Husband Pens A Heartbreaking Post Explaining Why He Kept The Body Of His Deceased Wife In Their Bedroom For Six Days

(PCM) Russell Davisons’ absolutely heart-wrenching post explaining why he kept the body of his deceased wife Wendy in their bedroom for six days has gone viral and once you read it, you will completely understand. Get ready to have the tissues handy!

Russells’ wife Wendy’s 1o-year long battle with cervical cancer came to an end on April 21, 2017, but over the course of her illness she was a true fighter and her will to live exceeded many of the expectations set in place by her doctors and caregivers over the last several years of her life. Russell refers to his wife as a “warrior” and after reading their story, we have to say that we completely agree.

Right up until the end Russell and Wendy lived their lives the way they wanted to without relying on modern medicines and being in and out of hospitals. It was Wendy’s wish to live out her final days in the couple’s home surrounded by family and friends and their dog Elvis. Some questioned why after Wendy passed did Russell decide not to go the typical route by having Wendy’s body moved to the mortuary, however his reasoning makes perfect sense.

Wendy’s body was placed in a cocoon (as they would rather call it, as they hated the word coffin) and kept in the couples bedroom for the six days after her passing before she was to be cremated. Family and friends were able to come by and pay their respects and spend time with Wendy from the comfort of her own home which is perfectly legal.

As long as a death is reported and registered the family can choose to keep the body at home until the funeral arrangements are made, as historically in years past many individuals would die at home and their bodies would be cared for by the family until the time of burial and in more recent years cremation.

You can read Russell Davison’s beautifully written post below and please share with your family and loved ones as the Davison’s story can be truly be an inspiration to many!

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What Is ‘Cushioning’? Why You Should Be Concerned If Your Significant Other Does It To You!

(PCM) There are hundreds of different dating terms out there these days, but one of the newest ones you should definitely know the definition of is “cushioning”! We can all agree that dating can be difficult and people for some reason just can’t seem to make up their minds about who they choose to be with these days, so they figured, ‘The heck with it, why not just have it all’ and hence we have situations known as ‘cushioning’ occur.

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘Cushioning’ refers to “A dating technique where along with your main piece you also have several ‘cushions,’ other people you’ll chat and flirt with to cushion the potential blow of your main break-up and not leave you alone.’ Yeah, I don’t think it’s going that well with Dave. Luckily I’ve been cushioning him with Pablo and Gary.’ ”

Ouch! Apparently, ‘cushioning’ has been around for quite some time, but has often been referred to as simply keeping another individual on the ‘back burner’ or ‘waiting in the wings’. While the “Pablo’s” and the “Gary’s” are probably loving all the attention, our man “Dave” there is the one getting the worst of the situation. ‘Cushioning’ can be likened to cheating without actually cheating.

While you may not physically be hooking up with any of these other individuals, you are building them up and giving them hope that something like that may occur in the future. Many do not even realize that there is a significant other in the picture in the first place and may just feel that the person is simply playing hard to get. Either way, having any type of intimate conversation or flirtation with someone who is not your significant other can certainly be looked at as cheating and is definitely a cause for major concern in most relationships.

Keeping someone for a rebound is not only unfair to them, but unfair to your significant other as well.  There is a level of dishonesty in play when checking to see if the grass will be greener in other pastures. It is really not any different that actual cheating. Using someone for a ‘cushion’ is just wrong. The only way a relationship can work is if both people are truly committed to see it’s growth and success. If one person is always looking elsewhere and not willing to put in the work than it will never be beneficial to anyone. We have become a society that want’s our cake and to eat it too and situations such as ‘cushioning’ are what is bringing down sanctity of relationships and will continue to do so until people begin opening their eyes to make a change.

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Woman Has Insane Freak-Out Over A PDA And The Internet Watches

(PCM) A couple in Santa Monica, CA may have just captured the greatest viral freak-out video of all time. The innocent couple were just standing in line waiting to order take-out at a local area poke bowl restaurant when the woman in line in front of them paying for her food decided to have an intense melt-down over a slight PDA (Public Display Of Affection) that occurred between the couple.

The boyfriend, who ended up capturing the woman in film, claims that the PDA wasn’t even all that bad. All he did was keep his arms around his girlfriend and maybe kiss her on the top of her head once or twice. Apparently that was enough to cause the woman to completely lose it and prompted the boyfriend to get the camera rolling.

He posted the following description of the event that took place via Reddit:

Last night my girlfriend of four years and I were waiting patiently for a lady to order her food at this restaurant in Santa Monica, and I had my arms around her from behind and maybe kissed her on the top of the head once or twice, but that was the extent of it.Out of nowhere, the lady (who was finalizing her transaction) looks at us and exclaims emphatically how inappropriate PDA was and how uncomfortable it was making her. I thought she was joking because of how little we were actually making contact. I turned and kissed my girlfriend on the cheek and made a loud smack, and that’s where she really lost it. I immediately knew I had to get this on camera, so that’s about where the video picks up. We tried to stay as calm as possible. I was trying not to engage as I knew this lady was clearly nuts, but when she started calling my girlfriend a slut, whore, etc, and when she stepped closer to her, that’s when I started getting angry. In retrospect, I’m proud that we didn’t sink to her level or anything like that, but wish I would’ve said some more clever remarks. Oh also, I f**ked up by not filming in portrait mode – Sorry about that.

You can watch the insane video below:

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New Children’s Book Has Santa Claus Coming Out Of The Closet, Rather Than To Town

(PCM) A new children’s book will be published that is set to change the story of Santa Claus as we know it, forever! The book titled, “Santa’s Husband” is penned by Daniel Kibblesmith and features the story of a gay, black Santa who lives in the North Pole with his white husband. The story further goes on to explain that if Santa can’t make it out to all of his mall appearances, his husband fills in, hence why everyone believes that Santa is white.

Kibblesmith is also a writer for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and the book “How To Win At Everything”.  He revealed via Twitter that the “Santa’s Husband” book will be hitting store shelves on October 1o, 2017. Kibblesmith says that the idea for the “Santa’s Husband” book came from a joke he tweeted back in December of 2016 which read, “Me & @JenAshleyWright have decided our future child will only know about Black Santa. If they see a white one we’ll say “That’s his husband”

Kibblesmith still appears to be in awe that the story is actually getting published, but definitely seems ready to take on some of the backlash he will most likely begin to receive. He also has a ton of support as well, so we are definitely looking at a Christmas battle to begin online soon. Kibblesmith and publisher Harper Design both claim that “Santa’s Husband” will be a parody children’s book, but it is also meant for all ages.


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Woman Get Rejected On The ‘Kiss Cam’ But Ends Up With The Ultimate Revenge!

(PCM) Okay, folks! Here is a very important life lesson: if you happen to be attending a sporting event of any kind and the infamous “kiss cam” happens to land on you, unless you are there with a family member, if the person you are with leans in to kiss you, it is highly suggested that you kiss them back. Don’t make the same mistake as this guy!

During an Atlanta Hawks game the “kiss cam” turned on several couples but when it got to one particular couple, the guy apparently didn’t get the “kiss cam” rule memo and his girlfriend got the best revenge. The guy was lounged back sipping on this beer and when his lady friend leaned in for a kiss he refused and continued to guzzle the beer. Well, the girl was having none of that, so she looked over at the ready and willing stranger sitting next to her and they proceeded to smooch on the camera instead.

Needless to say guy number one was none too pleased, but hey, he’s the one that chose beer over kisses. Not cool, dude, not cool at all! Some people are saying that the clip looks staged as when guy number one the supposed boyfriend gets up an angrily walks away his girlfriend does not get up and go after him. He might have a slight right to be mad, but hey, she was following the “kiss cam” rule correctly! It’s not her fault he preferred the beer!

So, ladies and gentleman, what lesson did we learn here! When the “kiss cam” turns on you, you kiss! End of story and one that might not have a very happy ending if you behave like the guy at the Atlanta Hawks game!

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Could It Be That We Only Fall In Love Three Times In A Lifetime?

(PCM) There has been a widely circulating belief that states each person will only truly fall in love three times over the course of their lifetime. This may seem like a very small number given the number of relationships that people grow and develop throughout their lives, but we are talking about real true head over heels love here. It is the kind of love that has a significant effect on shaping who you become as a person and each of the three major loves leaves a major impact on your life.

The first of these three loves of a lifetime is ones first love. You could call it puppy love if you like, but it is usually the first serious relationship that a person enters when they are in their teenage years and can often last throughout high school. It is a fairy-tale type of love filled with big dreams and unrealistic plans for the future.  Even if deep within we know that this love will never last, we never plan for it to end. We are still in the process of learning about our feelings and just how to properly express them.

The second of the three major loves is the hard love or the love that teaches us some major lessons. This type of love is the one that we desperately attempt to hold onto even though things are not progressing as they should. We constantly feel that we could change or our partner could change then everything will end up working out in the end. It can be very difficult to understand that you can’t not change a person or mold them into what you would like them to become, and this love always ends in pile of misery and pain. It is from this “hard love” that we learn what we need and expect from the next relationship that comes along. We start to better learn what we are looking for in a partner, so that we can be our best selves and they can be as well.

These “hard love” type of relationships can often cycle over the course of our adult lives and it is not until we’ve had an awakening and eventually break the cycle that we can move on to the third and final love of a lifetime.  This third love is the one that shows up when we least expect it and it is truly the one that we never saw coming. This love is very simple and has no complications. It leaves us wondering what we had been doing our whole lives until this person showed up. There are no expectations or preconceived notions when we find this type of love, but it is the best example of perfection, as everything feels exactly the way it should and many feel as if many aspects of their lives have finally fallen into place. With this third and final love, we finally learn that we are worthy and deserving of true love and we are able to share that with our partner of choice.

While certainly not everyone will experience only three loves in their lifetime, as some will experience many more or many less, there is definitely a pattern that emerges as you compare the descriptions of these three major loves to the various relationships you’ve had over the course of your life and the impact that they have had on you as a person. We all, as human beings, have the ability to create our own love stories, but we definitely have to admit that many of these descriptions are eerily accurate.

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