Ghost Sighting Captured At Abandoned Military Base

(PCM) Whenever a new ghost sighting video is posted there is always a rather large debate over whether or not the footage is indeed legit or if has been tampered with in some way. We have to admit that many of these videos provide some pretty compelling evidence that supports the theory that the spirits of the dead often walk among us. One of the latest ghost sightings was captured by 44-year old Steve Wesson, who was on a ghost-hunting tour with a group called UK Ghost Hunt.

The UK Ghost Hunt group refer to themselves as a Paranormal Investigations Company and the trip consisted of them exploring an abandoned air force base in Lincolnshire, England called Manby Hall. Rumor has it that Manby Hall is haunted by the ghost of a WWII Royal Air Force pilot. Sure enough, the visage of what the group captured on film, unbeknownst to them at the time, very much resembles some sort of officers holding a light source.

You can see that as the group is getting ready to enter another room, Wesson’s video camera captures the image of a shadowy figure walking up a corridor in front of the them, however no one in the group appears to notice. The group claims that there were only four of them on the expedition and that they were all accounted for at the time the incident occurred. You can watch the creepy footage below:

Wesson explains that despite the fact that he appears to follow the shadowy figure with the light down the corridor, he actually didn’t seen the ghostly image until he was reviewing the days footage later. He felt he may have seen something or some kind of slight movement out of the corner of his eye which is what prompted him to walk in that direction, but never saw anything while they were in the building.

According to Elite Daily, Wesson and his team went back to the building again the next day to investigate further and learned that it was impossible for anyone else to be inside the building with them, as only security had access to the premises.

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China Park Uses Facial Recognition To Prevent Toilet Paper Theft

(PCM) Geez! We never knew that park toilet paper theft in China was such a big problem. It must be a big issue because the Temple of Heaven park in Beijing has installed new machines that use facial recognition software to only allot so much toilet paper per user.

There has got to be some kind of privacy violations in place here, as we certainly wouldn’t want our faces scanned each time that we enter a bathroom. In fact, there is something about the idea of cameras in bathrooms that doesn’t make us feel comfortable in general. Definitely not a good idea.

The machines work by scanning visitors’ faces for three seconds before rationing 24 to 27.5 inches of toilet paper, which the park upgraded from one-ply to two-ply. Wow, how very generous of them! The machines are placed at the height of an average man or woman and only dispense toilet paper every nine minutes.

Users have already begun complaining saying that the process for using the bathroom at the park is taking twice as long now and when the machine malfunctions it can take extra time to get the required amount of toilet paper.

There was also some concern over certain bathroom situations that could require additional toilet paper to which a park spokesperson responded, “If we encounter guests who have diarrhea or any other situation in which they urgently require toilet paper, then our staff on the ground will directly provide the toilet paper.”

The park felt the need to install the facial recognition machines because too many park guests were using too much toilet paper and stealing some extra on the side to take home. Definitely seems like a bit of a drastic measure to us and something tells us that these machines will be making an exit sometime in the near future. Bathroom + cameras = Not Cool!

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Video Of A Gigantic Chicken Goes Viral! Experts Claim It’s The Real Deal

(PCM) The video posted of a European man’s massive chicken has gone viral after being shared on social networking site Reddit where many were debating whether or not the footage was indeed authentic.

Fitim Sejfijaj posted a video of the massive chicken on the Kosovo-based “Decorative Poultry” group on Facebook and it is definitely quite a sight to see! Many felt that the “chicken” may have been a different animal dressed up to appear like a chicken or that Sejfijaj used some sort of camera trick to make the bird appear larger.

Experts have now weighed in on the video and explained that the chicken is in fact the real deal and it is known as a Brahma chicken. This particular breed of chicken is dubbed the “King of all poultry” and can grow up to 18.25 pounds.

The Brahma chickens are bred in the United States from a breed of massive chickens imported in from China. No idea just how the European man managed to get his hand on one, but the video in question does appear to be authentic.

You be the judge! Have you ever seen such a massive chicken? We sure haven’t and we certainly wouldn’t want this one chasing us down anytime soon!

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Haven’t You Always Wanted To Smell Like Kitten Fur?

(PCM) There is an odd new perfume on the market that allegedly captures the scent of kitten fur in the most purrr-fect way possible. Cat lovers around the world are rejoicing,  but the rest of us … well, we can’t be entirely sure that we want to go around smelling just like cat, even if it is an adorable kitten.

New York-based fragrance company Demeter Fragrance Library has unveiled that their newest fragrance, aptly titled “Kitten Fur” was created to perfectly capture the smell of the area on a kitten located just behind their neck.

The company claims the fragrance has been over 15-years in the making and provides the wearer with a sense of warmth and comfort whether your a cat lover or not.

The exclusive fragrance is available on Demeter Fragrance’s website in multiple sizes and prices, ranging from a half-ounce cologne mini splash for $6 to a 4-ounce atmosphere diffuser oil for $25.

On Facebook user describes the scent as”a mix between newborn baby, a freshly baked loaf of bread and the scent of home.”

Some of Demeter Fragrance’s other most popular scents include baby powder, gin and tonic, moon beam and cannabis flower.

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St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt Is Wildly Offensive

(PCM) Everyone loves a good booze joke, especially on St. Patrick’s Day. However, sometimes jokes can go a little too far and the folks over at are learning the hard way that there are some subjects you just don’t joke about.

The company is stirring up a ton of controversy regarding a St. Patrick’s Day shirt that is being offered for sale on their website that is a blatant and offensive rip-off the “Black Lives Matter” phrase and logo. The shirt in question reads “Drunk Lives Matter” and is printed in nearly the exact same font and style as the “Black Lives Matters” movement.

Whoever thought this was in any way, shape or form a good idea much have had a few too many that day! The shirt sells on for $19.95, which seems a lot of money to pay for a tasteless t-shirt that you can only wear once or maybe twice per year. The shirt’s description reads, “Explore this year’s New York City St Paddy’s Pub Crawl in Style!”. Yeah, we somehow don’t think anyone caught sporting this shirt is going to be doing much exploring on St. Patrick’s Day, unless they plan on exploring a local hospital after getting socked in the jaw.

Let’s think before we dress, people! Something tells us this shirt will be extinct very soon! We know they thought they were being clever, but geez … have a little bit of class! Or least come up with an original design!

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Moscow Zoo Sues Ad Agency Over “Erotic” Raccoon Photo Shoot

(PCM) A petting zoo in Moscow has filed a lawsuit against the ad agency Art-Msk claiming that the agency used on of their raccoons in what could be described as an erotic photo shoot. The zoo claims that the raccoon was used in an inappropriate way involving a nude model and the animal has now become obsessed with women’s breasts. We have no idea just how they figured out that the raccoon was no obsessed with women’s breasts, nor do we really want to know either!

The lawsuit states that the zoo rented the raccoon to the ad agency for the afternoon for what they assumed was going to be a “normal” photo session. The zoo owners claim that when the raccoon was returned to them, he was traumatized and infatuated with a certain part of the female anatomy. When the zoo owners were able to view the video from the ad they saw that the raccoon was used in the ad as a prop to cover up the models naked breasts.

The zoo claims that the raccoon was given treats to lure him closer to the model’s breasts and he now associates women’s breasts with food and it has become a serious issue for female zoo employees. The lawsuit demands that the images and video from the ad featuring the raccoon be removed from the internet.

The ad agency has responded and feel that the zoo’s lawsuit is absurd. They claim that they were supposed to have rented a well-trained raccoon for the video shoot, however they were given a young and untrained raccoon instead. They say he kept running off the set, hence why they were offering him treats. The ad agency goes on to say that the curious young raccoon actually stole the bra off the model and they only filmed the situation for the sake of humor.

There is some buzz circulating that the entire ordeal may a bit of a farce considering the ad agency had an ad posted several months ago that read, “Do you have a raccoon? Do you want the media to write about your zoo? Do you love a good scandal? We’re here to help!”

Sounds fishy to us! But who doesn’t love a good erotic raccoon scandal these days? People are so strange sometimes!

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