Bryant University Bans “Selfies” At Graduation Ceremony


(PCM) There will be quite a few distraught college students if this becomes a growing trend. Bryant University in Rhode Island recently made the announcement to its’ graduating class that “selfies” will be banned during their upcoming graduation ceremony.

The University especially does not want students snapping “selfies” of themselves while they are receiving their diplomas, as the officials feel it will slow down the entire ceremony.

The University also feels that the graduation ceremony is a special time for students and their families and that should be the true focus of the event. Their ultimate goal is to teach students that there is a time to connect and there are very specific times to disconnect.

Bryant University President agrees with the no “selfies” at graduation idea, and plans to allow students time to snap pics with him after the ceremony has come to an end.

Anyone that has ever had the pleasure of sitting through a college or even a high school graduation ceremony can certainly understand the need to move things along in a timely fashion, so we have to say this no “selfies” at graduation may not be such a bad idea after all.

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How About A KFC Fried Chicken Corsage For Prom?


(PCM) KFC is now offering edible fried chicken corsages for prom this year! Something tells us that this may not be a prom fashion trend the picks up, however KFC is giving it their all and have even created an advertisement to promote the corsages.

The ad features a nervous teenage boy presenting his date for prom with a baby’s breath and Original Recipe drumstick corsage. His date at first seems a bit freaked out by his gesture, however as the evening progresses she becomes more enticed and by the end of the night he goes in for the kiss, however she veers off and takes a nibble of the drumstick corsage instead!

While some many have thought that the whole fried chicken corsage thing was joke, it most definitely is not!  There are currently about 100 KFC corsages available for purchase Nanz and Kraft Florists in Louisville, KY. They are selling for $20 plus shipping and handling. They do not come with the chicken actually included, what is offered instead is a $5 gift card to KFC so the customer can customize their corsage with whatever type of KFC chicken they would prefer.

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Model Kicked Out Of Pageant For Tweeting Topless Picture For Charity

Eden-UK1(PCM) Barbara Eden, a 22-year old contestant in the Miss Oxfordshire beauty pageant in the UK, was kicked out of the competition after she tweeted a topless photo of herself for charity.

Eden tweeted the photo in order to bring about breast cancer awareness, a disease that is very close to her heart. Eden lost a close friend to breast cancer last year. The image had the following hash tags : #copafeel and #breastcancerawareness

When the tweeted image was revealed to pageant organizers they immediately notified Eden that she would no longer be permitted to compete and that she had “brought shame to the entire event”.

Eden fired back at the pageant organizers claiming that they have made her feel cheap and their comments were demeaning to her character. She also says that she would have never posted the photo in first place if she felt there was anything wrong with it.

Do you think Eden went too far with the image or do you feel that organizers were right about kicking her out of the competition?

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