Conspiracy Theorists Claim Ancient Greek Sculpture Depicts A Laptop Computer


(PCM) Conspiracy theorists are now claiming solid evidence of time travel, as they feel the ancient Greek sculpture, “Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant” depicts the female assistant holding a laptop computer with two USB ports.

Historians are countering this claim by saying that this assistant is actually holding a wax tablet, however we have to say it does look eerily similar to a laptop. The ancient Greeks were using wax tablets since the 14th century B.C.

The conspiracy started after YouTuber “StillSpeakingOut” brought up the sculpture saying “I am not saying that this is depicting an ancient laptop computer. But when I look at the sculpture I can’t help but think about the Oracle of Delphi, which was supposed to allow the priests to connect with the gods to retrieve advanced information and various aspects.” Seems almost like an ancient description of the internet.

The J.Paul Getty Museum has an image of the sculpture on their website with the following description “the sculpture shows a woman “Lounging in a cushioned armchair… [She] reaches out to touch the lid of a shallow chest held by a servant girl.” It was created in approximately 100 B.C.

Paranormal investigators and conspiracy theorist claim that it is the holes pictured in the side of the box-shaped object that appear to be USB ports that support their claim. They say that those types of holes do not appear in ancient Greek depictions of objects such as ladies’ vanity cases, jewel boxes, or wax tablets, so therefore it must be a depiction of an object from the future.

Either way it is definitely food for thought. What do you think? Evidence of time travel or just a wax tablet?

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My Journey to Health, Short and Sweet

wishes-nighttime-spectaculaToday’s column will be short…and sweet.  It hasn’t been a good day and I hope to be asleep as early as possible.

Today I went into one of the worst depressive battles of my life.  It didn’t last long but it hurt a lot.

I got up at 6:30 and walked the dog.  I knew I was dropping within the hour and by 8:30 all I could do was lie on my bed and stair ahead feeling nothing much more than emotional pain that came from nowhere.

Around 9:30 my father came in the room and told me some news that I was not ready to hear.  It wasn’t bad news at all, but it was upsetting for me.  I put on a face, encouraged him, and as soon as he was gone the tears started to come.  Now I was depressed and dealing with a legitimate emotion at the same time.

The tears and pain continued throughout the day.  I contacted my small group leader and he encouraged me as best he could.  I was relieved someone knew what was happening.  Not long after I sent out a group e-mail asking for prayer and some folks got back to me quickly support doesn’t take it away but it makes it a bit easier to bear.

At 3:00 I called my psychiatrist.  By that time I could not form sentences, I was stuttering and crying at the same time.  I didn’t know what else to do and was getting ready to take myself to the hospital or find someone who could take me.  I tried to write this column but what came out of me was not worth reading.

Around four o’clock I “officially” went to bed.  If I slept there would be no pain, I had slept well the night before so I wasn’t sure I would sleep at all.  But I did.  At 6:30 the phone rang and I answered it.  It was a friend calling to see how I was.  I told him about the day, but I began to realize something was different.  I didn’t want to say anything.  I didn’t trust it.  I hung up and realized I was really me again.  Emotionally I was working well.

And so it is now.

This was a battle and a win, a new win at that.  Never had I had this type of depression lasted this short a time.  Never would this column have been written before.  The only real difference was that I reached out to many people who on my behalf prayed for me.  Believe when I tell you it was not something I could do for myself.

One more thing, something I want to reiterate every chance I get.  If you ever feel like you are going to harm yourself or others GO TO THE HOSPITAL!  I don’t want anyone who reads these columns to ever find themselves in a place where they won’t go.  I want you alive.  So do many others, even at the times you can’t believe that in any way.

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Earth, Wind & Fire Founder Maurice White Dead At Age 74


(PCM) It is with great sadness that we have learned Earth, Wind & Fire founder and leader Maurice White has passed away at the age of 74.  White is best known for co-writing some of the groups biggest hits such as “Shining Star”, “September” and “Sing A Song”. The news of his passing was confirmed in a Facebook posting from his brother Verdine White.

Verdine wrote: “My brother, hero and best friend Maurice White passed away peacefully last night in his sleep. While the world has lost another great musician and legend, our family asks that our privacy is respected as we start what will be a very difficult and life changing transition in our lives. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.”

Maurice White founded Earth, Wind & Fire in 1969 and the band’s soulful and upbeat tunes ruled the airwaves throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Their music was passed down from generation to generation, as it was easily relatable and spoke to an individuals soul.  The music of Earth, Wind & Fire is a mosaic of genre with elements of funk, rock, jazz and blues.  The musical landscape has no doubt suffered yet another irreplaceable loss.

In countless interviews White claimed that the band’s main objective was to create uplifting music and spread the message of positivity and they without a doubt succeeded. Our sincere condolences go out to Maurice White’s family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.

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February 5 in Pop Culture History


February 5 in Pop Culture History

Weatherperson’s Day, named after the birthday (Feb 5, 1744) of early US weatherman, John Jeffries.

62 – Pompeii earthquake (not to be confused with the Great Earthquake of 79)

1783 (Earthquake) Calabria, Italy

1824 – Samuel Vaughan Merrick and William H. Keating founded “The Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts” in Philadelphia.

1846 – The Oregon Spectator became the first newspaper published on the Pacific coast, in Oregon City.

1883 – The Southern Pacific Railroad completed its transcontinental “Sunset Route” from New Orleans to California.

1917 – The Congress of the United States passed the Immigration Act of 1917. Also known as the Asiatic Barred Zone Act, and it forbade immigration from nearly all of south and southeast Asia.

1919 – Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D.W. Griffith launch United Artists.

1929 – A runner’s ‘starting blocks’ (Foot Support) patent (#1,701,026) was issued to George T. Bresnahan of Iowa City, Iowa

1936 – The last silent film of the era, Modern Times, was released by Charlie Chaplin.

1953 – Walt Disney film Peter Pan opened at the Roxy Theatre in New York City.

1955 – # 1 Hit February 5, 1955 – February 11, 1955: The Fontane SistersHearts Of Stone

1958 – A hydrogen bomb, known as the Tybee Bomb, was lost by the US Air Force off the coast of Savannah, Georgia, and was never found.

1966 – # 1 Hit February 5, 1966 – February 18, 1966: Petula ClarkMy Love

1972 – Bob Douglas became the first African America to be inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

1977 – # 1 Hit February 5, 1977 – February 18, 1977: Mary MacGregorTorn Between Two Lovers

1983 – # 1 Hit February 5, 1983 – February 18, 1983: TotoAfrica

1988 – Manuel Noriega was indicted on drug smuggling and money laundering charges.

1999 – Mike Tyson was sentenced to a year in jail for assaulting two people after a car accident on August 31, 1998. Tyson was also fined $5,000, had to serve 2 years of probation, and had to perform 200 hours of community service upon release.

2000 – Kelly Ripa officially joined Regis Philbin on Live!

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Check out this Deadpool IMAX Featurette

Hot off of the heels of some interesting Deadpool PSA’s, Fox have released a small Deadpool IMAX featurette focusing on why the the film is so fitting for the format. What I love about Tim Miller is that me seems so real. He’s not doing this film for himself, he’s doing the film because he loves the character so much. That’s something that I’m willing to support.

With Deadpool less than two weeks away, It’s hard not to be excited. That is unless you’re a teenager. Then you’s just have to wait. But for those of us that don’t, this new IMAX featurette scratches the itch that we all have for this Deadpool movie. At this point, let’s just hope that the movie can live up to the insanely large expectations that we all have seem to put on it.

Here’s the Deadpool IMAX Featurette:

Here’s the official synopsis for Deadpool:

Based upon Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, DEADPOOL tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.


Deadpool opens on February 12, 2016.

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Sports Illustrated Is Teaming Up With TNT To Turn It’s Swimsuit Edition Into A TV Special


(TNT) Sports Illustrated, a Time Inc. media property, IMG and TNT are teaming up for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Revealed, a first-of-its-kind broadcast event that will culminate with the unveiling of the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model. Actor, comedian and recording artist Nick Cannon and The Librarians star and Skin Wars host Rebecca Romijn are set to lead the festivities, which will celebrate the amazing women in this year’s edition, including Nina Agdal, Irina Shayk, Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, Emily DiDonato, Erin Heatherton, Chanel Iman and more. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Revealed will air Saturday, Feb. 13, at 10:30 p.m. (ET) / 7:30 p.m. (PT) dur ing NBA All-Star Weekend on TNT, following the network’s coverage of State Farm NBA All-Star Saturday Night.

As part of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Revealed, model/entrepreneur Elle Macpherson will be honored with the Jule Campbell Award in recognition of her iconic modeling career and business acumen. Supermodel Chrissy Teigen will present the award to Macpherson, who has appeared on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover a record five times.

Joining the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Revealed celebration will be three-time Grammy winner NE-YO, alongside Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, who will perform the single “Higher Place” for the first time on television. In addition, the special will introduce the final six contestants in Sports Illustrated’s nationwide search for the next SI Swimsuit model. Viewers at home will be able to vote for their favorites, ensuring one lucky woman’s spot in the 2017 edition.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Revealed is being produced by Time Inc./Sports Illustrated and IMG Original Content.

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