Mixtape Festival Makes A Sweet Return To Hersheypark Stadium!


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(PCM)  The fourth-annual Mixtape Festival, presented by Live Nation, made a sweet return to Hershey Park Stadium with an all-star lineup of pop icons. We were beyond thrilled to attend this year’s festival and witness some truly mind-blowing performances, especially the legendary Paula Abdul’s return to the stage after nearly 25 years and of course the always phenomenal New Kids On The Block who brought their A-game to their Mixtape Festival performance once again. Mixtape alums 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men as well as festival newcomers O-Town, Ryan Cabrera and Dream rounded out Mixtape Festival’s stellar lineup of pop superstars and legacy acts.


Dream kicked Mixtape Festival into high gear right away, making note that they had performed at Hershey Park fifteen years ago.  It was a truly touching moment when they performed the very same song they had performed at Hershey Park so many years ago and truly showcases the incredible trajectory of Dream’s overall career.  The crowd was dancing and singing along throughout their entire set!


Next up was O-Town and let’s just say the crowd went absolutely wild. They jokingly commented that they were “taking Hershey Park back to 2005”. This group of four stellar vocalists had amazing stage presence and their “old school” stage costuming consisted of tie-dye, overalls and ripped skin tight jeans was certainly raising the heat factor inside the stadium.  O-Town even threw a few covers of recent hits into their set, such as a wonderful remix of The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face”.  The group had amazing energy and kept the crowd both energized and engaged throughout their performance from beginning to end.


We have to say that everyone was on their feet and at full attention when 98 Degrees made their way on stage, deliciously sporting black and white camouflage pants and all black vests. They looked smoking, taking us back to when we had our bedroom walls covered in posters of these boys from floor to ceiling. The group incorporated some amazing stage techniques including fog and strobe lighting and the background video screen featured videos of 98 Degrees from back in 1998. Such a trip down memory lane! Several times the guys came down and performed at the front of the stage and our favorite moment was hearing their rendition of “This is How We Do It”, playfully changing the lyrics to give a shout-out to Hershey Park. It is truly amazing to watch these guys stay in completely rhythm with one another during the dancing and singing, proving that they are the true masters of the boy band formation.


98 Degrees also reminded the crowd that they had last performed in Hershey four years ago during their comeback tour. In addition to all of their hit, they also covered a slew of 90’s songs for artists such as Britney Spears, NSYNC, The Spice Girls and Blink 182. They gave a huge shout-out and thank you to all of the fans in attendance. At one point during their set, vocalist Nick Lachey got down on one knee and purposed to a fan while singing “I Do (Cherish You)”, all members were down on one knee by the end of song … it was quite an adorable moment.


After 98 Degrees the heat was brought up another notch when Boyz II Men graced the stage looking incredibly dapper in their all white attire. Boyz II Men had a wonderful time interacting with the audience and began their set by playing various bits and pieces of all their songs.  There was a ton of dancing and they exuded a great amount of energy while on-stage. They had the audience in the palm of their hand from their very first song. One of the funniest moments of their set was when the group made an attempt at singing Lynryd Skynrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” but only made it through a verse of two before laughing and admitting they didn’t know anymore words.  They did however perform an amazing cover of the The Guess Who’s “American Woman”.


Boyz II Men are a group that is highly involved with their fans while on-stage. They were laughing and joking around and even got down on their knees and sang directly to the fans in the front row. They did a fantastic job of taking fans back to 1991, to a time, as they said on stage “when life was good”.  For the group’s last song they even brought their own children out to the stage to dance with them to close out a fantastic set.


We were super excited for Paula Abdul’s huge comeback to the stage. The entire stadium was blacked out and the anticipation was high as Paula gracefully took to the stage. It was incredible to witness Paula’s first time back on stage after 25 years and she was just amazing. Using a large projector screen as an interactive background, Paula’s set had it all from an amazing group of back-up dancers to some absolutely amazing lighting effects and costume changes between every set.  She looked and sounded utterly fantastic, almost as if no time had gone by at all.


Paula was very gracious with the fans and thanked the audience for all her years of success. She was very talkative with the crowd and adorably dedicated “Forever Your Girl” to her father saying she will “always be his girl”.


Yet again the entire stadium was blacked out prior to New Kids On The Block taking the stage to close out Mixtape Festival 2016. The group played a video for the crowd which showcased their extensive career and after the video all five members of New Kids On The Black came out on stage wearing all blue, black and white.  Talk about boundless energy!  These guys were all over the place on stage and the audience was loving every moment.  Red and white confetti and huge streamers rained down upon the crowd and at one point during the set New Kids On The Block was super imposed on a Hershey Bar wrapper on the projection screen.  Multiple times during their set the group came down into the audience to interact and sing with the fans.


Vocalist Donnie Wahlberg even at one point fell backwards on the stage while doing hip thrusts (which in our opinion, he could do all night) and the group played a clip for the infamous 80’s film “Dirty Dancing” before launching into their song by the same name. The group was incredibly involved with the audience and New Kids On The Block have certainly proven that they still have the “Right Stuff” to put on a fantastic performance.

New Kids On the Block’s Donnie Wahlberg had the following comments about this year’s Mixtape Festival saying, “This year’s Mixtape Festival was the best yet! The enthusiasm of both the artists and the audience was at an all-time high- and the return of Paula Abdul was the ultimate cherry on top!”

Boasting the title of “biggest pop music festival in the US” and hailed by MTV as having “something for every music lover,” festival goers were once again treated to Mixtape’s lineup of performers that won’t be found anywhere else this summer. The festival has brought rising pop stars and legacy acts alike to the world famous Hershey Park Stadium in Hershey, PA for the past three years, with previous performances including a reunion of female hip hop pioneers TLC for the first time in 11 years and a show-stopping performance by super-group NKOTBSB (New Kids on The Block with Backstreet Boys).

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One Of The Greatest Mash-Up Videos We Have Seen Yet!


(PCM) Genius and creative Youtube user The Usual Suspect has created probably one of the greatest and most epic mash-up videos we have seen yet!  He has taken a whopping 230 clips from various films and created the perfect mash-up with the 1998 hit song “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” by The Offspring.

Just thinking about all the time it must have taken this guy go hunt for all of those clips and to make it fit so perfectly is just mind-blowing! Check it out below:

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Mars Curiosity Rover Sadly Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ To Itself Each Year!


(PCM) Who ever thought that thinking about the Mars Curiosity Rover could bring out the feels? That is exactly what happens when we think about the fact that the lonely little Rover is programmed to sing “Happy Birthday” to itself each and every year on the anniversary of it’s landing on desolate planet of Mars.

NASA considers August 5, the day the Curiosity Rover first successfully touched down on Mars, to be the Rover’s birthday. Since we are pretty sure there is no cake and ice cream available on the Red Planet, as a way to celebrate the team at NASA programmed the Curiosity to sing “Happy Birthday” to itself, it’s kind of sad in a way, right? We keep thinking about this poor little metal contraption roaming it’s way around a mysterious and somewhat dangerous planet all by its’ lonesome playing the saddest rendition of “Happy Birthday” ever created.

NASA engineers were able to program the Curiosity to play the tune by having the Rover’s sample analysis unit vibrate at various frequencies to move around soil samples. These noises, by  themselves, sound very similar to the noises you would hear coming from robot’s in your favorite sci-fi film, however when they are all strung together a very eerie rendition of “Happy Birthday” is created.

The Curiosity Rover will celebrate what is probably the loneliest birthday in universe, however it provides NASA with many gifts each and every day. The Rover has captured countless images and studied various soil and rock samples on Mars giving us a look at the mysterious planet that we never thought possible. Happy Birthday, little Rover, don’t roll too far way!

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Britney Spears Pranks Jimmy Kimmel With A Late Night Bedroom Flash Mob


(PCM) Britney Spears, who is currently promoting her new album “Glory”, joined in cahoots with comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s wife to prank him in the most epic fashion.

Spears and a group of scantily-clad male dancers snuck into Kimmel’s home around 2:00am to give him quite the unexpected wake-up call. Spears and her dancers began gyrating and crawling across Kimmel’s bed, waking him up for a sound sleep.

His reaction was absolutely priceless! We are wondering if he even managed to get back to sleep that night!

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Guns N’ Roses Make A Triumphant Return To The City Of Brotherly Love!


(PCM) The smell of sweat, beer and raw adrenaline permeated throughout Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia when Guns N’ Roses brought their “Not In This Lifetime” tour to the city of brotherly love! Fans have been waiting years to see this incantation of Guns N’ Roses once again gracing the stage together and believe us, they are sounding better than ever! If the Linc had a roof it would have been blown off for sure!

GN’R frontman Axl Rose looked and sounded fantastic. In my opinion his vocal range got better and better as the night went on and once he found his footing there was absolutely no stopping him from beginning to end. Slash, Duff and the other hired musicians brought on for the tour effortlessly plowed through Gun N’ Roses catalog of hits. Keep in mind that Guns N’ Roses are not spring chickens any longer, so those that are nitpicking and judging every little nuance from their physical appearances to vocal prowess, need to keep in mind that these guys have been doing this for a long time, probably before some of the naysayers were even born, cut them some slack!  They have earned their title of rock royalty and rightfully so! Playing a nearly 3 hour long set is no small feat and Guns N’ Roses made it appear like a walk in the park.


We had such an amazing time sweating it out (literally, as Philly was enduring some sweltering temps) with the tens of thousands of fans in attendance for this absolutely historic show. Those can recall that one of the last times that Guns N’ Roses performed in Philadelphia, Axl Rose did not show up for the concert and a complete riot broke out at the venue as fans were infuriated, and rightfully so. This time around Axl and the rest of Guns N’ Roses stormed onto the stage at exactly 9:45pm, which is precisely when we were told they would be on!  The show ran solidly without a hitch. Axl even slid a subtle apology in to the folks of Philadelphia by saying “Thank you all so much for coming. I would have understood if you didn’t”.  Axl does not do a whole lot of banter on stage, as he allows the music to pretty much speak for itself, however Philly truly did appreciate the gesture.

One of the most beautiful moments for me, as a fan, was a slight moments of absolute camaraderie between Axl and Slash, who were famously involved in a on-going feud in the past, when performing “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” and several other songs throughout the evening.  They were moments that can’t even be properly put into words, however just witnessing these two amazing musicians on stage together, playing off one another once again was a truly amazing sight to behold and melted my heart of the Guns N’ Roses fan for sure!


All in all it was a fantastic show and we certainly look forward to seeing what is in-store for the next chapter in the epic Guns N’ Roses story.


Guns N’ Roses Set List Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA

It’s So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Chinese Democracy
Welcome to the Jungle
Double Talkin’ Jive
Live and Let Die (Wings)
Rocket Queen
You Could Be Mine
You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory/New Rose (Johnny Thunders/The Damned)
This I Love
Civil War
Out Ta Get Me
Band intros into Slash solo – Speak Softly Love (Love Theme From The Godfather/Andy Williams)
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Jam (“Wish You Were Here” Pink Floyd/Layla (Derek and The Dominos)
November Rain
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan)

Jam into Don’t Cry
The Seeker (The Who)
Paradise City
Read more at http://www.phillymag.com/ticket/2016/07/15/guns-n-roses-review-2016-tour/#mvHuSUcjqLX32pbM.99

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Temple of The Dog Announces Tour


Seattle supergroup Temple Of The Dog – featuring Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, and Mike McCready, and drummer Matt Cameron (who plays drums with both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam) – has reunited and will tour for the first time ever since forming in 1990. The band will play five cities, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle, in November. A special ticket pre-sale for fans signed up to the Ten Club, Soundgarden, and Chris Cornell email lists begins immediately and runs through July 27th. Tickets went on sale to the general public at 12:00 PM local time on Friday the 29th. $1.50 from each ticket sold will benefit the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation and an additional $1.50 will benefit Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation.

The tour marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Temple of the Dog’s first and only album, a self-titled set that was released by A&M Records on April 16th, 1991. “We wanted to do the one thing we never got to do … play shows and see what it feels like to be the band that we walked away from 25 years ago,” Cornell says of the 2016 tour.On September 30th UMe will release a special Temple of the Dog 25th anniversary reissue collection of their landmark album, newly mixed by Brendan O’Brien. The collection will be available in four configurations, including a four disc Super Deluxe, a double LP, a two CD Deluxe, and a single CD. Physical pre-orders are available today along with a detailed list of the contents of each configuration here.

Temple of the Dog formed from the ashes of Mother Love Bone following the death from a drug overdose by its frontman Andrew Wood, Cornell’s close friend and roommate. Cornell wrote future TOTD songs “Say Hello 2 Heaven” and “Reach Down” to help process his grief, “but the songs didn’t have any destination,” he says. “I was compelled to write them and there they were – written in a vacuum as a tribute to Andy. My thought was that maybe I could record these songs with the remaining members of Mother Love Bone and that maybe we could release them as a tribute.”

Mother Love Bone’s Gossard and Ament began playing with McCready, and they brought in Soundgarden’s Cameron to drum on demos. Because this was a collaboration, and a tribute, there was no commercial expectation for the Temple of the Dog album. It would be, Gossard would later observe, “the easiest and most beautiful record that we’ve ever been involved with.” Adds Cornell: “Temple was about making an album simply for the joy of doing it. We weren’t concerned what anyone outside of our group of friends would think of it. It was the first and maybe only stress-free album that we all made.”

Gossard, Ament, and McCready were also simultaneously forming a new band, which more than six months later would be known as Pearl Jam. A singer from San Diego named Eddie Vedder, who was vying to lead the project, came into the studio to sing background vocals on three of the Temple songs. When Cornell thought another song, “Hunger Strike,” needed a duet, Vedder was enlisted. “Hunger Strike” became a hit single, peaking at No. 4 on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Temple of the Dog performed live only a handful of times, most notably in Seattle, in November and December of 1990. Those shows have become some of the most legendary Seattle concerts of all-time. Their 2016 shows mark the first time the band has ever toured. (Cornell joined Pearl Jam in 2014 at the Bridge School show and for two nights at PJ20 in Alpine Valley, WI, and the Temple line-up played “Reach Down” and “Call Me a Dog” at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall in January 2015.)

“This is something no one has ever seen,” Cornell says of the official reunion. “We wanted to stop and recognize that we did this and pay homage.”

Temple of the Dog’s upcoming tour dates are as follows:

11/04  Philadelphia, PA      Tower Theater
11/07  New York, NY           Madison Square Garden
11/11  San Francisco, CA  Bill Graham Civic Center
11/14  Los Angeles, CA      The Forum
11/20  Seattle, WA               Paramount Theater

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