Student Named Dean Who Ordered Fake ID’s Online Had Them Delivered To University Dean


(PCM) Can we say opps! A case of mistaken identity has landed four 18-year old college students from Pennsylvania in some pretty hot water!  They are now facing possible criminal charges, as well as, disciplinary action from the school after they ordered a set of fake ID’s from China and they were mistakenly delivered to the dean of their university.

It seems that when the mail delivery person saw the name Dean on the package he went ahead and delivered them to the actual dean of the university.  When the unidentified dean of the university opened the package he discovered … read more...

Ex-New Jersey Teacher Faces Jail Time For Owning A 300-year Old Pistol


(PCM) 72-year old Gordon N. Van Gilder and his 22-year old traveling companion Adam Puttergill were pulled over for a minor traffic violation in Millville, New Jersey last November.  During the ordeal both Van Gilder and Puttergill were arrested with one of the charges being a felony against Van Gilder for owning/possessing a 300-year old flintlock pistol that he had recently acquired at a local area pawn shop.

Van Gilder, who is planning to fight the charge, claims that police deputy Joshua Sheppard began screaming at both him and Puttergill and he that he demanded to search the vehicle. In … read more...

Vanilla Ice Arrested And Charged With Burglary


(PCM) It has been reported that 90’s rap star Vanilla Ice, otherwise known as Rob Van Winkle, has been arrested and charged with burglary and grand theft.  He has been accused of allegedly stealing items from a vacant home in Florida.

Van Winkle is said to have stolen bicycles, a pool heater, furniture and several other items from the home which is currently going though foreclosure. The house just so happens to be across the street from a home that Van Winkle is renovating in Lantana, Florida.

The local authorities issued a search warrant for Van Winkle’s home and discovered … read more...

10 Million Stolen Usernames And Passwords Leaked Online


(PCM) Security researcher and consultant Mark Burnett made quite a few waves on the internet when he posted a list of over 10 million stolen username and passwords on his blog.

While many people were not happy that the information was posted, it should be duly noted that Burnett did not release the list of stolen information for any type of malicious intent. Burnett also did not steal the passwords himself, however they are now accessible to anyone and everyone who chooses to search for them.

Burnett’s goal was to allow people to study user behavior and also “release a … read more...

Montana State Legislator Wants To Ban Yoga Pants


(PCM) There has always been a little bit of controversy surrounding yoga pants and whether or not they are deemed to be proper everyday attire or are indeed too form-fitting and revealing.

Montana State representative David Moore is stirring up the controversy even more by proposing a new bill that would make wearing yoga pants in his state a criminal offense.

The bill was introduced to the table for voting last week and it states that any clothing that exposes the nipples or gives the appearance or simulation of someone’s buttocks, genitals, or pelvic area should be considered indecent exposure … read more...

Burglar Rescued After Becoming Trapped In An Air Duct


(PCM) A Seattle burglar was recently captured by authorities after he attempted to escape by cutting through some drywall in an apartment complex and became stuck in the buildings air duct system.

Police were called to the Prudential apartment complex after a resident notified them that he had seen a man stealing quarters from the buildings laundry room vending machine. When the suspect knew that he had been cornered he made an attempt to barricade himself in the room by screwing the door shut and then cut through the drywall to make his escape.

The suspect made it all the …

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