Mom Publicly Shames Teen For Lying About Her Age On Facebook


(PCM) It is always important for parents to monitor their children’s activities online, especially when it comes to social media networks such as Facebook.  When one Colorado mother discovered that her 13-year old daughter was posing as a 19-year old and posted a photo of herself in a bra and lace panties her reaction has now gone viral.

In addition to banning her child from Facebook this mom took things a step further and created a video, which she posted on both her’s and her daughters Facebook pages, publicly shaming her for her online behavior.  She made her daughter tell everyone her real age, that she watches Disney channel, has a bedtime and that her underwear still has the days of the week on them.

The video has since gone viral and has been viewed over 11 million times since the mother posted it and many people are praising the mom for taking control of her daughters behavior. Others feel that she went too far, as the daughter can been seen in the video with tears streaming down her face.

The mother posted another video thanking other parents for their support and tells critics that she is not there to be her child’s friend, but rather to keep her protected. She reveals that she is a convicted felon and she refuses to lose her child to the streets. She claims what she did came from a place purely of love and hopes to encourage other parents to pay more attention to their children’s behavior online.

Watch the full video below:


Posted by Val HairLyfe Starks on Sunday, May 17, 2015


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Could Reading To Your Children Before Bedtime Be Considered Unfair?


(PCM) Why must people feel the need to pick apart everything, even a time honored tradition such as parents reading to their children before bedtime. A new idea has been shared on The ABC by a philosopher who feels that parents reading to their children before bedtime gives them an unfair advantage over less fortunate children.

The website questions whether or not having a loving family gives those children more advantage over those that come from less fortunate or broken homes. According to The ABC,  evidence reveals that there are major life differences between children who receive bedtime stories and those that don’t and that it might be possible to “level the playing field” by a cessation of bedtime reading to children.

The article calls for parents to be more mindful of the advantage that bedtime reading provides for the children and keep in their minds while practicing the tradition that there may be others less fortunate.

We can’t believe that anyone would be taking this seriously, as we truly need to be focusing on providing a loving and nurturing home environment for all children, as well as, encouraging all parents to read to their children before bed!

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“Spice” Sends Hundreds To New York Area Hospitals


(PCM) Experts have been warning people for quite some time about the dangers associated with the use of synthetic marijuana, otherwise known as “Spice”.  In just nine days, about 160 people have been seen at New York area hospitals having incredibly serious reactions to “spice” or “K2, also in the southern states of both Alabama and Mississippi there has been a notable rise in the number of synthetic marijuana-related hospital visits.

The New York State Health Commissioner reports to CNN that “Since the exact compounds contained in synthetic cannabinoid products change so frequently, it’s often impossible for users to know exactly what they are putting in their body.” There is often a range of symptoms that accompany reactions to using “spice” such as headaches, confusion, seizures and sometimes even loss of consciousness resulting in death.

Consumers are led to believe that “spice” is a legal plant-based material that is coated with chemicals that mimic the effect of marijuana.  Some of those so-called “safe” chemicals are the very same ones that are found in both insecticides and rat poison.

“Spice” is popular among teens because it is sold as natural product and often times marked as incense making it legal for them to purchase.

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Beware Of Cash For iPhones Scheme


(PCM) We have all seen the ad’s on both television and on the internet offering customers the chance to trade-in their old iPhones for some cold hard cash. Many of the companies making these cash offers are not what they seem and are scamming customers out of hundreds of dollars when the send in their phones for trade.

One of the most popular phone trade-in companies is “Cash For iPhones” and they are currently under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission after receiving more than 900 complaints from customers who say that they have received far less cash for their trades than they were initially promised.

One customers says that she signed up on the site to trade in her iPhone 5c and was offered the amount of $131, however once she sent out her phone and the company had it in their possession the offer was then lowered to a measly $11. That is a huge difference!

The website states that customers have three days to file a dispute with the company if they disagree on the offer amount, however it took nearly three days for the customer to even be able to get a hold of anyone in customer service. Once she did, she was then told that by that time it was too late to file the dispute and that they had already recycled her phone.

Both Good Morning America and ABC News took matters into their own hands and conducted their own investigation into the company undercover. They submitted three phones and were told that they would be receiving $800 for the trade-in, however, yet again once the phones were in the companies possession the amount for the three phones was lowered to only $114.

Sounds like something fishy is definitely going to there!  The company is located in Sparks, Nevada and a full investigation is currently underway, but for the meantime, trader beware!


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Kraft Recalls Thousands Of Boxes Of Mac & Cheese Claiming They Could Contain Metal


(PCM) Kraft Foods has issued a voluntary recall on approximate 242,000 case of it’s Kraft Macaroni & Cheese claiming that they could be contaminated with metal. The recall effect approximately 6.5 million boxes in total.

Specifically, the recall includes only the 7.25 ounce boxes of the original flavor which were shipped to stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, as well as some areas in the Caribbean and South Africa. The affected products have a use by date of September 18, 2015 thru October 11, 2015.

The company goes on to say that the potentially contaminated boxes have a C2 printed on the bottom and some boxes could have ended up in multi-packs that have varying codes. In a statement Kraft says “Consumers who purchased this product should not eat it”.

Thus far, eight customers have filed complaints about the product, but thankfully there are no reported injuries or illness at this time.

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Why I Will Never Shop At Cricket Wireless Again


(PCM) It is not very often that I make the decision to share a personal story online, however I was so hurt and infuriated about the service I received during a recent visit to a Cricket Wireless store that I felt compelled to share and let them know that the type of service I received was completely and totally unacceptable.

Many of us have worked in retail over the years and we all know that customer returns can certainly be one of the bigger headaches that occur on a day to day basis. Most retail employees have surely heard every excuse in the book as to why a person needs to return a particular product.  Often times the employees hands are tied at being able to complete the return due to each stores specific policies, procedures, etc.

Here’s where I get to Cricket Wireless.  I did read online that the company offers a seven day return policy on all of their devices, which I was not aware of until after this incident, however I admit that I was trying to return the device on day eight.  I should have probably prefaced this by saying that we are currently dealing with a personal family emergency, as my mother-in-law is currently on her death bed and we have been extremely busy with around the clock care making sure she is as pain-free and comfortable as possible during her final days.  Hence, the reason that I was not able to get the phone back to the retail location for return any sooner.

One of my mother-in-law’s wishes when she was first hospitalized was to finally own a smart-phone, as she wanted to use it to check emails and make calls easily during her hospital stay.  My fiancee purchased the phone for his mother, as per her wishes,  and it was then that she tragically took a turn for the worst.  Hospice has been called in and she obviously has no use for the phone at this time.  Since it had only been purchased a few days prior to her health decline, we figured that the company would be fairly understanding about our reasons for wanting to make a product return.

I took the phone, still in the box, along with all the paperwork and receipt to the Cricket Wireless location at 3616 Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington, Delaware.  The dark-haired girl behind the counter, whose name I unfortunately can not recall,  took a look at the paper work and informed me of the store’s seven day return policy.  I explained the entire situation about my mother-in-law’s illness and the reason that the phone needed to be returned if possible. Although I did understand that we were unfortunately one day too late.

I saw the store employee send a text message out to who I am guessing was the store owner or manager and then finally make a phone call about the situation when she received no immediate response.  It was just myself and two other gentlemen in the store at this time.  I heard the employee telling the owner/manager my situation and then she hung up the phone. It was at this time that she shockingly looked at me and said verbatim “He said he doesn’t care”.

With the ordeal that my family has been going through these last few days, that was probably one of the most cold and cruel responses to come out of her mouth.  I was flabbergasted and said to her “He really said it like that?”  She said “yes, he doesn’t care”.  Even the other two gentlemen in the store were as absolutely shocked and horrified as I was about her response.

I mean, even if that was exactly what the owner/manager had said to her on the phone, there is a way to sugar coat things a bit when dealing with a customer who is currently in a fragile emotional state.  It was not so much that they could not take back and refund the phone, but it was the utter lack of common sense and decency when speaking to another individual. It was so cold and heartless. She could have easily said “I’m very sorry Miss, but my manger unfortunately told me I can not return the phone, as I can not break store policy”  or “I’m very sorry for your situation, but at this time there is nothing I can really do about assisting you with the return as the manger will not allow it”.

Anything, and I mean anything at all would have been better to hear that “I/He doesn’t care” at that given moment.  Cricket Wireless should be ashamed of themselves for not providing better customer service training and teaching their employees to show at least some shred of compassion towards their customers. I can say with certainly that Cricket Wireless has lost a customer for life and I will do everything in my power to make sure that other consumers know that this is how the company behaves and treats its’ clientele.

Shame on you Cricket Wireless, shame on you!

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