7 Of The Most Viral Photos Of All Time!

Credit: Martin Le-May

Credit: Martin Le-May

(PCM) Photographer Martin Le-May was taking a leisurely walk through a London park with his wife when he was able to capture the incredible image of a weasel catching a ride on the back of a woodpecker. It is truly a once in a lifetime photo opportunity and has since gone completely viral.

In honor of #WeaselPecker, as it is so lovingly being referred to via social media, we decided to take a look at 7 of the most viral photographs of all time.

1. Squirrel Crasher 

viral-photo4 According to Wikipedia, the photograph was taken by Melissa Brandts … read more...

Beyonce Introduces New Vegan Meal Delivery Service


(PCM) Wow, we had known that both Beyonce and Jay Z had tried the vegan lifestyle at one point, but had no idea that Beyonce was this dedicated.

Beyonce has just recently launched a new vegan meal delivery service called “22 Days Nutrition” in partnership with her personal trainer Marco Borges. The idea behind “22 Days Nutrition” is that it takes 22 days to break any bad habit. Borges says “The vegan meal delivery program makes it easier to reset your habits with healthy and delicious plant-based foods.”

While we think the meal prices are a little on the … read more...

Elle Goulding, Frank Sinatra, Beyonce And More On The Upcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey Film Soundtrack


(PCM) Talk about an eclectic group of artists. Everyone from Beyonce to Frank Sinatra will be featured on the upcoming “Fifty Shades Of Grey” film soundtrack.

British singer Elle Goulding recently unveiled her new single “Love Me Like You Do” which will be featured in the film along with Beyonce’s haunting and sultry remix version of her hit single “Crazy In Love”.

Fifty Shades Of Grey” will hit theaters just in time for Valentine’s Day and the soundtrack will be available on February 10th.  A full track listing can be found below:

1. Annie Lennox – I Put …

First Round of 2015 GRAMMY Nominations Announced!

GRAMMYAwards(PCM) In a live broadcast on Friday morning’s “CBS This Morning,” Pharrell Williams and Ed Sheeran announced the first round of GRAMMY nominations for 2015, with both announcers making an appearance on the list.

The official GRAMMY twitter account also tweeted the announcement and nominations to its 1.75 million followers.

Pharrell Williams is nominated for his album Girl for Best Contemporary Urban Album and Best Pop Solo Performance for his hit single of the same album, “Happy.” Ed Sheeran received a nomination for “Best Pop Vocal Album” for X.


Teens Post Dental Surgery Video Goes Viral


(PCM) If you have ever gone through any type of dental procedure we are sure that you can at least sympathize somewhat with the pain and confusion that one teen was going through in the video that has since gone viral.

In the video, a mother filmed her 17-year old son post dental surgery after his wisdom teeth were removed. He hilariously becomes incredibly distraught that Beyonce never showed up after his procedure. Through the tears he proclaims “She promised me she would be here!”.

In a description listed for the video is says that the woman’s son is a … read more...

In With Beyonce’s Costumes And Out With DJ Alan Freed’s Ashes


(PCM) It is this type of story that just gets under my skin. It has recently been reported that The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio has opened up a new exhibit featuring many costumes and other memorabilia from Beyonce.

However, as they were rolling in Beyonce’s many costumes, including the black leotard featured in her 2008 hit video for “Single Ladies”, one piece of true rock n’ roll memorabilia was being ushered out.

The urn containing the ashes of the late DJ Alan Freed was removed from the museum just days before the Beyonce exhibit was … read more...

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