Witnesses Claim Bruce Jenner On Phone May Have Caused Death in Four Car Accident

bruce-jenner-accident-3(PCM) Former Olympic Decathlon winner and transgender celebrity Bruce Jenner has been in a three car accident which has taken the live of one person.

Witnesses allege Jenner may have been on his phone texting. Police are investigating the claim checking Bruce Jenner’s phone records to establish if Jenner was the cause of the accident. If correct, Jenner could face manslaughter charges.

bruce-jenner-accident-2Jenner has recently made news in his intention to change gender from a man to a woman. It’s not yet established if Jenner is currently being referred to as a woman or man. His gender change would have … read more...

Bruce Jenner Undergoing Sex Change Transitioning To A Woman

(PCM) This may be news, but it’s no surprise. Yet it is. People Magazine is early to report that it has confirmation Bruce Jenner is undergoing a change in his physical make-up into a woman. In the past this was called a sex change. In the current societal setting it’s known as transitioning to a woman.

jenner-playgirlIt’s a far change from Bruce Jenner’s 1982 Playgirl cover stint. There he was portrayed as boyishly sexy appreciated husband being kissed on the cheek with his shirt off.

Many know Bruce Jenner as the ex-husband to Kris Jenner on the reality TV show … read more...

Bruce Jenner Was Not Invited To Kim Kardashians’ Surprise Engagement

Bruce-Jenner1(PCM) If you took notice, there was one person who was suspiciously absent from Kim and Kanye’s surprise engagement shin-dig at AT&T Park. Kim’s step-father Bruce Jenner was reportedly not invited to share in the festivities and literally had no idea that Kanye was going to pop the question until after the fact.

TMZ.com reported that Bruce was not incredibly pleased that Kim hooked up with Kanye so soon after her separation for Kris Humphries and that no real conversation took place between Kanye and Bruce to enlighten him about the plan.

Kanye planned all the details for the surprise … read more...

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