Canadian Police Punish Drunk Drivers By Forcing Them To Listen To Nickelback


(PCM) You almost have to feel bad for vocalist Chad Kroger and the boys in Nickelback. They are constantly getting ridiculed and no one seems to understand their overall popularity. It now seems that police on Canada’s Prince Edward Island have discovered a new way to punish drunk drivers in addition to fines, license suspension and criminal charges. They will also force individuals who are busted for drunk driving to endure listening to the police departments in-house Nickelback CD collection. 

Oh, the horror, but really actually pretty funny! The police department made a post via Facebook that said that anyone who was “dumb enough to feel they could drink and drive” would also be forced to listen to endless Nickelback while they are contained in police custody. The department went on to say “we figure if you are foolish enough to get behind the wheel after drinking then a little Chad Kroeger and the boys is the perfect gift for you.” You can view the Facebook posting below:

Definitely a creative solution to battle the on-going problem of drunk driving, especially around the holiday season. Although others may feel that having to endure endless Nickelback songs may literally “drive” someone to drink even more!  Sorry, Nickelback, at least it’s for a good cause! 


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The Disappearance Of JFK’s Brain


(PCM) President John F. Kennedy was tragically assassinated on November 22, 1963. It was a death that forever scarred a nation and left law enforcement, scientists and historians baffled as conspiracy theories erupted in an attempt to analyze exactly what occurred on that fateful afternoon.

We have all read the reports released by the Warren Commission, which concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of JFK, however many witnesses to the event disagree claiming that Oswald was a patsy put in place by our very own government to cover-up a much larger scheme, while others feel that JFK’s ties to the mafia and other organizations may have had something to do with this untimely demise. 

Some of the more far-fetched theories include the use of magic bullets, the parade route being changed and more and there is no denying that the entire situation is filled with odd circumstances, to say the least. 

One of the conspiracies that has fascinated us the most about JFK’s assassination is the disappearance of his brain. It was said to be locked away in the National Archives after the autopsy was conducted back in 1963, however currently it is nowhere to be found. 

Despite many people being questioned in regards to its’ whereabouts, it has seemingly vanished without a trace. Due to JFK’s injuries during the shooting, he was shot directly in head, there was not much of his brain left in-tact, in fact doctor’s at the hospital who were performing the autopsy noticed his wife Jackie Kennedy was clutching something in her hand when she arrived. It turned out to be a large piece of JFK’s brain matter, but experts have no idea what has happened to the rest of it. 

The hospital placed what was left of JFK’s brain in an 18-by-20-centimeter stainless steel container which the Secret Service locked away in a cabinet inside the White House. It is then noted that JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy then had the brain and a locker containing other autopsy materials including blood samples and bone fragments to a special room in the National Archives. 

It wasn’t until 1966 when government officials were going through the autopsy materials that they took notice that the locker full of JFK’s tissue and his brain had gone missing. It was not revealed to the public that JFK’s brain was missing until 1978 when the House Select Committee sheepishly admitted that they had indeed somehow misplaced JFK’s brain and tissue.

The most popular theory surrounding the missing brain is that the government purposely misplaced it so that it could never be fully determined just how many bullets hit the President or what direction they were fired. Another theory claims that JFK’s brother stole the brain in order to prevent testing that would provide proof of JFK’s drug use and health issues. Either way, there is definitely some kind of elaborate cover-up going on, as JFK’s brain most certainly didn’t get up and walk away on its’ own. 

To this day the brain of JFK has not been located and it remains one of the biggest political mysteries and conspiracy theories of all-time! 

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Donut Lover Sues Krispy Kreme Over False Advertising


(PCM) Things are not going sweet for donut chain Krispy Kreme, as they are currently engaged in a class-action lawsuit put forth by a customer who is accusing the company of false advertising and misleading business practices. The lawsuit focuses specifically on Krispy Kreme’s “glazed raspberry filled”, “glazed blueberry cake” and “maple iced glazed” donuts.

The former customer complains that Krispy Kreme does not actually use real raspberries, blueberries or maple syrup when creating these donut treats. We can’t say that we’ve ever really thought that much about it when taking a nibble of a delicious Krispy Kreme donut, but hey, to each their own! Should we feel scammed?

The lawsuit states Krispy Kreme is using sugar, syrups, food coloring, and “blueberry gumbits” to “mimic the texture, shape and color” of the advertised flavors. The lawsuit seeks $5 million dollars in damages for customers who were duped into believing they were consuming quality ingredients. We would probably just be happy with a free dozen donuts, but $5 million doesn’t seem so bad either. Will the Hot Light be on?


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City Of Denver Has No Clue Who Is Expertly Running Their Instagram Account


(PCM) Denver, Colorado city officials are scratching their heads trying to determine who has been expertly running the “City Of Denver” Instagram account. The account is gorgeously curated with various images that showcase Denver’s picturesque skylines, local events and more, but surprisingly the city itself is not behind running the account.

They have no idea who has been updating it, but they certainly feel whoever it may be, they are doing a fantastic job. The account has over 150 thousand followers and links to a website which features the city of Denver’s official logo and lists prices for advertising.

It seems the account name has been held for several years now, but city officials have had absolutely no luck in unraveling the mystery of who exactly is behind the account. It was originally thought that the account was created as a prank, however the images chosen and their accompanying captions are spectacular, so it is really an huge boost for tourism in the region. 

The city has not yet requested that the user give up the Instagram handle, but they do request that the account holder refrain from any further use of the city’s logo and website information. 

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Real Life Phantom Of The Opera Shuts Down The Met


(PCM) A performance of Rossini’s Guillaume Tell at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City was cut short after an audience member was seen sprinkling a mysterious powdered substance in the orchestra pit during intermission.

Officials at The Met called in counterterroism officials to investigate and run test on the substance which turned out to be none other than human ashes. Definitely creepy and certainly on The Met’s side to take necessary precautions.

Authorities questioned several of those in attendance for the performance who claimed that an unidentified man revealed to them that he had plans to sprinkle the ashes of his dead friend and opera aficionado at the historic opera house.

The man was seen on security camera footage reaching into his jacket and sprinkling the contents for a black bag in the orchestra pit during intermission when hardly any musicians were still present. The rest of the evenings performance was then cancelled when the counterterrorism officials were called in and another performance was also cancelled later that evening as an extra precaution.

The powder is still being tested however authorities are nearly positive that it is indeed human ashes. No word on whether or not charges will be filed against the man who attempted to create a literal phantom of the opera, but we are sure it’s a safe bet that he will be facing some type of criminal charges, but he is seriously one heck of a loyal friend.

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Stolen Baby Jesus Statue Head Returned After Artist’s Horrible Replacement Goes Viral


(PCM) It appears that even thieves can have a heart sometimes! The missing head of the baby Jesus statue at Ontario’s Sainte-Anne-des-Pins Catholic Church was mysteriously returned after a local artist’s horrible clay replacement head goes viral on the internet. We are guessing that whomever had possession of the stolen head decided after seeing that monstrosity decided now was a good time to repent!

The replacement head was fashioned by local artist Heather Wise, however she decided to take an unconventional approach with her design and it quickly became an internet meme. Wise claims that she only crafted the clay head, which featured overly exaggerated features and a spiked head piece, to serve as a place holder until she could fashion a more permanent replacement out of stone. She goes on to say that she has never worked with clay as a medium prior to the head design as her defense to the project coming out so terribly wrong.

The church was rather amused that the statue has gone viral and did come to Wise’s defense about the replacement, however they ultimately decided to have the offending clay head removed.  That was definitely the right decision, as due to all the viral buzz surround the statue, the perpetrators decided to return baby Jesus’s original head! It was reattached to the statue and recently presented to parishioners during mass. See, not all viral buzz is bad … this time baby Jesus got his head returned thanks to some repenting thieves who felt sorry for a statue!

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