Celebgate Has Taken Over The Internet


(PCM) Throughout Sunday evening and into the early hours of Monday morning, hoards of nude celebrity photographs were leaked onto the internet and it has created quite a frenzy.

The images were obtained through various hacks and initially put up on 4chan in one of the biggest leaks we have ever seen. The photos included nudes of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Ritter, Hope Solo and many, many more.

Soon after the initial leak, the incident became referred to as “The Fappening” and was soon exploding all over social media. It has been a publicity nightmare for all … read more...

NASA Approves Development Plans For An Incredibly Powerful New Rocket


(PCM) The news has been announced that NASA has approved development on a new incredibly powerful rocket called the Space Launch System (SLS) which will finally be able to travel outside of Earth’s obit by sometime in the 2030′s.

If all goes according to plan, the SLS will be able to launch its’ first test flight by the year 2018 during which it will carry an Orion spacecraft beyond low-Earth orbit using a 70-metric-ton life capacity at a cost of $7.021 billion.

NASA claims that the SLS will be the world’s most capable rocket and it’s lift capacity will be … read more...

Giant Panda Fakes Pregnancy At A Chinese Zoo For Better Living Conditions


(PCM) A six-year old giant panda named Ai Hin that resides at a Chinese zoo began showing signs of pregnancy, however after two months of observations by zookeepers it is speculated that the giant panda was faking her pregnancy.

Giant panda’s faking pregnancy is not an uncommon occurrence, especially for those pandas raised in captivity, as they have learned that while pregnant they receive better care and their life is improved drastically.

The zoo claims that Ai Hin showed signs of pregnancy such as increased appetite, moving around less, and an increase in progestational hormones. When a giant panda is … read more...

It Has Been Revealed That Hello Kitty Is Not A Cat!?!


(PCM) I am seriously having trouble wrapping my head around this one, however the news has just been revealed by Sanrio that Hello Kitty is actually not a cat! Yes, you read that correctly…the cartoon character with the pointy ears and very CAT like whiskers is not actually a cat!

The incredibly pop culture icon is actually a child, a little girl to be exact. The curator for the current L.A. exhibition focused on all things Hello Kitty revealed that the Sanrio company informed her that “Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a cartoon character. She is a little … read more...

David Chase Finally Opens Up About Tony Soprano’s Fate On The Sopranos Finale


(PCM) The burning question left in the hearts and minds of viewers as the witnessed the finale of the hit HBO television series “The Sopranos” was: Is Tony alive or dead?

Series creator and executive producer David Chase has been notoriously silent about the entire issue, refusing to comment on our beloved Tony Soprano’s ultimate fate, that is until now…

In a feature that was published on Vox.com, author Martha P. Nochimson once again attempted to pose the question of Tony’s fate to Chase during an interview and his response was quite surprising.

Chase revealed “No he isn’t (dead)” and …

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