Artist Creates ‘Euthanasia Roller Coaster’ Designed To Kill It’s Riders

(PCM) An artist by the name of  Julijonas Urbonas has created what is arguably one of the most controversial inventions. His project is called the “Euthanasia Coaster”, which is a roller coaster that is designed to kill its’ riders. According to his website, Urbonas says his coaster design is “a hypothetic roller coaster, engineered to humanely—with elegance and euphoria—take the life of a human being.”

It sounds a little demented and creepy to us, but Urbonas explains that the Euthanasia Coaster is also designed to provider the rider with a spiritual experience as well. As the riders cart climbs a very long and slow incline that leads to a quarter mile long straight drop, they are given a chance to spiritually reflect upon their lives. When they reach the peak they have a chance to wave and say goodbye to loved ones or change their minds a go back. The cart would be equipped with a “Fall” button, however once it is pushed there is no turning back.

After flying straight down the hill the rider is then thrust upon a series of upside down loops, six in a row to be exact, that create so much centrifugal force that a person would not be able to breathe and would pass way due to lack of oxygen to the brain. Urbonas says that this type of centrifugal force can also create a sense of euphoria in the brain which is why he claims his “death coaster” is actually a quite humane way to end someone’s life.

The project overall definitely creates a shock factor and certainly leads to many ethical questions and concerns. Urbonas says that his project could theoretically be used to assist with curbing overpopulation or helping individuals who are ailing or sick end their lives the way that they choose, almost like one final thrill ride!

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Russian Dentist Office Installs Horrifying Sculpture Using Real Human Teeth

(PCM) The Good Dental Clinic,  a Russian dental office located near St. Petersburg, made a not so “good” decision to install a terrifying sculpture created by a local artist that incorporates the use of real human teeth. It is has been absolutely horrifying for the patients to look at when they arrive for a variety of different (and mostly unpleasant procedures), because is going to the dentist ever really a good time? We don’t think so!

As if going in for dental procedures was not scary enough, patients now have to sit and look at this awful sculpture that has been placed prominently in the clinics reception area. Talk about raising your anxiety level! Just looking at this thing makes us want to run and scream, so we couldn’t even imagine having to look at it right before going in to get your teeth examined.

The sculpture was created by a local artist by the name of Mariana Shumkova and she admits to incorporating real human teeth that were extracted from patients for use in the sculpture. There are several different mouths placed around the sculpture, in what we assume is supposed to look like eyes, but it really has no prominently feature eyes or nose, but oddly enough it does have ears!

If the goal of this sculpture installation was to urge people to avoid the dentist then job well done, but if they were going for anything else, we would have to say this is one heck of an epic fail!

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Actor Shia LaBeouf Reveals Yet Another Bizarre Art Project

(PCM) Actor Shia LaBeouf has revealed his next art project titled #ALONETOGETHER and it is just as mind-boggling as his previous endeavors. We can give LaBeouf credit for making a statement, but in the last few years he has been going about these statements (for the sake of art) in the most bizarre ways possible. For this project, LaBeouf, along with two additional collaborators will be spending one entire month in complete isolation in a cabin in Finland.

The only communication they will have with the outside world for that month will be the ability to answer a series of text message sent via video screen from visitors to the Kiasma museum in Helsinki. Other than that, LaBeouf and his two collaborators will have no other communication access. This means no phones or internet and according to, LaBeouf says the goal of the project is to force people to rethink the “relationship we have with our phones and with one another.” The artists have said the project is a response to the global “digital revolution and its impact on our culture, economy, human identity, and behavior.”

It is basically to prove a point about just how much we are dependent upon our phones and daily social media updates throughout the day. Do you think any of you could get through an entire month without your phones? The artists feel that the internet and social media can be positive tools when used in the correct way, but without a doubt our human interaction with one another has changed drastically over the years.

It has not been revealed as to whether not the cabin will house any other forms of entertainment to help the days go by such as books or music, however we are assuming that they would have some time of electricity to run the video screens for the text. But what about food and water? We are sure LaBeouf has a plan and we are curious to see how this art project plays out!

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Let Us Introduce You To ‘Sweater Dude’ The Internet’s Latest Obsession

(PCM) The internet’s latest viral obsession is “sweater dude” who has won over hearts by knitting sweaters that feature images of famous landmarks and places all over the world. After knitting the sweaters he then snaps a picture of himself actually wearing the sweater standing in front of the famous places.

Kind of a simple concept, but isn’t that really all it takes to go viral these days?

Images from “sweater dude” whose real name is Sam Barsky of Baltimore, MD, first began showing up on image sharing site Imgur where they were quickly shared via Reddit and the rest is viral history.

Barsky claims that he first began the sweater making process back in 1999 and has knitted 103 different sweaters since that time. He has photographed himself wearing 91 of them thus far, but he definitely has plans to sport them all and continue make more in the future.

Not all of Barsky’s sweaters feature famous landmarks or places, so are just everyday areas such as one featuring sets of power lines and another is mushroom decorations on a playground. We have to wonder if he will start taking requests, as we are sure folks on the internet could come up with some pretty good (or bad) ones!

Barsky claims that it takes him about a month or so to complete each sweater design and since going viral he has been receiving numerous requests about purchasing one of his designs. Unfortunately they are not for sale at this time, but hey, you never know what the future could bring.

Happy knitting “sweater dude”… you rule!

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