Sheryl Sandberg’s “Ban Bossy” Campaign Being Met With Some Criticism

bossy1(PCM) By now I am sure that most of you have heard about the new campaign spearheaded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to ban the word bossy and empower young women to become leaders, however some are criticizing the campaign claiming that it creates a harmful double standard.

While the campaign is doing a great job at raising awareness and urging females about their leadership potential, many feel that by simply banning a word will not solve the underlying problem which has to do with the social issue of sexism at it’s core.

The Ban Bossy campaign has enlisted the help of several high-profile women such as Beyonce, Condoleezza Rice, Jane Lynch and Jennifer Garner to help spread the message stop the use of the word bossy. They urge young women to shut out negative thinking and gain a take charge attitude.


Critics of the campaign also feel that banning a certain word or phrase, can often times make it more desirable to use in the future. Also, a word like bossy is certainly not the very worst word that could be used to describe a woman. Many women do not see time find the word derogatory at all.

While it is true that most of the time it is women who are referred to as being “bossy” more often than men, there are plenty of additional derogatory terms that can define a overbearing male as well.

The “Ban Bossy” campaign is certainly a  shows great effort and I feel like Sandberg’s heart was definitely in the right place, but overall it may have slightly missed the mark on the target it was aiming to strike.

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Our Top Five Picks For The Best Grammy 2014 Performances

(PCM) This year’s Grammy Awards were jammed packed with more amazing performances than ever before!  We are spotlighting our top five picks for the best performances from last nights celebration….let us know if you agree!

1.) Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk, and Stevie Wonder performing “Get Lucky”

2) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, Trombone Shorty and Madonna performing “Same Love”, along with 34 couples who were wed during the show.

3.) Katy Perry and Juicy J’s deliciously gothic performance of “Dark Horse”

4.) Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar perform the amazing mash-up of “maad city” and “Radioactive”. It was brillant!

5.) Beyonce and Jay-Z opening up the show with an ubersexual performance of “Drunk In Love”

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Beyonce Receives Backlash For Cropping Kelly Rowland Out Of Image

(PCM) Beyonce is receiving quite a bit of backlash after she posted an image of herself and the late singer Aaliyah. The problem with the image is that it was posted a few hours after singer Kelly Rowland posted the exact same image the featured herself, Aaliyah and Beyonce, however in Beyonce’s post, Kelly Rowland has been cropped out of the image.


Aaliyah tragically passed away twelve years ago after a horrific plane crash and both Kelly Rowland and Beyonce posted the photos in memory of Aaliyah’s birthday on January 16th.

After the images were posted many people online began to take notice with some expressing their outrage over the crop.

“Beyonce childish (SIC)”, said one person. F.Y.E music store even got in on the action with its official twitter page writing, “Way harsh, Bey! Our Royal Beyness committed some serious ‪#TBT‬ theft & crop.”

This is not the first instance of Beyonce back-handily lashing out a Kelly Rowland. A few months ago a video surfaced online from the very early days of Destiny’s Child and as the girls are introducing themselves, Kelly Rowland introduces herself as the “second lead vocalist” in the group. The look of death and uncomfortable cough from Beyonce was enough to lead many to believe that Beyonce was none to pleased with Rowland’s answer.

Rowland has defended her relationship with Beyonce over the years and claims that she is very tired of all the comparisons between the two performers. She claims that each is doing their own thing and continue to be close friends to this day.

No comment has been made from either Beyonce or Kelly Rowland in regards to the photo cropping incident.


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