Hot, Humid Weather Affects More Than Just Your Hair

Everyone knows that humidity wreaks havoc on your hair, but did you know that it also affects your skin? Hot, humid air can take a toll on your skin, reducing the body’s natural moisturizing oils and causing dry skin. But at the same time, the sticky, humid weather makes your skin sweat more, and sweat that doesn’t evaporate can lead to clogged pores, acne and other unsightly problems. So what can you do about it?

Make sure you’re showering every morning to rid your body of any sweat and moisture produced overnight. Wash your face first thing in the morning and again at night, and if you find that you’re especially oily mid-afternoon, wash it again or keep face wipes on hand at work. Blotting sheets will also help clear some of the moisture and oil from your face.

You also want to make sure you’re still moisturizing. You might think moisture is the last thing your skin needs in the summer, but in high humidity, the skin’s production of natural moisturizing oils is reduced. This can lead to dryness, inflammation and skin flaking. According to Eucerin, our skin becomes more permeable in hot, humid weather, allowing more moisture to escape. Make sure you continue your moisturizing routine, applying lotion after your shower and using a light face moisturizer with SPF.

If you’re house is particularly humid, or if you’re not big on air conditioning, invest in a quality dehumidifier. They can make a big difference, even if you just turn it on while you’re sleeping!

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Panic Erupted When A Giant Red Ball Rolled Through The Streets In Toledo!


(PCM) As a result of some severe weather that took place in the Toledo, Ohio area a giant, inflatable red ball was wedged loose from it’s place as part of an art exhibit in the area and began rolling down the street. The incident struck up a panic with Toledo residents caused several individuals to make an attempt to chase it down.

The giant red ball, which is 15 feet wide and 250 pounds, is part of an art installation projects called “RedBall Project” and consists of material that is similar to that of a rubber life raft. The installation was currently on display at the Toledo Museum Of Art.

Strong winds from a passing thunderstorm were able to knock the giant red ball loose and cause it to roll away down the street. Eventually, museum staff and a few other individuals were able to catch the ball and get it deflated before it could cause any real destruction. There were no injuries reported. The deflated ball was placed on a trailer and taken back to the museum for the artist to repair.

Because of the material the ball is made from it should be very easy to patch and there are plans to still have the giant red ball on display in several areas throughout the city, however extra measures will now be taken to be sure the ball is kept securely in place.

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Women Survive On Girl Scout Cookies For 13 Days


(PCM) In this amazing rescue story two sister, 52-year old Leslie Roy and 56-year old Lee Wright, were able to survive 13 days trapped in their 2010 Ford Explorer which became stuck in the snow on a remote road in Michigan’s Upper peninsula by eating Girl Scout Cookies and cheese puffs. 

In a detailed account of their ordeal police in Michigan say that the women huddled together in the car, wearing multiple layers of clothing until the car battery eventually died. They were able to make eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies and cheese puffs last throughout their entrapment and used snow for water.  The women also claimed that they were also approached by a bear twice. 

The sisters were rescued after a Michigan State police helicopter was circling the area and caught the glimmer of their SUV’s windshield.  The chopper circled several times before discovering the vehicle under some trees and the women hopped out of the vehicle and began waving and trying to start a signal fire. 

The helicopter was eventually able to land on nearby beach a few miles away and rescuers were able to hike to the women and bring them to safety. 

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“Isis” Removed From U.N’s List Of Hurricane Names


(PCM) The possible naming of a hurricane “Isis” has been deemed inappropriate by the U.N’s World Meteorological Organization due to the rise of the violent militant group the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, otherwise known as ISIS. 

The name “Isis” was reportedly already given to a storm that could have potentially hit the eastern North Pacific sometime in 2016. That particular storm has since been renamed “Ivette”.  The list of names for hurricanes rotates every six years, however it is not uncommon for names to be removed from the list.  

If a storm is particularly damaging and destructive it’s name is then “retired” from the list, as to not associate memories for the victims that were in its’ path. 

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What Is Better Than Monks Having A Snowball Fight?


(PCM) It is a very rare occurrence for the city of Jerusalem in Israel to get any type of significant snowfall, so when a rare snowstorm passed through the area the people were incredibly excited.

It seems that no one was more excited than a group of Francisan Monks who were videoed having a pretty epic snowball fight, still dressed head to toe in their traditional black robes.

The monks are seen having an fantastic time running around the yard and pelting each other with the snowballs. It is truly a sight to behold. The video has since gone viral and has already surpassed over 500,000 views and continues to climb!

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Massachusetts Man Has Started Selling Snow To Other Areas Of The Country


(PCM) All of us here on the East Coast are without a doubt tired of all the snow that has been dumped on our region lately, however one Massachusetts man has decided to take advantage of the situation and hopefully create a little cash on the side.

Kyle Waring came up with a wonderful idea while he was out shoveling the wintery mess. He started the website, and began offer to ship 6 pounds of snow from winter storm Neptune for the price of $89.

At first, Waring was offering 16 ounce bottles of snow, however they were completely melted by the time that they reached their final destination. He has now discovered a way to ship 6 pounds of snow by wrapping it in aluminum foil and sealing it in a plastic bag in an insulated container.

The snow is then shipped overnight delivery to ensure that it arrives before the snow begins to melt. Waring claims that when the snow arrives despite some melting you can still get about 10-15 good snowballs out of it.

Believe it or not, people are already buying it up, proving that people will buy just about anything crazy and unique on the internet. Waring is already sold out of his initial offerings for six pounds of snow and plans to create several more to keep up with the demand.

He is also offering a whopping 10 pounds of snow for $119 dollars!

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