A Look At The Dangers Of Meningitis On College Campuses

Meningitis1(PCM) There have been quite a few headlines recently about the deaths of college students related to an outbreak of meningitis on their college campuses. Recently, a Philadelphia student from Drexel University has died from the same strain of meningitis that was seen in a recent outbreak at Princeton University in New Jersey.

The CDC released a statement saying that the Drexel University student died from Meningitis B and it was revealed that the student may have had close contact with students from Princeton University about a week before coming down with the illness.

The vaccine has been approved for use in Europe, Canada and Australia, but it is not yet approved for use in the United States. The CDC and the FDA granted special approval for the vaccine to be distributed at Princeton.

Despite the fact that Princeton University students were given an unlicensed meningitis vaccine, CDC officials are still worried that the disease may still be present on the Princeton University campus given the recent Drexel Hill student’s death.

Meningitis is spread through coughing, sneezing and kissing. It will also spread when people forget to wash their hands or clothes, or among people who drink out of the same cup making the college campus and dormitories the perfect breeding ground the disease to spread.

University communities across the nation are encouraging their students to engage in good health practices to prevent the spread of this horrible disease. Many students who become infected with meningitis may be under the impression that they have come down with a bout of the flu, as the early symptoms are fever, headache, stiff necks, vomiting and delirium.

If left untreated the bacteria spread and can cause hearing loss, permanent neurological damage and death.


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Walmart Beef Laced With LSD

Walmart-LSD(PCM) A family was hospitalized near Tampa, Fl after consuming a package of steaks that were purchased at local area Walmart store that were laced with the drug LSD.

The authorities in Tampa are in the process now of attempting to figure out just how the steaks became laced with the hallucinogenic drug in the first place. Walmart is working closely with the authorities during the investigation and a company spokesperson is placing the blame on the beef supplier, claiming that all of Walmart’s meat comes pre-packaged so it is completely unclear when the contamination may have occurred.

Jessica Rosado, her partner Ronnie Morales and two daughters began experiencing hallucinations and shortness of breath after consuming the steaks and the entire family became sick enough to call 911. What makes this even more terrifying is that Rosado was pregnant at the time. Doctors at the hospital induced her labor and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

What is baffling to the authorities is how the LSD remained potent enough to sicken the family, even after it had been cooked. LSD is known to break down very quickly. Also, the beef contamination appears to be an isolated incident as authorities tested additional steaks for LSD and other contaminants and all came up negative.

While Walmart is not receiving a ton of backlash about the incident, it certainly makes us think twice about buying any beef products from the retailer even if the blame does not rest of them alone.


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Eighteen People Allegedly Exposed To An Incurable Disease In North Carolina

surgery(PCM) Any type of surgical procedure can be nerve-wracking to many individuals, but we put our trust in the doctors and surgeons performing the procedure to do their very best work and provide us with the best care possible. That is why this recent incident out a of a North Carolina is sure to send chills down anyone’s back .

It has been recently revealed that eighteen people have allegedly been exposed to a very rare and incurable brain disease which also happens to be fatal in 100% of the cases studied.

The eighteen people who may have been exposed had surgeries performed with instruments that were not properly sterilized exposing them to a degenerative neurological disorder referred to as CJD, which stands for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

It is said that the disease only effects 1 in a million people worldwide, however in the case in North Carolina, the surgical instruments were used on an individual that tested positive for CJD, and then re-used on other patients throughout the course of a three-week time period.

While the instruments were sterilized after use by the normal hospital standards, the CDC (Center For Disease Control) claims that any instruments used to treat someone who tested positive for CDJ should be completely destroyed.

Officials at Novnt Health Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina claim that the actual likelihood of those eighteen individuals actually contracting the disease is incredibly low.

Still the patients are incredibly upset and outraged at even the chance of something like this occurring. The worst part is that the disease can take several years to manifest itself, so the likelihood of any symptoms showing up soon is slim.

This situation has to be absolutely terrifying for those patients and the waiting game makes it twice as bad. Something tells us this hospital is due to get hit with several hefty lawsuits very soon, even it it is for mental anguish.

Again, we put our full trust in doctors and hospitals to do the right thing and stories like this certainly make you think twice about that trust factor.

The post Eighteen People Allegedly Exposed To An Incurable Disease In North Carolina also appeared on PCM Lifestyle.

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