Swiss Company Creates The First Ever Chairless Chair


(PCM) Have you ever dreamed about wanting to sit down at any given time anywhere you happen to be? Well, a Swiss company may have created just the solution you have been looking for with the “chairless chair”.

The concept is actually fairly simplistic. The “chairless chair” is a device that is worn on your legs and whenever you are ready to sit down, you just push a button and the mechanism locks into place giving you a chance to get off your feet.

The “chairless chair” was created by 29 year old Keith Gunura, who is the co-founder and … read more...

Motorcyclist Lands Feet First On Top Of A Moving Car


(PCM) The dashboard camera from a vehicle in Russia captured a truly amazing feat. A motorcyclist appears to have crashed into the back of another vehicle as it was switching lanes and was able to amazingly land feet first on the top of the car when he was thrown from the bike.

The whole incident appeared like some sort of stunt from straight out of an action movie! The motorcyclist manages to somersault over top of his bike and land feet first on the top of the moving vehicle he struck. You almost won’t believe your eyes!

So far there …

Man Wears A T-Shirt Printed With His Own Mug Shot For Local Jail Sentence


(PCM) The story and mug shot photo of a Maine man by the name of Robert “Bobby” Burts has gone viral after he showed up to serve his 48 hour sentence in a local jail wearing a t-shirt adorned with his very own previous mug-shot photo.

Burts was serving the 48 hour sentence due to a drunk driving conviction and Burts says that the guards at the jail found the shirt to be so humorous that they had him pose for another mug-shot style photo which was later posted up on

When Burts was arrested back in June for … read more...

Will Robots Eventually Take Over The World?


(PCM) If technology continues on its’ current path then it could very well be a possibility that robots will begin taking over or at least heavily assisting with many of life’s every day occurrences.

There have been several reports that claim that by the year of 2025 sexbots will become commonplace and that more and more robots will begin taking over human jobs, as employers will find that the robots can do the same job faster and of course cheaper.

A ton of technical experts came together to created a report called “AI, Robotics, and The Future of Jobs and … read more...

Giraffe Lover Gets A Swift Kick To The Face


(PCM) A 24 year old giraffe loving woman from California learned the hard way that these tall and elegant creatures may not always be so lovable.

The woman was visiting a zoo in Wisconsin when she took it upon herself to climb in to the giraffe exhibit, as she has revealed that she is absolutely crazy about giraffes.

Once inside the enclosure, one of the zoo’s giraffes, a 2 year old, 12 foot one named Wally, came over to greet the woman and gave her a lick, but the proceeded to turn around and kick the woman square in the … read more...

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