Could These 36 Questions Really Make Anyone Fall In Love?


(PCM) With Valentine’s Day right around the corner our thoughts are beginning to focus on all things love and romance.  Many people have their own thought and opinions about the meaning of love and what it takes to fall in love, so do we really think that a set of 36 questions could be the key to finding that true and everlasting love to last a lifetime.

One psychologist in New York, named Arthur Aron, certainly does and back in 1997 he created a psychological experiment using a set of 36 questions that he claimed played a key role in … read more...

Will Fifty Shades Of Grey Be A Box Office Blockbuster Or A Dud?

By: Carla J. Hanna


(PCM) It’s fitting that a mommy porn fan fiction spawned from the Twilight books and movies will hit theaters in February 2015. As a 40-year-old mother who enjoyed the Twilight series and the movies, I recall the moment of awkward creepiness as I watched the Breaking Dawn, Part 1 sex scene with my group of girlfriends at the 2011 movie premiere. It was then that it hit me that 100+-year-old stone-cold vampire Edward was painfully screwing his warm virgin bride, bringing new meaning to the characterization that he was a cold, hard pr**k. Sure, I had … read more...

Chinese Woman Moves Into A 24-Hour KFC For A Week!


(PCM) A 26-year old Chinese woman by the name of Tan Chen recently went through quite a tragic relationship split and did what many of us only wish we could do … stuff ourselves full of delicious KFC fried chicken and escape the pain for about week.

After the break-up Chen reported in sick for her job and while walking around town trying to get her mind off the split, she decided to go into a local KFC in the train station of China’s Sichuan Peninsula. Chen ended up staying at the restaurant for an entire week!

She claims that …

There Are More Singles In America Now Than Ever Before


(PCM) Recently, Pew Research Center published a study that reveals that the number of people who are single in America has reached an all time high.

The study, which collected census date, revealed that by the time that young adults of today reach their mid-40 to mid-50’s a whopping 25 percent will have never been married. Looking back to the year 1960 that same number was on 10 percent, showing that there has been a steady up rise in the single lifestyle over years.

The data shows that if this trend continues that number will continue to climb and by … read more...

Man Impersonates His Own Father To Break The News Of His Death To Get Out Of Wedding


(PCM) 23 year old Alex Lanchester of the U.K. met her fiance Tucker Blandford while they were both attending the University of Connecticut back in 2012. The pair dated throughout college and were set to become husband and wife this August, until Blandford decided he wanted to fake his own death to back out of the upcoming nuptials.

Blandford had proposed to Lanchester right after college before she returned Britain. Lanchester accepted his proposal and claims that she purchased a hand-made wedding gown online, paid for the bridesmaid dresses and took care of all the other necessary wedding day details. … read more...

Nintendo Will Not Allow Gay Characters In Its’ New Game


(PCM) Despite a rather large social media campaign spearheaded by a fan, Nintendo says it will not allow gay characters or same-sex relationships in its’ new game Tomodatchi Life.

The game is a real-life simulation game features a cast of “Mii” characters living on a virtual island. If you recall, a “Mii” is an animated avatar based on actual people. The game will allow users to populate their island with the “Mii characters of family, friends or anyone else you can think of”.

The game is already a huge hit in Japan and is slated for release here in the … read more...

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