No, David Bowie’s Ashes Were Not Scattered At The Burning Man Festival


(PCM) Whoever started the ridiculous rumor that the late David Bowie’s ashes were scattered throughout the grounds of the recent Burning Man Festival held in the Nevada desert has just been shut down. David Bowie’s son, director Duncan Jones took to Twitter to dispel the rumor that had been circulating claiming that he and his godson took his late father’s ashes to Burning Man to be spread as per the late singer’s final wishes.

Jones went a step further and claimed that if his father did want his ashes to be spread anywhere it would more than likely be at Skegness Butlins, a resort and fairground in England. Definitely not Burning Man!

Surprisingly, E! News was one of the first outlets to misreport on the false information about Bowie’s ashes at Burning Man, as they felt they had a reliable source. They claim the source revealed “David’s godchild and David had long talks about Burning Man and what it stands for, and David loved the message behind it.” The source also claimed that a memorial service took place for Bowie during the festival.  While that service may or may not have occurred, one thing is for sure, Bowie ashes are certainly not spread in the Nevada desert.

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Man Dies And Leaves Behind A Rather Unique Collection Of Mannequins


(PCM) It is no secret that people collect some odd items, however when they pass away the burden falls on the family to figure out just what to do with the beloved items that these individuals have painstakingly collected over the years. Such is the case with retired electrician Mike Martin who passed away at the age of 88, leaving his family to deal with his unique collection of “busty” mannequins.

Martin collected dozens of mannequins over the years. He would tirelessly spend hours restoring, redressing and caring tenderly for his beloved collection of mannequins. He also added another rather odd feature to his mannequins during the restoration process. Martin would add a resin based filler to both puff up and enlarge the mannequins breasts. Definitely must have been his thing, but we say to each their own!

Now Martin’s entire collection of over 60 mannequins is available for auction including tons of clothing and accessories. Martin obviously had a thing for big breasted women, but we have no idea how his wife tolerated living with the collection for so many years. According to Martin’s daughter, she did really like it, but tolerated it for her husband’s sake.

We are sure she is more than ready to see them go to the highest bidder now!

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Beloved Actor Gene Wilder Dead At 83


(PCM) Beloved comic actor Gene Wilder has sadly passed away at the age of 83. Wilder is best known for his role as the eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka in “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory”. Other notable roles include teaming up with Mel Brooks for “The Producers”, “Blazing Saddles” and “Young Frankenstein”.

Wilder also famously teamed up with actor Richard Pryor for “Sliver Streak”, “Stir Crazy”, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil” and “Another You”. Wilder wrote and directed both “See No Evil, Hear No Evil” and “Another You”.  Tragically, Wilder is also remembered for his short-lived romance with Saturday Night Live actress Gilda Radnor. Less than two years after they were married Radnor was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died on May 20, 1989 at the young age of 42.

Back in 1999, Wilder was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and treated with radiation and stem cell transplants. According to a statement released by the actors family he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and succumbed to complications from the disease. You can read the full statement released by Wilder’s family announcing his passing below:

A Statement Regarding Gene Wilder from his Nephew/Child Jordan Walker-Pearlman.
Gene Wilder 11 June 1933-29 August 2016

It is with indescribable sadness and blues, but with spiritual gratitude for the life lived that I announce the passing of husband, parent, and universal artist Gene Wilder, at his home in Stamford, Conn. It is almost unbearable for us to contemplate our life without him. The cause was complications from Alzheimer’s Disease with which he co-existed for the last three years. The choice to keep this private was his choice, in talking with us and making a decision as a family. We understand for all the emotional and physical challenges this situation presented we have been among the lucky ones — this illness-pirate, unlike in so many cases, never stole his ability to recognize those that were closest to him, nor took command of his central-gentle-life affirming core personality. It took enough, but not that.

The decision to wait until this time to disclose his condition wasn’t vanity, but more so that the countless young children that would smile or call out to him “there’s Willy Wonka,” would not have to be then exposed to an adult referencing illness or trouble and causing delight to travel to worry, disappointment or confusion. He simply couldn’t bear the idea of one less smile in the world.

He continued to enjoy art, music, and kissing with his leading lady of the last twenty-five years, Karen. He danced down a church aisle at a wedding as parent of the groom and ring bearer, held countless afternoon movie western marathons and delighted in the the company of beloved ones.

He is survived by Karen, Jordan, and the Webbs (Kevin, Gretchen, Tucker, Spencer), along Jordan’s wife, Elizabeth. Gene’s sister Corinne, predeceased him in January of this year.

He was 83 and passed holding our hands with the same tenderness and love he exhibited as long as I can remember. As our hands clutched and he performed one last breath, the music speaker, which was set to random, began to blare out one of his favorites: Ella Fitzgerald. There is a picture of he and Ella meeting at a London Bistro some years ago that are among each of our cherished possessions. She was singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow as he was taken away.

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

“Gene’s Kid”
Jordan Walker-Pearlman

Our sincere condolences go out to Gene Wilder’s family and loved ones during this incredibly difficult time. The entertainment world has truly lost a legend and he will be sorely missed!


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Grab The Tissues! Husband And Wife Married 63 Years Die 20 Minutes Apart In The Same Room


(PCM) Such a heartwarming, yet saddening, end to a beautiful life-long love story! Henry and Jeanette De Lange were married for 63 years and both sadly passed away a mere 20 minutes apart in the same room. 87-year old Jeanette passed away first at 5:10pm after succumbing to her battle with Alzheimer’s and was quickly followed in death by her husband 86-year old Henry who passed away at 5:30pm after his battle with prostate cancer.

After Jeanette passed, one of couples son’s looked over at his father and told him “Mom’s gone to heaven” and he claims that at that point his father knew he didn’t have to fight to stay alive any longer. He says Henry opened his eyes one last time to look at his wife and then he too passed away just 20 minutes behind her.

The family claims they could not have asked for a more beautiful way for their parents to leave this earth and thank God for showing mercy on the couple who couldn’t bear to live without one another. A joint funeral was held for the couple who are hopefully spending a true eternity with one another.

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New Jersey Man Receives A Double Obituary From Both His Wife And Longtime Girlfriend


(PCM) An Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey man by the name of Leroy Black passed away at the age of 55 and his death is creating quite a stir due to the fact that he has received dueling obituaries from both his “loving wife” and “long-time girlfriend”. Oh, to be a fly on the way at this upcoming funeral service!

Both obituaries include the fact that Black passed way due to “cancer of the lungs due to fiberglass exposure” and was surrounded by his family and loved ones at the time of his death. However, one keen reader of the “Press Of Atlantic City” noticed that there were some key differences between the two published obituaries.

One of the major glaring differences between both obituaries was in the list of survivors. In the first obituary, Black’s “loving wife” Bearetta Harrison Black is listed first as his survivor, however in the second obituary Bearetta’s name is nowhere to be found and it has been replaced by the words “survived by his long-time girlfriend, Princess Hall”.

When a call was placed to the funeral home, the director claimed that the reason there were two obituaries was due to the fact that the wife wanted it one way and the girlfriend wanted it another. He goes on to say that he does not anticipate any issues during the funeral service as both the wife and the girlfriend were completely aware of the situation.

Something tells us there will still be some sparks flying at Mr. Black’s funeral, but let’s hope his is now resting in peace!

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Star Trek Actor Anton Yelchin Dead After A Freak Car Accident


(PCM) We are deeply saddened to learn that 27-year old actor Anton Yelchin has died as a result of a freak car accident which occurred at his Los Angeles, CA home. Yelchin is best known for his role as Chekov in the recent J.J. Abrams helmed “Star Trek” film franchise.

Authorities are calling Yelchin’s death a freak accident during which the young actor was pinned against a brick pillar and a security fence after his car slid backwards after he had stepped outside of the vehicle on his property around 1:10am. The incident caused Yelchin’s body immense trauma, which then led to his death.

The authorities went on the say that they believe Yelchin was on his way out to meet some friends for a rehearsal, when it appears that he stepped out of his vehicle for some reason and the freak incident occurred. When Yelchin failed to show up to the rehearsal his friends became worried and discovered his body behind the car when the arrived at his home.  Police did not say if the vehicle was running at the time his body was discovered.

Yelchin’s family was notified by the friends that discovered his body. Many of Yelchin’s “Star Trek” co-stars have begun to express their condolences including actor Chris Pine who tweeted “Devastated to hear about the brilliant Anton Yelchin. He was thoughtful, kind, and gifted. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

Yelchin will be seen in next in “Star Trek Beyond” which will hit theaters on July 22, 2016. Our sincere condolences go out to Anton Yelchin’s family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.

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