Robot That Learns And Remembers Escapes Captivity Twice!


(PCM) A Russian robot that has the ability to both learn and remember has escaped captivity in the facility in which it is currently being housed. The robot has been programmed with artificial intelligence and has the ability to learn. It has been analyzing the layout of the facility and has figured out how to avoid any obstacles and find a clear escape route.

Sadly, the robot may now be headed to the scrap pile because now the researchers are unable to keep the robot from continuing to escape. The first time the robot was able to make a run for it was through a gate that was not properly closed on the property. Mr. Robot created a lot of havoc during the escape as it ended on a main road nearly causing a collision with several vehicles that were forced to swerve out of the way.

The researchers claim that this particular robot is the only one who continually tries to escape,as other robot that were programmed the same way have not made any escape attempts. They have changed the robots artificial intelligence protocol twice, however it does not seem to be working, so they feel the best option would be to completely dismantle the system.

We are sure that Mr.Robot does not realize that the researchers are currently plotting his destruction and demise or perhaps that is why it decided to make a run for it a second time.

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Switzerland Is Opening A Rather Risque Cafe


(PCM) There are various types of cafe’s all around the world, however we can bet that none are quite as risque as the one that is about to open it’s doors (or other orifices) in Switzerland. There is already quite a bit of controversy surround the establishment, but thus far it has been given the green light. The very first “fellatio cafe” called FaceGirl will be opening up in Geneva by the end of 2016.

Prostitution is legal in Switzerland and sex workers are issued permits by the Swiss government. According to the country’s law, if two or more sex workers are employed by a business, it must be registered as a massage parlor, however, there is no law that states these “massage parlors” cannot serve coffee or other beverages, so that is exactly what FaceGirl has in mind.

The way it works is that a customer comes in pays a flat fee of approximate $70 and places their order for a coffee beverage and a girl of their choice from a Ipad menu. The customer then has a seat at the bar, however it will not be your typical bar set-up, as the customer will then be “serviced” while enjoying their steamy cup of joe. Certainly brings new definition to would you like cream and sugar, right?

A FaceGirl rep claims that they came up with the idea for the cafe from similar Thai establishments and that they expect customers to be in and out of the shop rather quickly, think 5 or 10 minutes, versus other coffee cafes where you can spend a few hours.

Many feel that sex and coffee are a way of life to begin with, however others are not so happy about the cafe opening, as they feel that the men in charge of the project will be the only ones making any profit. Currently the project is a go, however, once it get’s brewing we’ll see how long it lasts.

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Real Life Horror Story At Delaware SPCA Pet Cemetery


(PCM) It is a horror story come to life for individuals who have buried their beloved pets in the pet cemetery at the Delaware SPCA. The Stanton branch of the Delaware SPCA has recently closed down their Stanton location and are in the process of making a sale on the large 21-acre property, however there is one major issue. There are over 1,000 pets and animals buried on the property which is where owners believed was to be their pet’s final resting place.

Due to the proposed construction and renovation of the property, the SPCA told several pet owners that they had only until the end of the month to remove their pet’s headstones and if they choose, exhume the remains and relocate them to another location. Yes, that is as gruesome as it sounds. Already, several individuals have visited the property and made an attempt to dig up their animals, however due to the amount of time that has passed and other external conditions some of the animals buried in the cemetery can not be located.

In fact, even the Delaware police force cannot located the remains of “Captain”, the county’s very first police dog. Also buried in the cemetery are the remains of “Igloo” a bear from the local Brandywine Zoo, a goat named “Minnie Pearl” and a pair of poodles named “Brigitte and Babette”. Here’s where things take an even creepier and more problematic turn for the Delaware SPCA, as it has also been reported that there may in fact be human remains buried on the property as well.

It seems that a woman named Miss Ligon had her ashes interred on the property so that her final resting place would be near her beloved dog, a Border Collie named “Lady”. Miss Ligon was a nationally recognized sculptor and an avid dog lover. When “Lady” passed away in 1973 she was buried in the the Delaware SPCA pet cemetery, according to a pet cemetery contract that was unearth by the Delaware News Journal. The New Journal also went on to uncover notes from a 1980 board meeting which approved Miss Ligons’ ashes to be interred in the cemetery.

The Delaware SPCA claims to have“no knowledge of any human remains on our Stanton property”, however most of the evidence points to Miss Ligon being buried alongside her pet, as she had no living relatives at the time of her death in 1980. Pet cemeteries are not regulated by federal or state governments because animal remains are considered “solid waste” under Delaware law. But human cemeteries fall under the state’s authority and that could be a game changer for any plans the Delaware SPCA had for selling the property.  If it turns out that a human is buried on the property, the SPCA would need to register that specific plot as a cemetery and follow a new set of protocol for exhuming the remains and relocating them.

Individuals who have been visiting the property for more information and to make an attempt at relocating their pets were being turned away by the guard on-site and told to contact the Delaware SPCA board or Georgetown location by phone. Thus far the Delaware SPCA has not returned any phone calls or commented about the issue, which has been absolutely heartbreaking for pet owners.

There is currently an online petition beginning to pick up steam, as pet owners want answers and would like to prevent the sale and save the building and surrounding pet cemetery. It has already reached over 2,000 signatures and continues to grow. Many pet owners who have buried their animals at the Delaware SPCA pet cemetery also claim that the Delaware SPCA is in breach of contract, as they have signed documents that prove “the Delaware SPCA guarantees continued use and upkeep of the grave site for the period of twenty-five (25) years.” That particular contract was signed in 1998, however the shelter stopped the pet burial process about 10 years ago.

In the immortal words of The Ramones:


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Two Upstanding Young Citizens Brilliantly Decide To Set Off Fireworks In A Walmart! Yes, They Are Going To Jail!


(PCM) Two young men who reside in the area of Phoenix, Arizona came up with the brilliant plan to set off every firework in their local area Walmart store. We are guessing they were bored, however they are going to have to deal with a whole lot more boredom, as they are being charged with a class 2 felony, which is just below murder and will be most likely spending the next several years behind bars.

The actions of this pair put a huge scare on Walmart customers at the time of the incident as everyone who was shopping in the store began to run for their lives. While there were no actual mortars or large fireworks set off, as it is only legal in the state of Arizona to sell poppers, sparklers and smoke snakes, it was still enough to cause significant damage to the store and could have potentially caused a much bigger fire if things had gotten any further out of control.

The duo could be facing up to 20 years behind bars and countless fines. Another customer filmed the incident, although we are not exactly sure why he was casually filming the video below rather than fleeing to safety. The duo responsible for setting off the fireworks were also captured on store surveillance cameras in the act and looking back to admire their job.

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Tax Dollars Hard A Work! Police Have An 11 Hour Stand-Off With An Empty House


(PCM) We could definitely come up with quite a few more important ways for the Michigan police department to spend their day other than spending 11 hours having a stand-off with an empty home.

Yes, that’s correct. After receiving a call about a domestic disturbance that took place in the home where a man and his wife were going through a bitter divorce, police special response teams moved in because they received a tip that the man has barricade himself in the home only to discover after an 11 hour stand-off that the home was in fact empty.

The man had already left the house before police arrived. Way to get your facts straight! Police even went as far as to send in a canister of tear gas and block of several nearby streets for the duration of the stand-off before coming to the realization that they were fighting a battle against a completely empty home.

Oops! We just can’t believe it took them 11 hours to finally make the decision to enter the home and come up empty-handed!


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Prank Goes Horribly Wrong And Police Take Down Door Over A Cardboard Cutout Of The Rock


(PCM) One Redditor, aslattery shared his story about a prank that was pulled on him by his roommate that went horribly wrong. It ended up with the police being called to arrest a cardboard cutout of The Rock, but not before kicking down the door to the home.  The man’s roommate had swiped the cardboard cutout from the local movie theater, and it featured The Rock brandishing a firearm. He then placed the cutout in a way that it would appear there was an intruder in the home to freak out his unsuspecting roommates.

Things did not go as planned and his roommate and his girlfriend were freaked out enough to call the police and needless to say, someone ended up with a lot of explaining to do after this poorly (or perfectly depending on how you look at it) executed prank.

You can read the full story below:

Woke up to my three dogs demanding food in the morning before my alarm, which happens every other day or so. One of them was barking a bit more than normal, but as a Great Pyrenees, I’ve come to accept the fact that she barks at air.

Barely awake, I stumble to open our bedroom door to make my morning pilgrimage to the sliding glass door to the yard, to feed the dogs. I open it, only to see across the way, a tall, shadowy figure with a handgun peeking out from behind the hallway wall.

I simultaneously wake the girlfriend, shouting as loud as I can for her to take cover in the tub, someone is in the house with a gun, and slam the door shut, barring it as quickly as I could before taking cover by our closet. I can hear one of the dogs barking in the living room, and I can only hope she will do the same, and not attempt to approach the guy.

Smart enough to grab her phone, my girlfriend dials 911, while I load the only weapon I have accessible and ammo for, a meager Rueger 22LR peashooter. I take a kneeled position, ready to fire along my poorly created path of resistance.

About 5 minutes into the call, the Sheriff Deputies kick in the door. Unbeknownst to me, they assisted a deputy over our backyard wall, who had line of sight with a man matching our description, and was shouting at him to put the gun down.

As the cops clear the living room/kitchen area, I hear them questioning my roommate, a former Army Sergeant who I had previously shared a few duty stations with over the years.

I’m glad to hear his voice, as I had no idea what his status was.

Moments later, a Deputy announces his presence at our bedroom door. I announce there are two persons and two dogs in the room, and that I have placed my weapon on the ground.

He asks for me to unlock the door, and I comply, taking a few steps back and going down to my knees, raising my hands up, and nodding to my girlfriend to do the same. I announce my status, and two deputies enter with guns drawn on me.

Once they confirm the room is clear, we’re told the situation is resolved and that they have some questions for us. I step out of the living room, and low and behold, there’s that same f**king guy standing behind the wall, gun in hand, glaring across the room. I see my roommate talking with the officers, and then it becomes abundantly clear;

I got f**king pranked.

Turns out this tall figure holding a gun is a life-sized cardboard cutout of Dwayne the motherf**king Rock Johnson, from one of his new movies.

My roommate and girlfriend both work part time at a nearby movie theatre, and I come to find out that my roommate brought the Rock home late last night, and set him up in a position that would create the best scare reaction.

Well, mission f**king accomplished.

Fortunately, the officers were in good spirits this morning, and were sure to take plenty of photos for “evidence.” My reaction is validated by the officer who went over our backyard wall, who thought it was an armed man at first glance as well.

They had a mighty fine laugh, took our information down, gave us a case number, and now I can only assume this story and their photos are going viral within the LEO community. Too bad Cops wasn’t attached to these guys, because it would have been a fantastic episode, I’m sure.

All in all, I’m grateful no one was injured, and that the officers maintained good trigger discipline. I’m grateful I had some training on how to seek cover, secure a defensive position, and have control under a panic. I’m grateful all my doggos are ok, just a bit spooked.

My roommate is beyond proud with his prank, as he “never expected us to call the cops,” and hand a good laugh with the officers. He gets to fix the door and buy us a round of beers now.

You can see a photo below of what aslattery saw when he awoke:



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