Sponsored Post: A Visit To #ChocolateHeaven With Roger Federer And Lindsey Vonn


It is always refreshing to learn about sports figures who are always up for new challenges. It has recently been revealed by Swiss chocolate brand Lindt, that tennis champ Roger Federer and ski champ Lindsey Vonn were up to a little secret challenge of their own.

Back in October of 2013, Federer, who is a very active social media user, posted to his Twitter account asking for an athlete to compete against him in any other sport. Vonn, also equally active on social media, responded to his request and said that she would ski with him if he would play tennis with her.

Fast forward to 2014, when Federer contacted Vonn with the news that the challenge had been revealed. The two athletes were to meet each other to celebrate the opening of Lindt’s newest – and highest, at 3,454m – shop to complete the challenge, which included a little bit of a twist.

The challenge will consist of a tennis match on top of the Jungfraujoch on the Aletsch glacier, against the backdrop of the Bernese Alps! The Jungfraujoch is called ‘The Top of Europe’, so could you even dream of a better place to shop for some authentic Swiss chocolates…I know we can’t! The winner of the challenge would be rewarded with their own taste of #chocolateheaven!

There has been no word yet on whether or not that Vonn will get her rematch with Federer on the ski slopes, but we can certainly see that the competitive spirit and camaraderie between these two is amazing.

I think we can all dream about having our very own #chocolateheaven moments and currently Lindt is urging people to share their moments via their website, Twitter and Facebook page.

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Amazon Reveals Netflix Model For Books


(PCM) Online retailer giant Amazon has recently revealed a new monthly subscription service which will provide users with access to thousands of electronic and audio books.

The new service is called the Kindle Unlimited Service and is available now for $9.99 per month. Once users have signed up they will be able to access over 600,000 electronic books, as well as, thousands of audio books.

The new services is modeled very similar to the ways of Netflix for film and television services. Kindle Unlimited Service is available on all Kindle devices and the Kindle app for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, PC, Mac and Windows 8.

Currently, Amazon is offering a 30-day trial for the new service and is providing users who end up signing up for the new service a complimentary three-month membership.

Thus far, Kindle Unlimited Service is only offered to Amazon customers in the United States.

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J.Crew Receives Backlash For Offering A Size 000


(PCM) Clothing retailer J.Crew has received quite a bit of backlash from the public and several notable fashion bloggers for now offering clothing in a size 000.

The main criticism stems from the fact that many people are feeling that the idea behind vanity sizing has gotten out of control. The size 000 is the equivalent of a size 0 in both the U.K. and Australia. In case you were curious, vanity sizing is the process of retailers manipulating the sizes of their clothes to make consumers feel that they wear a smaller size in clothing.

A J.Crew spokesperson defends the company’s new size 000 clothing and claims that the decision had nothing to do with “vanity sizing”, but rather that the demand for smaller size clothing than they current offer was coming out of Asia, a market that runs notably smaller than many other countries around the globe.

To be fair, J.Crew’s clothing does run up to a size 24, so we suppose they do have to be sure to make an attempt to cover every possible sizing scenario!

What do you think…is a size 000 too small?

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