Internet Loses Its’ Mind Over Poorly Spaced Church Sign

(PCM) You would think that when a large banner type sign gets placed in front of your building, someone maybe, just maybe might want to take a few moments to go out a take a look at it to make sure that everything is okay. Especially if that building happens to be a church and the sign you just hung up appears to promote atheism rather than the church itself. The image below was posted by Reddit user,GODDOGGODDOGGOD

We are fairly certain that the sign pictured above was supposed to read “God Is Now Here” however because of poor spacing and design execution on the banner it instead reads something more similar to “God Is Nowhere” or as Reddit users prefer “God I Snow Here”. Either way, somewhere along the way the message got lost in translation and the internet is having a field day making fun of the poorly spaced sign.

This is not the first time that signs with poor spacing have hilariously circulated the web. Here are few other examples below (seriously, some of these people need to be fired)

Hmm … just what kind of machine is this anyway? Oh, wait! Pen! They mean a writing utensil … now we get it!

Let’s hope that poor “Curt” has many many more Happy Birthday’s to come!

Is this a “special” kind of juice? They might want to rethink the font choice!

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CNN Reporter Eats Human Brains On TV

(PCM) CNN is hearing a lot of backlash after their reporter Reza Aslan consumed human brains on live television. Aslan was filming a segment for the new CNN series “Believer” where he paid a visit to a tiny Hindu religious sect in India that still practices cannibalism.

Viewers could hardly believe their eyes when Aslan chowed down on a piece of brain on the air. We can’t believe the editors at CNN would let something like this happen. Many Hindu Americans are the most angered by the clip as they feel that CNN is “sensationalizing” Hinduism and spreading rumors and information about the religion that are just plain untrue. The Hindu sect that was featured in the “Believer” clip has less than 100 followers and the show should not have highlighted this particular sects dated customs.

Followers of the Hindu religion want us to understand that majority of them do NOT eat brains and the segment featured in CNN’s “Believer” was in poor taste, as it is not an accurate representation. The U.S. India Political Action Committees released a statement which said, “With multiple reports of hate-fueled attacks against people of Indian origin from across the U.S., the show characterizes Hinduism as cannibalistic, which is a bizarre way of looking at the third largest religion in the world”

So far, both CNN and Aslan have been relatively quite about the incident, but still appear to be showing support for the new series. You can watch the disturbing clip below, but keep in mind, it is rather graphic and not for those with a weak stomach.

CNN cut the brain-eating part out of their promo for the “Believer” episode, but we found another version that was uploaded by another YouTube user!

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How Many Nuns Are Really In This Photo? Join The Debate!

(PCM) A clever commuter was able to capture a photo that features what they believed to be seven nuns waiting around at the Seven Sisters tube station in London. Seriously, how perfect is that pun, seven sisters waiting at Seven Sisters? It’s wonderful, except for the fact that some eagle-eyed internet user had to go an ruin everything by pointing out that there may actually be an eight nun pictured in the photograph.

Upon closer inspection of the photograph, you can just barely see what would possibly be the arm and a small section of her habit peeking out from behind a pole. She appears to be sitting on the bench. Some are even claiming that there could indeed be even more nuns waiting on the platform that we can’t see, but yet, does this make the seven sisters at Seven Sisters statement any less true? At the end of the day there were still at least seven nuns waiting at the station.

The photo was snapped by Ben Patey who told the Independent UK, ““I had just had a long day and I was waiting to jump on the train when I looked across and saw the nuns and the sign,” he said. “I had to do a double take. It was one of those strange, but amusing moments.”

As part of the London Underground, according to the Independent the Seven Sisters station takes its’ name from a group of trees that were planted in the area around the 14th century. It is said that they may have been planted by seven sisters who were going separate ways.

How many sisters do you see in the photograph? And how many more ninja-like nuns could be hiding out of frame?


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Dead Grandmother Appears In Ceremony Photo

(PCM) A lot of creepy occurrences take place each and every day and many people often take the time to share these strange and unusual stories via sites such as Reddit and more. Such is the paranormal case of Grandma Lori who sadly died before seeing her grandson graduate to become a priest.

There are various theories floating around as to why ghosts appear to linger around our world and one of the most common is that they have some sort of unfinished business or situation. When people talk about being haunted by a ghost it is usually scary in nature, however in the case of Grandma Lori, her reason for sticking around is apparently to show pride in her family.


Grandma Lori was diagnosed with a terminal illness just before her grandson was able to complete his studies to join the priesthood. She told him she wanted to live long enough to see him become a priest, however sadly she passed away a mere two weeks prior to the ceremony.

The family took tons of photos at ceremony which was of course bittersweet due to Grandma Lori’s recent passing. When looking through the photographs after the ceremony the family was shocked to discover a figure that appears to be Grandma Lori proudly standing behind a bouquet of flowers in the church, watching on as her grandson completes the ceremony.

Photo taken at priesthood ceremony.

Once shared the story of Grandma Lori has gone viral. Do you think it is an optical illusion or did Grandma Lori make an appearance at the ceremony from beyond the grave?  Let us know what you think!

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Church Prints Tupac Lyrics Rather Than ‘Hail Mary’ Prayer

(PCM) A church in Sri Lanka made a hilarious mistake over the holiday season when they accidentally printed lyrics to the Tupac Shakur song “Hail Mary” rather than the actual prayer “Hail Mary”.

The church did not notice the mistake until it was too late and all of the booklets that were printed for their annual Christmas Carol service had already been handed out.

The error was posted by a parishioner via Twitter and the posting has already racked up over 18,000 retweets and over 23, 000 likes.

A priest from the church claims that after realizing the mistake the church did ask for the booklets to be returned. He claims that a “young boy” was given the task of printing up the booklets and he had mistakenly downloaded the lyrics to the wrong version of the song. Whoops!

Definitely a quite hilarious Tupac and Christmas mix-up!

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Man Is Legally Allowed To Wear Goat Horns For Driver’s License Photo

(PCM) A Maine resident by the name of Phelan Moonsong has been awarded the right to wear his beloved goat horns in his state issued drivers license photo.

Moonsong is an ordained Pagan priest and claims that he wears his goat horns at all times except when he is showering or sleeping. Moonsong appealed the Maine Department of Motor Vehicles initial ruling that he could not wear the horns in his license photo. They claimed they needed more information about his religion and choice of head gear for the issue to go up for review.

Moonsong claims that his goat horns serve as a spiritual antenna of sorts and they assist him with educating others about Paganism. He also made sure to add the fact that the horns do no obstruct his face in any way.

The Main Secretary of State’s office reviewed Moonsong’s case and found that because he was able to cite valid religious purpose for wearing the horns and they did not obstruct his face from the camera, he would be allowed to wear them in his state driver’s license photo.

Definitely a bit odd, but now Moonsong is legal at least!

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