Why I Will Never Shop At Cricket Wireless Again


(PCM) It is not very often that I make the decision to share a personal story online, however I was so hurt and infuriated about the service I received during a recent visit to a Cricket Wireless store that I felt compelled to share and let them know that the type of service I received was completely and totally unacceptable.

Many of us have worked in retail over the years and we all know that customer returns can certainly be one of the bigger headaches that occur on a day to day basis. Most retail employees have surely heard every … read more...

Zendaya Fires Back At Giuliana Rancic Over Racist Hair Comments


(PCM) Teen actress and musician, Zendaya took the high road and was able to put E! “Fashion Police” host Giuliana Rancic in her place without ever naming names, after Rancic made racist commentary about Zendaya’s dredlocked hair at the Oscars.

During a post-Oscar episode of “Fashion Police” Rancic commented on Zendaya’s hair saying “‘I feel like she smells like patchouli oil … or maybe weed”. Zendaya, who looked absolutely gorgeous in her white off-should Vivienne Westwood gown and Chopard jewels, was deeply insulted by Rancic’s thoughtless statements and took to social media to school the E! personality about her ignorance … read more...

Teen Who Made Headlines After His “Laser Cat” Yearbook Photo Has Died In An Apparent Suicide


(PCM) Last year, we brought you the story of high school student Draven Rodriguez who made headlines and stirred up controversy with his choice to use his “laser cat” image from his high school yearbook photo.  The photo went viral with many people being incredibly support of Draven’s choice to go against the norm of a regular run of the mill yearbook photo.

Tragically, the news has now been revealed that Draven appears to have ended his own life at the young age of only 17.  The Rodriguez family has confirmed Draven’s death, but there has been no official word … read more...

Sponsored Post: Sears Serta Presidents Day Sale

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important things in life and currently Sears has the perfect answer for anyone looking to to improve the quality of their sleep and finally catch some more much needed zzz’s!

With the Sears Serta Presidents Day Sale you can save up to 60% off a brand new Serta mattress! You definitely can’t go wrong with that!

As we grow up and go through life’s many changes we begin to realize that having a safe and comfortable place to sleep is of great importance.  In our younger years, it was nothing to … read more...

Cadbury Creme Egg Cookies And Easter Grass Twizzlers Coming To A Store Near You


(PCM) For those individuals that have always wanted to munch on Easter basket grass, your answer is here in the form of Twizzler’s newest product: Green Apple flavored Easter Grass Twizzler strands.

The individual strands of licorice eerily resemble plastic Easter Basket grass, however we are not too sure how tasty this treat will be after it has been sitting out in the bottom of a basket for a few days.  But, hey, if that’s your thing … go for it!


Another new product out this Easter season is Cadbury Creme Egg cookies. Now, this is something we can get … read more...

A Cheap Tattoo Removal Cream Is In The Works


(PCM) For those individuals that may have gotten some ink they regret over the years and expensive laser tattoo removal is out of the question, your solution may be on the way.

A researcher in Nova Scotia, by the name of Alec Falkenham is developing a topical tattoo removal cream that will gradually fade ink over a period of time.  Now, tattoo removal will become as easy as rubbing lotion onto your skin.

The cream aims to painlessly remove the tattoo and it will also feature anti-inflammatory agents. One may assume that a tattoo removal cream would be incredibly pricey,however the … read more...

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