Pennsylvania Teen Suspended For Asking Miss America To The Prom


(PCM) Here we see yet another case of a school district taking things a little too far! When 18-year old high school student Patrick Farves asked Miss America Nina Davuluri to the prom, we are sure he never expected it to result in a three day in-school suspension.

Davuluri was making an appearance at Central York High School to speak with students about diversity and the importance of science, technology, engineering and math studies.

During a question and answer session with Davuluri, Farves, who is a senior, stood up and asked Davuluri is she would accompany him to the senior prom, before proceeding to walk up to the stage with a plastic flower. Davuluri giggled and the student body cheered for Farves.

School officials say that they did have advance warning that Farves was planning on popping the prom question to Davuluri and warned him ahead of time not to do it and that there would be consequences. Farves has since apologized for disrupting the school event.

Does anyone else think that a three day in-school suspension seems a bit harsh in this situation? I think the whole thing is adorable and what teen boy wouldn’t jump at the chance to ask Miss America to the prom?

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Miley Cyrus Postpones Remainder Of U.S. Tour Dates


(PCM) As reported last week, Miley Cyrus was suffering from a terrible allergic reaction to antibiotics that caused her to cancel several stops on her “Bangerz” tour. Now, it seems that Miley has made the decision to postpone the remainder of the U.S. tour stops and will make-up the dates in August.

The upcoming European leg of the tour is still currently slated to begin in Amsterdam on May 2nd and appears to remain unaffected.

Miley’s U.S. tour will resume on August 1st in Uniondale, NY and the new dates will include seven make-up dates and new additional shows.

A rep for Miley claims that the singer was suffering from a nasty sinus infection and was given the antibiotic cephalexin, to which she had a very scary allergic reaction that landed her in the hospital.

Those that purchased tickets to any of the postponed tour stops can rest assured that their tickets will be honored at the rescheduled show later this summer.

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South Carolina Man Slapped With A $525 Citation Over A Drink Refill Will Instead Get A Warning


(PCM) Recently, a South Carolina man, Christopher Lewis, was federally charged a $525 fine over a $0.89 drink refill at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center. Thank goodness, it now appears that Lewis will be able to get off with only a warning over the incident.

Mostly likely based upon the national attention that the case is beginning to receive, the Medical Center has reviewed the case and determined that a warning instead of a fine would be sufficient in this particular situation.

Lewis, who works as an on-site construction worker at the hospital, was on his lunch break and was completely unaware that refills on his drink were not free. He was shocked when he was given a ticket by the Federal Police Force at the hospital to the tune of $525 after he went up and refilled his drink, failing to pay the $0.89 refill fee.

I truly can’t stop laughing at this, but a hospital spokesperson called the incident “theft of government property”. You would seriously think these individuals would have more to worry about than free refills in the cafeteria. The hospital went on to say that there are signs posted all around the cafeteria that say drink refills are not free, however Lewis claims that he has never noticed them and has refilled his drink in the past without issue.

To make matters worse, Lewis is now out of a job. Lewis claims that when he was approached by the officer who issued the initial citation, he attempted to pay for the refill right then and there, but was not allowed, therefore not having the option to make right what he had done wrong accidentally.

He was taken to a room, given the $525 citation for shoplifting and was told not to return to the property. Lewis asked about returning to the construction site to finish his job if he agreed to bring his own lunch and stay out of the cafeteria, however the officer wanted him off the premises completely.

The hospital claims that Lewis was aggressive during the confrontation. I don’t blame him! I know rules are rule and there to follow, but to cost someone their job even when they tried to make amends is just not right.

Lewis plans to contest the fine in federal court if it even makes it that far. Something tells me they are going to want to avoid the mess and just leave things with the warning.

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