My Journey To Health, Doctors 101

Lucy-PsychToday I decided to write doctors 101, which I should probably apologize ahead of time to all my friends who are doctor for having the audacity to write this.

This is going to seem fairly simple to some of you, but for others it will help.  I have found a lot of confusion out there regarding the terms we are going to discuss.

First the MD.  MD stands for medical doctor.  A medical doctor is the one who takes care of you when you’re sick.  At this point in time I have 4 medical doctors.  The first one is my Primary Care Physician, otherwise known as a PCP.  In the past we would use the term family doctor, I have no idea why that changed.  Your PCP takes care of your general health.  A cold, the flu, and your regular aches and pains, blessed is the person who only ever sees a PCP.

We need to take a break hear now and add the PA or The Physician’s Assistant.  A PA can do the things a doctor can do only he does them under the immediate supervision of an MD.  In reality I am not sure how this works in the office.  I, however, see a PA and I have a high respect for him.  He treats me well and thinks of alternatives to regular meds which sometimes really help.

Next you have the specialists.  We are no longer in the days of the Wild West.  Where your town had one doctor and he helped you with your cold and set your broken leg.  After a certain level of treatment your PCP may advise you to see a specialist.  I have three, 1, a podiatrist for my feet, 2 a neurologist for my brain and 3 a psychiatrist for mental health issues.

Now let’s take a look at the PHD.  The PHD is a doctor of philosophy and as many as there are subjects under the sun you can have a PHD.  You can have a PHD in English, Math, Botany, Theology, Religion; Music the list is really endless.  I see one PHD and that is my Psychologist.

As mentioned above a Psychiatrist is an MD and he is.  A psychiatrist takes care of the medical side of emotional and mental illness.  He supplies the medications you may need such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds.  I have found that there are two types of Physiatrists.  The first you see for a very brief time, they quickly checks your meds against how you are feeling and alter them accordingly.  These psychiatrists are usually the ones you will find that are covered under your insurance.  The second talks to you for a longer period of time and then alters the meds.  These you will rarely find covered by insurance.

A psychologist is different as he does not provide you with medication but instead helps you with what is now popularly come to be known as Talk Therapy.  Talk Therapy is the type that you see depicted in cartoons where the patient is laying on a couch and the doctor is sitting there taking notes.  This differs from Peanuts where Lucy has a psychiatric both and she sits on one side and Charlie Brown sits on the other.  As Lucy only charges five cents I doubt this is much of an issue.

Talk Therapy, in reality. takes place in a pretty relaxing atmosphere.  There can be a couch present but mostly people sit up and talk.  Comfortable chairs are usually available though I can think of one instance where the office was pretty Zen oriented and had two chairs and wall hangings.

The PHD is going to set up his or her office according to their personal choices as well as the type of therapy that they do.  There are many types of talk therapy.  One where you do just talk and the PHD takes notes and listens rarely giving advice, but giving you the opportunity to figure stuff out on your own.

The other will be more active in the conversation and will challenge you while you are speaking as well as help you set goals.  This is the type of psychologist I see.  He was the doctor that had me come off sugar identifying it as an addiction.

Here is the key with all doctors, both MDs and PHDs.  YOU ARE THE BOSS.  If one of your docs isn’t treating you well, go to another.  This is especially true with the psychologist and psychiatrist.  The guy that fixes your leg can be an ass personality wise, but if he is an amazing surgeon, keep him.  You only deal with him for a short time.

With a psychologist or psychiatrist it is very different.  This becomes a real relationship in your life.  You have to like someone that you have to trust with all your deepest feelings and secrets.  Some will even allow a phone interview before you come in for an appointment just to see if the two of you are a good match.  This relationship may be very short term or long term, but you gotta like and trust the guy, if you don’t, or the relationship goes south, fire him or her.  It is your right to do so.

With talk therapy there are also therapists.  These mostly have master’s degrees.  My first experience was with a therapist and he was brilliant.  He gave me two pieces of advice that I now pass on to you.  The first, is a therapist is not a paid for friend.  You are there to accomplish something together then part company, this is not a person who you hang out with.  The second is, if your therapist and you decide that you are to do something, do it.  If you don’t or you don’t have a very good reason for not doing the work, you are wasting the therapist’s time and your time as well as your money.

One final thought.  Medical Doctors and Doctors of Philosophy work equally hard at earning their degrees.  They, as I understand, get there through different processes, but the time and energy spent are probably about equal.  I want to take a second to pause and salute those who have made this achievement in their lives.  Many of them gave as the benefits that we have today in the 21st century, and those that follow will play a key roll in building a better tomorrow.

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NASA Claims Meteorite Did Not Kill A Man In India


(PCM) The news recently broke that a bus driver was killed and three other people were injured in India after being struck by a meteorite that rained down upon a college campus. It would have been the very first confirmed death due to the impact of a meteorite, however it now appears that this may not be true.

Witness’s on the scene recall hearing a large explosion and authorities recovered a black, pockmarked stone from the site of what appears to be a large crater five feet deep and two feet wide. The image has been circulating online and many initially felt that it resembled the type of indentation that a meteorite would make if it crashed upon the earth, however there was no meteorite shower predicted nor observed on that particular day. Experts say it would have been an incredibly rare phenomenon.

NASA has weighed in on the controversy and they say according to the New York Times, “the photos posted online were more consistent with a “land-based explosion” rather than something from space. NASA goes on to say that death by a meteorite explosion is so rare that one has never been scientifically confirmed in recorded history.  There have been some meteorite related injuries over the years but no deaths.

Meteorites are cool to the touch when they land and NASA feels that the image taken in India more than likely appeared to be nothing more than a common earth rock.

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My Journey To Health, A Trip to the Doctor’s

frodo-and-samI had a trip to the doctor’s yesterday and it wasn’t very good.

I have said more than once that I have several issues with my feet.  Yesterday I went to a New Doctor’s office to have some test run, specifically an EMG.  EMG stands for  Electromyography the test involves receiving several small electric shock to your muscles.  They even you use small needles in the test as well.  It is more uncomfortable than painful.  An EMG is a diagnostic procedure to assess the health of muscles and the nerve cells that control them (motor neurons).  Special thanks to the Mayo Clinic.

The test showed that there were definite problems with my feet and legs and what those problems may be, but not the cause and so there were really no answers.  The test can show the cause, but not with me.  This was not encouraging at all.

The doctor did uncover some definite issues.  My feet have the same tremors that my hands do.  On my left foot, when the electricity ran through the nerves my big toe would react.  On my right foot nothing happened at all.  The rest of the test results appeared on a graph sheet which I did not see and couldn’t have interpreted if I had.  The end result was still no answers.

There were a lot of guesses.  Maybe it’s my vascular system, but it is more likely to be a neurological problem.  It was my neurologist that sent me for the test.  I didn’t find this encouraging.  The worst part was that it was time for more testing, at another hospital with another doctor using different machines.  The depression which had come back proceeded to get worse.

It is extremely hard to hold on to hope with stuff like this, so much of my health issues seem to be unsolvable.  The anti-depressants don’t really work.  The anti-tremor medication works until I get a little nervous and then just stops.  At church on Sunday I was in a kneeling position with my head bowed and my jaw started to shake like there was an earth quake in my mouth.  But no one knows why.  This is more of a report than anything else but I don’t want to leave you with all bad stuff so let me close with these words from Samwise to Frodo in The Lord of the Rings.

“I know. It’s all wrong. By rights we shouldn’t even be here. But we are. It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened?
But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something. Even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back only they didn’t. Because they were holding on to something.”

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Is An 11 Minute Flight Between New York And London In Our Future?


(PCM) You may think that this is impossible, however industrial designer Charles Bombardier is currently working on a new project called The Antipode which is a plane designed to fly between New York and London in just 11 minutes.  This idea gives us extreme anxiety just thinking about it!

Bombardier explains that the plane would work by climbing quickly to 40,000 feet using rocket boosters and would only hold 10 passengers who would be traveling at the insane speed of 12,430 miles per hour. To put it in perspective, an average 747 plane flies at only 570 miles per hours.

Thus far there are no prototypes of the plane, so this is all in theory. Bombardier’s previous project called The Skreemr would have traveled at Mach 10 speeds, which is faster than the speed of sound. It never got off the ground because of issues with heating and a giant sonic boom sound.  The Antipode would be set to travel at Mach 24, alleviating the issue of the sonic boom sound and it uses a technique called “long penetration mode,” “which would use a nozzle on the aircraft’s nose to blow out air and cool down the surface temperature.

It could be several years before any type of prototype for the Antipode is ready for human testing and we are certainly not in that big of a hurry!

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Which Universe Are You From? The Berenstein Bears Phenomenon

Which Universe Are You From?
The Berenstein Bears PhenomenonUniverse3
We live in the A Universe.
Previously, we lived in the E Universe.

Can you tell the difference? Take our Quiz below.

Very few people can tell the difference immediately, but many of us remember enough to make the change interesting. Some people refer to these vague memories as ‘glitches in the Matrix.’ Others call it The Mandela Effect, but today more are calling it The Hadron Effect.

The Mandela Effect was discovered in 2006 by author/researcher Fiona Broome, when she realized a large group of people had specific memories of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in 1980. Here in the A Universe, Mandela died in 2013, long after being released from prison, after even being elected President of South Africa.

The discovery of our ‘A’ Universe occurred upon the realization that we were previously living in a parallel ‘E’ Universe when many people noticed the changed spelling of renowned children’s books The Berenstain Bears. (The Berenstein Bears existed in Universe E) They call it the Berenstain Bears Conspiracy.

Leading research website Wikipedia, as of this writing, refuses to acknowledge that The Hadron Effect, The Mandela Effect or Berenstein Bears Conspiracy have ever happened.

The Berenstain Event was mistaken as The Butterfly Effect or possibly Time Travel in 2011:
“At some point between the years 1986 and 2011, someone traveled back in time and inadvertently altered the timeline of human history so that the Berenstein Bears somehow became the Berenstain Bears. This is why everyone remembers the name incorrectly; it was Berenstein when we were kids, but at some point when we weren’t paying attention, someone went back in time and rippled our life experience ever so slightly.”

In 2012, there was a Parallel Universe Theory, presented by Reece. OR maybe it was a higher part of the collective consciousness.

In reality, the evidence of the change in Berenstein/Berenstain A/E Universe probably occurred in the late summer/ early fall of 2006, about the time that Pluto was downgraded to a ‘dwarf planet’ and the Tevatron Fermilab particle accelerator (the Large Hadron precursor) was doing heavy experimentation.

Other notable differences:

  • We have a dilemna. Or is it dilemma?
  • Kale did not exist in the E Universe.
  • Time seems to move much faster in our universe.
  • The E Universe has a second R in ‘Sherbet.’
  • We have Norwhals. EU had Gopthems.
  • There was no Krampus Christmas demon in Universe E.
  • In our A Universe, Men’s Wearhouse is the men’s clothier. UE has/had Men’s Warehouse.
  • The E Universe had the famous snack Cracker Jacks, we have Cracker Jack.
  • In the A Universe, chartreuse is red, not yellow. Vermillion is red, not green. Amber is yellow, not red.
  • In the E Universe, South America was closer to a straight line with the United States’ west coast. In our A Universe it is about a thousand miles closer to Africa.

The most disturbing thing, as that it may have happened before, according to these variations on 30s film and vaudeville stars Laurel & Hardy’s catchphrase:
“That’s another FINE mess you’ve gotten us into”
“That’s another NICE mess you’ve gotten ME into
“HERE’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.”

You can explore the phenomenon yourself!
Choose which answer sounds more familiar or correct to you (no looking for answers!)
The number you remember is your ‘E Universe Quotient’ – the closer your score is to 100, the greater your affinity for the old E Universe.

(after you click ‘results’, scroll back here to see your results!)

Welcome to Universe A or E Quiz



1) When did the American colonists declare independence from England?

2) Was Pepsi the Choice for the ‘new’ or ‘next’ generation?

3) Have you ever read...

4) What does the Swiss Flag Look Like?

5) Was Albert Einstein directly involved in the development of the Atom Bomb and the Manhattan Project?

6) Where would you find a chicken sandwich?

7) Do you recall Dorothy wearing the red slippers at the end on the Film 'The Wizard of Oz,' telling her (and you) that it wasn't just a dream?

8) What does The Bible say about the lamb?

9) In what year was Mariah Carey born?

10) Did Anne Rice write Interview with A Vampire or Interview with The Vampire?

11) How does a spoon full of sugar help the medicine go down?

12) Do you recall seeing the Henry VIII Painting, with a Turkey Leg in his hand?

13) Who did famous model Iman marry?

14) What is the brand of Peanut Butter you recall?

15) Was the fictional character Doctor Dolittle or Doctor Doolittle?

16) Where did Fortune Cookies originally come from?

17) Did Niccolò Machiavelli say?

18) Which is the quote Shakespeare’s Macbeth: "Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble" or "Double, Double, Toil and Trouble"?

19) How tall was Napoléon Bonaparte?

20) Who tells you that 'Only YOU can prevent Forest Fires"?

Be sure to click Submit Quiz to see your results!

Don’t take our word for it, look up the correct answer for the A Universe on Google!

“In the Steven Spielberg movie E.T., why is the alien brown? No reason. In Love Story, why do the two characters fall madly in love with each other? No reason. In Oliver Stone’s JFK, why is the President suddenly assassinated by some stranger? No reason. In the excellent Chain Saw Massacre by Tobe Hooper, why don’t we ever see the characters go to the bathroom or wash their hands like people do in real life? Absolutely no reason.”

“ Worse, in The Pianist by Polanski, how come this guy has to hide and live like a bum when he plays the piano so well? Once again the answer is… no reason. I could go on for hours with more examples. The list is endless. You probably never gave it a thought, but all great films, without exception, contain an important element of no reason.”

“And you know why? Because life itself is filled with no reason. Why can’t we see the air all around us? No reason. Why are we always thinking? No reason. Why do some people love sausages and other people hate sausages…”
– Lieutenant Chad, in Rubber

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My Journey To Health, SUGAR

Archie-3.1“Sugar, ahhh honey, honey.  You are my candy girl and you got me wantin you.”

Sugar is one of the hardest things to walk away from in the American diet.  It’s in almost every form of processed food available.  Peanut butter has sugar, ketchup has sugar, and breakfast cereals, even the ones marked healthy have sugar.  Most frozen meals have some amount of sugar added to them.  I just checked two different brands of bread, one, a store brand whole wheat, and the other a name brand oatmeal bread, both have sugar listed in the first couple of lines of ingredients.  White processed sugar is everywhere and we don’t even know it.

In the 1700s when the English abolitionists were doing their best to free the English slaves, they had a boycott on sugar.  Sugar at the time was harvested and processed by slaves killing many of them during the production.  But in the 1700s sugar was not used how we use it today.  Food was made at home, breads were baked at home and meals were cooked at home.  There was candy and cakes and pies but those were not central to the diet and most if not all of the food at the time was now what we call organic.

Sugar today, however, is in so much that you cannot escape it at all in your daily diet.  I just watched a documentary titled Fed Up.  If you have Netflix it is available there and you can rent it on Amazon.  This was mostly about the amount of sugar that is in what we are consuming.  It was said that soon a huge percentage of the population is going to become diabetic because of the amount of sugar consumed.  The saddest part was watching the children who were embarrassed by their size, one a young teenager that underwent bariatric surgery to get the weight off.  This both saddened me and frightened me.

Obesity is climbing to almost epidemic levels in the USA.  People are going so far as to call it a non communicable disease, or virus.  This is no longer just about self control and exercise, this is about how are food is produced and how we choose to eat it.  This reaches into how families interact and even what’s on the menu for school lunch.  One school I know of has a fully functioning McDonald’s on the premises.  This could be looked at as good as the store is run by the students, but the food is also eaten by the students.

Families which are either traditional or non-traditional are highly impacted by processed food.  Most parents work and most do not want to make a full meal when coming home, so processed food becomes second nature.  Snip open a bag with prepared vegetables in a sauce, add another bag with prepared meat, pour it all into a pan or a large microwavable bowl and dinner is ready in minutes.  It looks pretty; it can be colorful and full of vegetables but take a look at the ingredients on those packages.  They are not what you think.

Obesity kills more people than cancer does.  A recent study showed that 598,000 people are killed by obesity every year here in the United States, while cancer kills 575,000.  The funny thing is that sugar feeds the growth of cancer cells and so, though the specific cause of death was cancer, what went into the person’s mouth played a part in the death too.

It has been proven over and over again that reducing the amount of processed sugar will slow cancer.  It is also rare that cancer patients get adequate nutritional counseling according to some sources.

And what really ticks me off is we don’t really know this.  How many people are aware that obesity is a major cause of death?  How many people know it out ranks cancer?  Stephen Amell, TV’s Arrow, works with a group called F____ Cancer when maybe his main concern should be F___ Obesity.  I am not knocking Mr. Amell.  In my opinion he is one of the very few celebrities that uses his status for the better good.  He has worked and raised money for many organizations and loves his fans.  Follow him on Facebook.  He has taught me a lot.  I do wonder though what he knows about the obesity statistics.  That obesity is killing children.  He would fight, at least I believe he would.  We need to fight too.

I have been asked by my psychologist to go sugar free.  I agreed to this and have begun the journey.  I thought this would be easy.  No soda, no cake, no candy, no chocolate, no pie, donuts ect…  I began on the first day of January and as the month moved on I began to realize that this was not the walk in the park I thought it would be.  (Ok I never thought it would a walk in the park, but I didn’t think it was going to be a trek across a never ending desert.)

I had been living on processed food.  It was easier than cooking.  Pop a dinner in the microwave and eat it.  No fuss, no bother, no dishes.  And I liked it.  Boston Market’s Swedish Meatballs are really tasty.  Hungry man friend chicken, Marie Callendar Lasagna are just a few of the things I enjoyed eating and they all had sugar in them.

I had become hooked on Coca Cola, I was going to say coke but that would have given the wrong impression.  This was not too hard to get away from because I always liked fruit juices as well, but I came to find out that fruit juice, 100% juice, is not digested in the same way that whole fruit is digested and is just about as bad as sugar.

I also learned that 160 calories of fruit is not the same as 160 calories of chocolate, because they digest differently.  The chocolate is going to go to fat the fruit is going to burn off.  I am saying this quickly as I am not sure of the whole process.  But the bottom line is 1 calorie of a certain food is not the same as1 calorie of another food.  So the idea of burning off more calories than you take in is not always a working model for weight loss.

So what does it mean to go sugar free in the 21st century?  It means taking a trip back in time.  It means we simplify our diets.  It means whole grains, real fruit, real meat and fresh vegetables.  It means read the label of every canned, jarred boxed or frozen food you buy, to see what is in there.  I like the rule of thumb that says that if there is an ingredient in a food label you cannot pronounce, you probably shouldn’t eat it.  If there is sugar in it look for something else.

This is really brief.  I don’t know all of the facts about sugar.  I am just waking up to them and what I have written comes from a mind that is being opened to new thinking.

We don’t live in the 1700s where a cup of tea and a scone may be all the sugar you see all day.  We live in a world where sugar has become a dangerous enemy.  Where it is tearing the lives of our children apart and where it can kill.  Be aware of what you put in your mouth.  Read labels and back off of processed food as much as you can.

I am not saying this is going to easy.  It will not be.  For me it isn’t and walking away from sugar is giving me a kind of withdrawal which my doctor is guiding me through.  But the benefits will be loss of weight and the hope that somehow it will help decrease the intensity of depression.

Research sugar on your own; ask questions at your local health food store.  Most employees at privately owned health food stores are a fount of knowledge on this subject.  One piece of sound advice, if you choose to read research papers on anything, check and see who funded the research.  If Hershey funded the research on the benefits of chocolate you need to take the information with a grain of salt.


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