Ben & Jerry’s Is Getting Into The Beer Business


(PCM) Famous ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s have revealed plans to release a salted caramel brownie beer sometime this fall. While, we don’t necessarily see beer and ice cream going hand in hand, the company has apparently partnered up with the New Belgium Brewing Company to assist them with crafting the sweet flavored brew.

The beer will be called “Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale”and will contain 6.3% alcohol. All proceeds from the sale of the beer will benefit “Protect Our Winters” which is an organization that helps fight the effects of climate change on mountains.

A spokesperson for the New Belgium Brewing company says that while the collaboration between their company and Ben & Jerry’s has been made public, other additional details about the upcoming campaign and subsequent roll-out are still being developed.  He goes on to say “At this time I can confirm that Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium are collaborating to raise awareness around issues we are passionate about, and that the results will be delicious.”

Are you looking forward to sampling some “Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale”?

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McDonald’s Finally Gives Taco Bell Some Payback


(PCM) When Taco Bell first unveiled their new breakfast menu, they put together some advertising that took a direct stab at fellow fast food chain McDonald’s. It was Taco Bell’s attempt to poke fun at good ol’ Ronald McDonald and attempt to lure consumers away from McDonald’s for breakfast treats.

McDonald’s is now finally giving Taco Bell some payback and offering up free food in exchange for a Taco Bell receipt. Basically, visit Taco Bell for breakfast and then proceed to McDonald’s to trade your Taco Bell receipt for a free Egg McMuffin. Please make note that Taco Bell is the only competitor whose receipt will be accepted.

For one week only McDonald’s restaurants in the northeast are trying out this rather spiteful promotion and are attempting to bring back any of the customers they may have lost to Taco Bell’s breakfast offerings.

It has not yet been determined if any additional McDonald’s restaurants throughout the country will pick up on this bizarre promotion.


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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Food Stamp Publicity Stunt Is A PR Nightmare

(PCM) While we definitely think that her intentions were in the right place,  actress and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow’s tweet showcasing her $29 worth of groceries purchased with food stamps has left many people with a bad taste in their mouths.

Paltrow is taking part in the New York City Food Bank Challenge that aims to raise awareness and money for the city’s food bank. The challenge is for Paltrow to live off the city’s weekly food stamp allowance which is only $29.

Paltrow’s photo showed that she purchased brown rice, black beans, eggs, an avocado, cilantro, some leafy small leafy greens and yes, count them, SEVEN limes! People were understandably outraged by Paltrow’s food stamp purchases, as majority feel it does not adequately show how the average person would shop if given the budget of only $29. Could she even survive for a week off of what she purchased? It looks more like she is trying to make some guacamole and seriously … what could she possibly be doing with seven limes???

With the image she tweeted the following text : “This is what $29 gets you at the grocery store – what families on SNAP (i.e. food stamps) have to live on for a week.”

While Paltrow did make healthy choices for her weekly food budget, many feel it was like an insult to those who are forced to use the benefits just for adequate sustenance. The tweet further proved the point about just how out of touch celebrities are with average everyday life.

While there were some people on Twitter that praised Paltrow for her choices, the majority of people were absolutely disgusted and insulted. A firestorm of criticism broke out against Paltrow and many were telling her just where to stick her Goop and asking ‘How about we try living on Paltrow’s weekly allowance for a week’?

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Beware Of Cash For iPhones Scheme


(PCM) We have all seen the ad’s on both television and on the internet offering customers the chance to trade-in their old iPhones for some cold hard cash. Many of the companies making these cash offers are not what they seem and are scamming customers out of hundreds of dollars when the send in their phones for trade.

One of the most popular phone trade-in companies is “Cash For iPhones” and they are currently under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission after receiving more than 900 complaints from customers who say that they have received far less cash for their trades than they were initially promised.

One customers says that she signed up on the site to trade in her iPhone 5c and was offered the amount of $131, however once she sent out her phone and the company had it in their possession the offer was then lowered to a measly $11. That is a huge difference!

The website states that customers have three days to file a dispute with the company if they disagree on the offer amount, however it took nearly three days for the customer to even be able to get a hold of anyone in customer service. Once she did, she was then told that by that time it was too late to file the dispute and that they had already recycled her phone.

Both Good Morning America and ABC News took matters into their own hands and conducted their own investigation into the company undercover. They submitted three phones and were told that they would be receiving $800 for the trade-in, however, yet again once the phones were in the companies possession the amount for the three phones was lowered to only $114.

Sounds like something fishy is definitely going to there!  The company is located in Sparks, Nevada and a full investigation is currently underway, but for the meantime, trader beware!


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Slurpee Addicts Get Your Fix On April 10!


(PCM) Attention Slurpee fans!  Be sure to mark your calendars for April 11th because 7-Eleven has revealed that will be Bring Your Own Cup Day (BYO Day). From 11am to 7pm, for one day only, customers can bring in almost any cup or container to their local 7-Eleven store and fill it up with their favorite flavor or combination of Slurpee for just $1.49 per cup.  That’s the same price as a medium Slurpee, but definitely much bigger cups.

There are a few rules to keep in mind. The cups or containers must be clean, leak-proof, and have a definite shape. They must also be able to pass through the 10-inch cutout in the store, so forget trying to fill up the extra large party cooler.

It is 7-Eleven’s hope that the customers will get creative with their Slurpee vessels, as not much is off limits. Some ideas would be a top hat, a plant pot, a gorgeous vase or even a small fish bowl.  As long as it will hold liquid, bring it in and fill it up on April 11th.

Make sure to take a pic and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BYOCupDay. In addition, add REALLYSLURPEE on Snapchat for the latest updates about BYO Cup Day.

Also, if you are a member of the 7Rewards loyalty program, BYO Cup Day will count. Just fill up your punch card and your seventh cup is free. Text BYOC to 711711 to download the 7-Eleven app and join 7Rewards.

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McDonald’s Reveals Plans To Test An All-Day Breakfast Menu


(PCM) This is probably the best news we’ve heard out of the McDonald’s company in quite some time. It has been announced that the company plans to test an all-day breakfast service starting next month.

Currently, the new all-day breakfast menu will only be available in the San Diego test market area, but depending on how well it does, they will then make the decision to roll it out nationwide.

It is the company’s hope that they can use the test market research to work out any kinks, as the main issue they had with offering breakfast all day was limited grill space in the kitchens. The grills were not big enough to handle both the breakfast and lunch/dinner items at the same time. Breakfast unfortunately had to be cut off at 10:30am on weekdays and 11:00am on weekends.

There are some McDonald’s restaurants that currently offer limited breakfast items on their late night menus that become available at midnight. However, we have to note that nearly every time we have driven up to a McDonald’s drive-thru around midnight asking for the breakfast items that are supposed to be available, we are 99% of the time told it is not ready yet.

Here’s to hoping they can figure out an economical way to serve breakfast all-day, which would be a dream come true for us McMuffin lovin’ consumers!

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