Bikini Pic Of Former Model With Colostomy Bags Has Gone Viral


(PCM) British make-up artist and former model Bethany Townsend is making headlines after she posted an image of herself in a bikini laying out with her colostomy bags in full view.

Townsend has been suffering from Crohn’s Disease since the age of three, but was not officially diagnosed until the age of 11. Because of her misdiagnosis, she was forced to have 16 inches of her bowl removed at a young age and has been on steroids, infliximab, methotrexate and every other drug going as well as being tube fed for 4 years.

After five additional surgeries, Townsends’ bowl burst four years ago and she ended up with two colostomy bags. After that incident Townsend gave up her modeling dreams.

Back in December, Townsend was vacationing in Mexico with her husband and he was always telling her that she had a great body and wanted her to wear a bikini. Finally, Townsend agreed and figured that it didn’t matter because she would most likely never see any of those people again anyway.

Townsend eventually decided to share the vacation bikini picture with the Crohn’s and Colitis UK Facebook page and it almost immediately went viral.

Townsend claims that “I felt like I finally had the confidence after three-and-a-half years of having them that I wanted to give other girls the confidence, the guys the confidence, to be like, ‘we have nothing to be ashamed of.”

We certainly think that Townsend’s act of sharing was both incredibly brave and definitely inspiring!  What do you think?

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Sponsored Post: Have A Delightful Day With International Delights Iced Coffee

While I don’t want to brag, I have to say that I consider myself to be a coffee aficionado of sorts and while I adore coffee at anytime of year, I especially enjoy trying all of the new iced coffee drinks when summertime rolls around.

However, what I don’t enjoy is going out to the local coffeehouse and having to wait in exceptionally long lines, as frantic baristas scramble around yelling out names and throw drinks together to move customers in and out more quickly. And then of course there is always that one person (who happens to always be in line in front of me) who has the most complicated and drawn out coffee order on the planet!  Where is the relaxation in that?

Also, don’t even get me started about the cost! I can hardly believe how expensive it can be to order a specialty drink, hot or cold, at many of the popular coffeehouse chains nowadays. It truly makes you wonder if all the hassle for that cup of delicious joe is really worth it, but that leads me to one of the newest discoveries.

I have found a way to enjoy that delicious coffeehouse flavor straight from my own refrigerator in the comfort of my own home. International Delight Iced Coffee provides all the taste and flavor of your favorite coffeehouse favorites without all the hassle that can go along with visiting one of these coffeehouse chains.

Grab a cup and some ice and you are good to go!  International Delight Iced Coffee is ready to drink right from the carton and will definitely leave you with more time to take a few moments, enjoy some coffee and of course relax!

This post has been sponsored by International Delight, but concerns my own thoughts and opinions.  

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Creative Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

(PCM) For those last minute shoppers or anyone who is running out of ideas for what to get dear old dad this Father’s Day, we have got you covered! PCM has put together a list of several creative and budget-friendly gift ideas that are sure to please even the pickiest of pops.


1. A Mix-tape CD
While we know it may seem a bit generic, if you take the time to gather together songs and create a playlist that features some of your dad’s favorite artists and tunes it is gift he is sure to cherish for many years to come. Bonus points of any songs have specific memories surrounding the two of you!


2. Surprise dad by cooking his favorite meal
Sometimes we wonder if it is a myth that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. No better way to test this theory than putting your culinary skills to good use and whipping our dad’s favorite meal as a way to celebrate the day. He will surely appreciate the effort and it is a great way to spend time with one another bonding over a home-cooked meal.


3. A Homemade Coupon Book
This is a great idea especially for younger children. The coupons can vary and be for anything from chores around the house to hugs and kisses.


4. An adorable Scrabble photo frame
Take a small frame and place a heartfelt message inside and then spell out “Daddy” or “Father” with scrabble letters.


5. Comic Book Drink Coasters
For the dad that has a little bit of a geek side, you can cut pages of a comic book in a circular or square pattern, then use a bit of cork board or cardboard and modge podge to create a seal.

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