Texas Woman Flies Through A Tornado In Her Bathtub And Lands Unharmed!

(PCM) A 75-year old Texas woman by the name of Charlesetta Williams has an incredible tale of survival. A strong tornado blew the roof off of her home and lifted up the bathtub she was taking shelter in, spinning it around and then depositing it in the woods. Miraculously, Williams was unharmed during the ordeal.

Williams claims she was watching TV with her son in the home when the tornado quickly approached their home. The pair made a run for the bathroom and took shelter in the bathtub, hiding under a blanket. This was a wise idea, as the storm lifted the tub clear out of the home with the woman still inside. The tub then landed in the woods near Williams’ home with her still tucked safely inside. She is incredibly lucky that the tub did not flip over or break apart.

No word on whether or not her son was still inside the tub with her as well. Williams claims that she has very little recollection of the ordeal, as she was still hiding under the blanket, however she did tell the local news that she would much rather not take a ride through another tornado anytime soon!  She said she remembers being in the tub one moment and then out in the yard the next! We can only imagine what going through that must have been like, definitely a terrifying situation.

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California Man Has Not One, But Two Vehicles Crushed By Trees In Different Cities On The Same Day!

(PCM) Talk about irony! Having one car crushed by a tree is bad enough, but let alone two in the same day!  That is exactly what happened to one California man, when two of his vehicles were crushed by fallen trees in different cities on the very same day.

Georgiy Karpekin says that he considers himself to be lucky that he was not inside either of the vehicles when the trees, which were knocked down due to strong winds in the region, came crashing down completely totally both vehicles.  Karpekin was visiting Sacramento City College when he returned to the parking lot to find that a tree had come down and in his words “taco’d” his truck. The tree left a large taco-shaped indentation across the entire truck body.

Karpekin figured out a ride back to his home in West Sacramento only to shockingly discover that yet another tree had fallen crushing two cars that were parked in front of his home, one of which happened to be his own. Seriously, what are the chances. Karpekin posted on Facebook that the damage to his vehicle at home was not as severe as the damage done to the truck and the vehicle that was located at his home will be completely repaired.

Karpekin was definitely having some bad luck!  Let’s hope he is able to break that cycle very soon!

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Record-Breaking Supermoon Set To Appear!


(PCM) The upcoming November supermoon will break records as being the largest supermoon that we have witnessed in the last 70 years, in fact it marks the closest full moon in the 21st century. The moon will be the closest that it has been to the planet Earth since January of 1948.

The supermoon event will occur on November 14 and will appear to be approximate 14% larger and 30% brighter than an average full moon. Researchers claim that this supermoon is not to be missed as the moon will not be located this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034. That is definitely a long way away, so we urge you to get out and have a look at this one while you still have a chance.

You may be curious just how a supermoon occurs. We took a visit over to NASA.com and they explain, “Since the moon’s orbit is elliptical, one side (perigee) is about 30,000 miles closer to Earth than the other (apogee). The word syzygy, in addition to being useful in word games, is the scientific name for when the Earth, sun, and moon line up as the moon orbits Earth. When perigee-syzygy of the Earth-moon-sun system occurs and the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun, we get a perigee moon or more commonly, a supermoon!” It is during the time of the perigee moon that it will appear to be bright and larger here on Earth.

The best places to view the supermoon are usually somewhere where it is very dark and away from all the light pollution from within the city. The supermoon will be at it’s peak on the morning of November 14 at 8:52am EST, however we think some of the best times to take images of the supermoon would be overnight. Happy supermoon viewing!


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Could The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle Finally Be Solved?


(PCM) Some meteorologists say no, however new evidence was discovered claiming that hexagonal clouds which create “air bombs” with up to 170 mph winds may to blame for the dozens of ship and airplane disappearances in the region. The mysterious 500,000km square region in the North Atlantic Ocean has been linked to the strange disappearances of approximately 75 airplanes and hundreds of ships that were assumed lost at sea and never heard from again.

New research done by a group of scientists claim that they oddly shaped hexagonal clouds which form over the Bermuda Triangle could be the catalyst behind all of the mysterious disappearances over the years. The winds created by these special cloud formations can create winds that reach 45ft high and are incredibly strong. The scientists feel that it is various weather phenomena is truly behind the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.

Over 1,000 lives have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle in the last 100 years and on average, four planes and 20 ships go missing every year. Those are some eye-opening stats!  While scientists may have solved the overall mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle, they still have not revealed any way to remedy the issue other than just avoiding the area all together.



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Wind Blows 1,500 Americans To Canada During Annual Floating Event


(PCM) The wind is responsible for a bit of an odd invasion that occurred near Ontario, Canada. It seems that 1,500 American’s were accidentally blown into Canadian territory while participating in a floating event that was taking place on the St. Clair River.  The Port Huron Float Down turned into an international incident when the “floaters” from Michigan were blown into Ontario by strong winds in the region.

The authorities in Ontario claim that there is no official organizer for the annual event and it poses no “significant and unusual hazards” given the quick-moving current, large volume of participants, lack of life jackets, and unpredictable weather conditions. It did however take them hours to get the situation sorted out and bus the approximately 1,500 hundred participants back to Michigan. Most were unprepared to be stranded, but made the best of the situation.

The event beagn at Port Huron’s Lighthouse Beach and was supposed to end at Chrysler Beach in Marysville, however after being blown off course things did not end quite as planned. During the floating event participants use anything and everything they can think of to craft floating vessels including wooden planks and even picnic tables. Ontario was left with a lot of clean-up after the event, however there are no hard feelings.

Hopefully the annual float down will have better luck with weather cooperation next year or else Canada may be faced with yet another unexpected raft invasion.


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Experts Predict There Could Be A Huge Champagne Shortage In The Near Future


(PCM) Say it isn’t so! Guess we won’t be breaking out too many bottles of bubbly to toast the end of summer. Experts are now predicting that there could be a huge shortage of champagne in the near future.

According to the experts a late season frost caused a nearly 70% loss of crop for several growers and many also had to endure hail storms late in the season which led to mildew.  Many manufacturers have reserves set aside to deal with situations like this if they should arise, however if they are forced to dip into the reserves it could affect what is left to deal with any environmental setbacks in the future.

Crop growers claim that this shortage is the worst they have endured since the 1980’s and this season in particular has been the hardest since 1956. Be sure to choose your celebratory drinking occasions wisely as champagne is not the only drink that has been effect by bad weather conditions and environmental factors this season.

There has been a high demand for scotch with a lack of supply, and also on the non-alcoholic side coffee and cocoa are both facing global supply issues.

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