Finch Drop New Album! Exclusive Interview!

Finch1(PCM) Finch has just released their first full length album in nine years titled “Back To Oblivion” and without a doubt the band has truly outdone themselves with this brilliant release.

After listening to the album it is quite apparent that the band has pushed themselves above and beyond and what I love is that they are truly not afraid to take some risks with their music.

“Back To Oblivion” is a true statement to the band’s longevity and certainly showcased a deeper and more matured side to the band.

Recently we were able to catch up with Finch guitarist … read more...

Rock Documentary ‘Revenge of the Mekons’ Opens at NYC Film Forum Cinema Oct. 29

RevengeoftheMekons(PCM) From documentary filmmaker and magazine editor Joe Angio comes Revenge of the Mekons, a documentary that chronicles the tumultuous ups-and-downs of the Mekons, a punk rock band from 1970’s England with one of the fiercest fan bases around.

“The Mekons are the most revolutionary group in the history of rock ‘n’ roll” – rock critic Lester Bangs.

A genre-defying collective who emerged from the 1977 British punk scene, The Mekons progressed from socialist art students with no musical skills to the prolific, raucous progeny of Hank Williams.

The film follows their improbable history – a surprising and influential … read more...

William H. Macy Makes Directorial Debut with ‘Rudderless’

Rudderless_1(PCM) Academy Award-nominated actor/writer/producer William H. Macy makes his directorial debut with Rudderless, opening in theaters on a limited run October 17, 2014.

Billy Crudup plays Sam, a former high-profile advertising executive whose life is torn apart by the sudden death of his son.

Living off the grid on a docked sailboat, he wastes away his days while drowning his pain in alcohol.

When Sam discovers a box filled with his son’s demo tapes and lyrics, his own child’s musical talent is a revelation for him, a grieving father who felt he’d been absent from his son’s life.

Communing …

Pink Floyd Reveal New Album Release “The Endless River”


(PCM) We were absolutely overjoyed when the news was released that there will be a new album from Pink Floyd coming soon. The forthcoming album’s title will be “The Endless River” and it will be the first album of new material from the band in 20 years.

The target release date for the new album will be November 10th, which is perfect time for the start of the holiday season. According to a recent interview with Uncut, David Gilmour and Nick Mason began recording for “The Endless River” back in November of last year and spent about a month overdubbing … read more...

Concert Review: Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Rocked Philadelphia


Photography credit: Ken Schuler

(PCM) Music played by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers is the kind that has a way of just reaching out and soothing your soul. I like to compare it a loving embrace from an old friend, like the kind that you share fond memories with and catch up like no time has passed at all.

It was feelings like those that passed over me as I watched Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers perform during their recent tour stop at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA.


Petty blasted into his set opening with “So You Want … read more...

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