Monopoly Bids Farewell To One Of It’s Iconic Tokens

(PCM) The results from a massive online poll of Monopoly fans has been received and it has been revealed that the famous Hasbro board game will be losing it’s iconic thimble game play token moving forward, as it is being permanently removed from the game.

Over four million people voted in what the company called the “Monopoly Token Madness” campaign during which Hasbro decided to allow game players to decide which eight game play tokens should be part of the games next generation. The voters were given over 50 options of various tokens to cast their vote including a T-Rex and a rubber ducky, as well as, the tried and true classic game play tokens such as the top hat, Scottie dog and shoe.

We will just have to patient a little longer to find out just which token will be replacing the famous Monopoly thimble, as Hasbro plans to unveil all of the new game play tokens on World Monopoly Day which is set to take place on March 19. The next generation game boards will be available beginning in August, so if you were a huge fan of the thimble, be sure to get out there and grab a classic Monopoly board game set before it’s too late.

Monopoly has gone through several updates over it’s 84 year existence, such a the inclusion of digital banking and various pop-culture themed editions. A major change took place with the game play tokens back in 2013 when yet again fans voted and the iron token was replaced with a cat charm token instead.


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Teacher’s Homework Assignment Includes Detailed Instructions For Cooking Meth

(PCM) Parents were outraged when a teacher’s homework assignment included detailed instructions about how to both cook and inject crystal meth. The teacher from Mississauga, Canada has since been suspended with pay pending an investigation surrounding the controversial assignment.

The assignment was given to 13-year old students and their parents were in a state of shock. The homework was printed double-sided and included detail instructions about how to obtain ingredients, manufacture and then inject the crystal meth. Who in the right mind would think this is a good idea?

One of the students commented that the assignment was handed out by the teacher in order to “dramatize”, as they were supposed to act scared when making the meth and then act happy when they were injecting the finished product. Seriously! Children can be incredibly impressionable at this particular age, so how could the teacher know that none of them would actually try recreate the assignment in real life.

Children should never be given this type of information at anytime, especially not at school! Perhaps this particular teacher loved AMC’s “Breaking Bad” a little too much!

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NASA Scientists Want To Make Pluto A Planet Once Again

(PCM) A NASA scientist by the name of Alan Stern is currently leading a team that is hard at work trying to prove that Pluto should have never been demoted from its’ planet status. Pluto was labeled a “dwarf planet” back in 2006, losing it’s spot as one of the nine planets that make up our solar system.

Stern’s exact words were “it’s bullsh*t” that Pluto was ever demoted in the first place and his team has come up with a very simplistic new definition for identifying planets throughout the solar system. They are proposing that all “round objects in space that are smaller than stars” be considered planets. With this definition, Earth’s moon would actually be considered a planet.

Stern is the leader of NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto, so he definitely feels that he has many solid arguments as to why Pluto should once again become a planet. He feels that planetary status should not be determined by astronomers, but rather by actual scientists who are much keener about the subject matter at hand. He feels that when looking at an object such as Pluto, the only logical name for it is a planet.

The final decision about Pluto’s planetary status will be determined by the International Astronomical Union, so until then we will just have to wait and see and hope for the best for little ol’ Pluto.

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Man Vows To Eat A Photograph Of Jason Segel’s Face Everyday!

(PCM) No one really knows why a Canadian man by the name of Noah Maloney has vowed to chow down on a photograph of actor Jason Segel face each and every day, but he claims he will continue to do so until Segel agrees to eat a photo of Maloney’s face.

Yes, we know this is weird!

Maloney has already racked up over 477,000 views on YouTube, however he has yet to explain to anyone just why he is insistent that Segel snack on his face. He is probably just hoping for his fifteen minutes in the viral spotlight and it appears that he is succeeding thus far.

Maloney sent several tweets to Jason Segel revealing his plans and challenging the actor to participate. There has yet to be any response for Segel or his team. Sorry Maloney, looks like you might just being having dinner for one!

You can following Maloney’s face-eating saga with the hashtag #EatMyFaceSegel.

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Scientists Claim We Could See A Return Of Woolly Mammoths In The Next Ten Years

(PCM) For many years researchers and scientists have been attempting to find a way to bring back the mysterious and extinct Woolly Mammoth and they now claim to be closer than ever to making that goal a reality. In fact, scientists are now saying that we could once again see a hybrid species of the great Woolly Mammoth once again roaming the earth within the next ten years.

Scientists at Harvard have been working diligently over the last few years with a gene-editing program called Crispr to combine the DNA of an elephant with that of an extinct Woolly Mammoth. The new creature would be called a “mammophant”, which would be an elephant that features a good number of Woolly Mammoth traits such as long shaggy hair and the ability to exist in sub-zero temperatures, as well as, have specially adapted blood.

The process of “de-extinction” is quite controversial, as many feel that nature has already taken it’s course and animals should not be “brought back” so to say, however advocates of the process feel that we should explore the technology and possibly get some answers to exactly what may have happened to these majestic creatures in the first place. There has always been some debate over just why Woolly Mammoths became extinct in the first place, with some believing that humans evolution played a big role and others feel it was strictly environmental factors.

The scientists began the project to resurrect the Woolly Mammoth back in 2015 after a fully preserved Woolly Mammoth carcass was discovered frozen in a Siberian tundra. The scientists were able to obtain some of the Woolly Mammoths DNA and continuously add to it to bring this creature back to life. The team is hoping to grow an embryo in an artificial womb and are confident they should be able to complete that task within the next ten years.

It is a concern of some that the Woolly Mammoth is not fit to survive in today’s climate conditions or would not be accepted by a herd of elephants in the wild, however the Harvard team feels that it is important to give this animal hybrid a fighting chance. What do you think? Should we bring back the Woolly Mammoth or just leave well enough alone?

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Exclusive Interview! Actress Christina Moore Is Definitely ‘Running Wild’

(PCM) While some actresses are satisfied with performing in their various movies, the multi-talented Christina Moore is also a noted comedian and screenwriter.

The lovely 43-year-old, who is best known for her roles on sketch comedy series MADtv and the TNT show “Hawthorne,” has written a compelling, and heartfelt screenplay for the film, “Running Wild.” The movie stars Sharon Stone, Tommy Flanagan, Jason Lewis, and Moore.

It is not surprising that Moore wrote such a riveting and compassionate movie. She has nearly a dozen film credits to her name and dozens of TV credits, including “90210,” “Castle,” “Last Man Standing,” “Two and a Half Men,” and “Rules of Engagement.”

The recently-released film is about Stella Davis (Dorian Brown, a young widow who is faced with the loss of her family’s horse ranch after the sudden death of her husband, who kept their financial problems for her.

Ultimately, Stella saves her ranch by working with convicts to rehabilitate a herd of wild horses that wandered onto her property. Stela must find prejudice, greed, bureaucracy and vanity, to finally understand there is no better remedy for misfortune than helping another living creature.

In the way “Running Horses,” was written, Stella’s humanity for the horses, and the convicts, elevates this story to a memorable tale, which has many life lessons for all of us.

PCM: Please tell me why you wrote this movie, “Running Wild?”

Christina Moore: Hmmm. Our financer, Forrest Lucas, has a real heart for ranchers and The American Heartland, and knows that not farmer out there is Monsanto. He Came up with the premise and asked me what I could do to get that message out. Also, a friend of mine died in a car accident and his partner was reeling from the sudden loss. Around the same time we were at an auction when the real program involving inmates and wild horses came to my attention, and it all kind of came together.

PCM: It is extremely difficult to cope with that sudden loss, especially when Stella had no idea of her dire financial predicament following her husband’s death.

CM: Yes. This is a woman who needs to pull up her socks. When the convicts and the horse program comes to her, the story is going to be about universal themes and second chances.

PCM: I loved that despite all of the obstacles, Stella didn’t give up.

CM: Yes, I agree. So many of us figure we can borrow from our futures and figure they can pay it off one day. So her husband was protecting her from the truth, thinking if he could hang on then something would change and no one will ever know – which is not how it worked out.

PCM: There are many important life lessons, but what is one overall message?

CM: I definitely loved the idea of the message of redemption. There is a point that Sharon Stone’s character makes that these guys (the convicts) are just circling the drains. So the questions is, ‘Can people really change and make a complete life switch, if given the right program or assistance?’

PCM: What do you think is the answer?

CM: I am a hugely positive person, so I say yes.

PCM: Do you have a favorite of all the male characters in “Running Wild?”

CM: Since I wrote the movie I feel you are supposed to love all of your kids, but Tommy Flanagan – his character speaks to me really deeply.

PCM: He gets the girl in the end, right?

CM: Nope. Tommy gets the job – someone else gets the girl.

PCM: Talk about the horses that were the focus on the movie.

CM: Animals bring out the best of us so the biggest challenge ended up being a big blessing. We ended up adopting 10 horses from a holding pen that were undernourished and wild, so in a lot of scenes real legitimate cowboys and wranglers.

PCM: Give me an example of life imitating art in this movie.

CM: The horse named Aces was not a movie horse, Aces was a wild horse and a lot of what you see in the film, the bonding and the communication really took place. We were profoundly changed by working with these horses. I think maybe the greatest scenes were the magical ones involving the horses. These animals also work with special needs children, and adults, and battered women. It is a profound relationship. Horses can’t lie.

PCM: So do you feel that you were personally changed by this movie?

CM: Oh, my gosh! Yes. It was my first tie producing a movie, and even though I went to film school that was jumping into the deep end. I was inspired. This is what got me into acting in the first place. The idea of ‘let’s put a play on in the barn.’ So I loved watching the way the movie changed by all the artistry. The script came alive and the characters became three-dimensional. It changed again during the editing and post production. This was a bunch of committed artists coming together and it is bigger than I could ever have imagined it could be.

PCM: What’s next for you?

CM: I went on and produced another movie, “Pray For Rain,” starring Jane Seymour. It is set in the central valley of California during a horrific drought. It is a true wasteland that I lacking water. Entire communities have to get water shipped in via a tank. My husband, John, also write a movie in which I play Kevin Dillon’s wife.

PCM: What has been the reaction to “Running Wild,” so far?

CM: We are having a premiere in which I invited 30 of my closest friends. I am both excited and terrified about it. I am hoping everyone will love watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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