Walken To Play Hook

CWH(PCM) Last year NBC brought back live musical theater with it’s December production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC. This year NBC will again provide us with another musical classic Peter Pan on December 4th. It has been reported that Christopher Walken has signed on to play Captain Hook in this classic tale of the boy who doesn’t grow up. It has yet to be announced who will take the iconic part of Peter Pan. But NBC has promised it will stick to theater tradition and the part will be played by a woman. Some of the stars who have played


The Christmas Jammies Family Is Back With A New Video

(PCM) The Holderness family, who released the viral hit video “Christmas Jammies“, are back with another absolutely hilarious video titled “Snow Day: The Musical”.

The new video features the family’s adventures during a snow day, which is something that just about every family can relate to during the recent winter weather that we have been experiencing all over the country lately. The family even came up the with created the clever hashtag: #SnOMG

The family absolutely nails what is it is actually like, especially for parents, to be stuck at home on a snow day with the kids. Some … read more...

Did Kanye West Give Kim Kardashian The Ugliest Christmas Gift Ever?

Kardashian-Hermes(PCM) Well, we certainly know that neither Kanye West nor fiance Kim Kardashian are hurting in the finance department, so we are pretty sure he could have done a bit better than the absolutely hideous new bag that Kim has been spotted carrying around just after the Christmas holiday.

The bag, which we are sure counts as some sort of artistic symbolism, features crudely drawn images of both demons and a naked human looking female. Kim claims that the bag is a Birkin from Hermes, which has been made into a one-of-a-kind accessory thanks to the hand-painted artwork by George … read more...

What They Teach You In Santa School

Santa-Claus1(PCM) First off, we had no idea that Santa School even existed however with further research into what the steps are for becoming a shopping mall Santa, we learned that these schools do exist and what they are teaching may be a bit of a surprise, but not necessarily a bad thing.

Santa’s who are completing their training are actually taught to lower children’s expectations especially when asked for certain high-end toys and gifts.  The Santa’s are taught to be sure that they never promise anything and sometimes try to create stories about adventures in the North Pole to explain … read more...

Saving Mr. Banks, Might Just Save Us All

saving mr banks(PCM) There are times when words fail. When an experience is so engrossing and captivating that you can’t quite find the way to put what happened to you into nouns verbs adjectives sentences and paragraphs. Such is my dilemma here as I write about seeing Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks

Saving Mr. Banks is the story of Walt Disney securing the writes to PL Travers Mary Poppins books in order to make the movie that most of us know and love. It is also the story of a woman that suffered a great loss and is terrified of suffering another one.… read more...

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