Jackie Chan’s Son Arrested After A Drug Bust In Bejing


(PCM) 32-year old Jaycee Chan, the son of actor Jackie Chan, was arrested after a drug bust that occurred in Bejing’s Dongcheng district. Both Chan and his friend Taiwanese actor Kai Ko were both caught in the raid and tested positive for marijuana usage.

According to CNN.com, authorities discovered more than 100 grams of marijuana after a search of Chan’s apartment and also charged him with hosting others to take drugs within his dwelling. If convicted, Chan could face up to three years in jail under Chinese law.

In a statement, Chan claims that he very much regrets what happened … read more...

Man Wears A T-Shirt Printed With His Own Mug Shot For Local Jail Sentence


(PCM) The story and mug shot photo of a Maine man by the name of Robert “Bobby” Burts has gone viral after he showed up to serve his 48 hour sentence in a local jail wearing a t-shirt adorned with his very own previous mug-shot photo.

Burts was serving the 48 hour sentence due to a drunk driving conviction and Burts says that the guards at the jail found the shirt to be so humorous that they had him pose for another mug-shot style photo which was later posted up on TheSmokingGun.com.

When Burts was arrested back in June for … read more...

Thief Has A Change Of Heart After Texts From A Single Mother Of Five


(PCM) This is certainly not the type of robbery story that you hear everyday! The man who stole a van belonging to single mother of five, Megan Brattan, had a change of heart and returned the vehicle after exchanging text messages with the single parent.

Bratten had driven her work van to a local area Kmart story in Missouri and claims that when she had finished her shopping and returned to the parking lot she found that her van had been stolen.

Bratten recalled that her cellphone was also in stolen van and decided to make an attempt at texting … read more...

Giraffe Lover Gets A Swift Kick To The Face


(PCM) A 24 year old giraffe loving woman from California learned the hard way that these tall and elegant creatures may not always be so lovable.

The woman was visiting a zoo in Wisconsin when she took it upon herself to climb in to the giraffe exhibit, as she has revealed that she is absolutely crazy about giraffes.

Once inside the enclosure, one of the zoo’s giraffes, a 2 year old, 12 foot one named Wally, came over to greet the woman and gave her a lick, but the proceeded to turn around and kick the woman square in the … read more...

News Crew Robbed During Story About “Sketchy” Neighborhoods


(PCM) Talk about irony! A news crew in Washingon D.C. were actually robbed while they were doing a news report about an phone app that can pin point so-called “sketchy” neighborhoods.

The news crew members claim that they had locked all of the doors to the news van when they were parked in an area that the app had considered to be “sketchy”. While the crew and reporter were out conducting interviews with residents in the neighborhood, the van was burglarized and thousands of dollars worth of equipment was stolen.

It was when the crew returned to the news van … read more...

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