February 1 Celebrity Birthdays

Harry-Styles1A list of celebrities who celebrate their birthday on February 1:

Actor, John P Kemble (1757)
Composer, Victor Herbert (1859)
Actor, Johannes F “Frits” Bakker Sr (1869)
Director, John Ford (1895)
Actor, Clark Gable (1901, d.1960)
Poet, Langston Hughes (1902)
Musician, Hildegarde (1906)
Director, George Pal (1908)
Musician, George Beverly Shea (1909)
Actress, Helen Chandler (1909)
Director, Michael Kanin (1910)
Actor, Peter Sallis (1921)
Actor, Stuart Whitman (1926)
President of Russia SSR, Boris Yeltsin (1931)
News Anchor, John Hart (1932)
Musician, Bob Shane (1934)
Musician, Don Everly (1937)
Musician, Dr. Hook (1937)
Actor, Garrett Morris (1937)
Musician, Jimmy Carl Black …

January 31 Celebrity Birthdays

Minnie-Driver1A list of celebrities who celebrate their birthdays on January 31st:

Musician, Franz Schubert (1797, d.1828)
Dancer, Anna Pavlova (1882)
Actor, Nicholas Joy (1884)
Comedian, Eddie Cantor (1892)
Actor, Percy Helton (1894)
Musician, Isham Jones (1894, d.1956)
Actress, Tallulah Bankhead (1903)
Actor, Eddie Byrne (1911, d.1981)
Actor, Carey Lofton (1914)
Musician, Bobby Hackett (1915)
TV host, Garry Moore (1915)
Baseball player, Jackie Robinson (1919)
Actress, Carol Channing (1921)
Actor, John Agar (1921)
Actor, Mario Lanza (1921,d.1959)
Actor, William Slyvester (1922)
Actor, Eddie Ryder (1923)
Actress, Joanne Dru (1923)
Narrator, Charles Aidman (1925)
Paranormal Investigator, Lorraine Warren (1927)
Musician, Chuck Willis …

Danny Trejo Joins The Brady Bunch In New Snickers Super Bowl Spot


(PCM) Many people are already calling the recently unveiled Snickers Super Bowl commercial featuring Danny Trejo as an honorary member of the Brady Bunch family the winner of the Big Game, at least as far as the commercials are concerned.

The 30-second spot created by BBDO New York, features Trejo playing out the infamous Marcia and Peter football to the nose episode of the hit sitcom series. The ad also feature a cameo from another surprise guest.

The ad has already generated over 2 million engagements via social media since it was released. You can watch the full ad clip … read more...

TV Weatherman Cory McCloskey Hilariously Rolls With It After Weather Map Goes Haywire


(PCM) We all know that the state of Arizona can have some absolutely scorching temperatures, but upwards of 2,000 degrees?  That is downright apocalyptic, however that is just one of the haywire temperatures that the weather map featured during a recent news broadcast by weatherman Cory McCloskey.

Never missing a beat, McCloskey hilariously continued to roll with the broadcast cracking jokes when suddenly his weather map began showing numbers that were absolutely insane. For example the map showed the city of Ahwatukee, Az at 1270 degrees and McCloskey deadpanned “I’m not authorized to evacuate Ahwatukee, but that temperature seems pretty … read more...

Marshawn Lynch is Missing The Super Bowl

marshawn-lynch-crotch-grab(PCM) Seattle Seahawks franchise back Marshawn Lynch doesn’t like the press. Other famous players have also hated the press. Some recall Hall of Fame left handed pitcher Steve Carlton of the Philadelphia Phillies refused any contact with the press for years in the clubhouse. For the record, Carlton didn’t have the same rules as players today, he was able to genuinely avoid the press. Marshawn Lynch cannot.

Players have every right to dislike press. After all, media in general operates in a cycle, make someone a star, then tear them down. Build them up again. The cycle can repeat over … read more...

January 30 Celebrity Birthdays

Christian-Bale1A list of celebrities who celebrate their birthday on January 30th: 

Roman Emperor, Marcus Julianus (133, d.193)
Actor, Seymour Hicks (1871)
Actor, Wilfred Lucas (1871)
Actress, Rose Melville (1873)
32nd U.S. President, Franklin Roosevelt (1882, d.1945)
Actress, Martita Hunt (1900)
Actress, Elise Cavanna (1902)
Actress, Greta Nissen (1906)
Actor, Richard Hearne (1909)
Actor, Hugh Marlowe (1911)
Musician, Roy Eldridge (1911)
Actor, David Wayne (1914)
Actor, John Ireland (1914)
Actress, Dorothy Dell (1915)
Actor, David Opatoshu (1918)
Actor, Dick Martin (1922)
Actress, Dorothy Malone (1925)
Actress, Ruth Brown (1926)
Musician, Lizbeth Webb (1926, d.2013)
Director, Harold Prince (1928)
Actor, Gene Hackman …

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