Smart Umbrella Can Predict When It Is Going To Rain


(PCM) Isn’t technology grand? A Kickstarter campaign will be launched to bring a new smart umbrella to the market that can actually predict when it is going to rain and warn users in advance of a potential downpour. The product is called the Oombrella and makes use of a chip implanted in it’s handle that allows it to forecast any potential showers.

The Oombrella can be linked to a users smartphone and it will send them a message such as “Hey it’s going to rain in 15 minutes where you are, so you better take your umbrella” as a way to warn them that unfavorable weather conditions are more than likely headed their way.

The Oombrella will be priced at $85, which is a bit steep, but new technology always seems to come at a higher price. If you are like us then you are always guilty of forgetting about your umbrella and leaving it somewhere. We thought it was pretty neat that the Oombrella also has the ability to send users a text message warning that they may have accidentally left the umbrella somewhere. Definitely useful, however with that price tag, we would probably keep the Oombrella pretty close.

The plan is to have the Oombrella go on sale in March and users can hope to have the product in their hands by the holiday shopping season.


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Chinese Airline Mistakenly Books Delayed Passengers Into A BDSM Sex Hotel


(PCM) While staying in a BDSM-themed sex motel may have been in the plans for some this past Valentine’s Day, it was certainly not what some travel weary passengers from Hainan Airlines had in mind when their flight was delayed overnight.  It seems the Chinese-based airline did not do their research and mistakenly booked two female passengers a room at the sex hotel by mistake.

You could only imagine their shock upon opening up the door to the room and finding a large circle bed and various BDSM sex equipment hanging from the ceiling. The women immediately took to social media to express their anger at the situation claiming that not only did they have to wait at the airport for hours to eventually find out their flight was cancelled, but then to be booked into a room that where they found “all kinds of surprises” that would make “unmarried, single women blush” was just insulting.

The post went viral and many people began slamming Hainan Airlines for the ordeal. The airline has since apologized claiming that the bad weather forced them to have to make the accommodations on very short notice and due to many hotels being booked up for Valentine’s Day, they were left with very few options. They also went on to say that the airline employee who booked the room did not understand what “themed room” entailed.

The airline has since contacted the women and are working out a way to make it up to them, but until then Hainan Airlines will be looked at like a naughty airline for just a bit longer.


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Watch This Idiotic Driver Road Rage His Way Straight Through A Tornado


(PCM) South Florida driver Anthony Ciarrochi is making headlines after a video has surfaced showing him idiotically driving straight through a massive tornado while cussing and carrying on about how slow the other drivers on the road are travelling. Too busy with his road raging he somehow missed the gigantic cyclone that literally formed right next to his passenger side window.

In the video you can see the massive amounts of rain and a ton of debris being tossed around the road way, but Ciarrochi pays it no mind and continues on his journey, even mistakenly calling the tornado a hurricane at one point. Ciarrochi is actually fairly lucky, as you should truly, under no circumstances drive directly into the path of a tornado or any other natural weather disaster.

What makes the video hilarious is just how oblivious Ciarrochi is to the circumstances surrounding him. We would seriously hate to go on any type of road trip with this guy! The video of Ciarrochi’s ordeal can be found below, but please be aware that it does contain quite a bit of profanity and may not be suitable for work.

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Groundhogs, Saints, and Bonfires: February Festivals of Spring

Campfire in the winter forest

(PCM) By the time February rolls in, many of us here in the northern hemisphere are tired of snow, and cold, and scraping our cars off every morning. We’ll be waiting with frosted breath to find out if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow – will spring make an early entrance, or are we condemned to six more weeks of winter blahs?

While the groundhog is a newish American pop culture hero, we humans have a long tradition of being sick and tired of winter halfway through it. Christian Candlemas, also known as the Feast of the Presentation, is observed forty days after Christmas. Candlemas is said to have roots in the Roman Lupercalia, an agricultural festival held in mid-February. Then there’s St. Brigid’s Day on February 1st – the Catholic feast day in honor of Ireland’s premiere patroness, who also has roots in a pagan past.

Imbolc was the Celtic mid-winter holiday, celebrated between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Imbolc (old Irish for “in the belly”) marked the start of lambing season and other signs of returning spring, and was linked to Brigid, a mother goddess and patron of livestock, healing, and artistry.

Brigid the Saint and her mythic pagan namesake remain important figures in Ireland and the Irish diaspora in the U.S. and elsewhere. Both the nun and the goddess are associated with fire: a perpetual flame in memory of St. Brigid is kept alive in County Kildare, Ireland, while modern Celts, Wiccans, and other Neo-pagans mark the festival with bonfires or candle rites.

No matter who you are, February 1st is a perfect time to warm your heart with thoughts of spring. Why not snuggle up in front of the fireplace tonight, or light some candles and make some pre-Valentine’s day romance? Get in the spirit with a hot toddy or Irish coffee, or get inspired: write a poem, crochet a new scarf, paint a picture – how about something with flowers in it? After all, spring is on its way: no matter what that groundhog has to say.

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Minnesota Residents Are Literally Freezing Their Pants Off!


(PCM) As many have heard on the news or are currently experiencing themselves, temperatures especially in states such as Minnesota have dropped to well below 10 degrees.  Despite the brutally cold weather conditions, some Minnesota residents have decided to have a little fun and let people know that yes, they are literally freezing their pants off!

Residents are now taking their jeans and freezing them in their front yards as lawn sculptures! Definitely have to give them points for creativity! It is so brutally cold that the pants are actually completely holding their shape and are able to completely stand-up on their own.

The residents are running their jeans through the washing machine and then taking them out just before the spin cycle. They then take them outside where they immediately begin to freeze and can then be placed standing up in the yard!

This makes us cold just thinking about it, but we must admit it’s pretty clever and a way to make light of brutal weather situation despite being a little bit unsettling!

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Five Planets Will Be Visible From The Earth At The Same Time


(PCM) Astronomy fans are in lucky and hopefully will have their telescopes ready, as you will be able to view the planets Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter all at the same time from planet Earth.

Beginning on Wednesday, January 20 the planets will make their appearance all together and will remain visible for about a month long time frame. This event marks the first time that all five planets have been visible at the same time in the past 10 years. However, according to researchers, we will not have to wait another 10 years for this phenomenon to occur, as another five planet showing will occur in August of this year.

Individuals who reside in the mid-to-northern latitudes can see Mercury best about an hour and half before dawn. In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s about two hours before sunrise. It also looks like Feb. 7 will be the best day for viewing.

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