“A Beautiful Mind” Mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr And Wife Dead After NJ Car Accident


(PCM) 86-year old mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr, the inspiration behind the Oscar nominated film “A Beautiful Mind” and his 82-year old wife Alicia are both dead after tragic car accident that took place in Monroe Township, New Jersey.

Nash, Jr and his wife were traveling in a taxi when the accident took place. According to the police reports the taxi they were traveling in spun out of control while attempting to pass another vehicle. The taxi then crashed into a guard rail and both Nash, Jr. and his wife were ejected from the car. Tragically, they were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Both the taxi driver and a passenger in the other vehicle were taken to a local area hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. Currently, no charges have been filed and the accident is still currently under investigation at this time.

Nash, Jr is a Nobel Prize recipient, taking home the Noble Prize for Economics back in 1994. As seen in the film “A Beautiful Mind”, Nash, Jr has suffered for a very long time with schizophrenia and received his Ph.D from Princeton University. He just recently accepted the 2015 Abel Prize in Norway for his contributions in the mathematical universe.

Our sincere condolences go out to the couples family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.

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Scrabble Adds Some Questionable New Words


(PCM) In a move that proves that text speak is becoming more and more an everyday part of our venacular, Scrabble has add quite few questionable new words to its’ official dictionary. The new words include not only popular text speak, but also social media, technology and common slang.

A few of the new additions include ridic (a text abbreviation for ridiculous), shizzle, lolz, lotsa, pwn, thanx, bezzy, tweep, Facetime and many more. In total, about 6,500 new words have been added.

In a statement released by Collins Dictionary, the publisher of the dictionary of the Scrabble Players Association, claims that the new words were influenced by all parts of life including social media,slang, technology, and food plus English from all over the world.

The dictionary basis its’ decision on which words make the cut by researching just how often a word is used in everyday life. If they can find it written enough times it will make the cut. These days people are using slang in social media posts, tweets, blogs and text messages, so an new informal variety of the English language has been created.

Many people are outraged over the new additions to the official Scrabble dictionary claiming that slang or abbreviated words should not be included in the game, but others feel that as language continues to evolve so should the game and that appears to be just what they are doing.

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Why Do Pennies Symbolize Good Luck?


(PCM) Many of you may not know, but May 23rd is Lucky Penny Day, but just why are pennies so lucky in the first place? Why not a lucky dime … or even a lucky quarter? There are several myths about just why the penny symbolizes good fortune and we are here to break down a few of the most popular legends and myths. 

Many people are aware of the adage “See a penny. Pick it up. All day long, you’ll have good luck” however, did you know that picking up a penny that is not face-up could have just the opposite effect. Also, once you go ahead and pick up that penny, many feel that is your sign to pay it forward and pass along the penny to a friend to bring them some good fortune as well. 

In early days people believed the metal was a gift from the gods which was given to man as a protection against evil forces. This in turn eventually led to the belief that metal brought about good luck causing people to begin carrying around a “lucky penny” or coin in their pocket.  In the Victorian era, brides began placing pennies in their shoes as a replacement for a silver sixpence which was incredibly difficult to find.  It was believed that the penny would bring wealth and good fortune to the newlywed bride and groom. 

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Lucky Penny Day such as starting a lucky penny jar for your kitchen, placing the first penny you receive in a day in your pocket with the belief that it will attract more throughout the day, placing a penny in the bottom of your shoe to bring about good fortune for the day and of course visiting your nearest wishing well or fountain and tossing a penny over your left shoulder into the water while making a wish. 

Another idea is to put the phrase “A penny for your thoughts” into use and when you see someone lost in thought, break out your lucky penny, hand it over to them in exchange for sharing whatever is on their mind. No doubt this could lead some absolutely fascinating stories and interactions. Give it a try! 

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Teacher Consumes A Live Hamster To Teach Students A Lesson


(PCM) A South Korean teacher is facing child abuse charges after consuming a live hamster during class in an attempt to teach his students a lesson. The 44-year old teacher, named Yu, noticed that his students at the Jeongeup Boarding School were teasing a hamster, so his plan was to teach them a lesson about just “how dear life really is”. 

Yu removed the hamster from the cage and then bit, chewed and ate the hamster in front of the horrified students. Speaking with a Korean news agency Yu said “I couldn’t control the situation and couldn’t stand it. While watching the hamsters die from teasing, I thought I should teach the children it was wrong to make light of life.”

Once the parents of the students found out about the situation, Yu was booked and charged with child abuse. He claims that he is ashamed for his actions in the classroom and never would have done it if he had known that he would not be facing the child abuse charges.

Looks like he definitely bit off more than he could chew this time around!


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KFC Announces The Return Of Colonel Sanders For New Ad Campaign


(PCM) KFC is gearing for the 75th anniversary of their famous Original Recipe fried chicken and to go along with the celebration they are bringing back their beloved spokesman Colonel Sanders for a new advertising campaign.

The new Colonel Sanders character will be played by Saturday Night Live actor Darrell Hammond and is based off the the fast-food chain’s original founder Harland Sanders.

The new ad’s, which can be viewed on YouTube, feature Colonel Sanders wondering about all the new technology that has been developed since he has been gone such as double-sided tape and cargo pants.

The new KFC campaign for the 75th anniversary celebration will also include TV ad’s, a new website, new packaging and of course a few new menu items. The company is also planning a redesign of their restaurants across the country over the next few years. The plan is for them to feature a more retro design and of course images of the beloved Colonel Sanders.

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Google’s Self-Driving Cars Set To Hit The Road This Summer


(PCM) The notion of self-driving cars is one that has been on the minds of car manufacturing engineers for quite a long time. We have always heard news that this type of technology was in the final stages for mass production and that we would see these types of vehicles in the very near future, however nothing has really come out it until now.

Google’s full self-driving cars will finally be hitting public roads for official test drives this summer. If you happen to live near the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California then you could become on of the very first people to see this kind of technology in action.

The cars are said to move at a speed of no higher than 25 miles per hour and all the test drives will be supervised by a human driver, who has the ability to take over immediately if necessary.  The self-driving cars have a design that allows them to work with out needed a steering wheel or gas and brake pedals. Due to California State Law, however the cars must come with a detachable steering wheel and pedals just in case a human would need to take over operation of the vehicle at any time.

Google has made the self-driving cars from scratch by experimenting and expanding upon the software used by engineers for Lexus and Audi, who have revealed plans for similar model cars.  It is Google’s plan to have these cars fully operational and mass produced for consumers by the end of the decade.

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