Whole Foods Accused Of Price Gouging


(PCM) If you have ever shopped at Whole Foods, you are well aware that their prices are always quite a bit higher than you would pay at a regular grocery chain. In fact, the grocery retailer has even been jokingly referred to as “Whole Paycheck” over the years. Recently, investigators in New York launched a probe into Whole Foods pricing and discovered that they have been grossly overcharging their customers for years.

In fact, the investigators called it “the worst case of overcharges” they have ever seen! It was found that Whole Food has been overcharging customers over a period of the last five years. The store received violations which included inaccurate weight labels on pre-packaged food, as well as, adding tax to non-taxable items.

To give an example, the cost of pre-packaged coconut shrimp was marked up by as much as almost $15.00 above normal cost, a pack of chicken tenders by about $5.00, and a vegetable party tray by about $6.00. Definitely hurting the pockets of consumers!

A spokesperson for Whole Foods defends the store saying that the pricing often happens on the manufacturing side of things and that the grocers are not to blame for the price gouging. Just last year, Whole Foods paid upwards of $800, 000 in a settlement for overcharging consumers for food based on weight.

Are you a Whole Foods shopper? How happy are you with their pricing practices?

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New Jersey Family Forced To Flee Home After Receiving Letters From “The Watcher”


(PCM) If you are thinking that this story sounds like something straight out of a horror movie then you are not alone. A family who purchased a $1.3 million dollar home in Union City, NJ have been forced to flee their dream home after receiving some creepy and downright terrifying letters from an individual that refers to themselves as “The Watcher”. 

The family has now filed a lawsuit against the home’s previous owners, who they say failed to disclose the details about the alleged property stalker and reveal that they too had received threatening letters from “The Watcher”. 

Once the new family had settled in the home they began receiving several creepy letters in the mail from “The Watcher”. The letters said that the home had been the subject of  “The Watchers” family for decades and that “The Watcher” had “been put in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming”. 

In an even creepier turn, as more and more letters began coming in, “The Watcher” began to reference the new homeowners children saying “Have they found what’s in the wall yet?” and “I am pleased to know your names now, and the name of the young blood you have brought to me”. 

Those appear to be some definite threats against the children and the new homeowners did what anyone in their right mind and made the decision to pack up and leave their “dream home”.  “The Watchers” identity still remains a mystery to the local police and other townspeople. Despite the threatening nature of the letters under New Jersey State law they are still only considered to be a disorderly person’s crime, unless additional evidence surfaces.  

Would you pack up and leave the home?  Do you think “The Watcher is real or just someone playing an elaborate prank?  We are wondering if they checked in the walls?? 

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Mount Kinabalu “Nudists” Set To Return Home After Arrests


(PCM) Several of the “nudists” who were arrested after snapping naked pictures of one another atop Mount Kinabalu have been released after a three day imprisonment in Malaysia. All admitted to public indecency and also faced a fine that equaled out to about $1,300 for committing an obscene act in public. 

It seems that it was on a dare that the individuals took off their clothing to pose for pictures on top of the sacred mountain, as they had originally made the climb to simply enjoy the early morning sunrise. The ill-fated climb and nude images caused huge offense in the region and it is being pinpointed as the cause of the magnitude 5.9 earthquake that shook the region near the sacred mountain back on June 5th.

The earthquake was devastating to the area killing 18 people including five children, and the Sabah state deputy prime minister claimed the earthquake was caused because the “travelers showed disrespect to the mountain”.

Mount Kinabalu is considered incredibly sacred because Sabah’s Kadazan Dusun tribe believe the mountain houses the spirits of their dead ancestors and the name Kinabalu is derived from the tribe’s phrase “Aki Nabalu”, which means resting place of the dead. 


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Former Scorpions Bassist Reveals He Attended Snuff Parties


(PCM) The thought that snuff parties even exist outside of what we have seen in the movies over the years is a truly disturbing thought.  The idea that someone is murdered for sport and entertainment of a bunch of wealthy individuals is just horrifying.

If you ever wonder about the type of person that would attend such a horrific party, just talk to former Scorpion’s bassist Ralph Rieckermann. Rieckermann admitted to attending an elite snuff party which left him traumatized afterwards. He claimed when speaking with a TMZ.com reporter that wealth individuals would pay upwards of $100,000 to see someone get murdered.

Rieckermann appeared very serious in the interview and even went on to say that while attending another party he witnessed something “so revolting” that he felt like he was “going to throw-up”. Not sure why someone would lie about something like that, so many people are under the impression that he was being truthful about the situation.

Rieckermann played bass for The Scorpions from 1993-2003 and now currently works as a composer for both television and film projects.

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Police And SWAT Team Destroy A Man’s Home To Catch A Shoplifter


(PCM) The amount of damage done to the home of Leo Lech in Greenwood Village, Colorado seems to be a bit extreme, as sources claim the police and a SWAT team were only going after a shoplifter, when they literally destroyed his entire home and surrounding property.

Lech claims that he purchased the home for his son, but now thanks to the tactics used by the SWAT team to apprehend the shoplifter have left it completely uninhabitable. The authorities used chemical agents, flash bang grenades, breaching rams and even drove a tank through the fence in their attempts to capture the suspect at large, who they happened to spot running into Lech’s (an innocent man’s) home.

After robbing a local Walmart store the suspect in question ran into a random home that happened to be Lech’s and barricaded himself inside. The SWAT team tried to negotiate with the robbery suspect to no avail, so they then decided to use brute force tactics and residents in the neighborhood claim the end result is Lech’s property looking like a complete war zone.

Lech is incredibly angry at the authorities for their somewhat reckless behavior and claims while his homeowners insurance will cover the structural damage done to the home, the damage to the items inside is just too extensive. Lech’s son’s family is currently residing in a temporary home while it is determined what to do with theirs.

The police department informed Lech after multiple phone calls that they feel they are not responsible for the damages and now refuse to answer any additional calls.

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Truck Carrying 2,000 Piglets Overturns In Ohio


(PCM) Hundreds of piglets escaped and were on the loose near Xenia, Ohio after a semi-trailer that was hauling an estimated 2,000 piglets overturned. Tragically, about 300-400 piglets were killed in the crash. 

With the help of local farmers in the area donating their livestock trailers, authorities were able to capture many of the piglets who went on the run. The crash was caused by the driver of the semitrailer taking a curve a high rate of speed causing the semi to overturn and roll. The driver was not injured in the crash, but a passenger was taken to a local area hospital with some injuries. 

The surviving piglets were transported to the Greene County Fairground where they were looked over, given water and then packed up and sent back on their way to Indiana, where unfortunately they already have a death sentence waiting for them, as they will all be raised and then slaughtered. 

Despite their best efforts, the authorities and farmers were not able to capture all of the escaped piglets, as many took off deep into the woods surrounding the crash site.  The authorities claim that they may never be able to recover all of the escaped piglets, but will put forth their best efforts. 

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