The Somewhat Suprising Story Behind Take Your Children To Work Day


(PCM) Take Your Children To Work Day occurs on the third Thursday of April each year and has become an actual holiday that is recognized by the U.S. government. Children are legally allowed to miss school on this day to accompany their parents to work and get a true taste of just what it means to be an adult and part of the daily grind each and every day. However, did you know that initially the day was recognized only as Take Your Daughter To Work Day?

The holiday initially began as a way to show young women that they could have a career and urge them to explore future career options. It was founded by Gloria Steinem and the Ms. Foundation for Women. There was later some backlash about the holiday not being gender inclusive, so back in 2003 it was changed to Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day or Take Your Children To Work Day to be more inclusive.

It is worth noting that when the very first Take Your Daughter To Work Day occurred back in 1993, it was alarming for the founders to see that the visibility of young women in the workforce painted a stark portrait of the invisibility of adult women in the workforce. There have since been some major changes and now women make up more than fifty percent of the current workforce in the country.

Now the main goal of the holiday is to show all children what it is like to work in various fields other than the ones that they learn about in school, and get an excused day off as well!

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Charity Finds A Unique Way To Battle Censors For Breast Self-Exam Video


(PCM) The anti-breast cancer charity MACMA has found quite a unique way to battle internet censors when posting a video demonstrating the proper way to conduct a breast self-exam. Many tutorial videos for breast self-exams are blocked or pulled down from the internet due to complaints about indecency, as most social networking sites have policies against featuring images of topless women.

After tiring of having their videos removed, MACMA came up with a new approach. They decided to use a male model to create their demonstration video, as apparently male breasts are really not all that different. Way to stick it to the internet censors! Check out their creative video below:

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The ‘Trust Fall Challenge’ Is Yet Another Ridiculous Teen Internet Trend


(PCM) It appears that these days teens are finding more and more ways to injure themselves with these ridiculous internet challenges that are trending all over social media. The latest is the #TrustFallChallenge.

We are sure that over the years you are aware of what exactly defines a ‘trust fall’ but just in case, a ‘trust fall’, as defined by Wikipedia, is a purported trust-building game often conducted as a group exercise in which a person deliberately allows themselves to fall, relying on the other members of the group (spotters) to catch the person.

The teens who have been partaking in the trending #TrustFallChallenge via social media have put their own, rather dangerous, spin on the ‘trust fall’ and instead of pairing themselves up with a willing partner to catch them as they fall, they are instead just running up and falling (or rather throwing themselves) on unsuspecting people and documenting the results.

Here are few silly examples:

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It’s Official! Harriet Tubman Will Replace Former President Andrew Jackson On The Twenty Dollar Bill


(PCM) The news has just been announced by United States Treasury Secretary Jack Lew that an image of  abolitionist Harriet Tubman will be replacing former President Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill. There will also be several other major changes taking place with the five and ten dollar bills as well.

While the image of former Treasury Secretary and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton will still remain on the front of the ten dollar bill, the back of the bill will now feature heroes of the women’s suffrage movement, depicting the historic march and honoring Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul.In terms of the five dollar bill, the back of the bill will be newly redesigned to feature a depiction of the Lincoln Memorial by highlighting key moments in the civil rights movement that took place on its steps.

Lew stated that it is the Treasury’s hope to have the newly redesigned bills unveiled by the year 2020 and at that point they will begin to go into mass circulation. The news about the newly redesigned bill comes after a open letter was penned to Lew and the U.S. Treasury Department by Ellen DeGeneres, Gabrielle Gifford and Gloria Steinem and other urging the department to consider having a woman honored on the ten dollar bill as well.

They wrote:

If recent press is correct, you intend to announce an alternate plan to redesign the $20 bill rather than immediately redesigning the $10 bill, a move that would require up to a decade of additional work before a woman takes her rightful place on the front of a US currency bill. This would undoubtedly be a major blow to the advancement of women. After all, the placement of a woman on the $10 bill is the most public sign that Washington and leaders like yourself support women. Furthermore, think of what kind of message you’d be sending our daughters by going through with the rumored interim step of putting a woman on the back of the $10 bill. Could there be a better metaphor for the second-class status that continues to limit our girls?

Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury and the current face of the $10 bill, personally drove the development of the US Mint, adding to his incredible list of institutional designs as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Two centuries later, Hamilton is still a star, as the success of the Broadway show based on his life story demonstrates. Secretary Lew, in 1792, your predecessor put Miss Liberty on the front of the first dollar coin and the $10 coin currency. Yes, Hamilton chose the image of a woman to represent liberty and freedom on our nation’s inaugural currency.


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Company Has Invented A Mattress That Can Detect Cheating And Alert You Via Phone App!


(PCM) Spanish company Durmet has revealed their latest smart mattress design that features the ability to let users know if their spouse or significant other is cheating on them by using “ultrasonic technology” sensors that detect a certain type of movement. It is called the Smarttress!

The user is then notified via cellphone app, which is connected to the mattress, if the data received appears to be suspicious.  We are curious how this would work if say, perhaps. the mattress owners pets or children happen to jump on the bed. Seems like there is the potential for multiple false alarms and unnecessary paranoia.

The company says that their Lover Detection System renders any sensors that are triggered onto a 3D mapping system of the bed, therefore ruling out any possibility that the sensors could have been triggered by another source. Durmet claims they came up with the idea for the mattress due to the high rate of cheating that has been reported throughout the country of Spain.

The Durmet mattress is currently only available for pre-order at this time and will see for approximately $1,750. Not really sure why anyone would need this mattress rather than invent is some sort of video surveillance system if they were truly that paranoid, but hey, you can’t put a price on some people’s peace of mind.

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Man Creates A Humane Tool For Disposing Of Spiders In Your Home


(PCM) Another viral sensation to over take the web is the invention of the Critter Catcher, a device that was created to catch and release spiders in a humane way without killing them. It appears that the Critter Catcher has been in existence since 2012, when a father invented the product to help his arachnophobia son get over his fear of spiders and rid the home of these pests without causing them any harm.

Recently, Insider picked up on the product and posted a video showing it in action and the rest if viral internet history. The video clip has since been viewed over 87 million times and shared by thousands!

The product can work for more than just spiders! It can also be used to capture other household insects pests such as cockroaches, grasshoppers and scorpions as well. The device is also a winner for people who are freaked out about being close to bugs as it features a 25.5-inch-long stick, which offers plenty of distance between the user and the insect.

Once the insect is trapped in the devices bristles it can safely be carried outside and with a squeeze of the handle it can be released outside and away from the home. The internet is freaking out over the invention and we would love to see the sheer number that have been sold since the latest viral trend.

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