Manhattanhenge And Why You Should See It!


(PCM) For those that may not know, Manhattanhenge occurs when the sunset aligns perfectly with the city of Manhattan’s grid. It only occurs four times per year, twice with a full sun and twice with a half sun, and all four times the sun full illuminates both the north and south sides of every cross street in the boroughs grid.

Manahattanhenge was named by Neil deGrasse Tyson and he has declared it to be “a unique urban phenomenon in the world, if not the universe”. Neil deGrasse Tyson has also offered up several tips about just how to get the perfect photo and view of this unique phenomenon. 

He says, “Position yourself as far east in Manhattan as possible. But ensure that when you look west across the avenues you can still see New Jersey. Clear cross streets include 14th, 23rd, 34th. 42nd, 57th, and several streets adjacent to them. The Empire State building and the Chrysler building render 34th street and 42nd streets especially striking vistas.”

The dates and times for Manhattanhenge 2015 can be found below and be sure to arrive about 30 minutes early to ensure yourself a good viewing spot. 

Half Sun on the Grid
Friday, May 29 8:12 P.M. EDT
Monday, July 13 8:21 P.M. EDT

Full Sun on the Grid
Saturday, May 30 8:12 P.M. EDT
Sunday, July 12 8:20 P.M. EDT


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Could Your Beard Really Be Filled With Poop?


(PCM) These days, sporting a beard has become quite trendy with the male demographic, however many may want to consider a shave with the results that a new study has revealed. 

KOAT Channel 7 in New Mexico recently hired a microbiologist to conducted a study on the cleanliness of men’s facial hair and the results were absolutely shocking. At the conclusion of the study, the beards of several men were found to be just as contaminated with fecal matter and bacteria than a dirty toilet seat. 

While the study found normal bacteria in majority of the men’s beards, what was disturbing was the amount of bacteria that is the same as fecal matter in a good number of the participants beards as well!  

However, before all you beard-lovers go running for the razor blades, the study was also sure to note that there was no actual poop discovered in the men’s beards, but rather the same type of bacteria that is often found in poop. There was also not enough of it present to make anyone seriously ill. 

The only concerning statement made in the study was the note that if the same bacteria were to be discovered in our water system, the water system would have to be shut-down and disinfected! Kinda of scary! 

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Adorable And Very Rare ‘Pocket Shark’ Discovered In Gulf Of Mexico


(PCM) It is not very often that sharks are referred to as “cute”, however the newly discovered species of of ‘pocket shark’ is adorably small and shows many similarities in appearance to a baby sperm whale. 

The tiny-size shark was actually discovered off the coast of the Gulf Of Mexico a few years ago in a batch of fish that were collected as part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study that was conducted back in 2010. The 5.5 inch shark specimen was placed in a freezer for over three years waiting to finally be identified.

In fact, it is a miracle that the adorable little guy wasn’t tossed away as the freezer it was being stored in lost power several times over the years. It appears that the shark was only a few weeks old when it died and it is only the second of it’s species to ever be seen. Another ‘pocket shark’ is currently in a Russian museum. It has been named the ‘pocket shark’ due to the discovery of two pockets located next to its’ front fins, but researchers are still unsure of their purpose.

The specimen was shipped off to New York and than France for further testing before it will be returned to Louisana for dissection and additional studies.  

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Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs Discovered In China


(PCM) No, this is not some kind of viral teaser for the upcoming film “Jurrassic World“!  Construction workers in China have actually stumbled upon 43 fossilized dinosaur eggs, 19 of which were still completely intact. 

The workers were in the process of completing a road upgrade project in the city of Heyuan when the discovery was made. Heyuan is often referred to as “Home of Dinosaurs” because the city holds the record for having the largest number of dinosaur eggs found in one area. Back in 2004 that number was around 10,008, but now it has grown by thousands more. 

Guess, it is safe to say we have learned where many dinosaurs may have hung their hats! The recently discovered eggs are very large in size, with one in particular having a diameter of more than five inches. 

The eggs have been sent to a local museum for further research and study and at this time it is not know exactly which species of dinosaur they belong. 

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The Brontosaurus Has Finally Reclaimed Its’ Name


(PCM) Back in the year 1989, the U.S. Postal Service issued a set of stamps that featured various species of dinosaurs with one in particular being labeled the Brontosaurus. When the stamp was released both educators and paleontologists vocally protested the stamp claiming that the dinosaur species featured on the stamp was actually not a Brontosaurus, but rather a Apatosaurus, which was the correct scientific name.

However, now years later, it seems that the U.S.P.S. may have been right all along. A new study of the Diplodocidae dinosaur family tree has now shown that skeletal remains of the dinosaur previously known as the Brontosaurus show enough skeletal differences for the Apatosaurus that they are now able to be classified as their own species.

The study was published this week in the scientific journal PeerJ and the Brontosaurus we all know and loved can finally reclaim its’ long banished name. The author of the study claims that he did not initially set out to reclaim the name of the Brontosaurus, as he was only trying to better understand the evolutionary relationships between all Diplodociadae. With his research he was able to discover the many differences between both the Bronotsaurus and Apartosaurus skeletal remains.

Proving yet again the power of science, even long held beliefs are often times subject to change. Did you ever know a Brontosaurus wasn’t a Brontosaurus in the first place?

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Don’t Forget About Daylight Savings Time


(PCM) Many of us moan and groan about Daylight Savings Time because for most of us, unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii, will be losing an hour of precious sleep. The clocks “spring ahead” one hour beginning this Sunday, 3/8 at 2:00am.

The entire idea behind Daylight Savings time started as a way to both conserve energy and make better use out of the daylight hours. The idea of Daylight Savings Time was first instituted in the U.S. back in 1918, however the idea was actually conceived by Benjamin Franklin in 1784.  It was truly made official in 1966 when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Uniform Time Act, thus making it a law, however the states were allowed to exempt themselves from participation, hence Arizona and Hawaii who do not participate in DST.

It typically runs from the second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November. It was even once described by the great Winston Churchill as “An extra yawn one morning in the springtime, an extra snooze one night in the autumn … We borrow an hour one night in April; we pay it back with golden interest five months later.”

There has been both good and bad associated with the Daylight Savings Time, as research shows that more workplace and traffic accidents occur just after the time switch, however many fire departments urge people to use Daylight Savings Time as a reminder to switch the batteries out in smoke detectors and look at other home safety concerns. There was also a study that was conducted back in 2008 that showed a significant increase in both heart attacks and suicide immediately following the “springing forward” of DST.

It also seems that Daylight Savings Time actually does very little to actually conserve electricity and is said to cost the U.S. billions in disruptions to the airline and retail industry, as well as TV ratings and the stock market. Either way, Daylight Savings Time is here to stay, so don’t party too hard this weekend and make sure you remember to set the clocks ahead one hour at 2:00am on Sunday, 3/8!

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