True Blood Has Revealed A Teaser Clip From The Final Season


(PCM) It’s too funny that I am actually sipping coffee out of my True Blood coffee mug this morning and I am now able to share the teaser clip that has been released in anticipation of the upcoming final season!

The clip reveals some major plot points about what we can expect from the upcoming season. There is definitely a battle brewing in Bon Temps and from what we can see the government is refusing to provide assistance.

The season is sure to be chock full of death and destruction, however we certainly can hope for a little bit of redemption before the fates of our beloved characters are sealed for good.

True Blood’s seventh and final season will air  on June 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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Gwen Stefani Set To Join “The Voice”


(PCM) Fresh off her recent guest appearance during Pharrell’s incredible Coachella performance, performing her hit song “Hollaback Girl”, it has been revealed that Gwen Stefani will join Pharrell as the newest judge on NBC’s “The Voice”.

Multiple sources that work closely with show producers have revealed that due to Christina Aguilera’s pregnancy, Stefani will appear in her place, at least for Season 7, which will begin taping in June.

Sources go on to claim that Aguilera wanted to film during her pregnancy, but because she was having some difficulties, she was ultimately forced to pass along the chair.

Thus far, Stefani has only signed a deal for the one season and all signs point to Aguilera returning for Season 8.

Who do you think will make a better judge on “The Voice”…Gwen Stefani or Christina Aguilera?

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Tempers Flare On The Set Of Glee


(PCM) According to several sources close to the production of FOX’s Glee claim that majority of the cast is getting pretty fed up with actress Lea Michele’s diva-like demands and behavior while on set.

It is rumored that actress Naya Rivera had finally had enough and went to producers to speak on behalf of herself and the rest of the cast to voice their concerns about Lea’s behavior.

The controversy was stirred up when Lea made the entire cast and crew wait to finish shooting a scene so that she could go deal with personal matters.

Sources claim when Lea returned to the set and got wind of Naya’s chat with the producers she then proceeded to walk off the set. However, if you speak with sources close to Lea, they claim that Lea was completely unaware that Naya had even spoken to the producers and the pair did not even have any recent scenes together.

The Lea sources also go on to say that it was actually Naya who got herself tossed off the set and may have even been fired from the show. Sources close to Naya are denying that she has been fired ,however only time will tell.

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