Kmart Brings The Nightmare Before Christmas To Life


(PCM) Kmart is creating a true Christmas nightmare for holiday shoppers as they have now been informed that items they paid for as presents via online layaway are currently “out of stock”.

Kmart had initially told customers that that if they had paid their layaway balance off by December 14th the items they purchased would be delivered in time for Christmas.  Now, the company is cancelling orders and informing customers that they will be receiving a refund for the items they purchased.

Here’s the problem … the refunds will not be issued in time from customers to purchase new presents … read more...

Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries Retires


(PCM) Is it wrong that I am a little bit happy to learn that Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries has announced his retirement from the company effective immediately.

The news of Jeffries retirement comes after it was revealed that the company’s third quarter earnings were about 60 million under expectation.

Also due to all the controversy surrounding Jeffries comments about the brand’s target market and demographic the company began declining in popularity at a rapid pace.

Jeffries came under fire for his remarks that the clothing retailer was only concerned about their clothing being worn by thin and attractive … read more...

Playstation 4 20th Anniversary Consoles Are Selling For $20,000 On Ebay


(PCM) If you were not lucky enough to get your hands on one of the 12,300 Playstation 4 20th Anniversary consoles that Sony released on December 6th, worry not, because one could be yours for a mere $20,000 dollars.

Online Playstation fans are currently wrapped up in bidding wars for a chance to own one of these limited edition consoles, which feature the same original grey color as the very first Playstation released back in 1994. The consoles will also feature the classic “P” logo on the front and have a 20th anniversary badge on the front corner of the … read more...

Slice Of Cake From The Royal Wedding In 2011 Sells For $7,500


(PCM) Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills, CA has just sold a slice of wedding cake from the 2011 royal wedding of Prince William and Dutchess Catherine for the whopping sum of $7,500!

In fact, the auction house claims they were only expecting to receive about $1,000 or $2,000 at most for the cake slice. The slice is a fruit cake, which according to CNNMoney was eight tiers tall and took the bakers five weeks to make. It is also said that the cake will peak in flavor 13 months after it was baked and comes in a tin along with … read more...

Girl Scout Cookies Enter The Digital Age!


(PCM) For the very first time you will not be able to order Girl Scout Cookies online rather than waiting for door-to-door sales or that ever popular table or booth set up outside your local supermarket.

The 112-year old Girl Scout organization has recently revealed their Digital Cookie platform online and will begin taking sales on December 12th. The Girl Scout organization has always discouraged online sales in the past, as they did not want any web skilled Scouts or their parents to build epic web sites for sales that would be able knock out any competition in the area.… read more...

Gearing Up For Black Friday Shopping? A Look At The Most Requested Gifts


(PCM) After stuffing ourselves full of turkey many of us feel that we could sleep for days, however some very dedicated shopaholics will be up at the crack of dawn and racing to their favorite stores in hopes of getting in on some of those fabulous Black Friday deals.

However, what good is shopping if you have no idea what to purchase. No worries, we have got you covered and have complied below a list of some of this years most requested and popular gift ideas.

Without a doubt if there is a young girl that you are buying for … read more...

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