‘Courier-X’ Review – Conspiracies Are Always Interesting, Right?

Courier-X is a conspiracy thriller about TWA flight 800 in which all 230 passengers on board died. The accident became surrounded with conspiracy theories as to why the plane blew up shortly after takeoff. This film explores the possible theory that the White House Administration intentionally shot down Flight TWA 800 and that’s why the CIA has apparently tried to stop Courier-X from coming out.

So with all the controversy, is the film worth watching?


Here’s the plot of the film:

Udo Kier plays a former member of the East German Police-The Stasi- in a multi-layered story covering the events of Flight TWA 800, a blackmail attempt on the CIA after Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Gary Webb, released his on-line article, ‘Dark Alliance,’ and a clever cat-and-mouse game between a Manhattan crime boss and a smuggler of black market merchandise.

Every time a film is made about a real life conspiracy theory, i’m automatically all in. I find conspiracy theories highly interesting no matter how far-fetched they may be but with Courier-X, there was just a couple of things that kind of kept me from really enjoying this film.

One thing that bothered me about the film is the acting of Bron Boier. Though his character Trenlin Polenski was notoriously known for his calm manner, it felt like Boier had no emotion whatsoever. The lack of emotion in his character made it hard for him to be convincing throughout the film. Every time Boier was on screen, it just took me out of the film. You obviously want to be invested in these characters and for Boeir playing one of the main characters, I just didn’t care enough about where his character was going and I felt forced to care about what he was doing. As for the other actors in the film, I found them convincing and they helped keep me interested in the film. When it came to Udo Kier, who is a very talented actor, I just expected him to have more screen time since he was on the poster for the film.

What I did enjoy about the film other than the interesting subject matter, was that it felt like there was more than just one antagonist in the film, yet it made you see several different sides of the story which made the film eve more multi-layered. I didn’t necessarily agree with what some of the characters were doing but it made it even more interesting.

All in all, Courier-X had it’s pros and cons, which kind of balanced out in the end. It has won several awards on the festival circuit including Best Feature Film and two Best Lead Actor awards for James C. Burns and Bron Boier, so there’s obviously something there that critics are enjoying.

Courier-X hits VOD Oct. 28.




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Share The Movie Magic At The Riveting 25th Philadelphia Film Festival

(PCM) From a sixteen-year-old film buff and an entertainment blogger from Bombay, to dozens of eclectic films, the 25th Philadelphia Film Festival truly has something for everyone. Now taking place through October 30, the milestone festival offers premieres of some of the most talked about and highly-anticipated new films and it is taking place right in our back yard in downtown Philadelphia.

Film lovers of all ages are encouraged to attend this event that is sure to spark a city-wide appreciation of dozens of films; featuring highly-anticipated screenings, exclusive parties, special events and special guests, including noted movie directors.

With more than 120 films from around the world, there is something for everyone, and film lovers do not want to miss out on seeing many of the most buzzed about films before the upcoming awards season, including the Golden Globes, People’s Choice and Oscars.

The festival is not just about watching films, it is about experiencing them. So film buffs are encouraged to check out the filmmakers, producers, industry professionals, and special guests who will be attending the festival, and taking part in post-screening Q&A’s and exciting panels.

Everyone involved with the festival and the Philadelphia Film Society is extremely proud of the festival’s 25th year. “The festival has always been an important and exciting part of Philadelphia’s arts and culture scene,” said Artistic Director Michael Lerman.


“This is our strongest program ever. Kicking off with the Opening night stunner, “La La Land,” alongside foreign and domestic selections that are bold, unique and challenging,” explained Festival Executive Director J. Andrew Greenblatt.

During the past few years, the Philadelphia Film Festival has presented some of the most recognized, celebrated and award-winning films including; “Spotlight,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” and “The Artist.”

The current film festival will continue that tradition this year lineup including, “Moonlight,” “Arrival,” “Manchester By the Sea” “Jackie” and “La La Land.”

The Festival draws special guests ranging from Oscar-award winning actors and directors, to many of the major names in the film industry.

20161020_193431“La La Land,” was the opening night film a nostalgic and romantic musical, which is already making a big splash. Directed by Damien Chazelle, (“Whiplash”), is a charming new musical stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling; as lovers, who sing, and tap dance their way into our hearts. It is a fusion of class and modern film making, and a bold tale of love, loss and the pursuit of dreams, set in contemporary Los Angeles.

Gosling’s character, Sebastian, is a struggling jazz musician, and Stone’s character, Mia, is an aspiring actress. They meet and fall in love amid the back drop of Hollywood. “When I was first writing the role I thought about Ryan Gosling in the leading role, but I never thought I would get him,” Chazelle recently explained. “It took six years to get this movie made, it is a long process. Ryan sort of stepped in and saved the project.”

As a lover of the musical genre, along with Gosling and Stone, the director said being able to revive the genre is a major feat.

“It’s really a dream. I had wanted to do this movie for a really long time, and had been told that musicals were dead, and no one wanted to see an original musical that wasn’t based on a Broadway hit,” said Chazelle. “ So just to get to make this was truly a dream come true, if it helps inspire other original musicals to get made that would be gratifying. I’m extremely happy with the outcome.”

The film, the third movie in which these close friends play lovers after “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and “Gangster Squad,” which officially opens on Dec. 9, is clever, sweet, and unique – everything you would want in a movie and much more.

“Arrival,” the closing night film on Friday, Oct. 28, directed by Denis Villeneuve, is a powerful, original Sci-Fi drama examining the effects of human resolve and spirit following the arrival of mysterious spacecrafts in various locations around the world. The movie stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. The movie officially opens on Nov. 11.

captureThe movie “Moonlight,” showing at the festival on Monday, October 24, from director Barry Jenkins (“Medicine for Melancholy”) is an intimate epic showing three impactful segments of a young gay black man’s life. It has been called one of the most extraordinary movies of the year.

Another movie that is getting attention this season is “Jackie,” a powerful and innovative biopic starring Natalie Portman in the title role of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. The action takes place the events leading up to and following the assassination of President Kennedy, through the eyes of his wife.

jackie-1“It was wonderful to get to consider Jackie as a human being and not just as a thing,” says Portman of playing such an iconic woman in American history. “I think we’ve seen her so long as this facade, and as this icon. It was great to get to consider her humanity.”

The movie, directed by Pablo Larrain, also stars Peter Scargsgard, Billy Crudup, John Hurt and Greta Gerwig. The movie officially opens on Dec. 2.

Some of the films in the festival’s spotlight are: Christine, King Cobra, Paterson, Personal Shopper, and Zoology.

As part of the festivities, Oscar-nominated director M. Night Shyamalan was presented with the festival’s first Lumiere Award. A notable Philadelphia filmmaker, he is a great friend to the Philadelphia Film Society and it was a milestone occasion.

Several other films on the festival list include:

“Lion,” showing on Wednesday, Oct. 26, directed by Garth Davis (“Top of the Lake”), is an Australian movie starring Rooney Mara, Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel. This is the true story of a young man searching for his long-lost family and his own sense of identify in this moving drama.

“Bleed for This,” directed by Ben Younger and starring Miles Teller (Whiplash). He stars in this edge-of-your-seat biopic of Rhode Island boxer Vinny Pazienza, who made one of the most courageous and unlikely comebacks from being nearly paralyzed to World Jr. Middleweight Champion.

“The Edge of Seventeen,” directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, and starring Hailee Steinfeld in this coming-of-age comedy about a rebellious teenager whose fragile existence begins to crumble when her best friend starts dating her older brother. The film is produced by James L. Brooks.

“I am Not Madame Bovary,” directed by Feng Xiaogang, and starring legendary actress Fan Bingbing in a searing comic drama from China’s comparison to Steven Spielberg, Feng Xiaogang, that is centered around a cafe owner’s epic battle with bureaucracy when she petitions the government to right the wrongs imposed upon her by her swindling ex-husband.
For additional information go to: Filmadelphia.org

To see the festival schedule go to: http://filmadelphia.org/festival/

For tickets go to: http://filmadelphia.org/ticket-info/ or call the Festival Call Center at: 215-422-4570, Mon–Sat noon to 5 p.m.

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Study Reveals That ‘Netflix and Chill’ May Actually Help Strengthen Relationships


(PCM) We have some fantastic news for couples out there who enjoy nothing more than putting plans to the side and snuggling on the sofa to binge watch Netflix and “chill” all weekend!  A new study that was  published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships has revealed that couples who spend time together binge watching various TV shows and mores are actually strengthening their relationships in the process.

The study found that couples who bond together over TV shows, movies or reading books begin to feel more intimate with one another and their relationship gains a new level of confidence and of course what couple wouldn’t benefit from a bit of extra cuddle time with one another as well! The lead author on the study Sarah Gomillion, PhD, went on to explain that it has been known for quite some time that couples who have mutual friends create a stronger bond, however this new study further reveals that perhaps fictional characters in a TV show, book or movie can act in just the same way.  Any die-hard fan of those particular mediums can attest to just how attached we find ourselves to certain characters and we then of course share that emotional attachment with our partners.

Binge-watching Netflix used to be associated with being lonely or depressed, but now research has found that it has some important social benefits, as it is far less isolating than it used to be, unless of course the two of you can’t decide what to watch. That then becomes a new issue all its’ own!

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Exclusive Interview With ‘The Accountant’ Director Gavin O’Connor


(PCM) Gavin O’Connor enjoys telling personal and emotional stories with many surprises.

This is all crystal clear in “The Accountant,” his new action thriller starring Ben Affleck as a math savant with a troubling past who is clearly much more than meets the eye.

The 52-year-old O’Connor is best known for his films “Warrior,” which led to a best supporting actor Oscar nomination for Nick Nolte, as well as “Tumbleweeds,” and “Pride and Glory.” He said when he read “The Accountant,” screenplay he was instantly intrigued.

Soon after, he assembled his “dream team” led by Affleck, anOscar-winning actor and director. The cast also includes: Anna Kendrick, J.K.Simmons, John Lithgow and Jean Smart. The movie, from Warner Bros. Pictures, opens Friday, Oct. 14.

During a recent visit to Philadelphia, where he attended the University of Pennsylvania (Class of ‘86), O’Connor spoke proudly of ‘The Accountant,’ and the rigorous journey that he and Affleck embarked on to make this riveting film.

Affleck, (“Argo,” “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”),plays leading man Christian Wolff, a quirky math genius with more affinity for numbers than people. Behind the cover of a small-town Illinois CPA office, he works as a freelance accountant for some of the world’s most dangerous criminal organizations.


With the Treasury Department’s Crime Enforcement Division,run by Ray King (J.K. Simmons), starting to close in, Christian takes on a legitimate client: a state-of-the-art robotics company where an accounting clerk, (Anna Kendrick), has discovered a discrepancy involving millions of dollars. But as Christian un-cooks the books and gets closer to the truth, it is the body count that starts to rise.

Affleck, who has played Batman in several movies, said ‘The Accountant,” presented its own unique challenges. “My role required a lot of research,” that the actor and his director tackled together. “We saw the value was in making Chris seem like the people we had seen and met in real life,rather than an imagined version of what it might be.”

Everyone involved sees many vital life lessons in the film.“The story speaks to the duality in all of us. It might be easy to pigeonhole a guy like Chris,” Affleck said, “but we find out he’s capable of much more than you imagine.”

Q: What attracted you to this story?

Gavin O’Connor: I found the script to be a refreshingly conceived piece of material. I appreciated the puzzle aspect and I was captivated by this character of Christian Wolff. I had never seen anything like this before in cinema; but I knew that I wanted to.

Q: Tell me how you were able to get into the head of Ben’s character – was there weapons training and research on autism and the many quirks involved. Was it a boot camp?

GO: We knew you can’t just show up on day one and play someone on the autism spectrum.


Q: So what did you and Ben do to prepare?

GO: We watched documentaries, met educators and specialists and all of this led us Lori Stevens who runs a school called Exceptional Minds in L.A. She created a unique environment, and we would sit down and talk to the men there. We talked about their lives, asked them a variety of questions and immersed ourselves and plunged into their world. They were so generous. That was one track.

Q: What was the other?

GO: Well, the character of Batman wore a mask and that works with stunt doubles, I knew the visual side and discovered a particular style an Indonesian martial art called pencak silat, and Ben worked out for months with my fight guys to be able to do all the stunts. It was very impressive all around.

Q: How would you say you were personally changed by your movie“The Accountant?” Were there life lessons along the way?

GO: My wife’s best friends’ son is on the spectrum, so I knew his story and some of his struggles. But when Ben and I went on this journey together I wanted there to be a blank slate so we could make our new discoveries.

Q: And did you?

GO: Definitely. Making this movie changed my perspective for looking at anyone. I learned there is no one defining thing for one person; it varies so much which was liberating.

Q: Did you have a goal for making this movie?

GO: Yes. I feel that this is a really good time to be different in this country. I wanted to celebrate being different. I wanted to change people’s perspective on autism, and for people to be able to see that their world is great, and what they experience is so much more – and not less.I also loved having so many film genres running concurrently – and the character study was the more important part of the process for me.

Q: How did you see the character of Chris’ father in the movie?

GO: The father knew how hard it is to be different, and he was scared of that difference. As I continued to say on the set, ‘Every decision he made is generated by love,’ but we all know that parenting is not a job for a perfectionist. He was operating from a place of fear. He fears it could be an incredibly cruel world for his son and expectations for his son.Those are the only tools he has in his tool belt.


Q: What was the best part of working with Ben Affleck on this film?

GO: Once I decided to make this movie, I thought a lot about the character of Christian Wolff and what a challenging piece of material this is. I decided on Ben. I had truly never seen him in anything like this, but I knew if challenged and given the opportunity, he definitely had the acting chops. I enjoyed the shared experience of creating Christian Wolff. We went about building this piece by piece to uncover all of the nuances of this character. The act of this discovering we were doing together was really gratifying. Ben attributes his performance to the men at the Exceptional Minds School. We were excited, and so were they; that we were accurately depicting them in a movie.

Q: Tell me about working with Anna Kendrick.

GO: I was looking for humor when ever I could pull it out of a scene and she filled the shoes and set the tone. Anna and Ben had a really fun chemistry, and the movie benefited by how they played off of each other.

Q: What about the other actors in this A-list cast?

GO: I have been a big fan of John Lithgow for many years. I saw Whiplash and wanted to meet with J.K. Simmons I am a massive Jeffrey Tambor fan. I was fortunate that everyone we offered the part to said a resounding yes.

Q: Do you think this movie blurs the line between good guys and bad guys?

GO: Yes, it’s blurry. Chris’ character is a black market accountant who un-cooks the books for very dangerous clients. He doesn’t enjoy this, and in the story line there is a young woman named Dana (played by Anna Kendrick) who is amazing, and who sees an amazingness in Chris. When her life is threatened, he’s only acting out of protecting someone that he cares about.


Q: This movie does involve many genres – a thriller, suspense film and an action movie, with great shooting scenes and some tender family moments. Tell me about this.

GO: Yes, there is an emotional connection. Also, I don’t view the violence as gratuitous. It’s an action movie, and it makes you think.

Q: How so?

GO: If you think of the autism gene disappearing for any reasonwe would lose some of the most brilliant, brightest musicians and artists on the planet. Yes, as a parent it is a much tougher job, but it is also incredibly fulfilling. We learned that given the opportunity these men and women can do anything they put their minds to. One reason people are responding to the film, is that once Chris starts revealing the various parts of himself, you are already so invested in him and his character.

Q: I have to know – were the math problems scribbled all over the office walls accurate?

GO: Yes. They were all real math problems. It was pretty challenging to create all the thousands of numbers and equations. I had a professor from Georgia Institute of Technology and he was really helpful in creating all of that. They were all accurate formulas.

Q: What is the initial audience reaction?

GO: The response has been extremely positive. We screened the movie for Autism Speaks and we heard from many parents and people on the spectrum. Everyone told us they were really pleased. Those young men and women were really moved by the film and that’s the most gratifying litmus test for me.

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Plan To Embark On A Stellar Adventure In ‘Voyage Of Time’


(PCM) The perfect blend of art and science can result in stellar discoveries.

That is what is behind the extraordinary “Voyage of Time,” a creative and thought-provoking one-of-a-kind IMAX documentary about the unfolding of time that will certainly make students of science and history out of all of us.

The film, a true labor of love from director Terrence Malick, (“The Thin Red Line,” “Days of Heaven,” and “The Tree of Life,”) is a “visual celebration of life” and the grand history of the cosmos, transporting audiences into a vast — yet up-close and personal journey — that spans the eons from the Big Bang Theory and the dinosaur age to our present day human world.

This is a unique endeavor starting with Malick, a masterful filmmaker, behind the camera and narrators Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett lending their voices. With the addition of award-winning scientists and other experts bring their perspective, the film is a true wonder and considered to be a sensual cinema of science.

“Voyage of Time” has been released in two unique formats: “Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey,” the 90-minute experience narrated by Cate Blanchett, which takes the audience on a poetic journey full of open questions, and “Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience,” a 45-minute, IMAX adventure for audiences of all ages, that is narrated by Brad Pitt.

The film’s panorama of awe-inspiring images takes viewers into the heart of monumental events never witnessed – from the birth of the stars and galaxies to the explosion of diverse life-forms on planet earth, including humankind. This is a cosmic experience – a hymn to the glories of nature, life and scientific discovery – in which all the elements come together to form Malick’s most original film to date.


Visual Effects Supervisor Dan Glass says that what he adores about his job is that he has a great deal of fun with every project. “This project had an incredible range and there was a great deal to understand to pull it off. It paid to learn all of it because it was such an incredible experience.”

Glass is best known for imaginative comic-book fantasies, “The Matrix” sequels and “Batman Begins.” Working with Malick on “Voyage of Time” took Glass into uncharted territory. It was a project that spurred Glass into reading that he never imagined – about such mind-blowing realities as the primordial Population III stars that are said to have brought the earliest sparkles of light to the universe; and the tiktaalik fish that wandered out from the sea to walk on land, altering the planet forever.

The process was life-changing for Glass. “I’ve always had a fascination with the beginnings of life and everything in the universe, but this has really furthered that and compelled me to look at the world in a new way. Every day is exciting now as I get up and start looking at things closer than I ever have,” he said.

“You realize that your life is only a very small part of a bigger story, and yet you also see how all of these incredible occurrences, these chance events, have led up to who we are right now. That’s an amazingly empowering idea. And it’s a story that isn’t over – it will go on and on,” explained Glass.


Glass said he hopes the film has successfully communicated the fascination and wonder of the world around us. “We hope that after seeing the film someone will look out each day and look at the world in a different light and question how we are, who we are and where we come from. It is heavily rooted in scientific theory, at the same time it is experiential and encouraging people to appreciate what is around us and have curiosity about where it comes from.”

Theoretical physicist Lee Smolin, of the Perimeter Institute, another key science consultant on the film, says he was equally moved by the film. The Ontario, Canada-based Perimeter Institute is an independent research center in foundational theoretical physics.


Q: Please tell me about how you came to this project?

Lee Smolin: I wasn’t involved in the beginning since Terrence Malick has been working on this for decades. I was contacted years ago by the producers who asked if I would be interested in being an advisor on the project. Over the last two years I played a small role in advising, reviewing drafts, commenting, and answering questions.

Q: How do you feel about the finished film?

LS: I saw several versions of both films – the short and long versions — and felt they were successful and inviting. Terrance has done an extraordinary job of taking the understanding of the history of the universe that we scientists have worked on for decades and made a visual poem in honor of it.

Q: Is that how you see this movie?

LS: I see it in many ways. But, yes, it is a very spiritual piece of art. The film celebrates the beauty of the universe and asks over and over in different ways, ‘What are we doing here? What is our role? What is the meaning of our existence in this beautiful and universal world? It is not really a documentary; it is more an homage or an invitation to wonder.

Q: Why do you feel you were asked to become an advisor on this film?

LS: I’m a theoretical physicist and I have written books that address deep philosophical questions that attempt to explain monumental questions such as – What is the universe? What is time? Why is their life in the universe? These are all questions that everybody wonders about and that explore our knowledge of the universe for lay people. It is put in a provocative way to inspire us to keep asking these questions. The filmmakers asked for my perspective.

Q: Do you feel if someone is religious they would not appreciate this film since sometimes faith and science can seem at odds with one another?

LS: Not at all. I don’t see any conflict with spirituality. The science behind the film is correct. It is also not about a particular religion – Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other faith. It is about the yearnings we as people need to address about the universe.

Q: Please tell me about the two versions of the film.

LS: The long version is narrated by Cate Blanchett, who addresses the universe in the persona of a mother. It is a spiritual idea that the universe something we should honor.

Q: Tell me about the other version.

LS: The shorter version, narrated by Brad Pitt, was meant for groups of school children and is teaching what they are seeing. It is not like a nature or national geographic film that tells you what you are seeing, point by point; the point of this movie is that the universe is beautiful and surprising and this is a way to be immersed in the experience of the beauty of the universe. The narration is addressed to a young girl, who we are supposed to imagine is the narrator’s daughter, and there are a few scenes where the young girl appears.

Q: You are the father of a 10-year-old son, who you say is subjected to rote learning. What do you do to overcome that for him?

LS: I do my best. I did a lot when he was younger. I would explain things to him and tell him stories, and we would play math games to have fun with numbers and shapes. One of the things I emphasized was doing the work in his head, which is not the way the schools teach. So I had to go in and talk to his teacher who insisted that they require the students to show the work on the paper. I have been teaching him since he was two years to figure out all the equations in his head. Sometimes it has been very frustrating – but rewarding.

Q: How do you feel about the fact that so many girls and young women, who are capable, are scared of pursing science and math careers? These careers could change their lives in the same way that it changed yours if they had the confidence to do this.

LS: I am very concerned about that. The role of girls and women in science has been a big concern of mine and others for many years. Biology, medicine, and earth sciences are great careers that girls lag behind in entering.

Q: You also say that you don’t agree the way math and science is taught in many schools today.

LS: Even in our better schools, math and science education seems to be emphasizing rote learning – they don’t focus on the beauty and wonder of it all. So many girls and boys are intimidated by math that they are afraid of making mistakes. They have to understand that everybody makes mistakes and the people who become mathematicians and scientists are able to correct it and go on. They don’t feel a lack of confidence. In order to make a discovery, you have to have first made every possible mistake. So it’s really all about being resilient, and having confidence. There are so many lost opportunities both for the people involved and in society as a whole.

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‘Kids in Love’ Review

Kids in Love is an British coming-of-age film written by Sebastian De Souza and Preston Thompson, directed by Chris Foggin and stars Will Poutler (We’re The Millers), Alma Jodorowsky, Cara Delevingne (Suicide Squad) and Jamie Blackley (If I Stay).

In the film, Jack (Will Poulter) has just graduated high school and like every newly high school graduate, has a whole world in front of him to discover. While working a dead-end job, Jack meets Evelyn (Alma Jodorowsky) who he finds attractive and interesting. Evelyn introduces Jack to a free-spirited way of life that involves non-stop parties, adventures and possible love.


Kids in Love is everything you would expect of a coming-of-age film with a hipster touch. A teen trying to find himself while being pressured by his parents to do something with his life that he doesn’t exactly want to and photography is his passion. The way the film plays out is pretty much predictable that’s until the ending, which I didn’t quite see coming. Boy meets girl, girl takes him out of his comfort zone, boy falls in love with girl, things become complicated for boy.

This isn’t a film that one would expect to find “Easter eggs” in but there actually is one and it’s pretty awesome. So in the film, there’s a few references to the very popular girl group the Spice Girls. The reason why this is an Easter egg is not because of the fact that the film takes place in London but because of the fact that the producers of Kids in Love also produced Spice World, the 1997 film that starred the famous girl group.


The acting in the film worked pretty well. Will Poulter and Cara Delevingne did not need to use an American accent this time around, which allowed them both to have a more natural flow. Though actress Alma Jodorowsky has a few credits under her name, this is the first time I have seen any of her work and after watching the film, I feel like she will have a lot more credits to her name.

For me, this film didn’t resonate with me as well as other coming-of-age films have. Yes, I’m well over my teen years but there are still those types of films that remind me how it was being a teen and this wasn’t one of them. The acting was good and I felt that Cara Delevingne shined brightest in the film.

Kids in Love is now on VOD.




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