Dead Grandmother Appears In Ceremony Photo

(PCM) A lot of creepy occurrences take place each and every day and many people often take the time to share these strange and unusual stories via sites such as Reddit and more. Such is the paranormal case of Grandma Lori who sadly died before seeing her grandson graduate to become a priest.

There are various theories floating around as to why ghosts appear to linger around our world and one of the most common is that they have some sort of unfinished business or situation. When people talk about being haunted by a ghost it is usually scary in nature, however in the case of Grandma Lori, her reason for sticking around is apparently to show pride in her family.


Grandma Lori was diagnosed with a terminal illness just before her grandson was able to complete his studies to join the priesthood. She told him she wanted to live long enough to see him become a priest, however sadly she passed away a mere two weeks prior to the ceremony.

The family took tons of photos at ceremony which was of course bittersweet due to Grandma Lori’s recent passing. When looking through the photographs after the ceremony the family was shocked to discover a figure that appears to be Grandma Lori proudly standing behind a bouquet of flowers in the church, watching on as her grandson completes the ceremony.

Photo taken at priesthood ceremony.

Once shared the story of Grandma Lori has gone viral. Do you think it is an optical illusion or did Grandma Lori make an appearance at the ceremony from beyond the grave?  Let us know what you think!

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Church Prints Tupac Lyrics Rather Than ‘Hail Mary’ Prayer

(PCM) A church in Sri Lanka made a hilarious mistake over the holiday season when they accidentally printed lyrics to the Tupac Shakur song “Hail Mary” rather than the actual prayer “Hail Mary”.

The church did not notice the mistake until it was too late and all of the booklets that were printed for their annual Christmas Carol service had already been handed out.

The error was posted by a parishioner via Twitter and the posting has already racked up over 18,000 retweets and over 23, 000 likes.

A priest from the church claims that after realizing the mistake the church did ask for the booklets to be returned. He claims that a “young boy” was given the task of printing up the booklets and he had mistakenly downloaded the lyrics to the wrong version of the song. Whoops!

Definitely a quite hilarious Tupac and Christmas mix-up!

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Man Is Legally Allowed To Wear Goat Horns For Driver’s License Photo

(PCM) A Maine resident by the name of Phelan Moonsong has been awarded the right to wear his beloved goat horns in his state issued drivers license photo.

Moonsong is an ordained Pagan priest and claims that he wears his goat horns at all times except when he is showering or sleeping. Moonsong appealed the Maine Department of Motor Vehicles initial ruling that he could not wear the horns in his license photo. They claimed they needed more information about his religion and choice of head gear for the issue to go up for review.

Moonsong claims that his goat horns serve as a spiritual antenna of sorts and they assist him with educating others about Paganism. He also made sure to add the fact that the horns do no obstruct his face in any way.

The Main Secretary of State’s office reviewed Moonsong’s case and found that because he was able to cite valid religious purpose for wearing the horns and they did not obstruct his face from the camera, he would be allowed to wear them in his state driver’s license photo.

Definitely a bit odd, but now Moonsong is legal at least!

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Pastor Visits A Mall To Tell Children Santa Isn’t Real! Trip Doesn’t End Well!

(PCM) A Texas Evangelical pastor by the name of David Grisham made it his personal mission to ruin the Christmas spirit for a bunch of children who were waiting anxiously in line to visit Santa Claus at a mall in Amarillo, Texas. 

Acting as a true Grinch, Grisham filmed himself taking a trip to the mall and going up to where the children and their parents were waiting to see Santa and then yelling at them all about how “Santa isn’t real!” You can only begin to imagine just how well this went over with parents who became outraged over Grishams’ behavior. 

Grisham posted the video, which has since been removed, to his Facebook page where he is seen saying “I’m at the mall in Amarillo Texas, and I’m going to tell the children the truth – that there is no Santa Clause. Christmas is about Jesus Christ – and that Jesus died on the cross to pay for their sins. So here we go, I’m going to tell, them the truth.”

Grisham approaches the line for Santa Claus and proceeds to tell the children that their parents are “lying to them” and the man in the suit they are about to go see is not real and is just an actor and Santa “doesn’t exist”.  Just awful! 

The parents immediately attempted to put a stop to Grisham’s rant and while the initial Facebook video which was viewed over 3 million times has been taken down, someone did save a copy which can be seen below:

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Tomb Of Jesus Christ Opened For The First Time In Centuries


(PCM) A tomb, believed to be that of Jesus Christ, has been opened for the first time in centuries and it’s excavation has been officially documented by National Geographic. The restoration team removed a layer of marble to access the area of the tomb that is believed to be the rock surface where Jesus’ body was laid to rest.

There has been argument and speculation among historians over the years in regards to the exact location of Jesus’ tomb with many believing that the original cave was destroyed years ago. New research using ground penetrating radar technology has now revealed that the cave walls are indeed still intact and it is located behind the marbled panels of the chamber at the center of Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The renovation process is part of an effort to preserve the Edicule, the chamber housing the cave where Jesus is said to have been entombed and resurrected. It is one of the most important shrines in Christianity.

Six denominations of the Christian religion practice at the holy site and all must reach an agreement regarding any excavations and renovations that can be completed. Devout Christians make pilgrimages to visit the holy site and pray within the confines of the small Edicule.

The Edicule was closed off to the public during the renovation. The team used machinery to remove the top layer of marble slab which has not been removed since the year 1550. After removing quite a bit of debris under the first marble slab the team discovered that a second marble slab engraved with a cross symbol and dates back to the 12th century.

This leads the renovation team to believe that even more lay beneath the second marble slab and this may lead them to the original rock that was Jesus’s resting place before the resurrection. The church has allowed the team only 60 hours to excavate and document the Edicule, so they have been tirelessly working day and night.

Tests have been done on material samples within the tomb and results are expected in the coming months. The tomb will be resealed and reinforced, however one section of the tomb is being left exposed. A small window was cut into the Edicule’s marble wall to allow visitors to catch a small glimpse at what is believed to be Jesus’ final resting place.


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Teen Insists She Is Pregnant With Baby Jesus And Tells The World On Dr. Phil


(PCM) An upcoming episode of the “Dr. Phil” show features the downright bizarre story of 19-year old Haley, who is convinced that she is pregnant with the baby Jesus and no one will believe her story.  Her friends and family do not believe she is pregnant at all, let along pregnant with the baby Jesus.

Haley is infuriated that she has no one on her side and decided to take things a step further and share her story with the world by appearing on “Dr. Phil”. It appears her loved ones have good reason to doubt her story, as Haley has taken six urine pregnancy tests and all have come up negative.

Haley claims that everyone just tells her that she’s “getting fat”, but she says that she “knows it’s Jesus”.  The issue is causing a ton of chaos and tension within the family and even some physical altercations have nearly occurred.

The promo for the episode shows Haley losing her temper and she screams at her family “I pregnant!” which they again dismiss. Rest assured the truth will be revealed as Haley has agreed to partake in an ultrasound courtesy of the “Dr. Phil” show to prove her pregnancy (or non-pregnancy) once and for all!

We are not the biggest “Dr. Phil” fans, but this one definitely seems worth tuning in!

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