Michigan State Bans Whiteboards In Dorms! Will Other Universities Follow Suit?

(PCM) In an attempt to put a stop to both harassment and bullying Michigan State University has revealed their decision to ban the use of whiteboards in their dormitories.

For many years, white dry erase boards affixed to the room doors in dormitories has been a staple on just about every college campus. The whiteboards were used as a form of communication between students who reside on campus. In recent years, however, these whiteboards became a place where inappropriate messages were being posted with many being both sexist and racist in nature.

Michigan State is just one university that feels that these types of messages have gone too far and made the decision to ban the use of whiteboards in their dorms. We look to see other universities begin to follow suit, as there are reports of several incidents per month where someone has posted something inappropriate and disciplinary action was forced to take place.

Not to mention there is no real need for the use of these whiteboards as a way for students to communicate with one another. They were put up in the days before cell phones and social media, when it was not so simplistic for students to send message back and forth to one another.

The ban on whiteboards at Michigan State will begin next semester and while whiteboards will not be permitted on the outside of dorm room doors they will still be able to be used inside the room for notes and communication.

Do you think whiteboards should be banned in dorms? Or will this still not solve the problem of bullying and harassment, as the perpetrators will still find another way?

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‘Get Out’ Film Review

(PCM) We can’t come up with enough praise for Jordan Peele’s directorial debut “Get Out” which will be released via Universal Pictures. Peele did a fantastic job with this film which he both wrote and directed. It was an edge-of-your seat thrill ride from beginning to end. While the film’s premise may have stirred up some controversy, it was one of the most brilliant takes on race relations that we have seen.

At no point in time did the film come off in any way as offensive and because of Peele’s background in comedy, being one half of the comedy duo Key & Peele, there was a perfect blend of satire and comedic moments tossed throughout this film as a way to break-up some of the more tension-filled scenes. The pacing was spot-on and at no point did the film drag or feel forced in one particular direction or another to drive the plot forward.

Now that Chris (Daniel Kaluuya, Sicario) and his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams, Girls), have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, she invites him for a weekend getaway upstate with Missy (Catherine Keener, Captain Phillips) and Dean (Bradley Whitford, The Cabin in the Woods).

At first, Chris reads the family’s overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he could have never imagined.

Equal parts gripping thriller and provocative commentary, Get Out is produced by Blumhouse’s Jason Blum, as well as Sean McKittrick (Donnie Darko, Bad Words), Edward H. Hamm Jr. (Bad Words) and Jordan Peele. The film also stars Caleb Landry Jones (X-Men series), Stephen Root (No Country for Old Men), Milton “Lil Rel” Howery (The Carmichael Show), Betty Gabriel (The Purge: Election Year), Marcus Henderson (Pete’s Dragon) and Lakeith Stanfield (Straight Outta Compton).

When speaking about the production process for various scenes in “Get Out”, Jordan Peele comments, “In one, you’re trying to get a laugh, and in the other, you’re trying to get a scare. It was exciting for me to use everything I’ve learned in comedy for my favorite genre, which is ‘thriller.’”

Peele went on to explain that the idea for the film, “came from my wanting to contribute something to the genres of thriller and horror that was unique to my voice. The fact that it goes to race goes to the area I’ve worked in a lot, which is comedy. This was a movie that reflects real fears of mine and issues that I’ve dealt with before.”

We highly recommend “Get Out” for those who are fans of a solid thriller and can wholeheartedly agree with the critical praises this film has been receiving. You can both watch and listen to our full review of “Get Out” below:

Pop Culture Madness! – “Get Out” Film Review

For additional information on “Get Out” please visit:

Official Site


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Monopoly Bids Farewell To One Of It’s Iconic Tokens

(PCM) The results from a massive online poll of Monopoly fans has been received and it has been revealed that the famous Hasbro board game will be losing it’s iconic thimble game play token moving forward, as it is being permanently removed from the game.

Over four million people voted in what the company called the “Monopoly Token Madness” campaign during which Hasbro decided to allow game players to decide which eight game play tokens should be part of the games next generation. The voters were given over 50 options of various tokens to cast their vote including a T-Rex and a rubber ducky, as well as, the tried and true classic game play tokens such as the top hat, Scottie dog and shoe.

We will just have to patient a little longer to find out just which token will be replacing the famous Monopoly thimble, as Hasbro plans to unveil all of the new game play tokens on World Monopoly Day which is set to take place on March 19. The next generation game boards will be available beginning in August, so if you were a huge fan of the thimble, be sure to get out there and grab a classic Monopoly board game set before it’s too late.

Monopoly has gone through several updates over it’s 84 year existence, such a the inclusion of digital banking and various pop-culture themed editions. A major change took place with the game play tokens back in 2013 when yet again fans voted and the iron token was replaced with a cat charm token instead.


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‘A Cure For Wellness’ Film Review

(PCM) Gore Verbinski has returned with a masterful tale called, “A Cure for Wellness”. The visionary director hit gold with The Pirates of the Caribbean series including: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) which made the industry record with the highest opening weekend of all time. Gore Verbinski would also introduce fans to the horror hit 2002’s “The Ring”.

Verbinski has returned to the horror genre with his latest film. “A Cure for Wellness” follows the story of an ambitious young business man who is sent to a remote “wellness center” in the Swiss Alps to bring the CEO of the company back home. The young man soon realizes that the treatments at the wellness center are nothing as it seems.

Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spider- Man 2, Chronicle) portrays the young business man named Lockhart. The character isn’t likable from the very start. DeHaan, does an amazing job portraying a character who is so self-absorbed that he is blind to the occurrences going on around him. This is done by showing Lockhart all about work and not really caring at all about his dying mother, and just having a cold exterior. Audience opinion of the Lockhart character slowly turn as we witness what he goes through to uncover the horrible secrets of the wellness center. Harry Groener portrays Pembroke the embattled CEO that seems to be out of his mind at times when talking to Lockhart. Jason Isaacs plays the mysterious Volmer, who is the facility director. The character of Volmer comes off as charming, but audiences can tell that something is amiss when he first appears onscreen.

Mia Goth portrays Hannah a mysterious girl who hangs around the wellness center. Hannah is shy and doesn’t speak that often. It is blatantly obvious that she knows a little more of what’s going on in the wellness center than other people. Mia Goth does an outstanding job with this role. It can be challenging for an actress to hold her own with two great actors that have more screen time than her, but she nails the performance of Hannah.

The movie is long, with a run time of 146 minutes, that is a lot of time to invest in a film. Verbinski does a good job pacing out the movie to catch the viewers interest. The story was written by Verbinski and Justin Haythe. The story is flawed in a couple areas. In one scene when Lockhart first gets to the wellness center he signs his name at the bottom of a clipboard presuming he’s signing into see a guest. What Lockhart is signing is his consent to stay. In the story, Lockhart is portrayed as a very meticulous person. Yet he does not read what he is signing.

The film is set in present day, but has a feel like it was set decades ago. The set designs for the wellness center are amazing and gives it an extra special creepy feeling. The team of Bojan Bazelli, and Verbinski, work marvels together. They first worked together on The Ring 15 years ago, and the two prove they can shoot a marvelous film that combines ambiance and horror. If you are squeamish you might be hard pressed to watch this film. This film features eels in all their wiggly glory. There’s eels in a bathtub, a pool, and a sensory deprivation tank to name a few.

20th Century Fox took a big chance with this film, but it looks like they hired the right man for the job. When first viewing the trailer many fans will see similarities between “Shutter Island”, but upon viewing the film “A Cure For Wellness” stands on its own.

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People Are Freezing Their Genitals With Wacky New Spa Treatment

(PCM) It seems that freezing your genitals as a way to both increase ones sex drive and improve appearance is actually a thing! The new “Love Mist” spa treatment offered at Manchesters Ainscow Spa does just that, by blasting a person’s genital region with  -160 degrees of liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is filtered and turned into a vapor during the procedure which takes about 30 minutes and costs about $70.

The spa claims, “When the sub-zero temperature covers the skin, the sudden drop in heat stimulates the temperature receptors. It can then increase a persons overall sex drive.” During this time the brain also sends messages to the body to begin constricting the blood vessels in that particular area which increases blood flow and releases endorphins which lead to the feeling of a natural high. Also, when skin is frozen the brain also sends out signals to the body to begin repairing the damaged tissue in the region.  The spa goes on to say, “Along with the instant endorphin level energy boost and natural high, generates a tighter, youthful, clear and vibrant genital skin appearance through boosting collagen.”

That whole damaged tissue to the genital region sounds like absolute torture to us, however others are swearing by the benefits of the controversial treatment. It could all be a psychological effect, as Forbes pointed out, “There has been no scientific research backing the procedure.”

Would you ever try a “Love Mist” treatment? We will definitely be sitting this one out and sticking with the candy and flowers to help get us in the mood!


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Teacher’s Homework Assignment Includes Detailed Instructions For Cooking Meth

(PCM) Parents were outraged when a teacher’s homework assignment included detailed instructions about how to both cook and inject crystal meth. The teacher from Mississauga, Canada has since been suspended with pay pending an investigation surrounding the controversial assignment.

The assignment was given to 13-year old students and their parents were in a state of shock. The homework was printed double-sided and included detail instructions about how to obtain ingredients, manufacture and then inject the crystal meth. Who in the right mind would think this is a good idea?

One of the students commented that the assignment was handed out by the teacher in order to “dramatize”, as they were supposed to act scared when making the meth and then act happy when they were injecting the finished product. Seriously! Children can be incredibly impressionable at this particular age, so how could the teacher know that none of them would actually try recreate the assignment in real life.

Children should never be given this type of information at anytime, especially not at school! Perhaps this particular teacher loved AMC’s “Breaking Bad” a little too much!

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