Tomb Of Jesus Christ Opened For The First Time In Centuries


(PCM) A tomb, believed to be that of Jesus Christ, has been opened for the first time in centuries and it’s excavation has been officially documented by National Geographic. The restoration team removed a layer of marble to access the area of the tomb that is believed to be the rock surface where Jesus’ body was laid to rest.

There has been argument and speculation among historians over the years in regards to the exact location of Jesus’ tomb with many believing that the original cave was destroyed years ago. New research using ground penetrating radar technology has now revealed that the cave walls are indeed still intact and it is located behind the marbled panels of the chamber at the center of Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The renovation process is part of an effort to preserve the Edicule, the chamber housing the cave where Jesus is said to have been entombed and resurrected. It is one of the most important shrines in Christianity.

Six denominations of the Christian religion practice at the holy site and all must reach an agreement regarding any excavations and renovations that can be completed. Devout Christians make pilgrimages to visit the holy site and pray within the confines of the small Edicule.

The Edicule was closed off to the public during the renovation. The team used machinery to remove the top layer of marble slab which has not been removed since the year 1550. After removing quite a bit of debris under the first marble slab the team discovered that a second marble slab engraved with a cross symbol and dates back to the 12th century.

This leads the renovation team to believe that even more lay beneath the second marble slab and this may lead them to the original rock that was Jesus’s resting place before the resurrection. The church has allowed the team only 60 hours to excavate and document the Edicule, so they have been tirelessly working day and night.

Tests have been done on material samples within the tomb and results are expected in the coming months. The tomb will be resealed and reinforced, however one section of the tomb is being left exposed. A small window was cut into the Edicule’s marble wall to allow visitors to catch a small glimpse at what is believed to be Jesus’ final resting place.


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Teen Insists She Is Pregnant With Baby Jesus And Tells The World On Dr. Phil


(PCM) An upcoming episode of the “Dr. Phil” show features the downright bizarre story of 19-year old Haley, who is convinced that she is pregnant with the baby Jesus and no one will believe her story.  Her friends and family do not believe she is pregnant at all, let along pregnant with the baby Jesus.

Haley is infuriated that she has no one on her side and decided to take things a step further and share her story with the world by appearing on “Dr. Phil”. It appears her loved ones have good reason to doubt her story, as Haley has taken six urine pregnancy tests and all have come up negative.

Haley claims that everyone just tells her that she’s “getting fat”, but she says that she “knows it’s Jesus”.  The issue is causing a ton of chaos and tension within the family and even some physical altercations have nearly occurred.

The promo for the episode shows Haley losing her temper and she screams at her family “I pregnant!” which they again dismiss. Rest assured the truth will be revealed as Haley has agreed to partake in an ultrasound courtesy of the “Dr. Phil” show to prove her pregnancy (or non-pregnancy) once and for all!

We are not the biggest “Dr. Phil” fans, but this one definitely seems worth tuning in!

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Stolen Baby Jesus Statue Head Returned After Artist’s Horrible Replacement Goes Viral


(PCM) It appears that even thieves can have a heart sometimes! The missing head of the baby Jesus statue at Ontario’s Sainte-Anne-des-Pins Catholic Church was mysteriously returned after a local artist’s horrible clay replacement head goes viral on the internet. We are guessing that whomever had possession of the stolen head decided after seeing that monstrosity decided now was a good time to repent!

The replacement head was fashioned by local artist Heather Wise, however she decided to take an unconventional approach with her design and it quickly became an internet meme. Wise claims that she only crafted the clay head, which featured overly exaggerated features and a spiked head piece, to serve as a place holder until she could fashion a more permanent replacement out of stone. She goes on to say that she has never worked with clay as a medium prior to the head design as her defense to the project coming out so terribly wrong.

The church was rather amused that the statue has gone viral and did come to Wise’s defense about the replacement, however they ultimately decided to have the offending clay head removed.  That was definitely the right decision, as due to all the viral buzz surround the statue, the perpetrators decided to return baby Jesus’s original head! It was reattached to the statue and recently presented to parishioners during mass. See, not all viral buzz is bad … this time baby Jesus got his head returned thanks to some repenting thieves who felt sorry for a statue!

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A Rabbi And Pamela Anderson Concoct An Anti-Porn Essay For The Wall Street Journal


(PCM) Yes, that headline is actually true and just as ridiculous as it sounds! Former Playboy Playmate and actress Pamela Anderson teamed up with a Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to craft an essay, which was recently published in the Wall Street Journal, focusing on the dangers of porn.

If we can recall, didn’t Pamela Anderson star in her very own sex tape with ex-husband Tommy Lee?  Guess this makes it okay now!

The duo wrote the essay as a response to the ongoing Anthony Weiner sex scandal saying “And if anyone still doubted the devastation that porn addiction wreaks on those closest to the addict, behold the now-shattered marriage of Mr. Weiner and Huma Abedin … From our respective positions of rabbi-counselor and former Playboy model and actress, we have often warned about pornography’s corrosive effects on a man’s soul and on his ability to function as husband and, by extension, as father. This is a public hazard of unprecedented seriousness.”

However, news flash!  The Anthony Weiner sex scandal has absolutely nothing to do with porn!

They conclude in their ill-crafted essay that men are the ones who are most affected by pornography addiction, however children can also easily become victims. They say that children are being raised in an “environment of wall-to-wall, digitized sexual images … They are the crack babies of porn.”

That is quite a description there! Always keeping it classy Pam!

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Witchcraft Shop Refuses To Sell Wands To Harry Potter Fans


(PCM) Not sure exactly how one witchcraft shop in Great Britain is able to accurately spot a Harry Potter fan, however they claim they can sense one just by the aura and wants no part of them shopping in their store.

Mystical Moments crafts gorgeous handmade wooden wands for witches, warlocks and wizards, however if you are a Harry Potter fan you can forget about it!  The store refuses to sell any wands to fans of the hit book/film franchise written by author J.K. Rowling.

The store owner claims that while Rowling did, indeed, do her research, Harry Potter is for children and has done nothing for his business overall. The store owner told the Telegraph, “I don’t have customers who have been Harry Potterfied. If I had someone come in wanting a wand just because they liked Harry Potter I wouldn’t sell them one, no matter how much money they were offering.”

When used correctly wands can be used as a tool to draw a protective circle around witches to assist with curing various ills and of course make wishes come true. All you truly need is faith in whichever product you choose to have it work wonders for you, except if you are a fan of Harry Potter. In that case, you are totally on your own!

This definitely shows quite a bit of discrimination against Harry Potter fans by Mystical Moments and many fans feel that it is not even legal for a shop to refuse to sell an item to a specific group of people. Do we smell a lawsuit brewing?

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After School Satan Club Coming To An Elementary School Near You?


(PCM) A group of leaders from the Satanic Temple have revealed plans to spread their message to public elementary school students across the country. They feel that because many Christian groups have after school religious programs for students, they feel they want to give students a choice between either Jesus or Satan. Something tells us, this is never going to fly!

The group’s video promoting the after-school Satan Club is almost comical as it almost resembles a horror-film trailer mashed up with some kind of sketch comedy skit.  In a recent interview the Satanic Temple’s co-founder Doug Mesner says “It’s critical that children understand that there are multiple perspectives on all issues, and that they have a choice in how they think.”

The Satanic Temple is urging public school officials to allow them to begin the introduction of the After School Satan Club as soon as the new school year begins. Chapter heads from Utah, New York, Boston and Arizona were in Salem, Massachusetts back in early July to talk strategy, with others from Minneapolis, Detroit, San Jose, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Florida participating online.

There is even a website dedicated to the cause which can be viewed here!

The group does however want people who opposed their plan to understand one thing. They are not about promoting any type of worship to the devil. They are instead committed to the view that scientific rationality provides the best measure of reality. They do not believe or endorse any type of supernatural elements or beings that many religions refer to as Satan, Lucifer or any other name.

The purpose of the After School Satan Club would be to teach children about developing reasoning and social skills. Meetings will include a healthy snack, literature lesson, creative learning activities, a science lesson, puzzle solving and an art project. Every child will receive a membership card and must have a signed parental permission slip for a parent or responsible adult  to attend.

While the presence of a religious organization in public schools will no doubt be shocking to some, primarily the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) represented by lawyers from the Liberty Counsel, they have solidly established the legal rights of religious organizations to operate clubs in public schools.

According to the CEF website, “[…] the United States Supreme Court ruled that a public school which allows use of its facilities to secular groups may not discriminate against religious groups.” And now that the CEF has established its Bible-based Good News Clubs across the nation, The Satanic Temple are eager to offer their own after school clubs, which will focus upon “critical reasoning, independent-thinking, fun, and freethought.”

What do you think about the groups proposition?  Would you allow your child to attend?

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