Rare Twin Tornadoes Destroy A Nebraska Town


(PCM) There is a massive clean-up effort taking place in the small town of Pilger, Nebraska after two tornadoes ripped through their town on Monday.

The twin tornadoes are truly a rare site and are known for their incredible destructive power. The tornado had two visible suction vortices and it is incredibly rare to spot two tornadoes on the ground at the same time in the same general area.

The tornadoes just about obliterated the town of Pilger, as official claim that about 75% of the town is destroyed. The entire business district has been wiped out along with the fire station and about 50 residential homes.

Thus far there have been two reported deaths due to the storm and many others are critically injured. Today, local authorities are still attempting to sift through the rubble in a search for anyone else who may be trapped or injured.

Several storm chasers were able to capture footage of this rare twin tornado occurrence which many are saying they have never witnessed prior.

The governor of Nebraska has issued a state of emergency and more severe weather could be on the way for the region. Our thoughts and prayers are with the residents of Pilger as they continue their clean-up and rescue efforts today.

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Are Hurricanes With Female Names Really More Deadly?


(PCM) This past Sunday marked the start of hurricane season and a new study reveals that hurricanes named after females turn out to be more deadly than those named after males.

It has been tradition that hurricanes are given names such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Andrew and now researchers at the University of Illinois have discovered that the gender assigned to a particular hurricane may play a role in predicting the number of fatalities from that particular storm.

The researchers did their homework and took a look at every hurricane that hit the US between the years of 1950 and 2012. Their data and analysis discovered that a masculine named storm would on average kill about 15 people, while a female named storm of equal strength would kill an average of 42 people.

Researchers were able to reach the conclusion based on this data that it is our own personal choices that cause this phenomenon to occur. When people hear the name of a strong male hurricane they may head out of the area and seek shelter, while it appears they will not take the name of a female storm as seriously as they should and may remain in their homes to “ride out” the storm.

Researchers urge everyone to pay attention to the severity of the storm and not its’ name when making a decision about safely and hurricane precautions. All hurricanes, regardless of male or female names should be taken very seriously.

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Man Predicts “The Big One” Earthquake Will Hit On July 12th, 2014


(PCM) A Pittsburgh man by the name of David Nabhan, claims that he has discovered a way to pinpoint and predict with a certain level of accuracy when and where earthquakes are set to occur.

In his new book, “Eathquake Prediction: Answers in Plain Sight”, Nebhan claims that the next big earthquake that will hit the Los Angeles area will occur at a predictable time. He lists several key indicators such as conjoined lunar and solar gravitational tides and other astronomical events.

Nebhan claims that all the conditions favorable for an earthquake to occur will be in place in the dawn hours of July 12th, 2014. While Nebhan does not specifically say that Los Angeles will be affected, only that the potential risk will be the highest at that time. In fact, any areas of the world that sit on active fault lines could very well be affected.

Nebhan does not deny his amateur status as an earthquake researcher, but does feel that his prediction method makes a lot of sense, even if other researchers do not agree.

Definitely some food for thought and Nebhan does bring up some excellent points, especially regarding environmental factor being in the right place at the right time.

Man Predicts “The Big One” Earthquake Will Hit On July 12th, 2014 was contributed by a Myth

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