Scientists Move Closer To Creating A Cloak Of Invisibility


(PCM) No, this is not April Fool’s Day! Scientists at Queen Mary University of London have revealed that they are one step closer to creating an actual working cloak of invisibility. This definitely sounds like news that is straight out of a science fiction novel, however the university claims that they were successfully able to “cloak” a tennis-ball shaped object with a nanocomposite medium.

The scientists claim that they have created a material that allows protruding areas of an object appear flat to any sort of electromagnetic waves. The material they created can essentially mask or “cloak” an object that normally would have cause the electromagnetic waves to scatter in various directions.

The lead scientist on the project, Yan Hao, comments “We demonstrated a practical possibility to use nanocomposites to control surface wave propagation through advanced additive manufacturing. Perhaps most importantly, the approach used can be applied to other physical phenomena that are described by wave equations, such as acoustics. For this reason, we believe that this work has a great industrial impact.”

We think this could definitely have some major benefits, but it is also a little bit scary, as you never know what could be hiding behind a “cloak of invisibility” leaving us fairly vulnerable to the unknown.  There is a still a lot more research and experimentation yet to occur, so we probably don’t have to worry about such things for quite a while, but needless to say, it is a pretty fascinating idea.

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Did The University Of North Texas Fail To Realize The Vulgarity Featured On Their Coffee Mugs?


(PCM) The University of North Texas is receiving a fair amount of criticism after individuals began to take notice that the schools logo, when placed on a coffee mug spells out a rather vulgar word used to reference a certain part of the female anatomy.

It is obvious that someone did not think this design through all the way, or maybe they just have a twisted sense of humor. Either way, the mug is still currently for sale and can be found on the Barnes & Noble website.

Once the coffee mug in question began receiving backlash, Barnes & Noble removed the controversial image, however later a edited version popped up with the mug’s handle flipped to the opposite side no longer showcasing a “dirty” word.

The coffee mug/logo has been a bit of an issue for the University of North Texas over the years and every so often it will recirculate the internet every couple of years. Everyone is scrambling to purchase the controversial coffee mugs and we have to admit there are a few people we could think of that would more than deserve to drink their morning brews out of one of these bad boys.!


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Pokemon Go: Why Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over A Game


(PCM) Just in case you have been living under a rock these past few days, Pokemon Go has been taking over our smartphones one adorable creature at a time. Seriously, everyone is talking about this highly addictive game. Even the developers, themselves, had no idea just how popular Pokemon Go would become causing several major server crashes within the first few days of it’s release.

The awesome part of the game is that it is sending players outside in droves, as they are all exploring areas of their cities and towns trying their best to catch elusive Pokemon that may be hiding in the wild. The game encourages players to be active and the more you travel about the higher the chance you have at Pokemon mastery.

It is a very simple game, even for those who have never heard of Pokemon before and that ease and incorporation of smartphone technology has cause it to become a viral sensation overnight for both fans and newcomers alike. To play the game you have to get up and out of the house and begin exploring the area around you. It uses your smartphones GPS signal to determine your location and then alerts you to the Pokemon that are located the closest to you.

In order to move around in the game, you must also move around in real life. Your character will travel on the map in same direction that you are moving and you can visit areas such as Training Gyms and Pokestops along your journey to collect additional items to assist with game play. As you can imagine the game is not without a few challenges, as some people are finding that Pokemon they are trying to catch are located in areas that can be rather difficult to get to or are secured facilities.

Remember, people, do not do anything illegal to catch a Pokemon!  There have already been quite a few fender benders from those who are attempting to hunt for Pokemon while operating their motor vehicles. There have also already been incidents where people are not playing attention to where they are walking because they are too busy looking at their smartphone screens and getting injured.

One player even discovered a dead body floating in a lake in Wyoming as she was attempting to capture Pokemon hiding in the location. Also, several churches and police stations in various areas are coming up as Pokestops (locations to collect game items) and officials are warning players to use caution when attempting to “catch em’ all” in these particular locations.

Pokemon Go has been a blessing for small business as many of these locations also double as Pokestops, drawing tons of customers out to the location. Business owners should embrace the influx of traffic and many are already playing off their new found popularity with Pokemon specials and tongue-in-cheek signs.


Pokemon Go is currently available for free download in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan from either the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.  It will be rolling out to additional regions in the coming months.

The trailer below is perfect visual description of how the game works:

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Newfoundland Town Boasts A Very NSFW Name!


(PCM) There is always a little room for sexual humor every now and again and it never fails to cause a case of the giggles. This rings especially true when it comes to the name of a certain little town in Newfoundland that boasts an fairly NSFW name and could lead to quite a few uncomfortable conversations with your children when attempting to explain just why the name of the town is inappropriate.

We have discovered that there is legitimately a town in Newfoundland named Dildo and the good folks who reside in Dildo are referred to as Dildonians. Seriously!  We couldn’t make this up if we tried! The town is best known for their marine resources, whatever that means.

There are roughly 1,200 individuals who reside in Dildo and the town has been in existence since the late 18th century, so why we are just hearing about this now is beyond us!  There have been a few attempts to have the name of town changed to something a little less controversial, however all attempts have been blocked and the residents are quite proud of both their name and their rich heritage.

The town does however feature some hilarious named shops such as The Treasure Cover, The B&M Machine Shop, and The Mattress Store none of which happen to be a sex shop ironically enough!

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Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetics Company Receives A ‘F’ For Flop!


(PCM) The Kardashian/Jenner clan have always had their noses in various business opportunities throughout the fashion and entertainment realm. Some have been a success, while others, such as Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics company turn out to be a flop with a capital “F”.

Kylie Cosmetics has just recently received an “F” grade from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is obviously the lowest rating a company can receive. The grade was given to the company mainly due to terrible customer service and complaints surrounding delivery and overall manufacturing.

Kylie has not even had the company open for a full year yet and already there are close to 150 complaints from customers that have been reported to the BBB.  On their official report the BBB states “Currently the BBB is receiving multiple complaints from this company’s customers claiming that after ordering and paying for products, some or all of the products are not being shipped as expected. The company’s refund policy states, “We do not accept returns, exchanges or refunds. All sales are final.” However the company will replace missing items.”

Many individuals have also been complaining about the overall quality of the products themselves and Kylie’s name is being mocked fairly harshly throughout the cosmetics industry. Guess, this is what happens when you allow an 18-year old girl to run a company and only proves that not everything the Kardashian/Jenner clan touches turns to gold!

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Busy Priest Leaves A Note Requesting Parishioners Make Their Confessions Brief


(PCM) Even those who have dedicated their lives to the church get busy sometimes! This was exactly the case with the priest who hilariously left a note for parishioners to keep their confessions brief and to the point due to being the priest on duty that evening.

There must have been an over abundance of confessions in this particular church to even spark the need to write such a note in the first place. The priest wanted to make sure that everyone had their fair chance at confession and penance. He probably could have added to the note to skip the confession all together and just say four Hail Mary’s!

The priests note read as follows: “Confession today (Saturday) will be until exactly 5:30pm. There is only one priest available for confession today. Make your confession direct to the point and confess only your sins and offenses. No need to explain why you did it. Thank you very much!”

Apparently, mass being delayed due to an overabundance of confessions on Saturdays is a pretty common problem at various churches, so this particular priest made the decision to take matters into his own hands and solve the issue at hand.

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