Lights Out – Movie Review: Sinister Or Shoddy?

The years between 2000-2007 were not exactly stellar for horror movies. Of course there were a few gems that came though such as Jeepers Creepers and What Lies Beneath but they were outnumbered by horror features that only reached a kind of middling level that made them come and go. American remakes of The Ring and The Grudge, Darkness Falls are just but a few of those.

In 2013 director David Sandberg produced a short movie that scared many internet users around the globe. The premise of that was very simple, a concept that was later transferred into it’s bigger brother, titled Lights Out which got its UK release last Friday. But does it fare any better? The short and simple answer? No. And deserverdly so.
For those that do not know the plot synopsis, here goes:

A young boy learns that his older sister experienced some traumatic paranormal experiences when she was younger. The same ones that he is currently undergoing whilst living with his mother! At first they blame their single parent, who has a history of mental illness, but the further they dig the more they realise that what they are experiencing is very much real and they soon find themselves fighting for their lives!

The reason for mentioning the earlier era in the opening of this movie review is because Sandberg seems to have a certain love for that era of horror movie making despite the fact that it wasn’t received very well by audiences. If we backtrack just a little bit and go back to the mention of Darkness Falls, it appears that Sandberg or whoever thought that nobody would notice that a lot of the narrative was ripped right out of that movie and placed in this one. Outside of what made the short movie effective, there is nothing else that could be considered of any primary substance. In fact, it appears obvious that screenplay writer Eric Heisserer struggled to come up with a compelling story to add to Sandberg’s talent for directing the more scarier moments.

As for the spine tingling scenes, they quickly turn into a chore to go through after about the third or fourth jump scare. Maria Bello delivers the only noteworthy performance playing the mentally tortured mother, Sophie, but the remainder of the performances feel quite generic as they normally are for an unimaginable horror flick. Running at a duration of a meagre 81 minutes, it does not feel modest. But that is what happens when most frames of the same movie are filled with the same things it has already tried tricking you with. This probably means that only the first 10 or 15 minutes of the movie is mildly entertaining. Anything after that is like a song that is being played over and over because there are no other songs on the record.

For those that enjoyed the 2013 short movie, it is recommended that you just stick with watching that and let your imagination run wild with all kinds of possibilities and ideas. The feature will only spoil what was supposed to be obscure with a dull narrative that has been told time and time again, eventually making what was supposed to be frightening into something that didn’t really even need explaining, let alone with a shoddy explanation.

It is with a degree of sureness that there will be some fans that did at least enjoy the American remake of The Ring and such. You may get your kicks out of Lights Out it if that was your thing, or even if you are still quite new when it comes to exploring the horror genre. If any hardcore fans wish to take their chances then it’s okay. You haven’t been whisked back to 2002. It may feel like it, though.

Let us hope that Lights Out is a one off and that any potential high box office return does not inspire studios to revisit the recent past. Judging by what I have witnessed on various forums related to this movie, it is something many of us definitely do not want!

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The New Pennywise Is Revealed


The newest film adaption of Stephen King’s IT, is picking up more steam with the release of our first look at the new Pennywise. The image can give us a queasy feeling when you look into the eyes of Pennywise the dancing clown. Made famous by the words of Mr. Stephen King in the masterpiece IT. Mr. King’s novel from 1986.

But the evil Pennywise couldn’t just rest in the words of a book. The first film adaption of IT brought Pennywise to our TV screens in 1990. Pennywise was first portrayed masterfully by Tim Curry. The actor brought a heightened eeriness too Pennywise that still scares audiences to this very day. There’s something very odd about a middle aged man dressed up as a clown preying on little kids. IT is something that feeds on our fears, and if you were a kid growing up, then you know that their can be many fears.

Bill Skarsgard will be playing the new Pennywise, the ageless creature that feeds on the fears of kids. Skarsgard who is only 26 has some very big clown shoes to fill. Following a performance such as Curry’s has to be very hard thing to think about tackling, but I believe fans are ready for a new Pennywise. A new film adaption has been off and on for years. With the images that are showing Skarsgard in full Pennywise décor it gives fans hope for the new film.

The production team relied on Janie Bryant (Deadwood, Mad Men) for crafting the new design of the Pennywise outfit. The outfit draws from many eras of the past- among them Renaissance, Medieval, Elizabethan, and Victorian eras. “It’s a different technique than what the Elizabethans would do. It’s more organic, it’s more sheer. It has a whimsical, floppy quality to it. It’s not a direct translation of a ruff or a whisk, which were two of the collars popular during the Elizabethan period. For Pennywise, there’s no need to stay faithful to any era’s fashions. He is a manifestation of what an immortal, supernatural being thought of as a clown, amalgamating various styles it finds appealing. …Or maybe he’s just thinking of a toy that once belonged to a child he devoured.” Bryant told Entertainment Weekly, about how she went about creating the newer up to date Pennywise.

The newest adaption of Stephen King’s IT is scheduled to hit theaters September 8th 2017. The film will be directed by Andy Muscietti (Mama) and looks to be a much darker film adaption then what we first saw in 1990. Only time will tell, but keep you’re lights on be aware that Pennywise could be out there.


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Little Mermaid’s ‘Kiss The Girl’ Sounds Completely Different In Minor Key


(PCM) Who would have thought that by simply changing a song from major key to minor key could have such a profound impact on it’s lyrical interpretation. YouTube star Chase Holfelder, who is known for creating viral videos changing popular songs to minor key version, has taken on “Kiss The Girl” from the Disney film “The Little Mermaid” and it sounds even creepier than the original.

Holfelder first went viral with his minor key version of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” proving once and for all that it is indeed a stalker anthem.

Check out “Kiss The Girl” below and let us know your thoughts!

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Witchcraft Shop Refuses To Sell Wands To Harry Potter Fans


(PCM) Not sure exactly how one witchcraft shop in Great Britain is able to accurately spot a Harry Potter fan, however they claim they can sense one just by the aura and wants no part of them shopping in their store.

Mystical Moments crafts gorgeous handmade wooden wands for witches, warlocks and wizards, however if you are a Harry Potter fan you can forget about it!  The store refuses to sell any wands to fans of the hit book/film franchise written by author J.K. Rowling.

The store owner claims that while Rowling did, indeed, do her research, Harry Potter is for children and has done nothing for his business overall. The store owner told the Telegraph, “I don’t have customers who have been Harry Potterfied. If I had someone come in wanting a wand just because they liked Harry Potter I wouldn’t sell them one, no matter how much money they were offering.”

When used correctly wands can be used as a tool to draw a protective circle around witches to assist with curing various ills and of course make wishes come true. All you truly need is faith in whichever product you choose to have it work wonders for you, except if you are a fan of Harry Potter. In that case, you are totally on your own!

This definitely shows quite a bit of discrimination against Harry Potter fans by Mystical Moments and many fans feel that it is not even legal for a shop to refuse to sell an item to a specific group of people. Do we smell a lawsuit brewing?

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Fan Threatens To Sue Studio Over Lack Of Jared Leto In ‘Suicide Squad’


(PCM) One fan is taking their love for Jared Leto and The Joker to a whole new level by threatening to sue Warner Bros. for a lack of Jared Leto screen time in the film “Suicide Squad”. The fan, whose goes by the Reddit screen name BlackPanther2016 claims that the trailers for the film showcased a lot more scenes featuring Leto’s character in the film and that it is “unjust false advertising” that the majority of those scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.

It is no secret that “Suicide Squad” has certainly been stirring up quite a bit of debate among both critics and fans as majority of critics have been slamming the film claiming it is sub-par at best with no plot line, choppy editing and a severe lack of character development. On the other hand many fans have been pleased with the film calling it entertaining and a perfect homage to the way a comic book film should be made.

We certainly feel that suing the studio may be taking things a bit too far, but after seeing the film we can certainly agree that having a bit more of our beloved Joker (and Leto) in the film would certainly have not been a bad thing. We just kept wanting more of that particular plot line. We would get a tease of the character and then it would fail to develop any further causing quite a bit of frustration, at least for us, as viewers.

It is no secret that a darker and more gritty version of “Suicide Squad” exists, as director David Ayer’s original version of the film featured both of those elements, however Warner Bros. stepped in and decided they needed to play up the comedy and light-hearted tones in the film, hence the version of the film that ultimately was released.

There is much debate about why the studio felt the need to step in and adjust the director’s original vision for the film. It is almost as if Warner Bros. learned nothing from the fiasco that occurred with the release of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice”. That film was deemed to dark and edgy, so perhaps now they felt that they had to lighten things up to an extreme level.

There is no way you are going to please everyone, so it is probably just best to leave the director’s vision alone. Here’s hoping we see a rated R director’s cut of “Suicide Squad” to gain a better understanding of Ayer’s original ideas.

Speaking of original ideas, Ayer can not seem to catch a break when it comes to “Suicide Squad” as now music duo Die Antwoord are going on the attack claiming that Ayer stole/mimicked their style when it came to both The Joker and Harley Quinn in the film.

They have posted plenty of evidence online to support their claim and wrote a scathing post on Facebook saying “U never asked our permission to rip us off”.  Ouch! Can somebody please cut this poor guy and this film some slack!

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One Of The Greatest Mash-Up Videos We Have Seen Yet!


(PCM) Genius and creative Youtube user The Usual Suspect has created probably one of the greatest and most epic mash-up videos we have seen yet!  He has taken a whopping 230 clips from various films and created the perfect mash-up with the 1998 hit song “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” by The Offspring.

Just thinking about all the time it must have taken this guy go hunt for all of those clips and to make it fit so perfectly is just mind-blowing! Check it out below:

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