RIP Lynn Anderson: Award-Winning Country Music Singer Dies at 67


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(PCM) Lynn Anderson, the first female country musician to headline and sellout Madison Square Garden, died on Thursday, July 30, 2015 of a heart attack.

Anderson’s publicist, Mark Logsdon, told CNN that the singer had been admitted to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville and was receiving treatment for pneumonia when she suffered her fatal heart attack.

Lynn Anderson was one of the most popular country music stars of the 1970s, gaining worldwide fame after the major success of her crossover hit “(I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden” in 1970.

Born on September 26, 1947 in Grand Forks, North Dakota to country music songwriters Casey and Liz Anderson, Lynn first found success in horse shows in California, winning numerous titles and ribbons, including 16 national champions, 8 world championships, and several celebrity championships.

Lynn Anderson released her debut single “For Better or for Worse” in 1966 to little airplay before releasing “Ride, Ride, Ride” in 1967, landing on the Country Top 40 in 1967. That same year, Anderson released “If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away)”, which reached the Top 5 on the Country charts.

Lynn Anderson continued to release a string of hits into the late ’60s and early 70’s and appeared regularly on The Lawrence Welk Show. The singer’s biggest hit, “(I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden”, a song by singer-songwriter Joe South, reached No. 1 on the Billboard country chart and No. 3 on the Billboard pop chart.

Anderson almost didn’t get a chance to record the classic; her producer-husband believed that a man ought to sing the song, but fortunately, Columbia executive Clive Davis made the executive decision to have Anderson record and release the single.

Due to the song’s global success and crossover appeal, Anderson continued to have a fulfilling career, releasing hits into the late ’70s and appearing on numerous television shows.

Lynn Anderson released her last album, Bridges, on June 9, 2015. She is survived by her father, Casey Anderson, her partner, Mentor Williams, her three children, and four grandchildren.

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Stephen Hawking And Elon Musk Fear “Killer Robots” Are Inevitable!


(PCM) There has been a new warning issued by a group of concerned scientists, researchers and academics that include Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Apple CEO Steve Wozniak claiming that “killer robots” that are part of a global military artificial intelligence arms race are inevitable unless some kind of preventative measures and mandates are put into place.

The letter states “The stakes are high.  Autonomous weapons have been described as the third revolution in warfare, after gunpowder and nuclear arms.” The letter goes on to state that these types of advanced weapons will be feasible “within years, not decades. The weapons require no costly or hard-to-obtain raw materials, so they will become ubiquitous and cheap for all significant military powers to mass-produce. Autonomous weapons are ideal for tasks such as assassinations, destabilizing nations, subduing populations and selectively killing a particular ethnic group.We therefore believe that a military AI arms race would not be beneficial for humanity.”

No more are “killer robots” something out of a science fiction film, they are a reality that could quite possible cause catastrophic events. Many military groups from all over the world are already beginning to experiment with AI and most modern warfare is already conducted using remote controlled machines. The letter calls for a ban on autonomous weaponry and encourages all concerned citizens from all over the globe to take a stand and sign their names to the open letter as well! 

What do you think? Will “killer robots” become the wave of future warfare?  


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Move Over Grumpy Cat! Grumpy Earl The Puggle Is On The Scene!


(PCM) It was truly amazing to watch the evolution of Grumpy Cat explode onto the internet and flood social media after a single meme was created using her adorable frowning face. Ever since her first appearance Grumpy Cat has held her reign as a viral sensation, but there is a new animal in town that is already conquering our news feeds with his adorably sour face.  Meet Grumpy Earl, the puggle with the face of a grumpy-looking 80 year old man!

Grumpy Earl is only five months old, but has already become quite the internet sensation, as there are already hundreds of memes featuring his gloomy little face being posted all over the place. Grumpy Earl’s owners are amazed by how quickly he has become a viral hit after only posting a single photo of him on Reddit. Despite Grumpy Earl’s sour expression, his owners say he is just as energetic and lovable as any normal puppy. He loves his snacks and enjoys chasing a ball around the house.

The vet claims that Grumpy Earl’s expression is due to his underbite, wrinkles and dark complexion and he is just as healthy as any normal puppy calling him both relaxed and actually content!


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Stinky Flower Draws Thousands To California Botanical Garden


(PCM) Referred to as the ‘corpse flower’ due to its’ putrid odor, the Sumatran titan arum nicknamed “Trudy” drew thousands to a California botanical garden when it went into full bloom. 

People stood in line for their chance to get a whiff of the ‘corpse flower’ before it lost its’ smell. The botanical garden posted on Twitter that “Trudy” would only be smelly for one day and then it would go limp. The plant also happens to be one of the world’s largest and rarest flowering structures. 

When asked to describe the smell the garden’s director of visitors services said “dirty socks wrapped around rotting steak”!  Ugh, we can’t see waiting in line for that stench, but to each their own! 

Titan Arums only bloom on average once every six to seven years, so despite the fact that the botanical garden has eight plants, it is unclear when the next Titan Arum will open and stink! 

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ATM Workers Accidentally Abandon Over $140,000 Cash

ATM(PCM) Know that horrible feeling you get right when you shut your door and realize you’ve locked yourself out? That dawning realization that your own inattentiveness has landed you in a very unenviable position?

A couple of ATM workers came to know that feeling all too well when they unintentionally left a bag containing $141,000 in cash outside while making ATM runs on Monday in Mahwah, New Jersey.

The two workers were delivering cash to the ATMs on their route Monday morning when, while packing the car up for the next stop, one of the workers absentmindedly left the bag with the $141,000 on the lawn.

Security footage of the incident released by the Mahwah PD shows the bag of cash sitting on the ground beside the car while one of the workers packs the trunk before hopping in the backseat, leaving the valuable bag behind.

After a time cut and around 11:15 am, the footage shows a white van pull up alongside the bag while a man in a white t-shirt jumps out, casually grabs the bag, and hops back into the van as it pulls away. The moment when local authorities arrived and began investigating the theft was also caught on the security footage.

According to ABC News, it only took 15 minutes for the workers to realize their mistake and turn around, at which point the bag was already gone. The white van supposedly visited an auto repair shop next, where the thieves were allegedly attempting to either sell or pilfer used tires. 

Police say that the ATM workers are cooperating with the investigation and the theft is not considered an inside job as this time. The suspect has been described as a “dark skinned male wearing a tee-shirt and long white athletic shorts with some type of dark stripe down the thigh area.”

Anyone with any possible leads of information on this crime are asked to contact Mahwah Detective Michael Grassi or Eric Larsen at 201-529-1000 extension 216 or 217.

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Cartoon Bugs Bunny Turns 75 Years Old!


(PCM) Looking quite good for his age, lovable cartoon rabbit Bug Bunny turned 75 years old this week. Bugs Bunny made his first on-screen appearance in the 1940 Merry Melodies cartoon aptly titled “A Wild Hare” opposite, who else, but Elmer Fudd of course!

The short 8-minute cartoon also marks the first time that Bugs Bunny locked lips with an adversary, faked his own death, and uttered the classic catch phrase ‘What’s up, doc?’.  “A Wild Hare” received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Short, but ended up losing out to “The Milky Way”.

You can watch a full version of the classic cartoon below:

Merrie Melodies – A Wild Hare (1940) by Cartoonzof2006


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