Happy Birthday To Chicken Boy! Perfect Way To Kick-Off National Eat Chicken Month!


(PCM) Chicken Boy is a gigantic 22-foot tall statue that currently resides along historic Route 66 in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, California. After many tumultuous years of being taken up and down and resting for two years in a storage facility Chicken Boy finally found his permanent home upon the roof of 5558 North Figueroa an art design firm owned by Amy Inouye.

Chicken Boy’s ceremonial birthday is celebrated on September 1, as that is when he made his initial debut a top a Los Angeles chicken restaurant from 1969 to 1984 when the owner of the restaurant passed away. People from all over the country continue to make the trek to visit the iconic Chicken Boy statue that has since been named a historic California landmark. Chicken Boy even has his very own website/on-line store! He is often referred to as the Statue Of Liberty of Los Angeles.

We say there is no better way to celebrate Chicken Boy’s birthday this month than kicking off September, which also happens to be National Eat Chicken month, with a tasty plate of some delicious fried chicken and a tall glass of sweet tea.

On average a typical U.S. household serves some sort of chicken dish about seven times or more per month which adds up to be able 82 pounds of chicken per person for a whole year.  A few years ago in celebration of National Chicken Month, KFC conducted a survey to find out about America’s chicken consuming habits.


Some fun facts from that survey can be found below:

When asked the age-old question “what came first the chicken or the egg?,”nearly seven out of 10 turned to the biblical belief that the chicken came before the egg. On the other hand, the U.S.D.A. data statisticians have proven that the egg did, in fact, come before the chicken. Any way you look at it, a chicken can’t be born without an egg, and an egg can’t be laid without a chicken … so both answers are correct.(2)

Hands-Off Approach
When it comes to fried chicken, most dig in and forget proper etiquette! More than four out of five surveyed toss aside utensils and eat chicken with their hands.
— Believe it or not, slightly more women (85%) than men (81%) are apt to
forget the fork!
— This is good news for those visiting Gainesville, Ga. — the chicken
capital of the world — where it is illegal to eat chicken with a fork.

Piece by Piece
Hands down, almost seven out of 10 people surveyed prefer white meat to
dark. When it comes to the most favored piece of chicken, the breast prevails
by close to 50 percent over leg, thigh, boneless and wing.

— Breast 48%
— Leg 18%
— Thigh 13%
— Boneless 13%
— Wing 10%

On the Side but Still in the “Game”
When deciding which side dish to bring to the table, 48 percent surveyed
chose mashed potatoes & gravy as their favorite, followed by fries, cole slaw,
corn on the cob or baked beans.

— Mashed Potatoes & Gravy 48%
— Fries 19%
— Cole slaw 17%
— Corn on the cob 13%
— Baked beans 3%

Who Better than KFC to Give You Chicken Facts? 
— Today, people are eating three times as much chicken as they did in the
early 1960s; in fact, chicken consumption surpasses that of beef each

— A chicken has been clocked at running 25 miles per hour(4)

— While humans have about 9,000 taste buds in their mouths, chicken have
only 24 located in several areas of their mouth and tongue(5)

— According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the largest chicken,
named Weirdo, weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds and came from
Calaveras County, Calif.(6)

— In Quitman, Ga., it’s illegal for a chicken to cross the road

— A group of chickens is called a “peep of chicken”

— Colonel Sanders (the founder of KFC, best known for his white suit and
black string tie) was the second most recognized public figure in the
world back in 1979(7)

— An estimated 736 million KFC chickens are consumed annually

— Laid head to claw, KFC chickens consumed worldwide each year would
reach 209,000 miles — encircling the Earth at the equator 8-1/2

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Residents Concerned After Creepy “Free Candy” Van Spotted In Neighborhood


(PCM) Residents in Natomas, California (a suburb of Sacramento) were concerned after they spotted a creepy white van driving around the area with the words “Free Candy” splattered on the side with red paint and what appeared to be bloody hand-prints.

The van has no rear license plate and the hand-prints and smears meant to look like blood were leading towards the van doors. Overall, it gave many residents the creep factor and after snapping several photos for “evidence”, local media decided to investigate.

It turns out that the van was actually a joke art piece that the owner is driving to the Burning Man Festival. It is a Burning Man tradition to drive vehicles decked out in art to the week long festival that takes place in the Nevada desert.

The vans owner assures everyone in the neighborhood that the van is just a joke and does feel satisfied to know that if there were indeed a creepy white van driving around the area that residents would take notice.

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12-Year Old Boy Trips And His Fist Goes Through A Painting Worth $1.5 Million


(PCM) Can we say oopps!!  While visiting an art exhibition in Taiwan and 12-year old boy stumbles and trips and while trying to catch his balance accidentally puts his fist through a 350-year old painting worth $1.5 million dollars.

The organizers of the art exhibition ,which was titled “Face Of Leonardo: Images of a Genius”, have released a video of the incident which left a fist sized hole in the bottom of a painting titled “Flowers” by Italian artist Paolo Porpora who is a leading still life artist who created baroque-style works that often featured fruit and flowers. The exhibition features 55 rare and precious paintings that were collected from some of the finest art collectors around the globe.

It is quite apparent that the young man was incredibly nervous after the incident occurred, however it was completely apparent to the event organizers that what happened was indeed an unfortunate accident. The painting has since been restored without a problem and is now back on display as part of the exhibition.

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Passenger Hilariously Live Tweets A Couples Break-up (And Make-up) During Delayed Flight


(PCM) It is amazing just how quickly someone’s personal business can turn into a viral trend via social media in seconds. Such is the case that happened recently, when another passenger on a delayed North Carolina flight hilariously began live tweeting a couples incredibly awkward break-up that was occurring on the plane.

A passenger by the name of Kelly Keegs was seated across the aisle from the couple and tweeted a play-by-play of the couples break-up to her several thousand Twitter followers. Her live-tweets were so funny that soon enough #PlaneBreakup began trending!

You can see a few of Keegs tweets below and read the entire ordeal here!

The entire ordeal ended with the couple making out with each other between drinks and awkward silence, so are they together or broken-up?  Either way, we can imagine it was certainly one way to get some in-flight entertainment for free.

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Panic Erupted When A Giant Red Ball Rolled Through The Streets In Toledo!


(PCM) As a result of some severe weather that took place in the Toledo, Ohio area a giant, inflatable red ball was wedged loose from it’s place as part of an art exhibit in the area and began rolling down the street. The incident struck up a panic with Toledo residents caused several individuals to make an attempt to chase it down.

The giant red ball, which is 15 feet wide and 250 pounds, is part of an art installation projects called “RedBall Project” and consists of material that is similar to that of a rubber life raft. The installation was currently on display at the Toledo Museum Of Art.

Strong winds from a passing thunderstorm were able to knock the giant red ball loose and cause it to roll away down the street. Eventually, museum staff and a few other individuals were able to catch the ball and get it deflated before it could cause any real destruction. There were no injuries reported. The deflated ball was placed on a trailer and taken back to the museum for the artist to repair.

Because of the material the ball is made from it should be very easy to patch and there are plans to still have the giant red ball on display in several areas throughout the city, however extra measures will now be taken to be sure the ball is kept securely in place.

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The First Documented Instance Of Stockholm Syndrome Occurred On This Day In 1973


(PCM) We are sure many of you are aware of the psychological phenomenon known as Stockholm Syndrome during which a kidnapping or hostage victim will begin to feel a certain level of trust and affection towards their captors, however do you know when this condition first originated?

It was on August 23rd, 1973 that the first documented case of Stockholm Syndrome occurred with the victims of a bank robbery at Sveriges Kreditbanken, on Stockholm’s upscale Norrmalmstorg square. The robber, Jan-Erik “Janne” Olsson, took four bank employees hostage and held them in a bank vault for a period of six days until his demands were met.

Olsson demanded that his friend Clark Olofsson, who was currently imprisoned be brought the bank along with 3 million cash, two guns, bulletproof vests, helmets and a fast car. The Swedish government granted Olsson’s request and brought Olofsson to act as point of communication between Olsson and the authorities along with a getaway car.

The authorities agreed on providing the car, but would not allow Olsson and Olofsson to take the hostages with them if they tried to escape. Olsson placed a call to the Swedish Prime Minister saying that he would kill the hostages if they were unable to leave together, however the Prime Minister refused to give in. Then in a move that baffled authorities at the time the Prime Minister received another phone call from one of the hostages saying that she was incredibly displeased with his attitude regarding the situation and requested that he let both the robbers and the hostages leave together.

Throughout the ordeal the hostages became more and more fearful of the authorities escalating the violence than they did with their captors. They began to sympathize with both Olsson and Olofsson and repeatedly told authorities after being rescued that they never felt fearful of Olsson or Olofsson, but were more concerned about the way the authorities were handling the situation. They even claimed that both Olsson and Olofsson were kind to them during the ordeal and even defended them for many of their actions during the hostage situation.

Despite the fact that Olsson threatened to kill the hostages if gas were leaked into the vault, authorities nevertheless used this method to eventually get both Olsson and Olofsson to surrender and the hostages were rescued.   The image above shows the hostages being held in the bank vault through a hole drilled by police from an apartment above just prior to them releasing the gas.

It was after this ordeal that the psychological behavior of the hostages began to be studied as never before had authorities seen victims of a crime actually sympathizing with their captors. The coined the term Stockholm Syndrome to describe the condition that still occurs during certain traumatic events to this day.



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