You Could Be The Proud Owner Of Kurt Cobain’s Credit Card


(PCM) It is fairly common practice to auction off memorabilia from celebrities who are both living and dead, however this may just be the first time that we have heard about auctioning off a celebrity’s expired Visa card.

Die-hard Nirvana fans now have the chance to own a gold-colored Visa card that once belonged to vocalist and founder Kurt Cobain. Cobain tragically ended his own life back on April 5th, 1994.  The Seafirst BankCard Visa features Cobain’s signature on the back in blue ink and has what appears to be a phone number scrawled next to the signature panel.

The …

Did Kanye Kissing Kanye Hurt Kanye? Maybe!


(PCM) We can all stop and thank the photoshop guru who was able to create the brilliant meme that has been making its’ way around social media which features musician Kanye West kissing none other than Kanye West himself.

Given Kanye’s recent outburst at the 2015 Grammy’s he has more than proven that his ego is totally out of control, so of course the internet is going to look for any way possible to knock him down a few pegs.

Of course the fact that the Kanye Kissing Kanye image is being touted on Reddit by the user that posted … read more...

Daryl Hall And John Oates Talk New Concert Film, Upcoming Tour, New Music And More!

Photo by; Mick Rock

Photo by; Mick Rock

(PCM) It was incredibly surprising to learn that a band that has such amazing popularity and have no doubt traveled the globe, Hall and Oates have never performed a show together in Dublin, Ireland. That is precisely one of the main reasons that Dublin was chosen for the recording of the duo’s new concert film “Daryl Hall and John Oates Recorded: Live In Dublin”, as there was just something magical about that particular night and that particular performance.

Much to the delight of fans, the film was released in a select number of movie theaters through … read more...

The Skints Release An Epic Cover Of Black Flag’s “My War”


(PCM) Despite the freezing cold temperatures outside I was taken to a warm happy place after discovering The Skints amazing cover of the classic Black Flag song “My War”!

It is performed flawlessly and is without a doubt one of the better Black Flag covers I have had the opportunity to check out. I absolutely adore when artists are able to play with both tempo and style while paying homage to the song, but in turn making a version that is uniquely their own.

Check it out below:

The Skints will be releasing their new album “FM” on 3/10 and … read more...

Vanilla Ice Arrested And Charged With Burglary


(PCM) It has been reported that 90’s rap star Vanilla Ice, otherwise known as Rob Van Winkle, has been arrested and charged with burglary and grand theft.  He has been accused of allegedly stealing items from a vacant home in Florida.

Van Winkle is said to have stolen bicycles, a pool heater, furniture and several other items from the home which is currently going though foreclosure. The house just so happens to be across the street from a home that Van Winkle is renovating in Lantana, Florida.

The local authorities issued a search warrant for Van Winkle’s home and discovered … read more...

Firefly Music Festival Unveils Epic 2015 Line-Up!


(PCM) There have been a slew of rumor floating around the web about who we would be seeing at this year’s Firefly Music Festival 2015 and now the official line-up has been fully revealed (almost).

Headliners for this year’s festival will be The Killers and Kings Of Leon along with a mystery third headliner that has yet to be revealed. It is strongly rumored to be Sir Paul McCartney, but for now we will just have to wait and see!

This year’s line-up feature an eclectic mix of artists that span every genre imaginable from rock, pop, hip-hop, EDM, indie … read more...

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