Virginia Man Claims “No Man’s Land” For His Daughter In Africa!


(PCM) 38-year old Jeremiah Heaton of Virginia recently posted on Facebook about how he wanted to make his 7-year old daughters dreams of becoming an actual princess come true. However, in this case it seems that the dream could actually come true!

Heaton discovered that the eastern African region of Bir Tawil, a 796-square-mile piece of land between Egypt and Sudan, was terra nullius or “no man’s land.”  According to colonial-era law that mean that Heaton was able to claim the land as his own.

After receiving permission from the Egyptian government, he was able to travel to the land in time for his daughter’s birthday to lay an official claim on their “kingdom”.  Heaton also went as far as to rename the land, so it is no longer Bir Tawil, but not called the The Kingdom of North Sudan and Heaton.

Heaton is now requesting that his family and friends refer to his daughter as Princess Emily and is calling himself King Heaton. (We have a feeling this is going to cause a few problems down the line…or a big ego!)

Heaton plans to use the land of his “kingdom” to advance agricultural technology for the surrounding areas. Also,  Heaton still needs to receive legal recognition from Egypt, Sudan, the United Nations and other political groups.

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Teen Captures A Selfie With The Queen Of England


(PCM) The Queen Mum does not appear to be amused after a teen managed to sneak an epic selfie during her and Prince Philips recent visit to Belfast.

The Queen Of England and Prince Philip had just finished touring the notorious prison Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast when the sneaky teen was able to snap the shot.

After visiting the prison, The Queen and Prince Philip took a stroll through the indoor market and The Queen gave a speech at Belfast City Hall.

Another part of The Queens’ journey to Belfast that has people chatting was her visit to the set of the HBO hit series “Game of Thrones”. She and Prince Philip met with several actors from the series and she can be seen standing next to the foreboding Iron Throne. It would have been epic if she had actually sat down on the throne…but alas….maybe next time!

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Alexander Skarsgard Poses Totally Nude In The South Pole

(PCM) If you are fan of the HBO hit series “True Blood” then you certainly got a taste of the deliciousness that is full frontal nudity from actor Alexander Skarsgard, who plays vampire Eric Northman, when he appeared full nude in last year’s season finale.  In an effort to poke fun at the scene featured in the finale, Skarsgard has once again stripped down fully nude and posed while reading a book on a toilet seat in the South Pole.


The photo was posted on Instagram by Inge Solheim , who was Skarsgard’s team guide during the Walking with the Wounded Challenge. The charity challenge is an expedition across Antarctica in which Prince Harry also participated. The caption on the photo read: ’#southpole -30C What are you reading Alex? The script for season 7 of #truebloodHBO?’

Well, we could certainly hope so!


The expedition raises money for wounded soldiers and involved three teams representing the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada/Australia. Skarsgard represented the US, Prince Harry repped for  Team UK and The Wire’s Dominic West served as Ambassador for Team Canada/Australia. The expedition was initially going to be a race-like competition, however it was determined that conditions were too hazardous and the race idea was scrapped. The three teams did complete the trek and arrived safely to the South Pole on December 13th.


The last we saw of Skarsgard in the True Blood finale was him in the nude bursting into flames, so many are speculating whether or not the character is set to return for the next and final season of the series which will premiere in June.






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