The Mysterious Case Of The Crisco Crook!


(PCM) An incredibly bizarre burglary recently took place in St. Petersberg, Florida where approximately 18 tons of Crisco shortening sticks were stolen from a tractor trailer.

The tractor trailer was on its’ way to a Publix supermarket distribution center in Lakeland, Fl and was reported missing on Sunday morning. The truck was eventually recovered, however all of the Crisco was missing.

The 2005 red Volvo was stolen from a lot called Coast Towing and another tractor trailer containing shipments was also burglarized. Authorities claim that a few boxes were opened but did not specify the monetary value or what … read more...

Missing Parrot Returns Home Four Years Later Speaking Spanish!


(PCM) Nigel, the African grey parrot, had been missing from his home in Torrence, CA for nearly four years, but recently returned and appears to have had quite the adventure during his time away.

Nigel was owned by a British man by the name of Darren Chick and even adopted Chicks’ British accent over time. Parrots are well known to be mimics of human speech and will often begin to sound like their owners.

Nigel went missing about four years and was only discovered to belong to Chick after a veterinarian found him while searching for her own missing bird. … read more...

Street-Fighting Kangaroo’s Is Viral Gold


(PCM) It is not everyday that you are able to catch two kangaroo’s engaged in an all out brawl in the middle of a residential neighborhood … well, perhaps if you live in Australia you do!

An Australian man by the name of Rodney Langham, noticed two male kangaroos engaged in a little street-fight and did what I think any of us would do, film it of course!

Add in a little Tchaikovsky ballet music to dub over the fight and you have hit the viral video jackpot. The kangaroos brutally punched and kicked one another for a good five … read more...

School Teacher Captures A Once In A Lifetime Photograph


(PCM) An elementary school art teacher from New Jersey named, Amanda Brewer has captured one of the most truly amazing photographs of a great white shark and the image is now going viral across many social media platforms.

Brewer says that the image was captured using a GoPro camera that she has only purchased a few days before her trip. She was in South Africa as a volunteer for the eco-tourism and research group White Shark Africa.

Brewer in no way claims to be a professional photographer and considers the image of the great white shark to be a once … read more...

Total Lunar Eclipse Or Blood Moon Set To Occur This Week


(PCM) There is going to be quite the interesting sight in the skies this coming Wednesday when we will see a total lunar eclipse otherwise known as a “Blood Moon” occur that can be easily viewed with the naked eye.

The eclipse will be visible throughout North America and the best viewing times for the eastern time zone will be just before sunrise and on the west coast it will be the middle of the night. Astronomers say that the west coast will have the best view of the “Blood Moon”.

The astronomers go on to say that there could … read more...

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