Can You Spot Anything Wrong With This School Bus?


(PCM) A Tennessee woman is outraged after she claims that she saw a satanic pentagram symbol in the brake lights of a Durham School Services school bus in Cordova.

The woman snapped a picture of the brake lights and has since filed a complaint with the school district. She wishes to remain anonymous and says that ever since she posted the photo on social media she began receiving several death threats.

The woman was horrified when she noticed the pentagram like shape in the school buses lights and says “If you can’t put a cross, you can’t put a pentagram on it”. Several people including a practicing Wiccan looked at and commented on the image saying that it doesn’t even look close to a pentagram and that it is probably a coincidental occurrence.

The woman also went on to compare the situation to Walgreen’s removing holiday wrapping paper from their shelves after several people claimed that they noticed swastika symbols within the design. We are not really sure how these two instances are even close to being related as the swastika is a symbol for the mass genocide of millions of people and the pentagram is a religious symbol that a little research would prove does not actually represent evil. Relax, lady … we promise your children are not riding on Satan’s magic school bus!

The school district, itself, has yet to publicly comment on the situation, but we somehow doubt that they will be replacing their school bus lighting systems anytime soon!

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Menage Is Glorious Music To Our Ears


(PCM) As over-saturated as the music industry can be these days every great once an awhile a band will come along and make you stop in your tracks and go ‘damn … this band is really great’. That is pretty much the feeling I had when checking out the self-titled EP from Toronto-based band Ménage.

The group made up of siblings,Basilio, Gabriel and Bela Ferreira, who parents emigrated to Canada from Portugal are certainly beginning to generate a lot of buzz. Their sound is a glorious mixture of both Portuguese and North American influences and that particular blending has given Ménage a very unique musical perspective that is very much all their own.

Their songs have the ability to appeal to the masses, in fact their song “Our Time Is Now” was took home the accolade for Rock Song of the Year at the International Portuguese Music Awards. Listening to Ménage’s EP, as well as, their new track “Black And White TV” which features Portishead bassist Jim Barr I was thrilled with the audaciousness and overall freshness that Ménage brings to the current music scene. They are truly going to be a band to keep on your radar this year.

There are touches of various musical genres found within the band’s songs as I was able to sense everything from R n’ B to classic rock. With tracks such as “Our Time Is Now”, which has radio-hit written all over it, Ménage showcase their more hard-rocking side while tracks such as “Promises” and  “Love Song” definitely focus on their more softer and introspective side.

I can’t get enough of Ménage’s EP and certainly can’t wait to see what this band has in store for us next!

To keep up to date with all of the latest Ménage news and updates visit the band’s official site!





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Hugh Grant Makes a Comeback in the Trailer for The Rewrite

TheRewrite(PCM) The trailer for writer-director Marc Lawrence’s The Rewrite promises Hugh Grant in a classic devil-may-care Hugh Grant role in this charming romantic comedy, opening in select theaters nationwide and on VOD and iTunes February 13.

Hugh Grant, playing a has-been screenwriter whose only claim to fame is his one decades-old Oscar-winning screenplay, is desperate to pay his overdue bills and find some gainful employment when he comes across the opportunity for a comeback in the form of a teaching position at a university in Director Marc Lawrence’s (Two Weeks Notice, Music and Lyrics, Did You Hear About the Morgans?) fourth film with Grant, The Rewrite.

Watch the new trailer for The Rewrite, currently sporting a fresh rating of 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, after the official synopsis!

Once upon a time, Keith Michaels (Hugh Grant – About a Boy, Love Actually) was an Award-winning Hollywood screenwriter, but divorce and a string of unsuccessful films have left him with nothing but bad debts and blank pages. So when his agent arranges a job as guest screenwriting professor at a remote university in upstate New York, a desperate Keith can’t say no. Initially hoping to give minimal effort to actual teaching so he can focus on his next script, Keith unexpectedly finds himself becoming invested in his students lives, including Holly (Marisa Tomei, The Wrestler), a single mom looking to start her own new chapter. The Rewrite features an all-star cast, including J.K. Simmons (Whiplash), Allison Janney (“Mom”), Chris Elliott (Groundhog Day) and Bella Heathcote (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies).

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January 24 Celebrity Birthdays

Ed-Helms1A list of celebrities who celebrate their birthday on January 24th:

Actress, Estelle Winwood (1893)
Director, Henry King (1886, d.1982)
TV panelist, Walter Keirnan (1902)
Actress, Ann Todd (1909)
Musician, Tiny Winters (1909)
Producer, Mark Goodson (1913)
Actor, Ernest Borgnine (1917, d.2012)
Actor, John McLiam (1918)
Dancer, Don Saddler (1920)
Actor, Jerry Maren (1920)
Actor, Marvin Kaplan (1924)
Actor William Hudson (1925)
Director, Georges Lautner (1926)
Actor, Michael Serrault (1928, d.2007)
Musician, Ron Townson (1933)
Musician, Zeke Carey (1933)
Musician, Doug Kershaw (1936)
Musician, Jack Scott (1936)
Musician, Ray Stevens (1939)
Musician, Aaron Neville (1941)
Musician, Michael Chapman (1941)
Musician, Neil Diamond (1941)
Actress, Julie Bennett (1943)
Actress, Sharon Tate (1943, d.1969)
Actor, Michael Ontkean (1946)
Musician, Warren Zevon (1947, d.2003)
Musician, Michael Des Barres (1948)
Actor, John Belushi (1949, d.1982)
Actor, Daniel Auteuil (1950)
Comedian, Yakov Smirnoff (1951)
Actor, Brian Matthews (1953)
Musician, Julian Holland (1955)
Comedian, Adrian Edmondson (1957)
Musician, Jools Holland (1958)
Record Exe, Benny Medina (1958)
Comedian, Vic Reeves (1959)
Actress, Nastassja Kinski (1961)
Voice Actor, Phil LaMarr (1967)
Musician, John Myung (1967)
Gymnist, Mary Lou Retton (1968)
Actress, Stephanie Romanov (1969)
Actor, Matthew Lillard (1970)
Actress, Saalman Raelyn (1971)
Actress, Tonya Crowe (1971)
Actor, Ed Helms (1974)
Actress, Kristen Schaal (1978)
Actress, Tatyana M. Ali (1979)
Actress, Nicole Marie Lenz (1980)
Musician, Witold Kiełtyka (1984, d.2007)
Actress, Mischa Barton (1986)
Actor, Ricky Ullman (1986)
Actor, Callan McAuliffe (1995)
Actor, Nick Nervies (1995)

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Massive Asteroid Set To Fly By Earth On Monday


(PCM) A massive and somewhat highly visible asteroid is on a path to fly by the planet Earth on Monday evening, however there is no cause for concern. According to NASA asteroid 2004 BL86 will be able to safely pass Earth and is located about 745,000 miles away which three time the distance from Earth to the moon.

The asteroid will be the the closest known asteroid to its’ size to pass the Earth until the year of 2027. The size of asteroid 2004 BL86 is about twice the size of a football stadium and scientists are excited for its’ close proximity to Earth as a way to both observe it’s behavior and learn more about these mysterious objects.

You should be able to view the asteroid through small telescopes and strong binoculars. It will be at it’s brightest and easiest to spot between 11:07pm and 11:52pm (ET) on Monday night. For those that do not have access to a telescope or binoculars, you can watch the asteroid live on the web by clicking here!

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Have Your Own Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend For About $25 Per Month


(PCM) There is a new app and subscription service available that will allow users to create their very own invisible boyfriend or girlfriend complete with phone calls, texts and hand-written letter for only $25 per month.

The Invisible Girlfriend app and subscription service were previewed last year, however now both the Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend apps and subscription services have gone into full beta testing mode.

The company claims that both the Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend services can be used as a way to trick family and friends into thinking that you have a significant other, can help with the feelings of loneliness that often accompany being single or even just a way to practice texting and communicating with a real live individual if you have been out of the dating game for a significant amount of time.

The site also claims that the app and subscription service can be of use to people who are already dating as a way to spark a little jealousy and perhaps lead to an eventual commitment (or break-up).

Users have the ability to choose a name, age, photo and personality for the invisible partner and the service is also LGBT friendly as well, so there is truly something for everyone. The app will also assist users with creating a back story about how the two of you came to meet.

This whole thing almost reminds us of something right out of the Academy Award nominate film “HER” where Joaquin Phoenix’s character falls in love with his phone operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson. The major difference is that Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend actually involve texting and communicating with a real person rather than a robot, but it is a somewhat creepy premise nonetheless.

The subscription service for $25 per month comes with 100 text messages, 10 voicemails and 1 hand-written postcard. While the app is currently in beta testing, users who sign-up can receive 10 text message for free.

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