April 26 Celebrity Birthdays

Giancarlo-EspositoA list of celebrities who celebrate their birthday on April 26th:

Father of Islam, Muhammed (570)
Poet/Playwright, William Shakespeare (baptized: 1574, d.1616)
Actress, Ethel Griffies (1878)
Actor, Harry Sothern (1884)
Musician, Ma Rainey (1886, d.1939)
Writer, Anita Loos (1888)
Actor, Edgar ” E Livingstone” Kennedy (1890)
Actor, Ernst Udet (1896, d,1941)
Actress, Olga Chekova (1897)
Actor, Guinn “Big Boy” Williams (1899)
Seismologist, Charles Richter (1900)
Director, Douglas Sirk (1900)
Actor, James Sutherland (1900)
Producer, Charles K Feldman (1905)
Actor, Denis O’Dea (1905)
Actor, Jean Vigo (1905)
Comedienne, Gracie Allen (1906)
Director, Tomoyuki Tanaka (1910)
Comedian, Charlie Chester (1914)
Actor, Vic Perrin (1916, d.1989)
Actor, Stafford Repp (1918)
Musician, Juan C Lampe (1920)
Musician, Jimmy Giuffre (1921)
Actor, Mike Kellin (1922)
Actor, Russell Nype (1924)
Musician, Jorgen Ingmann (1925)
Actress, Anne McLaren (1927)
Comedian, Jack Douglas (1927)
Actor, Derek Waring (1930)
Actress, Carol Burnett (1933)
Musician, Duane Eddy (1938)
Musician, Maurice Williams (1938)
Musician, Bobby Rydell (1942)
Actress, Claudine Auger (1942)
Musician, Gary Wright (1943)
Musician, Giorgio Moroder (1945)
Actor, Warren Clarke (1947)
TV host, Boyd Matson (1948)
Musician, Jimmy Hall (1949)
Musician, Howard “Leon” Reeder (1950)
Actress, Nancy Lenehan (1953)
Actress, Koo Stark (1956)
Actor, Giancarlo Esposito (1958)
Musician, John Corabi (1959)
Musician, Roger Taylor (1960)
Actress, Joan Chen (1961)
Musician, Graham “Skin” Skinner (1962)
Musician, Michael Damien (1962)
Actress, Debra Wilson (1962)
Actor, Jet Li (1963)
Actor, Tod Bass (1964)
Actor, Kevin James (1965)
Actress, Marianne Jean-Baptiste (1967)
Model, Melania Trump (1970)
Musician, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins (1970)
Actress, Shondrella Avery (1971)
Musician, Jay DeMarcus (1971)
Actress, Ivana Milicevic (1974)
Musician, Nathan “Joey” Jordison (1975)
Actor, Jason Earles (1977)
Actor, Tom Welling (1977)
Actress, Stana Katic (1978)
Musician, Avant (1978)
Actor, Tyler Labine (1978)
Actor, Sean Fox (1979)
Musician, Janne Wirman (1979)
Musician, Ariane Moffatt (1979)
Actor, Nyambi Nyambi (1979)
Actress, Jordana Brewster (1980)
Actress, Marne Patterson (1980)
Actor, Channing Tatum (1980)
Musician, Ms Dynamite (1981)
Musician, Jon Lee (1982)
Actress, Ryan O’Donohue (1984)
Actress, Jemime Kirke (1985)
Actress, Jessica Lee Rose (1987)
Actress, Danielle Pip (1992)
Musician, Pip (1992)

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Remember To Never Give A Monkey The Finger!


(PCM) Those of us who are old enough, and perhaps some who shouldn’t be old enough, are aware of just what giving someone the finger actually means. While it is certainly not polite to give a person the finger apparently monkeys are just as offended by the gesture. 

For unknown reasons, a man in Shimla, India approached a monkey and proceeded to flip it off. Well, it seems the monkey was having none of that foolishness and fought back, taking the man down with a double drop kick! 

Go monkey!

The man was not seriously injured, but we certainly hope he learned his lesson about flipping off monkeys anytime in the future! 


Remember To Never Give A Monkey The Finger! was contributed by a Myth

Disney Songs Set To 90’s R&B Works A Little Too Well!


(PCM) YouTube star Todrick Hall is at it again!  This time with an absolutely hilarious and incredibly well-done mash-up of hit Disney songs set to the style of classic 90’s R&B.  We can’t believe how well these work!

The “90’s Disney” compilation is performed by both Todrick and Shoshana Bean and features songs from Disney films such as “The Little Mermaid”, “The Lion King”, “Beauty And The Beast” and “Aladdin”!

Check it out below and just try not to jam out in front of your screen!

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April 25 Celebrity Birthdays

Al-Pacino1A list of celebrities who celebrate their birthday on April 25th:

Actress, Sara Amsel (1871)
Radio inventor, Guglielmo Marconi (1874)
Actress, Camilla Horn (1903)
Actress, Paul Trueman (1907)
Newscaster, Edward R Murrow (1908)
Musician, Earl Bostic (1913)
Actor, Russ Conway (1913)
Musician, Ella Fitzgerald (1917, d.1996)
Actor, Jean Carmet (1920)
Actress, Aafje J R Bouber (1923)
Musician, Albert King (1923, d.1992)
Actress, Anita Bjorak (1923)
Actress, Kay E Kuter (1925, d.2003)
Actress, Dotty Mack (1930)
Director, Paul Mazursky (1930)
Actor, Willam Roache (1932)
Musician, Jerry Lieber (1933)
Actor, Denny “Scott” Miller (1934)
Model, April Ashley (1935)
Actress, Bo Brundin (1937)
Actor, Al Pacino (1940)
Musician, O B McClinton (1940)
Actor, Bertrand Taverneir (1941)
Musician, Chris Augustine (1941)
Musician, Bjorn Ulvaeus (1945)
Musician, Michael Kogel (1945)
Musician, Stu Cook (1945)
Musician, Digby Fairweather (1946)
Musician, Ronnie Gilbert (1946)
Actress, Talia Shire (1946)
Actor, Jeffrey DeMunn (1947)
Musician, Michael Brown (1949)
Musician, Steve Ferrone (1950)
Musician, Cory Day (1952)
Animator, Ron Clements (1953)
Musician, Rob Crosby (1954)
Actor, Eric Bristow (1957)
Musician, Fish (1958)
Musician, Flab (1958)
Musician, Billy Rankin (1959)
Actress, Dominique Blanc (1959)
Musician, Andy Bell (1964)
Actor, Hank Azaria (1964)
Musician, Eric Avery (1965)
Actress, Isabelle Pasco (1966)
Actress, Gina Torres (1969)
Actress, Renee Zellweger (1969)
Musician, Tionne Watkins (1970)
Actor, Jason Lee (1970)
Actor, Jason Wiles (1970)
Musician, Ruben Gomez (1975)
Actress, Emily Bergl (1975)
Actor, Chris Lilley (1975)
Actor, Jonathan Angel (1977)
Actress, Marguerite Moreau (1977)
Musician, Matthew West (1977)
Model, Letícia Birkheuer (1978)
Actress, Celine Sallette (1980)
Actress, Melonie Diaz (1984)
Actor, Jonathan Halyalkar (1985)
Actress, Sara Paxton (1988)
Actress, Allisyn Ashley Arm (1996)

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April 24 Celebrity Birthdays

Kelly-Clarkson1A list of celebrities who celebrate their birthday on April 24th:

Farmer’s Almanac creator, Robert Bailey Thomas (1766)
Actor, Jack Hulbert (1892)
Actor, Robert Harron (1893)
Actor, Heddy Bouber (1908)
Actor, Marceline Day (1908, d.2000)
Comedian, Jack E Leonard (1911)
Actress, Ruth White (1914)
Actor, J D Cannon (1922)
Actress, Marilyn Erskine (1924)
Actress, Ruth Kobart (1924)
Actor, Dr. Rajkumar (1929)
Director, Richard Donner (1930)
Musician, Jerome Callet (1930)
Actor, Coen Flink (1932)
Musician, Freddie Scott (1933)
Actress, Patricia Bosworth (1933)
Actress, Claire Davenport (1933, d.2002)
Actor, Helmuth Lohner (1933)
TV host, John Barbour (1934)
Actress, Shirley MacLaine (1934)
Actress, Jill Ireland (1936)
Musician, Joe Henderson (1937, d.2001)
Author, Sue Grafton (1940)
Musician, John Williams (1941)
Musician, Barbra Streisand (1942)
Musician, Richard Sterban (1943)
Musician, St Clair Lee (1944)
Musician, Doug Clifford (1945)
Musician, Robert Knight (1945)
Musician, Doug Riley (1945, d.2007)
Musician, Dick Rivers (1946)
Musician, Hubert Ann Kelly (1947)
Actor, Eric Bogosian (1953)
Musician, Portor Carroll Jr (1953)
Musician, Jack Blades (1954)
Famous death-row inmate, Mumia Abu-Jamal (1954)
Actor, Michael O’Keefe (1955)
Musician, David J (1957)
Actor, Glen Morshower (1959)
Musician, Paula Yates (1960)
Musician, Bill Gould (1963)
Musician, Joey Vera (1963)
Musician, Mano Solo (1963)
Actor, Cedric The Entertainer (1964)
Actor, Djimon Hounsou (1964)
Actor, Pierre Brassard (1966)
Musician, Aaron Comes (1968)
Actor, Aiden Giillen (1968)
Model, Mark Vanderloo (1968)
Actress, Stacy Haiduk (1968)
Actor, Roy McCann (1969)
Actress, Melinda Clarke (1969)
Actress, Viveca Paulin (1969)
Musician, Mauro Pawlowski (1971)
TV host, Gabby Logan (1973)
Musician, Joseph Bruce (1974)
TV director, Eric Kripke (1974)
Musician, Brian Marshall (1974)
Actor, Derek Luke (1974)
Actress, Sam Doumit (1975)
Actor, Thad Luckinbill (1975)
Actor, Shane McDermott (1976)
Actor, Eric Balfour (1978)
Actress, Stella Damasus Aboderin (1978)
Actor, Austin Nichols (1980)
Actress, Katherine Bailess (1980)
Musician, Danny Gokey (1980)
Musician, Kelly Clarkson (1982)
Musician, Tyson Ritter (1984)
Musician, Ben Howard (1987)
Actress, Katherine Webb (1989)
Actor, Sean Rademaker (1992)
Actor, Austin Rogers (1994)
Actress, Ryan Newman (1998)

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Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs Discovered In China


(PCM) No, this is not some kind of viral teaser for the upcoming film “Jurrassic World“!  Construction workers in China have actually stumbled upon 43 fossilized dinosaur eggs, 19 of which were still completely intact. 

The workers were in the process of completing a road upgrade project in the city of Heyuan when the discovery was made. Heyuan is often referred to as “Home of Dinosaurs” because the city holds the record for having the largest number of dinosaur eggs found in one area. Back in 2004 that number was around 10,008, but now it has grown by thousands more. 

Guess, it is safe to say we have learned where many dinosaurs may have hung their hats! The recently discovered eggs are very large in size, with one in particular having a diameter of more than five inches. 

The eggs have been sent to a local museum for further research and study and at this time it is not know exactly which species of dinosaur they belong. 

Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs Discovered In China was contributed by a Myth

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