Quadruple Amputee Is A Person Of Interest In His Parents Murder


(PCM) Currently, police in Orlando, Florida are searching for a quadruple amputee, whom they say is currently a “person of interest’ in the shooting death of both of his parents in their home. The police say that the the man, 30 year old Sean Petrozinno is considered to be armed and dangerous (yeah, we are not really sure how that works either) and that currently he is only being named as a person of interest and not yet a full-fledged suspect in the case. Petrozinno had recently moved back in with this parents after allegedly suffering from some financial issues.… read more...

Journalist Suing “American Hustle” Producers For Defamation And More

(PCM) We are sure by now that many, if not all, of you have seen the award-winning film “American Hustle” and of course may recall the microwave scene that take place between actress Jennifer Lawrence and actor Bradley Cooper in the kitchen.

Well, it appears that brief scene has the potential to cost the studio some big bucks due to a recent lawsuit filed by a journalist whose name was referenced in the scene talking about the dangers of microwave use.

The journalist, Paul Brodeur, has filed a lawsuit against Atlas Entertainment, Annapurna Pictures and Columbia Pictures claiming libel, slander, … read more...

Man Robs Four Subway Restaurants Over Failed “Jared Diet”


(PCM) A young man by the name of Zachary Rapheal Torrance was arrested in an Alabama Walmart after it was discovered that he was behind the armed robberies that occurred at four different Subway restaurant locations.

When Torrance was arrested and brought in for questioning he admitted to the robberies and told officers that he was angry because he had tried Subway’s famous “Jared Diet” and it didn’t work for him, so he in turn wanted his money back. Officers were not sure whether or not Torrance was being serious, but either way he is now in quite a bit … read more...

Money Rains On A Maryland Highway


(PCM) Drivers on a Maryland highway got quite the surprise when all of a sudden it began to rain down cold hard cash from the skies. Drivers scrambled to collect the flying cash, some even simply rolling down their window and hold their hand outside to catch a few of the flying bills.

The incident occurred after one of the doors of an armored car swung open and a bag full of money fell out and hit the ground. Of course, the driver made an attempt to pull over, but by that point the damage had be already done and … read more...

Man Mistakenly Texts Probation Officer Looking For Weed


(PCM) A Georgia man has landed himself back in jail again after his mistakenly sent a text message to his probation officer looking for weed.

Alvin Cross Jr. admits that he was under the impression that he was texting his drug dealer when he sent a message that stated “You have some weed?”. It was only after he hit send and it was too late did he realize that the text had been sent out to his probation officer instead.

Cross was on probation after he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for an armed robbery that occurred back … read more...

Woman Becomes Trapped in Chimney After Stalking Online Date

CrazyChimneyLady(PCM) Once seen as a dangerous and dubious way to try and find your soul mate, online dating has now become the norm, steadily replacing speed dating, bars, and other face-to-face approaches to dating. Yet, even with its increasing use and acceptance, some nuts still fall through the cracks and make everyone question how safe it is to date online.

One unlucky online dater found himself asking that same question after a woman he began dating after meeting her online was caught trying to enter his home through his chimney on Sunday.

Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, a 30-year-old Southern California resident, was … read more...

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