People Cannot Get Enough Of These Gorgeous Flower Jelly Lipsticks


(PCM) People are losing their minds on both Instagram and Pinterest over the gorgeous flower jelly lipsticks from China. They are selling out all over the place because they are truly that darn adorable.

The lipsticks were created by Chinese beauty company Kailijumei and feature a clear lipstick that is infused with jelly, gold specks and a lovely little flower placed right in the center. They are almost too pretty to use, but just because of their gorgeous design, it doesn’t mean they don’t function as an awesome lipstick as well.

The Kailijummei lipsticks are body temperature activated and give your lips a sweet glossy pink tint which then turns a bit darker depending on the temperature and your mood. The Kailijumei website is completely sold out of these amazing lipsticks, however with a little digging around you can find them for sale on Ebay, however the company warns consumers to be careful about cheap knock-offs or expired product that could pose certain health dangers.

Definitely try and nab a few of these while they are hot and definitely beware if trying to score a bargain online!

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‘Adult Nursery’ Opens In Illinois And Local Residents Are Not Pleased!


(PCM) A man by the name of Todd has opened what is most likely the nations first and only ‘adult nursery’ called Tykables, which exists to cater to those adult individuals who suffer from incontinence, as well as, those who are  “ABDL” otherwise known as “Adult Baby Diaper Lovers”.

ABDL is a sexual fetish where the person enjoys putting on adult sized baby diapers and behaving in an infantile way. Todd claims that he started Tykables (which happens to be a brand of adult-sized baby diapers) to meet both the medical and sexual needs of his clientele.

The Tykables diapers are available for purchase, however the store takes things a step further and features a 7.5 foot crib, large stuffed teddy bears, a 5.5. foot Rocking Horse, and an adult-sized high chair for feeding time. While Todd claims no actual sexual activity takes place in the store, it is a place where fetishists can let loose and be themselves without fear of shame or judgement.

Entrance to Tykables is gained by appointment only and all windows and doors are completely shuttered for privacy. Despite the privacy precautions, residents in suburban Mt. Prospect, Illinois, where Tykables is located, are outraged.  They are demanding that the city step and close Tykables for good.

The city sided with Tykable and it appears they are safe for the time being as it has been proven that no actual sex takes place in the establishment, it is private and the only activities that take place are consensual acts of teddy bear cuddling and bottle feeding by appointment only.  Everything is legit from a legal stand-point, so the disgusted residents will be forced to deal with it for now. Maybe Todd will hand them out some free pacifiers?

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‘Naked Restaurant’ In Japan Releases Quite A Controversial Set Of Rules!


(PCM) Apparently, ‘naked restaurants’ are now a thing! To us, the thought of chowing down our dinner au naturel in a public restaurant is quite unappetizing, but hey, to each their own. One particular ‘naked restaurant’ that has opened up in Japan called The Amrita, has revealed their set of somewhat controversial rules for entering the establishment and if you are overweight or over the age of 60, don’t even bother trying to enter.

While there are other ‘naked restaurants’ in both Australia and London, the Amrita in Japan is the first to create rules for their customers based upon size and appearance. The website for the restaurant states that if you appear to be overweight, your weight will be verified on-site and you will be turned away. Also, you will lose your reservation and your ticket price will not be refunded, so (in hilariously translated English) they urge patrons to “be careful”.


Here are a few more of their ridiculously detailed rules below:

  1. There is a strict age limit. Only patrons between the ages of 18 and 60 will be allowed to enter
  2. No tattoos of any kind
  3. No talking to or touching the bodies of other patrons
  4. And obviously, no cellphone use or photography is permitted
  5. You must wear a provided paper diaper


Even though the restaurant is recieving quite a bit of backlash and ridicule for their controversial rules, they are still incredibly confident that patrons will have an enjoyable dining experience. They will be featuring an all-nude male review featuring “the best of the best American and European male models.”  Tickets for the show average approximate $748 and are already completely sold out.

Looks like people enjoy wearing a paper diaper while dining and watching an all-nude male review, who’d have thought?



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Man Died After Eating At A Restaurant And They Respond With A Completely Shameless Apology


(PCM) A 38-year old young man by the name of Paul Wilson tragically passed away alone in his home after ordering food from the Indian Garden restaurant located in Easingwold, U.K.. Wilson had specifically requested that his curry dish be nut-free, as he suffered from an incredibly dangerous allergy to nuts.  The restaurant ended up serving him a take-out meal that contained nut powder, which sent Wilson into anaphylactic shock which killed him that very night.

This particular incident occurred back in 2014 and the owner of the restaurant Mohammed Zaman was charged with manslaughter and just recently began serving his six year sentence behind bars. Zaman was allowed to keep his restaurant open despite the horrific incident and it is now being managed by members of his family. However, many feel that the restaurant should not be allowed to remain open and they have been facing some pretty horrible publicity ever since.

Zaman’s son Emraz, who is a legal student (go figure) has now taken it upon himself to draft an email out to all the restaurants customers offering what we assume he intended to be an apology, however it is certainly leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many. The email only apologizes once for the incident and then turns into a completely blatant advertisement for the restaurant at the end. You can read Emraz’s full email below:

“[We] sincerely apologise to all our loyal customers for the recent heavy press surrounding the Easingwold branch and the somewhat disappointing decision for our founding father Mr Zaman. Mistakes have been made and this is no excuse but now is a time to move on as Mr Zaman so wishes. We are now in the process of launching a new dessert menu and have hired an exclusive pastry chef from London to design this. Our philosophy, started by our founder, [Mohammed] Khalique Zaman, was and still is to create real quality Indian cuisine of the highest standard. With exhilarating flavours and subtle aromas…Jaipur Spice will transform your perception of Indian food…You’ll spot the difference the moment the food arrives!!”

In fact, Emraz really doesn’t apologize at all for Wilson’s death, only focusing on the bad press and the decision to lock up his father for manslaughter. Also, a little more digging reveals that Wilson was not the only person to suffer for Indian Garden’s negligence when it come to nut allergies. Just two weeks prior to Wilson’s death, a teen girl was hospitalized after her request for a nut-free meal was also ignored by the restaurant. Luckily she survived.

Definitely makes us rethink where we would be grabbing some Indian food in the U.K., how about you?

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Bargain Perfume: Do You Get What You Pay For?


(PCM) If you have ever been shopping either online or in your local drugstore, you have probably seen knock-off versions of various designer perfumes being sold at some outrageously low prices and thought about whether or not these fragrances could possibly be authentic.  Unfortunately, according to a new report and sting operation, these knock-off fragrances are not only fake, but can contain some possibly deadly substance, so buyer beware!

Five men have been arrested in New York by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for selling counterfeit designer perfumes made with ingredients such as, antifreeze and urine across at the minimum seven states in the U.S. and the list continues to grow. The arrests occurred as a part of a lengthy two-year investigation appropriately titled “Operation Bad Odor”, where authorities monitored counterfeit make-up and fragrances. The fragrances and their faux designer packaging were shipped in from overseas in China and then resold online and in several stores throughout the U.S.

Not only did the fragrances contain dangerous chemicals such as antifreeze many also contained additional flammable and unpleasant chemicals that often times burn when applied to the skin. If convicted the five men could be facing anywhere for 10 to 30 years in jail for their crimes. In order to keep yourself safe, please be aware of what you are buying and be sure to purchase all beauty and fragrance products from a reputable retailer. It is definitely worth spending a few extra bucks, especially where your health and safety is concerned. Steer clear of discount stores and shady online retailers.


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Start The Summer Off Right With New Books From Both Stephen King And J.K. Rowling!


(PCM) The summer time is already just about upon us. For some, they look forward to the big summer blockbuster movies that will be hitting theaters. For other’s, like us, we will be hitting the beach with a book in our  hands. We are certainly in luck this summer, as two absolutely fantastic authors will be releasing new books right around the same time.

First up, is an author who really needs no introduction, as it has been announced that Stephen King will  be releasing his new book titled, “End of Watch (Scribner, fiction) on June 7th. “End of Watch” will see the return of Brady Hartsfield aka the Mr. Mercedes killer, and gumshoe Bill Hodges. This book will be the third and final one in King’s best-selling noir trilogy. The first one was the excellent book “Mr. Mercedes” followed up by “Finders Keepers”.

Harry Potter fans should be overjoyed at the announcement that  J.K. Rowling will be releasing an eighth book in the “Harry Potter” series titled, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child-Parts 1& 2 which is also co-written with John Tiffany and Jack Thorne (Arthur A. Levine Books, fiction). The new book will be hitting bookshelves on July 31.  The story will follow the boy wizard who is all grown up and has a son, Albus, who struggles with the family legacy.

We are really looking forward to reading these summer books and just think, wouldn’t it be truly amazing if these two master storytellers ever got together and created a new series together?  Hey, we can dream, right?

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