Champion Chess Player Kicked Out Of Competition For Toilet Phone Usage


(PCM) National chess champion from Georgia, Giaoz Nigalidze, was kicked out of an international competition after officials discovered that he was using a smartphone hidden in the toilet to check on his moves.

Nigalidze was playing Armenian champ Tigran Petrosian in the sixth round of the Dubai Open when officials were alerted by Petrosian that Nigalidze was visiting the bathroom at somewhat regular intervals. His behavior was quite suspicious and upon further investigation the officials discovered that Nigalidze had wrapped a smartphone in toilet tissue and hidden in a bin in the bathroom stall.

Nigalidze initially tried to deny that the phone was his, however he gave himself away by using the very same stall in the bathroom for longer than 10 minutes at a time and when officials looked at the phone it was logged into Nigalidze Facebook account.  There was also a chess program running on the phone, showing his current positions.

The first prize for the Dubai Open International Chess tournament is $12, 000 and currently, in addition to being kicked out of this tournament, Nigalidze could face up to a three year ban if the allegations against him prove to be true.

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Georgia Mom Hosts A Naked Twister Party For Daughter And Sleeps With Two Teens


(PCM) Quick! Someone get out the ballots for Mother Of The Year! 35-year old mom Rachel Lenhardt was arrested in Georgia and is currently facing two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor by allegedly providing weed and alcohol to teens who were inside her home for a party.

Lenhardt threw the party of the year for her teen daughter which not only involved weed and alcohol, but also naked Twister and various other sexual acts that took place in the living room, hot tub, and well, pretty much any other place in the home you could imagine.

Lenhardt was four days sober when the party took place and was ratted out to the authorities by her Alcohol Anonymous sponsor after confessing about the crimes. What makes this incident even more bizarre is that Lenhardt used to be a Mormon Sunday School teacher!

After partaking in the game of naked Twister with the teens in the living room, Lenhardt then snuck off to the bathroom to have sex with an unidentified 18-year old male who was attending the party. After she was done with him in the bathroom, she then brought her collection of sex toys out to the living room and claiming she was “still horny” began using them on herself in front of the teens.

The party then moved out to the hot tub and Lendhardt claims she went to bed alone at around 3:30am. It was then that she said that she was awoken by someone attempting to have sexual relations with her in her bed. It turned out to be none other than her daughter’s 16-year old boyfriend.  No charges have been filed against the 16-year old and since the age of consent in Georgia is 16 year old, no charges for Lenhardt’s sexual behavior will be pursued.

Sources say Lenhardt is not cooperating with the police, but has been released on a $3,200 bond and is awaiting trial.

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Church Of Bacon Throws Religious Discrimination Charges At Wells Fargo


(PCM) John Whiteside, a Las Vegas resident and member of the United Church Of Bacon, has accused his local Well Fargo branch bank of religious discrimination. He claims that a banker at the branch refused to have a document notarized for his church. He feels that the woman at the bank only refused to notarize the document because he was an atheist.

Whiteside’s accusation against Wells Fargo spawned a protest that included leaders from seven national secular groups who showed up at the branch location to show their displeasure with the alleged religious discrimination. 

Yes, the United Church Of Bacon is a nationally recognized church that was founded by Whiteside back in 2010. They have about 500 members located in the Las Vegas area and nearly 4,000 members across the nation.  Humorously, the church actually has nothing at all to do with actual bacon, they only chose the name to expose how wrong it is for society to give automatic respect and special legal privileges to religions. 

The church serves to fight against discrimination of atheists and promote the separation of church and state. The idea for the United Church of Bacon came about during a meeting of atheists that took place a magician Penn Jillette’s home in Las Vegas. Jillette is a member of the church’s congregation and a sanctioned Sunday school teacher for the church. 


After the incident Whiteside ended up closing his accounts with Wells Fargo after the banker refused to notarized the document, which was an affidavit one of the church members needed to begin legally officiating marriages. The affidavit was eventually notarized at another branch location, but Whiteside still filed complaints with the bank management and the Nevada Equal Rights Commission. 

The protest came about after both the bank and the Nevada Equal Rights Commission failed to further investigate any of his claims. In statement Wells Fargo says, “Wells Fargo believes discrimination of any kind and against any group or customer base is wrong and we categorically deny the claims brought forth by Mr. Whiteside,” the company said in a statement. “We have a long history of supporting and serving the needs of a widely diverse customer base in Nevada and throughout the country. We regret that this organization and Mr. Whiteside have decided to target Wells Fargo as a means to further their agenda.”

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Russia Outlaws Memes Depicting Public Figures And Celebrities


(PCM) While many of us get a good laugh out of the various internet memes that depict both celebrities and public figures in ridiculous situations, the Russian government doesn’t appear to share the same sense of humor.

Roskomnadzor, the Russian government’s media bureau, is now enforcing a new law that makes it illegal to create and post internet memes that depict public figures in a way that is irrelevant to that particular individual’s “personality”.  So much for freedom of expression!

The new law states, “These ways of using (celebrities’ images) violate the laws governing personal data and harm the honor, dignity and business of public figures”. The new law also makes it illegal to create fake online accounts and websites for these individuals as well.

Of course, the internet did what it does best and there has been an explosion of hilarious Russian/Putin themed memes … probably more than before! Guess that new law kind of backfired!

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Mary Kay Letourneau Wants To Return To Teaching


(PCM) Some of you may not be old enough to remember the case of Mary Kay Letourneau, the sixth grade teacher, who was arrested and charged with raping a 12-year old student back in the mid-90’s.  After being released from prison, Letourneau went on to marry the victim Vili Fualaau and the two are soon going to be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. The pair also are the parents of two daughters, Audrey and Georgia, aged 16 and 17.

The couple recently sat down for an interview with Barbara Walters that will air this Friday night on ABC’s “20/20″ during which Letourneau still defends the couples relationship and even admits to wanting very much to get back into teaching again.

Currently, Letourneau works as a legal assistant and reveals that she is making an attempt to have her name removed off of the sex offender registry list. When Letourneau began her affair with Faulaau, she was married with four children at the time. Faulaau was a very gifted drawer at the time that their affair began and Letourneau claims that she began spending time with him to help him hone his skill during the school year. Their relationship took a sexual turn later that summer.

Letourneau’s husband discovered a love letter from Fualaau and notified the authorities which ended up leading to Letourneau’s rape conviction. When asked by Walters if she ever felt “guilty or disgusted” by her relationship with Fualaau, she replied “I love him very much and though why can’t a kiss ever just be a kiss?”

In the interview Faulaau, now 31, revealed that he went through a very dark time following Letourneau’s conviction and suffered from severe depression due to all the scandal. He says “I’m very surprised that I am still alive today.”  He also reveals that he would be “very upset” if his children were to ever have a relationship like his, as he does not support younger children having a relationship with someone older”.

Sounds kind of hypocritical if you ask me, but I still think both Letourneau and Fualaau are fifty shades of cray cray to this day. I certainly wish the best for their children!


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Over $70,000 Worth Of Bull Semen Stolen In Minnesota


(PCM) We are not real sure why anyone would want to steal frozen canisters of bull semen, but apparently there is a market for it somewhere. Police in Minnesota are currently investigating the recent theft of over $70,000 worth of bull semen from a rural dairy farm. Police say the farm owner told them that the semen was frozen in a canister, almost like a milk jug and inside that canister were vials of bull semen worth anywhere from $300 to $1,500 each. In fact the canister itself was worth about $500. Unfortunately the famer’s barn was accidentally left unlocked at the time of the crime. If you were wondering just why someone would want to steal all of that bull semen, it seems that there is a pretty big market for it in the dairy farm industry. People can bid on or purchase the bull semen and use to to inseminate their cows artificially. It cuts down on animal transport costs for mating. It is worth pretty good money, however this may just be the first case we have come across where this much at a time has been stolen. Over $70,000 Worth Of Bull Semen Stolen In Minnesota was contributed by a Myth
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