Women Survive On Girl Scout Cookies For 13 Days


(PCM) In this amazing rescue story two sister, 52-year old Leslie Roy and 56-year old Lee Wright, were able to survive 13 days trapped in their 2010 Ford Explorer which became stuck in the snow on a remote road in Michigan’s Upper peninsula by eating Girl Scout Cookies and cheese puffs. 

In a detailed account of their ordeal police in Michigan say that the women huddled together in the car, wearing multiple layers of clothing until the car battery eventually died. They were able to make eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies and cheese puffs last throughout their entrapment and used snow for water.  The women also claimed that they were also approached by a bear twice. 

The sisters were rescued after a Michigan State police helicopter was circling the area and caught the glimmer of their SUV’s windshield.  The chopper circled several times before discovering the vehicle under some trees and the women hopped out of the vehicle and began waving and trying to start a signal fire. 

The helicopter was eventually able to land on nearby beach a few miles away and rescuers were able to hike to the women and bring them to safety. 

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Adorable And Very Rare ‘Pocket Shark’ Discovered In Gulf Of Mexico


(PCM) It is not very often that sharks are referred to as “cute”, however the newly discovered species of of ‘pocket shark’ is adorably small and shows many similarities in appearance to a baby sperm whale. 

The tiny-size shark was actually discovered off the coast of the Gulf Of Mexico a few years ago in a batch of fish that were collected as part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study that was conducted back in 2010. The 5.5 inch shark specimen was placed in a freezer for over three years waiting to finally be identified.

In fact, it is a miracle that the adorable little guy wasn’t tossed away as the freezer it was being stored in lost power several times over the years. It appears that the shark was only a few weeks old when it died and it is only the second of it’s species to ever be seen. Another ‘pocket shark’ is currently in a Russian museum. It has been named the ‘pocket shark’ due to the discovery of two pockets located next to its’ front fins, but researchers are still unsure of their purpose.

The specimen was shipped off to New York and than France for further testing before it will be returned to Louisana for dissection and additional studies.  

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Remember To Never Give A Monkey The Finger!


(PCM) Those of us who are old enough, and perhaps some who shouldn’t be old enough, are aware of just what giving someone the finger actually means. While it is certainly not polite to give a person the finger apparently monkeys are just as offended by the gesture. 

For unknown reasons, a man in Shimla, India approached a monkey and proceeded to flip it off. Well, it seems the monkey was having none of that foolishness and fought back, taking the man down with a double drop kick! 

Go monkey!

The man was not seriously injured, but we certainly hope he learned his lesson about flipping off monkeys anytime in the future! 


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Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs Discovered In China


(PCM) No, this is not some kind of viral teaser for the upcoming film “Jurrassic World“!  Construction workers in China have actually stumbled upon 43 fossilized dinosaur eggs, 19 of which were still completely intact. 

The workers were in the process of completing a road upgrade project in the city of Heyuan when the discovery was made. Heyuan is often referred to as “Home of Dinosaurs” because the city holds the record for having the largest number of dinosaur eggs found in one area. Back in 2004 that number was around 10,008, but now it has grown by thousands more. 

Guess, it is safe to say we have learned where many dinosaurs may have hung their hats! The recently discovered eggs are very large in size, with one in particular having a diameter of more than five inches. 

The eggs have been sent to a local museum for further research and study and at this time it is not know exactly which species of dinosaur they belong. 

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Distressed Parrot Calls For Help During House Fire


(PCM) Firefighters in Middleton, Idaho got quite the surprise when responding to a house fire and discovering a parrot call for help from inside the home.  The firefighters approached the blaze like any other by rolling out the hoses and beginning to douse the home in water to battle the blaze. When they shouted in the door “Firefighters, anyone home?”, they were quite startled to receive a reply from inside screeching “Help, fire! Help, fire”. 

The firefighters entered the home to search for anyone who maybe trapped, but saw no one. They then decided to bring out the thermal imaging gear that detects warm bodies. When passing by a table, the firefighter noticed a change in color on the screen and upon second look noticed it was the silhouette of a parrot. 

The firefighters were able to determine that the cries for help were indeed coming from the parrot. They were able to rescue the distressed parrot and another, less vocal parrot as well. The birds were given oxygen and once their lungs were clear the incredibly vocal parrot began squawking again. Hopefully saying a ‘thank you!”. 

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Woman Wins Texas Food Challenge After Downing 3 72-ounce Steaks


(PCM) A Texas woman has earned a spot in the Guinness Book Of World Records after completing a Texas food challenge where she was able to consume 3 72-ounce steaks, as well as, three salads, three dinner rolls, three baked potatoes and three shrimp cocktails on the side! 

What makes this even more incredible is that she managed to scarf down all of that food in under 20 minutes. This incredible feat was completed by 24-year old Molly Schuyler, weighing only 124lbs and competing against two teams of four for the win. 

The challenge took place at the Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo, Texas and even the owner was shocked by Schuyler’s win. They have been holding the challenge since 1960 and Schuyler’s win marks the first time in over 55 years that someone has been able to successfully complete the challenge. 

Each of the 72-ounce steaks weighs about 4lbs and competing last year Schuyler was only able to finish two of them, so she certainly upped her game going into this year’s challenge. In addition to being submitted for the Guinness Book Of World Records, Schuyler also received a $5,000 prize from the steakhouse.  She says that she is planning on returning next year to compete for a third time! 

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