Florida Hotel Wakes Spring Breakers With The Lion King


(PCM) This story was too good not to share!  The Holiday Inn in Panama City Beach, Florida found quite the unique way to get vacationing Spring Breakers up and moving for check-out time by blasting “Circle Of Life” from the Lion King as a massive wake-up call.

The very special wake-up call begins promptly at 11am each morning and it has truly been a hit with visiting guests. Many have even begun calling the hotel to request the song be played during their stay.

The hotel’s director says that the song works well because it has a very loud beat in it and it has a message that relates well to what kids are going through these days. No matter what he says, we just think it is hilarious!

You now have Spring Break kids standing on balconies with Lion King stuffed animals and waving flags when the song begins!  There was even a guy stationed in the pool recently with his arms raised in the air mimicking the famous Disney film.

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Allegedly Drunk Florida Men Post Video With Endangered Owl And Claim They’re Going To Eat It


(PCM) After a video surfaced online with two men driving through West Palm Beach, Florida holding a federally protected owl on their laps, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has launched an investigation into the incident.

In the video, a Great-Horned Owl can be seen in the vehicle with the two men. It was posted to Facebook on March 16th and the comment attached to the video read “3am in the morning we are drunk and we are high. We bout to take this thing home and eat it up just found it on the road.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission are investigating the video and claim that also in the video you can see one of the two men pick up a bottle, presumably alcohol, drink it while they talk about being drunk or high. The Commission says that the type of owl is actually extremely dangerous and is protected by both Federal and State law.

The two men, if caught, could be facing felony charges for even having the owl in their possession, let alone if any harm actually came to the animal. Everyone wants to know where the owl is now and that it is safe. State officials claim they were able to make contact with the man in the video and he informed them that he and his friend had let the owl go the next day.

The owl may have been injured initially after being hit by a car and official still worry that it could be out there somewhere wandering around still injured.

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Stop Everything And Watch The Max Landis Film “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling”!


(PCM) Talk about finding an incredibly unique and hilarious way to relate wrestling and pop culture! Max Landis has created a wonderful short film titled “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” that tells the story of WWE’s Triple H’s rise and fall in the ring. The film has already surpassed over 1 million views on YouTube and continues to climb.

“Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” is relatable to both fans and non-fans of the WWE and the story-telling by Landis is absolutely spot-on. Also, don’t even get us started about the sheer number of guest appearances that are packed into this short film, we gave up counting after awhile. Keep your eyes peeled for Seth Green, Macaulay Caulkin, Darren Criss, Haley Joel Osment, Josh Peck and David Arquette to name a few! There are also appearances by a ton of former WWE wrestlers as well!

As we follow along the story of Triple H is told in various sketches and each one is honestly more and more hilarious. I love the fact that the story was told with women playing the male characters and males playing the female characters … just brilliant.

Landis sums up the film at the end by explaining that wrestling is a form of entertainment and should be looked at as such, he says “A lot of wrestling sucks, but when its’ good it’s f**king great”.

Watch the full “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” film below:


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Utah Bill Permits Execution By Firing Squad


(PCM) Execution by firing squad is a cause of death that one would have assumed has not been practiced in a good number of years, however there is still an active bill in the state of Utah that permits this particular style of execution.

The state of Utah previously banned firing squad executions back in 2004, however the last one that occurred on record in the state was only back in 2010. Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert just recently approved a bill to bring back execution by firing squad only in the event that proper drugs for a lethal injection can not be obtained.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Herbert explains the decision by saying “We regret anyone ever commits the heinous crime of aggravated murder to merit the death penalty and we prefer to use our primary method of lethal injection when such a sentence is issued. However, when a jury makes the decision and a judge signs a death warrant, enforcing that lawful decision is the obligation of the executive branch.”

It seems that there is currently a nationwide shortage of lethal injection drugs, so that is another reason why Gov. Herbert has approved the firing squad bill despite it being a both outdated and quite gruesome. The firing squad execution would only come into play if the prison could not obtain the lethal injection drugs 30 days prior to the scheduled execution date for the inmate.


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James Corden’s Late Late Show Breaks News: Mila Kunis Married Ashton Kutcher

the-late-late-show-with-james-corden(PCM) James Corden did more than simply start his run as host on CBS’s Late Late Show after midnight March 24th 2015.

James Corden broke some news that tabloids generally fight for. He cornered Mila Kunis on the issue of marriage while discussing children with both her and fellow guest on the show, Tom Hanks.


Actually it was Tom Hanks that cornered Mila by blending the reference of “You mean your husba-ashton?”  From which Mila answered, “Yes my husba-ashton.”

James then asked her the direct question if Mila had married Ashton. At first the answer was maybe but then Mila came clean after a few maybes.  From there James took her hand and displayed her ring and announced Mila was married.

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Fake Gun Store Set Up As A Way To Prevent Gun Violence


(PCM) A fake gun shop was set up in New York City last week by a group called States United to Prevent Gun Violence. The group feels very strongly about their stance on the importance of teaching people gun safety and filmed a PSA inside the fake gun shop with unsuspecting customers.

The fake shop was stocked to the brim with over 100 realistic looking prop guns, as well as, hidden camera and an actor playing the salesman. The actor who portrayed the salesman told the would-be gun buyers so pretty horrific stories about specific crimes that each of the certain types of guns had be involved with in the past. The actor/salesman included stories about homicides, suicides, accidental shootings and more.

The fake stores main target was first time gun buyer and it was set up for two days while the social experiment was conducted. The group sales that they felt there was a need to film the PSA, as many people in this country feel that keeping a firearm in the home somehow makes that home a safer place. However, studies contradict those opinions and show that there is more increased risk of death or injury by actually having the firearm in the house.

You can watch the States United to Prevent Gun Violence PSA below, which now has over 3 million views on YouTube:

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