New Delicious Pastry Creation: The Pretzel Lobster Tail


(PCM) From the very same creator that brought the world the glorious pastry invention known as the cronut, Chef Dominique Ansel has now debuted the pretzel lobster tail.

Ansel claims that he was inspired to create the pretzel lobster tail when thinking about summer and despite it’s name and shape, the new pastry contains no actual seafood.

The pretzel lobster tail is made up of soft pretzel and then stuffed with homemade peanut butter and buttercrunch brittle. It is then rolled and shaped into bite size pieces that are easy to consume.

The lobster tail is sprinkled with Maldon sea … read more...

Minnesota Restaurant Adds Minimum Wage Fee To It’s Checks


(PCM) Restaurant patrons in the town of Stillwater, Minnesota are up in arms about the $0.35 minimum wage that has been added to their food bills. Many have already taken to social media to voice their concerns and outrage.

The Oasis restaurant claims that the $0.35 charge to the customers bill is to offset the cost of an increased minimum wage for tipped employees. The restaurant owners claim that the new pay increase is costing them more than $10,000 a year.

The owners go on to tell the CBS news station in Minnesota that “if the state would pass a … read more...

Sponsored Post: A Visit To #ChocolateHeaven With Roger Federer And Lindsey Vonn


It is always refreshing to learn about sports figures who are always up for new challenges. It has recently been revealed by Swiss chocolate brand Lindt, that tennis champ Roger Federer and ski champ Lindsey Vonn were up to a little secret challenge of their own.

Back in October of 2013, Federer, who is a very active social media user, posted to his Twitter account asking for an athlete to compete against him in any other sport. Vonn, also equally active on social media, responded to his request and said that she would ski with him if he … read more...

Amazon Reveals Netflix Model For Books


(PCM) Online retailer giant Amazon has recently revealed a new monthly subscription service which will provide users with access to thousands of electronic and audio books.

The new service is called the Kindle Unlimited Service and is available now for $9.99 per month. Once users have signed up they will be able to access over 600,000 electronic books, as well as, thousands of audio books.

The new services is modeled very similar to the ways of Netflix for film and television services. Kindle Unlimited Service is available on all Kindle devices and the Kindle app for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, … read more...

J.Crew Receives Backlash For Offering A Size 000


(PCM) Clothing retailer J.Crew has received quite a bit of backlash from the public and several notable fashion bloggers for now offering clothing in a size 000.

The main criticism stems from the fact that many people are feeling that the idea behind vanity sizing has gotten out of control. The size 000 is the equivalent of a size 0 in both the U.K. and Australia. In case you were curious, vanity sizing is the process of retailers manipulating the sizes of their clothes to make consumers feel that they wear a smaller size in clothing.

A J.Crew spokesperson defends …

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