Chatting With Our Latest Musical Obsession Kissing Candice On The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival


(PCM) Every once in a while a band will come along that is takes hold of my attention and I have found that I’ve become completely obsessed with Kissing Candice after checking them out on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival stop in Camden, NJ.

The band’s debut album “Blind Until We Burn” was released back in June and their twisted dish of macabre will satisfy the hunger of metal and horror fans alike!  Their live show is truly a spectacle to behold and I certainly look forward to seeing a lot more of this band throughout 2016.

I was able to catch up with Kissing Candice frontman Joey Simpson to talk about the band’s Mayhem Festival experience, the album recording process, fans and much more!  You can watch our full chat below:

Photography credit: Megan C. Brooks Photography 

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Disturbed Make A Triumphant Return With New Album “Immortalized”

photo-credit-travis-shinn-extralarge_1435061461268Photo credit: Travis Shinn

(PCM) Listening the tracks that make up Disturbed’s new album “Immortalized” leaves one feeling that no time has passed at all, as the band has seemingly picked up right where they left off prior to their four year hiatus from the rock scene.

Although, “Immortalized” does show some evolution for the band as there are certainly more traditional metal elements present with this release, as the band starts to move away from the nu-metal roots that put them on the map. Needless to say, at the end of the day “Immortalized” is without a doubt at Disturbed record and one that will certainly appeal to the band’s legions of fans who eagerly anticipate its’ upcoming release.

Some tracks on the album definitely take Disturbed outside of their comfort zone which is surely the responsibility of producer Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osborne, Five Finger Death Punch).  “Fire It Up”, “You’re Mine” and “The Light” find Disturbed entering new territory and the incredibly haunting cover of the Simon & Garfunkel hit “Sound Of Silence” was just gorgeously arranged.

The tracks that make up “Immortalized” complement each other perfectly and this album certainly marks the beginning of a new era for a band that were the pioneers for a genre of music that has proved its’ staying power in the musical realm.

“Immortalized” is available for exclusive preview now on iTunes First Play and will be available for wide release on August 21 via Reprise Records. The band has also revealed details about their upcoming 2016 tour, which will kick off next March and offers the rare chance to see Disturbed’s arena-ready show in an up close and personal setting.

03/11 Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
03/12 The Showbox – Seattle, WA
03/14 Roseland Theater – Portland, OR
03/16 The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
03/17 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
03/20 House of Blues – San Diego, CA
03/23 House of Blues – Dallas, TX
03/24 House of Blues – Houston, TX
03/25 House of Blues – New Orleans, LA
03/27 Iron City – Birmingham, AL
03/29 House of Blues – Myrtle Beach, SC
03/30 The National – Richmond, VA
04/01 Baltimore Sound Stage – Baltimore, MD
04/02 Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA
04/04 Irving Plaza – New York, NY
04/05 Rapids Theater – Niagara Falls, NY
04/07 St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI
04/08 Orbit Room – Grand Rapids, MI
04/10 New Daisy Theatre – Memphis, TN

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The Future Of Metal Shines Bright For Shattered Sun! Exclusive Interview!


(PCM) Victory Records’ Shattered Sun are poised to dominate the metal scene. The six-piece is a remarkable example of hard work and determination, coming a long way from their industrious origins. Shattered Sun reflect the roots of their influences amidst their vigorous Southern backdrop, slamming together into a sound that is Hope Within Hatred, their debut album to be released April 21, 2015 via Victory Records. What sets Shattered Sun apart from the crowd is their lyrical content in a time where it seems most heavy music is about negativity and angst. Shattered Sun empower with their message of hope and positivity.

We were able to catch up with Shattered Sun guitarist  Jesse Santos at the Camden, NJ stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, you can watch our interview below:

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Selena Gomez On Advising Gwen Stefani’s Team On ‘The Voice’; “I’m Learning A lot”


(Access Hollywood) Gwen Stefani’s team is adding more than “just a girl” on “The Voice” Season 9. Selena Gomez will join the smash singing competition as an advisor to the No Doubt frontwoman.

Access Hollywood’s Liz Hernandez recently sat down with Gwen and Selena for their first interview together to talk about their collaboration, and the superstars shared a mutual respect and appreciation that they hope will translate into their work with the contestants.

“It’s so fun being on the show. It’s so inspiring,” Gwen said of her return to “The Voice” after taking Season 8 off. The industry veteran discussed why working with a young icon like Selena has helped her regain a fresh perspective after decades in the business.

“It’s just incredible to me to think of somebody that’s been doing it since they were a child, like it’s hard to understand it,” Gwen said of the former Disney star.

“The dedication and the years that she’s put in and to only be so young but have so much experience is kind of incredible,” she continued, explaining that Selena’s early start in showbiz has likely helped the 23-year-old find more solid ground than some of her peers.

As a result, Gwen added, the “Come and Get It” singer is ready to branch out. “I feel like I can feel her energy and like what she’s doing right now, she’s really blossoming and really coming to her own,” Gwen said. “She’s like really being honest and finding herself.”

Selena agreed, saying that she’s felt nothing but “good vibes” since joining the show and that Gwen has proven an ideal colleague.

“I’m learning a lot being here. I’ve been in a transition period with my music, so it is, like [Gwen] said, inspiring,” she began.

“I love being in the presence of women, especially women who are so comfortable in their own skin and support other women,” she continued.

Selena and Gwen will be in good company when “The Voice” Season 9 premieres on September 21 on NBC.

As previously reported on, the show has another serious dose of girl power in store for Season 9 when Rihanna makes her “Voice” debut as a key advisor to all four coaches’ teams. “I always feel like when I’m in the presence of someone older than me I have this respect and I love that I can learn,” Selena said. “I want to learn from people, I want to be around women who are, you know, nurturing and care and smart and creative.”

Her time on the show has already given Selena plenty to think about, but she admitted the decision to come aboard was a no-brainer. “First off, you don’t say no to Gwen,” she said.

For more with Gwen and Selena, tune in to Monday night’s “Access Hollywood” (check local listings).

Soul Rebels Perform With Marilyn Manson and Macklemore At Summer Sonic Tokyo Festival


(PCM) This is probably the greatest thing I have seen today!  The Soul Rebels recently joined Marilyn Manson on stage at the Summer Sonic Tokyo Festival to perform Manson’s hit “The Beautiful People”!

The band also joined Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on stage to perform the epic “Can’t Hold Us”!  It is just brilliant!

The unannounced collaborations occurred one day prior to The Soul Rebels’ headlining performance at the festival. The Soul Rebels are performing two nights at the Blue Note Jazz Club Tokyo on August 17 & 18, 2015.

Produced by CreativeMan Productions, the Summer Sonic Tokyo Festival and Blue Note Japan host The Soul Rebels in support of their Japanese album release, “Unlock Your Mind” distributed in Japan by Universal Records, previously released in the United States on Rounder Records in August 2012.


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Man Hilariously Lip-Sync’s 90’s Hits To His Sister During 7-Hour Road Trip


(PCM) In the latest viral video a brother and sister embark upon a 7-hour road trip from San Diego to San Jose during which the brother hilariously lip-sync’s to a plethora of nineties hits for the entire duration of the car trip.

Needless to say judging by the sisters reaction she was less than pleased by the impromptu serenading session. We don’t know which is funnier, the sister’s facial expressions or the brother’s lip-syncing skills.

Eventually, the sister finally gives in and decides to clap along with “Friends” theme song during the few miles of the journey which was filmed using time lapse.  The look on the brother’s face when she finally does join in is just priceless.

Check it out below for a good laugh:

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