Highlights from the Puppy Bowl IX

(PCM) Before the NFL champion team is decided, a different Super Bowl has taken place involving much furrier players, Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl IX.

The show featured adorable puppies playing and running around on a miniature football field, a very cute kitten halftime show, hedgehog cheerleaders, hamster pilots surveying from a blimp above and Meep the bird who Tweeted throughout the show.

Only one MVP was chosen from the 63 puppies who competed. A Schnauzer/Beagle mix named Marta; she conquered dogs twice her size with her feisty attitude and athleticism to become the winner.

“Marta’s tiny, but she’s not delicate, and she is deceptively athletic, which kind of tricked the bigger dogs,” says Daniel Schachner, who served as referee.

There were some fouls committed in the game. Daisy and Peyton got called for excessive cuteness when they nuzzled the camera. Some other dogs got called for unnecessary “ruffness” and illegal napping.

Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet’s series My Cat From Hell introduced the Kitten Halftime Show which featured 21 kittens playing with toys while being showered with confetti.

Next year will mark the tenth anniversary of the Puppy Bowl and I’m sure it will be just as adorable.


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