Explosive New Details Emerge About The Death Of Joan Rivers


(PCM) Earlier today, CNN revealed some explosive new details surrounding the death of comedian and TV personality Joan Rivers. The details involve some pretty shocking behavior that occurred inside the Yorkville Endoscopy clinic during River’s procedure on August 28th and brings the clinics ethics into question.

It seems that a staff member who works at Yorkville Endoscopy revealed to investigators that a doctor, who has not yet been identified, took a selfie photo in the procedure room when Rivers was under anesthesia. It was not revealed whether or not this was before or after she went into cardiac arrest.

According …

Robin Thicke Admits Drug Use And That He Did Not Create “Blurred Lines”


(PCM) A recent court deposition has shed light on quite a few revelations about singer Robin Thicke that fans may not have been aware. Thicke’s deposition was part of an on-going court battle between Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I. and the children of the late Marvin Gaye who claim that the trio’s hit song “Blurred Lines” infringes on the copyright of their father’s song “Got To Give It Up”.

In his deposition, Thicke admitted that he cannot recall most of the recording process for “Blurred Lines” because he was completely intoxicated at the time. He claims that he was taking … read more...

Iggy Azalea Sex Tape Surfaces! Claims Ex Is Selling It For Revenge


(PCM) It has been revealed that a sex tape has surfaced that features hip-hop/pop superstar Iggy  Azalea. When the news of the tape first surfaced, Iggy’s team denied that that it existed, however now they are changing their tune.

Azalea’s legal team is now claiming that the tape in question actually does exist and that there is a strong possibility that she was underage at the time that it was shot.

The homemade video is being shopped by one of Azalea’s ex-boyfriends and he had approached porn giant, Vivid Entertainment for close to seven figures. Azalea’s lawyers tell TMZ.com that … read more...

Woman Bites A Victim Saying She Is Playing The “Zombie Game”


(PCM) A woman from Oregon has been arrested after taking her “zombie game” a little bit too far. Jessica Rocha is accused of breaking into an home, pushing a woman down the stairs and biting her face claiming that she was playing the “zombie game”.

The authorities in Oregon still are not exactly clear on what the “zombie game” actually is and if there will continue to be a problem in the area or this was an isolated attack. They revealed that Rocha appeared to be both drunk and high at the time of the attack.

Rocha is charged with …

The Mysterious Jack The Ripper Case May Finally Be Solved


(PCM) The mysterious case of the London serial killer Jack The Ripper, who terrorized the city in the 1800’s by both killing and mutilating prostitutes, may have finally been solved.

It is all thanks to a 48 year old  business man named Russell Edwards, who calls himself an “arm chair detective” and claims that the identity of Jack The Ripper is most certainly that of Polish immigrant Aaron Kosminski.

Edwards was able to reach this conclusion after having DNA samples taken from a bloody shawl that was found near the body of one of The Ripper’s victims, Catherine Eddowes, that … read more...

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