Addams Family Actor Ken Weatherwax Dead At Age 59


(PCM) It has sadly been reported the Addams Family actor Ken Weatherwax has died at the age of 59. Weatherwax played the role of Pugsley Addams on the cult-hit TV series.

According to several reports, Weatherwax died as a result of a massive heart attack at his California home.

The Addams Family TV series aired on ABC from 1964 to 1966, and even after The Addams Family show was cancelled, Weatherwax still continued to voice the character of Pugsley for the 1970’s animated series and portrayed Pugsley Sr. in the Addams TV movie.

Weatherwax also worked behind the scenes on …

Canadian Family Lives With A Corpse For Six Months In Hopes Of A Resurrection


(PCM) A devout Christian family was discovered to be living with the corpse of the family patriarch in hopes that he would eventually be resurrected from the dead.

50 year old Kaling Wald plead guilty to keeping her husbands decomposing corpse in a bedroom and from refraining to tell police or the coroner that her husband had passed away from an illness that was not treated by a medical professional.

Peter Wald, the woman’s husband, passed away sometime in March of 2013. He is said to have been suffering from diabetes and became ills after he foot became severely infected. … read more...

DNA Evidence Reveals That It Was King Richard III’s Remains Found Under A Parking Lot Structure


(PCM) Researchers are nearly 100% sure, 99.999% to be exact, that the remains that were discovered underneath of a parking lot indeed are those of King Richard III. The details surrounding the King’s death have been a mystery for nearly 530 years.

King Richard III died in battle in 1485 and part of the mystery is that church that had originally marked his grave had been demolished, so researchers had to locate the spot where the church had once stood. When they finally tracked down the location of the churches foundation it turned out to be located underneath of a … read more...

Florida Woman Killed Neighbor And Then Cooked His Body Parts

Stoldt1(PCM) Deltona, Florida woman 42-year old April Stoldt has been charged with killing her neighbor, 36-year old James Sheaffer, and the cooking his body parts. The two were apparently involved in some sort of dispute involving money.

According to court documents, Stoldt invited Sheaffer over to her home to talk about the financial issues as they shared a joint bank account. It seems that Sheaffer had continuously overdrawn the shared account, however it was not said whether or not the two were involved in any sort of romantic relationship or why they had a joint back account together in the … read more...

American Tries To Ship Infant Body Parts To The U.S. From Thailand


(PCM) Workers at a DHL shipping location in Pathum Thai Province, just outside of Bangkok in Thailand recently discovered several parcels that contained human body parts. More specifically, infant body parts that included an infants skull, internal organs and a few pieces of human skin.

Thai police reveal that it was an American citizen who was attempting to ship the body parts over to the U.S. from Thailand and the parts were preserved in formaldehyde and sealed in plastic bags.

According to CNN, infant body parts are often times sold on the black market in Thailand as some individuals who … read more...

Woman Who Was Declared Dead Awakens In The Morgue


(PCM) A 91-year old Polish woman by the name of Janina Kolkiewicz was declared dead on November 6th and transported to the local morgue. Only it seems that Kolkiewicz was not quite dead because she awakened in the morgue’s freezer about a 11 hours later.

Kolkiewicz was confirmed dead by a family doctor who claims that he checked for a pulse on both the forearm and carotid arteries, checked for a heartbeat and breath and even checked the woman’s pupils which showed him no reflexes, a common sign of death.

Staff at the morgue noticed the body bag containing Kolkiewicz … read more...

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