Domino’s Pizza Is Training Reindeer To Deliver Pizza In Japan


(PCM) We can think of about a million and one reasons why this is not such a good idea, however Domino’s Pizza still plans to move forward with their “brilliant” idea to train reindeer to deliver pizza’s this holiday season in Japan. The franchise branch that came up with the idea is even figuring on a way incorporate GPS technology to equip the reindeer and the pizza will be delivered via sleigh. Tis’ the season of ridiculousness! 

The fine folks at the Domino’s franchise in Japan that hatched this plan have released a video showcasing their effort in training the pizza delivering reindeer. Let’s just say, it doesn’t go exactly according to plan (gee..didn’t see that one coming!).

Domino’s plan was to equip the reindeer with GPS trackers so that the customer who ordered the pizza would be able to track their whereabouts and delivery time. They unfortunately did not plan for such instances as the pizza falling off the back of the reindeer or the reindeer veering the sleigh off course. Not sure what they were really expecting with an untrained wild animal, but hey, we give them points for the attempt and creativity. 

A press release for the company states that it is “too difficult to control the reindeer” but they are still trying to work out the situation and urge their customers to stay tuned for additional information. 

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NASA Is On The Hunt For A New Way To Help Astronauts Poop In Space


(PCM) In the very near future, NASA has plans to keep astronauts confined in their spacesuits for approximately six days at a time for exploration purposes. The astronauts on the mission would not have access to either the space shuttle or the space station to be able to relieve themselves, so therefore their only option would be wearing an adult diaper for the duration of the mission. 

We can definitely say that six days in an adult diaper does not sound very pleasant and NASA agrees, which is why they are in search of an innovative idea to assist the astronauts with pooping in space. They are currently hosting a competition aptly called “The Space Poop Challenge” as a way to crowdsource a new an innovative way for astronauts to relieve themselves in space. 

NASA is accepting submissions via the website HeroX in hopes to discover an “in-suit waste management system” that could work for “up to 144 hours” to get rid of “fecal, urine, and/or menstrual waste.” If your idea is chosen you could win up to $30,000. Now, that’s definitely some fun holiday spending money! Put on your thinking caps and get to work! 



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Cards Against Humanity Raises $90K To Dig A Hole For No Reason


(PCM) This is not surprising news coming from the folks behind the crude party card game “Cards Against Humanity”, as they have always been known to push the limits.

The company has currently raised more than $90,000 to literally dig a hole in the ground that leads to nowhere. They have named it the “Holiday Hole” and when visiting the company’s website you can view a live stream of the hole be dug in the ground for absolutely no reason.

The more money that is donate the further “Cards Against Humanity” will dig. Each $5.00 donate adds 2 more seconds of dig time to the “Holiday Hole”. The company has launched a website to promote the project and are taunting their supporters by labeling the amount of donations received as “Money Thrown In Hole”.  It is actually kind of mesmerizing to watch, as you know in the back of your mind that the hole is the result of people’s hard-earned dollars being literally thrown into the ground. 

Obviously the company statement about holiday consumerism is working and people are fascinated by the sheer and utter ridiculousness of the project. Top donors for the project have donated amounts of money over $1,000 and the donates are continuing to pour throughout the Thanksgiving weekend. Makes us curious as to just what they will think of next. 

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The Disappearance Of JFK’s Brain


(PCM) President John F. Kennedy was tragically assassinated on November 22, 1963. It was a death that forever scarred a nation and left law enforcement, scientists and historians baffled as conspiracy theories erupted in an attempt to analyze exactly what occurred on that fateful afternoon.

We have all read the reports released by the Warren Commission, which concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of JFK, however many witnesses to the event disagree claiming that Oswald was a patsy put in place by our very own government to cover-up a much larger scheme, while others feel that JFK’s ties to the mafia and other organizations may have had something to do with this untimely demise. 

Some of the more far-fetched theories include the use of magic bullets, the parade route being changed and more and there is no denying that the entire situation is filled with odd circumstances, to say the least. 

One of the conspiracies that has fascinated us the most about JFK’s assassination is the disappearance of his brain. It was said to be locked away in the National Archives after the autopsy was conducted back in 1963, however currently it is nowhere to be found. 

Despite many people being questioned in regards to its’ whereabouts, it has seemingly vanished without a trace. Due to JFK’s injuries during the shooting, he was shot directly in head, there was not much of his brain left in-tact, in fact doctor’s at the hospital who were performing the autopsy noticed his wife Jackie Kennedy was clutching something in her hand when she arrived. It turned out to be a large piece of JFK’s brain matter, but experts have no idea what has happened to the rest of it. 

The hospital placed what was left of JFK’s brain in an 18-by-20-centimeter stainless steel container which the Secret Service locked away in a cabinet inside the White House. It is then noted that JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy then had the brain and a locker containing other autopsy materials including blood samples and bone fragments to a special room in the National Archives. 

It wasn’t until 1966 when government officials were going through the autopsy materials that they took notice that the locker full of JFK’s tissue and his brain had gone missing. It was not revealed to the public that JFK’s brain was missing until 1978 when the House Select Committee sheepishly admitted that they had indeed somehow misplaced JFK’s brain and tissue.

The most popular theory surrounding the missing brain is that the government purposely misplaced it so that it could never be fully determined just how many bullets hit the President or what direction they were fired. Another theory claims that JFK’s brother stole the brain in order to prevent testing that would provide proof of JFK’s drug use and health issues. Either way, there is definitely some kind of elaborate cover-up going on, as JFK’s brain most certainly didn’t get up and walk away on its’ own. 

To this day the brain of JFK has not been located and it remains one of the biggest political mysteries and conspiracy theories of all-time! 

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Woman Insists ‘Sperm Smoothies’ Have Incredible Health Benefits


(PCM) Health and fitness blogger, 29-year old Tracy Kiss, has made the bold claim that consuming a “sperm smoothie” each day has some truly amazing heath benefits. She is touting the drink as new miracle health product that is both all natural (of course) and vegan friendly.

It seems that Kiss is also a strong advocate for other benefits of semen other than just in smoothies. She has also sung the praises of the seman facial (and no, it’s not what you are probably picturing right now).  She claims that both the semen facial and sperm smoothie are non-sexual and she has a special donor who is tested for STD’s to be sure she is not putting her body at risk.

We love that she uses the word “harvested” to describe how a friend donates a tub full of semen for both the smoothies and the facials to her home three times a week. That’s definitely one heck of a good friend!

Kiss claims that to make the sperm smoothies she mixes the donated semen with fruit, seeds, and either coconut or almond milk. She also has no issue drinking just the plain semen on it’s own saying that it has properties that ward off the flu. She feels it gives her amazing amounts of energy and boosts her mood as well.

When speaking with Vice about her somewhat odd ingredient choices, Kiss reveals “In relationships, you put fingers in holes, you taste things, and you don’t see it as cringeworthy. But when you take away the passion and say it’s scientific, people don’t like it.”

Doctors are refuting Kiss’s claim saying there are no health benefits associated with consuming semen, but hey, to each their own!

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Tomb Of Jesus Christ Opened For The First Time In Centuries


(PCM) A tomb, believed to be that of Jesus Christ, has been opened for the first time in centuries and it’s excavation has been officially documented by National Geographic. The restoration team removed a layer of marble to access the area of the tomb that is believed to be the rock surface where Jesus’ body was laid to rest.

There has been argument and speculation among historians over the years in regards to the exact location of Jesus’ tomb with many believing that the original cave was destroyed years ago. New research using ground penetrating radar technology has now revealed that the cave walls are indeed still intact and it is located behind the marbled panels of the chamber at the center of Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The renovation process is part of an effort to preserve the Edicule, the chamber housing the cave where Jesus is said to have been entombed and resurrected. It is one of the most important shrines in Christianity.

Six denominations of the Christian religion practice at the holy site and all must reach an agreement regarding any excavations and renovations that can be completed. Devout Christians make pilgrimages to visit the holy site and pray within the confines of the small Edicule.

The Edicule was closed off to the public during the renovation. The team used machinery to remove the top layer of marble slab which has not been removed since the year 1550. After removing quite a bit of debris under the first marble slab the team discovered that a second marble slab engraved with a cross symbol and dates back to the 12th century.

This leads the renovation team to believe that even more lay beneath the second marble slab and this may lead them to the original rock that was Jesus’s resting place before the resurrection. The church has allowed the team only 60 hours to excavate and document the Edicule, so they have been tirelessly working day and night.

Tests have been done on material samples within the tomb and results are expected in the coming months. The tomb will be resealed and reinforced, however one section of the tomb is being left exposed. A small window was cut into the Edicule’s marble wall to allow visitors to catch a small glimpse at what is believed to be Jesus’ final resting place.


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