Mary Kay Letourneau Wants To Return To Teaching


(PCM) Some of you may not be old enough to remember the case of Mary Kay Letourneau, the sixth grade teacher, who was arrested and charged with raping a 12-year old student back in the mid-90’s.  After being released from prison, Letourneau went on to marry the victim Vili Fualaau and the two are soon going to be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. The pair also are the parents of two daughters, Audrey and Georgia, aged 16 and 17.

The couple recently sat down for an interview with Barbara Walters that will air this Friday night on ABC’s “20/20″ during which Letourneau still defends the couples relationship and even admits to wanting very much to get back into teaching again.

Currently, Letourneau works as a legal assistant and reveals that she is making an attempt to have her name removed off of the sex offender registry list. When Letourneau began her affair with Faulaau, she was married with four children at the time. Faulaau was a very gifted drawer at the time that their affair began and Letourneau claims that she began spending time with him to help him hone his skill during the school year. Their relationship took a sexual turn later that summer.

Letourneau’s husband discovered a love letter from Fualaau and notified the authorities which ended up leading to Letourneau’s rape conviction. When asked by Walters if she ever felt “guilty or disgusted” by her relationship with Fualaau, she replied “I love him very much and though why can’t a kiss ever just be a kiss?”

In the interview Faulaau, now 31, revealed that he went through a very dark time following Letourneau’s conviction and suffered from severe depression due to all the scandal. He says “I’m very surprised that I am still alive today.”  He also reveals that he would be “very upset” if his children were to ever have a relationship like his, as he does not support younger children having a relationship with someone older”.

Sounds kind of hypocritical if you ask me, but I still think both Letourneau and Fualaau are fifty shades of cray cray to this day. I certainly wish the best for their children!


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Husband Posts Series Of “Miserable” Vacation Photos After Wife Can’t Join Him On Trip


(PCM) Someone vote this guy husband of the year!  Kevin Blanford of Louisville, KY won the trip of a lifetime from his job at a telecommunications company. The trip was an all-expenses paid vacation to Puerto Rico for himself and his wife Bonnie. Sounds like the perfect romantic getaway, except there was just one problem .. Kevin’s wife Bonnie was unable to make the journey.

Kevin, being the wonderful husband that he is, posted an online photo gallery of his solo vacation that shows him looking absolutely miserable without his better half. The photo gallery has now gone viral and has been viewed by millions of people. The photo gallery was originally posted on IMGUR with the title “Not a single second of fun in Puerto Rico”.

The reason that Bonnie could not go along on the trip is because the couple has a 7 month old baby at home.  When asked who snapped all the hilarious photos, Kevin just said “a dedicated friend”.



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Man Goes Into A Muslim Bakery To Ask For A Gay Wedding Cake

Gay wedding cakeRecently the You Tube Channel Louder with Crowder posted a video where a man and a hidden camera enter Muslim Bakeries to get their response when asked to purchase a gay wedding cake.

Some of the bakeries said yes, others said no they would not bake such a cake. The question is where are the gay armies storming the Muslim bakeries and why do they only attack Christians? Christians are not routinely killing gay men. Muslims are.

Christian are only asking that their religious freedom, as described in the Constitution be honored. Below is the video we invite your comments about what seems to be a one sided attack against Christians

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Starbucks Urges Employees To Talk About Race Relations With Customers


(PCM) Retail coffee giant Starbucks is now asking customers to #RaceTogether and urges  their employees to begin talking about race relations in our country with their customers. The baristas have begun writing “race together” on beverage cups in hopes of sparking some of these conversations that many people are afraid to have with one another.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz claims that “We as Starbucks should be willing to talk about this issues in America”. After incidents that occurred in Ferguson, MO, New York City, and Oakland, CA, there is a lot of deep emotional and racial unrest throughout the country and these are issues that we should not be afraid to address.  Schultz goes on to say “Not to point fingers or to place blame, and not because we have the answers, but because staying silent is not who we are,”

It is the hope that this new movement will be the catalyst to help people gain a greater empathy, understanding and compassion towards one another.  Stores in New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Oakland and Los Angeles have already begin writing “Race Together” on cups, but the rest of the company’s some 12,000 stores are expected to join in with them today.

Schultz feels it begins with “one conversation at a time” to create a more emphatic and inclusive society overall.  While it appears that Starbucks may have had good intentions with the #RaceTogether campaign, it is causing the company to receive quite a bit of ridicule online and on social media, as many feel that it potentially puts customers in an awkward position and could lead to racial stereotyping, just the opposite of what it was initially proposed to do.

Check out Twitter and the #RaceTogether for some pretty hilarious quips aimed at the company. Starbucks still continues to stand by the movement and feels that it is truly worth a little bit of discomfort for the great good.

What do you think?

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How To Find Long-Lasting Love

By: Elaine Taylor


When anyone asks my dignified, stiff-upper-lipped husband, how a guy who’s been an investment banker in financial capitals of the world—London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York—ended up blissfully hitched to a broad from red-white-and-blue Texas, he deadpans in his clipped British accent, “We were channeled together by the spirit of Elaine’s dead lover.”

Hundred percent true; but not as effortlessly mystical as it sounds—even if you’re into that stuff.

I grew up in redneck, white-trash, blue-collar Texas, where a girl was a big fat nothing—less valuable than a good huntin’ dawg.

Terrified to wake up thirty years later and find they were right, I scratched out a role in the corporate testicle festival. By age 40, I earned fat, man-size paychecks. The price? A heart as tough as armadillo hide, and my “love life” a dispiriting trail of relationship roadkill.

Desperate for a peek at my future I consulted an astrologer-psychic who fanned out her Tarot cards, did her California woo-woo thing and assured me I would someday have the kind of love about which stories are written. “But,” she said, “not until you’re ready.”

Sheesh. How much readier could one woman be?

The psychic pointed me down the path of a 1-2-3 Get-Ready-for-Love Plan:

1. Write a Perfect Mate List: Let’s face it: if you’re “on-the-market” you have some form of that list running through your subconscious 24/7, right? And it works! My first iteration, decades earlier, was, “tall, dark and handsome.” Yep. Exactly what I got . . . and pretty much nothing more. This time I went beyond the kind of description found on a driver’s license. Honed and refined that list over multiple years. (Sadly, this was not an overnight process; but isn’t the possibility of a soul mate worth the time?)

2. Define what “love” will look like when it finds me: Seriously? How no-brainer is that? It will be, “Wonderful! Spectacular! I will be ecstatically happy!” Which, of course, was just another lazy variation on the driver’s license list. To my surprise I struggled with this—couldn’t figure out even how to start. Until Emily Dickinson inspired me: Heart, we will forget him! You and I, tonight! You may forget the warmth he gave, I will forget the light.

3. Unload the emotional baggage: No emotional baggage here! OK, OK . . . I was a Peterbilt truck with no side mirrors, hauling a semi-trailer of festering emotional manure that rocked along in my blind spot. Yeah, it probably couldn’t hurt to drop a load. After much mewling and twitchy dithering, I hunkered on my therapist’s sofa, unleashed a lifetime of repressed tears; and summoned the courage to face down all those hurts and betrayals—both those done to and by me. Over time, the volume diminished on the “you’ll never be good enough” sound track that had been hammered into my psyche.
Painful? Absolutely. Emancipating? Beyond words.

Over this years-long process I discovered three critical truths:

  • It is not possible to find long-lasting, deeply satisfying love unless you believe yourself worthy of it. I had to learn to love, and find contentment with, myself.
  • As a woman clawing her way in a man’s world I defined “emotional strength” as all sharp-edges and impenetrable boundaries. I had to relearn that tenderness and vulnerability are the DNA of true emotional strength. When the time came, I used that strength to love a dying man who had once broken my heart. A man who desperately needed to receive love, even as he could not return it.
  • I accepted and found peace with the fact that I might never share my life with the Perfect Mate. So what would I do with all the love my heart yearned to give? I stopped focusing on what I did not have . . . and sought a way to give what I could offer to those who needed it. I began to volunteer at a homeless shelter for families—the kind of place that, but for the grace of God, I might have needed to land in my early, below-the-poverty-level, single-parent years.

My journey through the Get-Ready-for-Love Plan was neither easy nor quick. But it was worth it for the lessons learned, for the woman I worked so hard to become, for the love and respect I feel for that woman.

As it turned out, my reward was exponentially greater. That dying man I loved fifteen years ago? Two years after his death the psychic told me he was sending my soul mate—a lover who would bring “warmth and light” for the rest of my life.

Seriously! She said it. And he did!

That soul mate, my husband, has been my Perfect Mate since 2001. Thankfully I was ready for love—I was ready for him  . . .  when he found me.

Elaine Taylor is a former IT headhunter and Contingent Workforce Management consultant to Fortune 500 companies. When she lived in San Francisco, she was involved with Raphael House, a shelter for homeless families, as a regular volunteer and as a member of the Board of Directors. She teaches Story Structure through OLLI at Duke University. KARMA, DECEPTION and a Pair of Red FERRARIS (May 5, 2015) is her only work of creative nonfiction. Currently she lives with her husband and two highly indulged Weimaraners in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina.

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Father Refuses To Give Up Baby Born With Downs Syndrome


(PCM) Samuel Forrest, a New Zealand man living in Armenia, is making headlines after he refuses to give his newborn baby, born with Downs Syndrome, up for adoption.

When the child was born the doctor came out and said to Forrest, “There’s a real problem with your son” and then they took him back to see his son. Forrest responded to the doctor saying “He’s beautiful — he’s perfect and I’m absolutely keeping him”.

However, his Armenia wife had other ideas and informed Forrest that if he didn’t agree to put the baby up for adoption than she was going to leave him.  When he refused, the wife filed for divorce just one week after little Leo was born.

It seems that when a baby is born with Downs Syndrome in Armenia, the hospital gives parents the option right away of putting the baby up for adoption.  Forrests’ wife had already made that decision behind his back without first speaking with her husband.

In the country of Armenia, it is the social norm to be non-accepting of children born with certain birth defects and/or imperfections. The families often feel that an orphanage is a safe option for these children.  Hopefully with more awareness to these types of situations things can begin to change for the better in these areas of the world.

Even, the wife’s family was urging Forrest to put the child up for adoption and he was unfortunately no longer welcome in the family’s home.

Forrest who is a freelance business contractor will take baby Leo and move back in with his family who have agreed to help him out with raising the child.  He has also started a GoFundMe page to help raise some additional funds to assist with baby Leo’s care.

Forrest started out with a $60,000 target and has already well-surpassed that number garnering tons of supporters who were touched by this story across the globe.  Thus far Forrest has raised over $481,000! He plans to donate the additional funds received to help support abandoned children in Armenia and families with disabled children.

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