Can You Spot Anything Wrong With This School Bus?


(PCM) A Tennessee woman is outraged after she claims that she saw a satanic pentagram symbol in the brake lights of a Durham School Services school bus in Cordova.

The woman snapped a picture of the brake lights and has since filed a complaint with the school district. She wishes to remain anonymous and says that ever since she posted the photo on social media she began receiving several death threats.

The woman was horrified when she noticed the pentagram like shape in the school buses lights and says “If you can’t put a cross, you can’t put a pentagram … read more...

Massive Asteroid Set To Fly By Earth On Monday


(PCM) A massive and somewhat highly visible asteroid is on a path to fly by the planet Earth on Monday evening, however there is no cause for concern. According to NASA asteroid 2004 BL86 will be able to safely pass Earth and is located about 745,000 miles away which three time the distance from Earth to the moon.

The asteroid will be the the closest known asteroid to its’ size to pass the Earth until the year of 2027. The size of asteroid 2004 BL86 is about twice the size of a football stadium and scientists are excited for its’ … read more...

Have Your Own Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend For About $25 Per Month


(PCM) There is a new app and subscription service available that will allow users to create their very own invisible boyfriend or girlfriend complete with phone calls, texts and hand-written letter for only $25 per month.

The Invisible Girlfriend app and subscription service were previewed last year, however now both the Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend apps and subscription services have gone into full beta testing mode.

The company claims that both the Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend services can be used as a way to trick family and friends into thinking that you have a significant other, can help … read more...

January 20 Is National Cheese Lovers Day!


(PCM) Just thinking about today being National Cheese Lovers Day is already making me hungry!  It is about time there is a national holiday observation to give our beloved cheese the respect it finally deserves. Cheese is one of the most highly consumed and loved foods all over the world.

There have been many rumors about the origins of cheese, however the one that appears to have the most credibility is that an Arabian merchant first discovered cheese by accident when he put milk into his pouch made of sheep stomach and took a journey across the desert in 8000 … read more...

Game Over! Man Collapses And Dies After A 3-Day Gaming Marathon


(PCM) A 32-year old man named Hsieh was discovered to be dead in a Taiwan Internet cafe due to cardiac arrest after a massive three-day video gaming marathon.

Sources claim that Hsieh, who was unemployed, had a history of leaving his family for several days at a time to indulge in his video gaming habits at the Internet Cafe. Hsieh’s exact time of death is unknown, however authorities claim that his body has already began to stiffen so they were able to conclude that he had been dead for several hours at the least before they were notified.

In fact, …

Child Billed For Not Attending A Friends Birthday Party


(PCM) Can you imagine if you were to receive a billing invoice for each and every time that you unfortunately had to bail on a friends party or get together?  Sounds pretty bizarre, right?

Well, it seems that one mother in Cromwell, England has taken no-show’s to her child’s birthday party, which was held at the Ski Slope and Snowboard Centre, quite seriously and has gone as far as to send a billing invoice home from school with a child who failed to attend.

When 5-year old Alex Nash was invited to his friends birthday party, his father Derek responded … read more...

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