US Weekly Issues A Retraction After Publishing Allegedly Fake Commentary From Kendall Jenner


(PCM) Celebrity gossip magazine, US Weekly, has issued an retraction after they published comments allegedly made by model and “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star Kendall Jenner about her father Bruce Jenner’s gender transformation.

US Weekly ran a story titled “Kendall Jenner Breaks Silence on Bruce Jenner’s Transition: ‘I Will Always Love My Dad’” on March 18 and in the story Kendall is quoted as being incredibly supportive of her father’s decision.

Kendall’s alleged quote reads “He’s a wonderful man. And just because he’s changing shoes now, so to speak, doesn’t make him less wonderful. I will always love my dad, whether he’s a man or a woman.”

After the story was published, Kendall was outraged and took to her social media account to slam US Weekly and further claim that she never even did an interview with them in the first place to make the alleged comments.

Kendall’s father Bruce Jenner has yet to publicly comment on the rumors and speculation about his supposed gender transformation, so a quote from his daughter would be assuming that all of the rumors are in fact true.

US Weekly revealed that the supposed interview took place with a freelance journalist during the taping of the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber back on March 14. Despite Kendall’s comments about the interview never taking place, the journalist in question stands by the interviews authenticity, however US Weekly had some concern about the manner in which it was obtained. They issued an apology to both Kendall and Bruce Jenner and have since removed the article from their publication.

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Witnesses Claim Bruce Jenner On Phone May Have Caused Death in Four Car Accident

bruce-jenner-accident-3(PCM) Former Olympic Decathlon winner and transgender celebrity Bruce Jenner has been in a three car accident which has taken the live of one person.

Witnesses allege Jenner may have been on his phone texting. Police are investigating the claim checking Bruce Jenner’s phone records to establish if Jenner was the cause of the accident. If correct, Jenner could face manslaughter charges.

bruce-jenner-accident-2Jenner has recently made news in his intention to change gender from a man to a woman. It’s not yet established if Jenner is currently being referred to as a woman or man. His gender change would have no impact on any charges against Jenner if they are filed.  Jenner has been cooperative at the scene taking a sobriety test which he passed. He also agreed  to immediately have his blood tested to rule out alcohol.

According to witnesses Jenner’s vehicle was the cause of the four car accident that injured seven and resulted in one death at the scene. It’s claimed that Jenner’s SUV rear ended a vehicle which then swerved into oncoming traffic and those vehicles took the most damage and injuries.

bruce-jenner-accident-1Jenner claimed he was being pursued by paparazzi and while some press has reported this is not evident, TMZ has frame-by-frame images leading up to the impact. It looks like a small fender bender until you realize the car Jenner hits is indeed headed over the center line of the roadway where it tragically ended the life of a female driver.

This is unconfirmed, but a Jason Hodson of Ontario California did comment on a TMZ video of the accident scene through his Facebook account the following:

I and a friend were the bikers who were helping the lady, trying to save her life and not one pperson else tried. We tried to open the car door, and was feeling for a pulse, I got in the back of the car and held her neck, so that her airway could be open. I am disguisted thatnot one other person tried to help. I am glad I did the right thing and my friend also. I am sure everyone when they are in an accident want help, but no one is willing to help others in need. We felt this lady slip away, we told her someone was there and we are trying to help, she knew she was not alone, so if any of her family get to read this, I can be reached at 951-(redacted), name is Jason Amundson Hodson. We truly tried, but sorry we could not help more. I am sure she is loved.

 It puts the entire accident in perspective. One moment you are heading home for dinner, and in an instant your life is over.


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Bruce Jenner Undergoing Sex Change Transitioning To A Woman

(PCM) This may be news, but it’s no surprise. Yet it is. People Magazine is early to report that it has confirmation Bruce Jenner is undergoing a change in his physical make-up into a woman. In the past this was called a sex change. In the current societal setting it’s known as transitioning to a woman.

jenner-playgirlIt’s a far change from Bruce Jenner’s 1982 Playgirl cover stint. There he was portrayed as boyishly sexy appreciated husband being kissed on the cheek with his shirt off.

Many know Bruce Jenner as the ex-husband to Kris Jenner on the reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. His initial celebrity break came as a national hero in the 1976 Olympics. Jenner won Gold in the decathlon. He could have continued but strict rules at the time meant any paid endorsements would disqualify him. Jenner’s rise to fame well before the Internet was in a print world, there were few ways to stand out and he did stand out. His celebrity as national hero was cemented when he took the cover of the breakfast cereal Wheaties. In that time such a feat was equal to the cover of Time Magazine.

jenner-wheaties-coversJenner seemed to always enjoy the spotlight and attempted many times over to break into film and television. It was not until 2007’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians that Bruce Jenner became a semi-household name once again. Mainly for his odd long hair and almost feminine behavior.

In years to come speculation on Jenner’s sexuality grew. From the sharp nose and lips work to long hair.  For some viewers and media outlets it was a laughing matter. If People’s reporting is accurate, Jenner’s story will become a docu-series where Jenner may in fact give us a blow-by-blow account all the way down to going under the knife.

bruce-jenner-starIn 2013, Star Magazine ran a cover story reporting it had the goods on Bruce Jenner being a cross dresser and more. In light of this recent development Star’s credibility for accuracy has been gained a few notches.

It is being reported that his family is supportive and putting out there that Jenner is growing more comfortable and confident in his/herself. At 65, Jenner really has nothing to prove. Jenner’s sexuality isn’t going to affect his/her family or Jenner’s business ventures. Jenner will need to learn if the decision was right only through completing the process of taking on the physical traits of a woman, enabling himself/herself to be more the person he/she wants to be.

The transgender issue is the last hot topic in western society. Most do not care, and those that do, ignore it. Few are outraged by it and in Jenner’s case the west coast environment is the most socially accepting area of all. To this end if Jenner wants to portray him or herself as misunderstood and mistreated as a female, that show will only fly outside of modern day California.

Ultimately what Jenner is doing is interesting but it isn’t shocking, groundbreaking or at all unusual in today’s society. Still, you can bet the entertainment world will try at all costs to make money from this and find controversy where it can for ratings if Jenner continues his/her past behavior on screen.


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Bruce Jenner Was Not Invited To Kim Kardashians’ Surprise Engagement

Bruce-Jenner1(PCM) If you took notice, there was one person who was suspiciously absent from Kim and Kanye’s surprise engagement shin-dig at AT&T Park. Kim’s step-father Bruce Jenner was reportedly not invited to share in the festivities and literally had no idea that Kanye was going to pop the question until after the fact. reported that Bruce was not incredibly pleased that Kim hooked up with Kanye so soon after her separation for Kris Humphries and that no real conversation took place between Kanye and Bruce to enlighten him about the plan.

Kanye planned all the details for the surprise proposal, so either Kanye has an issue with Bruce or there is still shaky ground after Bruce and Kris Jenner’s recent separation. At least Bruce did receive the news of the engagement from Kim, herself, rather than reading it in the tabloids. Sources claim that Bruce was Kim’s first phone call after the proposal and she does after all consider him to be her father.

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