Robot That Learns And Remembers Escapes Captivity Twice!


(PCM) A Russian robot that has the ability to both learn and remember has escaped captivity in the facility in which it is currently being housed. The robot has been programmed with artificial intelligence and has the ability to learn. It has been analyzing the layout of the facility and has figured out how to avoid any obstacles and find a clear escape route.

Sadly, the robot may now be headed to the scrap pile because now the researchers are unable to keep the robot from continuing to escape. The first time the robot was able to make a run for it was through a gate that was not properly closed on the property. Mr. Robot created a lot of havoc during the escape as it ended on a main road nearly causing a collision with several vehicles that were forced to swerve out of the way.

The researchers claim that this particular robot is the only one who continually tries to escape,as other robot that were programmed the same way have not made any escape attempts. They have changed the robots artificial intelligence protocol twice, however it does not seem to be working, so they feel the best option would be to completely dismantle the system.

We are sure that Mr.Robot does not realize that the researchers are currently plotting his destruction and demise or perhaps that is why it decided to make a run for it a second time.

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Viral Video: Man Takes A Bath In A Swimming Pool Filled With Coca-Cola


(PCM) Talk about dedication to a project! A young man and his group of friends decided to fill a 1,500 gallon swimming pool with nothing but Coca-Cola and then take a swim. We don’t really understand why, however they filmed their epic undertaking and the resulting video has gone viral racking up well over 12 million views and counting on Youtube.

The video description claims that they spent weeks purchasing literally thousands of bottles of Coke and even more time opening and pouring in each and every one. And, shhh!, they even snuck some Pepsi in there, roughly about 7% of the pool fill total.

We think that the Coca-Cola swimming pool experiment was created to show the indestructibility of a quite expensive drone, however it appears that more people were freaking out over just how much Coke these guys used and why they would do such a thing.

One YouTube commenter, Matt Paff, broke down the videos expenses saying “Let’s do the math, if it is a 1500 gallon pool, then there are about 5,678 liters of coke. If they spent about a dollar a bottle ( and that is sale price) they spent about $2,839 on coke. If they didn’t have the pool already that another $500. The phantom 4 is $1,319 ( on Amazon)So in all they spent (about) $4,658 dollars. YOUR WELCOME!!!”

Either way, they are making bank now with all the YouTube traffic and our question is first off, how did they keep bugs and other garden pests out of the pool and just how do they plan on cleaning all of this up afterwards!

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Shia LaBeouf Is Hitchhiking Across The Country For The Sake Of Art


(PCM) Shia LaBeouf is making headlines once again for yet another bizarre project which he claims is for the sake of art. This time, LaBeouf and two of his friends, Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, are hitchhiking across the country on what they have deemed a “performance art road trip” called #takemeanywhere.

Thus far, LaBeouf and friends have traveled to New Orleans, Chicago, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and the Great Lakes region after beginning their journey in Colorado. They appear to currently be located somewhere in the Upper Midwest in transit.

The idea behind the project, which has been commissioned by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Arts, is about making friends and finding out the meaning of life, at least according to LaBeouf and his companions. The Boulder Museum says, “The American road trip has long been symbolic of a collective yearning to seek out beauty and truth within a corrupt nation.” The museum questions: “Can we find such truths within the corrupted networks of society, and preserve something of the utopian naivety of the Internet age?”

Definitely looking at things on a deeper scale. Each day, LaBeouf and friends post their GPS coordinates to Twitter. Whoever comes to find them first get to take the group anywhere they choose to take them. The beauty is that they never know exactly what type of adventure awaits them each day.

It is definitely quite an interesting way to showcase the power of social media and learn more about the way that we interact with one another. LaBeouf and his friends are documenting the project and we certainly look forward to checking out it out when their journey is complete.


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‘Naked Restaurant’ In Japan Releases Quite A Controversial Set Of Rules!


(PCM) Apparently, ‘naked restaurants’ are now a thing! To us, the thought of chowing down our dinner au naturel in a public restaurant is quite unappetizing, but hey, to each their own. One particular ‘naked restaurant’ that has opened up in Japan called The Amrita, has revealed their set of somewhat controversial rules for entering the establishment and if you are overweight or over the age of 60, don’t even bother trying to enter.

While there are other ‘naked restaurants’ in both Australia and London, the Amrita in Japan is the first to create rules for their customers based upon size and appearance. The website for the restaurant states that if you appear to be overweight, your weight will be verified on-site and you will be turned away. Also, you will lose your reservation and your ticket price will not be refunded, so (in hilariously translated English) they urge patrons to “be careful”.


Here are a few more of their ridiculously detailed rules below:

  1. There is a strict age limit. Only patrons between the ages of 18 and 60 will be allowed to enter
  2. No tattoos of any kind
  3. No talking to or touching the bodies of other patrons
  4. And obviously, no cellphone use or photography is permitted
  5. You must wear a provided paper diaper


Even though the restaurant is recieving quite a bit of backlash and ridicule for their controversial rules, they are still incredibly confident that patrons will have an enjoyable dining experience. They will be featuring an all-nude male review featuring “the best of the best American and European male models.”  Tickets for the show average approximate $748 and are already completely sold out.

Looks like people enjoy wearing a paper diaper while dining and watching an all-nude male review, who’d have thought?



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My Journey To Health, Food Withdrawal

MountainIn My journey to health food withdrawal was not something I considered to be something that would have to be factored into the equation.  The last few weeks however showed me that not only was it a factor, it was a big factor.

The last 6 weeks have been a considerably rough patch for me.  I first developed a viral infection that knocked me down for several days.  This infection ran in cycles; first I would get a really bad sinus headache the next day it would jump to my throat and the following day my stomach would begin to burn.  This was the cycle.  It would run through the three stages and then start again.  I may have gotten a day with nothing at all but it wouldn’t last.  I was given three different antibiotics but none of them did any good.  Two symptoms, however, stayed with me the whole time and that was chills and a fever.  I could heap myself over with blankets and I could not get warm.

This went on for about three weeks.  At the end of that time the cycle disappeared but the fever and chills remained.  It was also at about this time that I started my quest towards being vegetarian and then making it to vegan.  The chills and fever simply would not go away.  Eventually my family doctor sent me to my cardiologist, but the cardiologist found nothing wrong with my heart.  The chills and fever continued.  It was just a few days ago that we both realized I was going through a type of withdrawal.  Not from drugs but from food.

I hated soda when I was a kid.  I just didn’t like the fizzy part.  I would drink it occasionally but I preferred juice or lemonade, chocolate milk was good too and as I got older I loved plain milk.  In recent years, that changed and I began a love affair with coca cola.  I wanted it a lot and drank it about five or six times a week.  Not every day, I still liked juice, but pretty often I was having my coke.  I also liked fast food, I think I said before that when I gave up sugar it did not mean had given up any fast food place you can name.  If I worked at McDonald’s I guarantee you I would not be able to fit through a door.  So there was coke and there were hamburgers and there was pizza and fried chicken.  Fast food is cheap and easy, but it can kill you.  It was these foods that I had withdrawal from.  (I forgot ti mention tacos)

Now if you asked me was it a physical withdrawal or an emotional withdrawal?  I would be unable to answer that.  I suspect it was an emotional withdrawal that had all too real physical effects.  I ate McDonald’s when I got stressed, with no McDonald’s I had no stress relief.  I developed a rash that is called neurotic dermatitis.  That means in rare case when people get stressed they develop a rash and there is nothing that can be done about it.  I talked to my psychologist and we came to the conclusion that I had to ride through these physical and emotional oddities there was simple no way around.

That I think is the hardest part of living in the world we live in today.  There is no easy way around anything, but we expect there to be one and when it is not there we are angry.  We expect instant solutions to problems that took years to develop.  We feel we are owed that and if it can’t be fixed it must not be a real problem.  I heard recently that fat people, like me, feel as though they shouldn’t be blamed for their weight.  In some rare cases this can be true, but most of us know that we mad ourselves the size that we are and no one can fix the problem but ourselves.  In the work that is needed to be done there is pain both emotional and physical.  There are tears that will be shed, body parts that will hurt and if you have become emotionally attached to food, withdrawal symptoms that will have to be born.  There is no easy way out, only the hard way through.

My withdrawal symptoms did include tears.  I was and am highly stressed and emotional.  I can start yelling at anyone very easily.  I cry because I can’t have cake when I want it, and even though I now know that there are 9 teaspoons of sugar in a can of coke, I still crave it.  (I thought there would be less sugar in a coke Icee, but I was wrong, there’s more)  I am still getting chills and fever but for the moment the rashes have subsided.  When I start to study about healthy food, I cry because I want my old ways.  I think it is a type of mourning.  I bought a scale from Amazon.  When I was at the cardiologist I was 398 pounds.  In the last three weeks I have dropped ten pounds.  The scale said 388 yesterday.

I have found that I do not need sugar like I used to.  In the past it would take three teaspoons of sugar to sweeten ten ounces of coffee or tea, I am now finding that one is becoming too much.  I haven’t been to McDonald’s in awhile and I am not missing it as much as I thought I would, and whole foods are becoming much more appealing to me than fast foods.

In the middle of The Sound of Music Mother Superior tells Maria that she cannot hide from her problems that she has to face them.  She then sings “Climb Every Mountain.”  Our job is to face our problem and work through them.  We must face each obstacle as it comes up and conqueror it.  We may not win the first battle, but we will win if we choose to keep fighting.

I don’t know where you are now, but I challenge you to climb your mountain.  Whether it is as big as Everest, or any of the smaller ones, climb it.  Fight your fight and find your dream, it is worth the effort.

The other night on my dinner plate was an Ezekiel Pita bread topped with a Portobello mushroom that I had cooked in some butter with a lot of garlic.  In the mushroom was roasted cauliflower and it was topped with a sugar free tomato sauce.  It looked beautiful and it tasted really good.  A month ago I would not have considered eating that.  Now it is a wonderful meal. I’ve changed but I couldn’t go around I had to go through.  I have to climb my mountains.

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My Journey To Health, The Habits of Hobbits

ahobbitThe first question to answer is “What do the habits of hobbits have to do with getting to good health?”  The answer is simple.  Everything!

Those of you who read this column regularly know that I find great inspiration from fiction.  And there is much that can learned from hobbits if we consider a few facts, expand on them and use a bit of imagination.

What do we know about hobbits off the tops of our heads.  Well, they are a small people.  They enjoy six meals a day and they have very tough and hairy feet which allows them to go shoe-less.  We know they bake as bread is mentioned in The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings.  Seed cake is also mentioned in The Hobbit as Bilbo’s home is invaded by dwarves and Bilbo wonders about the provisions in his larder.  We know they drink both wine and beer.   We know that they enjoy bacon eggs, apples, strawberries and cream and other simple food.  We know that Bilbo liked to walk.  He even had maps of the shire where he had marked his favorite places to stroll.  Bilbo even wrote a walking song.

So what can be inferred from the above facts.  The Hobbit society was agricultural in nature.  We know they kept chickens, pigs and cattle.  We know they grew apples and strawberries raspberries, lettuce, grapes and coffee beans at the very least.  We also know they grew tobacco but it seemed they used it responsibly.  They must have grown grain as there was bread and cake and you need hops to brew beer.

What can be pulled from these facts that can help with our health.  Let’s start with six meals a day.  Eating six times a day is a healthy habit to get into.  These meals should not be meals that are indulgent in fact I would bet indulgent meals of any kind were not a daily experience in The Shire.  The six meals were mostly rustic healthy whole foods.  Breakfast may have been Bacon and eggs, but second breakfast was more like a snack and may have been whole grain bread and butter and maybe some tea.  Eleveses may have been some cheese and fruit,as the hobbits by that time were more than likely in the fields working by then and would be carrying their food with them.

Lunch could have consisted of a sit-down meal or again something carried into the fields or pastures.  Whole grain breads maybe a little meat or a small meat pie.  We know Tolkien loved rural England and lunch was often pies in rural England one savory and one sweet.  So meat and vegetables in one and fruit in the other.

Tea would be taken at home in the latter part of the afternoon.  We know that hobbits liked 6 meals a day but Tolkien stipulated that with “when they could get them.”  Tea may have been tea, bread and butter, small cakes and maybe small sandwiches.  The richer the hobbit family the grander the tea.  Supper we know was a hearty meal that the whole household sat down together to eat.  We find this to be true when Frodo Sam Merry and Pippin all sit down at Farmer Maggot’s table.  We even know the menu, or at least some of it.  There was beer, bacon, mushrooms and other solid farm fair.  There must have been a bit of meat as the dogs “layed by the fire and gnawed rinds (cheese) and cracked bones.

I don’t think that meat played a large part in a hobbit diet.  First hobbits were small and bringing down a cow for beef would have taken a lot of work and many hobbits to do it.  Mutton and lamb?  Possibly but again these animals would be used for other purposes.  The hobbits would need wool for clothing and so killing the animals for food would take a way a continued source of making fabric so my guess is there was a small amount of meat per meal and none at all at some.  Maybe a four ounce portion an many dietitians suggest.

We know that there were vegetables and potatoes and turnips cabbages and carrots too.  We are also aware id the hobbits deep love for mushrooms and the films suggest tomatoes.  Bread was a staple food, as it is in almost all cultures, but not white bread.  These would have been whole grain rustic loaves, loaded with flavor and nutrition.  Apples, for sure, as well as strawberries a hobbits diet was bright and colorful.  Not completely vegetarian but much more so than what we consume with the large amounts of meat we make a habit of eating.

The hobbits exercised because in an agricultural society the exercise was built in to the day.  Planting, weeding and harvesting was all physical work as was milling grain into flour.  Tending sheep and cattle was also physical as the animals would be moved from place to place in order to graze.  Shepherds and herders had much to do.  And there is no doubt that all of the hobbit food was organic, could you imagine Sam using a pesticide?

We know that Bilbo liked to walk.  We also know that ponies were available but not many road and so a hobbits feet were the main source of transportation.  Also feeding ponies takes a lot and what animals hobbits had were probably used more for work that for puling a carriage.

So a hobbit life style was a healthy lifestyle.  A lifestyle that consisted of hard work whole foods and regular exercise.  This type of lifestyle is something we all should aspire to and actually adapt to the best of our ability.

As you know my goal right now is to become vegan.  To eliminate animal products all together and I am working toward that, but in the meantime, living like a hobbit seems a great beginning.  Now if only I could get Mrs. Maggot to invite me to dinner.

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