It’s Take Your Action Figure To Work Day


(PCM) March 6th, marks the date of the unofficial holiday Take Your Action Figure To Work Day. So how many of you remembered to bring your favorite figurines to the office today?

Take Your Action Figure To Work Day was started by accident back in 2014 by a man named Randall Ham brought his Variant New Teen Titans White Raven action figure to work. Ham posted photos of the action figure doing various tasks around the office on social media and the posts quickly went viral.

Due to the popularity, Ham decided to create the unofficial holiday of Take Your … read more...

Ringling Bros. Plans To Retire Elephants By 2018


(PCM) There are currently 13 Asian elephants that travel with the Ringling Bros. circus and the company has now announced plans to retire their elephant performers by the year 2018.

The company says that they plan to phase the elephants out of their performing units over the next few years and future performances will feature other animals such as lions, tigers and horses.

In a statement Ringling Bros. owner and CEO of Feld Entertainment, Kevin Feld claimed that the decision was not an easy one, but it was in the best interest of the company, the elephants and the customers … read more...

The Great Mount Everest Poop Problem


(PCM) It is a fact of life and there has even been a creative children’s book that teaches us that yes, indeed, everybody poops, however never did we imagine that human excrement would be such a major problem facing something as great and majestic as Mount Everest.

Mount Everest has a peak climbing season of only two months and during that time over 700 explorers take their chances at scaling the world’s tallest mountain which soars over 29,035 feet in the air. While many of these explorers are highly praised for their efforts at taking on the incredible feat of … read more...

Young People Very Likely To Try New Products Endorsed By YouTube Stars

(PCM) Recently, a study was conducted by Defy Media, who run a multi-channel network on YouTube, that surveyed consumers aged 13 to 24 to find out just how much influence their viewing habits on YouTube have on their everyday lives and how they relate to YouTube stars.


The company chose the 13 to 24 year old age range because they are the demographic that view approximately 11.3 hours of free online video per week compared to just a measly 8.3 hours of traditional broadcast television.  According to, the survey panelists said that they viewed online video because it … read more...

7 Of The Most Viral Photos Of All Time!

Credit: Martin Le-May

Credit: Martin Le-May

(PCM) Photographer Martin Le-May was taking a leisurely walk through a London park with his wife when he was able to capture the incredible image of a weasel catching a ride on the back of a woodpecker. It is truly a once in a lifetime photo opportunity and has since gone completely viral.

In honor of #WeaselPecker, as it is so lovingly being referred to via social media, we decided to take a look at 7 of the most viral photographs of all time.

1. Squirrel Crasher 

viral-photo4 According to Wikipedia, the photograph was taken by Melissa Brandts … read more...

What Is Better Than Monks Having A Snowball Fight?


(PCM) It is a very rare occurrence for the city of Jerusalem in Israel to get any type of significant snowfall, so when a rare snowstorm passed through the area the people were incredibly excited.

It seems that no one was more excited than a group of Francisan Monks who were videoed having a pretty epic snowball fight, still dressed head to toe in their traditional black robes.

The monks are seen having an fantastic time running around the yard and pelting each other with the snowballs. It is truly a sight to behold. The video has since gone viral … read more...

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