Golden Globes Host Amy Poehler Makes Out With Bono Before Big Win

Poehler-Bono1(PCM) Always having the knack for perfect comedic timing, Golden Globes host Amy Poehler hammed it up with singer Bono as the nominees in her category Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical were being announced.

Poehler could be seen out in the crowd sitting on Bono’s lap, appearing to be anxious, and receiving a calming back rub from the U2 front-man. No one appeared to be as shocked at Poehler herself when she actually won the award for her role in the hit NBC series “Parks and Recreation”.

As the audience broke out into wild cheers when Poehler was announced as the winner, she then pretended to make-out with Bono, who perfectly played along with the gag.

A flustered Poehler then took to the stage for her acceptance speech claiming “I’ve never won anything like this”!  It seems even Poehler’s significant other, comedian Nick Kroll was in on the gag, as he hilarious tweeted ” Hey Bono, watch your back”.


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Are Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Back Together?

(PCM) Pop stars Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber by the looks of things may indeed be rekindling their romance. Earlier this week the pair were spotted jetting around Bieber’s Calabasas, CA neighborhood on segways appearing to be having a wonderful time and enjoying each others company. Now, with the recent  selfie pic posted to Bieber’s Instagram account of the pair in a cuddly embrace with the caption “Love  the way  you look at me” all signs point to a fresh start for their relationship.


The pair suffered a nasty break-up earlier last year and neither appeared to be recovering quite well after the split. While this is not the first time that Gomez and Bieber have been spotted together since their split, it is the first time in several months that they definitely appear to be more than just friends.

Several fans took to their social media accounts posting images of the two out and about together on the segways, and while most were happy about the reconcilation, some had a more negative viewpoint. One twitter user said:

“Bieber and Selena segwaying in the Oaks. She was so nice, so he yelled at us.”

He also said the pair were holding up traffic and claimed the 19-year-old singer had “ruined” his celebrity-spotting moment by being “rude” to him, but he enjoyed seeing brunette beauty Gomez.


Gomez recently announced that she was cancelling a bunch of upcoming tour dates to spend some time focusing on herself and there are other reports that claim that she may be suffering from the disease Lupus. As for Bieber, he recently revealed that he could be headed for early retirement and just last month opened up to a radio station about just how hard the break-up was for both himself and Gomez and claimed that she was a great woman and he still loves her to this day.




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Ryan Seacrest Parties It Up In St. Barts!

Seacrest1(PCM) TV host and personality Ryan Seacret is in ringing in the New Year partying it up in St. Barts surrounded by tons of gorgeous bikini-clad women and certainly appears to be enjoying every minute of it.

Seacrest, made his quick escape to St. Barts right after he concluded his gig as host of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve celebration in New York’s famed Times Square. When the clock struck midnight during the Times Square celebration, Seacrest shared his first kiss of 2014 with none other than Miley Cyrus, when she planted a kiss square on his lips. Miley was one of the many guest performers at this year’s ”Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” special.

While the TV cameras did not capture the kiss on air, Miley tweeted to Ryan : ”They missed our New Years kiss”.  Seacrest responded with “Opps :/”.  Then when the picture ultimately ended up surfacing, she posted the photo on Twitter to share with her over 16 million followers, saying : ”Yay!!!! They caught our NY midnight kiss! Happy New Years @RyanSeacrest & thank you for having me”

Perhaps that is the reason that Seacrest took off to St. Bart’s so quickly! Miley also kept her performance more on the tame side during her appearance, but that could be, because she was dealing with a cold, as she tweeted that “this cough/cold is not a good combo” just before taking the stage.  Let’s hope Seacrest took some large doses of vitamin C!


Photo credit: IDA MAE ASTUTE/ABC




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Is Miley Cyrus Bisexual Or Is The Rumor Mill Continuing To Spin?

Miley-cara(PCM) Not very much can shock us anymore when you make mention of the name Miley Cyrus, so it is truly no huge surprise that sources close to the pop star are revealing that she may indeed be bisexual after her split from fiancee Liam Hemsworth she turned to dating women.

This news comes to the surface after Miley posted an image of herself swapping spit with  model Cara Delevingne. After the photo was posted, several sources, as well as media outlets began coming out of the wood-work with claims that Miley is bisexual and is even into threesomes.

The biggest media outlet to stand behind their claims about Miley’s sexual preference is Life & Style who claim a source revealed to them that “She’s been experimenting with women and even brags that she’s had threesomes. [Miley] is definitely bisexual.”

OK Magazine reports to the contrary claiming that Miley is currently involved with producer Mike WiLL Made It. A source told OK Magazine that “Right now she’s in the market for a new guy and has been flirting up a storm with a number of cute guys…She’s hooked up with [Mike] a few times. Friends are warning her not to get too close, because it will only end in tears. Mike’s a total playboy and one of the worst people Miley could pick for a rebound.”

We personally think that Miley purposely want to keep everyone guessing and he sexual preference male or female is her own business. As long as she is still a hot item in the press, that seems to be all that matters in the long run anymore.

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Madonna And Boyfriend Brahim Zaibat Call It Quits

Madonna-Zaibat(PCM) Trying to keep up with Madonna’s love life can be quite exhausting at times and now there are new reports surfacing that the pop superstar has called it quits with her dancer lover Brahim Zaibat.

There were rumors circulating about a possible split when Madonna was spotted during a recent trip to Haiti for a humanitarian effort with ex-husband Sean Penn. This also sparked some talk about a possible reconciliation for the pair who split back in 1987 after a very tumultuous marriage.

Sources close to Madonna claim that her relationship with Zaibat simply ran its’ course and the split was inevitable due to work obligations and distance. Zaibat is currently working on the French version of the ABC hit series “Dancing With The Stars”.

The sources go on to say that there is no chance for a reconciliation between Madonna and Zaibat, however there has been no further update on who she has set her sights on now as far as a relationship goes and as for a future with former ex-husband Sean Penn…we are guessing that the two are just old friends at this point and the chance of rekindling that romance is certainly slim to none.

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Could There Be Another Reconciliation For Eminem And Kim Mathers?

eminem-kim1(PCM) If the rumors are true, Eminem and Kim Mathers could be on their way to yet another reconciliation and according to Kim’s mother the pair may have even rekindled their romance.

It has without a doubt been a rocky road for this couple who met when they were just teenagers and married in 1999. The couple then divorced in 2001, got married again in 2006 and then divorced again that very same year. The couple have one daughter, Hailie, together and Eminem adopted Kim’s daughter from a previous relationship, Whitney.

The couples on again/off again relationship was plagued with drug abuse, rumored infidelities so much that it fueled the rage filled track “Kim” back in the year 2000. The pair have seemed to be able to put the past behind them in the recent years, as both Kim and Eminem are now clean and sober and Kim’s main focus has been on taking care of the couples children.

Many close to the couple, including daughter Whitney’s grandmother claim to feel that the couple are each others true love and that although there is a lot of hate for her put forth in his music, Eminem has just as much love for Kim as well. He is even rumored to be having a mansion built for Kim just a few miles from his own home on Mile Road in Macomb, Michigan.

The pair were most recently spotted together at daughter Hailie’s high school when she was crowned Homecoming Queen.

Could There Be Another Reconciliation For Eminem And Kim Mathers? also appeard on Celebrity Magnet.

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