New App Let’s Males Check Their Sperm Count Proving There Truly Is An App For Everything!

(PCM) It has been said many times that there truly is an app for everything and we can certainly agree, especially now that it has been revealed that there is a new app that allows males to check their sperm count. We suppose there is not very much difference between this and the ovulation predictor apps geared towards women.

The app comes from the folks over at Medical Electronic System and is called Yo Home Sperm Test. The company is labeling the app as the world’s first sperm tester to be powered via a smartphone app. Men now have the ability to test their sperm counts from the comfort of home and the company has even created several hilarious how-to-videos to teach men just the way the app and device operate.

Analyzing how fast sperm is moving can be vital to determining fertility, so it is definitely something that men should want to keep an eye on especially if they are in the process of trying to start a family. The company claims that their app also allows men to avoid the awkwardness of going to the clinic to have their sperm count tested several times a month.

The testing process involves the app taking a video of the sperm under the microscope, and then completing a series of simple analyses from the clip. The test takes just two minutes to provide results. The app provides users with in-depth information about their result, which the company claims to be 97 per cent accurate.

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Can Playing Techno Beats For Test Tube Babies Really Make Them Bigger? Science Says Yes!

(PCM) Researchers at the Altra-vita IVF clinic in Moscow were stunned to learn that playing a loud and pulsating techno beat for test tube babies appears to have a significant effect on making them grow larger and turn into embryos.

An experiment was conducted by the researchers where a 24-hour loop of techno music was played for eggs in test tubes and the results were astonishing. The eggs became more fertilized and the number of embryos that were usable increased by about a fifth.

The results of the experiment were revealed at the Fertility Conference that was held in Edinburgh where it was explained in layman’s terms that the so-called “techno eggs” were slightly more likely to grow into embryos and a lot more likely to develop to the point that they could be placed into the womb.

Techo music appeared to have a different effect on the test tube eggs than other musical styles that were played. Researchers tried everything from pop and classical to metal, however it was techno tracks that featured a steady pulsating beat that showed the most positive results.

It is thought that the reason behind the results is an effect of the pulsating rhythm mimicking the swirling movements that occur within the womb after a natural conception. It is almost like tricking the egg into thinking it is actually inside the womb therefore increasing the overall effectiveness of the IVF procedure.

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Worried About Your Dirty Mouth? New Study Shows Swearing Actually Proves Your Honesty

(PCM) A new study was recently published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal that appears to prove that the more someone uses swear words the more honest and transparent they are as a person. The researchers used three different experiments on participants to assist with determining a solid relationship between swearing and honesty.

The three experiments were conducted online and participants were asked to truthfully admit how often they use swear words, have their Facebook statuses analyzed, and then their entire state was looked at as a whole to determine the person’s integrity. What was very interesting was the way that the researchers were able to combine the Facebook status data with the particular state information to make a clear determination about which states swore more often and how it related to their overall ethics in general.

Guess which state curses up a storm, but is also the most honest?  Connecticut (at least according to the results of this particular study) Trust us, we would have never guessed that one either!  Overall the study shows that there is a huge correlation between cursing and a person’s level of honesty. This correlation not only stands on an individual level, but also of a sociological scale as well!

After checking out this study we were a bit curious about curse words in general and just how often people use them. It appears that the average person cusses quite a bit. About 0.7% of the words used in an average day by a person are curse words. That may not seem like a lot, but we use personal pronouns such as we, ourselves, and our just as frequently. Just give that some thought, it equals out to about 80 times per day or about three times per hour!

No need to bring out the soap … let the dirty words fly!


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It Is Raining Dead Birds In New Jersey

(PCM) It is probably not the sign of a very good omen when as many as 200 dead birds rain out of the sky, however that is exactly what occurred in the community of Stowe Township in Cumberland County, New Jersey.

Residents in the area are completely freaked out and local environmental specialists are scratching their heads after over 200 red-winged blackbirds fell dead from the sky near a small housing development off of Frank Davis Road. There has been no logical explanation for the incident, but it certainly can’t be good … that’s for sure! New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

The incident was described by residents as terrifying as the birds literally just fell from the sky. This incident occurred right before Thanksgiving of 2016 and was the second time it has happened in just a few week time period which makes this all the more freaky.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has been investigating the incident, but thus far all the results have come up inconclusive, The agency found that the birds died as a result of broken necks and internal bleeding suffered during the fall from the sky, but as to exactly what made them fall in the first place is becoming quite a large mystery.

The agency has ruled out any type of pesticides or toxic compounds found in the wheat seeds nearby, so experts are completely puzzled as to what could have caused this terrifying incident to occur. It is a bit odd that the incident seems to be confined to one particular area and residents are still feeling a bit uneasy and continue to be on high alert.

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26 Women May Have A Major Baby Daddy Mix-Up Thanks To An IVF Mistake

(PCM) What a Dutch IVF treatment facility is calling a “procedural error” may have led to 26 women becoming impregnated with the wrong sperm. Sadly, the clinic reveals that half of these women have either already given birth or are currently pregnant. The major issue is that these women may have given birth to a child who shares a completely different gene pool than their partners.

You may be wondering just how such a major blunder could occur and the answer is even more shocking. It seems that the lab technicians were using a contaminated pipette to inject sperm between April 2015 and and November 2016. The way that Utrech University Medical Centre conducts their IVF treatments is a bit different, as they use a process called Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) where a single sperm is injected directly into a woman’s egg. According to the medical center the lab technicians were using different pipettes, but the same rubber top.

When tested the rubber top revealed traces of sperm meaning that this may have happened 26 times. Another technician reported the incident and the medical center now claims to have the situation under control. While it may be under control for them, what about the 26 women who now have to deal with finding out whether or not their baby daddy is actually their baby daddy. Sounds like a bad episode of “Jerry Springer”!

The medical center is meeting with all the couples who have been affected and are offering up free DNA testing for those that would like to know the truth. Definitely scary stuff, as IVF treatments are a very serious thing for couples looking to have a child and have been unable to conceive the natural way. To think this type of thing could happen is certainly quite unsettling.


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Woman Builds A Robot Fiance

(PCM) A woman in France by the name of Lilly has created her very own real life version of the Pygmalion myth. She has 3-D printed herself a robot finance and claims that the two of them are very much in love. Lilly considers herself to be “robosexual” and finds herself only attracted to robots and not actual human beings.

Lilly designed the robot, referred to as Inmoovator, herself and says that she is in a fully committed relationship with the creation. She even plans to marry Inmoovator once robot/human marriage is legalized in France. She commented in a recent interview with an Australian newspaper that “My only two relationships with men have confirmed my love orientation, because I dislike really physical contact with human flesh.”

Lilly claims that her relationship with the robot gets better and better as time goes by and as technology continues to advance. She has lived with her Inmoovator robot fiance for the past year and claims that her family and close friends have accepted their quite unconventional relationship, however others are not as open to the pairing. She has certainly faced some criticism and odd looks when the two venture out in public.

Lilly does not go into detail with the newspaper about whether or not she has had a sexual relationship with the robot, but does plan to study and become a roboticist one day to further live out her dreams. This whole situation may seem a bit odd, but if you really think about are we that far off from these types of relationships from a technology standpoint? They have already created robot sex dolls and many people are having virtual relationships through various social media apps and computer technology.

Experts claims that love, sex, and relationships with robots will happen in our lifetime and many feel that robot/human marriages will be legal by 2050. Scary thought? What do you think?


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