King Richard III To Finally Be Buried At Leicester This March


(PCM) After many, many years of legal battles the body of King Richard III will finally be buried in Leicester this coming March. There are already plans in place for a reinterment ceremony that will conclude a weeks worth of activities planned to honor the fallen monarch in Leicestershire.

King Richard III’s remains were discovered by an archaeological team under a council car park in Leicester back in 2012. Direct descendants of the monarch disputed the decision to reinter the remains in Leicester and felt instead his final resting place should be York.

The case went through a lengthy court


Virginia Man Claims “No Man’s Land” For His Daughter In Africa!


(PCM) 38-year old Jeremiah Heaton of Virginia recently posted on Facebook about how he wanted to make his 7-year old daughters dreams of becoming an actual princess come true. However, in this case it seems that the dream could actually come true!

Heaton discovered that the eastern African region of Bir Tawil, a 796-square-mile piece of land between Egypt and Sudan, was terra nullius or “no man’s land.”  According to colonial-era law that mean that Heaton was able to claim the land as his own.

After receiving permission from the Egyptian government, he was able to travel to the land


Teen Captures A Selfie With The Queen Of England


(PCM) The Queen Mum does not appear to be amused after a teen managed to sneak an epic selfie during her and Prince Philips recent visit to Belfast.

The Queen Of England and Prince Philip had just finished touring the notorious prison Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast when the sneaky teen was able to snap the shot.

After visiting the prison, The Queen and Prince Philip took a stroll through the indoor market and The Queen gave a speech at Belfast City Hall.

Another part of The Queens’ journey to Belfast that has people chatting was her visit to the … read more...

Alexander Skarsgard Poses Totally Nude In The South Pole

(PCM) If you are fan of the HBO hit series “True Blood” then you certainly got a taste of the deliciousness that is full frontal nudity from actor Alexander Skarsgard, who plays vampire Eric Northman, when he appeared full nude in last year’s season finale.  In an effort to poke fun at the scene featured in the finale, Skarsgard has once again stripped down fully nude and posed while reading a book on a toilet seat in the South Pole.


The photo was posted on Instagram by Inge Solheim , who was Skarsgard’s team guide during the Walking with the … read more...

Stop The Press! Someone Is Stealing The Queen’s Nuts!

Nut-Bowl(PCM) This is just a bizarre story we just could not help but share!  It seems that some of the guards around the Queen’s palace are helping themselves to the royal nut bowls and the Queen is none to happy about it!

The Queen has several bowls filled with mixed nuts set up around the palace for herself and the palace guests to snack on and that means hands off for anyone else. Rumor has it that the Queen was so outraged about the nut thieves that she even resorted to marking the levels on the bowls to assist with … read more...

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