Kids Are Getting High Off Of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm


(PCM) While this latest internet rumor about substances teens will use to get high may end up getting debunked, the latest word is that teens are using Burt’s Bees lip balm on their eyelids to supposedly intensify a high.

Teens have nicknamed the newest trend “Beezin” and it is reportedly that the tingly feeling after placing the lip balm on their eye lids caused the users to feel good while they are drunk or high. We think it is a perfectly good waste of lip balm!

Some teens are claiming that it adds a little bit of extra something to their intoxication while others claim that it causes them to feel more alert. It is the peppermint oil that is an ingredient in the Burt’s Bees lip balm that creates the sensation.

While Burt’s Bees lip balm is an all natural product, the use of the product for reasons other than it was intended does pose some health concerns. The peppermint oil can act as a strong irritant especially when used around the eyes. It could lead to symptoms that mimic pink eye with eye redness and swelling possible.

What also causes some concern is that the trend is now buzzing on social media, which can act as a warning for parents and adults, but can also help popularize the trend among teens. When teens see ‘Beezin’ mentioned on Twitter or Facebook, they become curious and may want to experiment.

One teen wanna-be rap artist even made a ridiculous song about it…check it out below: ( kind of made me want to claw my eardrums out)


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Pat Robertson Predicts Doomsday Asteroid Could Hit Next Week


(PCM) While we would not go as far as to say run for cover just yet, televangelist Pat Robertson has predicted, yet again, that the end of days is near.

Figures it would be yesterday, which happened to be Earth Day, that NASA astronauts released the information that the Earth has been hit by more asteroids that previously known. There have been over 26 asteroid impacts since 2001 and it so happens that each impact caused explosions that were on a level scale with that of an atomic bomb.

During his show, “The 700 Club” which airs on ABC Family, Robertson claimed that any one of these asteroid strikes could bring about the prophesied “end of days”. Robertson has been claiming for a good many years that the end of days is near and even published a book titled “The End Of The Age” back in 1995 that focused on predictions that an asteroid would wipe out the planet.

Robertson’s recent claim states that nothing “else that fulfills the prophetic words of Jesus Christ other than an asteroid strike. There isn’t anything that will cause the seas to roil, that will cause the skies to darken, the moon and the sun not to give their light, the nations terrified on Earth saying ‘what’s happening?’”

He goes on to say “It could be next week, or it could be a 1,000 years from now, but nevertheless we want to be ready at whatever time the Lord says ‘I’m wrapping it up, it’s time to come home.’”

How do you feel about Robertson’s predictions? Do you have a Doomsday plan?

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South Carolina Man Slapped With A $525 Citation Over A Drink Refill Will Instead Get A Warning


(PCM) Recently, a South Carolina man, Christopher Lewis, was federally charged a $525 fine over a $0.89 drink refill at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center. Thank goodness, it now appears that Lewis will be able to get off with only a warning over the incident.

Mostly likely based upon the national attention that the case is beginning to receive, the Medical Center has reviewed the case and determined that a warning instead of a fine would be sufficient in this particular situation.

Lewis, who works as an on-site construction worker at the hospital, was on his lunch break and was completely unaware that refills on his drink were not free. He was shocked when he was given a ticket by the Federal Police Force at the hospital to the tune of $525 after he went up and refilled his drink, failing to pay the $0.89 refill fee.

I truly can’t stop laughing at this, but a hospital spokesperson called the incident “theft of government property”. You would seriously think these individuals would have more to worry about than free refills in the cafeteria. The hospital went on to say that there are signs posted all around the cafeteria that say drink refills are not free, however Lewis claims that he has never noticed them and has refilled his drink in the past without issue.

To make matters worse, Lewis is now out of a job. Lewis claims that when he was approached by the officer who issued the initial citation, he attempted to pay for the refill right then and there, but was not allowed, therefore not having the option to make right what he had done wrong accidentally.

He was taken to a room, given the $525 citation for shoplifting and was told not to return to the property. Lewis asked about returning to the construction site to finish his job if he agreed to bring his own lunch and stay out of the cafeteria, however the officer wanted him off the premises completely.

The hospital claims that Lewis was aggressive during the confrontation. I don’t blame him! I know rules are rule and there to follow, but to cost someone their job even when they tried to make amends is just not right.

Lewis plans to contest the fine in federal court if it even makes it that far. Something tells me they are going to want to avoid the mess and just leave things with the warning.

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