The Most Expensive Home In The United States Could Be Yours

(PCM) The most expensive home in the United States is now on the market and the asking price is only a measly little $250 million. No problem, right?  We don’t know which hurt us worse, the asking price on this home or the fact that we can not get back the seven minutes or so we spent watching the insanely detailed real estate video showcasing the extravagant property.

Seriously, it was somewhat impossible to look away!

The home was built and designed by QVC handbag tycoon Bruce Makowsky, which he claims he drew his inspiration for his own very lavish and glamours lifestyle. The home is 38,000 square feet and features 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, 130 works of art, and a 30 million dollar car collection. That’s not all!  There is also a bowling alley, infinity pool with a swim-up bar, and a full size movie theater. You would never need to leave the house again.

Makowsky was also generous enough to factor in the cost of seven full-time live in employees whose job it would be to take care of the property.  Unreal! The house has now bypassed the previous most expensive home in the country, a property located in Manalapan, Florida which was worth a cool $195 million.

The luxurious Bel Air, California house was not built for any particular buyer, however Makowsky said some people have already expressed interest. He plans to only show the home to a select group of potential buyers. Our guess is that they are most likely member of the billionaire club, perhaps one of the 540 billionaires that happen to live in the U.S.

Wow, is all we can say!

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College Student Makes Over $200 A Day Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests Online

(PCM) One quite clever pregnant college student in Jacksonville, Florida is making some serious cash by selling her positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist. While, of course, the woman wishes to remain anonymous, she did meet up with a reporter from the local Jacksonville news station WJAX and explained that she is selling the positive pregnancy tests as a way to pay off her college tuition bills and that it is easy money, so why not just go for it?

The Jacksonville news outlet was able to track down the woman by pretending to be a person interested in purchasing on of the positive pregnancy tests that she is peddling online for $30 a pop. The woman, who is six-months, pregnant says in her ad simply titled “pregnancy tests/urine: $30”, “Very self-explanatory …Whether you are using it for your own amusement as a prank, or to blackmail the CEO of Apple who you are having an affair with, I DON’T CARE AT ALL. This is an absolutely no questions asked type of deal.”

We suppose this is no different than the countless women who are making extra cash by selling their used panties on the internet, but there is just something about the transfer of bodily fluids from person to person that just skeeves us out a bit. The woman’s ad has since been removed from Craigslist, but you can see a saved copy below:

It is not illegal to sell urine or used pregnancy tests online and while that is a bit disturbing, what is more disturbing is that there is a whole market of people who are searching out these types of items to purchase. Definitely a lot of effort of a gag and terrifying if it is for blackmail!

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Hot New Wedding Trend Has Couples Faking The Cake

(PCM) Everyone knows that weddings can be tremendously expensive endeavors and one of the more costly items can be a fancy and elaborately decorated wedding cake. Some couples have reported spending upwards of $1,000 to $1,500 on their wedding cakes, however a hot new wedding trend involving cakes has quickly been gaining some steam.

Many couples are opting to “fake the cake” and ordering a “cake” that appears to be beautifully decorated with both icing and fondant, however the inside is nothing more than tiered and layers styrofoam. These styrofoam creations can be decorated using the very same materials such as icing and fondant and can be as elaborately decorated as the couple chooses, the only major difference is these cakes are certainly not edible and can literally save the couple thousands of dollars, as they only retail for about half the cost of a regular wedding cake.

Many may be wondering how these “fake cakes” work when dealing with the whole cake cutting ceremony and the solution is quite simple. Many of the “fake cakes” come with a pre-cut knife slit that allows the couple to pretend to cut the cake and for the cake in the face smashing picture another piece of pre-cut cake is brought out from the kitchen. Another way that it can be faked is to have only the top tier of the creation be made of real cake which can be cut and enjoyed by the couple.

We all know that after the cake cutting ceremony the cake is rushed off into the kitchen and cut down for the guests to enjoy. They will never know the difference if a less expensive sheet cake is cut down in the back and served as the popular wedding dessert. “Fake cakes” work for events other than weddings as well. They are often ordered for bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteen party’s and corporate events. It is a wonderful cost saver and no one can ever tell the difference. No you can have the cake of your dreams, but not necessarily eat it too!

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Ever Wonder What A $30,000 Ugly Christmas Sweater Looks Like?

(PCM) Most individuals wouldn’t spend more than $15 to $20 on an ugly Christmas sweater since it is usually an article of clothing that only gets worn once maybe twice a year at most. But if you happened to receive an extra Christmas bonus this year or happen to have a spare $30,000 laying around, Tipsy Elves have created the world’s most expensive ugly Christmas sweater and it can be yours this holiday season.

The hideous sweater features Santa Claus riding a unicorn passing over the planet Saturn and is bejeweled with 24,274 individually placed Swarovski crystals. The one of a kind creation is said to have taken over 52 hours to complete. It even comes complete with two gaudy fake diamond necklaces attached to the collar!  Now there’s a winner!

The good folks even took the time and consideration to release that you can’t possibly wear your $30,000 Ugly Christmas sweater everyday of the year, so it comes shipped to customers in a luxury frame so that you can display your hideous purchase throughout the year. We can imagine this will earn you a ton of admirers!

Be sure to get your hands on one of these once in a lifetime (thank goodness!) creations before they are gone or before you go completely broke with other frivolous purchases this holiday season.

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Customers Rally Behind A Teen Girl Who Was Fat-Shamed At Her Job

(PCM) Coldstone Creamery customers across the nation are rallying to show their support for a teen employee who was recently fat-shamed by an incredibly rude customer at her work place.

19-year old Justine Elwood works at the Coldstone Creamery location in Layton, Utah and was utterly shocked with a customer entered the store with her two young children and after placing their order proceeded to very harshly body-shame Elwood directly to her face.

As Elwood was serving the customer she very rudely said something along the lines of “If you eat too much ice cream, you’ll look like her” referencing Elwood’s weight to her children. Yeah, mother of the year goes to that one right there! (NOT!)

However, just body-shaming Elwood to her face was not enough for this customer. She had to take things a step further and put an incredibly offensive Yelp review of the Coldstone Creamery location further fat-shaming Elwood claiming she was “disgustingly obese” and that she made the customers “appetite disappear”.

The offending Yelp review has since been taken down, however not before Elwood’s mother was able to capture a screen shot of the posting. Since the story broke people all across the nation have been leaving comments to show their support for Elwood and leaving 5-star reviews of the Coldstone Creamery location.

The offending Yelp review read:

Coldstone has been one of our favorite places to go as a family and enjoy quality ice cream, specifically the Layton location. Unfortunately, I have had a specifically unsatisfying experience the last few times we have come into the store. One of their female employees Jessie? Jennifer? J something, although she does her job, and is very polite, instantly makes my appetite disappear. I understand the need to hire bias free, but when someones looks [sic] interfere with my experience at an establishment I can’t help but complain. As a mother I don’t like my children thinking they will look that way by eating too much ice cream.Overall a good establishment with fast service, and delightful treats. We love Coldstone, just not all the employees.

Here are a few of the supportive comments Elwood has been receiving online:

It is truly wonderful to see that people are still willing to stand-up for one another especially during the holiday season. We certainly feel Elwood is a beautiful young lady and needs to keep her head held high and ignore the ugliness of others.

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McDonald’s Accidentally Takes A ‘Cheeky’ Approach With Holiday Cup Design

(PCM) Food and beverage retailers across the nation have been revealing their holiday cup designs. Many seem to be in competition with one another to see which design receives the most popular customer feedback and which better encompasses the holiday spirit.

McDonald’s may have just accidentally caused all of our minds to head straight to the gutter when checking out the “cheeky” new design on the holiday beverage cups. It is certainly stirring up quite a bit of controversy.

Many people (ourselves included) feel that what is supposed to be a pair of mittens featured on the cup actually more closely resembles a persons derriere. Of course the internet is now having a ball with this and we seriously have no idea how this design passed the final sign off from the McDonald’s corporation.

So far the company has yet to respond to the controversy, but something tells us that these slightly NSFW cups will quickly become a ghost of Christmas past!

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