Legendary Wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper Dead At Age 61


(PCM) Wrestling fans are mourning the loss of legendary wrestler and actor ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper who has sadly passed away at the age of 61. According to officials from the WWW, Piper’s death was the result of a heart attack that occurred while he was sleeping at his home in Hollywood, California.

Piper’s death was later confirmed by his agent Jay Schacter, who said the wrestler “died peacefully in his sleep”. Schacter also released an email statement which went on to say that he is “shocked and beyond devastated.  He was an amazing man and a true friend. He was one of the most generous, sincere and authentic people I have ever known. This is a true loss to us all.”

The WWE’s  CEO Vince McMahon also released a statement saying Piper was “one of the most entertaining, controversial and bombastic performers ever in WWE, beloved [by] millions of fans around the world.”

‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, whose real name was Roderick George Toombs began his career with the WWE back in 1984 and was inducted in the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2005. He also earned his way on to the list of the WWE’s “Top 50 Villains” of all time.

Piper is survived by his wife Kitty and their four children. Our sincere condolences go out to Piper’s family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.

Cartoon Bugs Bunny Turns 75 Years Old!


(PCM) Looking quite good for his age, lovable cartoon rabbit Bug Bunny turned 75 years old this week. Bugs Bunny made his first on-screen appearance in the 1940 Merry Melodies cartoon aptly titled “A Wild Hare” opposite, who else, but Elmer Fudd of course!

The short 8-minute cartoon also marks the first time that Bugs Bunny locked lips with an adversary, faked his own death, and uttered the classic catch phrase ‘What’s up, doc?’.  “A Wild Hare” received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Short, but ended up losing out to “The Milky Way”.

You can watch a full version of the classic cartoon below:

Merrie Melodies – A Wild Hare (1940) by Cartoonzof2006


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The Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters Digital Prequel Has Arrived


(PCM) Ever since the news was revealed that a “Heroes” reboot was in the works we have been on the edge of our seats with anticipation for the upcoming new series “Heroes Reborn” set to premiere on NBC September 24. As promised NBC has also unveiled a new prequel web series called “Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters” to give viewers some insight into the backstory for one of the main characters in the upcoming new series.

You can view the first episode of “Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters” on YouTube and the additional five episodes can be streamed via the Heroes Reborn app.


The official synopsis for “Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters” states:

The digital prequel HEROES REBORN: DARK MATTERS bridges the gap between the original series and HEROES REBORN, reintroducing viewers to the HEROES universe and unveiling a whole new generation of Heroes.

It’s been five years since the public became aware of the existence of evolved humans or “EVOs” who possess incredible, supernatural abilities. In that time, the public has grown to either fear or revere EVOs. An online community forms around the rallying cry of the anonymous Hero_Truther, who seeks to humanize EVOs in the wake of lies, slander and fearmongering.

Among those posting their personal stories is Phoebe Frady (Aislinn Paul), who is encouraged to document her origin story by her brother, Quentin (Henry Zebrowski). But as Phoebe struggles to control her power, she attracts unwanted attention from a mysterious new company.

The digital prequel is definitely a way to keep fans entertained and informed before the official “Heroes Reborn” premiere this fall!  You can view the official trailer for “Heroes Reborn” below:

There will also be two video games released in connection with the upcoming series titled HEROES REBORN: Gemini (console/PC) and HEROES REBORN: Enigma (smartphone/tablet). The trailer, which premiered at San Diego Comic Con gives a glimpse into the dark world of the “HEROES” universe as well as the incredible powers fans and players can expect to wield in the game.

First Look At Season Two Of FOX’s Empire


(PCM) Season two of the breakout FOX series “Empire” is set to debut in just nine short weeks on September 23 at 9/8c!  We can hardly contain our excitement and absolutely can’t wait to jump back into the “Lyons” den with Cookie, Lucious and the rest of the family!

We are thrilled to bring you a first look at season two below:

Corey Stoll Talks ‘The Strain’ Season 2 And More At SDCC!


(PCM) Ever since the first episode of “The Strain” premiered we have found ourselves hooked to the epic FX drama. We caught up with actor Corey Stoll who plays the character of Ephraim Goodweather in the series at San Diego Comic Con 2015.

Stoll has been incredibly busy these days with various projects that include the role of Darren Cross/Yellowjacket in Marvel’s hit film “Ant-Man”and an upcoming role in Gillian Flynn’s “Dark Place” playing the brother to actress Charlize Theron. He was also recently seen in both “Homeland” and “House Of Cards”.

When discussing the direction of his character in season two of “The Strain” Stoll says “Last season, I was the resident skeptic and I was the last person to believe what everyone else in New York all ready knew. When we start season two, that’s gone. I’m still skeptical about some of the mythological basis behind what is going on and the stories Setrakian is telling me, but I believe there are vampires and I believe there is a Master that controls them and I believe they can use telepathy. But, I’m still using some kind of science based methodology to defeat them. I haven’t give up on the idea of a cure for the virus perhaps something that kills them, but doesn’t kill people. Almost like a bioweapon of sorts.”

When discussing his character’s downward spiral this season Stoll reveals, “You try to hold off as long as possible. You try to play each scene for the reality of what it is, where you are and not to prefigure the darkness that’s going to come. At the end of last season my character begins to drink again and instead of making it some kind of moralistic thing when I go into this spiral and I have to quit cold turkey, he drinks and he is self-medicating, but it is sort of working for him. It is making him a little bit more tolerable and it helps him to actually see some humor in the horror that’s around him.

There will definitely be consequences to pay for that and that is something that I really like about the show in general is its’ lack of puritanical moralism that a lot of horror has, for example the virgin always lives, the girl who sleeps around always dies first, so it’s good to kind of go away from that and we have Guillermo to thank for our twisted post-Catholic world.

Stoll told us that he has read the books and he knows where the character goes in the books, but this is clearly not the books. Carlton Cuse had said before that eighty percent of this season is exclusive to this series and is not from the book and he assumes that is going to be the case going forward. Stoll comments “If you read the books, that’s great because you have a sense of what the world is that we are living in and you know who some of the characters are, but the show really is its’ own thing. I have an idea of where Eph could go, but he could totally go in a different direction which is exciting. ”

Tune into an all-new episode of “The Strain” this Sunday at 10pm only on FX!

Gus and Vaun wage an attack on Palmer as Eph struggles to connect with Zack. Councilwomen Justine Faraldo vows to bring her extermination policies to the other boroughs


Sharktopus In Memoriam


(PCM) ROGER CORMAN regrets to announce that to date over twenty innocent civilians have been killed by Sharktopus. In anticipation of SHARKTOPUS VS. WHALEWOLF, premiering on SyFy, Sunday July 19th, 9/8c, he has created a tribute to the undeserving dead, an in memoriam video collecting their untimely deaths in one place for all to see.

SHARKTOPUS VS. WHALEWOLF finds the infamous Sharktopus terrorizing the Caribbean. When a treacherous doctor (Catherine Oxenberg) creates the ferocious Whalewolf in an experiment gone awry, the two creatures go head to head while a brave sea captain (Casper Van Dien), his eager first mate, and an old flame (Akari Endo) try to keep the beasts at bay.

Kevin O’Neil directs an original screenplay by Matt Yamashita. The cast includes Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers, Mortal Kombat, and Con Man) and Catherine Oxenberg (Dynasty, Sleeping Beauty).

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