Seattle Dog Takes The Bus Alone To The City Dog Park

Eclipse1Photo credit: KOMO via CNN Wire

(PCM) A black Labrador mix named Eclipse from the Seattle area, loves the city’s dog park so much that she will often times hop on the public transit bus and ride there all by herself.

Her owner Jeff Young claims that the habit started one day when he was taking too long to finish a cigarette and Eclipse just hopped on the bus a rode to the dog park without him. Ever since then it has become Eclipse’s habit. Sometimes she is with her owner and sometimes she is not.

All of the city …

Ever Wonder What Your Dog Does Right After You Leave The House?

(PCM) Ever since GoPro cameras were released people have taken to attaching them to their dogs and cats to get a first hand view about what things look like from their pets perspective.  But have you ever wondered how your pet behaves right after you leave the house..

Many people would assume that you might discover your pet digging through trash cans, ripping up the couch, chewing your favorite pair of shoes, however on Youtuber named Mike the Intern discovered that they also get very, very sad.

Mike the Intern strapped a GoPro camera on his dog right before he … read more...

New Jersey Seeks To Ban Pets From Getting Tattoos And Piercings


(PCM) Having solved all other problems, the state of New Jersey now wants to ban pets from being both tattooed and pierced. Somehow, we just never saw this as being such a big issue…we ask you…how many people do you know that have tattooed or pierced their pet?

Currently, three New Jersey lawmakers feel that it is a big problem and have introduced a bill that would clarify under New Jersey law that tattooing and/or piercing your pet would be considered an act of animal cruelty.

They feel that tattooing or piercing an animal is needless mutilation and those individuals need … read more...

Highlights from the Puppy Bowl IX

(PCM) Before the NFL champion team is decided, a different Super Bowl has taken place involving much furrier players, Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl IX.

The show featured adorable puppies playing and running around on a miniature football field, a very cute kitten halftime show, hedgehog cheerleaders, hamster pilots surveying from a blimp above and Meep the bird who Tweeted throughout the show.

Only one MVP was chosen from the 63 puppies who competed. A Schnauzer/Beagle mix named Marta; she conquered dogs twice her size with her feisty attitude and athleticism to become the winner.

“Marta’s tiny, but she’s not delicate, …

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