Famous Delaware Hotel Cancels Reservation For The Homeless On Christmas


(PCM) We have recently come across a story that was reported exclusively to WDEL.com where a man by the name of Matthew Senge who works for the Road To Redemption Ministries had reserved a two room suite at the famous Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware on Christmas Day as a gift for six homeless individuals in the area.

It was Senge’s hope that the homeless guests would be able to enjoy a warm bed and a hot shower at the hotel as a way to lift their spirits and take them off the streets for a night.

It was a wonderful gift idea and Senge was able to speak with management and the reservation clerk at the Hotel DuPont, all of who thought it was a wonderful idea as well. According to WDEL.com, Senge was very clear with the hotel from the beginning that the suite would be for the homeless.

All was well and Senge booked and paid $639 for a one night stay in the two-bedroom suite, even receiving a confirmation letter that everything was secure.  Here’s where things take a turn for the worse.

Senge gift-wrapped a copy of the confirmation letter and delivered it to the two men, a woman and her three children who make their home in deplorable conditions under the Amtrak bridge in the city of Wilmington.  WDEL.com claims that Senge let them know that they would be having a warm place to stay on Christmas night.

The individuals were blown away by the act of kindness and Senge had even planned to have gift baskets filled with food and hygiene products placed in the room for their stay as well.  It was his hope that after a comfortable night and a hot shower the individuals might wake up in the morning with a different attitude to face life.

Approximately three hours before check-in time, Senge received a phone call from the Hotel DuPont with the terrible news that they were canceling his reservation.  The staff member told him “What if one of those people rapes or robs one of my guests?”

Apparently, according to Hotel DuPont, just because someone happens to be homeless that automatically makes them a robber or a rapist.  We are sure that there is plenty of white collar crime that goes on behind those hotel doors in which they are able to turn a blind eye.

A spokesperson for Hotel DuPont told WDEL.com that the true reason for the cancelled reservation was that the guests would not be able to check in with proper photo identification which is part of hotel policy. The spokesperson went on to say that it was an issue of hotel security but would not comment either way if the statement above was actually made.

Senge tells WDEL.com that he was not given that reason by the hotel and that the individuals in question do in fact have photo identification.  He also says that the hotel should be ashamed for their behavior in letting down these individuals, as the effect could have the potential to be devastating.

Senge reveals that he has no plans on letting this go and that we need to realize that some of us are only a paycheck away from being in their situation, so how can we live with a conscious that says that’s ok?

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Discarded Christmas Trees Can Be A Treat For Goats


(PCM) Many people are still in the process of taking down their holiday decorations and of course discarding their live Christmas trees, and now a farm in Maine had claimed that there is a way to still put your discarded Christmas trees to good use instead of putting them out to the trash.

According to Hillary Knight, the barnyard manager at Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook, Maine, those discarded Christmas trees contain an excellent source of Vitamin C for none other than goats!

The farm has offered to take anyone’s discarded Christmas trees, as their goats will be more than happy to feast on the trees. According to Knight, it is a win-win situation. People can recycle their Christmas trees and the goats get an extra special treat.

It seems that nearly 200 trees have already been donated and there is even another organization, the Vermont Goat Collective, that is also collecting discarded Christmas trees as a healthy treat for their goats.

Who knew?  Maybe this will be a trend that will pick up in other places around the world as well.

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Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Team Up With One Direction to Spread Holiday Cheer

TonightShow(PCM) I believe it was Buddy the Elf who proclaimed, “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear,” and truer words are rarely said. Jimmy Fallon, the legendary Roots crew, and One Direction are doing their part to spread the cheer this year.

English-Irish boy band sensation One Direction stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday night and continued Jimmy Fallon’s fun series of popular songs covered on classroom instruments with the traditional Christmas standard, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

The Roots, Jimmy Fallon, and One Direction all crammed into The Tonight Show Music Room, sporting their classiest and best ugly Christmas sweaters, and busted out a colorful array of classroom instruments to accompany the tune, including Liam Payne on the coconut and Harry Styles on the kazoo.

The appearance is due in part to One Direction’s hour-long special, One Direction: The TV Special, airing Tuesday night on NBC. The special will feature footage from the group’s Where We Are Tour as well as behind-the-scenes takes of the band working on their new LP, Four. One Direction will be featured as guests on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon after the special airs.

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Years Of Dust Release The Perfect Track To Lift Your Holiday Spirits!


(PCM) Years of Dust is music group based in Denmark. They recently released a fabulous Holiday song called Beautiful Christmas.

The lyrics and melodies are memorable and the message is about peace. Check out the link to the song, and while you’re online, take a moment to learn more about Years of Dust’s other songs.

These guys are fantastic!

Years of Dust is:
Henrik Erndal
Thomas Lindroos
Emil Krogshoej
Bent Skovgaard


Click here to listen to “Beautiful Christmas”!

Also, be sure to visit the Years of Dust official site and give them a ‘like’ on Facebook too!

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Kmart Brings The Nightmare Before Christmas To Life


(PCM) Kmart is creating a true Christmas nightmare for holiday shoppers as they have now been informed that items they paid for as presents via online layaway are currently “out of stock”.

Kmart had initially told customers that that if they had paid their layaway balance off by December 14th the items they purchased would be delivered in time for Christmas.  Now, the company is cancelling orders and informing customers that they will be receiving a refund for the items they purchased.

Here’s the problem … the refunds will not be issued in time from customers to purchase new presents to replace the Kmart “out of stock” items in time for Christmas. This is leaving many families without the gifts they were expected to give to family and loved ones.

Many customers are demanding to know why the items they ordered were not placed on hold when they were initially put on layaway and they are also incredibly angered that they will now have to find away to purchase new presents without proper funds.

Customers are being told that their refunds could be issued in as little as 3 to 5 days, but others are being told that number is closer to 14 days in actuality.  Needless to say that Kmart’s social media feeds are buzzing with complaints from angry customers and many are already beginning to threaten a potential lawsuit over the situation.

Kmart has been answering the customer complaints with an incredibly generic message which states “We are very disappointed to hear that you had to go through this experience with your layaway order. Please let us know if you do not see your refund within 5-7 business days.” This response is only angering customers even more as they seek out answers and a solution to save Christmas morning.

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To Teach Their Kids A Lesson Utah Parents Cancel Christmas


(PCM) In a move that has sparked both praise and outrage, Utah parents John and Linda Henderson decided to cancel Christmas this year in order to teach their children a lesson about respect.

Lisa Henderson is a stay at home mom and founder of the blog Over The Moon, where she first posted the news about she and her husband’s decision to cancel the holiday. She claims that they gave their children, three boys ages 5, 8 and 11, fair warning that if they did not change their behavior there would be consequences.

Lisa goes on to say that she and her husband have been struggling for months to teach their children to change their often disrespectful and entitled behavior. Very little changed over the course of time, so they came up with the idea saying “We should just cancel Christmas”.

Lisa claims the children did not react very well to the news that the holiday would be canceled this year saying “They cried pretty hard”. The family will still be celebrating Christmas in other ways and they money that was set aside for presents will instead be used for service projects and helping the needy in their community.

She also was sure to add that while the children will not be receiving any gifts from her and her husband this year, they will still receive presents from other family members during the holiday season.

The comments on Lisa’s story were pretty much split down the middle with positive and negative with many calling her and her husband mean and lazy, while others said her idea was a blessing and would teach her children a lesson that would stick with them for years to come.

What do you think? Did the Henderson family go to far with canceling Christmas or is that just the lesson that the three naughty children needed?

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