Talk Show Host Joe Franklin Dead At Age 88


(PCM) It is with great sadness that we report that Guinness World Record holding talk show host Joe Franklin has passed away at the age of 88.

Franklin won the Gunness World Record for having the longest running talk show in television history with “The Joe Franklin Show”. The late-night TV show ran from 1950 until 1993. Franklin was a true radio and television pioneer.

He always claimed that he had interviewed over 300,000 guests during his 43 years on the air dropping names such as Barbara Steisand, Charlie Chaplin, John Lennon and Frank Sinatra. He even penned a book … read more...

Game Over! Man Collapses And Dies After A 3-Day Gaming Marathon


(PCM) A 32-year old man named Hsieh was discovered to be dead in a Taiwan Internet cafe due to cardiac arrest after a massive three-day video gaming marathon.

Sources claim that Hsieh, who was unemployed, had a history of leaving his family for several days at a time to indulge in his video gaming habits at the Internet Cafe. Hsieh’s exact time of death is unknown, however authorities claim that his body has already began to stiffen so they were able to conclude that he had been dead for several hours at the least before they were notified.

In fact, …

Michigan Teen Passes Away Just One Day After His Wish To Meet Eminem Was Granted


(PCM) A 17-year old Michigan teenager named Gage Garmo was diagnosed with bone cancer three years ago and has undergone many various treatments and surgeries throughout the past two years.

Recently, Garmo’s health took a turn for the worst and his friends and family kicked a social media campaign to grant Garmo’s dying wish of meeting rap superstar Eminem into high gear.

Garmo’s friends and family sent out various tweets that featured photos of Garmo and the hashtag #GetGageGarmoToMeetEminem. It appears that the social media blast worked and Eminem along with his Shady Records label mate Royce da 5’9 were … read more...

Taylor Negron, Comedian and Actor, Loses Battle to Cancer at Age 57

TaylorNegron(PCM) The sad news broke yesterday that we have lost another celebrity to cancer in 2015; comedian and actor Taylor Negron lost his battle with cancer on Saturday, January 10, at the age of 57.

Known for his roles in Amy Hecker’s 1982 comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High and 2012 comedy/horror Vamps as the the Pizza Guy, Negron started his career as a stand-up comedian out of highschool and continued to perform throughout the country, appearing in 130 tv shows and films during his 36 years of acting.

Many recognize Taylor Negron from his roles in films Angels in read more...

Singer Joe Cocker Dead At Age 70


(PCM) The news has sadly been confirmed that singer Joe Cocker has passed away at the age of 70. According to his agent Barrie Marshall, Cocker has died after battling an undisclosed illness. It has been speculated that he was undergoing treatment for lung cancer.

Cocker’s music career spans for over forty plus years with hits that include “You Are So Beautiful” and “Up Where We Belong”. He recognized mainstream success with his memorable rendition of the classic Beatles song “With A Little Help From My Friends” which skyrocketed to number one on the charts.

“Up Where We Belong” his …

Addams Family Actor Ken Weatherwax Dead At Age 59


(PCM) It has sadly been reported the Addams Family actor Ken Weatherwax has died at the age of 59. Weatherwax played the role of Pugsley Addams on the cult-hit TV series.

According to several reports, Weatherwax died as a result of a massive heart attack at his California home.

The Addams Family TV series aired on ABC from 1964 to 1966, and even after The Addams Family show was cancelled, Weatherwax still continued to voice the character of Pugsley for the 1970’s animated series and portrayed Pugsley Sr. in the Addams TV movie.

Weatherwax also worked behind the scenes on …

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