The Jasmine Tridevil Third Breast Story Appears To Be A Hoax


(PCM) It was only a matter of time before the story that was circulating the internet yesterday about a woman named Jasmine Tridevil who claimed to have a surgically implanted third breast was researched by and labeled a hoax.

The story began popping up on social media yesterday that claimed the woman from Florida, Jasmine Tridevil underwent cosmetic surgery to have a third breast implanted and the media began re-posting several of the same images and videos that showcased the alleged third breast.

According to, many of these outlets failed to look any deeper into the story or … read more...

Joan Rivers Instagrams About iPhone 6 Update From The Grave


(PCM) Comedienne Joan Rivers tragically passed away five days prior to the news about the release date for the iPhone 6, however it seems her Instagram account has posted an update in regards to updating her 2010 phone with the new iPhone 6 from the great beyond.

In the post, Rivers described the new iPhone 6 as being a “great achievement in design” and a “great product”. The post also said that her only complaint about her phone from 2010 were that the apps were now designed for bigger screens and that the battery was “getting tired”.

It is quite …

Starbucks Set To Introduce A Beer-Flavored Coffee


(PCM) For some reason coffee and beer are two words that do not pair up together well in my mind, however Starbucks has revealed plans to test a new fall season drink called a “Dark Barrel Latte” that will taste like stout beer.

According to sources the “Dark Barrel Latte” will be made with a flavored syrup that is meant to taste like dark beer such as Guinness, the syrup will be added to espresso and steamed milk. It will be topped with whipped cream and dark caramel sauce and also be available as a Frappucinno option as well. The … read more...

Alaskan TV Reporter Quits Live On The Air To Campaign For Legalized Marijuana


(PCM) The video which shows Alaskan TV reporter Charlo Greene resigning from her position at the Anchorage CBS-affiliate KTVA Channel 11 in quite the colorful way has gone viral.

Greene was reporting on a story about the legalization of marijuana in Alaska when she made a very surprise move by revealing her involvement with a cannabis club (she’s the owner) and her passion about decriminalizing pot in the state.

After revealing her involvement with the cannabis club, she said “Well, not that I have a choice, but f**k it, I quit”. It was quite apparent that the sudden resignation live … read more...

Ever Wonder Why A Mouse Cursor Is Slightly Tilted?


(PCM) Like us, you have probably wondered why your mouse cursor is slightly titled rather than straight, it is was always one of those on-going computer mysteries. Well, we have finally discovered the answer and it lies in a document from 1981. revealed that according to an expert at StackExchange, Douglas Engelbart, the man who invented the mouse, initially portrayed the arrow cursor vertically and straight, as he found it to be the most logical option.

However, due to the graphical interface for the operating system used at the time, set up by Xerox at its’ research and development … read more...

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