Bruce Jenner Undergoing Sex Change Transitioning To A Woman

(PCM) This may be news, but it’s no surprise. Yet it is. People Magazine is early to report that it has confirmation Bruce Jenner is undergoing a change in his physical make-up into a woman. In the past this was called a sex change. In the current societal setting it’s known as transitioning to a woman.

jenner-playgirlIt’s a far change from Bruce Jenner’s 1982 Playgirl cover stint. There he was portrayed as boyishly sexy appreciated husband being kissed on the cheek with his shirt off.

Many know Bruce Jenner as the ex-husband to Kris Jenner on the reality TV show … read more...

New Survey Reveals 8 Most Unpleasant Cities Rivaling Sochi

Sochi-water2Reports of poor conditions and subpar accommodations at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics have gone from uncomfortable to heinous. Travel Dating site,, surveyed 3,015 members and asked: what could be worse than Sochi? They found that there are other destinations with conditions almost as appalling. According to the poll, Dhaka, Bangladesh, earned first place on this list of the “Top 8 Most Unpleasant Cities Rivaling Sochi”.

Between the stray dogs occupying hotel rooms and yellow faucet water, Sochi is proving to be one of the least desirable destinations for travelers. While ailing animals in the streets and floorless … read more...

Olympic Gold-Medalist Lindsey Vonn Hospitalized After Skiing Accident

(PCM) Olympic gold-medalist skier Lindsey Vonn has suffered a  tibial plateau fracture or shin bone fracture after losing her balance following an awkward ski jump in Austria. Sources also say that Vonn tore her cruciate and lateral ligaments.

Vonn was checked over by doctors for more than ten minutes before the decision was made to airlift her via helicopter to a nearby hospital for further evaluation. There has been no immediate update on Lindsey’s condition however there should be a statement released later this afternoon.

The accident occurred in Austria during the Alpine World Championships in Schladming.


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