Today Is Being Labeled Space Monday! See A Rocket Launch, Mars And Total Lunar Eclipse


(PCM) Today will be an absolutely epic day for space enthusiasts!  You will not only be able to witness a rocket being launched into space, but you will also be able to see Mars and witness a total lunar eclipse in the overnight hours.

Starting late this afternoon the private space company Space X will launch a robotic Dragon cargo capsule to the International Space Station.  The launch is set to begin at 4:58pm EST from the launchpad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. You can watch live webcasts of the launch at both and Space X by clicking here!

As it begins to get dark later this evenings the planet Mars will be at its’ very brightest as it is currently making its’ closest approach to Earth since 2008 at 57 million miles away. Those that look to the sky just after sunset will be able to see Mars as large orange beacon overhead. According to, it will be blazing as brightly as Sirius, the most luminous star in the sky other than the sun.

If all that wasn’t enough, a total lunar eclipse will be visible in the overnight hours that will be visible to all of North and South America. The Slooh, Virtual Telescope Project and NASA webcasts will provide viewers with a front-row seat to all the eclipse action. The total lunar eclipse, the very first of 2014, is set to begin at 12:53 am EST with the moon entering Earth’s shadow. The total eclipse will be visible around 3:06 am EST and it will end around 4:24 am EST.

The next lunar eclipse is set to take place on October 8th later this year.

Looks like we aren’t getting any sleep tonight!


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Incredible Video Shows A Near Miss Between A Skydiver And A Meteorite


(PCM) A Norway man had quite the adventure during a recent skydiving excursion when he was nearly hit by a falling meteorite after its’ flame had gone out.  The entire ordeal was captured on the man’s helmet camera and it marks the first time that footage of a meteorite travelling through the air after its’ flame has gone out has ever been captured.

The man and the rest of the crew that was accompanying him during the skydiving excursion were at first not really sure what the stone like object was, thinking perhaps it had gotten packed into the parachute set-up by accident, however upon closer examination of the footage they were able to determine the object was too large for that to be a feasible explanation.

A geologist took a look at the footage and confirmed that a meteoroid had just exploded about 20 kilometers above the man and his fellow skydivers.

For those that don’t know a meteorite will slow down when it enters the earth’s atmosphere as its’ molecules ionize, this creates the burning trail of flames which can be visible when one sees a falling meteorite. After the flames are extinguished the meteorite enters something called a dark flight, where it then pummels straight to earth.

Since the incident which occurred in the summer of 2012, the Norwegian man has been on a search to locate the fallen meteorite with the assistance of the Natural History Museum in Norway. Thus, far he has had no luck on finding the exact meteorite that almost took him out during the skydive, but he is not ready to give up the search anytime soon.

They are now asking the help of the international meteorite community to assist with the search, which includes areas of dense forest, marshes and scub to locate the fallen meteorite. They have even started a website, which is currently under construction to encourage people to get involved with the search.

We are not quite sure what you would get out of helping to locate the missing meteorite, but it could be a fun adventure nonetheless.

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A New Study Has Found That Left-Handed People Have Better Sex!


(PCM) In a recent study that was conducted with about 10,000 participants it was concluded that 86% of left-handed people reported that they were “extremely satisfied” when it came to their sex life. Only a mere 15% of right-handed people reported that they are “extremely satisfied”.

With the results of the study in mind, Swedish intimate lifestyle company LELO, had designed a new sex toy just for left-handed individuals. The new toy named “DEXTRUS” is designed to stimulate the right side of the brain, so while increasing sexual pleasure, it is claimed that the new toy can also make you smarter.

The new toy has a similar shape and feel to a stress ball and used in much the same way. When the user squeezes the ball with their left-hand, vibrations are sent up the arm, stimulating the right side of the brain. Left hand clenching (right hemisphere activation) can assist in enhancing memory and in turn make you smarter.

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