“Artist” Stirs Up Controversy Selling People’s Instagram Images For Profit


(PCM) A so-called “artist” by the name of Richard Prince has been turning quite a large profit by blowing up images from other people’s Instagram posts and selling them for upwards of $100,000. This is yet another reason to be incredibly careful about what you post online, as Mr. Prince is selling all of these prints without the permission of the individuals who originally posted and shot the photos.

Thus far, those that have attempted to sue Prince for copyright infringement have all lost in court due to a loophole in the laws surrounding intellectual property. It appears that fair use allows artists to comment or change an existing artwork to create something different. It is just how much change that is needed to make it different that comes into question, as long as it is a new expression, the court system considers it to be fair use.

Prince is simply taking the original photo from Instagram, blowing it up in size and then adding some of his own commentary to the bottom of the image. He has title the art series “New Portraits” and it has been on display at several art galleries and fairs in the New York City area.

Word to the wise for Instagram users … if you don’t want your images stolen and used for profit, be sure to set your accounts to private for protection.


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Mom Publicly Shames Teen For Lying About Her Age On Facebook


(PCM) It is always important for parents to monitor their children’s activities online, especially when it comes to social media networks such as Facebook.  When one Colorado mother discovered that her 13-year old daughter was posing as a 19-year old and posted a photo of herself in a bra and lace panties her reaction has now gone viral.

In addition to banning her child from Facebook this mom took things a step further and created a video, which she posted on both her’s and her daughters Facebook pages, publicly shaming her for her online behavior.  She made her daughter tell everyone her real age, that she watches Disney channel, has a bedtime and that her underwear still has the days of the week on them.

The video has since gone viral and has been viewed over 11 million times since the mother posted it and many people are praising the mom for taking control of her daughters behavior. Others feel that she went too far, as the daughter can been seen in the video with tears streaming down her face.

The mother posted another video thanking other parents for their support and tells critics that she is not there to be her child’s friend, but rather to keep her protected. She reveals that she is a convicted felon and she refuses to lose her child to the streets. She claims what she did came from a place purely of love and hopes to encourage other parents to pay more attention to their children’s behavior online.

Watch the full video below:


Posted by Val HairLyfe Starks on Sunday, May 17, 2015


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British Toymaker Creates Dolls With Birthmarks And Disabilities


(PCM) Makies, a British toymaker, has introduced a line of dolls that offer children with disabilities or perceived flaws to which they are able to relate.

The companies customizable dolls are created using 3D printers and customers can add certain features to them such as hearing aids, walking sticks, glasses and even birthmarks. The customer sends the company an image for the child that the doll is being created for and Makies is then able to tailor the doll directly to the needs of that particular child.

The new line of dolls made their debut last week and already they are being flooded with requests for certain special accessories and the company is more than ready to rise up and meet the demand. The custom Makies dolls sell for approximately $100 dollars, which is about the same prices as other non-custom Makies dolls.

Makies got the idea for the custom doll line after a deaf mom started a campaign on Facebook called “Toy Like Me” which urged toy manufacturers to create toys that were more inclusive to all children and celebrated their differences.

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Rihanna Makes History As Dior’s First Ever Black Campaign Star


(PCM) Music and fashion icon Rihanna has made history by becoming the first woman of color to be chosen as the face of fashion designer Dior’s upcoming advertising campaign.

The news was announced that Rihanna would be the new face of Dior back in mid-March, however it was only within the last few days that her sexy and edgy advertisement photos began leaking out on the web.

The photos for Dior’s ad campaign were shot by photographer Steven Meisel for the company’s Secret Garden IV campaign and were taken at the incredibly elegant and historic palace of Versailles.

When the news about her campaign was first announced Rihanna revealed to MTV that it was “such a big deal for me, for my culture, for a lot of young girls of any color. I think to be acknowledged by Dior means a lot, as a woman, to feel beautiful — to feel elegant and timeless.”


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Mexico Opens An Underwater Oxygen Bar


(PCM) Definitely taking a unique approach to the bar scene, Mexico has recently opened up their first completely underwater oxygen bar.  Customers who visit the bar can put on an oxygen mask and casually sip on an oxygen-infused smoothie, all while never coming to the surface.

The new aquarium lounge is located in Cozumel, Mexico and features a 13,000 gallon transparent aquarium tank, where the helmets worn by customers are pumped with 70% oxygen. The customers also have the choice to breathe aromatherapy scents as well. Thus far they are offering mint or citrus flavors that provide customers with revitalized, refreshed and rejuvenated feeling.

No reservations are required for the new underwater oxygen bar and they will provide bubble guns and board games for customers to play with while getting their O2 fix underneath the surface.

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Olive Garden Announces New Breadstick Sandwiches


(PCM) Who doesn’t love those delicious breadsticks from the Olive Garden restaurant chain? Now, Olive Garden has come up with a way to make them even more appealing by creating a breadstick sandwich!

The company knows that their breadsticks continue to be one of their most popular menu items, so faced with a steep decline in sales over the last few years, the company made the decision to incorporate them into a few other menu items.

The new breadstick sandwiches will be added to the Olive Garden lunch menu beginning in June. Customers can choose between both chicken parmigana and meatball varieties, which will be priced at around $8 dollars.  Olive Garden plans to use breadsticks that are both shorter and wider than the typical ones we are used to seeing for the new sandwiches.

Don’t worry, like always even the new sandwiches will come with unlimited breadsticks so you will surely get your fill!

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