The Great Mount Everest Poop Problem


(PCM) It is a fact of life and there has even been a creative children’s book that teaches us that yes, indeed, everybody poops, however never did we imagine that human excrement would be such a major problem facing something as great and majestic as Mount Everest.

Mount Everest has a peak climbing season of only two months and during that time over 700 explorers take their chances at scaling the world’s tallest mountain which soars over 29,035 feet in the air. While many of these explorers are highly praised for their efforts at taking on the incredible feat of … read more...

What Is Better Than Monks Having A Snowball Fight?


(PCM) It is a very rare occurrence for the city of Jerusalem in Israel to get any type of significant snowfall, so when a rare snowstorm passed through the area the people were incredibly excited.

It seems that no one was more excited than a group of Francisan Monks who were videoed having a pretty epic snowball fight, still dressed head to toe in their traditional black robes.

The monks are seen having an fantastic time running around the yard and pelting each other with the snowballs. It is truly a sight to behold. The video has since gone viral … read more...

Ryanair Issues The Perfect Response To Snow Penis Incident


(PCM) We can only assume that airline ramp workers must get pretty bored, especially in-between flights, so it is no real surprise that Ryanair ramp workers in Dublin, Ireland decided to have a little bit of fun to amuse themselves while out on the tarmac.

The ramp workers drew a rather large penis in the snow that was on the ground next to a plane at the Dublin airport. The snow penis was clearly visible to many passengers through the windows of the terminal.

While the ramp workers may have had a good laugh, some passengers were none too pleased … read more...

Who Wants A Yummy NASA Cheeseburger?


(PCM) A photo, posted by NASA showing astronaut Terry Virts getting ready to consume what is supposed to be a cheeseburger has been picking up quite a bit of steam online.

The photo was taken from outer space and whether or not the meal was meant to look appetizing is certainly up for debate.  We are leaning towards the side of unappetizing as it features tomato paste, a clumpy looking bright yellow cheese paste, a meat substance and a tortilla.

We could only imagine that it would be quite difficult to create an actual cheeseburger while floating in microgravity in … read more...

Rats No Longer Thought To Be Responsible For Bubonic Plague


(PCM) New research has now been uncovered that reveals that the fleas on black rats that were initially thought to have caused the bubonic plague many not necessarily be at fault. Instead, researchers have now uncovered information that leads them to believe that it may have been gerbils, not rats that are behind the wide-spread outbreak of the deadly disease.

The bubonic plague, or Black Death, wiped out about 100 million people in Europe during its’ outbreaks that occurred in the mid-14th century and then again in the 1800’s. The new research study posted in the Proceedings of the National … read more...

Massachusetts Man Has Started Selling Snow To Other Areas Of The Country


(PCM) All of us here on the East Coast are without a doubt tired of all the snow that has been dumped on our region lately, however one Massachusetts man has decided to take advantage of the situation and hopefully create a little cash on the side.

Kyle Waring came up with a wonderful idea while he was out shoveling the wintery mess. He started the website, and began offer to ship 6 pounds of snow from winter storm Neptune for the price of $89.

At first, Waring was offering 16 ounce bottles of snow, however they were completely … read more...

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