There May Soon Be A Way To Detect Your Feelings Wirelessly!


(PCM) There is even more evidence that technology is overtaking our lives with the news that researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have now developed a way to detect an individuals feelings using wireless signals.

The team feels that they have no found a way that by sending wireless signals that measure heartbeats they can detect a human’s emotional state by the way that the wireless signals bounce off the human body.

The researchers claim that their device is over 87% accurate in using the heart rate and are able to detect emotions such as joy, happiness, anger and sadness within the human body. The device is able to predict the body’s reaction to various emotional states. The device would work much the same as an electrocardiogram, however there would be no need for a sensor in the body, as the heart rate would be monitored wirelessly.

It is the hope that this particular type of device could be used by advertisers to be able to measure and gauge audience reaction to certain products or ideas or as a way to monitor individuals who are dealing with anxiety or certain forms of depression.



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How’s This For Irony? You’re FitBit May Actually Keep You From Losing Weight


(PCM) One of the more popular diet and weight-loss trends was the invention of the FitBit, a bracelet that keeps track of your activity levels to be sure you are getting the proper amount of exercise each day. The devices monitor a users heart rate levels and are currently all the rage, however a new study has found that FitBit tracker and other similar devices may actually have the opposite effect when it comes to actual weight-loss.

A study looked at two groups of overweight/obese young adults who were attempting to lose weight naturally through diet and exercise. One group wore a fitness tracker such as FitBit, while the other group did not. The two groups exercised exactly the same amount, however at the conclusion of the study those that did not wear the fitness trackers ended up losing more weight.

Definitely sounds a bit odd, however the researchers behind the study found that wearing the fitness tracker actually convinces the user that you got more exercise than you actually did, as the technology is focused on tracking physical activity and getting the heart rate up. User then look at the fitness tracker and think ‘Wow, I did a ton of exercise today, now I can eat more’ and they end up consuming more food than normal.

The researchers go on to say that it is also possible for those that wear a FitBit device to see that they did not reach their daily fitness or exercise goals and then turn around and binge eat out of discouragement. Either way it is definitely and interesting study and provides more “food for thought” when it comes to the use of FitBit’s and other similar fitness tracking devices.

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Australian Researchers Create A Breakthrough Cure For Cancer


(PCM) This news is probably some that the major pharmaceutical companies across the world would rather keep quiet, but it seem that Australian researchers have made a breakthrough in the cure for cancer with a drug known as Venetoclax. The drug targets a specific protein that helps cancer cells survive and then it literally “melts away” the cells that contain cancer.

The drug has gone through a rigorous testing process over a four year time period on 116 patients and it boasts an 80% success rate. Many patients that took part in the trial and research had previously undergone other treatments and after taking Venetoclax found themselves cancer free with little to no side-effects. The research shows that one in five patients taking Venetoclax ended up cancer free. The medicine is taken only once a day orally.

The medicine targets a specific protein called BCL-2, which helps cancer cells survive, making them simply “melt away.” It was first discovered in the 1980s, but scientists couldn’t find an inhibitor for it until now. There is already a strong buzz surrounding the new drug in both the U.S. and U.N. and it is thought that in addition to treating forms of leukemia, it can also be used to battle other forms of cancer as well.

It has been speculated for many years that a cure for cancer exists, but the major pharmaceutical want it suppressed as cancer is a huge money maker for drug companies. We are happy to see that the Venetoclax has been given a fast track approval, however there is definitely more hurdles to overcome.  Do you feel that a cure for cancer has finally be found?


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Did A Hawk Really Toss A Snake At A Family? Experts Say No!


(PCM) The latest video to go viral purports to show a hawk tossing a rather large snake at a family who was picnicking in Australia, however upon further analyzation of the video experts are claiming that the video is actually a fake.

The video was originally posted by YouTube user Daniel Wong and shows a hawk swoop down and pick up a large snake in a Melbourne area park and then drop the snake right in the middle of a family enjoying a barbecue.  The whole ordeal looks absolutely terrifying however once experts began to look deeper at the video, which started gaining viral steam, they noticed some extreme inconsistencies.

The uploader, who claims to be a 22-year old college student say the video is real and shows an event that actually took place, but others disagree. They feel that the snake looks too large in the videos final show, whereas when the hawk is flying with it in the sky it is barely visible. Some photoshop wiz’s also noticed that the video appears to have been edited together because a layer can be seen.  Finally, many also question just why a snake of that size would be hanging out in the short grass in the winter time, it truly makes no sense.

It is also strongly rumored that the video could have been produced by a company called The Woolshed company who are responsible for producing several other viral videos. However the Australian Reptile Park claims that the video could indeed be real, as the hawk would have dropped the snake rather quickly if it had gotten bit and the snakes motions within the hawk’s talon appear to be legitimate.

What do you think?


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The Verdict Is In! Science Reveals That Humans Need To ‘Party’ To Survive!


(PCM) Much to the delight of college students everywhere new studies reveal that “partying” is part of our primal instinct as human beings and is fundamental to our growth and development as a way to bond with others and create long-lasting relationships.

New research by evolutionary psychiatrists claim that our ancient ancestors would gather in large groups and move rhythmically together creating the very first “party” atmosphere.   While it certainly wasn’t a kegger, these gatherings provided ancient groups of people a way to bond and communicate and ultimately survive.

It also seems that people who were blessed with good coordination and rhythm may have had an overall evolutionary advantage. Research from a French sociologist by the name of Émile Durkheim claims that individuals feel a certain sense of “electricity” when they are in close contact with others. This “electricity” is then released to those around them. It then becomes a situation with a high degree of emotional excitement within the group.

University of Montreal researcher Paul Carls adds “This impersonal, extra-individual force, which is a core element of religion, transports the individuals into a new, ideal realm, lifts them up outside of themselves, and makes them feel as if they are in contact with an extraordinary energy”

Early parties were generally based upon some sort of religious or spiritual journey, as people would become uplifted being guided by a priest or a shaman and gain a euphoric feeling. This is much the same behavior that we showcase now when we go out to a bar or nightclub and the music from the DJ and the collective mind-set of the environment gives us the same uplifting or euphoric feeling.

The research also shows that by nature we have primordial and instinctive response to follow rhythm and be driven by it! So, go ahead and get your “party” on, it’s only human nature after all!


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Machine In Cambodia Makes Heart-Shaped Clouds!


(PCM) We seriously need to get our hands on one of these bad boys!  A road-side machine in Cambodia manufacturers heart-shaped clouds that are made of foam. Can you just imagine the possibilities for a foam party with one of these in use?  OMG!

The Khmer Cloud Making Service in Phnom Penh, Cambodia posted a video on their Facebook page that shows the heart-shaped cloud making machine in action and has already racked up a ton of views. The machine creates and then releases the heart-shaped foam clouds which wistfully float away in the breeze.

The company also informs everyone that they can create clouds of a variety of different shapes and sizes using different cut-out patterns. It appears that now even the Walt Disney Company is taking interest in the pretty unique machine as the company claims they just sold one to the Walt Disney Company’s office in Switzerland.

Let’s work on getting one of these here in the States! It looks so amazing!

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