Life is short. Have an affair”, however it appears that the hackers are certainly looking to shorten the lifespan of the popular website. Ashley Madison is owned by a Canadian company called Avid Life Media, who claim they were made aware of an attempt by an unauthorized party to gain access to their systems. They go on to say that they have been able to secure all of their sites and close the unauthorized access points and are now working with local authorities in an attempt to discover the group behind the hack.

This is not the first time an adults only website has been compromised. Earlier this year, Adult Friend Finder was hacked and the information for more than 3.5 million users was left exposed. The group behind the Ashley Madison hack claim that they are unhappy with the company’s “full delete” service which promises to fully delete a users entire profile and all associated information for a fee of $19.  The hackers claim that even after users pay the deletion fee their information, including real names and credit information still remain on the website and that the full delete service is a scam.

According to CNN, “If Ashley Madison is not taken offline, they have threatened to ‘release customer records, including profiles with all the customers’ secret sexual fantasies and matching credit card transactions, real names and addresses and employee documents and emails” leaving anyone who has ever used the site at rise of exposure.

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Breast-feeding Mother Told No Food Or Drink In The Pool


(PCM) 26-year old new mother Cindy Herrine was recently approached by management at a local swimming pool in Round Rock, Texas and was told she needed to stop breast-feeding her baby after someone made a complaint.

Herrine was at the pool swimming with her 20-month old son Blaze when he got hungry. Herrine says that at times it makes her son more calm and happy to nurse while they are in the water. When approached by the pool management, Herrine let them know that it was her legal right to breast-feed anywhere she was allowed to be. She even went as far as to pull up the Texas statute on the situation and show it to the pool manager. The woman who had initially made the complaint even came up to apologize to Herrine.

However, the trouble started once again when Herrine got back in the pool and began feeding Blaze once again. The pool manager came over and informed Herrine that he had checked with the local police and they said that the pool was allowed to ask Herrine to stop breast-feeding citing that there is to be “no food or drink allowed in the pool”.

Herrine then exited the pool and contacted the local authorities to file a complaint against the pool, however when the authorities arrived Herrine was told she couldn’t file a harassment charge because the incident did not fit in with any type of crime.

Frustrated, Herrine returned home and was happy when she received a phone call from Rick Atkins, the city’s Parks and Recreation Director. He informed Herrine that breast-feeding was indeed allowed in the swimming pool and apologized to her for the entire incident. He claimed that the pool employees did not know about the Texas law and that they now understand that a mother is free to breast-feed her child anywhere she feels comfortable.

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Whole Foods Accused Of Price Gouging


(PCM) If you have ever shopped at Whole Foods, you are well aware that their prices are always quite a bit higher than you would pay at a regular grocery chain. In fact, the grocery retailer has even been jokingly referred to as “Whole Paycheck” over the years. Recently, investigators in New York launched a probe into Whole Foods pricing and discovered that they have been grossly overcharging their customers for years.

In fact, the investigators called it “the worst case of overcharges” they have ever seen! It was found that Whole Food has been overcharging customers over a period of the last five years. The store received violations which included inaccurate weight labels on pre-packaged food, as well as, adding tax to non-taxable items.

To give an example, the cost of pre-packaged coconut shrimp was marked up by as much as almost $15.00 above normal cost, a pack of chicken tenders by about $5.00, and a vegetable party tray by about $6.00. Definitely hurting the pockets of consumers!

A spokesperson for Whole Foods defends the store saying that the pricing often happens on the manufacturing side of things and that the grocers are not to blame for the price gouging. Just last year, Whole Foods paid upwards of $800, 000 in a settlement for overcharging consumers for food based on weight.

Are you a Whole Foods shopper? How happy are you with their pricing practices?

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New Jersey Family Forced To Flee Home After Receiving Letters From “The Watcher”


(PCM) If you are thinking that this story sounds like something straight out of a horror movie then you are not alone. A family who purchased a $1.3 million dollar home in Union City, NJ have been forced to flee their dream home after receiving some creepy and downright terrifying letters from an individual that refers to themselves as “The Watcher”. 

The family has now filed a lawsuit against the home’s previous owners, who they say failed to disclose the details about the alleged property stalker and reveal that they too had received threatening letters from “The Watcher”. 

Once the new family had settled in the home they began receiving several creepy letters in the mail from “The Watcher”. The letters said that the home had been the subject of  “The Watchers” family for decades and that “The Watcher” had “been put in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming”. 

In an even creepier turn, as more and more letters began coming in, “The Watcher” began to reference the new homeowners children saying “Have they found what’s in the wall yet?” and “I am pleased to know your names now, and the name of the young blood you have brought to me”. 

Those appear to be some definite threats against the children and the new homeowners did what anyone in their right mind and made the decision to pack up and leave their “dream home”.  “The Watchers” identity still remains a mystery to the local police and other townspeople. Despite the threatening nature of the letters under New Jersey State law they are still only considered to be a disorderly person’s crime, unless additional evidence surfaces.  

Would you pack up and leave the home?  Do you think “The Watcher is real or just someone playing an elaborate prank?  We are wondering if they checked in the walls?? 

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