Mount Kinabalu “Nudists” Set To Return Home After Arrests


(PCM) Several of the “nudists” who were arrested after snapping naked pictures of one another atop Mount Kinabalu have been released after a three day imprisonment in Malaysia. All admitted to public indecency and also faced a fine that equaled out to about $1,300 for committing an obscene act in public. 

It seems that it was on a dare that the individuals took off their clothing to pose for pictures on top of the sacred mountain, as they had originally made the climb to simply enjoy the early morning sunrise. The ill-fated climb and nude images caused huge offense in the region and it is being pinpointed as the cause of the magnitude 5.9 earthquake that shook the region near the sacred mountain back on June 5th.

The earthquake was devastating to the area killing 18 people including five children, and the Sabah state deputy prime minister claimed the earthquake was caused because the “travelers showed disrespect to the mountain”.

Mount Kinabalu is considered incredibly sacred because Sabah’s Kadazan Dusun tribe believe the mountain houses the spirits of their dead ancestors and the name Kinabalu is derived from the tribe’s phrase “Aki Nabalu”, which means resting place of the dead. 


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Church Of Bacon Throws Religious Discrimination Charges At Wells Fargo


(PCM) John Whiteside, a Las Vegas resident and member of the United Church Of Bacon, has accused his local Well Fargo branch bank of religious discrimination. He claims that a banker at the branch refused to have a document notarized for his church. He feels that the woman at the bank only refused to notarize the document because he was an atheist.

Whiteside’s accusation against Wells Fargo spawned a protest that included leaders from seven national secular groups who showed up at the branch location to show their displeasure with the alleged religious discrimination. 

Yes, the United Church Of Bacon is a nationally recognized church that was founded by Whiteside back in 2010. They have about 500 members located in the Las Vegas area and nearly 4,000 members across the nation.  Humorously, the church actually has nothing at all to do with actual bacon, they only chose the name to expose how wrong it is for society to give automatic respect and special legal privileges to religions. 

The church serves to fight against discrimination of atheists and promote the separation of church and state. The idea for the United Church of Bacon came about during a meeting of atheists that took place a magician Penn Jillette’s home in Las Vegas. Jillette is a member of the church’s congregation and a sanctioned Sunday school teacher for the church. 


After the incident Whiteside ended up closing his accounts with Wells Fargo after the banker refused to notarized the document, which was an affidavit one of the church members needed to begin legally officiating marriages. The affidavit was eventually notarized at another branch location, but Whiteside still filed complaints with the bank management and the Nevada Equal Rights Commission. 

The protest came about after both the bank and the Nevada Equal Rights Commission failed to further investigate any of his claims. In statement Wells Fargo says, “Wells Fargo believes discrimination of any kind and against any group or customer base is wrong and we categorically deny the claims brought forth by Mr. Whiteside,” the company said in a statement. “We have a long history of supporting and serving the needs of a widely diverse customer base in Nevada and throughout the country. We regret that this organization and Mr. Whiteside have decided to target Wells Fargo as a means to further their agenda.”

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Some Little Known Facts About Easter


(PCM) Many of us know that Easter Sunday culminates the end of Holy Week and celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a primarily Christian holiday the reminds those of faith of the Son of God’s last sacrifice. Some Easter traditions such as the Easter Bunny and receiving treats dates back to the days of Paganism and the holiday of Ostara which celebrates the beginning of spring.

In honor of the holiday we thought it would be fun to share some little known facts about the Easter holiday!

1. The world’s tallest Easter egg was crafted back in 2011 in Italy. It was taller than a giraffe and weighed more than an elephant.

2. Good Friday (always the Friday before Easter) is an official holiday in 12 U.S. States and they are CT, DE, HI, IN,KY, LA, NJ, NC, ND, TN, TX, U.S. VI and PR.

3. Popular Easter candy jellybeans were first created by Boston candy maker William Schrafft who urged individuals to send jellybeans to soldiers fighting in the Civil War.

4. The name Easter owes its origin from Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess who symbolizes hare and egg.

5. The exchanging of Easter eggs dates back to rituals that are actually older than the Easter holiday itself. Eggs were given as a gift to symbolize rebirth in many early cultures.

6. In olden days, pretzels were associated with Easter because their twists resemble arms that are crossed in prayer.

7. Marshmallow Peeps are the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy. Americans buy more than 700 million of these adorable marshmallow treats during the Easter season.

8. The White House holds an annual Easter Egg Roll on the front lawn each year. The tradition was started by President Hayes back in 1878.

9. Americans consume over 16 million jellybeans on Easter, enough to circle the globe three times over!

10. 76% of chocolate bunny eaters make the decision to bite the ears off first.

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Man Goes Into A Muslim Bakery To Ask For A Gay Wedding Cake

Gay wedding cakeRecently the You Tube Channel Louder with Crowder posted a video where a man and a hidden camera enter Muslim Bakeries to get their response when asked to purchase a gay wedding cake.

Some of the bakeries said yes, others said no they would not bake such a cake. The question is where are the gay armies storming the Muslim bakeries and why do they only attack Christians? Christians are not routinely killing gay men. Muslims are.

Christian are only asking that their religious freedom, as described in the Constitution be honored. Below is the video we invite your comments about what seems to be a one sided attack against Christians

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What Is Better Than Monks Having A Snowball Fight?


(PCM) It is a very rare occurrence for the city of Jerusalem in Israel to get any type of significant snowfall, so when a rare snowstorm passed through the area the people were incredibly excited.

It seems that no one was more excited than a group of Francisan Monks who were videoed having a pretty epic snowball fight, still dressed head to toe in their traditional black robes.

The monks are seen having an fantastic time running around the yard and pelting each other with the snowballs. It is truly a sight to behold. The video has since gone viral and has already surpassed over 500,000 views and continues to climb!

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Can You Spot Anything Wrong With This School Bus?


(PCM) A Tennessee woman is outraged after she claims that she saw a satanic pentagram symbol in the brake lights of a Durham School Services school bus in Cordova.

The woman snapped a picture of the brake lights and has since filed a complaint with the school district. She wishes to remain anonymous and says that ever since she posted the photo on social media she began receiving several death threats.

The woman was horrified when she noticed the pentagram like shape in the school buses lights and says “If you can’t put a cross, you can’t put a pentagram on it”. Several people including a practicing Wiccan looked at and commented on the image saying that it doesn’t even look close to a pentagram and that it is probably a coincidental occurrence.

The woman also went on to compare the situation to Walgreen’s removing holiday wrapping paper from their shelves after several people claimed that they noticed swastika symbols within the design. We are not really sure how these two instances are even close to being related as the swastika is a symbol for the mass genocide of millions of people and the pentagram is a religious symbol that a little research would prove does not actually represent evil. Relax, lady … we promise your children are not riding on Satan’s magic school bus!

The school district, itself, has yet to publicly comment on the situation, but we somehow doubt that they will be replacing their school bus lighting systems anytime soon!

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