Jay-Z Made It Rain Two-Dollar Bills At Made In America Festival..But Why?


(PCM) Those of us at the recent Made In America Festival in Philadelphia were being showered by both cake and champagne during the rousing set from DJ Steve Aoki, but also got showered with something a bit more unusual….two-dollar bills courtesy of Jay-Z himself, and the mysterious “Two-Dollar Bill Man”.

Most of the festival attendees paid little mind to this small financial gift, thinking it was part of either Aoki’s set or just some generosity from HOV, some didn’t even believe that it was real money at first. We managed to catch one of the bills and sure enough it … read more...

Nude Celebrity Photo Hack Is Widespread

Nude Celebrity Photo Hack strikes A-list celebrities to Olympic Gymnast

Nude Celebrity Photo Hack strikes A-list celebrities to Olympic Gymnast

(PCM) Over the weekend of August 29th 2014, a full compressed directory including hundreds of photos of many female celebrities was unleashed across the Internet. It may be the largest release of nude celebrity photo hacking to date.

Most of the photos are tame by our latest modern standards, many stages of undress in poses made for intimate loved ones. While others are intensely graphic in sexual acts which are mortifying A-list celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence.

Even Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney has been caught up in the net of … read more...

School Expels A 4 Year Old After Mother’s Facebook Post


(PCM) Just one more way that expression on social media can get people into to trouble! A Florida woman has gotten her son expelled from his pre-school over a post that she made on her Facebook wall criticizing the school’s handling of an issue.

Ashley Habat got into a disagreement with the school over their scheduling of “picture day” claiming that parents are not given enough notification, however the school claims that a notice was sent home with her 4 year old son Will about a week prior.

Habat took to Facebook to vent about the incident in a post … read more...

Is Hello Kitty A Cat? Sanrio Doesn’t Know

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Hello Kitty is a cultural and marketing juggernaut on equal footing to icons such as Mickey Mouse and Count Chocula. Ok, maybe not that last one, but if you were a kid in the 90s you understood the significance of that sugar bomb in your Saturday morning cereal bowl. This year, everyone’s favorite pussycat is turning 40, and Sanrio is giving us a secret that they have kept for as long as Hello Kitty has been gracing girls’ lunchboxes.

Hello Kitty by Sanrio

Sanrio’s Hello Kitty

Our kitty is not…a cat? That’s right; …

Footage Of Concessions Company CEO Abusing A Puppy Has Gone Viral


(PCM) Disturbing footage has recently surfaced that shows the CEO of arena concessions company Centerplate, Desmond “Des” Hauge, violently kicking and pulling on a small doberman pincher puppy named Sade while in an elevator.

The multi-millionaire CEO can be see in the elevator security camera footage repeatedly kick the puppy and then yank so hard on its’ chain that the puppy is actually lifted off of the floor. The poor puppy can be seen cowering in the corner in an attempt to get away from from the attack.  Hauge was allegedly pet sitting for a friend when the incident occurred.… read more...

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