Army Father In Uniform Denied Entrance To Daughter’s School


(PCM) U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Sherwood Baker, who has served in the United States army for over twenty years including tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, was recently denied entrance to his daughters school because he was wearing his army uniform.

The security guard at the high school in Michigan informed Lt. Colonel Baker that some of the students may not understand or might be offended by the uniform. They gave him two choices, telling him he could either phone into the office or go home and change his clothes before returning. Baker’s wife claims that not only one but … read more...

Grocery Store Employee Fired For Hugging A Customer


(PCM) A Michigan grocery store employee named Fred Civis is claiming that he was fired from his job at Plumb’s Valu-Rite Foods for simply giving a customer a hug.

Civis is currently facing charges for the incident and it is certainly stirring up quite a bit of controversy and national attention to the small community of Whitehall.

In his defense, Civis claims that greeting customers with a hug was nothing more than the friendly way he welcomed them to the store throughout his 39 years as an employee.

It appears that one customer wasn’t feeling the love and their complaint … read more...

Delaware Obituary Begins With ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’


(PCM) It seem that our little state of Delaware is always making headlines with these crazy obituaries that have been popping up lately.

This is just the case with the obituary for 70-year old Joanna Scarpitti, which opened with the famous Wizard Of Oz catch-phrase “Ding dong the witch is dead”. However, before everyone gets their panties in a bunch about a “disrespectful” or “mean-spirited” remembrance, there is actually a really good reason behind the family’s use of the quote.

Prior to her death, Scarpetti made her youngest daughter promise that when she passed away she would have that particular … read more...

Why Don’t You Look More Like Your Mother?

KittBy Kitt Shapiro

A woman came up to me at a recent event and asked me that very question. Why don’t I look like my mother? Wow. Is that just another way of saying, ‘why is your skin color so much lighter?’ or ‘how is it you have blond hair?’.

My parents told me that when I was born, people came to the nursery in the hospital and would get into arguments when they saw that Eartha Kitt’s baby was a pudgy, white, girl.

Now, I’m not looking to start a debate about genetics. I’m far from an expert, and … read more...

Red Lobster Surprises A Widow On Her Wedding Anniversary

(PCM) For 31-years a woman and her husband would celebrate their wedding anniversary with a meal at Red Lobster, however sadly this year was a bit different, but ended with a touching surprise.

Tragically, the woman’s husband passed away in March of this year and in order to help keep the tradition alive, the woman’s daughter volunteered to take her mother to dinner to celebrate the anniversary.

When the waitress asked if the family was celebrating anything special, the woman’s daughter explained the tradition and then they continued on with their meal. The surprise comes when they received the check … read more...

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